Who knows what the future holds?  I certainly don’t – unless we’re talking about the back half of Stargate: Universe’s second season in which case, yes, I do know what the future holds.  And to all of you looking forward to those final ten episodes, here’s a little sneak peek at what lies ahead for the Destiny crew…

December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!

December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!December 31, 2010: Looking Ahead To 2011!Happy New Year!

87 thoughts on “December 31, 2010: Looking ahead to 2011!

  1. The guy with the model of the big kitty cat thingy? The guy is in love with what he’s doing. I don’t mean in a creepy way, but in an admiring way…he loves that big kitty cat thingy, and he should, because it’s way cool. It’s a very nice picture.

    I think bees are stinging my face.


  2. What a great way to end the year. Great pictures. It’s good to see Varro finally gets to get off the ship and into the action. Also, poor Patrick Gilmore. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride.

    The drone looks cool, too.

    Happy New Year, Joe. I hope the new year brings you many more adventures and success.

  3. I guess all good things…but shit, no Stargate? What’s the world coming to?

    Have a wonderful and exciting New Year, Joe! Glad to see Ms Jelly doing so well 🙂

  4. Thanks for the great pictures!!!!!!!

    Happy New Year to you and everyone on the blog!!!!!!

  5. Joe, wishing you and Akemi a very happy New Year. May the future bode well for you and give the dogs mt love. Happy New Years from Scotland and the club Diesels x

  6. Thanks for the pictures, Joe. Have a great new year. All the best to you and yours for 2011!

  7. Hi Joe,

    Not sure whether to burst into tears or jump for joy over those pictures.

    Both, I guess.

    Here’s hoping that the New Year brings good news.

    Cheers to you!


  8. Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

    Those pictures look very interesting. And, hey, look, Varro got out of lock up! That one ship looks like it has some kind of infestation on it. Woolsey! Who’s Volker proposing to?

  9. Happy New Year Joe and all here! Hope 2011 is great for everyone! Don’t drink and drive. Drinking while blogging is acceptable. (Das)

  10. Joe could you clarify something you posted the other day, please? When you said that the SGA movie was shelved indefinitely, who shelved it?

  11. Happy New Year to you Joseph Mallozzi, your pups and to everyone who has helped make all the StarGate series and movies such a success.

    A bit of advice… if MGM and all of you can somehow continue the StarGate sagas, please do Not involve the SyFy channel in it. They are in no way serious about sci-fi at all. It should be called the Wrestling-Ghost Channel, LoL.

    Best wishes to you all,

    Eric 🙂


    I CANNOT wait for 2.5!!

    Why oh whyyyyyyyy should Stargate end like this?

    Make my 2011 the best ever w/ the news of a S.3!

    Best wishes to you Joe.

  13. I hope the New Year is full of exciting adventures and culinary delights for you. Really looking forward to the back half of season two. Until the pickup of SGU, I will enjoy re-watching my Blu-Rays and the seasons on my iphone!
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  14. A happy, healthy and joyous New Year, Joe and bloggers! May 2011 be even better than 2010: a time of change and new beginnings!

    p.s. das, I agree about the guy and the kitty creature!

  15. Woolsey!! You’ve made many fans very happy, Mr. Mallozzi. Good luck in whatever you do.

  16. Happy New Year Joe, and to your wonderful family!

    Can’t wait to see what you get yourself into in 2011.

    And Happy New Year to all on the blog. May this year bring happiness and good health!

  17. Happy New year to all, and thoughts and best wishes to those who have suffered over the last few weeks due to the (dare I say it) apocolyptic weather. And thank you for that visual feast.

  18. Great pictures Joe, can´t wait for the second half! I hope SGU will continue in some way. After all my bias against SGU in the beginning I am now one of the biggest fans.

    Would love to see a Season 3 and beyond!!! And some Rush-Greer interaction. Whatever you pay Robert Carlyle, he is worth it! 🙂

    And Happy New Year 2011 to you and your family!

    I really hope we´ll get some positive news regarding SGU and the SGA movie in the future?

  19. Oh good golly. What will I do when there aren’t fabulous science fiction graphic imagery to view on your blog Joe? I cannot bear the thought, seriously. The sheer talent of all you creative folk in every Stargate department is utterly amazing. Unparalleled in fact. Do I hear a second from the blog community?

    I do hope you may, can, will share any further news regarding the fate of SGU as we are all on pins and needles wondering.

