I’d like to kick off today by featuring the uber-awesome SGU season one trailer put together by blog regular Peter Gao.  Check it out!

Meanwhile, we’ve got an official season 2 trailer in the works.  We’re aiming to release it the week prior to Stargate: Universe’s big Tuesday, September 28th premiere.

And since we’re on the subject, how about a few more behind the scenes pics…

Going up?

Whoa!  I’ve received more fan backlash over my decision to support the Georgia Bulldogs this season than the cancellation of Stargate: Atlantis (which, again for the record, was not my call).  At lunch today, Carl told me that he would have warned me against choosing a team from the SEC since southerners take their football very seriously.  Sure, the rest of the country takes football seriously but, apparently, they’ve got nothing on southern football fans.  Or do they?  To test this theory, and at the risk of alienating even more of my blog regulars, I’d like to state reaffirm my support for the Georgia Bulldogs while nevertheless rooting for the following teams in their respective conferences:

The ACC: Clemson

The Big East: South Florida

The Big Ten: Iowa

The Big 12: Texas Tech

Conference USA: Tulsa

Mid-American: Ball State

Mountain West: TCU

Pacific 10: Arizona State

Sun Belt: North Texas

Western Athletic: Boise State

I await the flurry of fiery comments from Middle Tennessee fans.

68 thoughts on “September 7, 2010: Peter Gao’s SGU Season 1 Trailer! Behind-the-scenes pics! Courting more NCAA fan fury!

  1. The Bulldogs and the other teams – do they play ‘real’ football (as played here in Scotland) or the game will all the wimps with lots of body armour, body padding and crash helmets?

    I’m off to bed.




    PS Does anybody know where the “delete” button is located on a MacBook?

  2. Now Joe, I could have told you that Southerners take their football seriously. 🙂 The beginning of Carolina’s football season is always the main topic of conversation around here in September.

    Thanks for the cool pictures and looking forward to the Season 2 trailer. Have a good night.

  3. Oh yes, southerners take their football so seriously, than put most of their high school budgets into them versus math and science. This is one of two of our football stadium monstrosities (this is high school football, complete with astroturf):


    And seriously how many of those football players actually get scholarships? Probably some, but I’d rather be known for getting abundant scholarships for brilliant minds.

    The adjacent building is the natatorium which was just built in 2008 which the swimmers are now whining about isn’t “big” enough for them and they need a new natatorium.

    Meanwhile, my high school in New York still has the same stadium that doubles as the graduation area 28 years later. They play just as football just as well as this team does. After all it is about the players and the coaches, not the buildings or fields.

  4. OOps, BTW, I hear PG15 (Peter) is doing a 1.2 version of the trailer to add B.A.G. into it!

  5. Joe,

    As a Georgia Tech alumni (’87), I have to say one thing about your support of the University (sic) of Georgia Bulldogs:


    Thank you.

    I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more Georgia Tech SGU fans (we’re all geeks, except for the few that became astronauts) than University (sic) of Georgia SGU fans, so you may have just cost yourself 0.0002 of a ratings point. 🙂

  6. Omigosh! 😀 That SGU Season 1 trailer was awesome! @PG…you did an awesome job on that…my friend! Loved it! Got me all psyched for Season 2! Can’t wait! 😀

  7. @PBMom Oh, I agree completely about the high school sports thing. It’s ridiculous here too–one of the reasons we homeschool and are not involved with the public school system.

  8. Umm… soooo how fast did you get today’s post up after you accepted (moderated) the link that Luvnjack submitted (end of yesterdays’ post) I assume this was in the vain hope that people would miss it… That you could distract us with football controversy.

    Yeeeeeah, not so fast there, buddy….

    Now where’s the cheery smile… the dimples… that we have all come to know… (and in that skirt…. I don’t mean the dimples in your butt, sir).

    You look rather surly, in fact.

    Still Snickering,

    P.S. nice legs!!

