I was perusing the internet this weekend when I came across the news that Stargate Show Runner Robert C. Cooper would be leaving the franchise after losing a bet to his Exec. Producer Assistant, Ashleigh, and that he was to be replaced by the Stargate Production Office Mascot, Kerwin the chimp, who is rumored to have ghost-written several of his finer episodes.  Well, I didn’t believe a word of it, until I came across this – http://www.gateworld.net/news/2010/06/cooper-talks-stargate-departure/ – which pretty much confirms it.  After fourteen wonderful years, Rob is stepping away and I speak for everyone when I say that we’ll miss his sense of humor, his master spinning skills, and his patented Rob Cooper buddy hugs.

“So, what’s next for Rob?”you undoubtedly ask.

And “How the hell should I know?”I respond.  “Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

While many of us will look forward to his new projects (off the record, I’ve heard word of a beatbox album), just as many of us will look back fondly on his innumerable contributions to the Stargate franchise.  Thus, I’ve dedicated today’s blog entry to My Rob Cooper Top Ten, my ten favorite episodes scripted by the man over his 330+ episode run.  For purposes of this particular list, I’ve only included episodes for which he is the sole credited writer.  So, although Rising and Air I, II, and III were terrific, they weren’t considered for this rundown.  Similarly, scripts which he wrote (actually “rewrote”) but which have been credited to other writers were not considered either (which, quite frankly, is a shame because I can think of at least two that would have definitely made this list).

Anyway, here it is.  My Rob Cooper Top Ten!

10. Sateda (Stargate: Atlantis, Season 3)

Runner introduced the Ronon Dex character in fun, fine fashion, but it was Sateda that truly fleshed him out, offering up glimpses of his backstory, suggestions of a painful past, fast and furious action, and that crazy goggle-wearing wraith (because 8:00 to 9:00 is wraith free swim, y’know!).

9. Heroes I and II (Stargate: SG-1, Season 7)

A powerful and thought-provoking two-parter with a shocker of an ending no one saw coming, least of all Stargate Command’s longtime CMO Dr. Janet Fraiser, killed by an errant staff blast.  A sobering reminder of the dangers our heroes face every time they step through the gate.

8. Meridian (Stargate: SG-1, Season 5)

Another touching send-off as Stargate bids farewell (albeit a temporary one) to its beloved Daniel Jackson.  His friends say their goodbyes, his squiddly essence departs, and we’re treated to one of the most heart-rending scenes in SG-1 history as Daniel steps through the gate one last time.

7. Human (Stargate: Universe, Season 1)

Nicholas Rush’s bittersweet reunion with the love of his life is at turns poignant, maddening, and thoroughly enthralling.  Its stark, desaturated visuals offer the perfect compliment to the good doctor’s melancholy memories.

6. The Fifth Race (Stargate: SG-1, Season 2)

An episode that perfectly captures the essence of Stargate: exploration, discovery, friendship, and humanity’s potential for greatness.

5. Vegas (Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5)

In contrast to Human’s muted style, this is an episode that draws its visual inspiration from CSI’s cool blue tones, delivering some colorful eye candy in a rocking AU procedural pitting grizzled detective John Sheppard against a serial killer unlike any other.  It also boasts some atypical (to Stargate) but spot-on song choices, from the wraith prepping to Marilyn Manson’s “The Beautiful People” to Sheppard’s final exit to Johnny Cash’s “Solitary Man”.


4. Aftermath (Stargate: Universe, Season 2)

The best laid plans of mice and men…  Things come apart in a big way, and our heroes are left to pick up the pieces.  Gut-wrenching.

3. Unending (Stargate: SG-1, Season 10)

Fans bid the show a fond farewell in a wonderful time-travel episode that explores the lives and loves of our favorite characters, suggesting what could have been and what may still may be, yet assuring us that despite it all SG-1 will still be out there, exploring, adventuring, and keeping the galaxy safe.


2. Malice (Stargate: Universe, Season 2)

They say that vengeance is a dish best served cold, but this episode makes a great case for serving it hot – as in the scorching environs of an alien world where a deadly game of cat and mouse plays itself out.

1. Time (Stargate: Universe, Season 1)

A trippy time-travel story with something for everyone: creepy aliens, grisly deaths, character revelations, and my favorite ending to a Stargate episode since Tealc’s accidental attendance of The Vagina Monologues.


Loren Fay writes: “How do you know all of these awesomely amazing SGU actors?”

Answer: I friended them on facebook.

NarellefromAus writes: “How did you get your reading mojo back?”

Answer: I finally read a really good book.

Jon writes: “How did you land your first staff gig, and how did you make the progression into full-time teevee?”

Answer: Started writing for animation, then made the leap to teen sitcoms, then from there to one hour syndicated action drama and, finally, to Stargate…where I’ve been for the past 12 years.

dasNdanger writes: “I know you said before that you don’t do any gardening…but do you at least grow herbs?”

Answer: In fact, I do – thyme, oregano, rosemary, and chives.

bookal writes: “How hard is it to potentially end a series without knowing if will be picked up for a second season?”

Answer: We don’t worry about it.  We have a five year plan.

Becky writes: “Joe, I’m a fan of science fiction classics, and have had a hard time wrapping my mind around more modern works. I have read and re-read practically everything written by Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov – and while it’s fun to find new things in old friends, I’m looking to expand into something more contemporary. Any suggestions?”

Answer: Old Man’s War or The Android’s Dream, both by John Scalzi.

jinx writes: “One of my favorite characters on the show is Sgt Greer played by Jamille Walker Smith. Needless to say I would rate the Lost episode tops as Greer’s back story and Jamille’s portrayal was on point. Will we see more of this character’s story and will you feature Jamille in one of your up and coming mailbags?”

