I’m in Montreal for the long weekend, here to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving, attend a surprise party for a family member (if any family members happen to be reading this blog, I’m just kidding of course – ha ha – no, seriously, forget what you just read), and go to a friend’s wedding with.  Fun, fun, and FUN!  The flight over was unmemorable. Both the guy sitting to my right and the other guy sitting across the aisle to my left watched Knight and Day.  Everywhere I turned, it was Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz pretending to have chemistry.  A couple of rows up ahead, someone else was watching a documentary on The Door’s Jim Morrison.  Don’t know anything about him but, from what little I watched, it would appear he tended to fall down a lot more than your average rock star.

By the way, I managed to get a whole page and a half done on Gauntlet, bringing the total count to a whopping 12 pages!

Anyway, got in just in time for dinner…

Roast beef
Apple pie
A gift from sis.

Some mailbag:

Michael Jones writes: “Regarding the ratings. If the current trend continues, do you think SyFy will be willing to try a new night, away from the uber-crowded Tuesday night and the NCIS juggernaut that dwells within, or will they just drop the hammer?”

Answer: That would be a network decision.  Alas, I have no idea what they have planned.

Michael Jones also writes: “As far as storyline goes, I was wondering if there might be a Goa’uld in the Lucian Alliance mix.”

Answer: Definitely not.

Hans writes: “Can you tell us something about the meassures of the ship as it is seen in the series, hence length, height & width?”

Answer: Sorry, I don’t have any of the specific numbers on the size of the ship and its technical aspects.  This would be a question for our Production Designer James Robbins.

Hans also writes: “During the first episodes of Univers Chloe is wearing a dress and boots until she tested the Destinys shower in episode 4 (Darkness). After that she wears something like a training suite and sports shoes. But where did she get these cloths from?”

Answer: Chloe was hauling a couple of bags to her tour of the Icarus Base.  At least one of these made it through to Destiny.

KEK writes: “Assuming the season finale is a cliffhanger, do the producers have any plan as to what they might try to do to resolve the story if the series is cancelled?”

Answer: So pessimistic!  Gauntlet, episode 20, the script I’m working on will be a satisfying and surprising season finale.

JJ writes: “Any SG1/SGA movie update?”

Answer: Nope.

Michael writes: “1) Was that I.O.A. report Wray relayed to Young about a Lucian Alliance attack on Earth the basis for the story arc of the final episodes of the season?”

Answer: It will definitely figure in to several episodes later in the season.

Michael also writes: “2) Are those aliens that built that solar system, in an ascended form akin to the Ancients or are they still flesh and blood aliens?”

Answer: Stay tuned.

Michael also writes: “3) Considering the Ancients were explorers foremost, is Destiny’s true purpose related to helping them expedite their studies in a practical manner?”

Answer: Again, stay tuned.

PBMom writes: “Was the baby in Intervention a professional actor baby or actually Alaina’s baby. Too cute!”

Answer: Not Alaina’s baby.

DP writes: “Is Gauntlet a placeholder title or final?”

Answer: Final.

Jim writes: “Kiva felt like a letdown as a villain, especially since she was not brought back for S2. Was this always the plan for Kiva to die, or because Rhona Mitra moved on to other projects and couldn’t come back?”

Answer: The decision on Kiva’s fate was made at the end of season 1.

MyNameIsNada writes: “Can we expect any more development into the Dr. Park character?”

Answer: Yes, definitely.

Simon writes: “Will there be an SGU movie or two?”

Answer: My guess is yes.

Simon also writes: “Were you as shocked as I was when Rob killed off Riley?”

Answer: Not really.  The story was discussed in the room with the other writers so everyone knew.  Well, everyone except Carl who is very sensitive.  He found out when he watched the episode on Tuesday.  And cried.

felt writes: What do you have against [edit]? These are fans of SG1 and SGA. They respect the cast of both shows and love both shows. These are your vocal fans that will make their thoughts known.”

Answer: They may be respectful to the cast of the first two shows, but they’re incredibly disrespectful to the cast of SGU.  Their comments aren’t in the least constructive, merely spiteful and immature.  But hey, far be it for me to keep them from convening and complaining amongst each other ad nausem.  Freedom speech allows everyone the opportunity to speak their mind, regardless of how fringe their little group.

“Do you not realise sites like [edit] exist because of the extreme amount of censorship going on at Gateworld? You cant even express an opinion without worrying your post will get deleted.”

Answer: Awww, that’s terrible.  You should cancel your subscription.  Wait.  What?  There is no subscription?  It’s free?  Well, of course, it’s publicly owned.  In that case, you should write your congressman.  No, wait!  What?  Gateworld is privately owned.  Then the way I see it, when individuals such as yourself take advantage of the forums to post incendiary comments intended to provoke, the moderators have every right to tell you to get lost.

“The fanbase has spoken. SGU has failed. Why can you not accept this? You cant keep your head in the sand forever whilst the ratings go down the toilet.”

Answer: By that logic, Atlantis was a colossal failure as well.  Compare its numbers to the numbers SG-1 was doing in its tenth and final season.  I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but there has been a steady decline in t.v. viewership across the board while, not so coincidentally, DVR, internet, and download viewership continues to rise.

“SGA was pulling the numbers for renewal. Why didnt you.Paul. Carl and Gero fight for a new season. Whats with the blind following to BW?”

Answer: Why haven’t you stopped your government from raising taxes, you lazy good-for-nothing?  And why aren’t you doing more to help the homeless and feed the hungry in third world countries?  The fact that you have yet to donate all of your possessions to a worthy cause and dedicate your remaining days to helping spay and neuter the wild lemurs of Kohatz Mattat shows what a truly uncaring individual you are.  You should be ashamed of yourself.

“Are there any plans to return to the classic Stargate formula fans WANT?”

Answer: Actually, you mean the formula you and your friends want?  No.  SGU is a different show.  For what it’s worth, I’m still thinking positive thoughts about the SG-1 movie.

Zoomeister writes: “You said you lost one of your visual effects guys recently.”

Answer: Didn’t.

Zoomeister writes: “Why not get funding distribution to the point where that won’t matter for Syfy nor for MGM? Could you at least discuss this with the rest of the producers and with MGM, and with Syfy (way) before they make a decision on renewal?”

Answer: Let’s see how things play out before hitting the panic button.  We’re only two episodes in.

Paddy writes: “On a SG related topic, unsure weather its been posted before, what is your reception to the Fandominum books series?”

