First of all, a reminder to all you scifi fans out there.  July’s book of the month club discussion (week of July 12th) fast approaches.  Fortunately, there’s still plenty of time to prep for the discussion.  Just head down to your local bookstore and pick up Alastair Reynolds’ House of Suns, a novel The Times (UK) describes as “A thrilling, mind- boggling adventure”, and Andromeda Spaceways calls “A sweeping, audacious slice of galactic-scale intrigue and subterfuge”. And, while you’re there, do yourself a favor and also pick up August’s book of the month club selection…

The Devil’s Alphabet, by Daryl Gregory

From Publisher’s Weekly: “As a teen, Paxton Martin left the town of Switchcreek, Tenn., to escape a scandal and the retrovirus that afflicted many of the town’s inhabitants. Many died hideously, and most survivors turned into strange creatures: towering argos, parthenogenic betas, enormously obese charlies. A decade later, Pax returns home to attend the funeral of a close friend who has committed suicide. Hoping to avoid his estranged father, Pax plans to leave immediately after the funeral, but he soon finds himself caught up in both the complexities of his old life and the deep quantum weirdness that Switchcreek has become. A wide variety of believable characters, a well-developed sense of place and some fascinating scientific speculation will earn this understated novel an appreciative audience among fans of literary SF.”

Discussion the week of August 16th with author Daryl Gregory.

I first read Daryl Gregory about a month ago when editor Lou Anders sent me an advance advance copy of the Masked anthology of superhero fiction (  I proof read my contribution, “Downfall”, after which I ended up reading the rest of the entries in the collection, among them Gregory’s terrific “Message from the Bubblegum Factory”.  It  ranked among my very favorites (“Oodles of fun!” was my note on his short story), and I look forward to seeing what he does in the long form.

Well, dropped my car off for repairs yesterday.  It’s pretty badly dinged.  The shop has its work cut out for it…

Hope they remember to vacuum the interior.

33 thoughts on “June 21, 2010: August’s Book of the Month Club Pick!

  1. Who is this person doing the “speak no evil” pose in your car damage photos? Why does she wear a winter coat?

  2. Snap, Joe, my man, there’s a scratch right
    there. Better send it fixed quickly, then demand compensation for poor job 😉
    Any plans to have the crew celebrate Christmas or New Year in Season 2?

    More questions to Mr. Ferreira: Do you think Young is the type that celebrates Christmas and/or New Year? Would you like to see it happen in S2 or possibly in S3?

  3. So, it’s true what they say…JOE’S CAR IS A TRANSFORMER. Clearly the pic is of Joe’s car (let’s call it…Destructo) being stuck in the midst of transforming and rising up due to the ding. At least, that’s what he says! No doubt the “ding” was caused by the dastardly Autobots – that’ll explain why that guy paid for the whole thing and apologized so quickly. Such a goody goody.

    What? Of course Destructo is a Decepticon. This is Joe‘s car we’re talking about. Duh.

    Speaking of Transformers, I made a musical montage featuring clips from “Air” set to “Arrival to Earth”, a piece of music taken from the Transformers soundtrack. I was wondering if I could post it, and then saw from the comments section a few days back that, yes, I could. Check it out, y’all:

  4. Hey Joe! Any plans to do more with “Brody’s” Bar in season 2?

    And do ideas that you read from fans on places like here or GateWorld ever get used on any of the shows? Not necessarily specific plot details, but if you see fans wanting a storyline to go a certain way or see so-and-so get hooked up with so-and-so etc.

    And I keep wondering why Young in Incursion Pt. 1, didn’t just vent the atmosphere as the gate was dialing. Cause in my mind the Lucian Alliance coming through the gate would have immediatly been splatter on the gateroom walls with having no air in the room. Am I right on that?

    And my peeve of today. Talking to someone who told me that they illegally download all episodes of SGU. I got very annoyed and said to him that he is killing the show’s potential for future success if he isn’t watching it from legitimate sources such as on TV, or SPACE or ScyFy’s websites. That bugs me to no end. If everyone had that mentality, shows would never last more than one or two seasons. Anyway, end of my rant.


  5. That really looks like some kind of Transformer. You have to tell us what in heck it is. Something you saw in Japan on the last trip?

    Wait, I just zoomed in on it. It’s a bunch of car parts? Not of your car though (I hope not)? A sculpture? I love the woman’s reaction.

  6. Did you watch ‘Persons Unknown’, episode three yesterday? What did you think? It was certainly very edge-of-your-seat! I will be very interested to see further developments.

