It’s been my experience that making a contribution to charity leads to nothing but trouble.  A few fleeting seconds of contentment at the prospect of helping out those in need isn’t worth the endless follow-up phone calls from not only the charity in question but the countless other organizations your charity has sold your information to, asking if they can “Put you down for a hundred dollar donation.  No?  Well, we realize times are tough so why don’t we say fifty? No? Well, we totally understand that the economic downturn has made things difficult for everyone, so why don’t we say twenty-five?  No?  How about ten dollars?  No?  How about five dollars and a promise to pick my mother up from Walmart Saturday afternoon?”.  It’s reached the point where I don’t even bother answering my home phone anymore.

So I imagine my surprise when I answered my cell phone the other day to receive more or less the same spiel from – all places – the local Arts Club Theatre. No sooner had the word “Hello?” left my mouth than the caller launched into a lengthy ten minute pitch for that season’s show schedule, describing each production in glorious detail.  She eventually paused, presumably to catch her breath, and reminded me of the last Arts Club Theatre production I had attended.  I didn’t have the heart to tell her that the only reason I’d gone at all was because I’d lost a bet to my good friend Kerry McDowall who had chosen to make me take her to a parody Christian musical in the mistaken belief that I would have a worse time than she would.  As it turned out, any misgivings I had about the high-steppin’ production were trumped by the look of utter horror that had descended on Kerry with the first song and dance number and had remained frozen on her face like some death-rictus until the final curtain.

Before that, the sole other Arts Club Theatre show I’d attended was a production of Witness for the Prosecution put on by the local law society. And before that, I’d have to go back some twenty three years to a very low period in my life when I was dating a drama student and, thus, ended up sitting through A LOT of amateur theater.  Yes, it’s not something I’m proud of, and I would never do it again, so let this be a warning to anyone out there who is considering dating a drama student.  The same applies to anyone thinking about dating closet musicians.  You know the kind I’m talking about, the ones who bring their guitars, lutes, and tubular bells to house parties in anticipation of that lull in the festivities – usually between one to two a.m. – when the mood has sufficiently mellowed and everyone is either too drunk or high to protest their launching into a folksy rendition of Justin Timberlake’s Sexy Back.

Next to serial killers, the only worse thing than dating a drama student or closet musician is going out with an amateur singer, the kind who will burst into song at the slightest provocation, creating an instant sense of mortification only slightly less embarrassing than having your underwear stolen right off your ass in the middle of a public space.  To this day, the desperately cheerful strains of “Fooood glorious foooood!” is enough to send me into paroxysms of terror.

To any theater students, amateur singers, closet musicians, and serial killers I may have offended over the course of this latest rant, please rest assured that the sleight was wholly intentional.

Anyway, another little something from the Art Department…

I smell barbecue!

Delivered by first draft of The Hunt this afternoon.  This one is going to have a bit of everything: exotic locations, tricky builds, cool visual effects, and, of course, one hell of an episode budget.

We called up Rob and gave him notes on his final script of the season, episode #217, Common Descent.

As Brad pointed out, the actor playing the part of Dr. Andrew Covel in episode #213 brings to four the number of guest stars who also appeared in the original Stargate movie.

The crit mixes of #203 are going out.  Look forward to reading the reactions.

Another terrific review of Masked over at Bookgasm:


Lisa R writes: “Does anyone in the office listen to country music?”

Answer: No, but Carl, Ashleigh and I watch Friday Night Lights.  Does that count?

Shawna writes: “Are online sources like Hulu or iTunes taken into account at all when it comes to ratings (and therefore which shows are likely to get canceled or not)? If not, do you think the ratings system will ever catch up with the way people actually watch TV these days?”

Answer: Technology has far outpaced the existing ratings system.  With more and more people time-shifting and downloading their programming, the old ways of gauging audience numbers become just a part of a much bigger picture.  Steps are being taken to rectify this, but we’re not catching up fast enough. At present, download numbers are not reflected in a show’s ratings, but that doesn’t mean they’re not important.  From what I’ve heard, SGU (as well as SG-1 and Atlantis) performs very well on downloads and this added source of revenue ensures the studio will fight all that harder for the series when the time comes.  The shows are also available on Hulu which is owned by NBC (SyFy’s parent company), so those downloads will hopefully play a role in deciding SGU’s future as well.