Answer: I have the utmost respect for writers of prose fiction and, while I’ve never read any of the published Stargate novels, I’ve heard very good things.  If the Atlantis movie doesn’t get made, I can’t think of a better way for the fans to continue enjoying the adventures of the Pegasus crew.

78 thoughts on “October 8, 2010: Travel Day! Mailbag!

  1. Thanks for the pictures of the food and the mailbag. Your snarky meter is high tonight. LOL Keeping the optimism here for SGU. Hope you have a good holiday with your family.

    Have a good night!

  2. Thanks again for all your posts.
    Loved your responses to Feldt!

    @Janet – if you didn’t read my reply to your comment in the last post.
    How about I have Chris Judd during the game you can have him any other time?

  3. The rib-eye made my mouth water…literally. And I had to go buy one. The Blair’s Death sauce rocks! I still have the little skull on my keychain. Out for a week, headed to Disney. Have fun fellow blog-readers!

  4. I received my SG:U Complete Season One in the mail today so I know what I am doing this weekend. Yeah that is right. I am rewatching SG:U S1. I LOVE this show.

  5. Sudden Death Sauce? Sounds a bit spicy.

    Too bad you didn’t give Eli a change of clothes like Chloe. That t-shirt of his must have its own legs by now. Couldn’t someone lend him some clothes? I’m sure the crew is glad that the showers are working now.

  6. If, and only if, SGU gets cancelled due to low ratings, how does it make any sense to make movies of that show and not the higher rated ones like SGA and SG1? If the DVD market is no good, I can’t see selling very many copies. And if it is a combo deal with Syfy for airing on the network, why would they want it? I hope you guys keep your jobs, because you have given us an incredible amount of terrific entertainment over the years, but I just don’t get it.

    Hopefully MGM will come out of the bankruptcy and greenlight both movies. Or do a combo SGA/SG1 – I am really getting nostalgic for those characters, especially on this No Sci-Fi Friday night.


  7. Joe,

    BRAVO!!! Your charming whit to reply to negative posters is remarkable. How or why have you had the sanity to continue with the blog? I am a long time read and a not so frequent commentor, and for the most part it is positive and respectful people commenting, there are many familiar names I recognize. But when you get someone who post so much negativity and undeservingn’t spite. I know it would not be far to the majority but seriously how much can you take. Everyday there is a “any update on the movies?” as if you wouldn’t post it your blog the first chance you get. I guess your a saint because it’s a miracle every time you indulge people like Feldt.

    I for one and very positive SGU will get a third and hopefully a fourth and fifth season. I think the season is only going to get better and can’t wait.

    If you could Joe, next time you do a mailbag…if you do a mailbag…could you please address my question from yesterdays blog concerning a certain actor? I think the work he is doing is amazing.

    Thanks Joe

  8. Dang laptops. I just read my post and realized I somehow cut out part of my question. My thumbs tend to touch the mouse pad as I type and somehow deletes where ever the cursor is. Anyway it should have said after undeserving spite is why do you continue to give the naysayers and rude “fans” opportunity to bring you down?

  9. ……………… riley……
    Nice answer on my question Mr mallozzi…
    next question… how dose one go about buying that script from you, one being me and someone/mgm receiving monies 🙂

  10. I find it really interesting that just because one group of people don’t like the format of SGU they think it should be canceled. I am a die-hard SG-1 and SGA fan and I LOVE that SGU is different. There is nothing worse than spin-offs that basically continue to re-hash material that has been dealt with ad-nauseum. Keep it up SGA folks! Don’t listen to the haters.

  11. Answer: I have the utmost respect for writers of prose fiction and, while I’ve never read any of the published Stargate novels, I’ve heard very good things. If the Atlantis movie doesn’t get made, I can’t think of a better way for the fans to continue enjoying the adventures of the Pegasus crew.

    If the movie doesen’t get made perhaps you could ask MGM if you could make Stargate Atlantis: Extinction into a book. Just an idea.

  12. I have the utmost respect for writers of prose fiction and, while I’ve never read any of the published Stargate novels, I’ve heard very good things. If the Atlantis movie doesn’t get made, I can’t think of a better way for the fans to continue enjoying the adventures of the Pegasus crew.

    You might want to rethink that response. Since you haven’t read any of the books, I guess you’re not aware that the Fandemonium books have been getting a lot of flack lately from fans on Gateworld and elsewhere for non-canonical stories and characterizations that are totally out of line with what you and your fellow producers and writers established on SGA.

    The new Legacy series in particular is, according to the authors, going to completely ignore what you’ve established for Teyla’s background and instead go with the idea that the Athosians are a tribe of free love nomads who don’t believe in marriage and sleep around with whoever they want. The authors have been pretty broadly hinting that they’re going to use this as a pretext to break up Teyla and Kanaan so they can hook up Teyla with Sheppard. They don’t even seem to care that it’s going to make Teyla look like a slut, which she is not, and make Sheppard look like a homewrecker, which he is not, and will probably result in traditional family man Joe Flanigan wanting to go after these authors with a chainsaw.

    And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Definitely not the sort of stuff most fans are interested in reading about. If Extinction doesn’t get made, we’d rather see the script get adapted into a novel of its own, or better yet, adapted by Big Finish as an audio drama so that the actors are no longer left out of the process.

  13. Whoop, whoop! Snark-o-meter is in full schwing! The food looks delicious. Happy Thanksgiving and have a great time with family and friends this weekend.


    I just wanted to say how much I loved the honesty in the writing in Aftermath, especially the scenes between TJ and Riley. It was refreshing not to hear dialogue lines like, “Hey, don’t talk like that, you are going to make it” that we normally hear. Thanks Mr. Cooper!

  15. Joe, I enjoy your Q&A mailbags but one aspect that it’d be nice to see little of, or none at all, would be responses to imbeciles like that “felt” person.

    Sure, you have awesome responses to their inane nagging, though personally I don’t think they’re even worth the time.

    And yet, here I am wasting my time on the subject. My point, it’d be nice to see Q&A mailbags that don’t have any responses to “haters” or whatever they are called. Responses to people who have negative remarks but offer them in a constructive fashion, sure. But the all-out-“haters” who are an absolute lost cause? Nope.

    They’re just not worth it.

    They’re a minority who is loud and obnoxious, just enough that they delude themselves into thinking that there are more of them.

    I have no idea what word that person typed where you inserted [edit], nor do I care, though perhaps a more appropriate response for you to give them would be to replace their entire comment with one big fat [EDIT], leaving out their entire message.

