Wow.  The Make-Up Department has really been meting out the punishment this season.  Check out these ouchies…

I know, I know.  I’ve been remiss.  The truth is, I’ve just been too busy to hit the mailbag.  But that will change in the coming days.  So if you’ve got questions, post ’em!

On a thoroughly unrelated but far more important note:

Help my Snow Monkeys defeat the undefeated Militia in this weekend’s Stargate NFL Fantasy Football match-up!  The Snow Monkeys are 1-3 and up against the undefeated Militia, but they have the talent and the managerial skills (this is where you guys come in) to pull the upset.  So strap on your thinking helmets and weigh in with your expert opinions on my line-up.

QB: Houston’s Matt Schaub is my guy as he’s continuing the torrid pace he set last season.  Even though they up against a stingy New York Giant pass defense, they’re playing in Houston.  Also, despite their ability to shut down the vaunted Chicago Bear passing attack last week, I don’t think the Giants D can do it two weeks in a row.  My back-up is the Jaguars’ David Garrard who put up some great numbers last week, but a) doesn’t have the weapons Schaub has and b) is playing the Bills in Buffalo, a team that, while pretty damn bad, does boast a respectable pass defense.

WR: My two active wide-receivers this week are Minnesota’s Percy Harvin and the Saints’ Lance Moore.  I’m going with Harvin because I expect the Vikes’ match-up with the Jets in New York will be a high-scoring affair.  Harvin has been kind of quiet so far this season, but he’s healthy again and with Randy Moss on the field to garner the attention of the Jets D, I figure Harvin will have a lot more room to work with.  As for Moore – well, the Saints offense is due for an explosion and no better opportunity than against a porous Cardinals defense.  Riding the bench this weekend are Dallas rookie Dez Bryant who has done little to inspire confidence thus far, Green Bay’s ever-dependable Donald Driver who, admittedly, could be in for  a good game against a Washington team coming down from last weekend’s high of beating the Eagles, and Miami’s Brandon Marshall who has a bye week.

RB: My two starters this weekend at the running-back position will be San Francisco’s Frank Gore (who, despite playing on an 0-4 team, manages to be a real workhorse and, hey, the 49ers could be due for a win, especially playing the Vick-less Eagles) and Oakland’s Michael Bush (who gets the start over an ailing Darren McFadden).  On the bench are Atlanta’s Jason Snelling (who is a back-up to the productive Michael Turner), the Jets’ Shonn Greene (back-up to the productive Ladainian Tomlinson), and freshly-traded Marshawn Lynch.

TE: Brandon Pettigrew here.  No back-up.  When the Lions have a bye week, I’ll just pick someone up from waivers.

RB/WR: The Texans’ Arian Foster plays double-duty.  I’d have to be insane to bench him.  Gary Kubiak, take note.

K: My kicker is the Titan’s Rob Bironas.  Like the TE position, no back-up here.

Defense: The Baltimore Ravens are my D.  Even though they haven’t put up the fantasy points of other D’s, I’m sticking with them.

So, what do you think?  Have I made the right calls?  Who should play?  Who should ride the bench?  Who should I trade for a cheerleading squad and a case of Guinness?

Snow Monkeys Rule!

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday individual drldeboer.

64 thoughts on “October 7, 2010: SGU Ouchies! Questions if you got ’em! Help my Snow Monkeys!

  1. Regarding the ratings. If the current trend continues, do you think SyFy will be willing to try a new night, away from the uber-crowded Tuesday night and the NCIS juggernaut that dwells within, or will they just drop the hammer?

    Sorry about the pessimism, but I’m really enjoying this show and I want it to get the time to play out. I know you probably don’t actually know what the network is planning, but you’ve got to have a better feel for it than the internet arm-chair quarterbacks out here.

    As far as storyline goes, I was wondering if there might be a Goa’uld in the Lucian Alliance mix.

  2. Wow, those pictures are impressive! The second one look really great (sort of speak) but my “favorite” is the third one, it look very realistic (not that the other ones aren’t)
    Congrats to the make up department, they did a really nice job!

