With about a month to go before production on Stargate: Universe’s second season draws to a close, I thought it would be nice to take out SGNewbies Remi Aubuchon and Linda McGibney out for a farewell dinner.  I offered them a variety of choices and they ultimately elected to go with – no surprise – Cobre for some nuevo latino cuisine.


Linda prepares to feast.


Remi pulls no punches.


Cobre’s tapas menu allowed us to sample a wide variety of offerings.  After I’d ordered I realized, in hindsight, that it would have probably been easier if I’d just told the waiter what we WEREN’T having.  In all, we ended up enjoying ten different dishes, thirteen if you count dessert, in addition to a couple of double-orders.  Suffice it to say, we were able to cover most of the menu.  Among the highlights…

Pulled duck and cracklin’y charred scallion, roasted garlic.  Always a winner.  We ended up doing another round.
Wild Mexican sea prawns,
Pipian verde, butter browned corn arepas.  And seconds on this one as well.
Battered Baja rockfish, jicama slaw y chipotle ajo aili.  A medley of textural contrasts.


Peruvian tacu tacu - roasted garlic, eggplant y chevre three chili onion coulis, baby green beens. Vegetarian - and one of my favorites!


Maple chipotle tamarind glazed wild boar belly, chicharon y patacones. Cobre's signature plate - Remi ended up dreaming about this dish last night.


A recent addition to the menu is this venison dish that ended up being Linda's favorite.


We asked about dessert.  Our server listed three.  And, as usual, I said: “Yeah, let’s do that.”  So we did – a terrific chocolate terrine, churros in a dulce leche cream, and my favorite –


The dulce de leche cake.


Apparently, Linda's husband is The Churros King. Wonder what he'd say about his wife snacking on someone else's churros.


Remi, aka Blue Demon, finishes up.


Boy, I haven’t eaten this much since the last time I went out for dinner!

A great night all around.  Thanks to both Remi and Linda for showing up, regaling me with stories of their time in Mexico shooting Persons Unknown, and carrying me back to my car because I was too full to walk.

Partway through dinner, I received a call from a panicked Ivon.  “Dude!  I just found a huge shit in my basement!”.  I was stunned silent, waiting for him to elaborate.  His basement is actually the basement of a friend’s place he’s been taking care of for the past month.  As far I know, he’s been living there alone – which explained his obvious distress.  As for the possible, a number of crazy theories raced through my mind.  Did a wild animal get into the house?  Was his girlfriend mad at him?  How big were those “huge spiders” he’s been complaining about anyway?  I asked him whether anyone else had been in the house and he suddenly remembered the cleaning lady had come by that morning.  Hopefully, she’d brought her new dog along on her last visit.  Moments later, Ivon phoned back to inform me that the cleaning lady was, indeed, the proud owner of a new dog that had accompanied her on that morning’s job.  He sounded relieved.

“Not so fast,”I told him.  “You’re assuming it was the dog – but maybe there’s someone else living in the house.”

His voice was devoid of amusement: “Dude, don’t even say that.”

Anyway, I’m happy he got to the bottom of the mystery, a veritable Miss Marple whodunit.  Seriously, though.  If this was a movie, I’d check the closets before turning in for the night.

Thanks to everyone who weighed in with a list of their favorite comedies.  Some pretty hilarious candidates in your personal including the hysterical likes of The Matrix and The Hunt for Red October.  By the way, thanks for reminding me about A Christmas Story which bumps Meet the Parents from my original list.

64 thoughts on “October 6, 2010: A Farewell Feast!

  1. The pictures of the food were great!! It’s lucky I’ve already had dinner, or I would be hungry again.

    Have a good night!

  2. In my defense, there were some humorous moments from the Matrix. Like that white rabbit scene, you know? It’s called “dark humor” 😉 . :eyeroll:

    The food pictures look so yummy!!!!! Can you explain why you aren’t extremely pudgy?

  3. I am not too sure why Ivon thought that you would be able to solve his poo-problem? Are you the fountain of all knowledge? I am glad that he worked out that he didn’t have a human intruder in the house – that would be way too creepy.

    Have you tried Marmite flavoured chocolate? I think it will be an acquired taste.

    I am off to bed.


  4. Yum-m-m-m that pulled duck dish looks really good. I’ll ry that please, just send it USPS to New Jersey.

    Your pups look fabulous! Jelly is so adorable jumping up on her front end with every bark. She really puts some blast into those barks Joe!