    Regarding the recent two episodes’ viewing ratings, I am hoping that the network/studio or whoever is responsible for the renewing of SGU will take those into account as what is most likely a result of the move to Tuesdays (personally, I think that’s a mistake on behalf of Syfy or whoever did that) and of course as a result of what seems like the majority of viewers these days downloading the shows for viewing. And that requires a poll system as well, so it can more accurately provide results of how many people are actually viewing the shows.

    And that “felt” person asked what’s with the “blind following” to Brad, seriously? Is “felt” blind? How could they even have the slightest idea of what goes on in the studio, the offices, the producers/writers meetings, and such? They don’t. It’s that simple. They are literally blinded to the reality of their own accusation pertaining to Brad and the rest of the SG crew. Best to just turn a blind eye to a person like “felt”.

    Basically, it’d be nice if your mailbags turned a blind eye to the nutcases like that person in general. Better to just not encourage them and to simply ignore them entirely. At least you put in some very appropriate responses to the nonsense those little brats.

    Then they go off pissing their pants about what “classic Stargate formula fans ‘want'”… seriously, that person is blind. Sure, there are viewers who like just one show, or two, and don’t like all three, though for someone like “felt” to speak with such an over-generalization as to assume that Stargate viewers/fans – as if all of them – want that classic formula? That is ridiculous. Not even worth responding to in Q&A. You pointed out the fact that it’s a small group, that person and their friends, though, either way, really, those idiots are not worth the time.

    They are not worth it.

    Well, anyway, here’s hoping your next mailbag has zero responses to those half-wits.


  16. Joe:
    1st : In your opinion what kind of numbers do you think the show SGU will need to get a 3rd season ? And about what time do you think they are going to make it ?

    2nd: Also, I think that if SGU gets cancelled you guys involved with Stargate should do everything you can to either sell the show to a different network and possibly Studio.
    Is this even possible ?
    I would hate to see Stargate die. It needs to go on as long as possible .. Kind of like the Star Trek franchise.

    3rd: Do you think there will ever be another Stargate film that will make it to the theatres ? Has the idea ever been tossed around ?


  17. The funny thing about the folks over at the forum that shall not be named, is how they seem to have such a narrow idea of what can and cannot be considered science fiction. E.g. no techno-babble or space fights = not science fiction, and so by their standards something like Children of Men is a shit science fiction film and just a stupid drama.

    With all the financial issues plaguing MGM, hopefully SGU can keep going for a few more years, it’s a good show and probably the best looking of the Stargate shows.

  18. Oh wow, that roast beef looks so very tasty! And I do so enjoy a good apple pie. I’m quite affronted you did not invite me to dinner. Shame on you. I got all gussied up and everything.

  19. Joe I might add that there are alot of people that are still on the fence about SGU. Heck I think alot of people from “that other site” could be won back if some changes are made.(Finding out the Destinys Mission and the crew working together more instead of tearing each other down…and having more action…changes like that.) For example the guy that created, “that other site” actually liked last weeks episode, “Aftermath.” My point is that dissing them is not going to win them back. And if those types of changes have been made already maybe you should tell us so that more people might get interested and watch it.

    PS- The fanbase is split…we should be trying to bring it together.
    Again just trying to help.

  20. > Hans writes: “Can you tell us something about the
    > meassures of the ship as it is seen in the series, hence
    > length, height & width?”
    > Answer: Sorry, I don’t have any of the specific numbers on
    > the size of the ship and its technical aspects. This would be
    > a question for our Production Designer James Robbins.

    … but he woudn’t answer them, would he?
    Anyway thank’s for answering some of my questions, and a happy Thanksgiving.

  21. Most people keep their heads in the sand until they end up in therapy 😀

  22. Hmph to everyone being rude about SGU 😛 I’m one of the downloaders (don’t have full cable) – I catch it on Hulu. Love it.

    Additionally, the gritty nature of SGU brought my husband back into the Stargate fold 🙂 He introduced me to SG1, but didn’t really get into SGA, but actually has been watching SGU with me and really enjoying it.

    But then, we love gritty 😀

  23. Back to reading the blog after a few days hiatus in Canada.

    I caught the bit on Tuesday about the episode being potentially controversially. I can see why.

    At the half hour mark I knew Riley was going to be dead, which was pretty much confirmed 4-5 mins after I thought of it. Not shocked at all by the way Young helped him, and the slight humour concerning Young’s gun was well placed I thought.

    I guess the shuttle seeing the bridge section opened up is pretty much solved by the shuttle not existing anymore,lol.

    I have a prediction that the seeding ship it meets next week is going to lead to Destiny being fixed up a bit. It’s a construction type ship after all, maybe with more of those robots we saw earlier. Closest thing to a drydock in space maybe. Would be cool if it had a spare shuttle, but since they are unmanned i’m guessing no.

    I was partially surprised to see several of the LA members being marooned. Were they sent to the planet the shuttle crashed on?


  24. Happy Thanksgiving.

    What evil deeds are being repaid with that sauce Joe? You should let your mom and sis have a guest blog! 🙂 Better than any author!

    I agree, those morons are not worth wasting space on. I loved SG1&A, still do. But SGU is another show and I love it too. To me, it is more mature, more mature writing, more mature themes. But like it or not, the utter fixation of those folks is scary. Stop feeding the trolls, Joe.

  25. “The fanbase has spoken. SGU has failed. Why can you not accept this?”

    Uhhhh….’cause it hasn’t?

    I am a loyal SG-1 Fan who also really enjoys SGA and SGU. I know, ridiculous, right? I am clearly inbalanced and likely a loose cannon.

    I loved SG-1, and was devastated when it was cancelled. And, in all honesty, I only ever started watching Atlantis because of this blog – frankly, I wasn’t crazy about it in the beginning. It wasn’t long though, before all the blog chatter got to me and I had to give it a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chance, was was hooked. Still loved SG-1, but also found that I really enjoyed Atlantis. Differently.

    And, yes, SGU is a wild departure from what we’re used to, but it is also a fantastic show. In a much different way. It isn’t SG-1 or SGA – and it’s awesome. I also like TNG, Voyager and Deadliest Catch…which are also not SG-1. In fact there are quite a few shows out there I quite enjoy that are not Stargate related in anyway. I’m just saying…

    I know of at least 1 person who loves SGU who would never give the other 2 the time of day. And that is just fine. It’s all good 🙂

    At the risk of sounding snarky: Felt & friends – Get over it. If you don’t like SGU, don’t watch it! But for crying out loud, quit your pissing and moaning and move on. Being obnoxious about a TELEVISION SHOW doesn’t make you a better or happier person. Life is too short to be that unhappy about TELEVISION.

