In the event you’ve been out of the country for the past month and just got in today – STARGATE: UNIVERSE HAS MOVED TO TUESDAY NIGHTS!!!

That’s right!  The second episode of Stargate: Universe’s second season, Aftermath, airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy!  I have a feeling that this one is going to be a tad controversial and the boards will be buzzing later tonight.  Tune in to find out what all the fuss is about.

I came into the office this morning and walked in on an oft-recurring film conversation between youngsters Lawren (“I love Chris Columbus!”) B. and Ashleigh ( I love Can’t Hardly Wait!”) I. and elder statesman Carl (“I love Annie Hall!”) B.  It always begins with Carl expressing shock bordering on hysteria at the other’s lack of cinematic knowledge of any movie made prior to 1985.  The fact that Ashleigh had never seen Blazing Saddles seemed to deeply offend Carl, while her admission that she had never watched Animal House almost caused him to stroke out.  I was equally outraged to hear she had never seen Planes, Trains and Automobiles, one of the greatest comedies of all time, then almost lost it at Lawren’s insistence that The Great Outdoors was even remotely funny.  I found our chat so fascinatingly outrageous that I asked all participants to come up with a list of their top three favorite comedies.  They broke down as follows (note: all those taking part let it be known that whittling their list down to a mere three was next to impossible) –

Carl: Annie Hall (his favorite movie of all time), Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Animal House.

Ashleigh: Clueless, Ace Ventura Pet Detective, The Princess Bride.

Lawren: National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Big Lebowski, The Hangover.

Ivon (who came in late to the conversation): Old School, Water Boy, Dumb and Dumber.

Joe: Planes Trains and Automobiles, Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Meet the Parents.

And, for what it’s worth, here is my top three list of movies that everyone else thinks are downright hilarious which really (come on!) aren’t: Austin Powers – any movie in the series, Little Miss Sunshine (for the record, Carl wants you all to know that he finds this choice reprehensible), and Superbad.

Agree?  Disagree?  How do your picks line up with ours?

Check out the dogs –




Now go watch our show!

96 thoughts on “October 5, 2010: Tune in tonight at 9:00 p.m. on SyFy for Aftermath! Comedy Time! Dogs!

  1. It would be tough to list my top four movies. There are just too many flicks that I watch over and over. The Matrix, Alien(s), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (that one never gets old), Meet the Parents, Nightmare before Christmas. I could keep this up all night but I have to get ready to watch the show! 😀

    Love the Jelly video!!! Doesn’t it make you feel good about paying those large vet bills?

  2. Comedies?

    His Girl Friday

    My Man Godfrey

    Anything with Eddie Cantor, the Marx Brothers or Danny Kaye in it

    The Thin Man (qualifies as a comedy)

    Ok, I’m old. Sue me.

    I am SO happy to see all the dogs, especially Jelly doing well. My pooches licked the laptop screen to express their satisfaction, also.

  3. Jelly is looking good and has improved greatly since her treatment.

    I hope everybody in Stargate-Land is well.

  4. My high opinion of Ivon is forever damaged. Ashleigh lost serious ground too, and as for Carl, well, there is a word for people who think Annie Hall is the best comedy ever. No, I don’t know what that word is, but there definitely is a word. Your choices however seem like solid pics. And based on Ashleigh’s ignorance, it sounds like you need to consider holding an annual film festival. Making this year’s theme comedies.
    Loved the dog pics and glad to see the old gal mouthing off at you. Now, just minutes to get ready to catch the repeat of the premiere episode, so as always, thanks for posting

  5. Sorry Joe I dislike comedies. To me the Indiana Jones movies were hilarious. As for watching SGU, 9-10 pm on a Tue is too late for me to stay up (I start work way too early). But it will be DVR’d. I still have 6 World Superbike races, 3 MotoGP races, an Indycar race, and a Sprint Cup race to watch. Not to mention that the newest season of Mantracker (which I just discovered) is on tonight also. I’ll try to make SGU a priority since hubby doesn’t like it. Atlantis and SG-1 were way more his style.

  6. Greatest movie that is a comedy or funniest comedy?

    Supercops – funny
    Princess Bride or Galaxy Quest – great
    Austin Powers – funny

    Yes, Austin Powers

    I could quote Princess Bride when I was 12 and probably still can.

    Galaxy Quest – best line of all time: “We have to get out of here before one of those things kills guy!”

    I’ve heard people say what a masterpiece The Incredibles is, but I find THAT much subtext in an action movie comes off a bit forced. It’s exhausting.

  7. I would watch tonight, but alas I live in Canada and will have to wait until Friday.

    I’ve been spoiler free so far this season for the most part, but god it’s going to be hard to avoid them for the rest of the season with a three day delay.

    Controversy eh? I’m intrigued…making it that much harder to avoid everything SGU related till Friday.