    Spoiler alert!
    Was that Rush’s deceased wife talking to him in the super secret control room, where he can now control everything on Destiny, having cracked the DNA code problem, but no one knows this? Is she his imaginary muse or conscience? Very nice how Franklin talked him into warning Scott & co. on the shuttle. Loved seeing Franklin again. Does he haunt Rush’s mind now or just lives inside the innards of Destiny, popping out to dispense warnings? If Franklin is a part of the ship, has he maintained his humanity?
    So, was Rush hallucinating both of them due to the strain of everything and lying to Young about where he goes off to all the time?

    Inquiring minds Joe, or at least my mind. Could you answer any of my ramblings?

    That new set is gorgeous. Add the great lighting effects and neat camera angles and it looks so realistic. Believe me, if the Destiny were real, I’d jump aboard low food & water and all.

    On a side note. My male kitty has feline acne, confirmed by a very expensive skin biopsy and cultures. Now we attack and treat, hopefully relieving him of discomfort from the infection/sores. He’s 15 and doesn’t need this adolescent crap in his dotage. 😯
    If the vet tells me to use Clearasil, I’m changing vets. Just say’in.

    G’night all,

  5. Is the cleaning lady really just blaming the dog? Come on… Might need to do some lab work on that 😉

  6. Don’t you want to know what Remi’s dream means?? Well I’m gonna give it my best shot anyway:

    He is reliving a pleasurable experience, not nescessarily about the food, but how much he enjoyed the company. He obviously values your’s and Linda’s friendship. Hence the reason, from this day forward, everytime he eats wild boar belly he will fondly think of you!

  7. Who’s idea was it to put Universe up against Dancing with the Stars, NCIS: LA, and Glee. I understand that Warehouse 13 had good ratings on Tuesdays, but 80% of the demographic that is the target is watching DWTS, and Glee. Love Universe, but the move it to like a saturday or Sunday when nothing else is on. Seemed to work with BSG.

  8. well… it looks like it might be a real farewell dinner..

    SGU got 1.1 million viewers for aftermath.. just sad.. its such a good show. :S

  9. Fantastic episode, Aftermath.
    Unfortunately, it seems Tuesdays is even worse than Friday, so I don’t see how you guys will get to continue this story, which right now seems to be heading in a great direction. At least make sure you go out with a bang.

  10. Susan (the tartan turtle) wrote:
    “I am not too sure why Ivon thought that you would be able to solve his poo-problem? Are you the fountain of all knowledge?”\

    Conversely, do you find it disturbing at all that after finding mysterious poo in his house, he immediately thought of calling you?

    Also, great food pics. Those look SO much better than those vegetarian dishes from a few days ago.

    I’m trying (successfully so far) to avoid spoilers for the new episode until Friday, but it is a little disheartening to hear the US ratings again. Is moving the show back to Fridays an option or is Syfy willing to stick it out with Tuesday for a while to see what happens?

  11. Actually aftermath was 1.0 something million live. Mullie can rest easy now I guess as he doesnt hold the worst rated Stargate episode of all time award. Have to wonder what in the heck is happening here, Its like a mass exodus of Stargate fans away from the show. This has to be a first for the Syfy I doubt any show has ever had such a huge viewer reduction before like this. If say Eureka or W13 aired in SGUs timeslot theyd both get over 2 million viewers live.

    SGU unlike Atlantis and SG1 simply isnt drawing an audience which is a shame. As SGU isnt a bad show.

    Even if SGU dies this season. At least everyone who has stayed faithful to the series knows that youve done a damn good job on the show Joe like everyone else.

    Syfy needs to bring Eureka back to save SGU from flatlining further it propped Haven up. For the less in the know about ratings search Haven on Wiki. Then see that when Eureka ceased new eps it lost a 33 percent share of the audience.

    Anyhow LOL Caprica did say it would fall on its face and do awfully. 900,000 or so people watched its premiere.

    Syfy needs to change its schedule otherwise itl lose the money invested in both shows. Anyone with a brain knows that 1 million viewers cant cover the cost of both shows.


  12. The demise of this show as nothing to do with the actors or the production crew, rather it is the fault of the bonehead studio/network suits who believe that because tuesday is a high rating night on US TV it would benefit SGU to put it on on that night. Folks what destroyed stargate are empty-suits who are nothing more than a bunch of yes-men and women.
    Joe, I realize that you work in the industry so you can only say that much, there is no way you rob paul or brad could honestly think that the move made any sense. Really nothing is on TV on Wednesday.
    But actually just like SG-A final season, based on Joe’s updates and even the episode titles (EPILOGUE, GAUNTLET) I had a feeling and also since the foolish Carson Beckett trailer for season 4 episode of SGA where SyFy gave away the biggest part of the episode.

