Allow me to start off today’s blog with what is fast becoming a weekly tradition: a retraction.  In listing my Top Ten Rob Cooper Episodes yesterday, I mistakenly attributed Human (Stargate: Universe, Season 1) to him.  While Rob directed the episode, it was actually scripted by writer Jeff Vlaming and, thus, ineligible for consideration.  Apologies to all.  Thank you to Rob for dropping by the comments section and setting me straight (and also enlightening us on his working relationship with Richard Dean Anderson.  Check it out if you missed it.).  And also for recommending a possible replacement for that #7 slot: Threads (SG-1, Season 8), an episode that completely slipped my mind but is surely worthy of a top ten ranking.  By the way, Torment of Tantalus almost made the list but was edged out by The Fifth Race, while There But For the Grace of God was another oh-so-close runner-up.

While we’re on the topic of Robert Cooper, I noticed more than a few crazy theories floating around the internet, most of which are pretty amusing, a few of which are, frankly, kind of annoying.  One occasional poster to this blog and other forum regular has started floating the idea that, and I quote: “BW wanted to another season of SGA, RCC did not”.  Two words.  Bull and shit.  Late in Atlantis’s fifth and final season, when the show’s fate was up in the air, Rob was the one who picked up the phone and made the calls, putting the decision-makers on the spot and pushing for answers for what we hoped would be a sixth season of the series.

Hey, there’s no telling who or what you’ll run across while strolling the Bridge Studios’ lot.  One day, it’s a bunch of extras in cocktail dresses chasing down a guy in a tux, another it’s some fella getting torched (, and another it’s actress Ali Liebert hanging around waiting for an audition.

Actress Ali Liebert

Don’t know if she got the part, but I’m sure we’ll hear about it here:  In the meantime, you can catch Ali starring in the romantic comedy Year of the Carnivore.

Wow.  You know what’s great about SGU?  The cast!  With most shows, it’s all sunshine and roses in season one and then, in season two, the wheels come off and cast members are stealing each other’s breakfast mimosas and engaging in bare knuckle fist fights between scenes.  Not here though.  Just check out the pic I snapped of actress Elyse Levesque and actor Brian J. Smith thoroughly enjoying each other’s company.

Can you feel the love?

Business as usual?  A ghostly visit from one or both?  Or something far more nefarious?  You’ll find out in season two!

44 thoughts on “June 23, 2010: A retraction! My two-word response to one particular theory! Actress Ali Liebert! And feelin’ the love!

  1. In that last pic, it appears that Brian has finally located the tanning beds on Destiny,lol.

  2. You are a big boy, I know you don’t need protection. But some folks are assholes. They float nonsense for the sake of nonsense no matter who (in this case RC) get splattered. That you put up with that crap and still share yourself with the rest of us is appreciated.

  3. Thanks to twitter, we do know the SGU cast does enjoy socializing as a group – like at Lou Diamond Phillips place where he cooked for them. So…not a surprising comment.

    In that last pic…either as Kevin pointed out Brian has found the tanning facilities …OR…Elyse has stepped into the “Twilight” and become quite pale. But why???? – yeah, I know wait for season 2.
    and we wait, and wait, and wait. Did I mention wait sir?

  4. @Kevin

    Technically he located the tanning bed in Air Part 3: on the blu-ray of season 1 he had a visible tan-line for the first several episodes. My thanks to the make-up dept. for their attention to detail!!! 😉

    Best wishes,


  5. …well maybe not a tan-line… But a definite sunburn…

    Best Wishes.


  6. you know, speaking of the sg-1 episode Threads, where can i find or get the extended version of the episode? I bought the slim pack here in america, (Stargate SG-1 Season 8) which was supposed to have the extended version i thought. Alas, it didnt. And i think there was another episode in that season which was an extended version, cant think which one it was though.

    Oh well, the 45 minute version is alright, but i really would like to see the full 63 minute version.

  7. Bryan M. White It’s kind of a weird sunburn, though. If you look at it at the end of Air III, you can see that he also “burned” his sideburn. Very strange.

  8. @Sylvia: Medically speaking, Chloe didn’t look so great (and rightfully so) at the end of season 1. With all that blood loss, and no blood products to replace (as far as we know–who knows maybe she has a rare AB-negative blood type that no one else on board has to donate), and no iron supplements and alien food that may or may not contain a healthy amount of iron, it would seem natural that she might be a little pale for awhile. We do know that Brian was down filming in New Mexico again, so his more tan-looking skin would seem to fit, too. Perhaps someone invented sunscreen on the Destiny between the time Air aired and the time they visit whatever planet New Mexico serves as backdrop for the season 2 episode. LOL.

    @Joe: That occasional poster to this blog should hide their head in shame. I know you are too nice to ban them from every posting again, but like Stephen Colbert, I think you’ve just put them on notice, sir.

  9. Brians uniform is looking a bit raggedy like the Ragedy Doctor from Doctor Who 11th Doctor premier when the 11th Doctor was wearing the remains of the previous Doctor Who clothes.
    Maybe they can steal some clothes from the Lucian Alliance members that dont need them anymore or maybe just their leather coats if that can be arranged would love to see that.

