Yes, it’s true!  Stargate newbie Linda McGibney, a.k.a McBabe, a.k.a. McG, a.k.a. Friendo, has kindly agreed to swing on by and answer your questions.  She was a bit leery at first, but I vouched for you guys.  I vouched!  So don’t make me look bad.  Start posting your questions.  And behave yourselves!

Crazy-busy day.  This morning, I sat down to incorporate my fellow producers’ notes into my Blue draft of The Hunt.  As a rule, rewrites make me very, very cranky – and this one was no exception.  Not that I objected to the requested changes.  They were all very good notes.  I just hate to rewrite.  But as much as I hate rewrites, I love that rush of euphoria that courses through you when you complete one.  On average, they’ll last the remainder of that work day.  On this occasion, it lasted approximately thirty seconds, that’s how long it took me to make the last change, save it, hear the PING of alerting me I had a new email, and check my inbox to discover I’d received the network notes.  “That was fast,”marveled our SyFy point-person Erika Kennair hours later, after I’d incorporated both sets of notes and finally put out the blue draft.

“Well, to be honest, half of the notes you sent my way were notes I’d already received in the writers’ room,”I said.

“Well,”she said, “I feel less special now.”

I assured her that she should consider herself very special because, while the notes I’d received from my fellow writers were good, the notes she’d spent me were best of all.  Almost touching really.

Super secret pic #1

Anyway, speaking of notes, Erika informed me that an old friend will be joining her in constructively criticizing the episodes.  Claire Sharood who used to provide input on Atlantis, then moved on to one of NBCUni’s other divisions (Knife Fights & Fusion Cooking I think it was, but don’t quote me), is back at SyFy with a new position.  Congrats to Claire and I look forward to anguishing over her notes.

Hey, speaking of SyFy, I’m sure you’ve heard that Stargate: Universe we’ll be joined on Tuesday nights this fall by Caprica.  I think this is awesome news for a number of reasons:

1. Caprica fans don’t have to wait until January of 2011 to catch the back half of the show’s first season.

2. Scifi fans can look forward to back to back pure SF shows on the same night, reminiscent the good old days of SciFi Fridays with a line-up of Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica.

3. The decision should boost both shows’ ratings since it’s more likely viewers will watch the shows during their initial broadcasts rather than/in addition to recording and watching later in the week.

4.  We can alternate being the designated driver meaning each of us is free to get totally hammered every alternate Tuesday.

Other productionally happenings today:

I spoke to Steve about that season two trailer.  He spent the past few days going over all the episodes and hopes to have something for me to check out early next week.

We watched Ryan’s new season 2 preamble.  Great.

I dropped by post to approve the temp visual effects for Resurgence, episode 10, with VFX Supervisor Mark Savela and Editor Mike Banas, P.I.  Wow.  Wow. And wow! Another visual extravaganza, this one.  While there, I talked with Mike who was VERY impressed with the trailer PG15 put together.  And he wasn’t the only one.  This one’s getting lots of rave reviews internally.

In the afternoon, we also started spinning the big season finale.  Tomorrow, we start putting the beats up on the board.

Also this afternoon, Bob Picardo and his lovely wife Linda dropped by the production offices to say hi (David Hewlett was in yesterday).  They’re in for the weekend because Woolsey sees action tomorrow.  Looking forward to that catch-up dinner Saturday night.

Super secret set pic #3

44 thoughts on “September 9, 2010: Linda McGibney prepares to guest blog! On the SyFy front! Production update! Super-secret pics!

  1. While I am thrilled about seeing Caprica now in October versus January, I am very worried about Sanctuary. It is going to be going up with wrestling, and unless they put Sanctuary on first, it is going to cause immense problems with DVR recording. I had a conflict with Warehouse 13 for awhile on Tuesday nights and had to record the second airing, but inevitably wrestling went over, it didn’t record the whole thing and I wound up having to scour the Directv schedule looking for another opportunity to record it so I could watch the rest of it.