  13. I’ll add my voice to those berating syfy for its idea of scheduling the few real sci fi shows it airs. SGU is not my favorite of the franchise, but it’s solid enough as a sci fi show and as the newest incarnation of the franchise to rate my attention. And it’s annoying that it’s placed against some of the highest rated non-cable shows on the air. Then again, I’ve been coming to the decision that someone at NBC is out to suicide most of their cable programming anyways.
    The food looked incredible. The leftovers I had are sitting like lead weights after looking at what you had. Then again, they were sitting like lead weights before I ate…
    consider this a gentle nudge that you’re about due for a mailbag. Thanks for sharing with us, and here’s hoping the gloom and doom talk fade away as the season unfolds on the air.

  14. OMG dude! I am NEVER getting a cleaning lady….I hope Ivon gets a huge discount. I’m still recovering here…tears welling up in my eyes…thanks for sharing Joe. I think you could write a book on my fave guy – never a dull moment.

    Cheers, Chev

  15. Jelly jumps when she barks!!! Very cute!! HI JOE!!!! Long time, no comment!! Ashamed you won’t be at the LA con. next month, cause I WILL!!! Ahhhh,so close, yet so far!! Been given strict instructions to give Sherry’s boy a BIG mom hug!! Don’t know how he will respond to that!! HAHA Enjoying SGU a whole lot!! Hope Sy-Fy keeps it on!! Take care, Sheryl.

  16. You can’t move SGU to Wednesday night because, like it or not, Ghost Hunters owns Wednesday nights. It has for years. (I love Ghost Hunters) (Don’t hit me) Friday night was the best night for SGU. SyFy just needs to work on advertising.

    IF this is SGU’s last season, I would like to see something really dramatic happen to everyone. Seems to me the Destiny is haunted and it really does not want life on board. Everyone could have a tragic accident or slowly disappear. They could go insane, get murdered, mysteriously vanish, commit suicide, be left on harsh planets against their will until everyone is just gone. The final shot would be the camera going along the hallways and into all the rooms. It would all be empty, spooky, and quiet. Then Destiny starts shutting itself down to the way it was when they first got there – waiting for the next poor souls to be stranded. The final episode, if it turns out to be the series final episode, needs an end. Don’t leave us hanging like SGA did.

    But, the ratings will improve and everyone will be saved!!

  17. Joe, as I said last week I have an idea about how to increase ratings. If you released a spoilier to Gateworld saying what the mission of the Destiny is people might get more interested and start to tune in and watch the show live instead of waiting too watch it the next day on hulu or on their DVR. I mean if we don’t learn about what the mission is until episode 10, ratings might not increase until the second half.

    And I’m not just trying to get a major spoilier out of you…honest

    I think the show has great potential and it would be ashame if it had a short life. Just trying to help.

  18. Lets hope Comcast (completing its purchase in Dec) has a positive idea on what is good entertain (depth over fluff).

  19. And how “skilled” is this ?Cleaning? Lady if she MISSES her own dog’s crap?!

    I wouldn’t JUST check the closets.. Try under the bed, the rugs, behind the sofa… that weird plant in the corner… the inside of any frig/cooler, oven/microwave/toaster…

  20. Joe,

    I’m doing my part. I watched the orignial showings of both: SG:U and Caprica. Good episode. I will say more when everyone has had a chance to see it.

    However, SG:U is facing tough competition on the other channels.

  21. The tapas look tasty, especially the tacu tacu. Gotta put jicama on my shopping list this weekend.

    I saw Remy’s name on the credits for Caprica as creator along with J. Espenson, and I thought, wow, rockin’! Next week’s SGU looks sooo good, I can’t wait to see it.

    Rush and his wife are mesmerizing, you really get to see his machinations and how sneaky Rush is reflected in his wife’s expressions–he can’t fool her so it’s nice to see him meet his match, even if she’s Not There.

    BTW what are the big b-day plans for 2010?