    Until then…

  8. Monty Python’s Life of Brian
    The Producers (- with Zero Mostel)
    Some Like it Hot


    Trading Places
    Groundhog Day
    The Blues Brothers
    Dude, Where’s My Car?

    and, kinda…

    Planes, Trains & Automobiles

  9. I totally agree that there’s nothing remotely funny about Austin Powers. So. Not. Funny. I really like humor to be a bit more intelligent and subtle than that.

  10. Hey Joe

    My 3 would be:

    Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Blazing Saddles


  11. Looks like I’m the first to post since the ep ended.


    You were certainly right about the controversial. I cried during the whole death scene. It certainly had emotional impact on the characters. Everyone did a great job!

  12. LOL Crazy… COMEDIES, not top movies.

    For me, Hungover would be top…

    then the original version of The In-Laws. I can’t tell you why but I watched it a dozen times and was rolling each one. Perfect delivery.

    Ahem, Thornyrose: Your choices however seem like solid pics<< He didn't give PICKS, he gave list of those others think are funny that he DOESN'T, lol.

    I love British comedy, not so much comedy in general, so I can't even come up with a 3rd I really thought was hysterical.

  13. Okay I’ll just say one thing about “Aftermath”:



    Okay, I’ll say 2 more words:

    Great episode.


    Sean D.

  14. “I have a feeling that this one is going to be a tad controversial and the boards will be buzzing later tonight.”

    Young & Riley?

    As for movies, #1 has got to be The Matrix.

  15. Hello Joe.

    I cannot believe that ending… Wow. Though I have to admit, I am not so sure it was wrong to it. That is what I love about SGU: the moral dilemmas that the characters experience.

    Next week will be fun. I can’t wait to see your script come to life!!!

    The dogs look like they are well. Please give them extra hugs from all of us.

    Best wishes,


  16. Some Like it Hot, Irma La Douce and Sullivan’s Travels. If I could split a fourth I’d add Peter Sellers’ Being There and The Party. The outtake at the end of Sellers trying and failing to get through the warning Raphael is just so painfully funny.

  17. Comedies are tough, because they often are not as funny the second, third time around. Definitely The Blues Brothers. Raising Arizona. Ferris Beuller’s Day Off. And Much Ado About Nothing, ’cause who says I have to stop at three?

  18. Hello again.

    BTW: “Dodgeball” anyone? Easily Ben Stiller’s funniest movie… “Bicentennial Man” – despite finding the film shockingly unfunny… (not a good way to start a review…) I found myself connecting with the film on an emotional level, and it touched me in a way I did not expect.

    Lastly, “Dead Like Me”. Again, it has a really emotional component to it, but unlike my previous pick, I laugh till it hurts every time I watched it.

    Best Wishes,


  19. Firstly, I haven’t watched SGU yet – was out tonight, and will watch it shortly.


    Favorite comedies? Hmmmm…I really can’t pick just three. Too many. So, I’ll just list all my favorites (as in, the ones I have on DVD):

    O Brother, Where Art Thou?
    Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House
    Father Goose
    Arsenic and Old Lace
    Operation Petticoat
    Galaxy Quest
    Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein
    Young Frankenstein
    Princess Bride
    The Ghost Breakers
    My Favorite Brunette
    Some Like It Hot
    His Girl Friday
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    A Shot In the Dark
    The Thin Man
    The Court Jester
    Road to Morocco
    Beverly Hills Cop
    Blazing Saddles
    Singin’ in the Rain
    Wild Hogs
    ( What can I say? That Macy feller just cracks me up. 😛 )

    I think that’s about it. I think. If I could only pick three to watch for the rest of my life, I think it would have to be O Brother, Where Art Thou?, Galaxy Quest, Arsenic and Old Lace …but it would be really hard not to grab Monty Python, or Princess Bride…or one of the others, too.


  20. It’s cute the way every time Jelly barks, her front legs come right up off the ground. I wonder why she would be more vocal after her shots…


  21. The show was great, although it’s a bit depressing and I’m starting to need some sort of happy ending or at least, someting happy in between all the drama. Hubby’s really getting into it now, too, which I really didn’t think would happen.

    Love Jelly’s little barking hop 🙂 She looks fantastic! Still can’t believe what a difference since her procedure, and so happy for her (and you)!

    Comedies: “The Birdcage”, “Meet the Parents” and a more obscure one, ‘Keeping the Faith” with Jenna Elfman and Ben Stiller. Actually, just saw “Killers” and didn’t think I’d like it, but really got a few good laughs.

    Have a good night, everybody!

  22. Finished watching the ep tonight. Mixed feelings…it was a bit too much of a downer for me, even though I have no real emotional attachment here. Also, I’m not much trusting Young these days.


  23. That was a very sad but great episode. Have we really seen the last of that planet and its’ new occupants? Hmm..

  24. Saw this – – and came to the conclusion that 95% of that fits me when I’m on a Wraithrant. 😛 God…I was/am really obnoxious about it.

    Also, good to see the pups. 🙂 I was showing your site – and a Jelly vid – to our electrician who also breeds Australian Cattle Dogs –

    He was familiar with the stem cell treatment, and said that it has great success on brachycephalic dogs, and they’re really not sure why. Heck…I just wish it would work on people!