    Poor Louis. I cannot even imagine having to sit in that space suit. I’d need chiropractic adjustments every day.

  2. Hello from beautiful Tipperary! No, wait, I mean Bend, Oregon! 😀

    I’m slowly making my way to CalTech with my family while visiting a few beautiful sights along the way. This requires a lot of driving, which is why I’ve been quiet the last few days.

    But, I got some time tonight to say a few things. First, I am FLABBERGASTED by the response to that trailer of mine! Wow! I mean, I think it’s good, but I didn’t know you guys would like it that much. I am very happy knowing that I made something that entertained so many people! This must be what making Stargate is like. 😉

    Basically, you guys are Awesome. I will try to answer some of the comments soon when I get more time. For now, I will answer one…

    @das: Woah woah woah. Weird drippings?Petrified lemon?! Containers hanging in mid-air?!! I…I… *faints*

    *wakes up*

    Second of all, I am EVEN MOAR FLABBERGASTED by the fact that that trailer was featured on this blog! And that the people at Bridge like what I did! That is crazy Awesome! Thank you Joe for advertising my work; the, uh, consequences have been mindblowing! Like I told a fellow SGU fan on twitter, you guys have been entertaining us with your products for so long, it’s about time we returned the favor! This is my small contribution, and I’m glad you guys like it! 😀

    That’s it for now. I must go to sleep. It’s another day of sightseeing and driving tomorrow!

  3. @pg15 – Long time lurker here bought outta the woodwork to comment on your trailer.

    Are you sure that you didn’t hold one of the official trailer makers at gunpoint and force them to make that for you? Yes, I think it’s *that* good. =)

    Brilliantly paced and so smoothly put together. When’re MGM hiring you? =)

  4. Awesome reading. Cool stuff about S2, can’t wait to see those effect shots, can’t wait to see the trailer. Speaking of trailers….

    By the way, after reading your blog and watching the trailers you linked to i decided to make one of my own. It’s my first time cutting together someone else’s work into a trailer (I’ve done it a few times with my own work), and figured it’d be interesting to see the results. What do you think?

  5. 1 the priors of oris used stargate to go to our galaxy
    Was it due to their powers ?
    Did they use a power source like ZPM ?

    2 There is a big difference of size between a supergate and a stargate.
    Is it a problem if we send a traveler without ship by this one to contact a stargate ?

    3 Why atlantis would vaporize if we used the engine with whirlpool?
    Is it possible to mitigate this problem?

    4 is the crystal skulls could be usefull to contact the destiny if we had one of them in the ship ?
    We don’t know how to use them, but our allies could show us how to use these ones

  6. We’re proud of you, managing the re-write without arm slashing, excessive consumption of medication, or bawling on Ashleigh’s shoulder. Now we have to wait more months just to follow the production of the episode, never mind actually viewing the final episode.
    If anyone gains by the Tuesday lineup, it’s going to be Caprica. Sorry, but that show bores me to tears. And while I’ll tune in for Universe, I doubt I’ll watch that show whether it leads or follows. It would be nice to see more solid sci fi on syfi but I’ve grown resigned to finding only a few hours of viewing a week, most of that repeats of SG shows.
    I do hope we get to hear more about Picardo and Hewlett being in town, and that dinner goes well. Thanks for sharing the daily doings and here’s hoping the day is even better than yesterday.

  7. Congrats, PG15, on all the mindblowing! awesome! reviews. I somehow lamely managed to miss the trailer. Which day is it posted?

  8. @pg15 Didn’t have a chance to say before, but that trailer was fantastic. You did a great job.

    Thanks for the pictures, Joe, and the commentary. Reading your blog is one of the favorite parts of my day!!

    Have a great day!!!!

  9. Blue is a nice color, calm,soothing, right?!?, not sure how far on your spectrum of rewrites it is. And I hope you didn’t scare Linda too much, we are really very harmless,,for the most part. no really, yes really.
    To Linda, How did you begin your career, first big break?
    Is Joe as nice as he seems?
    Has Joe taken you out for the welcome dinner yet?(the one with noodle-man,Remi,you missed)
    What has been a favorite show to write/produce for so far?
    Thank you for taking time to do this Q&A with us,come and blog if you have time, its fun here. thanks Joe for asking Linda.