    Do you know how long does it take to make a make up like that?

  3. Hi Joe,

    yes, I have questions. First about the Destiny: Can you tell us something about the meassures of the ship as it is seen in the series, hence length, height & width?
    On the model, which pictures you’ve shown some time ago, there is one Shuttle on the top of it to see. But where is the other one? – respectively, where should the other one (or two) dock on it?

    As others asked also, how does the size of the Destiny compare to the size of Atlantis, that means how much is Atlantis bigger/smaller than the Destiny? Could the Destiny probably land on Atlantis’ landing platforms? (however I think, because of her design the Destiny was built to stay in orbit and so she isn’t able to land anywhere.) – And of course: How high ist the central tower of Atlantis?

    Could it be possible that the folks on Atlantis discover a vehilce that can fly through stars like the Destiny does to recharge ZPMs? – If so, they could send it through one to recharge all the ZPMs and have solved the energy problem of Atlantis for all times.

    May there be plans about the Destiny’s mission in the databases on Atlantis? Also a reason why nobody went on board of her after she was started, and, more interessting: will the folks from earth find them?

    During the first episodes of Univers Chloe is wearing a dress and boots until she tested the Destinys shower in episode 4 (Darkness). After that she wears something like a training suite and sports shoes. But where did she get these cloths from? – I didn’t see, she carried a suitcase with herself when she was beamed down to the Ikarus Base, and so there won’t be one, while they were escaping the planet through the stargate. This brings me to the question, where she and Rush got their old cloth back from after their escape from the alien space ship?

    At least: Some time ago I discovered, there is singer/actress named Joanna ‘JoJo’ Levesque. So the question is: Is there any relationship between her and Elyse, hence SGUs Chloe Armstrong?

    So far my questions,

  4. @das Wow, another kind of Lima Bean! I love Lima Beans will have to look for this other kind.


  5. Assuming the season finale is a cliffhanger, do the producers have any plan as to what they might try to do to resolve the story if the series is cancelled?

  6. Hi Joe
    Any SG1/SGA movie update?
    And will syfy put SGU back to friday night by any chance?

  7. 1) Was that I.O.A. report Wray relayed to Young about a Lucian Alliance attack on Earth the basis for the story arc of the final episodes of the season?

    2) Are those aliens that built that solar system, in an ascended form akin to the Ancients or are they still flesh and blood aliens?

    3) Considering the Ancients were explorers foremost, is Destiny’s true purpose related to helping them expedite their studies in a practical manner?

  8. Happy Birthday @drldeboer

    Geez, I came here for laughs and all I got was depressing information. Almost like a memorial service. We need to be expressing our opinions to Syfy, not just here.

    If you look at Eureka and Warehouse 13 when they aired on Tuesdays, they were both airing on off months, when TV networks did not have new airings of anything very popular. I think you have to count that as part of their success. Seems when Stargate was on a July-Oct schedule for the first 10, it got higher ratings, too.

    I am very upset that Syfy didn’t advertise the change more either.

    No more “cancellation” talk — please. Let’s take to a write-in campaign to let Syfy know they have an audience out here.

    Question for Joe’s mailbag:
    Was the baby in Intervention a professional actor baby or actually Alaina’s baby. Too cute!

  9. Hi Joe a few quick questions…

    How do you spell the name of the character that Mike Dopud’s playing?

    What is the title of season 2 episode 1?

    Who the are those nebula aliens (the ones who are taking care of Carmen) – will we find out in season 2?

    I’ve seen a couple spellings of Dopud’s character’s name and I’ve seen the season 2 premiere titled Incursion (part 3) but I’ve also seen Intervention. Looks like season 1 episodes 19 and 20 are both Incursion (parts 1 and 2), just that title.

    And I had a few questions I asked a while back but I totally forgot what they were. :-p Oh well. Maybe next time.

    Thanks for doing the Q&A again.

