So, today twitter was all, well, atwitter with talk of Katy Perry.  It seems her husband, Russell Brand, snapped a picture of his wife as she waking up, then posted it on his twitter account.  Soon after – no doubt at angry wifey’s behest – the unflattering photo was removed.  But too late!  The first-thing-in-the-morning snap of Katy (who is apparently is NEVER photographed without make-up) was out there and making the internet rounds.  Opinion on the photo is decidedly mixed.

For my part, I think she looks just fine.  But you decide.

Check her out – Katy Perry in her unglammed-up glory…

Okay, granted, she has looked better but still, I think there’s a lot to be said for natural beauty.

So what did you all do today?  I celebrated the new year by feeling generally unwell, emailing practically everyone I know, watching a The Next Iron Chef marathon, reading the first 160 pages of The Girl Who Played with Fire (which I’m enjoying a lot more than the first book in the Millennium Trilogy), and making some slow-braised short ribs with creamy parsnip mash.  Also checked out the first two episodes of a new anime series (well, new for me anyway), Baccano! The first episode easily gets the award for The Most Confusing Opener in Anime History, but the pieces begin to fall into place in episode two.  So far, I like what I’ve seen.  I would’ve checked it out a lot sooner if not for the truly horrendous English-language trailer Funimation put out.  And, speaking of terrible decisions involving English-language dubs, blog regular yumenoko informs me that VIZ has elected to dub rather than subtitle the big screen version of Gantz.  Hopefully, the DVD will offer up a Japanese language option as I’m really looking forward to checking this one out.  Of course, I was really looking forward to checking out Assault Girls and, well, that didn’t exactly pan out.

Thanks to everyone who helped decipher mom’s rabbit recipe.  Special thanks to winners Chy Clayton, fiannafritz, and Alexander of Houston.

Some mailbag:

cat4444 writes: “Who’s Volker proposing to?”

Answer: Brody.  Who else?

2cats writes: “Fate. Every time I use that word a very curious audio/visual mnemonic pops up. Thanks to Stargate, I always think of the scene where Nem asks Daniel Jackson, “What fate Omaroca?””

Answer: Oooooh.  I always thought the line was “What fate Almond Roca?”.

Patricia Lee writes: “Oh My… I just noticed the picture behind James Robbins of Ming Na and it shows her as “aged”… does that mean we will be seeing someone dreams or a flash forward?”

Answer: Hmm.  I wonder…

Tammy Dixon writes: “Love the pictures, Mr. M.! Why do we have to wait until April!!!!!!!!!?”

Answer: Do we?  I haven’t heard anything about when those last ten episodes will air.

Blaishon writes: “On another note, have you thought about finding an alternate method to count the viewers?”

Answer: Alas, I’m not the one doing the counting.  I would love to find an alternate method.

steph writes: “Do you have any resolutions for the new year?”

Answer: Yes.  I’m going to be less patient and more confrontational in 2011.

LoneThread writes: “I know downloads are what killed the show, I had a look on the most popular torrent sites and found out that in total each episode was downloaded by over 4 million people. And this is just from a small fraction of torrent sites.”

Answer: Them’s a heck of a lot of downloads.

hal ehlrich writes: “Also I thought that you were going to have some sort of major news last week. Any idea when that may be coming and could you possibly let us know what it may be about?”

Answer: It’s about the future of the franchise and, alas, I’ve yet to receive news of any developments.  Heading into the office on Tuesday to watch the Day 1 Mix of The Hunt, so I may learn something then.  Or not.

Matthias writes: “I think, if you would talking with the angry fans respectfully, they would listen.”

Answer: Actually, I have invited their criticism in the past and had a respectful dialogue with them on this blog – something they ultimately chose to abandon in favor of petty insults.  So, tried that.  Didn’t work out.

Annie from Freemantle writes: “Who’s Mel?”

Answer: See previous question.

Sue Jackson writes: “I can’t help notice the doggie diapers. ;) Does Jelly wear those? Is she having accidents? How is she recovering?”