  10. Say hi to David Hewlett and Robert Picardo for us please! Mr. Picardo will always be typecast as the holographic doctor to me. He was awesome in that part! “Please state the nature of your medical emergency”.
    AND I can’t wait to see some of Mr. Hewlett’s work from last year that he was tweeting. Something about “Snow Monkeys” right?

    You Vouched? Well there was your first mistake 😉 .
    Hi Ms. Linda McGibney! Are you new to the Vancouver area? How big an adjustment is it working on SGU?

    PG15: I hope you have great weather on your trip!

    Das: Good luck to hubby today. Thanks for the olive suggestions. I’ll look for the olives and goat feta (I thought all feta was goat, so thanks for that tip) tomorrow.

    PBmom: It sounds like you are having a blast with Peter’s new curriculum. So happy for him/you. How do I find you on FB?

  11. Hey Joe,

    I’ve been making stuff too and sharing it on here…could you please look at it too and share it around?

    My latest creation came from an idea to create a list of betting odds of who would survive the Season 2 premiere for a poster.

    Here’s the SGU poster.

    I’ve also written up an article on Live Journal where I jotted down some thoughts on why certain characters were more in danger than others.

    Did I get most right?

    Cheers, Chev

  12. @ pg15 – 😆 I love you. (In a totally non-creepy kinda way.)

    @ Tammy Dixon – Traditional Greek feta is made from 100% sheep’s milk, and in some regions of the world that is the only kind that can be called ‘feta’ (or sheep’s milk combined with a small percentage of goat’s milk). However, the USA gets away with calling cheese made with 100% cow’s milk ‘feta’. It’s a bit deceiving because cow’s milk feta can be a tad overbearing, both in flavor and in saltiness. Sheep’s milk feta has a creamier flavor (and texture), in my opinion, and it’s just not as harsh. I had some last spring, and it was soooo good and soooo smooth I nearly ate the whole block in one sitting! Because it’s a little easier to find I usually get goat feta – which is good, too – but most US markets sell cow’s milk feta, which is like the difference between eating a dried up McDonald’s cheeseburger, and a succulent piece of filet mignon.

    RE: Mr. Das’ hand surgery – All went well, thanks to those asking. The nerve was reattached, and some repair was made to a tendon. Mr. Das did NOT throw up on the way home (YAY!), and he’s now resting comfortably in front of the tv. The bandages must remain untouched for 10 days…then we find out were things go from there, but I’m pretty sure he’ll finally be back to normal. His hand is really wrapped up now, he has to keep it elevated, and can’t get it wet at all, so he will be one-handed for those 10 days (after the injury he at least had some use of his right hand, but not this time).

    @ for the love of Beckett – Mr. Das deals just fine with being called Mr. Das. 😀 (Although he would rather me refer to him as The Terminator, or something. 🙄 )


  13. 2cats: 57F is tooo cold for me! I have to start wearing long sleeves and gloves when it gets under 70F. Hubby and I are always arguing over the thermostat 😀 . I keep a sweather with me at all times!

  14. HI Joe,
    I love super secret pics ! makes me feel special. The only super secret thing I know is my Gran’mother white wine cake recipe. Have you ever tasted this kind of cake ?

  15. Question for Mr Mallozzi: Did you watch the Emmys? Thanks to this blog, I was able to enjoy the writers’ notes bit, instead of sitting there wondering, “What’s a note? Context!” Also wondered, do you have a, hm, favorite note you’d like to share? (I liked the guy who was asked to re-write a Shakespeare quote to make it clearer. 🙂 )

  16. Ooh, I’ve been wanting to ask Linda something. 😀

    First of all, a number of fans have been waiting for a long time to have female writer to join the SG team. 🙂 What’s it like being the only woman in the writing team?