Answer: Yes to more of his story provided he survives the events of our first season finale.  As for a Q&A – I’ve already gathered questions and sent them his way.  Just waiting for his responses.

MrsB writes: “Will the Varro/TJ storyline develop more next season? And moreso a Varro/TJ/Young storyline?”

Answer: Possibly.

DP writes: “Who is this person doing the “speak no evil” pose in your car damage photos? Why does she wear a winter coat?”

Answer: Hey, now that you mention it, that IS the same person in both shots.  Weird.

Luis writes: “You headed to San Diego yet???…Comic Con???”

Answer: Not this year. 🙁

84 thoughts on “June 22, 2010: My Rob Cooper Top Ten!

  1. I object!! No, no, no, no, no!

    Number 1 = SATEDA


    Great writing, great story, great acting, great direction, great musical score, great lighting, great photography, great cast, great drama. Great, great, great!

    Robert C. Cooper and Jason Momoa at their best!

  2. I would quibble with the order of some of those Cooper episodes, but why argue with an expert? Some good stories there. As has already been said, he’ll be missed in the franchise.
    So, what will it take to sidetrack you from a Montreal trip to do Comic and/or Dragon Con? Both would make good ending points for a road trip, I might point out. I’m pretty sure you won’t be beaten, battered, abused, or otherwise injured by the fans. Not intentionally anyways.
    Thanks for the picks and the mailbag. But have you been eating in more? Food reviews seem to be lacking, nor have you been mentioning home cooked meals. Or does that have something to do with the “weird” speak no evil girl who keeps cropping up in your pictures? Just asking…

  3. Nerdy SG questions:

    1. Can the paths of two ships traveling thru subspace coincide, i.e. can two ships in hyperspace ever collide?

    2. What happens when one tries to enter a stargate’s event horizon from the other side, for example, walking thru the stargate on Atlantis on the side away from the main staircase?

    3. In many instances, the characters describe planetary relativistic constructs of time, such as day, night, and weeks.
    -in SGA ‘adrift,’ or one of the nearby episodes, Rodney says that their power might not make it thru the night. Yet they are floating in empty space.
    -A trip from Lantea to Earth in a Daedalus-class battlecruiser takes approx. 3 weeks.
    thus my question is how do they measure it? Do they define seconds, minutes, and hours the same everywhere, but are days and years relative to the planet on which you are located, or is time based upon Earth time?

    4. I’m the kind of übernerd who watches Stargate (mostly SGA) for the cool nerdy tech and gadgets, especially Atlantis and other Lantean/Alteran technology. Any possibility for, for example, a 3D virtual tour of Atlantis, game-like exploration of the city and the Ancient database, etc?

    5. Has anyone taken a peek around in the database on Atlantis for ZPM construction?

    6. Is there anything you could tell us about the never-filmed season 6 of SGA, stuff that would have happened, and is not going to happen in Extinction?

    7. When is the Season 2 premiere of SGU?

    8. I still weep for the cancellation of SGA…

    thanks for indulging my geekiness!
    Connor P
    Stargate (Atlantis) Devotee

  4. Answer: In fact, I do – thyme, oregano, rosemary, and chives.

    Aaaah…mebbe you really ARE Italian, afterall! 😀

    RE: Goggle Boy – Not to be confused with Google Boy, this Wraith is one of our favorites for his snappy fashion sense and glowy peeperballs. We also figured that he was relatively young – a ‘teenager’, in Wraith years – since his hair was shorter and he was wearing what appeared to be a pair of Skechers.

    Dammit! You have me missing these guys again!

    Vegas and Sateda are among my favorite SGA eps – I certainly do thank Rob for that. Gonna miss him, that’s for sure. 🙁

    Answer: Hey, now that you mention it, that IS the same person in both shots. Weird.

    I was hoping for an explanation about the winter coat…

    Have a good evening, sir!


  5. Hi Joe! Not all your top ten are mine, but “Heroes” (both parts) is definitely in my top five. Loved “Unending” and “Vegas” as well. So, what are the chances of getting Rob to do a Q&A prior to his departure?

    Any news on Jelly? Have a good night!

  6. @Joe – Is this a real question?

    Loren Fay writes: “How do you know all of these awesomely amazing SGU actors?”

    Answer: I friended them on facebook.

  7. Awesome list! (I’ll just take your word for it on the Season 2 SGU episodes.)

    How about your list of favourite “Cooper Re-writes”? 😉

  8. Is Human listed for RCC’s director’s credit? I thought a freelancer was credited for writing this episode. I could be wrong though. Still one of my favs of the back half of season one. RCC will be missed.

  9. My absolute favorite is Vegas and I loved Sateda too!
    Good Luck and Bon Voyage to Rob, I hope he leads a beautiful and fulfilling life. (and comes back to visit often)

  10. I agree with most of your selection, but I don’t think “Unending” deserved to make the list. In my humble opinion it’s at best a fair episode – certainly not a good series finale, heck not even a good season finale. When compared with Atlantis finale it falls short. You say Unending explored the loves of SG-1, yet the main ship (Sam/Jack) is not only ignored, but actually substituted with Sam/Teal’c by Amanda and Chris while the director/writer (Cooper) is either oblivious to it or he doesn’t care. Not having Jack there to say goodbye to the Asgards was bad enough, but not even mentioning Jack in 50 years spent on the ship says a lot about how Cooper felt about the character and his relationships with Sam, Daniel or Teal’c. BTW in an interview during season 10 RDA said he had a “scandinavian relationship” with Cooper, is this why Cooper seemed to forget about RDA/Jack in Seasons 9-10, so poor RDA had to do a couple of Atlantis episodes instead of all his appearances being on SG-1 during season 10 maybe even an Unending appearance. During season 10-Ark of Truth I felt Cooper slowly pushing for Sam/Cam which I didn’t like; also I feel Cooper was the least pro-ship PTB so I’m not sad that he’s leaving, but on the other hand I like the new SGU (especially Human or Time) so I’m a bit torn about his leaving

  11. Thank you for linking to Rob’s Gateworld interview. I would have missed it.

    Time #1 really?