  9. I actually think I’m gonna bookmark that one, and if you ever get too big for your britches….oh wait….what britches…. HAHAHAHAH….. Snort….

    @ Lovnjack – forgot to thank you for the link. LOVED it. So if you have any other photo’s I will quintuple dog dare ya…. Let’s see ‘em…. Although hopefully, no one upskirted him…

    Have a good one!!

  10. Joe! You got ‘Shopped!

    Oh, and bummer 🙁 It seems we here in the Land of Space have to wait until October 1 to see the premiere. That’s a whole THREE DAYS more than those folks in the Unexplored Southern Area!

    (Sorry, I had to with all this Georgia talk.)

  11. @ Luvnjack – I’m so sorry, but I misspelled your name the second time. I got it right the first time, but not the second, my humblest of apologies…

    @ PG15 – excellent work on the trailer!!

    OKayyyyy Sparky even though I had a million jokes, I’ll leave you alone (for now)….


  12. Awesome trailer PG15!

    Finished watching the dvd’s of season1 on Monday…It was awesome that all of them had commentaries AND so many of the actors participated. I loved Peter Deluise’s commentaries and missed him, but it was great having so many actors participate.

    Does Lawren really know all the answers or does he have a cheat sheet? Are the commentaries edited? I know Jamil came close to saying some spoilers…

  13. Iowa? IOWA?

    I am never visiting this blog again!

    Except to bitch in comments about Iowa. A lot. Under a variety of aliases.


  14. There’s a pole dancing competition on the Destiny! Go Eli!!!!

  15. That trailer is AWESOME! Kudos to Peter Gao for editing that. If I wasn’t already a fan, I would SO be watching the show now.

  16. @ pg15 – You are one talented young man! Your trailer is very professional.

  17. LOL I don’t care if you root for the Dawgs, just wondering WHY. 🙂
    Awesome trailer, PG. Wow.

  18. Joe!

    Good choice in selecting ASU as you’re Pac-10 team! If their first game of the year is any indication, they’ll be a fun offense to watch this year. (We have a new offensive coordinator, as our offense sucked the past couple years). Noel Mazzone has brought a fresh new look to the team. Expectations in the media are low for ASU, who featured the best defense in the Pac last year and finished 9th due to our horrible offense. In addition to Noel Mazzone as the offensive coordinator, ASU’s offense features 6 new starters, who are all transfers. QB Steven Threet from Michigan, WR Aaron Pflugard from Oregon, WR Mike Willie and WR George Bell are JC transfers, JC O-lineman Brice Schwab, who we stole from USC, and JC O-lineman Aderious Simmons. Point is, we’ve got experience on the offense and look to catch a few teams with their pants down. Look for ASU to beat expectations and win 7 or 8 games this year finishing in the middle of the Pac. 2011 is the year we expect them to compete for the conference title.

    Why did you select ASU? Was it all the hot women, the reputation as a party school, the awesome mascot, or their world class academics?

    Also, a quick SGU question for you: was the page count affected/extended by Rodney’s quick speech for the upcoming Atlantis crossover episode?

  19. I am very surprised about the lack of advertising for both SGU and Sanctuary on SciFi. There are only 3 weeks until the season premiers and I have not seen one ad/trailer for the new seasons. Eureka has it’s summer finale Friday and Warehouse 13 has 2 episodes left in their summer season. You would think they would use the opportunity to not only show the viewers of these shows what is coming in the new season, but more importantly let them know that the day has changed from Friday to Tuesday. All of us here already know that, but how many casual viewers will tune in on Friday, not see the show, and just decide to forget it. If SciFi won’t do it for you, you guys should do it yourselves. You are putting together a trailer for your blog, you should find a way to get it either on SciFi or multiple other sci-fi sites. We need to get some big ratings in the first few episodes to get a third season, if I have read your previous comments correctly. How do you expect to do this if no one but us knows it is coming back and that it is changing days.