  22. Geez, Joe…I would have to have some real fun with Ivon…

    Is there any way you can get invited over, pretend to leave…then hide somewhere in the house until Ivon goes to bed? Is Ivon a deep-sleeper? If so, then…while he’s sleeping…rearrange the furniture, take a bunch of stuff out of the fridge, turn on lights, etc, etc…(just don’t poop on the floor 😉 ). Then, let yourself out all quiet-like…and wait for his reaction the next day? See…that’s the sort of stuff I’d do.* 😈

    (*If, ya know, I wasn’t afraid of getting shot and/or arrested. :P)

    Food looks wonderful! I’ve been cooking more lately, and Sunday I made a stew – beef, turnips, potatoes, carrots, onions, swiss chard, and garlic (and a little seasoning). Also made succotash with pole limas and gently cooked Jersey corn…the corn was so crisp and sweet – like sugar! For those who don’t know what a pole lima is like, just think giant lima bean that actually tastes GOOD! They’re less starchy than bush limas, with a great creamy texture and mild flavor – just delicious! I also made banana chip bread, which we nearly finished off in two days. It was actually my first attempt. I had these very ripe bananas that I knew I’d have to throw away if they weren’t used (we rarely have to throw out bananas in our house – we’re like monkeys! 😀 ), so I whipped up some banana bread and threw some chocolate chips in it and it was YUM!! It really saves a bundle eating in, too. I’ve been very disappointed with restaurants lately, and that disappointment is – it seems – turning me into a domestic goddess. 😀 Now, if it could only turn me into a THIN domestic goddess, then I’d really be happy!

    Have a good night, sir. Give the puppies kisses for me! Also, any chance of a mailbag soon? I was hoping to hear what Akemi has to say about eating sushi with one’s fingers, or with utensils. Thankies!


  23. Food looked incredible.
    Lol on the poop.

    Not going to go down the ratings path… too discouraging.

    Goodbye as in for the season, or even if renewed they won’t be back?

    On controversy on episode… I think many far more humane ways to kill someone and I found that horrific. However, that he did it himself instead of put someone else in that spot, well… he manned up.

  24. Getting really concerned about the ratings. If this keeps up, and a third season is determined by the first 6-8 episodes of the season, there is no way that it will be renewed. I hope you guys have plans B,C,&D to improve the ratings. Hopefully they will count the DVR/TIVO ratings into the equation. Luckily for me I don’t have a conflict with SGU and NCIS. Here in AZ, Primetime is 7-10pm and not 8-11 pm like most other places. So I can watch SGU at 6pm on the satellite and then NCIS at 7pm. That is, until the next time the rest of the world changes their clocks back and we don’t. Then all the cable shows are an hour later and I will have conflict with SGU and NCIS. I will still pick SGU and tape NCIS, but since I am not part of the antiquated stupid unscientific Neilsen ratings, I don’t count for anything. They should just put chips in all the TV’s, VCR’s, and DVR/TIVO’s to show what everyone is watching. I know everyone will scream about “Big Brother” intruding into our lives but it is the only accurate way to truly measure how many people are watching a show.
    And on a side note, who decided that it is better for a show to draw millions less viewers but have a better demographic rating(18-49 year olds). To me, all that matters is how many people watch a show. Age is and should not be a factor.

  25. I never “got” A Christmas Story. It’s about a fat kid who gets taunted and unfortunate things happen. I didn’t find it funny in the least.

  26. So, that thing with the thing on yesterday’s episode? That was a thing if ever there was…a thing.

  27. You really did scare the crap out of Ivon, didn’t you?

    I really do hate Syfy. Not SGU, but Syfy.

    That food looks really, really good. Probably ten times better than the turkey tacos I had tonight.

  28. RE: Ratings
    SG was a Friday show for so long, some may not realize it has moved. I normally don’t watch Syfy for anything other than SG and Caprica and I almost missed the first show. I had seen ads on the net stating it was returning Oct 1, but didn’t realize that was for Canada till Tuesday afternoon!

    I didn’t really like SGU at first but decided to give it a chance and I am really glad it has improved. You can tell your soon to be new owners the only reason I have kept my extended cable is SGU. If they cancel you I will cancel them…really no joke!

  29. @DP,@t’loc

    Unless I miss my guess. First thing Comcast would do is to sweep away any under performing shows and cut cost by pinkslipping a lot of people. Typical short-sighted bean-counter move after a change in corporate management.

  30. On a postive note, I gotta say it: GREAT episode. Universe just gets better & better. I can’t wait to see the next episode. 🙂

    Also Caprica was great too. Those two go together really well imo.

    I am loving this Syfy Tuesday lineup. I have been doing my part by watching live (not that I count since I’m not a Neilsen viewer…)

    Also I’ve been talking the show up on my Facebook page & on Twitter. Hope the ratings get better…cause I really do want it to stay on Tuesdays. *sigh*

  31. I may be atypical of the demographic, but I DON’T like the major competition on Tues. nights. I’m also less likely to be out or away on Tues. evenings. So, while I miss the old SciFi Fridays, I will enjoy the current Tues. SyFy lineup.