Laura writes: “There is a million things i would like to ask, but i know that you are a busy men, so i will try to post them here from time to time.”

Answer: Fire away.  And welcome to the blog.

Michael writes: “In light of Vince Kwan in today’s blog, did every character that ended up on Destiny have a name or does the staff come up with them on a need-to basis?”

Answer: The latter.  Characters with dialogue will almost always have a name.

hyperion writes: “1) How are the chances of a Q&A with Robert Carlyle?
2) When´ll you release the other part´s of the Louis interview?
3) What are your favorite SGU characters?
4) Can you give us a little hint what´s in store for Dr. Rush next season?
5) Will we the a bit Rush/McKay interaction (head banging?) as well on the crossover episode, or just Eli/McKay?”

Answers: 1) It’s possible, but since he’s one of the busiest actors on the show, I don’t want to impose too much on what little downtime he has.

2) I plan to ask him more questions as the season progresses.

3) I love ’em all, but I’m particularly partial to those with a sense of humor.

4) Oh, Rush is going to make some decisions he may live to regret in the show’s second…

5) Remains to be seen.

airelle writes: “Oh yeah, Can Carl dance??”

Answer: Carl dances every chance he gets!

Mel writes: “Unfortunately you are not speaking for all of TPTB.

“Answer: To this day, I still don’t know exactly why the show was cancelled but I do know it certainly wasn’t a case of us being tired and wanting to try something new.”

Answer: Hi, Mel.  You’re making a big leap here, assuming that Rob and Brad wanting to try something new meant they wanted to kill Atlantis.  It’s an incorrect assumption for a number of reasons.  1) As Rob states “Neither one of us really wanted to do the same thing again.”  True.  They’d decided that years earlier when they left after Atlantis’s third season.  They didn’t have to orchestrate SGA’s cancellation in order step away, not “do the same thing again”, or create a new show. 2) Internally, we knew that SGU had received the greenlight but had yet to hear word of Atlantis’s fate.  An “either/or” (SGU or SGA) scenario was never presented to us.  If it had been presented to us, then we would have known about the Atlantis cancellation much earlier – specifically, the second SGU was greenlit.  3) Rob and Carl share a common characteristic that has earned them my respect: they are straight shooters who don’t waste time with bullshit or concerns of “letting someone down easy”.  If Rob knew Atlantis was cancelled, he would have told us.  4) This is supported by the fact that – amid all the talk about preparations for the new show – Paul and I, frustrated as we waited out a decision on SGA, went to Rob and asked him whether he’d heard any rumors.  He responded by picking up the phone, calling one of the major players, and putting us on speaker phone while he grilled them about Atlantis.  IF, as you’re inferring, SGA was cancelled to make room for SGU – and since SGU had already been picked up – then Atlantis’s fate would have already been decided.  The person on the other end of the phone, rather than discussing potential scenarios, and pros and cons, would have simply said the decision had already been made (and, if Rob had known, said something like: “What the hell are you asking for?  You already know!”).  If there’s one thing I’m damn sure, it’s that: a) A decision on that sixth season pick-up had yet to be made well after SGU was greenlit for production meaning it was NOT an either/or scenario, and b) No way did Robert Cooper have a hand in Atlantis’s demise.  Absolutely, positively, no f&%king way.

Mel also writes: “““Do you still maintain that Stargate Atlantis was not canceled in favor of Stargate Universe?”

BW: My preference would have been another season of Atlantis, alongside two new movies, then Universe. I wholeheartedly admit that I had no desire to make two series at once again.”

Answer: Again, he’s stating a preference.  The bottom line is, has always been, and will always be the almighty dollar.  If the financials of keeping Atlantis on the air for another season had made overwhelming sense to the decision-makers, then you can bet someone would have forced the issue.  Also, keep in mind that while Brad may not have been keen on the idea of running a double production, the lion’s share of the coordination and script work on an Atlantis sixth season would have been assumed by our team: Paul and I show running, Carl, and Martin and Alan (who I guarantee would have been there had Atlantis received that sixth season pick up).

Sean Grisham writes: “I know that stargate usually sells props to the public, (and I’m assuming that show designers and staff usualy recieve the royalties) but I’m wondering, would you ever do the same for the 3d models? (such as the Hive Ships/Ori Ships/Stargates). That way the designers who made them would get the $$ love that they deserve and gamers would get a priceless piece of SG History to fool around with/photoshop.”

