In the event you’re passing through Vancouver and looking for something to eat, here are some interesting dishes I’ve enjoyed of late…

Sweet and sour whole fish – Lin Chinese Cuisine and Tea House (1537 West Broadway). Akemi’s favorite – especially the eyes.

Cheesecake with raspberry sauce at Cheesecake Etc. (2141 Granville Street). Although Akemi is partial to the denser New York style, I prefer this lighter version.

Banana cream pie compliments of Anthea at Starlit Catering (Stargate: Universe).

Beef carpaccio pizza with arugula, mushrooms, and parmesan at Market by Jean-Georges (1128 West Georgia).

Chocolate pudding with whipped cream and crystalized violets at Market by Jean-Georges (1128 West Georgia).

Tai usuzukuri at Dan Japanese Restaurant (2511 West Broadway).

Akita-style udon at Dan Japanese Restaurant (2511 West Broadway).

Mini doughnuts and trio of dipping sauces at Romer’s Burger Bar (1873 West 4th).

Nasu miso dengaku at Yuji’s Japanese Tapas (2059 West 4th).

Pan-roasted sablefish at home.

Kimchee seafood pancake at Ap Gu Jung Restaurant (1642 Robson).

Black garlic from the South China Seas Trading Company (Granville Island Market).

Barbecued pork at the Crystal Mall food court (4500 Kingsway, Burnaby).

Crispy chicken cutlets with morel, shallot, and green and red pepper Metaxa cream reduction (home).

Pan-roasted magret of duck (home).

Caponata (home).

The house pho at Thai Son Vietnamese (373 East Broadway).

Seafood crepe at Thai Son Vietnamese (373 East Broadway).

The house barbecued pork buns at Sea Harbour Seafood Restaraunt (3711 No. 3 Road, Richmond).

Peaceful beef roll at Peaceful Restaurant (532 West Broadway).

Aburi salmon oshi sushi at Miku Restaurant (1055 West Hastings).

Golden fried lemon scallops (home).

Edo-style mackerel sushi at Kingyo Izakaya (871 Denman)

Matcha pan at Kei's Bakery (2351 Burrard).


me writes: “FNL is a great show. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Can’t Lose. Great line along with Texas Forever!”

Answer: I think it’s the best show on t.v.  Too bad this upcoming season will be its last.

Jim of WVa writes: “I noticed that the SF/F book club tends to favor younger authors. Is that intentional? If not, may I suggest another older author: Gregory Benford?”

Answer: The book club tends to favor younger/new writers in an effort to help them get noticed in a very challenging and competitive field.  That said, we’ve also hosted some spectacular veteran authors as well including Michael Moorcock, Jasper Fforde, and Lois McMaster Bujold.  I actually invited Gregory Benford to participate in a fan Q&A way back when the book club was in its infancy but, alas, never heard back.

antonio chavez writes: “hey Joseph,what happened with Jeremy Franklin the scientist after the attack of the blueberry aliens?”

Answer: Check out SGU’s second season for more on Franklin’s fate.

PBMom writes: “I find there are different types of giving.”

Answer: Ah, true.  I was leaving the liquor store and happened upon two young girls raising money for their high school soccer team.  I had no problem making a contribution – along with an offering of sage advice: “Stay in school.  Don’t do drugs.”  And, as an after-thought: “Or alcohol.”

Zoomeister writes: “Speaking of Gero, could you get him to write at least 4 eps for season 3?”

Answer: I can’t “get” him to write for the show.  Nevertheless, Martin knows that the door is always open should he ever want to pitch…

Zoomeister also writes: “Also, Ben Browder is apparently a fan of SGU and he seems eager in guest-starring if given the opportunity. Of all the SG actors, he’s the one that seems the most enthusiastic about continuing to do more Stargate stuff.  Once again, could you guys PLLEAAAAASE consider having him make a few SGU appearances?”

Answer: I’m a big Ben Browder fan as far back as Farscape and throughout his years on SG-1.  The guy’s a class act and, if the right story comes along, I wouldn’t hesitate to inquire about his availability.

link022 writes: “could we manage to contact the destiny by putting on simultanement several ZPM on the stargate”

Answer: Don’t know, but if we had the available ZPM’s, we certainly would have already made the attempt.

Alex writes: “I shudder to think you suffered through what must have been a garish performance of Leonard Vole. It was for CHARITY!”

Answer: It goes without saying that you were the best thing about the production.

E writes: “The creature looks somewhat familiar… Not rejected concept then, I take it.”

Answer: Nope.  Rejected concept.  But cool-looking nevertheless.