    Sorry – that rant has been stewing for awhile.


    1. Thank you to TPTB who made Rodney Canadian. Made me love his character just that much more 😉

    2. I will do a snoopy dance the day the 2 movies move into production. *squeezes eyes shut and thinks positive thoughts*

  26. Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Mallozzi!!! Your responses made me laugh on a day that I really needed it. Enjoy the good looking food.

    I just read an interview with Haig Sutherland (Sgt. Riley) and Curt Wagner. I hope that even though Riley is gone you all will still find a way to inject humor into the show. Anyways, I thought it was an interesting interview. If anyone’s interested:


    Yes, I put my name and e-mail in the appropriate places this time!!!


  27. So according to this article:
    MGM’s bankruptcy could cause the creation of several new series, most notably Robocop. What does this mean for SGU? It would seem like they would want to keep a show that already has sets and where you have an idea of the costs involved instead of creating brand new series that would cost much more than SGU. Don’t know how this relates to the Sci-Fi channel. Are they the ones that make the final decision on cancellation/renewal or does the studio have any input?

  28. 1. Geez, Joe – educate yourself! Morrison was one of the greats! Screwed up – yes, but you can’t beat his voice or his songs. I’ve even visited his grave in Paris. (Back when I used to fly…like, before I learned to drive.)

    2. Geez, Joe – I asked you to ask Akemi about eating sushi with ‘sticks or fingers. ONE little thing, Joey, and you let me down. 🙁

    3. Geez, Joe – seems I have a reputation. Remember back when I was defending the Wraith and their right to feed, and you called me Todd?? Well, tonight I was defending spiders on the Benbo, and someone replied to me: “You sound curiously like a spider that has taken human form to deceive us…” 😈


  29. PS:

    4. Geez, Joe – I also asked you about The Passage, and nada. I’ma gonna stop askin’ you stuff from now on, ya big meanie. *pouts*



    *peeks out*

    Is it working?? 😀


  30. Questions:

    1 Was that the last shuttle on destiny that the crew was aware of (aside from the blue-alien one)?

    2. As a writer, when you guys decide to destroy rare resources for dramatic effect, do you play out the long term effect, or is that something that you worry about later, when a future episode’s story presents a need for something?

    3. In aftermath, did they ever have time to bring back any food from the planet?

    BTW I have to disagree with the SGU haters. I like this series much better than the previous SG-1 and SGA (and I own both of them). I love the focus on character development and the long story arcs. Not to mention that the setting is incredibly interesting, and the cinematography and VFX are practically characters in and of themselves.. I certainly hope this series continues.

  31. Joe,

    I love SGU and it’s quickly becoming my favorite of the three series. I enjoy the fact that the show tends to take itself more seriously than the others and stand indepent of the others. SGA felt like a carbon copy of SG1, while SGU is something entirely new.

    What I don’t understand are these fans that watch SGU, come to your blog and bag on it. If they don’t like it, why are they watching it?

    I must agree with the commenter above that I would prefer to see less acknowledgement on your part of the fans who don’t enjoy the show. I know that you’re aware that these people exist, but from day one, before you were on the air you were defending yourselves to these people. STOP! You don’t need to do this. They represent a very small portion of the fan base and are watching the show anyways. When you acknowledge them, you’re throwing fuel on a smuldering fire. It’s all water under the bridge.

    SGU is an excelent show and IMO exceeds and is an improvement upon the work you all did on Atlantis. It’s a quality piece of entertainment week after week.

    Let me ask you this: Do you have any feed back or input from the network on why SyFy has moved Stargate to the fall/winter schedule it’s been on, rather than airing it in the broadcast off season like SG1, Eureka and Warehouse 13? As summer series, these shows seem to do well when there is less competition. I really can’t see SyFy abandoning Stargate as it’s been the flagship series for the network for nearly a decade. What’s the story or you understanding of the networks expectations for performance in the fall? I see it as a compliment that the networks think you can go head to head with the broadcast networks in the fall and I would imagine that the ratings are in line with their expectations given the competition.

  32. If the Atlantis movie doesn’t get made, I can’t think of a better way for the fans to continue enjoying the adventures of the Pegasus crew.

    If such a thing happened, is there any chance one of you actual SG writers would write a novelization of the story (or any other SG stories in lieu of movies)? I know there are several Star Trek novels written by people involved with making the shows. It would be really cool to get some like that for Stargate. Joss Whedon used comic books to continue the stories of Buffy and Angel. The fans love the world and the characters; we’d love to get some ‘canon’ stories even in book form if we can’t have them on TV.

  33. Hi Joe

    Blimey, are people still going on about the cancellation of SG:A ?

    I was disappointed myself and thought a final 6th season would have been just perfect, but hey, you got to move on !

    I am not a huge fan of SG:U but I hope it keeps going personally , some series take time to grow on you.

    I remember that DS:9 was distinctly average for 2 or 3 odd seasons , and I stopped watching. Then the the Dominion came along and the through plot went crazy for 4 seasons and it turned into my favourite show

    So keep going and I hope things get renewed and everything 🙂


  34. Welcome back to Montreal Mr M

    As I have posted previously, the Stargate franchise’s future direction is going to be with the new MGM management from Spyglass Entertainment. We will have some news at the end of the month.

  35. In regards to the comments made by ‘felt’, can i respond by saying THE FANS HAVE NOT SPOKEN! I have watched SG1 SGA and now SGU and i am and always will be an avid fan. Its people like this who are indeed making it harder for ‘them’ to get their ‘OLD STYLE’ of tv show on! Keep up the good work Joe! Send my regard to the cast and crew! They are wonderful and make my week every friday night here in Australia.

  36. @das: Try holding your breath until you turn blue. Then Joe will think you are one of those blue aliens and treat you well. At least that’s my theory. And I’ll not stick to it for cold hard cash.

    @Joe: Cliff Simon fans think that Ba’al should pay a visit to the Destiny. Would you write him in for season 3?

    Would you continue writing this blog if SGU gets cancelled?

    Happy Thanksgiving, Joe.