  10. Update – okay nevermind on my 1st 2 questions…

    I just found that you shared that info in previous blog entries.

    season 2 episode 1 is actually “Intervention”. (Looks like wikipedia has it wrong. grrr)

    And Dopud’s character’s name is spelled “Varro” (two Rs). I was confused on that because he pronounced his name like it might be “Varo” or “Vairo” or something (in the end of season 1 when he spoke on the radio).

    Anyway, well I’ll just stick with the remaining question –

    Who are those nebula aliens (that are taking care of Carmen) or will we find out in season 2?

    Thanks! 🙂

  11. I heard y’all got a visit from Colin Ferguson (star of Eureka!) on Tuesday. He called you guys “funny and nice”!!! 🙂

  12. For the mailbag,

    I need recommendations for science fiction, maybe fantasy, with a significant undersea setting.

    So far, I have

    Jules Verne
    Peter Watts
    Avatar 2 (maybe)
    The Abyss

  13. 1. Rush says something along the lines of “Destiny could be the greatest discovery since the Stargate itself” I thought what about ascension where we learn the Ancients basically learn immortality, how can a ship be more important than that. But maybe the ship holds the key to ascension- or connecting with the Ancients? (Lucian Alliance girl referenced she was raised to believe the powers of the Ancients in “Aftermath”)

    2. We know from the Ori that the Ancients have certain galaxys where they live. The Milky Way Ancients protected humans from being detected by the Ori galaxy Ancients. Does this mean even the Ancients have limits- they can only control-detect events in their own galaxy? So any Ancients the Destiny might encounter would be different from the Milky Way Ancients?

    3. Kiva felt like a letdown as a villain, especially since she was not brought back for S2. Was this always the plan for Kiva to die, or because Rhona Mitra moved on to other projects and couldn’t come back?

  14. Sorry Joe, wish I could comment on the fantasy football team, but football just isn’t my sport. Baseball… now that’s something. Just not the Yankees. Cool snow monkey pics none the less.


  15. Can you say now, or not…what exactly did happen to the baby? Tell me now, or I’ll just ask 10 years from now when you are living in Tokyo and running your own comic book company.

  16. @ DP – how about:

    The Incredible Mr. Limpet (with big-lips-fish Don Knotts)
    Poseidon Adventure
    20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
    Dead Calm (has a sinking boat)

  17. Hi Joe,

    I have a question:)

    Why did Chloe’s gunshot wound heal so quickly? Was it a production error or maybe did she and Eli unknowingly stumble through some kind of sick bay when they were moving through unexplored sections of the ship? Because, the other characters seemed surprised that the bleeding had stopped so suddenly. Anyway, just wondering.

    Thanks and Go Snow Monkeys!

  18. My god why american people don’t watch this excellent Stargate show????
    I don’t understand and i’m really worried for a cancellation…

    Anyway guys, I made a new Stargate Universe vid on season 2.
    Hope this help to increase the rate (I know i’m an optimist guy ^^).

    Enjoy and now I pray every night that the series continues for much longer.

  19. Hello there,
    Can we expect any more development into the Dr. Park character? I tend to be drawn to the secondary characters, so am always looking and hoping to see them brought into the spotlight a little more. Since re-watching the first season these past few weeks, I’ve discovered she’s around a bit more than I noticed the first time, and there’s something about her that interests me.

  20. @SciFiAholic

    I think it was due to whatever transformation she is going through that was alluded to in the trailer for season 2. There is a part when it looks as if her skin is turning blue, like the blueberry aliens.


    My question is still the same from when the series first started…how the heck does this gate system work!!!!! The milkyway and pegasus models at least had a somewhat believable system for dialing using constellations, but now all we have are these strange squiggles with dots here and there. I know there must be something behind it, because you have posed specific gate addresses on this blog before. Even if there isnt a method to how the gate dials can u just tell us? its driving me crazy.

    Also as a few others have asked, how does destiny compare in size to other ships/atlantis?

    Thanks always,

  21. @ZeroPointBatteries,

    I just finished watching the season 2 trailer. I like your theory, it makes a lot of sense. Thanks.

