Hey, look at who hurt their ankle playing kickball the other night.

At first, she claimed it was broken.  Then fractured.  Then possibly badly sprained.  Then slightly sprained.  Then, when I noted what seemed like her limping off the wrong foot – kinda twisted.  Still, she milked it for all she was worth, insisting we piggyback her down to the lunch truck and, when we refused, purposely quickening her pace so that she could arrive at the stairwell before us, forcing us to wait while she made her excruciatingly laborious ascent back upstairs.

Big day in the production offices today.  Why?  Were we approving the SGU press kits?  Screening the season two trailer?  Breaking the season finale?  Hell, no. We were making our picks for our annual NFL Dark Horse/Reverse Dark Horse office pool.  Eight of us took part including Robert Cooper who participated via conference call and there were some very interesting (read: bizarre) selections made.

First, we chose our Dark Horses – a team that finished below .500 last season that will have the best record this season.  The pics were as follows:

Joe: Oakland Raiders (Gotta go with my team).

Rob: Chicago Bears (Does he know something about Jay Cutler I don’t?).

Carl: Miami Dolphins (Carl did his research and was quick to pounce).

Lawren: Seattle Seahawks (Lawren seemed very happy, I would almost say smug, about his pick).

Brad: Buffalo Bills (Hmmmmm).

Ashleigh: Tampa Bay Buccaneers (A team she not-so-coincidentally selected as her Reverse Dark Horse pick last year and won).

Ivon: Jacksonville Jaguars (No idea).

Paul: Kansas City Chiefs (Carl insists this was a good pick).

Next, we chose our Reverse Dark Horses – a team that finished better than .500 last season that will have the worst record this season.

Paul: Cincinnati Bengals (He’s had a love-hate relationship with the Bengals for as long as I’ve known him).

Ivon: Atlanta Falcons (Maybe.  But I’ll be rooting for them in NFC).

Ashleigh: New York Jets (And she immediately started second-guessing herself).

Brad: Minnesota Vikings (A good pick – especially if Favre is injured, or gets any older).

Lawren: Baltimore Ravens (They may dip below .500, but their defense always keeps them in games).

Carl: Arizona Cardinals (Again, Carl was quick to pounce).

Rob: Houston Texans (“They’ve got Matt Leinart!”Carl reminded him.  “I know!”Rob countered).

Joe: Pittsburgh Steelers (Although I had the last pick, I would have chosen them if I’d landed the first).

Best of luck to everyone.  And by everyone, I mean me.

On the NCAA football front, by the way, I want to respond to those who claim I’m hedging my bets by showing my support for various teams.  In fact, I’m only supporting each of those colleges within their conferences.  The Georgia Bulldogs are my team.  They have been my team for as far back as about three days ago and will continue to be my team long after the 2010 season has ended.  But no longer than the commencement of the 2011 season at which point I may reconsider.

As I’m wont to do on quiet Wednesday afternoons, I was going through everyone else’s office when I happened upon this awesome find in Brad’s corner suite –

Mini Destiny top view.

Mini Destiny bottom view.

And this is how you're supposed to wear it.

Got some terrific notes on my rewrite of The Hunt.  I’ll address them tomorrow, put out the revised draft in the afternoon, and then it’ll be smooooooth sailing.  Looks like we’ll be casting on Friday: Corporal Reynolds, T.J.’s sister, T.J.’s dad, and Tasia.

And closing out today’s entry with two more terrific fan-made trailers.  The first from Shep –

And the second from ppatoc –

61 thoughts on “September 8, 2010: One of the most important days of the production year! A mini model Destiny! And, oh yeah, Ashleigh may have broken her ankle.

  1. Ok so you are saying the Steelers will be in the crapper,,hmmm.(worse than last year)hmmm.
    And Ashleigh, I hope your ankle/foot is better soon, you know better than to try to get sympathy from the guys at work. Work on a more pitiful look and for heavens sake, limp according to the injury and ha ha, no running to the catering truck, although I can see why you would,get in front of people to have a better selection.(or anything left) Feel better soon.