Answer: She was having accidents in the house due to her inability to squat so, yes, those diapers were for her.  Fortunately, she’s been much better since the back surgery, squatting with gay abandon and saving her bathroom breaks for the backyard.

51 thoughts on “January 1, 2011: Katy Perry unmasked! The first day of the rest of the year! Mailbag!

  1. LoneThread writes: …and found out that in total each episode was downloaded by over 4 million people. And this is just from a small fraction of torrent sites.”

    Answer: Them’s a heck of a lot of downloads.,

    Yes it is – and therein lies a terrific opportunity. Insert a pause and a commercial 2 or 3 times. Make the program and episodes illegal until they comply. I’ve seen plenty of shows that were copyrighted and impossible to see. These people are supposed to know how to market their shows. The fact that they move shows around and do very little advertising kind of shows that it wouldn’t matter what the number were… “someone” seems to be behind these decisions and, whoever they report to, doesn’t care.

  2. I would have not recognized Katy in that photo, thanks for clearing it up..
    Without a doubt, the picture of Jelly is adorable and one of her best. thanks.
    I heard something about filming a new food show in Vancouver involving convicts or ex ones, cooking competition, not sure if you go to that restaurant(???)(or would want to go) or have heard about the show, supposed to be on tv here sometime soon.

  3. 1. Katy looks remarkably like Carl.

    2. Russell Brand is very sexy…and adorable. He’s nuttier than a fruitcake, too, which I just love!

    3. I was in bed by 10 last night, so up bright and early today. Mr. Das and I went out for a leisurely breakfast, then down to the beach for walkies (it was 54 degrees today – a virtual heatwave!). Snow is still heavy in places, but the beaches were clear. We scavenged around, and I found a couple nice coral fossils, and a few fossilized clam shells (very nice pieces – all black, but with a nice distinct pattern to them). Also found an ancient oyster shell with a bit of coral attached. Stopped by a local shell shop, bought a couple fossils there – just small ones – an ammonite, an orthoceras, and the most adorable little elrathia kingii trilobite you’ve ever seen! I think I’ll name him Joe. 😀

    While down on the beach I ran into another couple, and they were beachcombing, too. We discussed our finds, and I suggested they set up a ‘cabinet of curiosities’, and their ears perked, knowing a book by the same name. Here the wife just happened to be a huge Pendergast fan! Oh, did we chat! 😀

    Afterwards hubby and I had an early dinner here , just very relaxing (which we both really needed), then we came home, and crashed (well, I crashed, and he watched tv). I just woke up at 8 pm. 😛 Now I’m reading, and listening to the rain pitterpat against the window. Very relaxing. 🙂

    Have a good one, Joey!


  4. I didn’t know Katy Perry had a mustache? Actually, she’s pretty good looking in the morning.

    Me and my crazy beagle went to my parents house today (every Saturday) where she runs around in their very large park-like back yard trying to catch squirrels, chasing birds, and barking at cats. There is one cat next door that don’t take nothing off dogs. It came over today and chased Maggie around before I stepped in to save her and scared the cat back into it’s own yard where it controls 2 large chocolate labs and a small satanic eyed chiluahua who also controls the 2 large chocolate labs when the cat is not around. My dog absolutely loves her grandpa! They are inseparable when together.

    “Tammy Dixon writes: “Love the pictures, Mr. M.! Why do we have to wait until April!!!!!!!!!?”

    Answer: Do we? I haven’t heard anything about when those last ten episodes will air.”

    Wouldn’t be surprised if SyFy ran them earlier. I’m sure they’ve got some crappy, cheap, blood and guts, slasher movies waiting to be shown. Or maybe they will put wrestling on every night.

    Jelly is the most beautiful dog. She should model those diapers! (I think I saw the dog model on the box was a beagle. Beagles are beautiful too!)

  5. Funny… When I saw the picture of Katy this morning the first thought that came to my mind was that they had mixed up the photos and printed a photo of Carl Binder. 😉

  6. The new year here started with a bang. It’s been hot and cold compresses, massage, epson salt soaks and lotsa meds for poor Elway. His leg is still swollen and painful, so it was back to the ER for a re-check tonight. We’re all exhausted and he’s more than a little fed up. That said, I think the swelling’s gone down a tiny bit. Back at it tomorrow! When this passes, I’m taking a day off!