    Ummm, answering questions, when a question hasn’t been asked. *puzzled*

    I’m missin’ the food posts too….

    David Lebovitz’s posts are MIA, I’m assuming he’s on vacation, but ahhh his Twitter sure needs a leetle explanation.

    So I’m in the middle of planning/booking a trip, flights are simple, but planning hotels, where to eat, activities etc SHOULD be fun right? Yeah NOPE….. I went out today and bought several city maps (different cities) and I’m going to plot my stops, so that I can do up an itinerary. Unfortunately, this is the first of three trips, so I have two more to plan. I love to travel but I’m finding it difficult winnowing down my choices. Which bucket items do I do this trip and which ones have to wait for a later trip. etc…..

    Plus with packing for my move, I’m just really kinda cranky today….Oh well sorry for inflicting it on you…

    Have a good one!!

  12. Why do you guys hate the CMO’s? First Janet is killed, then Carson is killed and brought back as a clone, and now TJ is in serious trouble and at least one of the 2 people she has been eating for seems to be doomed. CMO seems like the second most dangerous position, after “being Daniel Jackson.”

    P.S. Seriously, I’ve lost track of how many times Daniel has died.

  13. Hey Joe did you know that on a google search for “Joseph” your name is higher up on the list than Joseph Stalin? Lol guess those guys as google have their priorities straight.

  14. I love “Fifth Race” it’s easily on my top SG-1 of all time lists. Where we learn that the great races were all friends and hung out together and that perhaps if we’re really good we can hang out too. If only they didn’t either ascend, destroy themselves, isolate themselves, or be undiscovered (that we know of… those darn Furlings).

    Good luck to Mr. Cooper where ever he goes next.

  15. Speaking of “Unending”, that ep was pretty clear that Vala and Daniel got together (when nothing else interrupted, I guess). Do they end up together in the actual (or current) timeline? Will we get more on that in the future? (For that matter, will Sam and Jack ever get together?)

  16. I’d forgotten that he wrote Heroes. Dammit, he’s the one who always makes me cry! I gotta say I’m almost agreeing with your list. I still haven’t let most of the SGU episodes filter and I must watch them again. I do think that Time is one of the best so far.

    My list is as follows:
    1. Vegas–AU John. Brilliant writing AND directing. What more could you ask for.
    2. Sateda–Ronon. What more could you ask for.
    3. Heroes–just because. Tell Rob I hate him for that one. It made me cry.
    4. Unending–Laugh and cry at the same time? How could he?
    5. Meridian–made me cry.
    6. The Fifth Race–didn’t make me cry. Well, it almost did.

    So now I have to go back and look at each episode to see which others he wrote. AND directed because he is a terrific director also. No fair putting season two episodes of SGU in there. We have to wait until October to find out.

  17. Someone has correctly pointed out that Jeff Vlaming is the credited writer on Human which disqualifies it from this list. You did say top ten episodes credited as scripted by me. May I suggest Threads as a possible replacement. I propose that one only to respond to those who suggest I was anti-ship. Good grief. How much more ship can I get? And what’s with people still blaming me for RDA leaving the show? I was the one who made his schedule work for Season 8. Then he decided to leave for good and spend more time with his family. An admirable thing to do by the way. Then I wrote The Shroud which brought him back to SG-1 in season 10. Come on people. I love Rick and he knows it. I fought for him to be in Universe. But I digress. I would have suggested Torment of Tantalus but my wife still takes credit for that one. One day while driving in the car, I said I was under pressure to deliver a follow up to my rookie script for the franchise – the less than spectacular First Commandment – when she said “How about something in the past?” She’s bitter to this day. Anyway, thanks for the list Joe. I’m truly honoured. Although only being compared to yourself really just points out which scripts are better than the really crappy ones I wrote. Next up, Rob’s worst ten. Bane anyone?

  18. @PG15 great vid, truly is

    As for the top 10. Not so different how I would have done it. And I love Unending (Stargate: SG-1, Season 10). Just saw it yesterday.

    And for a sidenote. I know that you guys who write and direct the stuff have now say in anything put write and direct. Or am I wrong.

    I remember when I first heard that something called Tähevärav: SG-1 (Stargate SG-1) is going to be shown on TV3 I thought it was nonsens. Looks ridiculous. I thought I’ll never watch it. But it was running for so long that I got curious what’s so good about it that it is being shown for so long and I finally started to watch it and loved it! Later old episodes of SG-1 were shown on TV6. They showed the hole 10 season from monday to friday. Then they showed SGA for four seasons in the same way. But they didn’t show the 5th season. That was about when the news came that SGA will be cancelled. Then they showed the entire SG-1 10 seasons again with the final being shown yesterday. Friday evening they’ll going to show the Ark of Truth and Sunday evening Continuum. And then they’ll going to show the SGA season 5.
    My big question now is: Would you do that if you were a network director?

  19. Oh sorry I made a mistake. TV6 is going to show SGA from season 1. And still no sight of being able to watch SGU from my own TV.

  20. Hi Joe

    Fifth Race was absolutely one of my favorite SG episodes of all time. Glad it made it on your list!

    Question: In having a five year plan as you mention for a show, do you guys have stories/storylines in mind for if a show doesn’t get picked up? For example a way to end the show should something happen unexpectedly? So that the fans are not left hanging?