  10. there was an earthquake in Montreal around 2 pm! I never ran so fast outside of a building! 😀

  11. Ali Liebert = very pretty! I think I saw her in Fringe and Harper’s Island…

    As for the Rob Cooper stuff, I’m of the firm belief that some idiots will vilify the poor guy because they see it as their right as card-carrying fan peoples. Of course, comments like the one you mentioned make them sound like conspiracy nuts/complete idiots instead of fans… 😀

  12. Chloe died, but they found a resurrection chamber! That’s the ONLY explanation for that photo! 😉

  13. OK, so I was being ‘curious’ again, and went on a hunt. There is sure a helluva lot of speculation going on, definitely lots of theories (both logical/rational and wing-nut), and whew people can be so mean.

    When you leave a job after working there a long time, it’s the people that you miss the most. Sure you keep in touch and you hear about all of the ‘big’ stuff but you miss out on the day to day interactions, the ‘small’ stuff you know. So I’m glad that Rob hasn’t totally closed the door to returning, we can hope right?

    I guess this means there isn’t going to be an opportunity for defending your ice cream title/crown.

    So that is some sweet ride eh? *takes a break and sings/dances along to Springsteen’s Pink Cadillac* ….continues…..Although a bit of an unusual color for a ‘muscle’ car *slight understatement* It does kind of look like a Mary Kay car, and not something you would think that Jason Momoa would drive.

    Joe writes “with most shows, it’s all sunshine and roses in season one and then, in season two, the wheels come off and cast members are stealing each other’s breakfast mimosas and engaging in bare knuckle fist fights between scenes. Not here though.” …….It hasn’t happened with SGU, so does this mean that it happened on SG-1 and SGA? Although I know better than to ask cuz you’re not going to tell me/us any details. *I’m all Pout-y McPouterson*

    Brian is looking really good…. It’s a good picture.

    I can’t believe we have to wait until October…. It seems like we just had a big break. OH YEAH, WE DID!!!! ….. LOL!!

    Have a good one!!

  14. Hello Joseph! ça va bien? Moi oui très bien!
    Ohh je suis snif pour Robert, je l’ai quasiment toujours connue dans stargate et vous aussi, vous devez être très triste! Et pas qui il sera remplacé?

    Yahhh ! Merci pour cette photo d’Elyse et Brian, so cutre ♥ ils forment un petit couple très mignon! 🙂

    Allez gros bisou!
    Je vous adore!!

  15. I thought when you announced Mr. Cooper’s leaving tht the rumor mill would shift into high gear. I’m sorry to see I was right, and that the rumors floating around are both wrong and hold a malicious element to them. I and many here would be happy to throw rotten tomatoes, overipe bananas, and donated materail from the local chimp enclosure at the people responsible for the most insulting and off the wall rumors.
    @Das. Sorry, Cat is rigt. 4 words, not 3. Though why anyone would like the number 4 is beyond me. I’m not actually superstitious about the number, but I do have a bit of an aversion to it thanks to an adoptive Japanese mother.
    Mr. M. just know you’re appreciated for taking on all the heat about the show as well as the great posts here. You can’t be paid enough for fielding all the rants, raves, rumors, and vitriol(ran out of r words) that you are exposed to here.

  16. @ cat444444444444444444444444444444444… NO idea! 😉

    @ Sparrowhawk – RE: Pink Apron. You should be a detective. 😀

    @ Joe – I still prefer my theory about the ‘pink apron’…just so ya know. 😉


  17. Couple quickies & that’s a 1-word response lol

    @Das, we too prefer the Wraith as evolved insects with humanoid features. It’s all that what made them ultra-cool & the best villains since Klingons. I hope in future SGA books and/or visual projects, this is the way they get portrayed. It’s half of what made SGA Vegas so damn cool. Wraith in Vegas!!!

    @RobCC asked to see a bottom 10. Can’t do but the ep that sticks out in my mind as causing much fandom uproar is SG-1 Need, ie the arguments about the sarcophagus’ function & Daniel handling. However, I liked the ep.

  18. This is Gilder masquerading as S’n’T. He very generously picked me up at the local bus stop, introduced me to two daughters and a Dalmatian, and served me tea, scones, and salad at the lovely and palatial S’n’T “estate”. Look for photos later on. About to meet the twins after their penultimate day of school.

    Whoops, S’n’T just changed a diaper in RECORD TIME!

    Passing the laptop back to him…

    Hi Mr M!

    The first simul-post from Blog regulars!! Hope all good in The Bridge.

    Best to all


  19. OMG. RDA up to bat. If he really gets the handle, the Twitterverse may need a Tweetgate.

    BW = Brad Wright


  20. Hi Joe,

    I first wanted to offer my apologies since you commented on a quote from me on GW. I was only expressing an opinion and felt Robert Cooper did not want to do SGA anymore because he said he was tired of the old format and wanted to do something new. I’ve decided not to post on GW anymore because quite frankly I am embarassed and that place should be fun but some fans have become so vile towards the SG-1 and SGA fans it is no longer fun. I know you answered my questions many times in the past, but I hope my recent activity does not label me as a troublemaker or someone trying to spread rumors. I am actually a fan of SGU and think there is a lot of potential, but the GW community has just changed my personality because you have to go in there with a more assertive attitude and that is not me. I look to make people laugh and just have fun talking about Stargate. The fans have just become too divided.