  22. G’day Joe

    Am depressed, went to a funeral of a very dear and old family friend today, he was 93. Thought he was the one to make 100. Not to be.
    R.I.P. Mr Sheffield.

    On a side note, I have no idea what a fantasy league is.
    Only to say play Chris Judd.

    Take care

  23. Nice moulage. Could have used some of that a couple of days ago, when the local Citizen Emergency Response Team were doing their final exercise, a mass casualty incident. The wounds depicted in your pics would have left the team paralyzed by the realism.
    Not much into fantasy football, but I have to admit, I think you are in deep trouble this week. Besides a couple od dubious players(though I love your optimism) you just don’t have much depth in your lineup. Then again, we can’t see what you’re facing, so maybe my gloomy prognosis will be completely off the mark.
    Thanks for the continued unbroken streak of posts. The only question I’ve got is about how much longer before you and your wingman set off for you latest Tokyo pilgrimage?

  24. Whoa, more TJ whump?? Woot. 😀 Impressive stuff.

    Maybe I’ll have enough time to post my mailbag questions right now. I hope the teacher won’t notice me.

    Why did TJ run after Rush in “Incursion” 1? Right now it seems to be just a set up for her being captured, but I’d like to think there was a reason for her to do it.

    TJ seems to have recovered from the c-section very well. That’s good, but is it believable that she’s so mobile shorty after that kind of surgery?

    When will Young hit the rock bottom?

    That’s all I have for now. 🙂 Uh, gotta go.

    *crosses fingers for SGU*

  25. Janet – re Chris Judd – very amusing. Near the top of my draft lists – but only in Australian Rules comps! 🙂

    Joe – re Snow Monkeys.
    QBs – yes Schaub. No question.
    RBs – definitely the three you’ve named. Gore and Foster should be in the top 5 scorers this week and this is Bush’s real chance to prove the hype on him.
    WRs – yes on Harvin (one of my favourites and if you include returns then a definite) but I would play Driver in front of Moore – close call though.
    the rest pick themselves!

    Loved the second episode – a great way to deal with the baby but also leads into more questions (always a good thing with SF).
    Knew Rush would crack the code eventually and by himself. A lot more plots available with him hiding his knowledge than if Eli had helped as I’m sure others would have found out much more quickly.

  26. The only thing I can say about fantasy football is:

    Forget trading for cheerleaders. Be the first in your league to trade for…

    wait for it…

    A Marching Band!

    Or at least a pep drummer (points at self).

  27. Coucou!!! ça va bien? Moi oui super, le soleil brille!!

    Merci pour ces photos, même si certaine sont beurrk lol!

    Je trouve que cette équipe a un drôle de nom lol, mais bon c’est original!

    et bien moi je vous repose ma question….

    Comme de nombreux films sortent en 3D en ce moment, je voudrai savoir s’il serai possible financièrement que les futures films de sg1 et sga passe au cinéma et en 3D?

    Gros bisou,

  28. Joe,
    (NOTE: one question contains spoilers for ”Aftermath”)

    1) Do you guys have a backup plan in the event that SGU is cancelled due to the ever decling ratings?

    2) Will there be an SGU movie or two?

    3) Were you as shocked as I was when Rob killed off Riley?

  29. Joe, stop killing characters we like. Also, a blood choke is a significantly better way to go than an airway choke. Blood choke, your hands and feet just go numb and you black out without the whole carbondioxide burn in your lungs the air choke gives.

  30. Can you speak to the point about Kiva’s death? What made you choose that route?

    I asked before in a comment that now looks amazingly longwinded. In summary, I thought the death and its impact gave you certain benefits but cost you others and I’d like to hear your thinking.

  31. Moore and harvin are my wr too. So is moss so I’m starting moss and Moore. Tate from the pats is on bye (so sad). McFadden being out is costing me but I have McCoy so we’ll see. Sorry about the stilted sentences I’m on my iPhone with a toddler asking for waffles

  32. HI Mr M!

    Hi all. Many thanks to you all for your kind words. Am taking a break from sorting out things, to swing by and check in….and also to gently remind everyone that as this is October, a particular Birthday is almost here….. don’t forget now…..*cough cough*

    Am heading off to the Post Office shortly with a tiny parcel and cooool card.