    The one thing that I found annoying was Atlantis not getting a proper wrap up (I know it was because the movies had been planned and just never materialized yet which I can understand). And it was an extremely hard sell to get my dad to watch SGU after what happened with Atlantis. I finally did after the show was at about 3 episodes left in the season but he was still not wanting to get very attatched to the series for fear of same thing happening to SGU.

  21. My Rob Cooper highlights would be :-

    Torment of Tantalus – epic canon episode
    The Fifth Race – another epic episode of canon
    The Devil You Know – loved the rescue of Jacob
    Nemesis – the double edged sword, replicator-tastic
    Maternal Instinct – more canon , and who can resist “if you know the candle ……”
    48 Hours – introduction of Rodney McKay – who knew what he would become !
    Heroes – goes without saying
    Threads – loved the cafe as limbo/ascension stuff
    Avalon/Origin – introduction of Vala and the Ori
    Runner/Sateda – introduction of Ronon Dex, you do have a knack of making great characters Mr Cooper
    Vegas – Great fun – the wraith and Marylin Manson, chocolate and peanut butter as Sheppard would say

    Sorry, nothing from Universe, stopped watching after a few epsiodes, not for me I’m afraid

    So thanks Mr Cooper, you created some of the best tv and characters I have watched 🙂

  22. I think it isn’t fair when you put things on the list that we haven’t seen. How can we agree or disagree with that?

    Of the ones you mentioned that I have seen, my favorite is Sateda. I mean to show Ronan with all that emotion and action, WOW, Jason at his best.

    I also loved Unending, but it didn’t seem like a series ender to me. In my mind, 200 was the series ender. I did love Unending as it explored the characters and how they each handled a unique situation.

    I also loved Human (LOVE MS) and the back story of Rush. It makes me think back to my own past and how difficult it would be to “relive” a traumatic event. it really was welldone. of course Robert Caryle hit it out of the park!

    As for RDA, love him, and he adds to every scene he is in. He is a GREAT addition to SGU and gives credibility to the show. I loved him and Robert Picardo together. They were so funny in SGA. He and MS in Meridan…wonderful! Rob Cooper knows how to write for relationships for sure.

  23. @ Robert Cooper: I’m looking forward to the SGU Season 2 episodes that you wrote. Since you are moving on to other things, does that also include a change of cities – Toronto, L.A?

    Joe: Why have you not directed any SG episodes?


  24. This represents a good list for me as well. Half of them I cried, some like a weeping baby. I just watched Sateda again last week (I’m doing a Stargate Atlantis marathon watching). I sobbed when they were paying tribute to Dr. Janet Frazier. Okay, I have to stop; I’m getting weepy just thinking about the episode. Of course the SGU Time episode was just wickedly good with an incredibly amount of backstory on the characters. Who DIDN’T love Vegas?

    You know us loyal Stargate fan devotees. We follow the people of Stargate (actors, crew, writers, producers) wherever their paths take them. Maybe he’ll pop in from time to time and just say hello on your blog.

    It’s hard to say goodbye when you have worked with someone or for someone for so long. I’ve been with my company 21-1/2 years now, a little less than half my life. I could not imagine being anywhere else, but I know the day might come when that change might come. It might be my decision; it might be no one’s decision (i.e. if our company doesn’t make it through this difficult time); or if the owner decides she has had enough doing it and wants to move on.

  25. I don’t know about them SGU S2 episodes, but Vegas, Heroes, Unending and Meridian are definitely in the top 4 for me, I shed (manly) tears in all of them.

    Connor – About your 1st question, I highly doubt it’s possible, unless the two ships are either going through the same Hyperspace window or use the same Hyperspace window generator model, since the Hyperspace window generators of different races use different frequencies to open the Hyperspace windows.

  26. Kudos to Rob, and all the luck in the world for future projects:)

    The Fifth Race is one of my all-time favourites alongside Window of Opportunity:)

    Have you missed me? didn’t think so;)

    been without a computer for a while but the new one turns up on friday.

  27. “The Fifth Race” is the single episode I always think of when I’m thinking of early SG1. I hopped on the Stargate train a little late, introduced via a marathon session several seasons in – and that was the one that just totally sealed it for me.

  28. I can’t speak to the Universe episodes here, but I did tremendously enjoy the Atlantis and SG1 eps you included. Especially Vegas, which is not only one of my favorites, but highlighted the versatility of this franchise. (Not to mention some great acting, wow.)

    Unending is a sentimental favorite for me. I think it did a good job “ending” a series and story that wasn’t really coming to an end. And since then (I think I’ve said this before), the song “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” has a new emotional impact. Takes me right back to that final episode whenever I hear it on the radio.

    I admit that I’m not terribly good at remembering which writers have crafted which episodes. But please extend my thanks to Robert C. Cooper for his role in bringing several years of genuinely enjoyable television onto the air.

  29. They are also a few of my absolute favorite SG-1 episodes. Especially “Heroes” and “The Fifth Race”.

    I’m not afraid to admit that I still tear up when we find out that it was Fraiser who is killed, and when O’Neill takes the hand of the Asgard.

    Thank you Rob, for so many fine years of entertainment, and for creating a world that has meant so much to me.

  30. Hey, Joe.

    It’s getting pretty difficult to determine when you answer mailbag questions. I’ll ask these again just in case:

    1.) Have you seen these?



    See? Riley has fans.

    2.) Have you seen this, BTW?


    Pretty interesting. What’s your take on it?

    It’s not really here nor there with me but there’s one part of that I VEHEMENTLY disagree with and that’s the Riley part. Riley is just too awesome.