    “Katy” looks lovely 😉

  7. “in total each episode was downloaded by over 4 million people. And this is just from a small fraction of torrent sites.”

    Absolute poppycock. The most downloaded show of 2010, Lost, only got about 5.9mil downloads (most downloaded individual episode). SGU didn’t even make the top ten in 2010 (#10 was Family Guy, with 1.6mil downloads) nor 2009 (#10 was True Blood, also with 1.6mil downloads for most downloaded episode). In comparison, SGA got downloaded 1.8mil times (again, for the most downloaded episode) in the year 2008.

  8. I just went out and googled “Katy Perry in the morning”, and OH MY GOSH, it’s amazing!! I was like…Carl, Katy, Carl, Katy, Carl, Katy… I see what you mean!!

  9. Squatting isn’t so much as a right as it is a priviledge; I had a dazzling pain in my sciatic nerve that made it impossible to sit, bend, stand, sleep, walk or think, so I totally sympathize with Jelly and I bless Gaia for extra strength Advil.

    Now I am hooked on The Walking Dead, and I have officially frittered away my Week of Diligent Writing and turned it into my Week of Catching Up on Every Show I Missed in 2010.

    I am so very lazy and I am having such a hard time corraling my attention span and producing work. So that is my new year resolution, which will have to start Monday since this weekend has been lost to Zombies. Gotta go, need more guts.

  10. Big thanks to Shawna for the heads up on the Stargate/Dr. Who Tshirt. Ordered it with 3 minutes to spare! I have to check out that site more often. A couple of months ago they had a great one that was Boba Fett/Super Mario Brothers.

  11. Someone should tell Mother Nature that she got her wires crossed. New York is suppose to be colder than Vegas for New Years. Dang it’s cold!!! Have a friend visiting from Boston and she is ready to go back home where it’s warm :LOL:

    Happy 2011

  12. I noticed that a Stargate Universe episode was running on my local CW tonight. Wow. The first season episodes syndicated already? Its too bad the syndication market isn’t what it use to be. Next Gen & Deep Space 9 did great in Sydication back in the day. I guess thats probably not a choice for Universe these days though…

    I hope MGM decides to go forward with Universe season 3 somehow. Another network picks up it or direct to dvd or whatever. So disappointed that Syfy canceled it. I really thought the show was going to keep going. At least for 5 seasons like Atlantis. It is, imo, so much better than Atlantis and deserves at least 5 seasons. This whole thing reminds me of the Voyager/Enterprise thing. Enterprise was better than Voyager, but Voyager got 7 years and Enterprise only got 4…

    BUT ya, I admit, Atlantis was a lot better than Voyager (I know that not saying alot. lol). Atlantis was a good show. Its just that Universe is just a GREAT show. *sigh*

    Anyway, here’s hoping we get to see Universe season 3, the next SG-1 movie, and the next Atlantis movie. Heck, I’d love to see another thearter Stargate movie one of these days…

  13. Big fan here, I do hope you have the opportunity to keep up the good work.

    Something been bugging me for ages. I don’t know if it’s something that you’d have been aware of in the first place, or remember if you were, and, if not, I offer many apologies for wasting your time. To wit:

    In the early seasons of SG:A, it seemed like many (male) Wraith scientist/commanders tended to move in a deliberately feminine sort of way, playing on instinctive Uncanny Valley reactions to androgyny and making the Wraith more viscerally creepy than most villains. Was this intentional, or is it entirely in my head? If it was intentional, was the technique actually discontinued in later seasons, or did I simply become inured to it?

  14. Hey Joe,

    I love your New Year’s resolution. Could be fun…

    My day began around 7am…the house was still quite. With little ones..some might refer to it as a miracle. I decided to catch up on emails…still avoiding my spam folder. I should check it daily, but I seem to let it bulge out of control before venturing a peek.