Kerry writes: “Haha. Sorry Joe! Finally I feel like I properly won the bet. If it wasn’t going to be the show that made you squirm, it’s sure to be the lifetime of Arts Club phone calls and promotional mail! Success!”

Answer: Oh, I don’t think they’ll be bothering me anymore.  I suggested they try my friend who is a HUGE fan of musicals, Jacobean drama, and performance art.  You can expect the follow-up call sometime next week.

42 thoughts on “August 21, 2010: Vancouver dining suggestions! A modest mailbag!

  1. Hi Joe,

    I don’t know why being first is such a competitive thing – but I still hope I made it! Oh my, it’s a good thing I’m having dinner right now or I would be drooling at all the lovely yummies. When you cook at home do you follow recipes for the most part or do you change dishes according to what you’ve experienced while dining out? Do you plan meals ahead, or let food-finds influence what you make? I’m always in awe of the variety of foods and cultures you are able to experience; wish I could afford to go out more than once a . . . well, once would be nice, LoL! On the subject of charitable giving, I wonder if it would help if I stood outside the Market with a cardboard sign reading, “Foodie wanna-be with negligible cash flow, contributions appreciated!”

    Smiles, Julie

  2. Since for some reason the topic of SGA’s cancellation has come to light again. Do you think it was cancelled because Keller was too incredible? I mean obviously the fans just couldn’t grasp it and that ultimately led to SGA’s demise.

    Hey any plans to go to the PNE this year? Give Akemi a chance to try the mini-doughnuts, compare them to the ones you had at Romer’s? I’m supposed to be going on Wednesday, if the lady from Global TV ever sends me the tickets I won.

  3. I’m very pround of the fact that i’ve lost 2 Inches of my waisline…. eating right. Those pictures up there are not helping!!!
    ….Want to eat a cheesecake from Rockaberry !!!! 😀

  4. Do you have a ‘do not call ‘ register? Australia has one and if you register your number, none of these telemarketer pain in the arses can call you.. I have a private number so I don’t cop any thank God…

    Agh, see all these people on youtube and fail book do the ‘FIRST!’ comment… pleaaaase, not heeerrre.. *sniff*

    I didn’t comment on the doggy-types. I’m definitely Maximus… plus I have just as much grey hair 😛

  5. When my agent took my measurements a month ago, I flushed with embarrassement. All that cake eating at work seems to have finally caught me back. And I tought the problem was with the dress. ( you know, shrinkage issue )
    He probably has the same waist line measurement I had a month ago!!!

    I slightly alterred my cake indulgence. instead of having 2 pieces every day…. I have 2 pieces 3 times a week only!!!
    They’re really good with dessert at my work. That is one thing that I can’t stop raving about.
    Everyday I work, at 17h30, I’m in the kitchen checking on the dessert selection for the day. It is a very impressive one. 😀

  6. Well, I didn’t think you were going hungry but…. Dewwwwd….

    Most of that looks REALLY good, but I think I’d pass on the fish eyes though. One of my Food Rules – I don’t eat noodles in public… Although not a Rule, I generally don’t eat soup at a restaurant, since it’s so easy to make at home. I would rather have something ‘different’ that the chef has come up with.

    That would actually be a good way to get revenge on someone, sign them up for every mailing list you can find…. Charities, catalogues, etc.

    Have a Good One!!

    P.S. Arrrgggg I have been fighting the urge all week but…. I WANT A DAMN TIM TAM!!!

  7. My tummy has been giving me fits all day, so the food pictures just aren’t cutting it tonight (not sure if it’s something I ate, or a blood sugar thing – I’ve also been verrrry sleepy). I ate a chunk of filet for dinner, nothing else, and had a bowlful of cherries just now…that’s about all I can handle. :p

    Have a good night, sir.


  8. So, since you start out your blog entry by saying “In the event you’re passing through Vancouver and looking for something to eat…”, does this mean that we are all invited to your home for some home cooking? (All of the dishes you cite to “home”)

    How do we make a reservation at Casa Mallozzi? 😉


  9. I still think that the greenlight of SGU was a big reason why SGA was cancelled. It may not have been an either/or scenario, but I believe that there is to some degree a connection between the greenlight of SGU and the cancellation of SGA.

    Syfy doesn’t have an unlimited amount of money for series. It also doesn’t have an unlimited amount of time slots for series, especially not for series, which they usually show in the evening first. So when SGU was greenlighted, Syfy already has a big amount of money and a time slot taken, which couldn’t be used for SGA anymore.