    Later all.


  33. I tell this to everyone, dont have anyone from the Saints team on your fantasy roster unless its drew brees. Moore had one good week. he wont do it all the time. I think your better off starting Donald Driver, who, along with the Packers offense, should start picking it up offensively.

    As much as your not sold on Dez Bryant, I’d go with Tony Romo throwing to him over Favre who’s done nothing and hasnt gotten any protection. Harvin wont put up much for yards, and his only TD came against Detroit.

    But, the funny thing about fantasy football, is you never know. go with your gut, play the matchups. If it was my team, i’d play those two guys, but you know what, they might not do anything.

    Your call, Joe. You got a great running back core tho. decent qb too.

    PLEASE- pick up a better tight end. im from detroit and hes terrible. lol

  34. Jeff, Pettigrew may not be a good tight end – but at least they are throwing the ball his way! I have him in a few teams.

  35. You killed Riley!! My favourite character is gone, arrrg. At least you gave the death a lot of space in the episode, and you did it very emotional..
    But “why” killing HIM?

    Bring back Riley! Flashbacks, some ancients or fantastic stuff like this, just give him some new scenes. Please.

  36. Joe, the past few posts are full of questions…

    – but you’ll have to explain what the farewell dinner was about – I’m thinking they wouldn’t look so happy if the show was cancelled…. so it must be *someone’s* farewell…. not yours, I hope.

    I am so disappointed and in a severely negative frame of mind towards TV and network execs who spend oodles of money developing shows and characters, then playing a game of monopoly with the shows and ultimately peoples’ lives – those on the shows and the watching public who invest the time to watch. Then, the numbers get skewed because of putting the shows against known formidable rivals as well as mixing up the genres, specifically, science fiction with other popular shows.

    They know full well that the sci-fi fans are not as plentiful as those of other genres. I think that this whole system is nothing more than a self-manipulated tax write-off and to hell with everything else – fans, actors, technicians. If these execs had 1/10th the pride in their work like the people behind the scenes in quality shows (at this point, specifically, SG1,SGA &SGU) then common sense in how these shows (and others) were placed and treated, would prevail. At least they would have a fighting chance at surviving.

    But these execs have no pride in what they do… it’s all about out-doing the next exec. And I think that sometimes the reason for cancelling a good show can be as simple as an exec waking up one morning and deciding that HE didn’t like the character, actor, producer, director, writer or deciding that a popular show should go in a certain direction which was refused or whatever… I’m not impressed with the stupid, senseless and frivolous nature of this business.

    I know that this is a simple premise on my part and there are other issues in play too. But this is what I see.

  37. MGM Heading For Bankruptcy
    Studio behind ‘Stargate: Universe’ could soon be owned by its creditors

    From reading the article above and going over Joe M post over the last 3+ years that dealt with the SGA and SG-1 I am more convince that Brad and Rob were in a difficult position. they probably were told back in 2007 that MGM was not in good financial standing and that they (MGM) would probably be cutting back some of it production (to the point where it only has one live television production going now) both SG-1 and SG-A would be getting more expensive to produced and at the same time the DVD/Blue-Ray markets were becoming soft, something had to give. I think the Studio gave them an ultimatum by the end of 2007 (SG-1 was cancelled in Aug) find a way to produced SG-A cheaper (Beckett and Weir gone) and do the Direct-To-DVD route (sales for Continuum were weak) by mid 2008 Joe M was basically telling us that SG-A would not be renewed for a 6th season. I think Rob and Brad pitched SG-U as a cheaper show to produce once it got underway and the studio went for it. I don’t now or back in 2008 that Brad pushed to stop SgA so that he could go with SgU I believe that for both of them SGU was a way to keep the Stargate story going while the entertainment economy was bad with the hope of eventually getting the movies done things picked up. Unfortunately they are not being help by SYFY.