    We had brunch at IHOP. It ALWAYS amazes me how a four year old can stay in constant motion at a meal. Next to Mom, under the table, next to me, back under the table and finally next to Aunt Cindy. Cindy waves down the waitress and requests a chair. She promptly moves out of the booth for the little personal space afforded by the chair. Jayden who is six..has gathered any and all things loose on the table and is building a fort. Me..I took a picture of my yummy mocha and posted it on Twitter…smiling at the circus occurring around me.

    We soon arrived at the AMC to see TRON in 3D! Yes..with boys in tow. You think the ratio of three adults to two children would have ended better…but no such luck. I’ve never seen a 3D in theaters and was dismayed over being sick for the first 30 minutes. Jayden loved the movie and kept whispering to me “Did you see THAT?” Fox on the other hand was all over the place…AGAIN. Luckily…everyone knew better than to sit anywhere in close proximity. Good movie…bad choice of movie companions. is family. *giggles*

    Have I bored you silly yet? I won’t drive you nuts with tales from the rest if the day…but I was VERY entertained.

    Tomorrow…airport, plane AND my TSA issues!

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  15. Hello Joe:

    Glad you got that Rabbit recipe all cleared up. I’m sorry to say that I’ll never try it. I just can’t eat cute and furry creatures. Fortunately, cows, pigs and chickens are not very cute. So I have no problems with them.

    There is a rumor making the rounds that Brad Wright will make a deal with Space channel in Canada, a network in the U.K or Australia and the MGM HD channel in the U.S to get SGU back on the air. I know you can’t really comment, since it’s not your department, but please let Brad know he has people in fandom with their fingers crossed on his behalf.

    Did you decorate a Christmas tree this year at your house? If so, do you use traditional decorations or do you go for what is in style?


  16. Hi, really glad you explained the ‘Mel’. I have been reading your blog for years and in all that time have left only 2 comments. Really freaked out when I read your blog, trying to remember that last comment I made about 2 years ago, would never write something to hurt anyone. Love Stargate, so please remember not all Mel’s are evil/nasty.

  17. Gantz! Live action, hey if you’ve seen the anime dub it might or might not be bad depends on the VA…I tell you this…The man who does Kei Kurono’s (anime) voice is a personal friend, spends his life in theatre…oh and Baccanno is an incredibly awesome show, funimation does these prescreenings on tuesday nights at the alamo drafthouse cinema in houston (west oaks) its free and baccanno was great… it is one of those shows you probably have to watch more than once just to piece it all together simply because its not linear

  18. Is it just a me or does the window in one of yesterdays photos look strangely like the origin symbol?

  19. Sorry you were feeling unwell. So many people have the crud. There is something to be said about natural beauty. Awww. Sweet Jelly girl. So glad she is doing much better. I know she is glad that you are home.

    What did I do today? Well, my sleeping cycle is all messed up so I didn’t fall asleep until almost 6 a.m. and was up at noon. Then I played some Fallout New Vegas. Talked to my 2 sisters (totalling more than 1-1/2 hours of phone talk), then my aunt whose birthday it was (77 on New Year’s Day), made Jeff & Patrick go to the mall for me to pick up something, wrote a testimonial for Patrick’s new school so they can use it for fundraising and grants.

    After we got Patrick off to bed, Jeff & I played Kinect Sports and I was still almost undefeated except for this one bowling game I played with Jeff. The one bowling game I lost was hysterical because my aim must have been off and my bowling ball went into the virtual crowd, shattered glass and hurt someone apparently. I am awaiting the virtual lawsuit.

    I am still undefeated in table tennis after 17 games.

    Then Jeff & I teamed for soccer which was okay. Not my sport. He whooped me in track & field though. The man is 6 feet tall; I’m 5 feet 3 inches. He works out 1-1/2 hours every day; I don’t. ‘Nuff said.

    If all this activity doesn’t shake those kidney stones out, I don’t know what will. Yep, Jan 12 I go back to the doctor for the evitable talk of surgery 4 on the left (and the rescheduled abandoned first surgery on the right). Apparently I am not normal. That was a rhetorical statement. I asked him what was the average number of surgeries it took to get rid of stones and he looked me dead square in the eye with a smirk on his face and said, “One.” Well, okay, if I can’t have the best record, then I’ll shoot for the all-time highest # of times it takes to get rid of them.