    In the last few years Syfy also tries to broaden their horizon away from a focus of science fiction series. They want to attract non science fiction fans to the channel, too. I guess that makes it overall harder for science fiction series. They probably thought that they get all of the Stargate fans already with SGU to the channel. And once they are there, they see commercials for other series and watch them, too. So they already attracted Stargate fans with SGU and there wasn’t such a need for SGA anymore. Instead of SGA, which would just attract the same viewers again, they prefer to invest the money and the time slot into another program to reach different people, ideally also people, who don’t watch science fiction series. All in all I think SGA would have probably gotten a six season, if no one would have gotten the idea to make SGU. Without SGU, there wouldn’t have been an obvious alternative for Syfy with which they could attract Stargate fans to the channel.

    You wrote:

    “On the other hand, if you’re wondering whether any of the aforementioned might regret not doing a sixth season of Atlantis if it was a choice between that sixth season OR doing SGU, then I’m pretty confident that – given everything we know now – everyone would have certainly opted for SGU. It’s meant at least two years of work for the crew (as opposed to one), at least two more years for the studio (again, as opposed to one), and, from a network standpoint, the ratings average for SGU’s first season were better than the average of SGA’s last season.”

    I am curious. Why do you think that there wouldn’t have been a chance for a 7th season of SGA, if there would have been a 6th season? The 5th season of SGA got better ratings than the 4th season. The 5th season got on average 1.6 million viewers live + SD. The second half of the 5th season even 1.7 million viewers live + SD. SGA was on an upward trend, when it was cancelled. And those ratings weren’t so much worse than SGU’s ratings. SGU’s first season got on average 1.684 million viewers live + SD, which is mainly because of the first few episodes which got still good ratings. The second half of the season got only on average 1.445 million viewers live + SD. That was really bad and worse than SGA in its last season. But you still sound on your blog VERY optimistic about the future of SGU and you are sounding quite sure that SGU will get at least a 3rd season. So why do you think that SGA wouldn’t have gotten good enough ratings in a theoretical 6th to justify a 7th season? You sound sure that SGU will get good enough ratings in the 2nd season to justify a 3rd season, despite the bad performance of season 1.5. So I am wondering why you are so sure, that SGA would have gotten at most another season if it wouldn’t have gotten cancelled after season 5? If a theoretical 6th season would have improved even more in the ratings in comparison to season 5, wouldn’t have been there a chance, that Syfy would have liked a 7th season?

    And you said that the greenlight of SGU “meant at least two years of work for the crew and studio”. Was that already clear when SGU was greenlighted or do you ONLY mean that in hindsight?

    Some quotes:

    “Folks, if Atlantis was performing brilliantly in the ratings, it would still be on the air.” – Brad Wright
    “We wanted to bring in more than just 1.6 million fans from Atlantis,…” – David Blue
    “We want to keep the 1.6 million original fans and then add another 1.6 million on top of that.” – David Blue

    It sounds like 1.6 million viewers ratings aren’t very good according to Brad Wright and David Blue. David Blue said clearly that they wanted to bring in more than “just” 1.6 million viewers. Now I wonder what kinds of ratings SGU needs at least in its 2nd season to not get cancelled. The 2nd half of the first season got 1.4 million viewers. Would those ratings be enough? Would the “mere” 1.6 million viewers, which SGA’s last season got, be enough for SGU? Or does SGU need even more viewers?

    I know it was a long text with a lot of grammatical mistakes, but I still hope you answer some of the questions.

  10. i tried some pig cheek off of a pig roast today thanks to your recommendations on this blog. fantastic stuff. very glad i went out of my way to ask for some.

    thanks for eating things and reporting back to the interwebs. your food research is invaluable!

  11. if I’m mentioning all this , it’s of course because I have an interesting story to tell. Not sure if I should be writing about it. Might skip some details….

    Now, for some reason I always imagined male agents in their late 50’s early 60’s. Mature looking, well fed. So as I’m sitting in the waiting room, feeling sorry for myself because I had car trouble coming in, showed up at the wrong address, had freezy hair because of the warm weather, and put too much make-up on, this 6′- ish guy shows up. He’s better looking then me 😯 . He gave me the “look” ( … not a good one. It felt more like the look that reminded me of all the things I wrote a second ago. The things about the hair and stuff) …. I wanted to die ( of embarassement).
    So to make my story short, I wouldn’t dare showing up at his office looking like crap!!! Can’t go through that twice.
    … He needed to take my measurements for my profile…. He suddently open a drawer, took out a measuring tape and mentionned it ….

  12. Got my first paid gig as an actress this week! It felt really weird and exciting at the same time!!!!
    By the way, that portrait of you by the the art department looks really nice !!