    Which character do you enjoy writing the most?

    How much did you know about Stargate before joining?

    What is your favourite part about writing a script?

    Would you ever like to direct an episode or even have a little cameo?

    Thank you. 🙂

  17. I am glad to see that SGU is incorporating giant Lego blocks into the set designs; must make it easier to strike the sets. BTW are there Lego Stargate toys?

    I’m looking forward to the Masked discussion, I’m still riveted by Gail Simone’s “Thug,” I could not get that story out of my head for a good week after reading it. My question for Gail is to ask how the idea for Thug originated. She perfectly captured the awful reality of bullying.

    I am completely fascinated by the Korean comedy show “Personal Taste” on Hulu (I think it’s also called “Personal Preference”). It’s got great pop art, gorgeous tailored men’s clothes and the cutes fixtures, furnishings and home decor I’ve ever seen outside of Ikea. Plus the show is so cute, like Amelie and Ugly Betty had a baby.

  18. So the “Super Secret Blueprints” are in actuality the plans to Destiny’s bridge then?

  19. @das: I’m glad Mr. das’s surgery went well. And I’m sure he is going to enjoy having you wait on him and cut up his dinner and tie his shoes, etc. for the next 10 days!

    @Joe re: The Bridge: Well, it’s about time!

  20. Hey Joe,

    I noticed all of the drawings you post give measurements in feet and inches. Why is that?

  21. @Das

    Glad to hear that everything went well during Mr. Das’ procedure. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!


  22. Will the control interface room still be used/seen as Stargate Universe progresses?

  23. Can’t really imagine Caprica surviving on Tuesday, the show in general was widely ignored by BSG fans for a variety of reasons. It just didn’t appeal to a wider audience, at least with SGU it can appeal to more of the same and newer audiences as there is something in SGU for everyone, with Caprica it isn’t the same. I would be surprised if Caprica gets above 1.3mill live viewers. Hope to be proven wrong with the live figures when it airs but not expecting to be.

    Speaking of which. I still think SGU will get its third season no question, though the back half of the first season was shaky. No doubt viewers from the premiere of season 1 will tune in and some will stay to give a 1.8 mill live viewers this season average.

    Anyway going to be a busy week I believe the new Amazing Race season starts near to SGU I think the Sunday before.

    Posting from phone so apoligies if my grammar is somewhat lacking. Keypad typing is so fast lol.

  24. Perhaps someone who speaks poorly-translated-into-English could finally respond to link022’s questions. He posts them on every page of this blog and I seem to be developing a twitch. It’s just not possible to look away…

  25. A question (or two, okay 4!) for Joe’s Friendo Linda McGibney:

    1. What do you want Joe to call you? Did you like any of the names us blog readers came up with (or do you even read Joe’s blog??)? 🙂
    2. Are you the first woman writer in the Franchise’s history, and how do the guys treat you?
    3. Can you describe a typical day at work for you?
    4. Second to SGU, what would be a dream job for you?

    Thank you for taking our questions …….. , what should I call you? I’m sooooo confused!

  26. @Das – what did hubby do? Did I miss something? Hope he recovers quickly with no complications.

    Hugs, Chev

  27. @John M. Hammer Funny you should say that. I, too, have been ‘looking for’ his posts every day. He must have the patients of Job.


  28. @Lisa R

    Aww, thanks <3.

    I might work on a V2 soon. I didn't put enough intense situation-explaining and character-motivating voice overs in and I feel like there were quite a lot of shots I missed out on, and overall, there were tonnes of things I could have done to make it better, but maybe I'm just being modest. 🙂

  29. @ Sparrowhawk & Bryan M. White – Guess where Mr. Das is? He’s out on a locksmith job! ARRRGGHH!! He just had surgery this morning, and here he is, riding shotgun with another locksmith to check out one of his jobs. He’s not driving, he’s not handling tools, but still! The man doesn’t know the meaning of the word ‘relax’.