  37. Hey i really dont get this anti SG-U crowd, SG-U is more real and down to earth than both SG-1 an SGA, sure there are things that everybody will not like but does everybody like everything i do? NOOO!!! nobodies forcing you numpties to watch it lol SG-U is GREAT so SShhsshh

  38. Loved you answers to certain questions detaling how you should go back to old formula because that is what the fanbase wants. Muhahaha, I say, very LOUD muhahaha, I have been member of this fanbase for a very long time now, actually, I’m so old, that I saw the original film in the movies when it first came out and I love the franchise to pieces!!!! And funny or not, tough I have always been an avid SGA fan, when I first set eyes on SGU S1E1, I knew I’m stuck, I knew that soon I’ll be in love with all of it and so it happened. So when little s**t like a number of certain hysterical fanboys go into total moron mode and criticize the show for not being the same as SG1 and SGA, I facepalm and hit the keyboard. So interesting that most of them still watch the show, no matter how lowly the think about it. Let me ask, why? If I don’t find something pleasurable enough, I usually leave it at that, don’t waste time and find some other things to do or to watch. Puh-leeez, geez, stop the bad propaganda, boys, start to rewatch SG1 and SGA and let others enjoy the fun. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist but I somehow feel that the vehemence with these so called SG fanbase members throw themselves into bad-mouthing is what does the worst to the show. Phew, that has been aging in me for a while, I guess.
    Joe, you are on the right path, many of the fans love the show, I enjoy it immensely. and nice set of cookery, especially the apple pie that looks very-very promising, happy Thanksgiving 🙂

  39. Please save SGU! Many persons like this series! Continue your very good work, have a season 3 that shall be already good.

  40. Hey there,

    just wanted to say that SGU is awesome. Actually, it’s the best SF series ever.

    There will always be those who doesn’t like it when things change… Then there are those who love that. They have SG-1 and SGA.

    SGU is beautiful. It has human feelings with it.

    Thank you.

  41. Joe I hope The ATlantis movie gets made. I thought it was being made, I saw on yutube trailers of it. I am one of the fans that want to see the Shepperd/Todd pairing, not read it in a book. Also I wish you would have Joe Flanigan as Shepperd on SGA some. I would start watching SGU then.

  42. I like Stargate and when Extinction is put on and comes out on DVD when SyFy and MGM let it, I will become a fan of SGU. I am one of the fans who want to see a Shepperd/Todd pairing. I saw on yutube the trailers for Extinction and SGU. SGU looks interesting, but we the fans want the pairing of Shepperd/Todd completed as well.

  43. G’day Joe

    That food looks delicious. Love roast beef, my Mum makes the best. Apple pie is my fav dessert.

    @ asms
    Ahh NO!!!!!!!
    Brownlow winner and a hottie.
    ALL mine!! Well except the bits that belong to his missus.

  44. Hi Jo.
    With some people seeming to run the show down alot lately. I thought you could do with a good comment. Personally i like what you’ve done with SGU. And am looking forward every week to the next episode. As its my birthday today i thought i’d try and get a mention form your good self 🙂

    Keep up the good work


  45. There is a lot of negative talk about the show out there but speaking for myself I love the show and I look forward to it every week.

    Thankyou for providing such an amazing show!!

  46. Happy Thanksgiving, Joe.

    Last night ep was just heart wrenching. I had tears rolling down my face all through that scene between Riley and Young. With the gap between the US and Canadian airing, it can be hard sometimes to be spoiler free but I totally didn’t see that coming.

    Seeing Franklin again was a nice surprise. My first thought was he is looking must better as ghost. ; )
    There is a lot of speculation about what these apparitions (Franklin & Rush’s Wife) are but I hope it is all in Rush’s Head. With the stress of the situation I wouldn’t be surprise by a little hallucination/breakdown here and there.

  47. Ok, where are the recipes that go with the pictures?! 😀

    Have a great visit!

  48. Gosh I hate it when this happens… I meant to post in today’s blog, not 2 days ago…

    In answer to Felt et al,

    My opinion is that Eureka and Warehouse 13 can be considered shows of the paranormal, based on earth.

    – two differing fan bases
    – two differing genres

    All Stargates (SGU included) are straight Science Fiction, based primarily in space – although SG1 had an earth base (based on truth) and was portrayed in current time….and that might explain the higher numbers.

    And neither genres should be compared with the other as far as numbers are concerned

  49. Hello joseph,

    I asked a question, the millions of loyal fans worldwide who love the Stargate franchise will possibly lose their show because of a small minority of Americans who do not watch the series live.
    This is the bussinness I know, but we could not consider a distribution of the series with international funds?
    I understand that Syfy decides to cancel the series where a hearing is very low but I find it really unfortunate that the other fans around the world are suffering …

    Otherwise when I read your rubriquent on the food makes me hungry lol.

    See ya!

  50. First, a complaint. Now I have to go to the store and acquire a large hunk of meat and cook it because my wife came in, saw the picture and remarked that would be good for dinner…

    Second, wow, so much love in those comments you posted. I started watching SG-1 way back when, picked up on SGA when it came around, started watching SGU when it started. Each show has strengths, weaknesses. Each is different from the other. And I like all three.

    On the plus side, people are passionate. Which is a good thing, overall.

  51. Hi!
    Long time watcher of SG-1 and SGA I have to say that I welcomed the change in formula in SGU.

    I personally feel that SGU is, right now, the best Science-fiction offering on TV (closely followed by Fringe but who cares ^^).

    Still don’t you feel that all those talks about ratings lack a bit of background? The million, or so, viewers might not be that bad of a performance when compared to SyFy usual numbers on tuesdays.

    One question though : when exactly should the decision to pursue the series be made ? Since you’re writing the season 2 final episode it shouldn’t be long?

  52. dasNdanger – well, you’d have to agree that the guy did fall down a lot 🙂

    Being in Canada, I just got to watch Aftermath last night and I guess I must be a softie like Carl because I cried too…damn 🙁

    Your responses 🙂
    Yes, THOSE responses – tickled me immensely
    That is all.

  53. Julie- So you refuse to rent your eyeballs to the producers’s new show until they do what you want. Sigh. Extortion isn’t going to result in an SG1 or SGA movie. Refusing to sample SGU is only hurting the chances of the movie you want ever being made. And it’s hurting you, too, because SGU happens to be one of the best one-hour dramas ever created for television.

    SGU isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but the irrational hatred and refusal to consider the show as an independent entity and judge it on its own merits is just… well, it’s irrational.

    Are you really a Sheppard/Todd shipper? Ew… I mean, I know that there’s some slash out there in the naughtier corners of the interwebs, but… ew.