  38. I meant to say that “I did not believe that Brad wanted to end SGA so he could begin SGU” and with SYFY poor presentation, moving the show to the most watch night on US TV rather than Wednesday or Thursday.
    Also the fact that the writers are openly talking about the end of the show makes me believe that they want to be prepared just in case

  39. I’ve heard that SGU (and Caprica) are heavily skewing male in viewership. I think the ladies like their heroes with vulnerabilities and a “heart of gold” or suave con men types when they watch a genre show.

    The males on SGU are too flawed and course, IMO, to be attractive to many of the previous show’s female viewers. Characters like O’Neill, Daniel, Sheppard were the kind of leading men that would appeal more, perhaps.

    I can’t see how you can incorporate a character like those guys into your show at this stage of the game, but perhaps a lesson learned?

  40. Sorry, I don’t follow any kind of football.

    Cool pictures, though! Those wounds look sooo real.

    Hubby said one of his favorite comedy films is “8 heads in a duffel bag”. It was very dark humor but the humor would hit you out of no where. Anyone see that flick?

  41. The seemingly sociopathic Rush appeared to redeem himself at the end of last season and the first episode of this season but went completely downhill morally from there. In the next 8 episodes will we see Rush perform any more heroic, compassionate acts as he’s done in the past or will he remain a Jacka$$ for the rest of the season? (excuse me) 😉

    By the way, those pictures are great. Scarily realistic. Your make-up department must be extremely talented.

  42. Mailbag questions. You may not like em but man up and accept em. I dont mean any hate by any of these.

    1. Why are you ignorant of the fact that the majority of the Stargate fanbase hates Stargate Universe?

    2. What do you have against [edit]? These are fans of SG1 and SGA. They respect the cast of both shows and love both shows. These are your vocal fans that will make their thoughts known.

    3. Do you not realise sites like [edit] exist because of the extreme amount of censorship going on at Gateworld? You cant even express an opinion without worrying your post will get deleted.

    4. The fanbase has spoken. SGU has failed. Why can you not accept this? You cant keep your head in the sand forever whilst the ratings go down the toilet.

    5. Why can you not accept that the negativity stems from the fact that SG1 and SGA fans are horrified at what has happened to a series they love dearly? These arent newcomers hating the show. These are people who have watched SG1 from the start.

    6. Why does Brad wright lie to the fanbase as to why SGA was cancelled? Everyone saw the ratings for season five were on the up. Why cant you and him admit what everyone knows. SGA was cancelled because you didnt want to do 40 episodes a year again.

    7. Following question 6. SGA was pulling the numbers for renewal. Why didnt you.Paul. Carl and Gero fight for a new season. Whats with the blind following to BW?

    8. Why dont you realise that Stargate fans would of been more open to SGU if this SGA catastrophy never happened? If SGA had a final season. A decent ending. More fans would of said hey yeah il stick around for SGU regardless.

    9. Why cant some of the SGU cast. Specifically David Blue understand why SGU is doing so badly? He seems to be under the illusion SGU has a fanbase large enough to support it. Remember his. We want to add 1.6 million extra viewers to the figures SGA pulled? What happened?

    10. Are there any plans to return to the classic Stargate formula fans WANT?
    Maybe a new series? Ignoring the fans has saw a million less fans watching live.

    11. Finally. Do you and BW. CB etc not feel guilty of ridding yourselves of them quite frankly stellar SGA cast for SGU? Do you and everyone else regret ridding yourselves of a much superior show to SGU? Fact is. SGA is and always will be a better show. And a better loved one.

    Curious to see if youl answer these you mostly put your head in the sand and ignore valid comments from fans so I figured ild ask what everyones thinking.

    Btw il ask these everyday till an answer is given. As youve neglected fan questions for a while now

  43. blue lotus blossom. You dont understand that shows like Eureka and Warehouse 13 were pulling well over 2 million viewers on Tuesday nights. Infact SG1 and SGA were able to compete against the competition. SGU cant.