    And me? I’m sitting at home, feeling miserable. My stomach has been upset since yesterday – at first I thought it was nerves, but now…not so sure. I haven’t puked or anything, but my gut is anything but happy. I felt horrible this morning and almost turned around halfway to the surgery center, got feeling better after I ate something, but then started feeling worse this afternoon. I hate mysterious stomach upsets! It has me wondering if something’s up with my blood sugar, or my gall bladder, or maybe it’s even lupus. 😛 I made a rice congee tonight for dinner (rice, chicken, ginger), but I still feel yucky.

    @ chevron7 – Long story short…

    About the hand surgery – it all started here (cut and pasted from the Aug. 11th blog comments):

    Okay…here we go again! Mr. Das is trying to cut off all his fingers!

    Remember back in December when Mr. Das cut his thumb with a new utility knife? Well, today it was a bit different, but with about the same results…and he’s blaming it all on Oprah Winfrey.

    See…Mr. Das works at a hotel, and the hotel just got a call that Oprah & Co. are coming in for the weekend. She’s stayed there before, and when she does everyone goes crazy trying to make sure everything’s ship shape. So, they had this cracked china sink in one of the rooms, and hubby’s co-worker was trying to break it loose with his hand. He called Mr. Das into the room to help him, and Mr. Das said, ‘You need to get gloves and a rubber mallet and a trash can, that’s how we do it’, but the guy was really in a hurry because of Oprah, and he whacked the sink, and Mr. Das’ hand was under it, and he pulled away but not fast enough, and cut open two fingers, nicking an artery in the process. Blood spurted everywhere! When I saw Mr. Das in the ER, he had blood streaked all over his shirt and spattered on his face – he looked like a crime scene! He had about 14 stitches – 8 in his ring finger, 6 in his middle finger (the artery was in the middle finger).

    All I gotta say is this: Good thing we have Aflac.

    Ever since his middle finger has been numb, and he’s been getting ‘electrical shocks’ in his hand and dropping stuff, so today they went in to repair the nerve damage. He has to keep his hand bandaged (in the original bandages) until he goes back to the doctor on the 23rd. I’m kind of surprised by that – I thought you’re supposed to change the bandages regularly…but the doctor says no…keep it wrapped like mummyhand-man and he’ll take care of the rest in about 2 weeks. This is gonna be two REALLY long weeks. 😛


  30. To clarify – Mr. Das works full time at a hotel, and also has a small, part time locksmith business (legit, not on the side). Like I said, the man doesn’t know how to relax. Still, I wouldn’t trade him for the world – better to have an industrious man than a lazy man anyday! That’s what’s making this injury so hard on him – he’s not used to idleness, so he’s been a bit stir crazy lately. He was able to go back to work for about two weeks, but now he’s out again, and I’m sure in a day or two he’ll be bouncing off the walls. That’s why I need to get feeling better – nothing worse than feeling sick in a house with someone who’s jumping around, saying, ‘Come on! Let’s DO something!’


  31. @ Elminster – 😆 Mr. Das has a way of being around, even when he’s not around (i.e. he calls me on the phone, a lot). I guess that means he loves me. 🙂

    He just came home with ice cream for me – I had a little bit, didn’t want to risk eating too much. But it was MINT chocolate chip – my favorite – so how could I resist! 😀


  32. @adam: You’re welcome. It was quite good, but, of course, with anything anyone does, there’s always room for improvement. I tell myself the same things when I’m writing. If you do make a V2, make sure you post it. I would enjoy seeing it. Have a good night!

  33. Joe, should I have patented “Super Secret”?

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. Why are we looking at the ceiling? Its very pretty drawing…wish I could draw that well

  34. @Das – nail his boots to the floor! I did have to laugh though, calling *him* industrious – pot: kettle, you’re black! Hope both of you recover soon, the MINT should help calm your tummy, too 😉

  35. Just wondering if Amanda Tapping was going to appear in season 2 of SGU? Just curious since she has appeared in every other season of the Stargate franchise, you don’t want to spoil her perfect record right?

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