    Fate. Every time I use that word a very curious audio/visual mnemonic pops up. Thanks to Stargate, I always think of the scene where Nem asks Daniel Jackson, “What fate Omaroca?”

    In case anyone here doesn’t remember, which would be sacrilege, that’s from an SG-1 season 1 eppy called Fire and Water. Thank you GateWorld for maintaining the stats.

    I’m currently awaiting the dawning of 2011 with a snoring kitty in my lap. I know, not very wild, but have been unwell, so keeping it quiet. My cat appreciates the warmth.

    Has Vancouver received it’s Christmas snow? We got lots of it here last Sunday, on the NJ shore, unseasonably soon. I believe a local TV weather person gave a more precise evaluation, “We got walloped!” It still clogs the roadways.

    Hoping, wishing, praying for a continuation of the SGU story into season 3 and beyond! I bid you all dear Joe’s bloggers, a very blessed and full of Stargate 2011!!
    Happy days Joe and furry kids…

    and Basil and Scooter cats

  20. What cameras are used to shoot the show? I must know!!! They shoot amazingly in the dark.

  21. Happy New Year to you, Akemi and the Furry Kids, especially Jelly!

    I will be toasting you with a cold glass of milk and fresh baked pie, I just took out of the oven topped with home made vanilla ice cream! YUMMY…. Cheers Mates!

  22. Oh My… I just noticed the picture behind James Robbins of Ming Na and it shows her as “aged”… does that mean we will be seeing someone dreams or a flash forward? Just wondering. Thanks Joe!

  23. Happy New Year to you and your family!

    May 2011 bring good news for SGU and the SG1 movie, as well as peace and happiness to you.

  24. Hey, there’s a Stargate shirt today at http://www.teefury.com It’s actually Stargate/Dr. Who. Which doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it’s kind of a cool design.

    Happy New Year. Here’s hoping we get some good news about getting more Stargate at some point.

  25. Happy New Year’s Eve Mr. Joseph Mallozzi!!!

    May 2011 be great beyond our expectations.


  26. Happy New Year, Joe. It was about two years ago I stumbled onto this, and it’s made all the difference for me. I look forward to your future endevours.

    As for that gratuitous U, you are most welcome.

  27. Awww…Joe,

    You are…so wonderful to me…

    ¸.•*¨*•★ThankYou¸.•*¨*•★ The stars twinkle…bringing smiles & wishes that you will have a wonderful…magical  New Year. *hugs*

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  28. That TShirt’s AWESOME!!! Ordered! Thanks for the headsup, Shawna!

    As for all the Stargate stuff.
    … I really did enjoy SGU, but. I dunno why, I don’t seem to be bothered! It’s weird, ‘cos I got absolutely riled up about Jericho, cheesed off about Dead Like Me, mental about Star Trek, and even totally p’d when Quantum Leap got pulled.
    And Terminator..?! They put out a half-assed rubbishy nonsense movie, but the series got pulled?! Really!?

    I’m usually the type of person that gets annoyed at their favourite shows getting pulled, but I don’t seem to be bothered about this.
    That’s kinda worrying.

    Maybe it’s the Joe-fanboy that secretly knows the blog’ll still be here..
    ..or maybe I’m secretly hopeful that it’ll get picked up by another network…

    Fingers crossed!

  29. HAPPY NEWYEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Happy New Year Joe, Akemi, mom, sis, Jelly, Max, Bubba and Lulu.

    Will we ever find out how to prepare that rabbit?

  31. @2Cats: I absolutely will second that! Everything about this show is top notch.

  32. Hello Joe

    Cloverdale was broadcast yesterday (not a good day ratings wise, 9 PM on New Years Eve) in Sweden but I really liked it. Brad (and everyone else) did a great job.

    I don’t read spoilers but I hope this mess about the cancellation doesn’t mean we get a big cliffhanger in the last episode. And if it’s so, I hope you guys get a deal to get some closure to the series.

  33. Das: I’m so sorry you and hubby went through that yesterday! However, I’m very glad he didn’t have any heart problems!

    Love the pictures, Mr. M.! Why do we have to wait until April!!!!!!!!!?

  34. Oh, my dearest Stargate Ruiner:

    Happy New Year! If 2011 won’t bring you a way to continue with SGU, as I’m sure we all would like, I hope it will bring you at the very least a project that you can be passionate about.