  54. “Are there any plans to return to the classic Stargate formula fans WANT?”
    Answer: Actually, you mean the formula you and your friends want? No. SGU is a different show. For what it’s worth, I’m still thinking positive thoughts about the SG-1 movie.


    In light of the diminishing ratings for SGU, why do you keep insisting that that the fans who don’t appreciate and watch SGU are an insignificant, ignorant, dumb, juvenile fringe minority??? When in fact that “fringe juvenile minority” has supported SG-1 and SGA and made those shows a success?

    Also, I don’t understand your blaming low SGU ratings on DVRs and downloads – other shows, such as Chuck, Castle, House M.D. (all in seasons 3 or beyond) have very high and respectable ratings without having to compensate for these new technologies “diminishing” numbers of their live viewers.

  55. Someone here wrote: “You should let your mom and sis have a guest blog! Better than any author!”

    I respectfully, OBJECT.

    While a Q&A with your mother and sister have been on your readers ‘wish list’ for a long time, it would not trump any or all the other fantastic individuals, from various backgrounds, you have had here before. All the people you have asked and who have agreed to endure our many questions, from the actors, writers, producers, authors, crew men and crew women are unique and fascinating in their own right. Your mom and sister would just be another example of how privileged we are to have these frequent and special Q&A’s.

    I love the author Q&A’s. I love the actor Q&A’s. Etc, etc. I love ALL the Q&A’s. They are all distinct. What a treat!

    …Now, about that Q&A with your mom and sister… Perhaps when you go back home at Christmas and have more time, you could make that happen. You could ask your mom the questions and type the answers for her. Sounds pretty easy…

    Thank you Joe! Enjoy your time home. (and think about it)

  56. So, can you still breathe after trying the sauce? Or did you feel like you were about to experience sudden death?

    The food looks yummy. Was it cooked by Mom? Why wasn’t I invited? How is Mom? You haven’t had an update on her in a while.

    Only one thing Joe, Thanksgiving isn’t for several more weeks! 😉

    I enjoy your responses to the SGU-theists; but I’m not sure they have the capability to understand exactly what you are saying to them. Seems like it’s always the loudest, most stringent, and obnoxious representing the minority.

    Echoing someone else, Don’t feed the trolls. You’ll just get bitten.
    I got bitten badly by our new kitten. He freaked out about a dog barking while I was holding him.

    We are having much joy in Mudville at the moment. My older one has mono. And she is very miffed at you guys for killing off Riley. Except for that, we have loved the new season. Oh, and the Rangers could sweep Tampa Bay today! So get out the brooms!

    IMO, the majority of fans like all versions of Stargate. There may be one series we like best, but like different flavors of ice cream, it doesn’t mean we hate the others.

    The ratings system in the US is outdated, convoluted and depends on a minority of the viewing audience, yet the industry is so entrenched in tradition that it is still the litmus test for what shows survive.

    I am trying to be optimistic about MGM’s new ownership.

  57. SGU has been evolving and the mythology has been expanding, and the complainers have missed out on watching SGU find its legs and take off.

    Bullying the cast and crew is just creepy. The haters seem to think they have a “point” to make, but their one true point is spewing bile, and nothing will appease them outside of serious psychotherapy.

    Seriously, aren’t the haters curious about why they are so obsessed with hating a show that no one is making them watch?

    The internet has created a culture of anonymous foaming at the mouth online and lets haters go bonkers over the most trivial things.

  58. P.S. What I wouldn’t give to be able to make a decent pie crust! That apple pie looks sooo tasty! I have not seen Knight and Day, not feeling it. I’m watching “The Secret In Their Eyes” this weekend, cool foreign flick. I’m also watching “IRIS”, which is the S. Korean action spy drama; spies falling in love, being betrayed by their country, betraying their country; there is a gunfight where one guy is dangling off the side of a dam with a rescued girl whilst shooting at the villain and running (yes running) while hanging off this dam by an improvised bungee cord–too darn cool!

  59. I should think it’s a little early for people to decide that SGU is done. A move to a new night is always cause for disruption. Casual fans need time to “find” the new night on their schedules and then the ratings will more than likely be back where they were.

    I confess I’m not a regular watcher…but I did pick up that the show had moved.

    My best wishes for success on the new night and season.

  60. Hi Joe has Atlantis been issued its own set of Communication Stones and if so will Woolsey and McKay use them originating at Atlantis or will they go to the Pentagon and use the stones there to visit Destiny?

  61. Just wanted to say that I’ve loved the first two episodes of SGU this season, and am really looking forward to more.


    I can’t wait until Young confronts Rush about keeping the bridge to himself – that is going to be epic. I just hope Young can keep from coming completely unglued in the meantime. Rush, too. Destiny isn’t exactly the best place for one’s mental health these days, is it?

    **end spoilers**

  62. @John M. Hammer
    “Refusing to sample SGU is only hurting the chances of the movie you want ever being made. ”

    Or is just FUD trying to avoid cancelation.

    “Seriously, aren’t the haters curious about why they are so obsessed with hating a show that no one is making them watch? ”

    I don’t think its the so much the show anymore, but people like you who attack them whilst you are busy putting them down for attacking others.

    “If you don’t like SGU, don’t watch it! But for crying out loud, quit your pissing and moaning and move on. ”

    The ratings would suggest they are doing that.

  63. I have been reading your blog on and off for several years now, and have never felt compelled to write before.

    I thought the first season could have been a little stronger, however I think the second season is much improved over last. In terms of direction, production quality and story. (No, I won’ tell you what business I am in << small joke).

    Keep up the good work. The Network will do what they will do…

  64. I’m really tired of the people who are still so petty and cynical about SGU. I’ll admit that I was upset that SGA was canceled and then the immediate announcement about SGU, so I understand where the feelings come from. However, I got over it and moved on.

    In the end, it’s a tv show that was canceled by the network/studio, not the people who were making it. Being mad at the people who worked long hours to make the show you loved makes no sense. Instead, be happy you got so many seasons of something you loved (unlike other shows I really enjoyed that got canceled after a season or two).

    I’ve been watching SGU since the beginning, and now I really like it. It’s been getting better and better. Please continue the good work and I hope you’ve let the staff/cast know that not all of us on the internet are idiots/douchebags/etc!

  65. *runs in and huggles Joe*

    Awesome, awesome snark. I love you, you know that. Yes, yes, I do… in ah, uh, purely You’re-my-kind-of-TV-God kind of way. Sort of. Hubby is sitting here giving me odd looks so I better say that.