    Cant blame the timeslot. You could air it any day of the week and still get awful ratings. Its not the timeslot its the show.

    By the way. Live+7 ratings are useless as a basis to support a show as Syfy makes no money from it and people who DVR are less likely to watch adverts.

    DVD sales for SGU are also VERY weak compared to SG1 AND SGA.

    Also its looking likely Sky1 in the UK wont bother with more SGU if a third season is made. Ratings were beyond dire for Season 2s premiere. From what ive been told anyway.

  44. Was it really inevitable to let Riley die in S02E02? There is this saying that you should always try to save one’s life regardless of his subsequent condition. I just had the feeling that they didn’t try hard enough to save him – they could 1. amputate his legs or 2. cut the metal piece with the plasma cutter and even cauterize the wounds with the plasma cutter. With a bit of luck he could have survived.

  45. G’day Joe

    @ asms – No Chris Judd on draft lists he is ALL mine.

  46. On Facebook, the Stargate Official Fanpage shows that

    “46,168 People Like This”… those are only the people who feel like signing up for Facebook. Behind that number, there are millions. Does anybody care?

  47. Hey joe! I am a huge SGU fan. I just wish I had watched the show when SG1 was on. I do watch them on reruns and on Netflix.
    I am doing my part to tryto spread the word for people to watch SGU.
    I also think the show got shafted by getting moved to tuesday nights.
    Any chance on it going back to Fridays after the season 2.0 break ?
    I am predicting your first uptick in rating this week (awakening) and the following week.
    I never got to see the same day +7 numbers.
    Do you have them ?
    Thank you.

  48. Hey, Joe.

    I few of questions.

    1. You said you lost one of your visual effects guys recently. Have you guy thought of bringing in Douglas Trumbull (the Blade Runner guy), at least as a consultant? It would be all kinds of awesome. The guy is very creative.

    Like I said, having him at least as a consultant would be very of awesome. At least discuss this with the others.

    2. As you probably already know, the numbers for the first two SGU season two eps on Syfy haven’t been good. 🙁 You stated SGU’s Canadian numbers for the second season premiere was up 16% over the season finale. That’s on SPACE, right? And as far as I’m aware, the show has been overall performing well in Canada, hasn’t it? Also, correct me if I’m wrong, SGU’s first-season premiere was the highest-rated or record-breaking single episode in Space’s history. And as it’s been mentioned, SGU is also doing very well in downloads and iTunes, with Intervention ranking in the top 10.

    The problem is, it doesn’t matter if the show is doing well everywhere else. How it performs on Syfy will be key for it getting renewed, especially in terms of viewers viewing ads. Like I said, the Syfy ratings for the first two s2 eps don’t really look too good. BUT… if the show doesn’t cost as much for Syfy, then that makes things a lot easier to work with, especially when Syfy makes a renewal or re-order decision. Obviously, CTVgm (SPACE’s owner) must be satisfied with SPACE’s numbers for SGU. Why not get them to co-sponsor SGU from season 3 onwards? It will allow MGM to lower Syfy’s price for season and episode orders and take some of the burden away from them, making Syfy’s decision for a positive renewal outcome much easier. In this case, as far as Syfy is concerned, the ratings won’t matter as much. This is especially key given press-releases of Syfy giving the greenlight to new series that could potentially be replacements.

    SGU on Tuesdays is not good. There’s just too much competition with broadcast networks.

    Why not get funding distribution to the point where that won’t matter for Syfy nor for MGM? Could you at least discuss this with the rest of the producers and with MGM, and with Syfy (way) before they make a decision on renewal?

    3. I know this is late, but as for comedies, have you tried Rat Race and Half-baked? Those are two of my favorites.

  49. Bailey: I am completely the opposite. I love men who are flawed because it is closer to reality than the romantic “do no wrong” type that really do not exist and then you go out and look for someone like that in the world and they do not exist. I find all the SGU men sexy for different reasons. I think there is a huge women fanbase out of here, but if they are just looking at people who have Nielsen boxes, then their viewership might be skewed there and not actually the people watching. I heard that said about BSG, too, that the demographic was heavily males. Maybe they should conduct a poll to find out who really is watching.