Answer: Doubtful, but I can’t say for certain.  I don’t play a role in deciding what goes up for auction.

54 thoughts on “August 20, 2010: An all-encompassing meandering rant! Production developments! Mailbag!

  1. So. *NOT* a “Fan” of 40s & 50s “Musicals”, I take it?

    And I sooooo *know* what you mean about the “Theatre”-Looking-For-Donations-Spiel ON your Cell!! Try it as a 5-minute VOICEMAIL when you ONLY have *not* THAT many DayTime Monthly Minutes LEFT!! [And I have ROGERS – enough said!]

    And, I think the LAST Theatre piece I saw locally [at the NAC] was over 20 years ago! – The “Scottish” Play performed in JAPANESE!! Was actually, QUITE good!

    BTW… The Serial Killer… probably the Best choice… At least you’ll know that it’ll ALL BE OVER! Eventually… Chances are, NOT “well” either, but still.. over… On the bright side: You’ll MAKE the “NEWS AT 6 – FILM AT 11”!!

  2. You’re only first, Joe, ’cause everyone else fell asleep waiting for you to post!


  3. Thanks for the info about ratings. I’m glad someone’s at least looking at internet numbers, but I do hope that one day they’ll be able to count every view individually rather than this whole one-stands-for-a million or whatever thing they do now with the TV boxes.

  4. FNL is a great show. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts Can’t Lose. Great line along with Texas Forever!

  5. Nice rant. Do you feel better now?

    When that local Arts Club Theatre calls I think you should mention your experiences there. That would shut them up.

    When the Texas State Troopers called me asking for a donation, you better believe I told him of the speeding ticket I has just gotten and how I needed to figure out how to pay the fine. He said “Oh. Well thank you.”
    And hung up.

    When my bank called and wanted to send me a new credit card, you better believe I told her that they already did that a couple years ago, then cancelled it on me when I had no activity for a year, so why would I want another one? She said “Oh. Well thank you.” And hung up.

    I have learned to listen for the slightest of pauses, a quick breath in between sentences, then I say I’m not interested in what they are selling. If they continue on, I hang up on them.

    And the next time my bank calls trying to sell me something and starts off by saying “because you are a valued customer…” I’m going to ask, then why don’t you pay a better interest rate on my money!?

  6. “You’re only first, Joe, ’cause everyone else fell asleep waiting for you to post!”

    Methink thou doth jealouseth too much.

  7. Wait, you knew when you posted, then you typed “first”. No fair. OK, it’s your blog. It’s kinda fair.

    I am married to a “closet musician”. There are no words how bad he is.

    I have Friday Night Lights season one just sitting on the shelf, ready to watch. I need to watch it. I’ve heard that’s the kind of town in which I grew up.

    I think we need evidence that Carl can dance. Next blog post? Or does Carl not dance on camera?

    Don’t you realize this is how the telemarketers are making their money? They can’t call you right at dinner trying to sell you something. Now they do charity calls. Well, maybe not your local theatre company. According to the Do Not Call thing we have here in the U.S., non-profits can still call you. I hate answering the phone.

  8. Joe,

    I noticed that the SF/F book club tends to favor younger authors. Is that intentional? If not, may I suggest another older author: Gregory Benford? His Galactic Center Saga should all be in print (MMPB).


  9. Hi Joe,

    From what I understand, dating a serial killer isn’t all that bad – they rarely let those close to them know what is going on in their extra-curricular activities; that being said, if you were dating a serial killer you probably wouldn’t know until you were interviewed after the fact and you had to tearfully admit, “I really had no idea…”

    BTW, can I put you down for $100 for the JulieAloha Hawaii General Fund? 😉

    Smiles, Julie

  10. Ya know, Joe…I’d have a snappy comeback to that if I understood what in the hell you were sayin’!


  11. hey Joseph,what happened with Jeremy Franklin the scientist after the attack of the blueberry aliens?please can you tell me

  12. First!! Really?? Now how much of a challenge is that? LOL!! Considering it’s your blog – you could be first everyday….

    I don’t get phone calls since I’m on the national Do Not Call List, before that I did get calls from the Red Cross to donate blood, which I put a stop to. Other than that, I didn’t get a lot of calls. I guess it’s because I’m signed up at work and they just take money right off of my cheque and all of the money goes en masse to several charities that we support, so they never get my personal name to sell, just the name of the company… The other thing you could do is to pay cash, don’t buy tickets with a credit card, because then they have your name.