  2. Love the Destiny pictures, and I still want to know when one will be available for sale. 🙂 Not as much into pro football although my brother would be disappointed if the Bengals did that badly. As far as your college team choice goes, I just have this to say—May the best team win on Saturday—and if it’s my team, I will have more to say on one of your weekend blog entries. 🙂

    Have a good night.

  3. When i first read that i though Colonel Reynolds would be making an appearance. Oh well… I should probably learn to read more carefully.

  4. @ Tammy Dixon – You just said: 2cats: I’d kill for 89-92F days.
    So, where on this blue/green world are you Tammy?
    Whilst I still await my autumnal coolness of being, mere days away.

    @ Shep – Great job on the fan trailer, but my Google Chrome didn’t want to play it, had to switch to Firefox. I like your choice of shots.

    @ ppatoc Hey, isn’t your screen name a bad word in Klingon?, If I’m mistaken, forgive me. Loved your fan trailer too! Nice cutaways and flow, nice audio. LOVED seeing RDA again, God bless him.

    That’s all from me tonight Joe, g’night all!


  5. Hey Ashleigh get well soon!!

    So I’m off-prem taking classes for most of September. I needed some reading material for breaks/lunches etc. My preference a book of shorts; theory being I’ll find them easier to follow with the constant interruptions. Anyway, I picked up a copy of Masked this afternoon. I know there’s the argument of saving the best for last, but I’m not exactly known for delayed gratification… So I’m going to crack it open and start reading your story tonight, I’ll let you know what I think…..

    Have a good one!!

  6. 1 the priors of oris used stargate to go to our galaxy
    Was it due to their powers ?
    Did they use a power source like ZPM ?

    2 There is a big difference of size between a supergate and a stargate.
    Is it a problem if we send a traveler without ship by this one to contact a stargate ?

    3 Why atlantis would vaporize if we used the engine with whirlpool?
    Is it possible to mitigate this problem?

    4 is the crystal skulls could be usefull to contact the destiny if we had one of them in the ship ?
    We don’t know how to use them, but our allies could show us how to use these ones

  7. @Ashliegh,

    Get well soon. Take it easy, and keep the streak in the office pools alive.


    Hello. Not much of a football fan. (I know that right now everyone is saying WTF… 😉 ). Do you have a pool running for the US Open right now? Personally, I think Tennis players are the best athletes: they need speed, coordination, endurance, and power. Any interesting picks?

    By the way, how is everyone back home doing? Hope Jelly is continuing to recover nicely.

    Best Wishes,


  8. Man, I would have gone with Denver and New Orleans. The Saints are gonna bomb this year!! BOOOOOOMB

    Hey when does SGU season 2 wrap? and when do you expect to hear about a season 3 pickup?

  9. What do you think is most realistic? Do you think ships in the future of advanced races will look extremely complex in textural elements across their hull or will they be more plain like the original Star Trek’s ship. Is it a trend to have more complex textured hulls for ships, or a technique to appeal to the crowd more and sacrifice realism? It’d be cool to see some ships in Stargate Universe that are plain and simple looking in terms of textures, assuming it fits to a realism factor. Realism in a science fiction show is amazing how it adds to the enticement of the show for me, and Stargate always strives for that. Damn though, I love Destiny. And those models are fucking amazing of it.

  10. @ 2cats – regarding google chrome: you need to update to a newer version. hit ‘about google chrome’ and you’ll get the option.

  11. Happy Rosh Hashanah to any other Jewish readers.
    LOL poor Ashleigh, you probably kicked her. Heal soon Ashleigh.

  12. Ouch, I can’t get the first one to play here OR on youtube but the 2nd is fantastic!

  13. I know NOTHING about football so I’m going with Greenbay!? Lol

    I too would love a mini destiny any chance we could have a contest to win one? Or you could send me one??

  14. You know, Destiny worn properly almost reminds me of a Star Trek combadge. Especially considering how Brad is wearing it. That’d be so cool if they all had chevron combadges!! *Young presses chevron/Destiny badge* “This is Young, come in Eli.” No? Not going to happen? Shucks….