    Seriously, everything you said right there in response to those naysayers (to be polite about it) yes! It”s a pity it’s wasted on those who ought to take heed the most. There’s a saying “Don’t Feed The Trolls” but oh how I love it when you do.

    Anyway, I just wanted to de-lurk and say keep on doing awesome things, both here on your blog and in your office… no no, not *that*.. I meant the stuff you do behind the desk… as in… writing… ah, uh, never mind.

    And, I also have to thank you because this blog update has inspired me to actually make some artwork this week. If it’s any good, I might even send it to you.

    *retreats slowly backwards to return to lurkdom*

  66. Sorry about all the negativity Joe… Kudos for keeping the blog going despite some of these people.. I kind of thing in a way their opinions are justified.. I mean I think that if you guys would’ve tied up all the loose ends with Atlantis instead of just leaving us hanging and jumping to a new show a lot of the “haters” wouldn’t be hating..

    Although that’s not to say I don’t like SGU because I really do! Lol.. I think that it is a lot different then the shows before it it is still very good.. And I’d just like to say thanks for staying with the idea of the Ancients because they really did make Atlantis a spectacular show…

    While I do miss Atlantis and wish it would come back, it’s never going to happen.. So all we can do now is watch this new BA show and wait for the movies.. I don’t really see why people can’t just look at this new show and go “Well it may not be as good as Atlantis, but it’s still a Stargate so why not just give it a chance.. And plus it’s a new show, it needs time”

    I guess what I’m trying to say is sorry for all the rude people out there.. Especially since your getting the third degree when you didn’t really have an influence over what happened…

    Have a good Thanksgiving 😀 And thanks for continuing this blog despite all the negativity.

    Your friend, Nate 🙂

  67. Not that I particularly want to wade into this again, but . . .

    I watched the original StarGate movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader in the theater. I admit that the main reason I went to see the movie was because Kurt Russell was one of the actors. I’ve loved him as an actor since way back in his Dexter Riley days, and I will still watch a movie today just for the fact that he’s in it. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie, so, when SG1 began, I checked it out.

    I liked SG1, but it took some time to really get into the series, and if I missed an episode, I wasn’t too concerned. I actually missed most of Season 7 and the first half of Season 8 without even really realizing it. I have picked them up on DVD, though, and, wow, I sure did miss a lot.

    When SGA began, I watched it, also. I wasn’t really sure about it to begin with, and it took me a while to warm up to it and the characters. One of the things I do recall from SGAs debut was all of the complaints about it not being SG1 and that it should be cancelled so that the focus could be on SG1 instead of the new baby. During SGAs run, there were also vociferous complaints about “recycled” storylines; how this episode or that episode was a rip off of and/or a cheap remake of some SG1 episode and that SG1 did it better. There were also complaints made about the actors themselves: how so-and-so couldn’t act, or whatever.

    During SGAs run, Friday nights on Space became a “don’t bug me, don’t call me, don’t ask me to go out” time because I refused to miss a first run airing of SGA. It was the one show that I did this for. Any other show, I would happily record and watch later without any qualms, but not SGA.

    I loved SGA and was very disappointed at its cancellation, but that’s the reality of TV – good shows get cancelled for what may seem unfathomable reasons, yet some absolute dreck somehow manages to stay on the air.

    In the wake of SGAs cancellation, we now have SGU. As Joe M. has stated before, the announcement of SGAs cancellation and the green light for SGU could have used some better timing in relation to each other, which may have helped in creating a separation between the two instead of seeming to link one to the other, and which a fair number of SGA fans seemed to have seized on as justification for their hatred of SGU.

    Again, I watched SGU from its debut episode. The difference was that I immediately fell in love with the show and its characters – admittedly some more than others, but, then, everyone has their favorites in any show.

    As with SGA, I refuse to miss a first run airing of SGU unless it is absolutely unavoidable, as happened with Sabotage. I was really ticked at Space for the week’s delay in airing that episode (May 28), because as originally scheduled (May 21) I wouldn’t have missed it on the first run. Instead I had to pick it up on YouTube.

    I recorded and have watched each episode of SGU three, sometimes four times, and each time I find some little nuance that I missed on a previous viewing. The nuances are something that I didn’t really experience with either SG1 or SGA as they were simpler, more straightforward shows. SGU has many layers to it – a casual viewer can enjoy each episode simply for what it shows on the surface, while a more avid viewer can find the depths contained within the episodes. And it’s always nice to find some little tidbit that pays off in a later episode.

    SGU is most definitely not either SG1 or SGA; it is more complex in its characterization and its storytelling, yet we still get the “that episode is simply a rip off of [insert show here].” In particular, there are numerous references to SGU simply being a rip off of BSG. I disagree. While they have similarities style-wise, they are not telling the same story, nor are they doing it in the same way.

    Again, we also have complaints being made about the actors themselves: so-and-so can’t act, or what have you. Deja vu, anyone?

    Maybe SGU doesn’t have the same rabid fanbase as SG1 or SGA, but those shows had years to develop that fanbase. Yet I can’t help but think that’s a good thing. It allows for broader-minded acceptance of differing opinions and some actually constructive dialogue to take place.

    SG1 and SGA took time to come into their own; for the characters to develop and to become the “people” we are familiar with; for their respective “universes” to come alive. Watching a first season episode of either show and comparing it to a later season episode makes the growth in the characters and stories more evident. Yet it seems a number of people would like SGU to be denied that same opportunity to grow simply because it’s not a new incarnation of either of its predecessors but has vastly different characters, storylines, and style.

    SG1 and SGA were both shows that exemplified “good v. evil.” Each show had the “good guys” versus the “bad guys”; although SGA entered a bit of a gray area with the Wraith since the Wraith were “bad guys” in the sense that they “ate” people, yet that was their very nature. Because it’s in the nature of a scorpion to sting or a rattlesnake to strike, does that make them inherently evil?

    SGU has taken the gray area exemplified by the Wraith and applied it directly to the human characters in the series itself. There are no angels on board Destiny.

    Rush is a manipulative little bastard. Yet he makes the hard decisions no one else will make, and those decisions eat at him when he’s alone; he has no confidante to express his own hurt and frustration to. Instead he has to deal with it on his own, which, perhaps, may be starting to manifest itself in the appearances of Gloria and Franklin. He also seems to be content to be blamed for pretty much everything, whether he was responsible or not. He provides the outlet for the other people on board to vent their frustrations and anger by standing in as the target.