  50. On a SG related topic, unsure weather its been posted before, what is your reception to the Fandominum books series?
    A Report from gateworld suggests that they plan to continue SGA from where it left off from enemy at the gate. Have MGM signed off on this, or has Extinction been adapted for novel from your script if so, have you read this? If not dose it at all grind you that someone else is continuing your story? I have read a lot of the books published and do have enjoyed quite a few, do you guys have any say in the work produced, or do you consider them no cannon?

    Homecoming Book 1
    The first of a six book series set after the end of Stargate Atlantis’ final season, “Homecoming” sees Atlantis return to the Pegasus Galaxy. But the situation in Pegasus has changed. The Wraith are on the verge of unification under the new and powerful Queen Death. She stages a daring raid with one goal: the capture of the only man able to give their ships hyperdrive and lead them to Earth — Dr. Rodney McKay.

    “Stargate Atlantis: Legacy” is an exciting new book series from Fandemonium Books coming in 2010. As the fantastically successful “New Jedi Order Series” did for Star Wars, “Legacy” takes Stargate Atlantis fans on to uncharted new ground, exploring what happens next after the end of Season Five. With no reset to zero, the jeopardy for our favorite characters has never been greater as they face entirely new challenges and dangers, as well as old foes revitalized.

    Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Ronon and the rest must face Wraith, Genii, and their most dangerous foes yet in a galaxy-spanning adventure to uncover the true legacy of the Ancients — a battle from which all may not return.

    Book 2 The Lost
    Reeling from the terrible events of “Homecoming: Stargate Atlantis,” the team are doing whatever it takes to find their lost crew. Colonel Sheppard reopens tense negotiations with the Wraith, Todd, struggling to ensure that he remains Todd’s ally and not his hostage

    Was just curious? Got my copy of Masked this morning in the mail… Its now on my to read pile 😀 look forward to it!

    Have a good day/night.


  51. Did anyone notice that the avatar icons “do” things when you hover the mouse over them? When did that start?

  52. Hey Joe,

    Where to begin…I was excited to see you were planning on doing a mailbag. Then I started reading some of the comments and questions. How disappointing.

    First, I would like to address the rather rude questions from Feldt. I have been a Stargate fan since the move and have followed it through ever series and every night change. I always watch on the original air date as much as possible. I own every box set and movie and plan on buy SGU. Having said that I would like to say that people like that do not speak for all fans as they may feel they do. You know the saying, opinions are like a..holes everyone has one. But, please Feldt do not include me and the million others who watch in your opinion. And Feldt, if you include yourself as one of the million who watched Tuesday night, feel free to laugh at youself.

    I love SGU and I think it will be around for awhile so keep up the good work Joe and the rest of the crew. I know I don’t have to say this, but please don’t let someone like Feldt take the joy out of what you do, on the show and this blog.

    So, questions..

    1.) How is it Louis F. can be such a clown on set (always a huge grin in your photos) and so intense on camera? Other than good actor!

    2.) Will they be taking anything from the other ship next week? like a couple of shuttles.


  53. @Janet,
    How about, I have Chris Judd during the game – you can have him any other time!

  54. Joe

    I am glad Spyglass is over MGM. Maybe now they can save the Stargates and SGA Extinction.

  55. Joe I agree why didn’t you and the others when you saw SGA season 5 was pulling the ratings up fight for it. I agree if SGA had a decent ending and now with MGM appearantly in the hands of Spyglass Entertainment, hopefully they and SyFy will allow SGA EXtinction to be made and put on TV and DVD so SGA can end decently. The fans would be more open to SGU. I as one of the fans want to see you finish the pairing of Shepperd/Todd. I get the feeling that that is what was happening in the show and would like to see it finished as well as Beckett and Teyla paired.

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