    Have a good night, sir. Now I have to watch NCIS and Jay Leno to try to lift my spirits.


  25. I’m very upset with a certain characters death in tonights episode. VERY UPSET!

    Otherwise, the episode was okay. I’ll keep watching. lol

  26. NOOO! He’s dead?! This can’t be…he was one of my favourites!
    That ep was amazing and absolutely heartbreaking at the same time. Loved how you used Riley’s kinosode at the end there. RIP, buddy. 🙁
    I’m glad Rush is back to his callous/secretive ways (I prefer him that way) and can’t wait till Rush informs Young of this little secret! Hee! He’s gonna be so pisssed (yay!)
    Also, I really liked that TJ/Riley scene and Young can do no wrong in my book.
    Props to RCC!
    Can’t wait till next week! Yay!

  27. I’m sorry, I missed it. Why couldn’t they wait?

    And last week, I’m sorry, I missed that too. What exactly happened to the baby?

    I’m watching, I’m just not comprehending. Maybe I just have too many distractions while it is on.

    Jelly’s transformation is amazing. Your other kids are cutie-pies too.

    My funny movies have to be durable and watchable every time they come on.

    Back To The Future
    Groundhog Day
    Uncle Buck
    The Goodbye Girl
    A Christmas Story
    Beverly Hills Cop
    The Odd Couple – I am mesmerized by this old movie. I love to watch Felix clean Oscar’s appartment up and cook for him. It’s sort of like The Food Channel and HGTV all in one.
    Dumb and Dumber – I laughed soooo hard during the broken toilet scene, I almost messed in MY pants.

  28. G’day Joe

    Trying to read comments without reading spoilers is soooo hard. But I try.

    Funny movies mmmmmmm
    Blazing Saddles SOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT, unless you are a sicko and love fart jokes all throughout a movie (which I do not)

    Austin Powers IS the worst movie of ALL time (all of them).

    Animal House and Blues Brothers are also extremely BAD.

    Love Meet the Parents and Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Annie Hall is OK.

    Top three comedy movies mmmmmmmm
    Arsenic and Old Lace (Cary Grant was a master)
    How to marry a Millionaire
    Grumpier Old Men

    Jelly is so cool. Def the the money for her stem cell treatment!!

    take care

  29. Tonight episode was pretty good. I must admit I was sitting on the edge of my seat the whole episode. Very well put together. There were several “Holy shit moments” which was awesome. More like Sg-1 and Atlantis.
    I must say I love how you used Franklin and Rush’s wife to explain what he was doing with the consoles because he obviously couldn’t bring someone real in on it.. (Being Rush and all) Instead of doing that or watching him press buttons on a keyboard we saw his wife and Franklin. I was really impressed how you guys did that.
    The only thing I really didn’t like is that he FINALLY found the code and he’s not going to tell anyone.. As I said of course.. It is Rush… But mannnn… What a wasted episode. If I had control of Destiny I’d be learning everything about it I could (which is everything with that code :D) , figuring out what it’s purpose was and so on… I feel like if he would’ve brought everyone in on it it would’ve been a better episode. As Rush said “This ship was not meant for just one person to control”
    But overall very good episode! Keep em’ coming 😀

  30. awesome episode; i just got so excited when i saw the new set 🙂

    keep up the good work, i just can’t wait for the next episodes.

  31. No spoilers. Whoa, controversial indeed! Trying to catch up with the blogs. Been mostly unconscious since Friday’s surgery.

  32. Jelly looks fantastic – what a great result from the treatment!

    Who died?!?!?!? Blasted Canadian schedule. (Or rather, blasted US schedule changing on us?)

    Three favourite comedic movies…hmmm – that’s a tough one…

    Off the top of my head; Monty Python – any MP, love it all. And Galaxy Quest makes me howl every, single time. Then I’d have to say Evolution – it has certain moments that make it all worthwhile.

    It feels like it’s harder to find a truly great comedy that our house can all agree on than any other genre. I love MP and GQ – and my husband loves Dumb and Dumber and Larry the Cable Guy.

    A confession: As a family who camps with children a LOT during the summer, we all laughed our heads off at RV with Robin Williams. Wouldn’t have found it funny otherwise, I’m sure.