    Ummm…. Do you often get your underwear stolen right off of your ass in public? What kind of people do you know? Can I meet them? *giggles and wiggles eyebrows*

    Oh man, I laughed at your post today!! I’d say poor Kerry, but since it was her idea…. I love *some* musicals, not so much the amateur ones. Singing in public *shudder*…. Hell, I lip-sync the national anthem. Although I must admit that I do sing my heart out when alone and no one can hear… bwa hahahaha.

    Have a Good One!!

  13. Thank you very much for putting into context the RC & BW interviews that have been floating around for so long. Things make more sense once aware of who was where/doing what/when at the time Atlantis was cancelled. Guess I’ve moved on… still want the movie, though. 🙂

  14. I find there are different types of giving. When I used to have some spare money, ours generally fell into different categories: We would give a regular amount to our church because I did appreciate having the lights on, and the air conditioning or heater going, and the activities they offer do not pay for themselves. We were even founding members of the church I used to be the special needs minister at for 7 years. Somewhere in the church, a little square says that we were there in the beginning with the lowest ring of contribution one could give. Then there is the recycle giving. Patrick goes through clothes quickly because he grows so fast and does not wear down his clothes. Because our gestapo homeowner’s association soon-to-be-official-town does not allow garage sales, we pack up his clothes and bring them to the women’s shelter where they resell them in their shop or use it for kids of women fleeing abusive situations. They are also allowed as tax write-offs in the US. Other kinds of things like that. I always have a fill out a form and I give my real home address, but I put down one of my older phone numbers that I do not have anymore. This is how I avoid the phone calls. Then there is the blood and bone marrow donation my hubs is signed up for (they won’t take my blood or sign me up for bone marrow list because of my health issues/medications). He is achievement oriented. He wants the fluff they give out and proudly wears their t-shirts, etc.

    By far, however, I discovered the best and coolest way to give that purely comes from the heart, receives no personal recognition (in the sense that the recipient does not know it was me), and I get no financial benefit from it through tax deductions is anonymous giving. This is how it works: I discover someone I know is having difficulty (maybe a friend or a friend of a friend or a neighbor, etc.) I’ll get a grocery store gift card, go to their house when I know they are not at home, leave the card in an envelope with a note letting them know that someone mentioned they were having a hard time and we wanted to help in some small way make today a brighter day for them. Computer printed so my handwriting cannot be traced. Sometimes I’ll hear the story about it from them if I’m close enough about how this gift card was just at their door and I’ve gotten the surprised look down very well that it looks very genuine and not fake at all. One friend had a child who required a very expensive formula and they were struggling financially. I had some connections from being special needs minister and I was able to get about 3 months worth of formula for her. When I saw her leave her house, I drove over there and unloaded all the formula at the front door. To this day she doesn’t know it was me (and I don’t think she’ll hunt out this blog, so my cover is safe). We’ve mowed some of our elderly neighbors’ yards without them knowing it, too.

  15. Hey, Joe.

    (Can’t believe you’ve watched neither Battlstar Galatctica nor Lost. Wow, man. LOL. I’ll let you go on Lost, but BSG is a MUST.)

    “It’s extremely unlikely the ultra-talented Martin Wood will be doing any guest directing for us any time soon. As much as we love the guy, he is way too busy on Sanctuary. And the door is always open for both Rob and Martin to tackle a script or two should they have a terrific idea that begs to be written.”

    1.) Shame about Wood. Speaking of Gero, could you get him to write at least 4 eps for season 3? Tie him up and drag him to the production offices if you have to.

    Pretty please?

    It’s sad not seeing him listed in any episodes for season 2.

    2.) I found an interesting link to a Michael Shanks interview with some disscussion about SGU, including some interesting praise and critique. What’s your take on it and what are your thoughts on each of his points?

    By the way, that’s from late last year and he had only seen the first few eps at that point. Has he seen the rest of the season 1 eps yet, especially the last half? One would hope that he’s seen the second half of the season 1 eps, considering that he’s even guest-starred in a couple of them. If he somehow hasn’t, could you have someone give him both of the season 1 collections? That or the full set when it’s released. It would make a cool gift.