  7. Loved “House Of Suns.” It’s a great story as are most of Alastair Reynolds’ books. I’m currently half way through his “Terminal World.” I’m undecided whether I like it yet. Maybe I’m just a fan of spaceships!

    Has anyone read any Peter F. Hamilton? Now there’s some awesome books!

  8. Dammit,pg!!!!! You just showed me what’s missing from SGU – what *I* need to connect to the show. Music. BIG music. Music stirs my emotions and helps me get into the moment. I guess I need epic music in my sci fi…mebbe a little Borodin or somefin’. 😉

    Loved the vid, btw…great job – GREAT music! 😀

    Mornin’, Joey!! Have a good day, sir!


  9. I’m home today, so I made a couple of batches of muffins. Double Chocolate and Blueberry. I’d offer you one… but I don’t think they’ll go through the wire.


  10. Haha I got beat to the Transformers quip. Definitely Decepticon.

    Our RCC Greatest Hits list:
    –There But For the Grace of God
    The Fifth Race
    Lost City

  11. DP: I thought she was doing a “Home Alone” bit, but speak no evil works too..

    Joe: Seriously, who is she? 🙂

  12. ROFL. Well, almost, I sort of slid off the chair, but didn’t actually roll on the floor. thanks for a much needed guffaw when I saw the picture you posted. And i’ll duly head out to get hold of the BotM club selections, somewhere in between all the other chores. Ominous that there is no word on the World Cup pool rankings. Did your Italians fail you? Hope you’re still in the running at least.

  13. PS ain’t it something how a fan produced vid does more to sell me SGU than all previous official advert promos put together.

    Great job Peter @PG15. Put ‘im on payroll.

  14. Ok PG15, that was an amazing video! You think you can do a montage of the whole season like that??? I would love to see the selections you would choose from each episode for that! Brilliant work! 🙂

  15. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from Sunny Ireland. Looking forward to meeting Blog Regular, Gilder on Thursday.

    Rumours reach me that a certain Richard Dean Anderson is back filming in Vancouver? Can you confirm?

    Also, something that might tickle your fancy. A pal here in Ireland (author Jane Travers) has asked those on Twitter to drop her a recipe…any kind of recipe…the catch is that it must be 140 Characters!

    The best recipes will be put together in a book which will be sold, with ALL proceeds going to Medicins Sans Frontieres, a worthwhile cause. Now, while I know you are not on Twitter, the dogs are….so if they feel like tweeting a recipe, go to or tweet Jane @janetravers.

    What say you Mr M? Foodie, writing and deadline (140 characters) all combined? A challenge which will prove easy for you!!! Many thanks.

    If any of the others on here are also on Twitter, swing by with your recipes!!

    Many thanks


  16. Hello Joe,

    I shall like speaking for everything about French fan of SGU.

    We love SGU, someone hates…

    Then we count on you to save this magnificent series.

    And which lasts more than two seasons.

    Thanks Joe, thanks SGU team.

  17. PG15: That was fantastic. This is even better than the Lego Destiny, although I must say, that was some fine piece of work, too, since there were no instructions that came with that box and I certainly couldn’t have made a Lego Destiny from scratch.

  18. PG15 – I enjoyed the video and loved the music. October is long to wait to get the rest of the story…:(

  19. *wave* from Ireland again.

    Planning to see S’n’T Thursday, still consulting with tour director on details.

    For Louis Ferreira:

    1. Is there any chance YOU are the on-set yarnworker? (Still trying to combine my SG obsession with my crocheting hobby.)

    2. What do you know about Col. Young that we don’t? Could be background, like what make car he drove on Earth, or personal, like “boxers or briefs?”

  20. @ Matt – *dies* Hubba, HUBBA!! Now THAT is WAAAAY sexier than Ronon – I didn’t think it would be possible! It’s like…it’s like…if Ronon and Bob the Wraith had a baby!!! 😀

    *fans self*

    Thanks for posting that piccie link! 😀


  21. Drat…DRAT! I meant STEVE the Wraith…not Bob (sorry, Bob). Steve has the free-flowing hair, Bob has dreads. Of course…I knew that, but I was a bit distracted… 😛


  22. Boy Joe you are sure efficient – getting the car into the shop already…

    @ PG15 – great vid!!

    I actually prefer Jason Momoa with facial hair, which is VERY unusual for me, because usually I dislike it when guys have facial hair.

    Have a good one!!

    P.S. – so do the last couple of days confirm my theory re: you as a ‘legitimate’ source? ….and the fandom went wiiiiiiiild…..

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