    Night all 🙂

  33. Wow! What an episode. Not much I can say without:








    Oh my God! They killed Riley! You *#@**#@! That came out of nowhere. Outstanding performances by H. Sutherland, R. Carlyle & L. Ferreira. I would like to know what Mr. Sutherland did to make you kill his character. Did he look at your dogs the wrong way? Did he not like your story in “Masked”? That was definitely one of the most powerful scenes in any Stargate series, between Young and Riley. I can’t believe that Young actually did it. I thought he would find T.J.’s bag and give him an overdose of something or even shoot him. But to smother him until he was dead was an unbelievable thing to do. And I know that Riley knew he was going to die and wanted it to end quickly, but he has no idea what effect he has had on Young. First his daughter was “killed”, then he has to kill someone that he was closer to that most of the crew. I think his drinking is going to affect his judgement in a crucial matter, causing Telford to have to assume command. It looks like even though Telford is “cured” he still has ambitions about taking over command of the ship. And Rush is going to have more than his guilt to worry about. Once the crew finds out that he had control of the ship, even if it wouldn’t have helped Riley, well time to break out the pitchforks and torches. Kudos on the bridge set, it certainly looks like something that the ancients would have designed: functional and yet it has that look that shows that they are so much more advanced than anyone else. The big question is, was that Franklin or just a figment of his mind like his wife. So now we are down to around 7 Lucian Alliance people? Hard to tell from that quick look in their brig at the end of the episode. The line of the night was the debate between Scott and Eli over whether or not to detonate the explosive. The thing I am confused about is, it appeared the gate was burried face down when Greer first found it. And yet after the explosion it was standing up. Was it so burried that it appeared to be face down? There is no way that they could have raised the gate into a standing position by themselves. I hope the ratings start to reflect what an amazing job you guys are doing. We need to do whatever it takes to get a third season…….Bring on Awakening!!!

  34. Hey, Joe!
    Another great episode! I don’t want to say too much about the episode as to not spoil anything for viewers in other countries that won’t be able to see it for a few days… but if anyone saw the S2 trailer or some of your on set pics than it’s not a spoiler to say that it was great to finally see Rush on the bridge! Also the “landing” sequence in the episode was really amazing special effects! Talk about movie quality! It is amazing what you guys are able to produce on the budget you have. Also kudos to Jim Menard on the lighting! Especially during various scenes inside the shuttle, the change in lighting really played into the drama of the story, that was masterful. Great writing too… both episodes have been emotional rollercoasters so far, I like it because not only does it allow the actors to really shine their craft, but it also helps to set the stage for the bigger storylines and intense action sequences that are coming. Can’t wait for next week’s episode!

    I have a feeling the US ratings will be better this week. Regardless of all of us trying to get the word out that Season 2 was going to start on last Tuesday, I think there were 2 main reasons why the mass public was thinking it started this week instead.

    Reason One: the complete Season 1 dvd set didn’t come out until today (Oct. 5th). Usually a TV show’s previous season dvd is released either a week prior to or the week of that show’s new season as a marketing strategy to get people consciously thinking about the show realizing that the new season is about to air. Unfortunately SGU’s season 1 dvd set was released a week after season 2 aired. Chances are now that people see SGU dvds sitting in the “New Releases” section in stores it will remind them about season 2.

    Reason Two: after the Season 1 finale the SyFy commercial for Season 2 concluded with “coming this Fall” and was later changed to “coming this October” wasn’t until a month or so later that the Sept. 28th premiere date was officially announced. A lot of people I talked to assumed that Season 2 didn’t start airing until the start of October because of that ad, they never saw the Sept. 28 commercials. I also had some people tell me that they knew SGU was moving to Tuesdays and that it was going to air alongside Caprica.. I think since Caprica didn’t start until tonight some people just assumed that SGU didn’t start until tonight as well. It will be interesting to see how the 8PM re-broadcast of last week’s episode does in the ratings.

    Ironically Caprica’s Season 1.0 dvd set was released today (the same day as its premiere) and not next Tuesday (the week after its premiere). What is the marketing strategy in releasing SGU’s dvds a week after it’s premiere broadcast and not the week of (or week before)? It doesn’t make any sense. The other thing I did not understand was the total lack of commercials on SyFy’s part about SGU moving to Tuesdays and starting Sept. 28th. In the past week, I have seen several commercials for Caprica on NBC, but I never saw a single commercial for SGU at any time on NBC (Robert Carlyle was on the Today show last Tuesday, but that was the only promoting I ever saw on NBC, and admittedly seeing Bobby interviewed was far more entertaining than any commercial, but I still don’t understand why SyFy continues to play favorites to certain shows when Stargate has been their longest lasting and top-selling franchise).

    Well, if anyone needs me, I’ll be off tinkering with our Universal Remote Control… come next Tuesday every TV in the neighborhood will be simultaneously tuned in to SGU, all with one push of a button!! *insert evil laugh and conniving finger twiddling*

  35. As far as comedies go, I really don’t like them, I am a drama/action fan. The one that I do really like is Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The one movie that can make me fall out of my chair laughing!

  36. Blazing Saddles is really good… though I prefer Spaceballs and Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Animal House, I didn’t find all that funny. I mean it certainly spawned numerous catch phrases and conceptualizations of college life, but I really didn’t find it entertaining. I’m down with Adam Sandler comedies as they are all variation of the “man child” thing.