  20. Joe,

    “Meanwhile, we’ve got an official season 2 trailer in the works. We’re aiming to release it the week prior to Stargate: Universe’s big Tuesday, September 28th premiere.”

    I was under the impression that a season 2 trailer was already released to public. In the trailer I saw, Rush’s Superego appeared to him in the form of his late wife and asked him why was he not going to tell everyone else that he found the ship’s bridge.


  21. Hail to the Y.A.G.!

    Y.oung A.sian G.uy = Peter Gao, a.k.a. PG15

    Said it on Twitter, will say it again.


    I’m still getting chills when I watch your SGU Season 1 vid. Expert use of music, story telling, editing, drama, and comedic timing–even with the final note of the musical score.

    You’re good enough to get paid. Right now.

    Yeah, you’re going off to CalTech, but be open to freelancing. It will help pay for school. With that kind of work sample, I’d rather see one of your trailers any day than one from MGM. (Sorry, MGM! We are grateful for SGU, though.) Your trailers are just better. Period.

    How long would it take you to do an episode trailer?

    If it’s anything like this one, I’d watch it more than once. It has stand-alone appeal. That’s a gift, to be able to tell a story in seconds.

    Hail to the Y.A.G.!


  22. What is it with Inception and Stargate? That’s the third SG fan trailer I’ve seen with this music. Awesome trailer, nevertheless. Good job, PG15! 🙂 Especially loved the last part with Eli ‘Not my fault’.

  23. It’s not just football, it’s basketball too. Where I’m from basketball just isn’t a sport, it’s a religion. High school football is even worse.

    Did you choose these teams on merit or did you guess? I don’t follow college football, but I have several friends that do. Who is Carl rooting for? Wasn’t it USC (not South Carolina but Southern California)? Sanctions anyone?

    Middle Tennessee? I have a friend that used to teach there. Now she’s teaching at a college in Iowa. It supposed to be a nice, small school.

  24. Will we see some possible changes in how the main characters look? For example, Scott keeping his hair a bit longer instead of a buzzcut, Eli growing a beard, etc. I’d like to see Rush grow a full beard out and never cut his hair. It’d be nice to see a main character look like that in Stargate. Although we did have Ronan, but he wasn’t from Earth. It’d be cool to have a main character from Earth with long hair and a long beard.

    Since Telford’s on Destiny now, will we ever see Telford beat up Young now to get back at him? Telford is 6′ 1” apparently, and Young is apparently 5′ 9”. That might make Telford stronger.

  25. Love the behind the scenes spoiler photos of the sets there Joe; however, the last one looks suspiciously like a “Star Trek” inspired warp-core.


    Don’t tell me this is how Destiny is powered? I enjoyed Star Trek in all it’s incarnations (TV, film, even the new reboot movie) but it seemed that every other episode the crew had to contend with yet another warp-core breach and they were fully trained techno-babble experts. Destiny’s crew is a hodge-podge of civilians, military grunts and a couple of math geniuses – the first hint of ‘containment failure’ and they’re all going to die!

  26. PG15,
    I agree with “For the love of Beckett”, I still got chills from watching your trailer!! The music just killed it!! It is so sick, that i can’t wait to watch season 2!!!!!!!!! Thanks from your humble servant!!!!!

  27. PBMom,
    Have you read my reply to you back on Sept. 4th?? Just wondering!? Have a good one!!!

  28. Okay – I’ve been awake since 4:30 am…thankyouverymuchkittycat.

    I just checked out the trailer…very awesome, indeed! Now I wanna know when you guys are gonna give pg15 a job. 😀


  29. You can’t pull for both UGA and Clemson. We hate each other with a passion. I am happy you are supporting the Red and Black but Clemson…really? That’s just insulting.

  30. American football isn’t really football. Why is even called football when it does not involve the use of legs to kick the ball?

  31. Ok Joe, way to stir up a nest, talking football stuff and favs. Good luck there.

    And no video on the pole dancey thing with Carl, hmmm,a do over, ok?!? and behind the scenes stuff, thanks, its all in the lighting now, make sure Carl gets the good light.