    Then Jeff went on to play some Call of Duty, I went on Twitter, and I uploaded this 1-minute video of Patrick when he was age 3 so everyone could see where this kid started from (other videos on my account show you him now). I call it his catatonic/mantra chanting stage.

    It’s always nice to get a perspective when you think the mountain is still so high, to look back and see all you have accomplished.

    Feel better, Joe!

  20. Whatever happens, you’re keeping Carl, yes?

    I’ve had some extra time, soon to end on Monday, and was re-watching a few SGU episodes. I thought I saw the gal that played Lia (?) in SGA’s “Ghost in the Machine”. She was second through the gate into space at the end of the episode. I always thought she was great. If it’s her, will she be in any future episodes of SGU? And what’s her name?

  21. Hey Joe,

    I just finished reading Rick Riordan’s “The Lost Hero”, part 1 of The Heroes of Olympus series, which follows up his Percy Jackson series. It’s a little on the younger reader side, but I love all the mythological tie-ins, one of the same reason that drew me to Stargate in the begining. The PJ series was centered around Greek mythology, but it looks like the HoO series is going to also include Roman mythology, also Rick has a series out called The Kane Chronicles which is based off Egyptian mythology that I have been meaning to check out. If only I wasn’t waist deep in H.G. Wells “Seven Stories” collection, a present from my mother, and I thought Atlas Shrugged was a big book, thank god I am on vacation for another week.

    Anyways just wanted to say that since I picked up Masked, I have gotten my reading mojo back and am forcing myself to make time to read again. Something I haven’t done since High School, so thanks!

  22. I recently wrote something on a fan-website of Robert Carlyle and I would like to post it here as well, as it shows how I feel about SGU. But in short: it is the ONLY show worth watching for me.

    “Obituary on the best fictional scientist

    I am and have always been a science fiction fan. That said, I should probably define what science fiction means to me. It is a fictional story, which deals with science. It can be about the possible future of scientific developments, about exploration and/ or about the consequences thereof for society. As such it deals not only with the science itself, but often with the way society or individual people deal with it. That also means it touches on subjects such as philosophy, religion, ethical questions.

    And what is science fiction not? It is not space stories with lots of action, lots of pointless battles and lots of “heroes” running around. That is just some kind of futuristic fairy tale in the best case (Star Wars) and an advertisement for the military in the worst case. But it has nothing to do with SCIENCE fiction. Most people sadly confuse this with real science fiction and therefore a whole genre gets discredited.

    Stargate-1 is a wonderful example of that. It sometimes touched scientific subjects, but it never explored them. It didn’t even take science fiction serious. Because it was such a disappointment to me I never even gave Stargate Atlantis a chance and therefore cannot say anything about it. I would not have watched Stargate Universe either, if it wasn’t for Mr. Carlyle, who is usually very good at picking his characters.

    It turned out he was right again. For 40 years Star Trek’s Mr. Spock has been my role model of the “perfect” scientist (or at least as perfect as any human or in this case half-human can get), but Dr. Rush is better. Because he is more real, more human, more flawed. There have been countless real explorers/scientists with that kind of determination to “go where no man has gone before”. In real life I would compare him to people like Marco Polo, Galileo Galilei, Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking or Neil Armstrong – just to mention a few well known names. But as much as I admire those real-life people, they are not superheroes (and in most cases not superbrains either). They are people with the determination to explore. They will give a lot to gain new knowledge – years of hard, mostly unrecognized work, giving up family and private life mostly and often risk their very lifes – all in the name of “the greater good”.

    I can see all that in the character of Dr. Nicholas Rush. He is determined, he is very intelligent, very knowledgeable, but according to himself not a genius (episode “Human”, first season when he envies Eli for being “the genius he himself is not”) – and he is prepared to sacrifice almost anything to gain more knowledge. At the same time he is still a normal human being with all kinds of flaws. He is manipulative, often rude, secretive and sometimes vulnerable/ fearful and impatient. The relationships he has with the other members of the crew are all very realistic.