  32. Joe, years ago, when my mother was a young woman…and we are talking the 1950’s here, she would get some rather unorthodox letters to council from renters. At the time, she worked for a large company in London. I found a list of some of the more bizarre comments and requests:
    – “The toilet is blocked and we cannot bath the children until it is cleared.”
    – “I request your permission to remove my drawers in the kitchen.”
    – “Their 18 year old son is continuously banging his balls against my fence.”
    – “I want some repairs done to my cooker as it has backfired and burnt my knob off.”
    – “The man next door has a large erection in the back garden, which is unsightly and dangerous.”
    – “I am a single woman living in a downstairs flat and would be pleased if you could do something about the noise made by the man I have on top of me every night.”
    – “Please send a man with clean tools to finish the job and satisfy the wife.”

    A serious question, Joe, will you continue to blog if SGU is canceled?

    Have a great day,


  33. Hello.

    I read that the ratings for SGU are not as good as they could be (well, for a Tuesdays it’s not that bad I think, lots of competition and it’s early on the season anyway).
    I know that the future of the show will depend on those ratings but I guess only US and Canada performances count for the network.
    How can us foreigners (I live in France) can influence the decision for a third season when the time comes and show our love for Universe? I already bought the first season from the US, I spread the love for SGU via my website and twitter and I will watched it whenever it airs here (even if I can’t stand the French version). What else can we do to help the show over here?

  34. SGU didn’t have stellar ratings on Fridays, but they were enough to survive, right? Too bad that move to Tuesday didn’t have the desired effect. You know, I think I would deal with the situation if the show would be mediocre. But it’s not! SGU is simply amazing, and season 2 has so far been even more amazing…er!!one1!

    If you keep saying that the show is ranking high at downloads, and it’s not a spin, then it proves that there is audience for SGU. They’re just not willing to tune in to watch it on Tuesdays on Syfy. So, my logic says it’s Syfy’s problem to get people watch it live. No?

    I truly, sincerely want SGU to have five seasons (what you’re aiming for). It’s a magnificent show. I don’t know what Syfy thinks of those numbers, can’t be good, but maybe enough for renewal. Something needs to change. The show isn’t the problem, something else isn’t right.

    I’ve crossed fingers, toes, hair – everything for the numbers to uptick enough for season 3. Again, don’t know Syfy’s take on the numbers. We’re dealing with a new night.

    And I think I’ve given up on online fandom. I got banned at GW for derailing thread (totally my own fault :D, misbehaved), and after some time viewing threads and members there… It’s a lot less stressful to not see it all up close. Sad, but true.

    Sorry for the ramble, if you read all of it. Wait, who got farewell’d? Just a dinner with new writers before hiatus?

  35. Coucou!

    Comment allez vous? Moi très bien!

    J’ai regarder l’épisode 2 mais je n’ai pas encore accroché=( ..je me demande si ça arrivera un jour…les audiences ne sont pas jolie jolie en plus =S..Dites j’y pense, si SGU s’arrête au bout de 2 saisons…allez vous vous concentrer sur les films de sg1 et sga ? =P éhéhé!

    Aller gros bisou!!
    A plus tard.

  36. Definitely time for a new cleaning person!


    So, first Telford was in with the Lucien Alliance folks as if he is one of them (Varro is questioning him, “What are they going to do with us?”), and then he is using the stones to report in to Stargate Command, and working with Camille. I feel like I missed something. Do the Lucien Alliance people know he was/is working with the Destiny Crew?

  37. I’ve been a little busy, so I’m late to chime in…but I’ve got to say: Riley’s death and the crew’s reaction was really, really powerful storytelling. Nice work writers, et al. Very nice work.

  38. Joe,

    The ratings are in for ”Aftermath” and things aren’t looking so good right now. I believe that the move to Tusedays was a bad idea, it seems to be slowly killing the show. While I still feel optomistic each week when the time for ratings arrives, that opomisim is dying.

    Do you guys have a plan in case SGU isn’t back for a 3rd Season? If SGU is to end with the movie you mentioned a while back, will we be seeing anymore Stargate spinoffs in the future?

    I do hope that the ratings uppick, I really, really do. But at the moment it seems like it isn’t getting what SyFy had hoped it would get.

    I am a fan of SGU its just sad to see it may be short lived 🙁

  39. Me revoila,

    vous savez se qui serai bien?

    Un super crossover SG1/SGA qui passe an cinéma en 3D O_O……bah quoi? on à le droit de rêver lol!