    By the way, he’s also had to defend the show to “fans”

    It seems you might need to sticky that the top of your page or have Mike repeat it to the “fans” so it becomes more clearer. I don’t know, they might be more inclined to listen to him or something.

    3.) Also, Ben Browder is apparently a fan of SGU and he seems eager in guest-starring if given the opportunity. Of all the SG actors, he’s the one that seems the most enthusiastic about continuing to do more Stargate stuff.

    Once again, could you guys PLLEAAAAASE consider having him make a few SGU appearances?

    Again, thanks for your answers.

  16. Who are more advanced, the ancients or the race who built the solar system in Faith?

  17. could we manage to contact the destiny by putting on simultanement several ZPM on the stargate (a little as atlantis)

  18. Hello, (static)
    hello, (hello I’m calling from a really greedy charity blah blah)
    hey, wait didn’t I just send you a check for the amount that I’d sat down and decided was the amount I could at this time afford to send you. Oh, and no that wasn’t me who one the lottery this week, so no, I don’t have additional money just hanging around looking for a place to be sent.

    Two mistakes I’ve learned over the years
    1. never say hello twice, the person doesn’t hear you until the second hello
    2. don’t graduate from more than one university they will ALL want to have some of the hard earned money that they feel they assisted you in earning.

    Actually, I support a few charities, but I warned them a couple of years ago that I would stop support IF I got phone calls requesting additional money. Surprisingly I don’t get follow-up calls.

  19. could we manage to contact the destiny by putting on simultaneously several ZPM on the stargate (a little as atlantis)

  20. Quote:

    Lisa R writes: “Does anyone in the office listen to country music?”

    Answer: No, but Carl, Ashleigh and I watch Friday Night Lights. Does that count?

    Unfortunately, not familiar enough with Friday Night Lights to comment on any similarities. 🙂 I’ll have to watch an ep and let you know.

  21. Is the ancients finally made a success of the experiment Arcturus to use the energy to join the destiny?

  22. @ Kymm – Joe has tried to be first many times before, only to have one of us beat him to it. It makes him pout. He’s a little boy that way…wanting to be first, figuratively pulling Ashleigh’s ponytails, giving Carl cybernoogies, shoving imaginary toads down disgruntled Atlantis fans backs. Then he smiles and flashes those ‘I’m so innocent dimples’, and we just cave in and give him a cookie, pat him on the head, and let him watch cartoons for the rest of the day.

    @ Joe – See, Joe…your tactics are failing. You are not becoming the supervillain you want to be…you’re just a naughty little boy with a day job, and a mortgage. HOWEVER…where you are falling behind, I seem to be making small steps forward:




  23. I shudder to think you suffered through what must have been a garish performance of Leonard Vole. It was for CHARITY!

    Hope you are good!

  24. I once had a charitymarketer hang up on me in a huff when I said I was uninterested in helping the sick kids.

  25. @Antonio Chavez: Assuming you’re new to this blog. There have been some hints that the Franklin mystery continues in Season 2. ¡Paciéncia, por favor!

  26. The problem with the marketers for charities is they’re a third party working for a cut. They don’t care if failing to put you on their do not call list will result in you telling all your friends how much you regret giving them anything.

    The quickest way to screen telemarketers – ask them for a call back #. They just hang up on me and, every once in a while, I discover someone has legitimate business with me or my husband when they actually leave a #. It’s a real time saver.

    I dated a drama student. More specifically, a guy interested in stage lighting. Those dudes don’t have a genre. They’ll take you to anything. Who is Steve Allen, anyway? It wasn’t the horrific experience you had. At least, my mind has never drifted to serial killers when I think of him. Now, other guys I’ve dated, maybe so.

    That art department pic looks familiar.

    Spot the actor from the original Stargate movie – cool game.

    You need a “Why did Atlantis REALLY get canceled?” FAQ page. You could load it up on snark (more than usual) because, if you just answer with a link, it’s not so personal. It would be a great clearing house for all those pics you have of Carl looking introspective.

  27. I FINALLY have some quiet time to sit and read the blog all the way through. Well…just a few mimutes before Mr. Das gets home.

    1. The BBQ creature from the art department. See, Joe…if you guys made the Wraith look like THAT, you would never, ever have had to put up with me and my endless tirades about hypocritical humans and their mistreatment of the Wraith and such. Bet you’re regretting it now!