  13. Sweet and sour fish??? Oooh…that looks good! Oh….and my mouth just watered when I saw the rasberry cheese cake and banana cream pie. Yummm! OMG! I love udon! You make me hungry. 😀

  14. They had the Creative Arts Emmys tonight. SGU lost out in the Visual Effects catagory to CSI. They had a 2 out of 5 shot and lost. That just sucks.

  15. Hi, Mr. Mallozzi!

    I’ve been reading your blog for a little while and this is my first time commenting. I’ve been a Stargate fan for a year or two but I never had the opportunity to watch either series ‘live.’ The launch of Universe gave me the chance to enjoy its story as it unfolded, and although it diverges greatly, in an aesthetical and thematic manner, from the previous two series, I am still very pleased with it.

    As a high school student interested in writing, I have a few questions. This may have been asked of you before, but on average, how long does it take for you to finish a script, and how much input do the other writers have on your work? Also, what exactly is involved in getting a start in the industry?

    Any insight at all would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Thanks in advance, and keep up the great work!

  16. I’m not much of an adventurous eater mainly due my allergies. I do love a good dessert though. I was wondering if you watch the Food Network, because I think you would be a good guest judge on things like Chopped or Master Chef. Or since it appears that you love to cook maybe you could be a contestant on The Next Food Network Star!! I for one do not like to cook but love to watch others do it!

    Even though SG1 will always be number one in my heart, I do enjoy SGU very much and am looking forward to Season Two with great anticipation. My favorite character is Colonel Young and the outstanding acting of Louis Ferreira.

  17. That cheesecake looked so good. BBQ pork buns. I haven’t had those for quite some time. I love them. That black garlic would probably kill me if I ate it. Sensitive tummy.

    Seems that you were not first tonight. You win some, you lose some.

  18. Thanks for the food pics. Hungry now.

    And Vancouver is 21 hours’ drive away.


    – KB

  19. I never heard of black garlic until I watched an episode of Top Chef the other night. Second time in a week someone has now mentioned black garlic. Guess maybe I should find a recipe to try it out (because I lack creativity when it comes to making any food dish from scratch). Did I mention lately how much I love anything with raspberry in it? Especially sweets. I was just saying to my husband the other day, we watch Hell’s Kitchen, Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Masterchef, and soon to be Top Chef Just Desserts, yet neither one of us can cook well and don’t really have the time to learn. And me here on the blog, and not just for the Stargate stuff. Half the stuff they make I’d never even be brave enough to taste. There must be some disease name for what I have. Maybe a new psychiatric illness?

    Have you ever considered opening your own restaurant, Joe?

    That was really nice of you to give your wisdom and money to those young ladies. With those types of things, you know 100% of the money is going to be used wisely. They were smart in choosing the location they did. My father-in-law always says, “Location, location, location” but he was talking about real estate. I guess you can apply that wisdom to everything.

  20. If the not rejected concept looks as cool as the one you posted, then I trust it´s going to be awesome!

  21. I’m french, so i’m asking my question in English and French 🙂

    1)Can we imagine a cameo of other members of the Atlantis’ cast in the second season of SGU, like zelenka ?
    2) Are we seeing Richard Dean Anderson in the second season of SGU ?

    In French:
    1) Peut on imaginer voir d’autres membres du casting d’Atlantis comme zelenka dans la seconde saison de SGU?
    2) Va t-on voir RDA dans la seconde saison de SGU ?

  22. All of the pictures look great!!!! I will make sure to keep these in mind if I ever get to Vancouver. Oh, since you included pictures from your house, Cafe Mallozzi will be open for business, right?? 🙂

    Have a good day!

  23. Hey Joe, nice selection. Must come to Canada some time to sample these delicacies.

    When did we star using the term ‘Blueberry Aliens’ for the alien race from ‘Space’?

    I’ve just finished re-watching SGU and I have to say, when the episodes are watched back-to-back I liked it a lot more. I think the pace is rather slow on individual episodes and maybe that’s why they never grabbed my attention.

    Ooo one other thing I noticed… in Incursion (1) after the Hammond escapes the explosion of the second Icarus planet. When briefing O’Neill, her calls her Sam rather than Carter, which he has done for 12 years. A nod to Jack-Sam shippers?