  15. Yay! Finally some background info and family members for T.J. (or at least the first time we’ll get to meet them). She’s one of my favorite characters, and I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get more of her backstory/family situation in season 1.

  16. Ashleigh should eat some good ol’ fashioned red meat, then maybe she won’t be so fragile. 🙂

    @ 2cats – My old gal starts mewing – no…’yelling’…at 3 or 4 am, and won’t stop until you 1. Feed her, 2. Let her outside (she’s supposed to be an indoor cat), 3. Open a closet door so she can sleep inside, or 4. cuddle. It’s hard to tell what she wants…and I think she’s going deaf and senile. Still…I love her. 🙂

    @ Joe – Any chance we’ll see a return of the Weird Food Purchase of the Day bit? It’s been a while and I miss it.

    Also, not sure if you like ‘police procedural’ comics, but I highly recommend Sweets by Kody Chamberlain: http://kodychamberlain.blogspot.com/

    It’s only a 5-ish mini (#2 came out last week, I think), and right now it’s one of my favorite stories thatdoesn’thaveragdollinit. 🙂 I’m even enjoying it more than Wolverine at the moment…just love the atmosphere of the entire book, both story and artwise.

    Have a good night, sir!


  17. ah comon inception music is the new requiem for a dream, can make any badly edited trailer sound epic. too easy plus the music tells another different story. I think SGU’s music can be used for a trailer without much effort, the ones from Air pt3 and Incursion come to mind. although probably a bad idea but i do have an inclination towards teen miley cyrus-like music when it comes to sgu. sorry it just fits the stories you guys wanna tell. lol

  18. Hey, c’est la vidéo de ppatoc ! Mais attention, il l’a refaite récemment (avec mes conseils de professionels amateurs ^^).

    J’aime beaucoup le mini-Destiny, mais va-t-il être en magasin pour les fans ? Mystère !

  19. I LOL’ed all the way through your comments tonight. Everybody around you seems to have an abundant and creative sense of humor, and you make the most of retelling everything of interest. (Maybe with just a tad of exaggeration here and there. Or more. But it’s so much fun.) Sore ankles of course are no fun, but Ashleigh rocks for using it to mess with the rest of you.

    Everybody did such a super job with the videos. Thanks so much to PG15, Shep, and ppatoc for sharing them. Great watching!

    It’s fun to sit back and read the choices of all the pigskin-pool prognosticators. But of course even the pro analysts can have their teams tank when things go awry. (For instance, I saw on MSN that Georgia already lost a talented WR to a four-game suspension.) Doing the homework makes my brain hurt. So, I just provide helpful commentary to people like my bro — who is a zealous convert to Cowboyism — along the lines of what foibles are most likely to undermine Tony Romo this season. He appreciates that *g*, just as I carefully consider all his well-considered remarks (riiiiight) about Bill Belichick. (Sure I do.)

    Just because we share our thoughts at very high volume at times doesn’t mean we’re actually emotionally involved. My dad scolds us for acting like adolescents, but he yells louder at his Jax-fan siblings than my bro and I put together. Fun! Really! *big grin*

  20. I want to see the new trailer for SGU quickly!!! lol

    And thanks Joseph to post my trailer ^^

    Stargate Universe powaaaa!


    So, I read the planet Langara will be back in SGU’s Seizure… Does this mean we’ll finally get to know what happened to Jonas Quinn?

  22. Some interesting choices there….I’ll throw my hat in the ring and choose Washington as my dark horse and Arizona as my reverse dark horse. I’m a 49er fan myself and I’ve got a really great feeling about this season for the niners…can’t wait for it to start.

    Sorry to see Ashleigh “injured” her ankle. Joe you should have raced her to the lunch truck…see how fast she made it for the last whatever you were eating.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. nice job with the fan trailers

  23. Joe,

    My little boys want to know what the mini-Destiny is made of. And they want to know, can you get it in Lego form? Maybe for Christmas?