    @Pg15,Peter, great fan trailer video, Excellent job!
    Joe looking forward to seeing your vid also.

    How is Jelly doing? Mom and sis doing ok? Reservations all made for your upcoming trip? dog sitter lined up. Have a great day!

  32. Go Tech! We are hoping to whoop up on some Longhorn 2 weeks from now. Wish us luck.

  33. SO GLAD McKay is going to be on SGU, one ep I’m guaranteed to watch.

  34. You’re right Joe, that is one uber awesome fan vid..

    Fuckin’ ey!!Well done PG!! Perhaps you should be hired to do all their trailers.??

  35. Another random question – Will we see/hear about Emily Young in the upcoming season? Both Telford and Young are now stuck on Destiny, tough luck. I’d like to see closure to her storyline.

  36. Never did understand why people showed rage at Atlantis being cancelled on here as in almost every case its a Network/Studio thing. You only have to read/hear the views of exec producers being surprised or upset that their show was cancelled. Not as if producers of a particular show want to be out of a job. Guess theyre easy targets for the uninformed masses right?

  37. @pg15: Excellent trailer!

    @Joe: in honor of football season, I have a new anime suggestion: Eyeshield 21. Kinda goofy, but fun – and chock full of football. Have you or Akemi seen it?

    @ppatoc: the link doesn’t seem to work.

  38. PG15’s trailer is definitely the best fan-made trailer for Season 1 of SGU I’ve seen so far. 🙂

  39. Saw the photo manip of you in a skirt…I don’t like it…I think there’s an etiquette to photoshopping people. I always do things I know they like e.g. zombifying, character crossovers…do you actually like it Joe? What would be crossing the line for you?

    Cheers, Chev

  40. Passing on my congrats to PG here…already done so on Twitter….I love “Can I get some pants?”….LOL

    You can go for the Bulldogs…I have no problem w/ that….my College football team will always be Notre Dame, ‘cos Joe played for them….no not you…Joe Montana.

    Cheers, Chev

  41. @ das ah yes, I’ve got one of those thankyouverymuchkittycat – types too. Mine likes to “wake me” at 3 A freak’in M (3AM)!
    Alas, we love’em anyway. Furballs…

    Congrats to PG15, aka Peter, that was some phenomenal, kick-ass fan trailer! The pace, choice of shots and flow was very well done. Good job sir!

    And I, yet again, agree with das, that the SGU management should offer PG15 a job.

    2cats – awaiting the autumnal coolness of being, because I’m sick of 89-92’F days.

  42. Hi Mr M!

    As I said over on twitter, Peter, a great trailer. What better praise than from Mr M and indeed Mark Savela over on twitter?! well done again Peter….and CalTech are sure lucky to be getting you.

    Hope all well with the gang at The Bridge.

    Am putting the finishing touches to my “Masked” review….and also, isn’t amazing how quickly October (16th) rolls around so quickly???

    Best to all


  43. @Sparrow_hawk : Link I give you work, try again and tell me what do you think ^^

    PEG was inspired by my video by the way…

  44. South Florida in the Big East? I don’t have any problem with that if you don’t mind that Pitt will crush South Florida and drive their puny players into the oily Florida sea whilst enjoying the lamentation of South Florida’s women.

  45. From the Mid-American Conference (MAC of course) you chose Ball State over Akron? Ok, if you are betting I can’t blame you. But don’t make fun of Akron too bad. Don’t know if you saw the Akron Syracuse score. but it was bad. I think it was 29-3 final .. 🙁 … But I love my Zips!!!

    And southerners are passionate about EVERYTHING!

  46. Joe, I for one am loving SGU as well as the others. All those people hating SGU at the moment need to get a life. This is easily my Fav show and i love the story lines.

    You keep doing what your doing because i’ll keep watching no matter what.

    if you need a welsh actor let me know lol.

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