    Talking about the rest of the crew members: that was the biggest surprise for me. There is not even a single character that I dislike. Some I like more and some less, but not a single one of them is boring. And the whole story arc is so well done. Even if most episodes have their own concluded story, there is a higher story arc, which spans several episodes and even seasons.

    To see all this end is way beyond disappointing – it is devastating. And to know (or at least suspect) that it was not even done because not enough people liked the show, but because of internal reasons of the SyFy channel, who want to change their image – that is salt in the wound. I still hope that another channel will see the potential and take over – hope dies last.”

    I don’t know whether or not you were involved with the previous Stargate series – in case you were: sorry for my comments on SG1, but that is how I feel about it.

    Anyway, I am also one of those who didn’t watch SyFy but watched SGU online. To my excuse: living in Germany and not owning a TV I don’t really have a choice about it. And dispite having downloaded all the episodes so far, I still ordered the DVD of the complete first season yesterday from my Christmas money and will of course order the second season as soon as it is out for region 2 and in the dubbed version (I prefer the original myself, but my son loves the series too and his english is not the best). Generally I am not interested in TV and SGU is the only thing I watch after giving up on TV years ago when Star Trek Voyager was ended. In my opinion SGU has a lot of potential and I very much hope there will be some way to go on with it, whether SyFy will reconsider or you will find another way of financing. But whether it will go on or not, I want you to know, that I thank you very much for what you have done in those first two seasons. It was absolutely enjoyable and often thought-provoking to watch and I will sorely miss it, if it won’t go on.

    On another note (from dog-lover to dog-lover): I have 2 dogs myself and had dogs from the time I found my first dog in 1988 which had obviously been abandonned (in the Golden Gate Park of San Francisco btw) and took him home to Germany after my 1/2 year stay in the US was over. So I hope for you and for Jelly, that she will go on recovering and that you will still have a long and joyfull time with her and your other dogs.

    Have a good New Year

    Sorry for blabbering so long

  23. Katy may look a bit like Carl, but she’ll never have Carl’s profound air of seasoned wisdom or, you know, the moustache. Although perhaps in a few years…

    What did I do for New Year’s Day? Got up late after being up so late (fireworks! Got some great pictures, too!)
    Took the tree down and cleaned up that mess, watched some TV, and because it was about +10C and sunny outside (weird!) cleaned out my car’s interior. Then to end what had been a nice day I had to deal with a “resurgence” of family drama which I thought and hoped at been put to rest. Ugh.

    Couple of questions – Do you know why it is that in international markets the show usually airs quite a bit later? I was wondering if there was a consistent world-wide release date for episodes would it help lower the rates of downloading and at least help make the show more lucrative for those international markets. I do realize though that those markets are a lot smaller than the US so maybe the difference wouldn’t be that great. I do know that since the move by Syfy to Tuesdays, a few friends in Canada DID start downloading it, where before they always watched it when it aired (and still does) on Friday nights on Space. I guess network scheduling would always make that an issue.

    Also (and I think I asked this before, but didn’t see the answer), I noted that in the episode “Human” with the death of Rush’s wife that the music that accompanied those scenes was Bach’s “Chaconne”. Did whoever picked the music for that episode know that it’s thought that Bach wrote that piece in memory of his first wife after her death? If so, that is some serious layering and just again shows how awesome this show and its creators are!

  24. I hit pavement New Year’s Day. A Barbie scooter doesn’t turn with the agility you’d think. I didn’t get hurt. I used to do big air dive rolls on concrete for fun.

    But, somehow, I feel like I made a turn from my more recent fuddy-duddy, avoiding physical risk ways. When did I pick up those ways? Why? I hope I don’t remember the answers before I get a chance to try out my 5 yr. old’s skateboard.

  25. “So what did you all do today?”

    Well, for New Year’s Eve, we slept. (You do that when you have twin girl toddlers at home.)

    For New Year’s Day, we spent it with friends all day.

    For today, um, how about a marathon of all the Joe Mallozzi Stargate episodes we own on DVD? Yeah, that’s what we should do!