    Tell Ashleigh we hope she feels better soon.

  24. Ashleigh SEVERELY broke her ankle, a commbadge Destiny AND two fan-made Universe trailers? Phew, it’s a good thing I’m already parked on my derrière.
    Excellent work Shep & ppatoc.

  25. Hello Mr Mallozzi,

    I hope Ashleigh will get well soon!

    Where did Brad get this Destiny? I hope they will be available for sale very soon 😀

    Have a nice day

  26. noelm,

    the destiny 3d print is made from a UV cured acrylic plastic.
    and yes, it’d be fun to make out of lego 😉

    and philipp,

    Brad got it from the model shop, like the larger destiny model that was posted on here a few days ago.

  27. Isn’t fractured the same as broken? Anyway, “Feel Better Soon Ms. Ashleigh”.

    Thank you for the trailers? When does the new season premier?

    2cats: I live in Mississippi about five miles away from Memphis, TN. It was HOT here this summer. I like it warm but…. I’m really glad I wasn’t working a roofer this summer 😀 . 105+F degrees, 70% humidity and there were guys putting roofs on all day!
    88F to 92F would be a perfect climate for me, as I have body parts that go numb (Raynauds) when the temp drops under 79F. I could NEVER live in the North.

  28. @ Joe – What’s your favorite single food item? (To make this easier, chocolate is off the menu. 😉 ) I do not mean a dish made of combined ingredients, but rather a single food that you just can’t resist…that one item that will make you pick one dish over another on the menu, or that you just can’t stop yourself from eating every time you open the fridge, or pantry? For me, it’s olives – kalamata and manzanilla, of course, but also all those little odd olives that are often hard to find or only in mixes. I can’t pass up an olive to save my life. After that, it’s cheese. Any kind…on my plate, with olives. 🙂

    So, what’s your ‘can’t resist’ single food item?

    Have a good day, sir!


  29. Steelers, pfft. We were doomed the minute Sports Illustrated picked us to win the Super Bowl this year. Between that jinx and Polamalu insuring his hair (!) with Lloyd’s of London I don’t think we can win. Especially with Ben still shaking off that Skank stink. Skankery has brought down world leaders, sports stars, celebrities…if we ever get attacked by aliens we should load a space shuttle up with go-go girls and a keg of Keystone Light and catapult it into space.

    Shep, Shep, Shep! That is one awesome trailer!! I absolutely love fan vids; I don’t have the chutzpa to actually get off my duff and make one, but I love the energy and heart that goes into crafting these fan tributes to our fave show!

  30. BTW this is the song we Pitt fans will be singing when we feast on the innards of South Florida:

    Conan: The Musical

  31. Hope you’re feeling better Ashleigh, get well soon. At least you were doing something athletic when you fell. I fell in the parking lot at Lowes on Monday, if I had been a 65 year old woman w/osteo, I would have broken every bone on my left side. But I thankfully I walked away.

    It was raining and I was wearing flip flops, so really can’t hold Lowes responsible, my bad.

    Feel better, I’m sure Joe will be glad to get anything you need while you are recovering.

  32. Hi
    I’m getting seriously really bad withdrawal symptoms, are we going to get a new Atlantis movie or sg1 movie, i had heard the scripts had been written but no production?.

  33. Hi Joe!

    Do you think Hallmark will have a miniature Destiny Christmas ornament that lights up and plays Breathe by Alexi Murdoch?

    Thanks to PG15, Shep and ppatoc for the great Trailers, WOW!!

    @Das – ooh, I’m with you on olives – and I still like to put them on my fingers and wave them around before eating them – besides, that way you get 10 of them automatically! But I absolutely can NOT pass up anything with lemon – that used to get me into BIG trouble when I had braces as a kid because the acid in lemon juice dissolved the cement on my bands and they kept falling off my teeth!

  34. Hey, Joe!
    Any chance you can take a behind-the-scenes picture of David Hewlett on the SGU set to post on the blog? Please, pretty please?? I’ll be your best friend!