    I suppose season 2 ends with a cliff hanger. *sigh* Well, I prefer open endings anyway.

    Thanks for the lovely pics, they left my mouth watering. I particularly enjoy the Art Nouveau feel of some of the sets and props. Aesthetically, they’re wonderful! Kudos to the designers.
    Good to see Varro, as well.

    I’m a bit disappointed, though, because they were no pug pics. Here’s one pitch for a possible Season 3:
    Pug like, non English speaking aliens!!! 😀
    No, again? I’m sure you heard worse suggestions.

  35. Toasted the NY with cough syrup, so don’t expect coherent and thoughtful wishes from me. And I’m on vacation, ca’t do a thing but snivel. Love ya, love ya puppers, love SG, love everyone. Hope the new year is full of excitement AND fulfillment. I’d hug ya, but I’m a snotty germ-fest.

  36. Hapy New Year, Joe!! 😀

    I’m sad that there won’t be any new Stargate next fall. I’m sad to hear that the back half of season 2 are the last episodes of Stargate Universe. I can’t believe it will be over. No more Stargate. 🙁 Though, it’s been an amazing ride from SG-1 to Atlantis, and to Universe. I’ve had a blast watching all these series. I wanna thank you, Joe, Paul, Brad, Rob, and the rest of the cast and crew for giving us such fun and joy. Thank you for hard work and dedication to such a wonderful franchise. I just wish someway to continue. I just hope there will be a DVD movie to wrap up SGU.


  37. Blessings for you, the “kids”, Mom and Sis for this brand new year!

    Happy New Year to everyone else too!

  38. Wow! One of my son’s friends just informed me that SG:U was canned. Now I’m online to verify and am truly saddened. I hadn’t seen your blog before now, Joseph, and that has apparently been my loss. I’m not much for them, but yours will reach my short list of those I frequent.

    Since you claim you read all posts (with some exceptions) I’m encouraged to tell the producer what I’ve told so many others. Stargate Universe is easily one of the best written shows I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching on television. In my opinion, it’s the best written that’s currently airing.

    SG:U is not like the other Stargates, but once you look beyond that fact and realize that it has it’s own story to tell, you find a true gem. I hope you will find a way to continue to bring that story to us.

    On another note, have you thought about finding an alternate method to count the viewers? The industry is going to have to do it sooner or later. Maybe stick a 5 or 10 second spot in the middle, or at the end, of an episode asking viewers to send an email, or go to the main site and click a counter. Anything to make them realize that the science fiction fans out there are probably not being counted properly. I, for one, use DirecTV and record all shows to the DVR to be watched later. Not sure if that gets counted or not.

    At any rate, my son and I will watch the last episodes with heavy hearts. Thank you for bringing such a high quality show to us even if the exec pinheads can’t see it’s value. I’ll keep my hopes up and an eye out for your future works.


  39. Hello Joe:

    According to various online sources, Stargate Universe had already wrapped for the season when you and the rest of the SGU family were notified that the “Sigh-Fi” Channel had decided not to order any new episodes. Does that mean that we will be left hanging at the end with regard to the storyline since season-enders traditionally are cliffhangers?

    In the event that there will be no more Stargate of any kind in our future, I would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU.



  40. Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful eve and are able to follow it with a restful day! Do you have any resolutions for the new year?

  41. I completely agree with what Blaishon said.
    I can’t believe Sy-Fi canceled SG:U yet continues to air shows that are nothing compared to SG:U

    I know downloads are what killed the show, I had a look on the most popular torrent sites and found out that in total each episode was downloaded by over 4 million people. And this is just from a small fraction of torrent sites.

  42. Happy new years Mr M and everyone on the West coast. Hope you didn’t gain too much from the holiday festive excess.

    [getting on the soap box]




    The following will not be welcome by most people on this blog.

    Maybe no more continuation of SGU should be considered. Instead the franchise could pick up from the various story threads left over from the previous 2 series. SGU is an interesting attempt to do something new with a franchise, but clearly not able to generate the viewer numbers required by the advertisers. It might be easier to do a new SG show with a smaller cast on more focus storylines with the feel of the previous 2 series. Should be easier to raise the financing IMO. Also any continuation of SGU will have to scale down in the cast size and production budget with economy the way it is now.

    Well the new MGM brain trust will have to plot a recovery course for the franchise. Hope they have ideas.