  40. The criteria cable networks use to determine whether to renew a show aren’t necessarily as straight-forward as with broadcast networks, making it difficult for us folks outside of the business to predict what will happen. In other words, cable networks like Syfy are sometimes mysterious.

    But for anyone confused about ratings issues (what’s so important about a certain age bracket? does DVR viewing matter?), I’ve found that TVbythenumbers.com often does a good job of explaining.

  41. Favorite comedies: Young Frankenstein. I’ll have to think about others. I love Princess Bride, but I don’t really think of it as a comedy.

    Back to lurking now.

  42. Das – you really are turning into a domestic goddess! The stew sounds yummy. And the banana bread, too. But lima beans that taste good? Really???

  43. SGU is the best-produced, best-written, and best-acted one-hour drama on TV. It’s among the three best one-hour dramas broadcast in the last 20 years. (And those three are so nearly equal in quality that I’d have a hard time ranking them against one another.)

    The problem is that it’s science fiction, so a lot of people aren’t even going to give it a look, regardless of recommendations from friends or positive reviews in the media.

    The other problem is that it’s Stargate, which means some science fiction fans aren’t interested right out of the gate. Plus there is a significant percentage of franchise fans who are angry about the cancellation of SG1/SGA and blame it on SGU. (Kind of weird to blame anything on something as nebulous as a show. And as the producers have explained more than once, the beginning of production of one had little or nothing to do with the cancellation of the other.) Both of these groups aren’t going to watch.

    Yet another issue is comparisons with BSG. I think those comparisons are really off-base; the two shows are nothing alike. But you have a large and vocal BSG fan group which won’t tune in because they’re unhappy with the “ripoff” of “their” cancelled show, and these people aren’t going to tune in.

    Finally, SyFy has wrestling. SyFy’s wrestling shows are going to make the most money, so SyFy is going to put those shows on the night and time that is best for those shows. And that is Friday night. Which means there is no room for SGU on Fridays, which has been the home for the Stargate franchise in the USA for the last decade. The three broadcast networks (plus USA and TNT and CW) have primetime offerings Mon-Thu that pull the same live viewers as does SGU. Put all this together, and wrestling has essentially destroyed any hope that SGU would see ratings growth in the USA during its second season. At least as defined by live viewers during first-run broadcast.

    I’m not saying this to be morbid. I love the show, and will hate to read the cancellation notice. But I don’t trust the average viewer with a Nielsen box to even give SGU a try, let alone stick with it long enough to figure out what’s going on, develop a bond with some of the characters, and appreciate the human and character study stories being told. Especially not against the first-run primetime network shows against which SGU is currently competing.

    Lots of quality television shows died without the opportunity to produce two full seasons of episodes. I hope that Mr. Mallozzi and his colleagues will be able to craft a satisfying conclusion to the story of the Destiny and the people trapped aboard her by the end of this season, because I have a feeling that’s going to be the last we’ll see of them.

  44. @ Sparrowhawk – The stew was good! Very rustic and hearty and great with this nice, crusty whole grain bread I picked up to go along with it. I always get in the cooking mood when the days start cooling down.

    And, yes…pole limas are delicious! These are the type I’m talking about: http://www.larosapolelimabeans.com/

    They’re a large bean – some as large as a quarter, or more. When I was little my mom had a hard time getting us to eat them, so she made a game of it – see how many we could skewer on a toothpick. I still eat them that way sometimes. 🙂 But the pole lima has a much better flavor (imho) than the bush lima.

    Oh, and to counteract the whole domestic goddess thing, last night I opened two cans of Hormel white chicken chili, tossed ’em in a pot, and busted open a bag of tortilla chips. Ya know, just so Mr. Das doesn’t get too spoiled. 🙂 In my defense, I only had 20 minutes after work to whip up something for hubby’s dinner before he had to run right out again to a meeting. Tonight’s another hectic evening, so we’ll finish off the stew, but I have a bit more time to make noodles or something else to go along with it.

    Still, the chili was surprisingly good – thicken it up a bit with added cheese and it would make a delicious chip dip!


  45. For me the Comcast fix would be for Comcast to offer Syfy in all homes, rather than restricting it to Digital Preferred for 70 bucks a month. That would boost Syfy from a third of the homes that get Comcast in my city to 100 percent.

  46. Read a post elsewhere that Skiffy (AKA Syfy) axed Caprica. Anyone got any update on this rumor?

  47. Here’s an early Bday shout to you! How bout one for me today!
    thx 🙂

  48. @Montrealer

    That’s a good point. I’ve been on the benefiting end of that practice and I know even the best companies do that. I would only hope that would be mitigated somewhat by other NBC sister shows underperforming in general. If you look at the talent involved in NBC, it should be doing a lot better than it is.