  26. Not too familiar with Katy Perry, but when I saw the picture, I thought, ‘Boy, she sure looks like Carl.’ 🙂
    And Jelly’s looking good too.

    Yesterday and today, I have been in lesson planning mode and writing mode. We start up our new semester tomorrow for homeschool, and both boys will be very busy!

    Have a good day, and I will look forward to hearing SGU news when you know it.

  27. so.. that’s who Mel is,…thanks for answering..

    Now, if you were to romance katy Perry , your paparazzi name might be ‘Perozzi’…sounds like an opera singer..
    If Carl were to, they’d be known as ‘Kinder’ heh heh… this is fun. 😛

    anyone else?

  28. Thanks for the Katy update…i saw the twitter pic…wow…it is amazing how some makeup and styling can transform a person. There is hope for us all 🙂

    While i’m writing this, the Space channel is showing “Continuum” again, and it got me wondering.

    Was a backstory ever created for “how” Ba’al was captured? None is alluded to in the movie. Just wondering if something was written or shot describing it? and..any chance you could tell us what it was?


  29. Carl/Katy is lovely, and doesn’t need ANY makeup in the morning!

    Joe, what is Baron Destructo doing? We haven’t heard from him lately. Is he depressed? Locked up? Hiking Mt. Everest?

  30. Okay I am confused… that isn’t REALLY Katy? LOL regardless, both his twit and the pic here are lovely. 🙂

    >>.Patricia Lee writes: “Oh My… I just noticed the picture behind James Robbins of Ming Na and it shows her as “aged”… does that mean we will be seeing someone dreams or a flash forward?”<<
    ? What day was that as I cannot find one with Ming Na in the background!

    Ya know… honest, your resolution is good. I am always amazed at your restraint with morons. Then for someone to suggest you treat them with respect when, really, for the most part you have always shown FAR more respect than they did you… Well, I'd go Debraly on them. (Yes, Debraly is a word… my daughter invented it many years ago and those who know me understand it fully :)..)

    Resolution: Take better care of my health. Read more. That's it, done. The rest will or won't occur.

    Hope your hand is better. I don't deal well with burns… the only response to a microscopic size burn is codeine and ice water and sleep. Pain tolerance for anything else very good. Which is why if there is a hell (which I don't believe in), the rest of you will burn all over and i'll just stick a pinkie in every month or two. 🙂

  31. And whoever the bologna is telling Patrick Gilmore he tweets too much needs to shut the bologna up!

    Go follow some Star Trek actors with 1M+ followings for a bit, then come back to the fold and realize the awesomeness that is @PatrickGilmore.

    @PatrickGilmore How r u so awesome?

  32. Syfy announced the new SGU’s start Spring 2011. Do you have inside information? Please say it’s going to air earlier…. That was a good cliffhanger.

    Too funny about Mr. Binder. He must be a very patient man.

    Jelly looks so pretty in that picture.

  33. Carly Binderry is just lovely, even without caking on the make-up. 😉

    I spent New Years day sleeping until after noon, and then reading a paper + online comics in my office until about 8 at night before eating dinner. I then uploaded a ton of photos onto Facebook.

    As you can see, my life is filled with excitement. All the time.

  34. Hi Joe:

    Kevin said:
    “While i’m writing this, the Space channel is showing “Continuum” again, and it got me wondering.
    Was a backstory ever created for “how” Ba’al was captured?”

    I’d also like a story about the host of Ba’al after the symbiote was removed. It is one of the areas that really has not been that well explored on SG-1. Sure, Vala was a host, but she seemed to have very little of the genetic memory that the Goa’uld are supposed to have. And since the host experienced Ba’al’s evil for so much longer than Vala, how did that affect him? Would he have mental or emotional issues? I think an exploration of that aspect of the StarGate cannon would be facinating.