  35. Just a quickie…

    @ B.A.G. – Looking at that one picture from your Q&A, methinks you have nothing to fear from saggy manboobies. 😉

    @ pg15 – a.k.a. Peter Gao (it’s so weird saying your real name)…a.k.a. Y.A.G. (although, maybe N.A.G. would be better….ya know, for Neurotic Asian Guy. 😉 )… I thought of you today…

    I get into work, and right away mom calls me into the house to help clean out her refrigerator. 😛 Well, let me clarify: she had cleaned it, but could not get down on her knees to clean the very bottom and far back, so she asked if I could do it. Firstly, let me say that this is the WORST refrigerator, EVER! It’s a side-by-side, so it’s deep – you have to have monkey arms to reach the back wall. Also, there’s about a 2″ gap between the shelves and the back of the fridge…so stuff falls behind the shelves, and lands on every little protrusion in the molded plastic lining. So I get down on my knees and…I start laughing! Not only was there stuff that looked like a scene out of some Rob Zombie horror flick dripping down the back wall, and petrified lemon wedges resting on every ledge jutting out, there was also a container – I kid you not – hanging in mid-air! It looked like a Salvador Dali painting in there. All I could think as I wiped everything up was, ‘PG would be fainting right about now…” 😀


  36. What, no one picked the Chargers?!? What’s wrong with you people ;P
    I guess I’m just a little biased…and I don’t really like football, unless the Chargers make it to the playoffs.

  37. Hi Joe,

    juste un mot pour vous dire de ne pas vous inquéter si je ne lis pas votre blog au cours des 3 prochaines semaines; jepars enfin en vacances. Vacances que j’ai dû reporter 3 fois déjà.

    Wish me a great 3 weeks out of town in vacations beginning tomorrow night !

  38. @ JulieAloha – I MUST have green olives in my tuna salad, on my liverwurst sandwiches, and on my grilled cheese. MUST. HAVE. Also, they are a requirement on fresh-sliced chicken/turkey/roast beef sandwiches, and on bagels with cream cheese. Kalamata olives – guh! Sometimes I’ll just have a little hummus, a few stuffed grape leaves, chunks of feta (sheep’s milk, preferrably), tomatoes, and kalamata olives for dinner, especially if Mr. Das – a.k.a. The Olive Hater – isn’t going to be home. It’s my favorite indulgence! I like the little wrinkly ones, the big fat round ones that taste like butter, and everyone in between. My least favorite olive are the canned black ‘ripe’ olives – they don’t have much flavor at all.

    When my mom was a little girl, she used to get a ‘Green Devil Sandwich’ at the Woolworth’s lunch counter: Liverwurst, sliced green peppers, sliced onion, green olives, and mayo, on your bread of choice. I grew up on those things – simply delicious! The olives MAKE the sandwich! 😀

    Now I’m hungry.

    @ Joe – Just a side note – before I forget (it’s all still rather insane here, and I’m multitasking like crazy and forgetting all sorts of stuff…it’s amazing I even have underwear on right now! 😀




    … *checks*….

    WHEW! That was a close one. 😛

    Anyhoo…Mr. Das goes under the knife tomorrow morning to fix (hopefully) the nerve damage to his finger from when it was cut about a month ago. No big deal, I hope…other than the part where I have to get up at 4:30 am to get him to the surgery center on time. I’ll let you know how things turn out – your blog is like my twitter, but without character limits! 😀


  39. Nah, those trailers are nice, but not as great as the one you posted yesterday. 🙂

  40. AHHH Ashleigh… you did what I did this summer. Its no fun I know… but you’ll get used to it. Its kinda nice actually.. maybe you can work the sympathy side of the injury and get Joe to be your personal slave while your off your feet. 😉

    Oh and Joe… not trying to say you don’t know what your doing and over react…. but don’t you think it might be better to release the trailer a bit earlier.. maybe next week. I mean, trailers take time to spread around and get a lot of views and gain momentum, posting it so soon to the premier might be a disservice to the trailers effect on viewership IMO. I need time to spam all my facebook friends with it and get people psyched lol. Just a suggestion though. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  41. dasNdanger and JulieAloha : I’m a green olive newbie. There is an Olive section at the “fancy” grocery here. What kind of olive should I try first and with what cheese? You’ve got me hungry now.