    [getting of the soap box]

  43. Park! Park is full of awesome!
    I wish these weren’t the final ten, but knowing they are just makes all these teases so much more – teasy? Yeah, it’s early for me.

  44. @Montrealer – It’s all in the spirit intended and, darn it, I can’t think of a less sappy way to say it, but … pure spirit … I can’t do it, it’s too sappy. You did fine.

  45. @BillieO

    I think deep down you already know the answer. As SGU was cancelled before it’s time, it’s unlikely to have a concrete ending. You know it’s a shame that something couldn’t of been worked out sooner if only to give the show an ending. By this I mean regardless of the ratings MGM + Syfy could of just agreed a 13 episode final season or something like that. Instead there’s nothing.

    Personally I’m in the group that thinks that perhaps a 4th Stargate season being made would be better than trying to save SGU. As much as I love SGU. I don’t want to see Stargate die. I would love to see a 2011 announcement of new Stargate episodes regardless of what format they may take.

    Of course if SGU can be saved that would be great but I don’t think SGUs cancellation should mean the end of Stargate.

  46. Happy New Year Joe! Its also my birthday today 🙂

    Hope good things for you in 2011!

  47. Last 10 episodes, does that mean it wont get pickup on another channel, or am I reading to much into your words lol.

    This looks cool, can’t wait for 2.5!

    Happy new year!

  48. Is that Amanda Perry on that “hospital” bed? It really looks like her….

  49. This is pretty cool stuff. Happy new year.

    However i still have to ask what is going on with Stargate Worlds and Resistance? I have emailed mgm and got zero response and was hoping you might know more about the games?

  50. **¨*•.¸¸. •*¨*•★ *¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•★⇢⇢ *¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•★
    ⇠⇠★*¨*•.ⓗⓐⓟⓟⓨ ⓝⓔⓦ ⓨⓔⓐⓡ ⓙⓞⓔ ²⁰¹¹ **¨*•.¸¸. •*¨*•★ *¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•★⇢⇢ *¨*•.¸¸.•*¨*•★*¨*•.¸

  51. Happy New Year to everyone here in the blog community….may 2011 bring you good health, joy and Stargate in some form.

    Yesterday I played Game of Life on Wii with my niece…was fascinating….let’s see

    I went to college and became a doctor, married a guy with brown hair and black glasses (remind y’all of anyone???) We lived in a motor home and had 4 boys until we finally traded up to a penthouse, but not before I threw in towel on my career as a doctor to become a professional athlete. I won the lottery, a TV show and a dance contest but still couldn’t win the Game of Life…..my niece won…. *sigh*

    Oh and when it was my turn and I wasn’t paying attention she got in my face and stared….kids are creepy. LOL

    Cheers, Chev

  52. OMG Joe, Twin Destinies, OMG. Seriously. OMG.

    ‘Nuff said.

    Happy New Year everybody! I hope nobody got too drunk last night!

  53. Joe, Hope everyone there had a good new years eve/day. Our traditional dinner of porkchops and sauerkraut(for good luck) was delicious. Do you have a dinner that you like to have on New Years Day? or what did you all have for dinner.? Oh yeah and is your favorite part doing the dishes afterwards>not…
    If you are heading back to Bridge, I hope it is with good news. best of luck in whatever direction this lastest track will take you, I know you will do great.

  54. Joe,
    Hauoli Makahiki Hou to you, Mom, sis, all the lil ones in your households and to all the blog regulars.
    Wishing Peace, Joy, Health, Prosperity, Happiness, and the best 2011 can bring to us…every one!

  55. Thanks for the photos Joe…they’re awesome…so much to look forward to.

    Cheers, Chev

  56. They’re millions of us fans around the world, and a great many of us, watch SyFy, don’t we count? Moving on, hey folks, lets save our own show, let’s pre-order season 3.

  57. Hi Joe!
    I hope you have a great new year!!!
    Two questions.. First off what is in the first picture . I see 3 helmets to the space suits and what is that sitting on the floor ?
    Also I thought that you were going to have some sort of major news last week. Any idea when that may be coming and could you possibly let us know what it may be about ?
    Thanks for the pics , I can’t wait to see the back hafl of season 2.