  35. Joe, do you think, those torrent download numbers cited are significant? If I take a look at my torrent client, I can see the most downloaders are from Europe and Asia. I live in Hungary. In the past, one of our channels broadcasted the SG-1 and early SGA seasons just a few weeks/months after the american premier. I sat there every saturday afternoon and watched the new episodes. But now, I can’t do that, because we get no SGU. The only option for me is the torrent. I can’t download it from iTunes or other legal sources, because they are not available here. I can’t order the DVD from Amazon or else, because the shipping prices are bigger than the price of the DVD itself.
    OK, we are only a few thousands in Hungary who download the new episodes week by week, but there is a lot of country, where peolple would love to watch Stargate, but they can’t.
    I know that there are people is the US, who don’t want to pay and download it illegally, but I believe that most of the downloaders are not from the US. Just writing a number of 4 million or else without any deeper look is not correct. Don’t you think?

    From another point of veiw, I think the whole situation would be different, if you didn’t waste almost a whole season to build the characters. Don’t get me wrong, there were great moments I loved from the very first episode, but come on, if you take a look at a random episode from season 1 and another episode from season 2, you have to see the big difference in enjoyment.
    I’ve seen _every_ episode at least 3 times, and I can mention only a few episodes of 15 seasons which were boring for the second or third time. Those early SGU episodes were fine first, but when I watched them again it was hard to stay awake.
    Even so I’ve watched and told my friends to watch, because I had faith in you, but if you’ve started from the level of Lost or Sabotage OR Awakening, you would have not lost so many viewers during the 1st season. You should admit, the whole character building thing was a mistake.

    I love SGU as much I’ve loved the previous series, but you’ve made mistakes and Syfy have made mistakes. It’s not all the downloaders fault.

  36. Remember this is Christmastime/New Years. Even if Brad Wright wanted to talk to someone about finding another home for Universe, probably most people are holidaying in Chile or Thailand or Italy. Things probably wouldn’t even get started until next week and who knows how long it would take.

  37. *cough*2011not2010*cough*

    Count me as yet another fan ready to support any and all of Brad’s efforts on SGU’s behalf. Can we write someone? Send money? Move to Canada???

    Fingers and all other crossable body parts are…well…crossed.

    And you might want to pass along to Brad that luvnjack will make a “Brad Wright: Hero of Stargate” music video just for him if he can pull this off. That alone should be incentive enough, don’t you think?

    See…I’m still optimistic enough to think that if we can keep SGU going, we still might get SGA:Extinction and SG1:Revolution as icing on the cake.

    I’m not ready to give up on Stargate yet. Not til they pry the last SG DVD out of my cold, stiff fingers. 😉

    Hope you’re feeling better, Joe.


  38. Im straight, but Carl looks hotter then katy perry without makeup…. man she does NOT look good in the morning. Lol

  39. “Blaishon writes: “On another note, have you thought about finding an alternate method to count the viewers?”

    Answer: Alas, I’m not the one doing the counting. I would love to find an alternate method.”

    Hmm! How about this Joe?:

    On the official SGU site, put up a simple questionaire.

    Did you watch episode: [drop down selection box maybe?]
    Where: [SyFy Live, SyFy DVR, …, internet, other (specify)] etc.

    And some way of counting uniques, either some registration or simply using email addresses.

    I’m sure some of the web guys at the official site know what I’m hinting at with the form fields/choices there.

    At the end of each episode overlay the url and the line “Tell us how you watched this episode, we need your data!” or something like that.

    And then just do some metric analyzing and you’d get live viewings, DVR, internet, other, etc.
    The form should be simple, but flexible enough to cover live, DVR, web TV, people downloading from unofficial sources etc.
    Maybe some optional time/date field too.

    This is the only way to get this kind of metrics currently.
    At least until the it’s common to make episodes available online international with international/auto-regional ads inserted in the episode. (if this was available I’d watch the episode from the official site all the time rather than “other” internet sources, and I wouldn’t mind sitting through the ads in return.

  40. That’s an…er…interesting look Katy’s running with these days 😉 Which reminds me, before the legendary Mr Brand appeared on the scene, she once kissed a certain well known Vulcan and she liked it, well, according to some snaps of their offspring secured by (occasionally NSFW!) B3TA…


    Happy New Year Joe, hope you’re feeling better, fingers crossed re SGU 🙂

  41. @caughtinaspin Is it just me or does the son and/or daughter of Katy Perry and Spock look like Severus Snape?

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