    2. Charities. I give to my congregation, to the local police (PBA) and fire departments, donate clothes and other items to a thrft shop that supports the mentally challenged, and donate to public television (sometimes public radio, too). I will also give a little extra to museums and stuff like that when I visit, since art and history are very important to me. I used to donate to local animal causes, but not since I have my own feral cat colony now – my ‘stray cat’ money is tied up with them.

    I also give money to friends who are down on facing hard times and stuff…not a lot, but sometimes just $20 makes a difference, if only to put gas in the car, or buy milk and eggs and bread.

    I don’t fool myself about where the money is going. For instance, when I give to the PBA or fire department, I tell ’em to have a beer on me. I don’t expect them to buy a fire truck with my $5. But I appreciate the service they provide, and don’t mind if they spend it on something for themselves.

    I give to things like museums and PBS because they give me something in return, and I want to see those organizations or programs continue. So, maybe that’s a bit of selfish giving.

    I never give to BIG charity organizations, like the Red Cross (not since their unscrupulous practices were revealed several years back). Those large agencies – like cancer funds and disaster funds and such – are so mismanaged and the millions they bring in often don’t go to the right places, but instead pad the pockets of those running the charities. I’d much rather personally hand a cancer patient or a hurricane victim the money, I just feel it does more good that way.

    As far as those who call…well, I’m on the do not call list, but a few get past it…but they don’t get past caller ID! 😀

    3. I don’t mind when people break out in a SHORT burst of song. What I hate is when someone (professional or otherwise) starts serenading you…private or otherwise. MOST uncomfortable position to be in…to have someone singing in your face with all sincerity, and you’re sitting there, trying not to laugh.

    4. However, I love musicians who perform spontaneously, but only if they’re good at what they do. Best is when you have 3 or 4 ‘closet musicians’ – guys who know how to play, but have never done it for money – and they get together for a little jam session. Had some great times like that…and we were neither drunk, nor high!

    5. Joe, how many times have you been drunk and/or high so as to know about 2 am party misadventures?


  28. @ Das – But… but… but… he knows the exact second that he’s going to post the new day’s blog, all he would have to do is type First! then hit Submit Comment, how can anyone beat him?? …… and if he IS aspiring to true super villain status, if someone were to beat him, all he would have to do, as moderator, is deny their comment, and it would simply go awayyyyy… right?? That would be a real villainy thing to do….

    I clicked your link and someone indicated that they had voted for you because of your “name revelation” …ummmm I’m kinda afraid to ask but….. *gathers up courage*…… DasNDanger how did you get your online name? …..*ducks n runs for cover*

    A Very Skerred Kymm

  29. You must have a lot of patience to even bother answering all the ‘SGA got cancelled in favour of SGU’ questions… Why not make it easier and have, for example, an announcement on the top of your blog where the question is answered… It’ll no doubt save a lot of time and irritation 😛

    Anyway, a question:
    What is the current status of the Lucian Alliance? Is it now a loose coalition of warlords, or is there another big leader? Last time we saw Netan he got appearantly killed by Ventrell, what happened after that?

  30. coucou!!!! ça va bien? moi oui, j’ai beaucoup de travail en ce moment, mais j’ai toujours une petite pensé pour mon producteur préférer!! =)

    La fin du mois arrive…j’aurai bientôt pleins d’argent pour venir vous voire. 🙂

    Gros bissousss!!!!!!!! <3

  31. @ Kymm – What you say is true – it SHOULD be easy for Joe to be first. However, he’s never quite been very good at technology…it’s just not his forte. Makes you wonder what weapons he’d use as a supervillain. His quick wit and sharp tongue?

    My name is no big deal…no idea why they made such a fuss about it. I think it’s quite obvious. My real name is Deirdre. Because people can’t say that, they call me Dee…you know…’D’…as in Danger. I just changed ‘in’ to ‘N’ to give it a little style. Simple as that. D…as N danger…all smushed together.

    Not scary at all.



  32. @T’loc

    Everyone knew a complete season boxset was coming anyway. It’s old news.
    That being said if sales results are anything to go by, there won’t be that many *Upset* fans anyway. The fans that did buy the half season sets bought because they love the series, so being upset will likely be an after thought.

    Personally I think Season 2 should just be released as a complete boxset.

  33. PBMom – agree – you totally rock. Such a cool way to do what you do! And, loving what you have been sharing. You GO GIRL!