    My top three in no particular order: Austin Powers, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Spaceballs. Comedy on TV is better though: Futurama, South Park, Daily Show/Colbert Report

    Also my emotions during “Aftermath” in exclamation form: Cool, Sweet, Huh, Interesting, Not Cool Man, Okay, What, What!?, WHAT!?, Oh My God He Did THAT, Oh My God They (the writers) Did That!, awwwww, hmm what’s next…


  37. Oh, I thought Annie Hall and Animal House were both so incredibly boring and unfunny. I could barely sit through them. I think you’d be hard pressed to find any young adult these days who doesn’t love The Princess Bride to one degree or another, and most could probably quote you at least a few lines. Personally, I find it hard to make lists of favorite movies. I just love so many. Although, right off the top of my head, comedy-wise, I’m thinking about Dodgeball, Galaxy Quest, and Hot Fuzz.

  38. Oh, and I just saw that the complete first season is out (or maybe soon, I didn’t look that closely). This is good news. And it’s a reasonable price. I would never have bought the season in halves because I feel like I’m being screwed when they try to get us to pay twice like that, but as a full season there’s a good chance I’ll buy it. (Even though I didn’t like most of the first half of the season, but it would have irritated me to buy the second half and not have the first half also.) I don’t know whose decision it was to put out the complete season, but it was a very good one in my opinion.

  39. So difficult to pick comedies at the movies. With today’s television, there is so much better stuff on it than the theatres ever could play. Here’s my list:

    Animal House–classic
    Princess Bride–another classic, another awesome book
    A Christmas Story–gotta read the book too, it’s awesome

    Ivon’s choices? Huh?

    Oooh, I forgot Anchorman. The only movie I like of Will Ferrell.

  40. Hi Joe
    For comedies I would go with

    Life Of Brian
    Blazing Saddles

    With honourable mentions for

    Bruce Almighty – just for the bit where Steve Carrell is made to spout gibberish in the studio – that actually made my sides hurt !
    Holy Grail – ecky ecky ecky fatang
    Spinal Tap – No, this one goes to 11


  41. Yay Jelly! Question: does she bark because her front legs jump up and down or do her front legs jump up and down because she’s barking? 🙂

    Oh, one can never go wrong with The Princess Bride!

  42. I liked one of Carl’s, one of Ashleigh’s, none of Lawren’s, OMG in a bad way for Ivon and 2 of yours.

    I’m not sure what my favorites are. I own The Princess Bride, but I also own Blazing Saddles and Young Frankenstein. My Man Godfrey is a great comedy. I really like Beverly Hills Cop too.

  43. Jelly looks brilliant, the improvement since her treatment is amazing.

    Fave comedy films (in no particular order):

    Princess Bride
    MP & the Holy Grail/ Life of Brian
    Some Like it Hot

  44. Let’s see…my favourite comedies of all time…haven’t we done this already? Found it difficult to narrow down to three.

    Undercover Blues
    “My name is Muerte”

    “That was a stop sign”…”I totally paused”‘

    Airplane aka Flying High
    “A hospital..what is it?” “It’s a big building with patients but that’s not important right now”

    There’s Something about Mary
    “Is it the frank or the beans?”

    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
    “A guy in my biology class said that if Ferris dies, he’s giving his eyes to Stevie Wonder”

    The Money Pit
    “Did you really buy this house?”

    Death at a Funeral
    “Tea can do many things Jane, but it can’t bring back the dead”

    Sorry Carl I have to confess that I’m not really into Monty Python or Woody Allen..does that make me a bad person?

    Oh and Ivon, I would have figured you for a 40 year old virgin/hangover kinda guy….dumb and dumber – really?

    Just skimming ‘cos I don’t want spoilers….

    Cheers, Chev

  45. Coucou! ça va bien?

    Moi oui, le temps est maussade aujourd’hui:(!

    Vos chiens sont trés mignons, ça me fait pensée que le mien me manque…je vais devoir attendre noël pour le revoir.

    Je suis impatiente de voir ce nouveau épisode, j’espere qu’il me plaira plus que le 1er.

    En ce moment je suis dans ma période sanctuary, ça fait une semaine que je m’y suis mise, et je trouve cette serie vraiment super, en plus y’a pleins d’acteurs de stargate héhé =P

    Je reviens plus tard pour vous donner mon avi!

    Gros bisou!!

  46. funny movies, c’mon

    Strange Brew! Bob and Doug at their best!

    Monty Pyton and the Holy Grail – we just watched this with the kids the other week

    and finally it’s a tie between two oldies
    Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation and Mr. Blandings Builds his Dream House

  47. On the episode of SGU from last night (spoiler warning):

    I have great respect for the writers for not sidestepping the issue of Young killing Riley (like, having Riley simply pass conveniently away from blood loss as the episode came to an end).

    I half expected Young to ask TJ for some anaesthetic to overdose Riley on. Or for TJ to discuss amputation of legs (Riley’s pelvis was unobscured, from what I could see, which makes the idea viable). But I’m assuming if they didn’t have anaesthetic for an overdose, they didn’t have it for an amputation that wouldn’t have killed Riley, either, in an even more gruesome way.