    Das: good luck with hubby!

  42. @Das,

    Best wishes to you and Mr. Das. I hope everything goes well during the procedure.

    Hello Joe,

    How is Ashleigh doing today? I hope her ankle is feeling better.

    Best wishes.


  43. I’m sure others have by now asked this, but what are you and your crew’s thoughts on why they’ve decided to move Sanctuary back to Fridays and stick the second half of Caprica at 10pm after SGU?
    I don’t think it’s good for either SGU or Caprica, as Sanctuary had the higher ratings (and Amanda Tapping). Caprica might be more compatible in theme, but I don’t see that as a positive – just keeps the same viewers, not bringing in new ones.
    I think Syfy has, over the life of Stargate, made some pretty weird decisions in terms of marketing and advertising.

  44. @ majorsal Thanks! Updating Chrome did the trick. The vids run now.

    @ das Understood. I have an old boy, of 15. He likes to drag around a long, athletic shoe string and meow-ow-ow (sing) to it. Of course, also at 3 or 4 am. The other one, a 2 yr. old girl is the furball with an overabundance of youthful enthusiasm. And jumps upon me at odd, early hours. Gotta love ’em, despite their idiosyncrasies.

    @ Tammy DixonMississippi! Old Miss, yes. It does get hot there. Well, you would not like it here right now, 66′ and dropping to 57′. This is my kind of weather – autumn, bring it on!

    G’night to all,

  45. Get well soon, Ashleigh.

    Congrats to all the fan videos being made.

    @B.A.G: I’ll go back and look at September 4th’s entries. I’m sorry if I missed something.

    We were busy last night, attending — ta-da — Patrick’s first-ever rock concert. Okay, it was Adam Lambert, so not hardcore rock, and he only sang for 70 minutes, which was the perfect length of time for him. I posted a video and some pictures on my Facebook page for anybody who I’m friends with there. I’ll try to see if I can post it to some Twitter-related thing to post a link here so you can all see him. We had to monitor him for seizures (strobe lights) since I had no idea if that would trigger them or not. He had a great time and the magic from last night carried over into his school activities today. I did start a WordPress blog, so maybe I’ll try to figure out how to put the experience, the pictures and the video all on there for you all to see. Although he had his hands on his ears almost the whole time, he was really rocking back and forth (his dance interpretation) to the beat. I finally something that is more loud than he is! When everyone else was “woo-hooing” so was he and he fit right in. It was awesome. It wasn’t like going to a Catholic Mass where there is mega silence and then he lets out a WOO-HOO and you have hundreds of eyes on you (some curious, some perturbed). Maybe he has a future as a professional concert-goer.

  46. @ Bryan M. White & Tammy Dixon – Thanks! I think I’m more nervous about tomorrow than Mr. Das is…lol.

    RE: Olives. Tammy, it’s hard for me to say which olives to go with since I don’t know what your selection is, and I don’t know what you prefer (salty, bitter, mild, etc). Personally, however, I love kalamata olives – they’re probably my favorite. I like them with feta, but NOT the common cow’s milk feta most stores sell. I try to get either a sheep’s milk (traditional & authentic) feta, or a goat’s milk feta. They can usually be found at gourmet cheese shops, or even some ‘health’ food stores. The sheep and goat’s milk fetas are milder and smoother. Of course, you can’t have too much because between the feta and the olives, that’s your weekly dose of salt for the week! 😛 Food – to me – is all trial and error. Start out with what you know, and what you like…then slowly experiment. I like stuffed green olives on grilled cheese, BUT if I make a [cold] cheese sandwich, then I prefer Heinz Genuine Dill Pickles (THE BEST PICKLES, EVER!) on it…if I can find them. So it’s really up to individual taste.