    3.) Will you have an alien join the cast (and no, I don’t mean a Jaffa, Tok’ra or Lucien Alliance member)? PLEASE no “aliens/people with rubber foreheads” retread or any other human look-alikes. I mean a true, non-human looking alien. The majority of main-cast “aliens” in sci-fi television usually consist of humans wearing make-up and/or silly clothes and costumes. That’s pretty annoying. And this coming from someone who is a huge fan of Teal’c. Break that (rubber) mold.

    Why not one of the Blues?

    Having one of them onboard the ship would give insight into their race. Also, it not knowing how to speak English at first and examining how different it’s species is from humans both physically and culturally would make for a great story arc.

    4.) Now that Lost is over, have you guys thought about poaching some of their crew a little? You know, people like script writers, directors, producers and other areas of production? Writers and directors as freelancers, at the very least? It would be very awesome to see Damon Lindelof join the SGU crew.

    BTW, 9, 6, 5, 3 and 1 on that list are my top 5 Rob eps. Great stuff.

  31. Interesting top 10 list, I agree with most. Not ‘Heroes’ though, it goes on my top 10 list of least favorite episodes, poignant, deep, magnificent, sure, but I will never forgive Mr.Cooper for making me cry that long and hard. CMO is truly a risky position in Stargate. Thank you all for making the choice of ‘best episode’ so difficult!

  32. Awesome list!
    Rob – glad to hear someone pick a “not so good” episode which was not a favorite…”Bane.”

    Joe – is our mystery person Akemi? I hope I have the name correct. She visted YVR, then checked out Australia, then I believe you mentioned she would re-visit YVR again. Of course I have no idea of time frames.

    In the meantime, I sure hope your transformer car is returned to driveable state…so you can do more foodie reviews.

  33. “And “How the hell should I know?”I respond. ”Why don’t you ask him yourself?””

    Sure. Give us his number 😉

    “In fact, I do – thyme, oregano, rosemary, and chives.”

    What, no Parsley?

    “Answer: We don’t worry about it. We have a five year plan.”

    Ah, so you are really cylons.


    It wasn’t a good episode in general.

  34. Stole my idea 😉 We didn’t include any SGU on our RCC Greatest Hits list cause we’re not happy with it yet. Maybe in a few years, we’ll appreciate and feel better about the series. Maybe s2 will engage us better, since it sounds like some of our big dislikes have been addressed. This isn’t the first time. I didn’t truly like any Star Trek Enterprise episodes until years after.

  35. @Das

    Am I detecting a pattern here…


    I agree, Vegas was one of the best episodes EVER!!! First, I love the music. Second, that poker game featuring two cast members from The Sopranos at the same table as a starving Wraith… Too funny, and then there is the way they tell the finger story… 🙂

    Lastly, I liked the appearance of Rod. Glad to see that he made it back to his own reality. GREAT JOB Rob!!! You will be missed.

    Best Wishes.


  36. Just wanted to say I enjoyed this list and wish Mr. Cooper all the best as he moves on.

  37. PS one more comment re RCC, we left SG-1 s9-10 & Ark off the list cause we never liked the whole Ori thing. What we thank Rob most for is Stargate Atlantis, by far our favorite of the 3 series, and Vegas, our most-fave SGA ep.

  38. If I may take a liberty to post this.
    Steve Eramo, noted Author Guest and Master of Ceremonies at LG-LOA 2011 has moved his blogging to:

    Check it out
    He has interviews with so many of the casts of the shows we love.

  39. ‘Friended them on facebook’ Indeeeeed.. *rolls eyes* I looked up your name on facebook for curiosity’s sake and there are a few Joe Mallozzis and one of them actually looks like you 😛 hmmmmmmm

    How are you enjoying the soccer world cup? I’m not even watching it after the fiasco red card situation Tim Cahill copped.. I just don’t wanna see any bad refs anymore. Oh well, rock on 2014.

    I find it hard to believe you’re not growing coriander (cilantro) or parsley.. I had a jungle of Italian parsley here once… then it all died off and the seeds just didn’t germinate. Oh well.

    On a totally different subject (sorta), we’ve just had Heston Blumenthal as a guest on Masterchef. What do you think of his cuisine? I’d LOVE to be one of his guests on his show where he treats them to a dining life time experience..

  40. We’ll have more Varro/TJ/Young “possibly”? Hmmm! I am trying not to get my hopes up; SGU is a dangerous place and all, but I hope that we will get more Varro in SGU’s future. Like, a lot. Much more more. I don’t want to jinx it tho.

    Stargate has evolved to become such a huge franchise, it must be hard to leave it but I know that Robert Cooper will go on to do some fabulous new projects; Vegas and Human are two amazing hours of television.

    Just as BSG, Roswell and Dead Zone were projects birthed by Trek alumni it will be awesome to see the new projects that SG’s alumni develop as well.

  41. Can’t comment on the SG-1/SGU episodes because I didn’t/don’t watch those shows. But I have to say that both Sateda and Vegas are among my favorite Atlantis episodes. Both episodes are, in my opinion, awesome. It’s a petty there was no chance to get a sequel to Vegas. I would have loved to see that AU explored further.
    Thanks to Robert Cooper for Sateda, Vegas, Doppelganger and Runner.

  42. Bonjour me voila!!!!

    Ahh enfin mes examens sont terminés !!!! ça ne s’est pas très bien passé =S..j’attend qu’en même les résultats en Juillet.
    En tout cas je suis très contente de retrouver votre blog ♥

    Pas mal ce Top mais je ne mettrai pas dans cet ordre 🙂 Car vous le savez je ne suis pas très fan de sgu^^!

    Pleins de gros bisou!
    je vous adore!