    Heartbreaking for Young, who had to do it. Realistically, from the decisions he’s had to make and the isiolation of his character, I would expect Young to consider suicide himself.

    This was science fiction at its best, and powerful storytelling. This episode touched on a topic that is relevant in a painful way. There are Things Not Spoken Of by soldiers who come home, and mercy killing is one of them.

    Because it is such a realistic topic, and because it is so relevant, I hope the writers find a way to get some relief for Young, to leave us, and those who surive Things Not Spoken Of, with some kind of hope, that this single act does not have to lead to a complete self-destructive unravelling.

    Not that everything has to be resolved with everyone shitting Fluffy Bunnies of Happiness. That’s not what I’m saying at all. And a little unravelling (oh Rush–you’ve gone a bit beyond Gandalf talking to himself, haven’t you?) can be good storytelling.

    But killing Riley in the way he did (intimately, with his hands, eyes open, so Riley wasn’t alone at the end) took a lot of humanity and compassion, and I’d hate to see that kind of strength completely destroyed.

  48. dear mr Mallozzi, thanks for such a great episode. i kinda think it’s the best episode. even better than Time!

  49. Top three comedies:

    Groundhog Day

    I DVR’d SGU and will (hopefully) watch it tonight. MUST…RESIST…SPOILERS…

  50. Hard to nail down top 3 comedies because it totally depends on the mood I’m in but here’s a try:

    The Thin Man
    Monty Python & the Holy Grail
    Undercover Brother

  51. Big Lebowski? Good movie but I don’t remember laughing. If you’re going to go Cohen brothers, Raising Arizona is pure genius. The distinction between what you think is the best comedy movie and what is your personal favourite always changes my picks. But my votes for top three comedies that I laughed hardest at the first time, have stuck with me, and that I’ve watched, appreciated and quoted time and again are:

    Blazing Saddles
    Airplane!(note the exclamation mark!)
    Team America

    With honourable mention to:
    Young Frankenstien
    This is Spinal Tap
    Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

    I almost put When Harry Met Sally in there just to piss off Carl.

    Not sure if they’ll stand the test of time, but I also recently did like:

    The Hangover
    40 Year Old Virgin

  52. Another amazing episode of SGU! And two episodes in a row that make me weep like a baby. I’ll know better next time. 😛

  53. @Rob Cooper said:

    Airplane!(note the exclamation mark!)

    Oops…trust a writer to pick up my lack of punctuation. My apologies Rob. I will endeavour to do better! How’s that?

    Cheers, Chev

  54. I was just about to post in disbelief that nobody mentioned Airplane! (note the exclamation mark!). In my mind, the best comedy ever. Glad Mr. Cooper and I think alike. Now if I had just 1/78th of his bank account…

  55. @kimsmith—I agree completely with your comments about the Young/Riley scene and the Young character.

  56. More…

    Shaun of the Dead
    Monty Python movies


    Controversial? I’m not sure how controversial. I’d have at least let the death be due to trying to get him to the gate if I were Young, but maybe not if he’d asked. Didn’t Mitchell hand Jackson a gun in an SG movie?

    TJ knows, though. There are tells when a person’s been suffocated. I’m not sure it would show up well after they’ve had a crushing injury, too, but TJ already saw those effects. It’s not like TJ doesn’t already have a lot of dirt on Young.

    Maybe dropping off the LA people on a barren rock is controversial. Did all of them go?

    Now, Eli sitting on his butt even when his life is at stake. Sheesh.

  57. I’ll agree with Joe on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels individually but as for any other comedy sets, gotta go with two actors who made mostly hilarious movies, Mel Brooks & Leslie Nielsen. Yes, I’ve looked at former SNL & 2nd City guys ‘n gals stuff & found it funny, but not quite that exquisite scope these 2 have. OK, except for Liar, Liar.

    And alright, SGU still has me hanging around while waiting for the McKay ep. You should pat David Blue for keeping my interest also with his fair amount of campaigning & big enthusiasm.

  58. Go, Jelly, go! She looks to be in great shape. 🙂

    Such a heartbreaking episode, between losing Riley and Rush’s completely justified suspicions that he’s losing his mind. Am I crazy or was the background (trees and such) in the shuttle crash in ‘Aftermath’ a re-use from the al’kesh crash in ‘Last Stand’ (SG-1 5.16)?

    As for favorite, comedies… well, it really depends on my mood, but some of the old standbys are:

    The Princess Bride
    Keeping the Faith
    the Monty Python films
    Robin Hood: Men in Tights
    Ferris Bueller
    Clueless (Gotta love a good Jane Austen interpretation.)
    10 Things I Hate About You (Ditto with Shakespeare.)
    Singin’ In the Rain
    Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog (Supervillains!)

  59. I love this show! Last night’s episode was excellent. I’ve been trying to figure out how to get into the Neilsen program so that my viewership gets counted. If they know we’re watching, hopefully we can keep getting our SGU fix for years to come.