    I wouldn’t say this on this blog unless I knew the change was a done deal, but I know first hand how the culture at GE shackles talent and that’s my explanation for NBC not performing as well as its talent would suggest. The emperor’s new clothes effect surrounding the change to the name SyFy should tell you everything about GE you need to know. So, again, since it’s clear where I suspect is the root of the problem, the question is still “soon enough?”.

    I have great hopes for science fiction on television in the near future, but, again, soon enough …

    At least it’s not Fox! They hand out the cancellations like candy corn.

  49. Whoa, look at all those comments pretty much saying this will be the last season of SGU, and asking about the movie(s). I haven’t given up hope. There’s still eight episodes to go, and I refuse to believe such an amazing show is a goner.

    I have faith. Life can’t be that unfair.

  50. Shiny makes a good point. Comcast is totally screwed up right now – they’ve been switching over to digital boxes, which not everyone has just yet, and the only stuff you can get without the boxes are the main networks (ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX) and PBS. And a buncha religious and Spanish channels (at least were mom lives). I have DirecTV, so I haven’t had any problem, but there has been a lot of anger over what Comcast has been doing the last few months, and a lot of folks in our area still don’t get all the channels they once did (mostly because they’re having trouble figuring out the boxes and stuff). Not sure what other cable companies are up to. It would be interesting to know how many households received SyFy last year, compared to this year…if that’s possible. Of course, just because someone has a box doesn’t mean they have it hooked up, so even though they have the ability to receive the channel doesn’t mean they do.

    Still, I think the biggest problem is the night. Why they didn’t opt to put Stargate on Wednesday nights is beyond me – it could have filled the void that Lost left behind, especially since they attract similar demographics. Hell, even Sunday nights would have been better than Tuesdays.

    Oh well…

    @ SGA viewers who refuse to watch SGU solely out of ‘principle’ – If SGU dies, then SGA:Extinction most likely becomes…well…extinct, too. You do realize that, right? You do realize that the survival of SGU has a bearing on the production of any future Stargate movies, don’t you? If there is no money coming into the franchise – no support for the franchise – then there will be no financing for your long hoped-for movies. Just sayin’. Of course, if you’re not watching SGU because you truly don’t care for it, that’s fine, but if you’re not watching solely out of spite, then say good-bye to your foot, because you’ve just shot it off.


  51. Joe – I hope I wasn’t out of line for my little rant about the franchise at the end of my last post. If so, feel free to slap me. (Just be careful, I might like it! 😉 )


  52. I really really really hope the ratings improve because SGU is just starting to get really good and if the show dies now I think it will disappoint a lot of people.
    I think you guys need to understand that more and more people are switching to watching it online or just buying it. Easy way to avoid commercials.. If you guys don’t start including those numbers I think it’s obvious that the show won’t have another season.. If it’ll even finish this one :'(

    @John M. Hammer
    I have to disagree with your thought about the previous show’s watchers not watching SGU. I watched both SG-1 and Atlantis and while I.. Or was very disappointed I believe that even if SGU isn’t as good as SGA it’s still a Stargate show and it still has to do with the Ancients so I’m still watching. It’s definitely better to have a not as good version of Stargate then none at all.

  53. At the end of the day the Stargate fans feel betrayed, there was nothing wrong with Stargate Atlantis it had a lot of life left in it.

    The SGA cast loved doing the show. None of them would of refused doing a Sixth Season. None.

    Though none will admit all likely feel betrayed too. Losing their jobs for well this.

    Note no one from Syfy can honestly say the show couldnt have a sixth season. Just Brad wright.

    SGA WAS pulling the numbers for renewal. But eh what do I know?

  54. Montrealer the Caprica stuff is true. Cast were told if the figures dont improve the show dies. Alessandra the cover girl lol for the show officially confimed. Caprica is dead. I knew this weeks ago anyway..

  55. @dasNdanger: If they’re not watching out of spite, what you makes think they will enjoy it if they watch it? And how is that different from not watching it because they don’t like it?

    Anyhow wow, ouch the ratings. SGU is an okay show. Hey at least you have Caprica to kick around for a while.

  56. Power of positive thinking, everyone! SGU is an excellent series, and despite what originally seemed like similarities to BSG or the ST franchise in that it takes place on a spaceship, it has proven that it is unique, intriguing and wonderful.