  43. I will deeply miss Mr. Cooper. When I know there is/was an episode he wrote I was extra excited because I knew it would be good. From your list, Joe, I would put “Vegas” at number 1, followed by “The Fifth Race”, “Meridian” and “Unending”.

    Please pass on to Mr. Cooper my condolences. Yes, I use that terminology correctly because losing him is heartbreaking 🙁 I wish him all the best in his next adventure. Where and who he works with next will be in for a real treat!

  44. I hate you…. Jokingly of course… I could never hate you in real life….. well unless of course I met you in real life and it turns out your a real A$$ then well all bets are off. Which I’m sure will never happen so lets get to the point.. (my how I tend to get off point too quickly)

    The reason for the above long statement is that I hate you added 2 episodes I haven’t seen WITH descriptions, because ALL of the other ones have been my faviourte episodes of ALL TIME thought SG’s history.

    I will be sad to see Robert leave SG but look forward to something new with his unique touches.

  45. A question…have you seen the series ‘Andromeda’? Is it weird for you to see the actors you know so well from Stargate as different people? Not that they are not imminently competent, they play their roles on the show well, but I was just overwhelmed by an episode that featured ‘Teal’c’ fighting ‘Daniel’ who also combated ‘Dr.Lam’ and a meeting of Tyr (who always reminds me of Ronon) and ‘Martouf’ – it seemed very crazy.

  46. @ Sparrowhawk – Kinda takes all the mystery out of Joe’s ‘pink apron’, doesn’t it? 🙁

    @ Bryan M. White – What pattern? I don’t see no stinkin’ pattern!

    Okay…maybe I do. 😛 However, in my defense…the reason I loved seeing a ‘naked’ Wraith was because it helped establish the Wraith as something other than ‘human’ (something that a lot of fans want them to be…unfortunately). I like the Wraith as evolved insects with humanoid features and intelligence, but with insectoid biology and mentality/morality, whereas a good portion of Wraith fans wanted them to be human in every respect – child-bearing mammals that roam the galaxy, just jonesing to shag their worshippers. But Vegas proved them to be something quite different – and established their desire to just be back with their own buggy, life-sucking kind, feeding as their nature dictates. That’s why I’m sad to see the show end…I don’t think the books will stay as faithful to the show as regards Wraith biology, and forget fan fic…that stuff – as good as some of it might be – is just too far off the track.


  47. Nice list!

    Glad Maternal Instincts wan’t on it, that episode annoys the snot outta me. I don’t like the Ascended Ancients much, and Oma tops my list of Leave the Humans Alone like you’re supposed to do meddling Ancients. Wise woman, my ass!

    That episode also has one of my favorite nitpicks… early on Daniel removes his jacket and is wearing the standard issue short sleeve T-short. Later, he is in a long sleeved t-shirt. Good to know he carries one around in his pack, I guess, we know how cold you get while meditating and taking a break to change clothes make ssooo much sense.

    Anyway, that’s my rare whine. Thanks for letting me dust off the cobwebs.

  48. Call me old school but The Fifth Race has to be one of my favourite Rob episodes in SG1, it captures a true sense of wonder unique to Stargate, you have the aliens, you have the sense of unknown, you have the mystery, you have well Jack.

    Maybe it’s because I love the Asgard but honestly this episode was amazing, more so because it was at a time when Earth didnt have ships, beaming, and the ability to cross Galaxies.

  49. @Sparrow_hawk

    You know, I though the same thing when I saw those pictures. They say there is a “twin” for everyone in the world…

    Best Wishes,


    P.s. Joe: how has Akemi been doing? Last we heard, I think she was in Melbourne Australia. Was she able to get comfortable with the area? I know she was having a hard time adjusting at first.

  50. Wow, Aftermath and Malice must be spectacular to be among such great company! You better not be overselling them Joe, or else. Or else.

    Well, or else nothing, since I can’t really do anything about it.

    Also…5 year plan? Oh my. I’m liking that A LOT. I mean, I’ve been asking you guys on whether you’ve planned out the series or not for a while now, and it’s actually happening! Let’s just hope that you guys get the chance to tell all of it!

    Rob Cooper has written some of my favorite episodes of Stargate, period. In fact, looking at my episode rankings (which I made when I did that massive marathon a year or two ago), I can say that he’s pretty much my favorite writer. Such a shame that he’s leaving (NOOOOOOOOOO), but I guess all good things must come to an end. I wish him good luck in whatever future endeavors he pursues, though I doubt he’ll need any.

    Speaking of episode rankings, here’s my Top 10 SG1 Rob Cooper episodes and their places on the overall SG1 rankings (in parentheses), from least best to best best:

    10. Redemption Part 1 (#27)
    9. Unending (#25)
    8. Full Circle (#24)
    7. Redemption Part 2 (#22)
    6. Nemesis (#13)
    5. Maternal Instinct (#11)
    4. Meridian (#7)
    3. The Fifth Race (#5)
    2. The Torment of Tantalus (#3)
    1. Heroes Part 2 (#2)

    I didn’t include SGA and SGU episodes since I didn’t want to mix up the shows like that; they are different enough (mostly due to the characters) that comparing them is difficult. Still, I’d say that Sateda, Time, and especially Vegas are all way up there! I just loved the way he teased out the core values of Sheppard in that one. It’s probably in the top 5 SGA episodes for me.