    Favorite Comedies:

    *The Wedding Singer (I love the ‘Linda’ song!)

    *Tootsie (Dustin Hoffman’s craziness blew me away) and

    *The Naked Gun (Could not stop laughing the whole way through)

  60. First three comedies that came to mind:

    CHICAGO, 2003?, film adaptation of the Broadway musical, starring Zellweger /Zeta-Jones /Gere and a host of others

    DR. HORRIBLE’S SING-ALONG BLOG, 2008?, which I recently saw for the first time and in a cinema (missed it as a webseries)

    Neil Simon’s THE GOODBYE GIRL, 1977, starting Mason /Dreyfuss /Cummings. “Of all the right-up-front girls I ever met, you’re right up front.” (OK, I cheated; I own the 1977 novelization.)

  61. Uh, WOW! That was pretty dramatic. While I was watching when Riley asked for the gun I was thinking “Please don’t do this, you can’t!” Then when Young assisted Riley I just sat in shock. Writing like this definitely sets SGU apart from SG1 or SGA. WOW!

  62. Ashleigh, come on now. Clueless and Ace Ventura? ugh! We can’t even be *that* far away in age! (I’m 32 and now ducking)

    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles is great. Animal House is great. Rent them now!

    My Top 3:

    Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
    Groundhog Day
    Funny Farm (dark horse)

  63. 1. It would be impossible for me to whittle down my list of comedies to 3. 10 maybe, but not 3.
    2. Riley?! What he ever do to you guys. In all of Stargate, he was my favorite secondary character. When he died, I yelled “NOOOOO!” & scared the household.
    3. At the rate SGU seems to be losing characters through disappearances/being put off the ship/deaths, you guys won’t be able to make it to a 4th season, you’ll run out of cast members midway through season 3.

  64. And I forgot…

    *A Christmas Story (From Crayonbaby’s list. It’s Very funny.)

  65. Longtime lurker here, just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last nights episode, and how much I’ve been enjoying SGU in general. I was a little skeptical at the beginning of the first season, but now I’m totally sold on it. Keep up the good work!

  66. NCIS fans – Anyone else think Tobias and Gibbs need to get a room?? 😆


  67. Overall I thought this was a good eppy, for what it was (thank you Mr. Cooper). The VFX of the ship crashing was terrific and very realistic looking. Also loved the music. But, that’s about all the possitive feedback I have. Sorry. SGU is just too depressing. But it’s still worth watching for the occasional good scene.

  68. Wow — came in late and only saw the last half of the ep last night — can’t wait to see the rest On Demand tonight! The Destiny folks really are on each other’s last nerve; on the other hand, it’s obvious that they also care very deeply about each other, even when they can’t stand each other — just like any family 🙂 I’m loving it.

    There are many more but here are three of my favorite comedies:
    “Duck Soup” — the Marx Brothers
    “The Ladykillers” (the original with Alec Guiness — those teeth!!)
    “Trading Places” with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd

  69. I sincerely hope Ashleigh was joking with her picks. There are so many comedies out there, a top 3 is nothing, here is my top 10 in ascending order;

    10) Wayne’s World
    9) The Jerk
    8) Caddyshack
    7) Jackass
    6) Dr Strangelove
    5) Zombieland
    4) National Lampoon’s Vacation
    3) Airplane
    2) Ghostbusters
    1) The Hangover

    I was really REALLY disappointed that you killed the guy advocating for human rights for the prisoners. Now what character that is sympathetic will argue for not descending into things like torture?


  71. @ Das – LOL, I thought the same thing about Gibbs and Tobias! Leave it to you to voice it. 😉

    Great ep Joe. Very emotional. Kudos to Rob. You’ve got some great actors, which of course we all know, and they really brought the characters alive this ep. Why can’t all shows be as well done as SGU?

  72. So, the (Official?) Stargate Magazine has info that Destiny’s Length is 2450 feet and Width 1700 feet (at wingtips).
    Is it just me, or is that a bit small?

  73. Ratings day today, one might hope the general audience of the Syfy channel develops a taste for real Scifi and watches. Either way I guess at this point anything is better than 1.1 mill lol

    Anyway speaking of which Rush is only being secretative because at the end of the day no one really trusts him and they just keep him at arms length. Not to mention him discovering the point of Destinys existance. We all know he tells Young etc. Good call on his part less hassle.

  74. Do you mind discussing story points about aired episodes? I don’t want to write anything that might spoil it for someone who’s not seen an episode but I keep thinking about Intervention and would like to ask some questions.

    Let me do this, just in case:

    **** SPOILERS *****

    I’m interested particular in the decision to kill Kiva. I get that it would’ve been daft to have both her and Telford survive that shooting (which was excellent, by the way; very joltingly unexpected). I also see that it threw the Alliance people into disarray, that perhaps it changed the stakes: gone was the clever strategist, in was the violently rough one. Someone Col. Young might find harder to predict.