  47. Ah! They should sell those Destiny models! So cool. Make cheap plastic ones too for us poor stargate fans 🙂

    Ok, so on the Gateworld forum we are wondering if we would see Sam, Daniel or O’niell in SGU s2. (btw glad to see you writing prose too :)) I will ask it as general as possible to hopefully get an answer other than maybe.

    Q: Will we see any SG1 characters in SGU s2?

  48. Hi Joe! Been a bit since I posted. Loved the sketch from a couple days ago was it. And some of those fan made trailers are amazing!

    A couple of questions if you happen to read this far down the posts!

    1. I remember you telling me that the waterfall where Alaina was in the episode faith, was at a place called Widgeon Park. Was wondering if the rest of the scenes were filmed there as well.
    (a few on GW in the B.A.G thread, have mentioned or joked about going there as the it is where we first get to see B.A.G!)

    2. Would those sketches ever have a chance of getting auctioned off? Or if not, is there any way that a Sketch book of prints of the sketches could be created that we could buy that has some of these sketches in them as they are really good!


  49. Oh and that Destiny model is absolutely AWESOME!!! Can’t wait for the toy makers to release a Destiny model and action figures of the SGU cast. Oh and when they do, there has to be ones of the secondary cast too, especially B.A.G!

  50. Heya PBMom,
    Your post is priceless. And, for you and Patrick – WOOO HOO!

    Wow, we got the B.A.G and now the Y.A.G. Too cool.

    Feel better soon, Ashleigh.

    Yeah, where do we get in line for the Destiny model?

  51. Ashleigh, hope you’re feeling better! I wouldn’t have wanted to be first up the stairs. All those people staring up at you whilst you hobble. (eek.) Brave woman! Feel free to make comments/commentary. We’d love to hear it. 😀

    Way to go to Shep and ppatoc! Great videos also. It takes talent to do that. After seeing them, it’s also easier to see how the dramatic music can lead to similar pacing and endings. Still, I prefer Peter Gao’s video best. The story telling was terrific, and it made for a “wow” of a stand-alone piece.

    The fan videos really show how important strong music is. It’s inspiring, and sucks the viewers right into the mood and action. Unleash Joel Goldsmith! Would love to hear his score much more in the forefront, ala the “Mind Heist” theme from the fan videos (also theme of the movie Inception). Whether moving or power-packed, music turns viewers into participants in the story. (Does for me, anyway.) 🙂

    Das,, Sassy Dad & I are sending prayers for Mr. Das’ hand surgery. Let us know how things go. Does he know his alter ego is “Mr. Das?” LOL. 🙂

  52. Please give Ashleigh my best! Have had my share of strained/sprained ankles over the decades. Looks like She knows the RICE drill: Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

    Have just resumed icing and elevating knee on recommendation of physical therapist. Still some swelling three weeks after surgery. Had first regular PT session today, start aquatic sessions next Tues.

    So glad that creators of fan trailers are recognized for their efforts. Will have to make time to watch them.

  53. Sorry to hear about Ashleigh…hope you are taking good care of her!

    BTW – Know you’ve said before your TV watching schedule is full but you should really check out these shows from this side of the pone

    Sherlock – Abs Brilliant! – An undated version of the classic, heading Stateside soon. It comes in 3 one and a half hour episodes. The acting is class, the writing fabulous in fact I dont have enough superlatives to describe this show as it ticks all the boxes for every part of direction and production. I know you will love it!
    Merlin – Based on Merlin when both he and Arthur were young men. You may have already caught this. It starts its 3 season on BBC1 tonight. A show def wasted on the kids! Quirky, dark, beauitfully written acted, another great show I think you would enjoy.

  54. Hallo, I have a question. Who maded this amazing mini model of Destiny? Or where I can buy this model and how much?. I did search on web and I didn’t found anything. SGU is not death mark right? forexample star-trek plastic model from Revell is good and stargate model will be also good, if someone making them. Thank you for your answer. Stanley SG fan from Czech Republic

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