    Now, as requested by Rob, here are my Bottom 10 SG1 Rob Cooper Episodes and their places on the overall SG1 rankings (again, in parentheses) from least worst to worst worst:

    10. Fallen (#90)
    9. Absolute Power (#124)
    8. 48 Hours (#126)
    7. Fair Game (#158)
    6. Double Jeopardy (#159)
    5. Frozen (#160)
    4. In the Line of Duty (#164)
    3. Watergate (#178)
    2. Singularity (#187)
    1. Bane (#213)

    @ Das: Thank you! I’m the same way; I’m way more attracted to series with good music than otherwise, and the music sometimes make or break the episodes of those series. They are made to evoke emotion and that’s why I watch TV in the first place. However, I disagree that SGU is missing that big music. Air, Light, Divided, and Subversion all have brilliant, extended scores. For the most part, I’ve also liked the songs in the show. For the most part. 😉

    @ Elminster: Thank you! Again! 😀

    @ drldeboer, Tammy: LOL Thank you! Glad you guys enjoyed it. Yes, Joe, put this PG15 fellow on the payroll! 😛

    @ SG7: Thank you so much! Funny you should ask that – I am indeed working on a full Season 1 montage. So far, it’s looking like it’ll be about 9 minutes long. I’m hoping to make it like that “Previously On” segment on the Ark of Truth DVD that covered the Ori Arc; should be interesting!

    @ PBMom: Thank you! Yeah, that Lego Destiny was pretty crazy. I’ve since updated it a small bit after seeing more of the ship, and it now sits beside me every time I watch SGU. LOL it’s like a mascot. 😀

    @ Joan001, sylvia, Kymm, and feanor: Thank you guys/gals so much! Glad you all enjoyed it!

  51. @ Tammy: Joe’s on the West Coast of Canada so he should be fine. However, I’m worried about his family back East. It seems they were right in the middle of it.

    Joe, here’s the news story:


    Hope everything is alright.

  52. “Oh, speaking of fan fury, I’m afraid I’m going to have to put an end to the Shep/Weir vs. Shep/Teyla vs. Zelenka/Monty the radioactive gopher debate. While I respect everyone’s right to express their opinions, clarify points made, and defend themselves up to a point, at the end of the day this topic just doesn’t interest me all that much. To be unfair to both sides (and even some parties not even involved in the conflagration), we’ll be shipping Sheppard with Carter in season four.”
    I came across this lovely bit as I was trying to discover if Shep/Teyla was ever supposed to happen and it made me smile, a lot. At one point we see John and Sam sitting next to each other and my first thought was: they’d make a lovely couple aesthetically, too bad it never really happened.

  53. Thanks PG15! I hope Mr. M.’s mom/family are all doing well. Any blog regulars over in the danger zone?

    I’ve been through one earthquake but it was a just small shaking. Memphis, TN is build over the New Madrid fault line.

    A big news day: An earthquake in Canada. A general being ousted. Joran Van Der Sloot’s recants his confession. Bad news all around.

    Praying for your family, Mr. M.!

  54. Hi Mr M!

    First off :

    Many thanks to RCC for dropping by. I was shouting THREADS as I scrolled down through the list. Great minds etc.

    With regard to bottom 10 eps. Call me silly, but I actually enjoyed those 10 eps. as suggested by PG15….heck I even enjoyed Bane…..

    All time fav RCC ep : too close to call, but certainly Heroes, Vegas and Threads would be up for the title.

    PG15: Please check your twitter DM box!

    And finally, Joe Mallozzi Blog Regular, Gilder will be visiting with me here in dear old Ireland tomorrow. She tells me she was at the Cliffs of Moher the other day….also known as the Cliffs of Insanity from The Princess Bride. A cool poster/artwork print of which can be seen in Joe’s Office in The Bridge….(he still hasn’t found the listening bug I planted there….wanna know what happens in S2 of SGU???)

    So, all going well, Gilder and I will do a joint post tomorrow!!


  55. @TAMMY

    The quake was about 33 miles north of Ottawa [*my* general location] and 3 Time Zones east of The Joe!

    Anyway, it was about a 5.0, but only felt like about a 2.5 to
    maybe 3. at my place. Although, I’m on pretty solid bedrock. Word has it that there was some minor damage downtown. Hell, I thought it was just a heavy truck going by at first. Looked out, no truck… and the floor’s still shaking. Moved over a few feet to my right, *under* the kitchen doorway – just in case. Glanced out the other window, to see if there was any severe tree movement – there’s a weather system coming in and the possibility of a freak mini tornado touching down is not outside the list of what could happen in this alternate reality. Afterall, there was a shallow rumbling and a weird harmonic going on with the feel to this event. Whatever, no abnormal leaf oscillation in evidence. Just the new neighbour standing in her laneway wondering what was going on.

    BTW, did I mention that the ground was *still* shaking?

    This thing went on for a good 40 seconds! Then again, I could probably have been feeling the last vibrations of the steel girders in our floor for the last 10…

    Anyway, we’re fine. We’re all fine here… How are you?


  56. @ Joe – Hope Mammalozzi and sis are fine! Looks like this earthquake was centered in Ottawa, but it was supposedly felt as far south as here in Jersey. I felt nothing, but I’m at the southern end of the state, so no surprise there.

    @ pg15 – I must be honest here – I really haven’t paid much attention to the music in SGU, or – more accurately – I haven’t noticed the score. For some reason, I thought it was kinda gloomy…but can’t say for sure. I love uplifting or driving music…and I also like music that has a pronounced, or signature, sound…like the score for the first Pirates of the Caribbean: the lilty, playful violin music for Jack Sparrow, the menacing ‘march’ for the undead pirates, the sweeping, triumphant air as a ship took to sail. In SGA, I really loved the Wraith theme – so dark and foreboding – though it was downplayed in later seasons…and loved the opening theme.

    That said, I have enjoyed the songs used in SGU – especially in the montages. Like a couple guys said on another forum, SGU uses its montages to actually advance and tell a part of the story – they’re not just fluff like in some shows. The montages are one of my favorite elements in this new show…they work really well for me (especially when sex is involved – as I’ve said before – less is more!).