    Only, I felt for all its advantages, it had disadvantages too. We simply knew Kiva better than any of her team so it was that much harder for a character to come to the fore for us now when we’ve seen them as more a throbbing background threat for two episodes.

    I did really like that uncertainty of how these characters would react but I was less connected with them than with Kiva. She seemed to embody the Alliance’s purpose too. Perhaps it’s because I’m new to Stargate but I don’t really get why they want this ship so much and I went with it, I believed it because Kiva carried me along. So that was gone a little when we lost her.

    Then you have that interesting resolution where Dannic is killed by Ginn. That was loaded with all the issues of power and purpose and I loved that the greater issues were side by side with the the way that Dannic had physically pushed her around earlier. How much was her killing him because it was the right and necessary thing to do, how much was the pushed-around character standing up for herself?

    Only, did we see Ginn last season? I’m sorry if we have, it’s been a time and I don’t remember her. So it felt like a new character resolving the issue. No matter that Rush did all he did to engineer this, she was the turning point and she’s not a regular.

    What do you think? Or rather, what did you think? That the punch of killing Kiva was worth a cost? Are you happy with how it all went?

    And am I simply, entirely, thoroughly wrong and missed every thing you were working so hard to convey?

    For what it’s worth, I’m one of the new viewers: didn’t happen to enjoy the film or SG-1 but can’t get enough of Universe.


  75. Has anyone ever told Maximus that he looks exactly like a baby seal? Max has the sweetest melty brown eyes ever, awwww!

    Lots of good choices, Groundhog Day, Princess Bride and Galaxy Quest are all faves too.

    But I need to add yet another, and I think it will be reviled by some, and I’m not saying it’s the funniest ever but my current fave comedy is Gentlemen Broncos; I just love Dr. Ronald Chevalier!

  76. My top 3 comedies:

    The Princess Bride
    The Big Lebowski
    My Man Godfrey

    My top 3 action movies:

    Leon – The Professional

    My top 3 Sci-Fi Movies:

    The Matrix
    Star Wars – IV (A New Hope)

    My top 3 Sci-Fi TV Shows:

    Stargate SG-1/SG-A

    My top 3 books:

    Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
    The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury
    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

    Well, that was fun! Need any more “Top 3” lists?

  77. @PJR – I’m watching Dude Where’s My Car right now. Am I entertained? Yes. Putting it on my list of greats? No.

  78. Oops, I didn’t catch the “comedy” in “what kind of movie flicks do you like”. There are some good ones from everybody’s list: Blazing Saddles, Trains, Planes and Automobiles, Young Frankenstein (for sure) and Galaxy Quest; it’s one of the newer ones we love! I never got into the Princess Bride and Austin Powers is beyond stupid to me. I haven’t seen Dr. Horrible yet.

    Loved the show last night! So….when is it going to be common knowledge that Rush knows how to run some of the ship’s functions? Wow, that is going to piss people off.

    Das: Anyone else think Tobias and Gibbs need to get a room?? William Devane rocked! It’s a pity that Mr. Devane probably had a one-time only guest appearance. They do have a certain chemistry together.

  79. Joe, just saw the ratings news…I am truly sorry for all the good people who have put so much of themselves into SGU. It was an experiment and experiments don’t always give you the results you want or expect. I loved the many good years you had with the Stargate franchise, so thanks to you and everyone associated with SG.

  80. Who’s idea was it to put Universe up against Dancing with the Stars, NCIS: LA, and Glee. I understand that Warehouse 13 had good ratings on Tuesdays, but 80% of the demographic that is the target is watching DWTS, and Glee. Love Universe, but the move it to like a saturday or Sunday when nothing else is on. Seemed to work with BSG.

  81. Personally, I’m loving Stargate Universe on Tuesdays. I have the awesome lineup of No Ordinary Family, Stargate Universe, and Caprica! Its really great. I could care less about NCIS: LA (it sucks), Glee (yuck), and Dancing with the Stars makes my skin crawl. Ugh. Three awesome shows (NOF, Universe, & Caprica) on Tuesday nights and people would rather watch “stars” dance and dumb cop shows & stupid musical comedies. *sigh*

    I hope Syfy keeps Universe & Caprica on Tuesdays. Forget the ratings. Who cares! lol. Ya, I know, probably won’t happen, but I can dream right? I just love my current Tuesday lineup…

    (the rating system sucks!)


  82. Aftermath was awesome. Not much more I can say about it. It was just, a very good episode. Young is probably going to become more inhuman to deal with all the horrific things that has happened lately. I’m still waiting for my episode when a crew member just gives into Pandorum; since being that far from all you know probably turns an unbalanced person into a monster; with perfect goa’uld like clarity of self and purpose—though it probably sucks to be any one else. Growing up, as a kid, I wished I could be on the set of Startrek, and now as an adult, and hundreds of miles away, the same history is being made again, and I can’t even get near anything. It’s worse now, because as a kid, Startrek was almost fifteen plus years before. When thanks to the power of the internet, I can see it all unfolding and I’d just matter as well be a million miles away.

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