    Young, who is supposed to be the heroic commander in charge of the people on the ship, tried to kill Rush in cold blood. He then tried to kill him again by attacking the “Space” aliens’ ship without telling anyone that Rush was on board. They only knew Chloe was on board, and if the ship had, in fact, been destroyed, I seriously doubt anyone would have found out about Rush’s presence. Young also attacked Telford for striking up a relationship with Emily, despite Young being the one that betrayed Emily by having an affair with TJ. Then there’s his spying on the other people on board, and his coopting of Eli’s services to assist him.

    TJ, on the other hand, tries to save everyone but can’t and it hurts her when she fails; she’s no Leonard McCoy who could save anyone (unless they were wearing a red shirt) from the most dire of injuries. But she also had an affair with Young, knowing that he was married. She also tried to leave Icarus without telling him that she was pregnant and that he was the father.

    Wray follows her own agenda. She tries to insinuate herself into being in charge, while advocating the IOA line. Most importantly, though, she wants to go home; perhaps moreso than anyone else on board, and she will strive to attain that goal using whatever means she deems necessary and expedient.

    Then we have Eli. The slacker. However, when push comes to shove, he can do the job. If there’s a problem, though, he tries to deflect the blame from himself: “It’s not my fault.” and “You should have thought of that before you got rid of Rush.” and the ever popular “Rush dialed the ninth chevron.” He also fails to maintain confidences. He betrayed Rush’s confidence by telling Young about the tracking device; though, really, he had to do that. He also betrayed Chloe’s confidence about the tick. He helps Young in his spying on people, particularly Rush. But he resents it when they then fail to trust him.

    Also, to say that the “fanbase” has spoken and that SGU should be cancelled as a result does the entire “fanbase” a disservice. Such a broad statement lumps every SG fan into the same category, which, quite clearly, they are not. A fan of one show may dislike both of the other versions, like one of the other versions and dislike the other, or like all three versions, yet regardless of the show(s) liked, such a fan is a part of the “fanbase” and that means that not all SG fans want SGU cancelled since the people that like SGU are also a part of the “fanbase.”

    I’m 49. I grew up in the 60s and 70s. Much different times than the times we live in today. Do I want to return to those decades? No. Why not since the world has changed, become darker, more dangerous, and more complex? Those years were simpler, but the world is more interesting for the changes that have taken place. We are reaching for the stars and discovering more about “what is out there” than ever before, as well as what’s here on our own planet, which, to me, makes the current times more enjoyable. Growth and diversity are necessary.

  68. Hi Joe:

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it’s a great one.

    I haven’t commented here in a very long time but I just wanted to say that as a staunch SG fan who was ambivalent about the first season of SGU, I am finally starting to come around. (Yay!) Life without Stargate would be dismal.

    The show is still too “dark” for me but I can still appreciate the wonderful cast, the good writing and the tremendous special effects. I will keep watching and hope that someday that there will be some lighter moments.

    By the way, it seems like everyone is trashing Nicholas Rush as the evil mad scientist. He is actually a character that I like though I agree that he has issues.

    Question: Is Dr. Rush trying to figure out a way to go back in time in order to be with his wife again?

    (Considering his psychological state this would make sense.)

    ….and as always….
    Have A Very Stargate Day!

  69. Joe,

    I really like SGU. It’s a more mature show without the genius-inspired duex-ex-machina plot lines that seemed to be the standard for SG1 and SGA (Tech guy/gal: “Move this crystal from the expresso machine to the left rear coolant heat exchanger and all of the bad guys will keel over! But you need to buy me more time!”). That wore thin after the first few years, frankly.

    When BSG was running, it made the contrast between the storylines very stark. SG1/A is a merry romp in the park compared to BSG or SGU. You always knew the good guys would win in SG1/A, but you have a hard time figuring out who the good guys actually are in SGU.

    Except Riley. He was a good guy and you killed him off. 🙂 But you can almost feel the writers relishing the chance to really cut loose with every episode!

    So kudos to you, Joe, for having the guts to go through with SGU. I’m enjoying it immensely, and it seems like it’s only going to get better.

    Any chance of more Ming Na pics? 😀

  70. @cat4444—Just wanted to say I enjoyed your post and felt that what you had to say about all the shows was right on the mark.

  71. Joe, most of the mailbag questions are people asking whats gonna happen next in the story or stuff that hasnt been revealed yet, questions like these should be ignored in my opinion.

    Btw, show so far is great, really good stuff. Which is why im worried about that network decision. Because it would be a total shame to cancel it but on the other hand they are blameless, the numbers are pretty bad. So we know the Tuesday thing did not help. Syfy taking the great leap forward has backfired. Heres what should happen, use reverse psychology on the public. keep telling them not to watch it.

    anyway, one question: Is Rush gonna kill Young in the future or not?

  72. Similar to “Nick Danger” poster above, I’m also enjoying SGU and I like the fact that I can enjoy Stargate canon with a more serious tone; however, I also miss the antics of the SG1/A episodes.

    With SGU, my expectations are different as the Stargate format has changed. I watch an episode of SGU to find out where Destiny will go next, to see what new Perils await this ship as it continues on its journey, to see how the characters evolve and quite frankly, I’m hooked on “Stargate.”

    With SG1/A, I watched an episode to ‘have a good time’, get in a few laughs while enjoying a sci-fi romp that typically started and finished within the episode. I got exactly what I wanted and at the end, I was satisfied as I had my good time. With SGU, the episodes (for me) range between ‘wow!’ and ‘hmm… okay, I guess…’ as my expectations are uncertain.

    So, all of that being said, I wish we had room for both delivery methods of the Stargate universe. (When Atlantis was announced, I thought to myself, “it would be awesome if they came out with a more dramatic Stargate show that slanted towards military action with a more serious role… like “Stargate Strike Force” where a team would go into an unknown world and realistically kick some ass.” A fantasy, of course, but now I see there was room for a dramatic show.)

  73. The reason why I like SGU is that it strives to rid itself of the formulaic nature of its predecessors.

    It is about survival, and the truly alien.

    I say the yea, Joseph Malozzi. It is a great show and you keep at it.

  74. Mr. Mallozzi

    I know you do not own the Franchise nor make the decisions. MGM and Spyglass does. But I doubt you, SyFy intended to make the movie. You know what we wanted for our main character Shepperd. We wanted him paired with someone. I have written Ms. Kennair and David Howe and that is I no longer watch Syfy be cause of that.

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