    All these wonderful things being said I hated you after the most recent episode! Riley was such a nice character, I just really hope that his death was planned a long time ago and not because of ridiculous accusations last season that the situation wasn’t dire enough because too few people died. Other than this tragic death, I love the way the direction this season seems to be taking! Thank you for all your excellent work!

  57. Farewell??? Where are they going? Are they just going home?

    If Caprica does get canceled and SGU gets canceled (which I really hope it doesn’t, I totally didn’t expect the events in “Aftermath”) it’ll be the end of sci-fi TV shows set in space/other worlds. I guess there’s always Dr. Who, but SGU is of much greater quality, even though Amelia Pond is really cute.

    What’ll remain on SyFy that’s scripted sci-fi genre Television? Eureka, Haven, Warehouse 13, Sanctuary… I think that’s it.

    Every thing else is reality shows. Ghost Hunters, Ghost Hunters International, Ghost Hunter Academy, Destination Truth, Fact or Faked, Beast Legends, WCG Ultimate Gamer, and Scare Tactics. And of course scripted sport-like entertainment shows (WWE). OH, and (sarcastically) Sci-fi original picture movies!!!
    I want to buy Masked… I read a bit of it in the store, but did have the money to buy it. But I will, it was pretty good.
    Sorry for going on,

  58. oops I meant didn’t. didn’t have the money to buy it. Those “n’ts” make all the difference.


  59. @ MNPundit – I was very disappointed by SGA‘s cancellation. I ONLY watched Stargate for the Wraith (I’ve never seen SG-1). Yes, I liked the human characters in the show, but I adored (adore!) the Wraith – characters who have no chance of being seen in SGU, or any other sci fi, fantasy, comedy or drama show – ever. At least in Universe you have the chance of seeing Daniel Jackson, or McKay, and the actors themselves pop up here and there in various shows. But the Wraith? They’re done. I wasn’t happy when Atlantis ended, and I could have reacted spitefully, especially since the characters I watched it for are never to be seen again, but I decided to give Universe a try. I didn’t immediately fall in love with it – in fact, I still don’t love the show, but I don’t hate it, either. I gave it a chance (even with a little bit of bitterness inside), and it has certainly grown on me. Of course, that doesn’t mean that everyone who gives it a try will like it, and so many decided – beforehand – that they were determined to hate it, I do doubt they would ever come around anyway. But they have to know that their decision to not watch may have a bearing on whether the movie they want so much will ever be made. You know what they say: Be careful what you hope for. If they are hoping for SGU‘s early cancellation, they just might get more disappointment then they bargained for.


  60. @People who say that SGA fans should watch SGU to get the SGA movies

    I’m sorry but I have my standards! No.

    I’m glad that SGU has its own audience and that there are some people that like it, but I gave up on watching SGU because I don’t like it. I tried. The dangling carrot of the SGA movie to get me to watch no longer has any appeal because I don’t think they are going to make the SGA movie anyway. I don’t know what plan b is and right now that’s just talk. Each show or movie should be made based on its merits and not hinge on any other branch of the franchise for its survival.

    If I knew with absolute certainty that supporting SGU would mean that I would get my SGA back then I would do it in a heart beat. I would turn my television on to Syfy every Tuesday at 9pm and just hit the mute button so I wouldn’t have to hear it and I’d go on about my business doing something else like cleaning or watching another tv in the house set to a show I like because even if I had a nielsen box no one would be able to tell if I actually watched SGU. All I’d have to do is have the channel set to it and I would do that for SGA and the Atlantis actors and characters that I loved.

    But I know that I’m not getting my SGA back so there’s no point.

  61. Nathan- As I said, there is a significant fraction of franchise fans who are purposely avoiding and badmouthing SGU out of some twisted “principle” – I didn’t say that SGU would have no appeal to any fans of previous shows in the franchise, as that would have been patently untrue given that I am one myself.

    I can understand people preferring SG1 and SGA to SGU. SGU is set in the same fictional universe, but is a completely different kind of show. Even if there hadn’t been whacky backlash against SGU due to SGA being cancelled at about the same time SGU was being developed, all the fans wouldn’t be interested (see Vegemite’s post just above this one). It was much easier to bring SG1 fans over to SGA because it was essentially the same formula (superheroic paragons of humanity vs powerful and over-the-top evil bad guys).

    And that’s OK. SGU is a very different kind of show from the previous two series; it doesn’t have to appeal to all the old fans. But there are a lot of old fans that won’t even give it a chance on its own merits, and who have created very negative buzz on the net which you can be sure turned off many folks who might have otherwise given the new show a whirl – neither of which improved SGU’s ratings or chances for renewal.

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