    Joe, you can be first anytime.

  34. Ohhh Myyy Gawwwwd!! Skerred Kymm is now Feelin’ Stoopid Kymm. How many times have I seen your name? LOTS!! …. and I’ve NEVER figured that out. For all of you charitable folks out there, you may want to hold a telethon for me…. Cuz now I’m wonderin’ how I manage on a day-to-day basis…. LOL!!!

    Please… someone… ANYONE… tell me I’m not the only one who didn’t know that????


  35. Forty-fourth!! (Approximately!)

    Anyway, I think I saw something like that creature in the cabin I was staying at in Northern Maine a couple of months ago. Friggin’ thing was after my Clif bars!!

  36. @ Elminster – thank you sooo much!!! *grins*

    *Hurries to the phone to cancel the telethon*


  37. –Where I used to work, a lot of moons ago, I was on a committee to get the employees to give to United Way(a group of organizations)(they(the company) kinda wanted you to give-if u know what I mean) anyway, I knew someone on the police dept, and after I found out they,this United Way group, used a check to bail someone out of jail , I ceased to participate and the story was true. so I shared it with others. not sure how they got out of that one, but like others I am on the do not call list and it is great! now if we could get the politicians to quit calling, is the election over yet?!? I just hang up so if I have missed your call for this reason, feel free to call back…
    @das, I think sometimes a sharp tongue could hurt alot, so maybe a good weapon,,hmm.

  38. Joe, why cant you do something like that?!:

    is this the updated version of the creature you showed us awhile back? I guess so, it looks good but cant imagine it animated with all those different legs. I like the face and back; will those eyes glow? only thing i dont like is the mouth area that resembles a dog’s I think, it seems important though function-wise. But wouldnt it be more freaky though to give it a round human-like face? with a small beard 🙂

  39. I grew up needy, so I instead of yard sales, I give things away to people who will use it. We gave away all of our son’s baby things he outgrew. Like the baby bed, crib, car seat and etc.

    Our humane society is pathetically underfunded, so I do give to them regularly. Organized charities can be “sticky” as Mr. M. described, though. I got into an argument with one of the phone workers once. I told her my MIL collects for the diabetes foundation and I give through her. The phone worker kept telling me her organization was better. I just started laughing and said “Are you for real?”

    PBmom and Das rocks! However, I disagree about not reporting it to the IRS. Getting a slight tax break isn’t going to make your good deeds any less altruistic. They wouldn’t think twice about auditing you.

    Being a “band mom” is exhausting. I spent five hours working the band concession stand! It’s going to be a long four years of high school.

  40. Haha. Sorry Joe! Finally I feel like I properly won the bet. If it wasn’t going to be the show that made you squirm, it’s sure to be the lifetime of Arts Club phone calls and promotional mail! Success!

    PS. Is it possible I will also be responsible for your future mail from a certain charity as well?? Oh well. Small price for being charitable, Joe 🙂

  41. The name of the new Stargate Atlantis movie is Stargate: Extinction.. I think I read somewhere that someone had said (I think it was you) “The title is appropriate” Can you give us a hint as to what the word Extinction refer too?

    Also thanks for taking the time to answer all of our questions. 🙂

  42. Hi Joe, I don’t post very much, so “Hello.” Anyway, I have a phone number for a do not call list in the states, it may work for you folks in Canada: (888)382-1222. Hope that helps!

  43. Just finished up the last eps of Stargate Atlantis over the weekend.

    *Sigh* So sad that it wasn’t renewed, but at least they went out on a good note.

    Meanwhile, really looking forward to s2 of SGU. I don’t get cable, and I’m not willing to wait a week, so I download from iTunes. I *hope* my download counts, since I’m actually paying $$ for it! (Ah…but no commercials!!)

  44. You know how you were saying that they don’t yet count people who watch SGU on their DVR later.. Well that’s not fair at all because a lot of people, myself included, are sick of commercials so a lot of people just simply record it to watch it later. You should really talk to them and see about changing that, because I’d be willing to bet there’s a lot of people who do that too.

    I know a lot of people are upset that the sixth season of SGA didn’t happen and are not too happy with SGU.. I agree that SGA was better, but don’t you agree that you’d rather have some form of Stargate than nothing?? Also it is new I think we should all give it a fighting chance..

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