  57. It’s funny how *Karma* likes to bite you in the ass… I’ve been thinking of late that maybe it was a “good” thing that I wasn’t going to COMIC CON this year seeing as the entire area just east of San Diego has been experiencing several tremors per DAY for the last few months.



    And, the fact that the whole downtown area is built on NOT so solid ground! Not to mention, when standing in the middle of the Sail Pavillion in the San Diego Convention Center with 70,000 plus people moving about the building, it feels like a constant quake!

    But, here I am at home, thousands of miles away, saving myself much, much money and travel trauma to still experience all that shake, rattle, and roll!!

    EARTH – the only planet with chocolate! Gotta luv it!! 😀

  58. @PG15 and das

    Gotta go with PG here… The music is one of the best parts of SGU.

    And wow…. Really excited about Malice now. Fall is so far away. 🙁

    Oh and sorry I haven’t posted here much, I’ve been on a trip and am really busy.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  59. @Das

    I just meant to imply that the pattern was that they were Great Wraith episodes. 😉

    Best Wishes.


  60. @Rob Cooper

    Nice to see you chime in. I would’ve put up Torment of Tantalus in the top 10 so congratulate your wife.

    Thanks for the years of awesomeness! Hate to see you go.

    Good luck in the future. Don’t take any wooden nickels.

    Trying to think of more to say, but simply:


  61. Time would be my #1 Rob Cooper episode as well. Human would be #2. Vegas at #3 and Sateda at #4.

  62. @ Bryan M. White – Oh. 😳 I…um… errrmmmmmm… well, ya know… *squirms*… okay, yeah. Lots of great Wraith episodes, with AND without their clothes on! 😀



  63. NUMBER 9! are you crazy, Heroes is my all time favorite episode of Stargate. It contains everything SG-1 represented. Any time I think of SG-1, I remember the scene where Jack falls to the ground wounded or Daniel and Frasier are working on the SG member before she gets shot.

  64. Thanks for the recommendations! I’m checking to see if they are Kindle-ready! I know – blasphemous!

  65. Hi again Mr M!

    Just a quick post to say, Blog regular Gilder will be here for lunch tomorrow.

    To mark this auspicious event, we will put a post up here together on your blog. Two Blog regulars from opposite sides of the world posting from the same PC!

    I think it may be a first for the blog?

    Best to all


  66. Well…I don’t think I could make a top-ten list for Mr. Cooper. All of my favorite episodes of his are so close that they’d all be tied at number two 😉 But I definitely know which ones are my absolute favorites for SG-1 and SGA!

    So: my favorite SG-1 written by Mr. Cooper would have to be Zero Hour. The comedy in that is just wonderful. “There’s no light in the walls!” makes me laugh every time. And there’s so many character moments for Jack as he struggles to balance all his responsibilities. Really makes you realize how tough General Hammond had it…

    And my favorite SGA is definitely Sateda. The concept of the Wraith King was so interesting, and all the fight scenes, the beautiful shots…I think the scene where Ronon jumps out in slow-mo, firing both stunners, is one of the greatest scenes in all of Atlantis. And “If he doesn’t like it, he can sue me” is one of the best lines ever!

    Anyway, thank you for so many years of wonderful writing and directing, Mr. C. I really appreciate all your work. 🙂

  67. Joe, oh my gosh! That is Akemi, isn’t it!!! Your blog February 20, 2010, Akemi in a PINK APRON! cutting up chocolate!

    She is visiting you and you don’t say anything? Whats with that? You know you’re suppose to tell us everything! Lets hear it young man!

  68. I hope all is well with your mom and sis after the earthquake. And I hope your ground has finally settled, Ganymede.

    @shirt’n’tie and Gilder: I think it’s very cool that you bloggers are going to meet in person!

    @das: I hadn’t really remembered the pink apron until I was looking for pictures of Akemi to refresh my memory and found this:


  69. Heroes 1 & 2 is absolutely one of my favorite episodes. My dad’s a retired AF Lt. Col. and I have several friends in the military, some who have been in combat (sadly, one killed himself this past Christmas and I know he’d had a really hard time after coming home from Iraq). While Stargate is obviously fiction, the dangers our real life soldiers face isn’t so different and I always felt like this episode did one of the best tributes in its story telling to the sacrifice made by the armed forces. I also felt like it took SG-1 to a whole new level.

    Unending gets a lot of complaints, but I actually really really enjoyed it myself. I downloaded the CCR song and I’ve seen it used at various times in the movie/tv industry but this episode’s montage did it best IMO. Now I see it in my head every time I listen to it on my iPod LOL. I was never a Daniel Jackson fan but s. 9 & 10 let him shine in a way that I don’t think he did before and watching him go hard-ass on Vala turned into an incredibly memorable scene for me.

    Vegas was another absolutely mind blowing episode. Hands my favorite SGA episode – I think it gave a real taste of the grit we could expect from SGU.

    Human had even my husband glued to his seat (I can’t get him hooked on SGU, but then I couldn’t get him into SGA either). The music, the acting, the visuals… I can’t wait to rewatch it 🙂 Rush is one of my top characters in SGU and seeing how he dealt with pain just added so many layers.

    Time was really a neat episode but I wasn’t hooked enough during the first half to really appreciate it. I felt like that would have made a better back half or s. 2 ep., but I think I’ll have a better feel for it when I get the S. 1 dvds now that I have a more nuanced understanding of the characters. I felt a little cheated when everything ultimately reset itself.

    Definitely sad Rob Cooper is headed out, but I wish him luck. Thanks for keeping us updated.

  70. Dear Mr M
    Keeping in theme with the “best of” concept, would you be willing to post your personal “top ten of SG” without series or writer constraints?


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