  24. Hey, Joe!
    Even though I haven’t written in a while I still enjoy reading your musings every day. Your streak of consecutive days blogging has to be some kind of record! Do you still plan to write every day while in Japan, or are you going to have Carl guest host your blog during that time? (I can just imagine the photos he’d share- pictures of him eating at Chili’s, pictures of him sleeping in his new office even though no one is at the building, pictures of him breaking into your office because no one is at the building, pictures of him being kicked off the lot…)
    Do you know if there are any plans to broadcast SGU in syndication? The local tv stations here air Atlantis reruns on the weekends and I was wondering if there was a possibility of the same happening for Season 1 of Universe.
    Thanks. Take care!

  25. You should have a disclaimer at the top of your site saying “Do not read if you are hungry”

    Those pics have made me extremely hungry now…..and being a university student i dont have the money to eat fancy foods all the time 🙁

    Here’s an idea. An alternate reality episode where the SGU team meets someone from our own universe who reveals their plight is infact a television show and just before this person reveals how to get home, the team returns to Destiny…with pie.

  26. Also how different would you think SGU would be if Senator Armstrong hadn’t had been so seriously injured (and they someone closed the shuttle door)? Would there have been a mutiny?

  27. Yummy,,desserts, delicious,,yumm, drool,,yum..thanks.

    What are the white things in the seafood pancake,looks interesting..?

    Your home cooked dishes look as appetizing if not more so than the store bought dishes. and no eyes for me either, not sure I want food that looks at me before I eat it..hmm.
    Sept will be here b4 we know it…this year is flying.

    I took vacation a couple weeks ago and Masked went with me on the trip, it had a great time, will have to send you the pictures.

  28. SGU did not win the EMMY….my opinion they should have…..maybe its because I’m Bias to SGU….We will get the EMMY next time Mr. Savela…..

  29. Those dishes look fab! How does black garlic differ from the regular in flavor? Do you treat it the same?

    Eric.Stewart: congrats on acting gig!

    Das: tummy problem? Yogurt cures all.

    Annie from Fremantle: we have the DO NOT CALL LIST, as well. Politicians are “exempt”. I screen calls during election time.

  30. Hey there, did anyone else notice Kavan Smith on Eureka? i watch it a week delayed on Hulu, so I know I am late to the party. But hot damn! He’s so cute as the new deputy Andy!

  31. @noelm—-I did, I did!! He was so cute. He had all the nuances down perfectly. Looking forward to seeing more of him on Eureka.

  32. Hello =) ça va ?

    Moi oui ma tête va exploser lol car j’ai garder mes petits cousins toute la journée, mais ils sont gentils=)

    hummmmmmmm….trés appétissante ces photos…il y a des plats que je ne connais pas du tout…quand je viendrai à Vancouver il faudra que vous me donnier une liste de restaurant ;)/

    Merci pour ces Q&A=)

    Je vous adores!!!

  33. @Don’t know, but if we had the available ZPM’s, we certainly would have already made the attempt

    But Joe couldn’t you argue that any available ZPMs would be used on Atlantis, and any available Earth ships that could use a little boost?
    Would seem like a waste to use ZPMs even if there were a few spare. You never know who might coming knocking on Earths/Atlantis’s door.

  34. @Mel

    Interesting point. Id really like to hear what Joe has to say, I mean I really hope 1.6 million will be enough… I think the show will gain momentum through season 2 so i think itll at least get an average of 1.6 mil.. but we’ll see. Though im not sure Joe is allowed to delve into the numbers… but I hope he will. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  35. After perusing the pictures I wish I could eat at your place when I visit Vancouver. The restaurants are impressive (and I have visited a couple of them) but your kitchen’s output looks to die for. Bon appetit!

  36. @Eric.Stewart – Congrats!!! That’s awesome!!!!!
    I have been watching this web series – If I Can Dream on Hulu. These 5 young talented people are all just trying to make it in Hollywood either as a singer/actor/actress or model. They live in the dream house in LA and have over 60 cameras on them 24/7 and are given all these resources and connections. ALex Lambert, he was kicked off American Idol and his career is really taking off now. I think all you have to do is submit a video to My Space.

    Check it, out see you what think.

  37. @Mel
    You know when I was looking through the comments I saw that really longgggg comment and thought “to long not gonna read it” LOL… But now I’m glad I did. I think you raised some very interesting points. I think SGU is alright, but SGA was 10 times better than SGU and I don’t think that will ever change. SGA was getting better and better and from what you said about the ratings, fans agreed. I think who ever canceled SGA made a HUGE mistake and now I think that’s becoming apparent in their ratings. I know Joe said that the cancellation of SGA and and the green light of SGU were not related, but especially after reading what you said don’t think they are as distant as he thinks.

  38. Hey Joe, every time I take a quick look at a picture of your home dish set, I’m always thinking : “Est-ce une assiette de plastique cheap?” No harms intended 😀

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