  58. Coucou! Me revoila!!!

    Comment allez vous? Moi super j’ai profitée de ma dernière semaine de vacance pour visiter Paris avec ma meilleur amis. Nous avons vu Notre Dame,le Panthéon, le Louvre, l’Arc de triomphe, les Champs elysée, le Musée Grévin, le Grand Rex, les Catacombes..sans oublié de passer chez Laduré 😉

    Super semaine!

    Je vous souhaite donc, une trés bonne Année!!!
    Du bonheur,
    De la chance,
    De l’argent,
    De l’amour,
    mais surtout…la Santé!

    Gros bisou !
    Anais 🙂

  59. dear producers of Stargate Universe.

    with the end of Universe you punish tne atlantis’s fan, we refuse to make the film stargate extinction. We are d’ont responsible of that. sorry i’m french my english sucks!.

    few times ago, we said atlantis’ fan punished universe for the stop of atlantis. Sorry, but sometimes you have to ask you some question : maybe it’s your fault.

    during Atlantis, you have refused to listen fan who don’t wan’t the death of Weir, the arrival of Woolsey, beckett. you want to kill atlantis for creating Universe. You have disappointed us. all is your fault. you have to talk beetween your and make that.

    il serait judicieux de faire ce film pour nous montrer que vous nous respectez.

    bien à vous,


  60. Save Universe somehow, and when it is saved, bring it back with more action and stargates and less drama (although do not forget about character development) … I really would love to see Stargate Universe on Showtime, as it would open up to braver ideas, more realistic character moments, with more blood and sex … It would do good for the series I think …

  61. That concept art looks incredible, is such a shame such a great series has come to an untimely end. Hopefully you guys can get it back up and running with another network (maybe try the BBC, pretty sure they paid $400,000 per episode of Heroes, SGU is worth ten times that, if you weigh it in quality).


  62. To bad we wont see any new stargate adventures after the last ten episodes of one of the longest franchise i’ve ever seen. To bad that through the transformation of the series sgu into a more darker syfy could not atract the battlestar galactica fans because i think this was the purpose. I don’t now if the spin of battle with caprica was a great ideea but i think that stargate would of finally pulled through with much more fans. although i think they lost a lot through this transformation.

  63. I liked SGU and I liked it more than SG1 and SGA. No more English speaking human aliens.

    Can SGU be picked up by another station like SPACE?


  64. Oh good lord, this show MUST be saved. First time in so long we have had decent quality Science Fiction instead of the cheap thrills variety that is more interested in comic book frills. I still think that SGU’s production (writing, storylines, directing, etc..) need to evolve more, but that is sometimes part of the fun. No it’s not perfect, but has anyone ever popped in a DVD of their favorite show and watched the first episodes and compared to later? I think a lot of shows really need several season before they hit their stride. I think it is near unanimous that many fans of Spartacus Blood and Sand thought it took up to 6-7 episodes before they were hooked. SG1, Supernatural, X-Files, The Wire, The Shield, many others were much better in quality by their 2nd to 3rd seasons. I can only imagine what SGU would be like in a 3rd season. I think of those images of Destiny slingshot by the planet, traveling through a star, and just lament what a loss even visually this would be. Not too mention the storyline, and some of the best actors and acting we have seen in a scifi show in ages.

    So please, I hope to god you guys at SGU will do everything to save this show. Screw Syfy, that plan to move to Tuesdays was fail from the start. The fact it still got a million + in the fall on Tuesdays should say enough to any OTHER network that this show DOES have an audience, and MGM needs to understand that this show has an audience the world over.

  65. Hi there!!!

    Hope u feel lucky and satisfied in 2011, and bring back that feeling to all SGU fans worldwide. This show is absolutely gorgeous in all ways. Please make it possible that the story can continue to be told, at best through all seasons (Nope, i´m not greedy, but really addicted to it! 😉 Yeah, the ship was named destiny for a reason, and i hope another one is to bring it bt it back, NO MATTER HOW! Best wishes for u and your family and friends. SGU RULEZ!

  66. I love this show, I loved all of them, but SGU has to be my favorite.
    I wish more than anything that the show would continue. Another network, webisodes, comic books, anything.

    I would love it if you did DVD movies too like with SG-1, but PLEASE DONT ‘wrap it up’ in 1 dvd. You could spread it out over several movies, or hell, just leave them ‘out there’.
    I would rather the crew stay lost then make it back to earth some half assed way in 2 hours.

    Random thought:
    In that pic with the 2 ships, the top one reminds me a lot of some of the Amarr ships in EVE. =p

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