    I really hope to get a reply from you, because I am feeling bad about this, and don’t want you and the other producers to think ill of me, when I have been a supporter of the franchise since the beginning. This is why I hate the internet sometimes, you sometimes don’t think before you right something and then have to regret what you wrote.

    Thanks for hearing me out!


  21. When are “they” going to make the movies for SGA and SG1. Sorry, not liking SGU, I am really desperate for a decent Stargate production. They should have never cancelled SGA.

  22. All this earthquake chatter makes me laugh. I am a native Californian, I lived in Japan for years, and my house here in Utah is on a fault long overdue for a Big One. You just gotta roll with it.

  23. Hey Ganymede!

    Still shaking today – what an experience! I half expect to hear the rumble again. It lasted a good 25 seconds, and probably more as it died off…

    You’re a stronger (braver) person than I am. This was really my first quake and I found it frightening. If it happened at this strength on a regular basis, I would not be living here. That said, although we are on some fault lines here, (Ottawa area) we are on the Canadian Shield and I don’t expect that we would sink or ripple much outside the hiccup we had yesterday. It was an interesting experience, BUT – been there, done that, no more please….. 🙂

  24. I’m so happy Gilder is having a nice visit and a fun trip. I’m jealous but glad 😉 . I can’t wait to see pictures from your trip!

    Happy that you are ok Eric.Stewart, as well. Sounds scary. We live near a fault line but so far, we have been lucky.

    Narelle: Do tell! I saw you on twitter early this morning (so late last night for you, right?). I hope you get some rest today!
    I’m listening to Asimov’s Robot series, I can’t believe I missed that series before now.

  25. Oh jeez. You visit GateWorld? *tidies her avatar, sig, posts* 😀 You might recognize me by teh ‘gate thunk sig. 😛

    There was something else I wanted to say… Oh yeah. Your confidence about SGU’s 5-year-plan makes me confident, too.

  26. G-g-g-ghostly visit? Uh oh.

    Hey, speaking of Rob Cooper, various circumstances at Gateworld led to a poster to comment that I’m replacing Rob at Bridge Studios. Obviously, it’s make-believe, but it does raise a good and perfectly plausible and doable suggestion. I’ve thought about it, and there are a few things I’d like to change about the show and how things are run if and when I replace Rob.

    SGU needs to be darker, edgier, sexier, and more dark. And also “gier” perhaps of the “ed” persuasion. And sex always sells so there’s that too. The show should also be cooler, hotter, softer, harder, better, faster, stronger, and lighter.

    But besides that, SGU must also have more drama – I will make everyone take Dramamine in order to up the drama, for obvious reasons.

    Daily reminders of these people being the wrong kinds of people and how they’re not supposed to be there will be blasted through newly installed loud speakers across the Bridge Studios lot including within the actors’ trailers in order to remove their sunny dispositions and help them fully embody the characters so they don’t have to act as hard. This measure will be deemed a success when Louis Ferreira no longer jokes around but instead walks around the lot with his head down while mumbling to himself.

    The writers will write their scripts with crayons so as to promote creativity by tapping into their innocent inner child, provided said child has not yet perished from years of jaded adulthood. Writers who have lost their inner child will be promoted to janitors.

    To follow up “Incursion Part II” is too hard, so instead of writing a Season 2, we will skip it and start writing Season 3. We will return to conclude that cliffhanger later. Maybe. Season 3 will start after we figure out what the Season 2 finale was.

    We will bring David Hewlett back to reprise his role as McKay. However, due to the serious nature of SGU, the episode in which he appears will revolve around McKay being force fed lemons as a means of torture and crying continuously. McKay will be changed by the event and will remain disturbed and un-humorous for all subsequent episodes/movies of Stargate where his character takes part.

    Carl has been assigned the season 3 mid-season finale where Young will headbutt the Stargate resulting in the discovery of Franklin – he was behind the couch this whole time.

    We will make SGU even more serialized by ending episodes in the middle of characters’ lines and starting the ne

    xt episode with them finishing those lines. This could pose a problem in the series finale, however.

    Fans have been complaining about the intro being boring and repetitive (well, at least one fan, but we must please all of them all the time). To combat this, the intro will be replaced by Robert Carlyle reading the phonebook, and then getting beaten up by Louis Ferreira who will whack Carlyle on the head repeatedly with said phonebook.

    The writers will have their names legally changed so they will no longer receive any hatemail. Carl will be renamed Buttons, Paul will be renamed Paul, Joe will be renamed Blog McBlogerson, Remi will be renamed Linda, Linda will be renamed Remi, and Brad…Brad just stood there.

    The Stargate shall be reshaped into a square, because a spinning square is so much more unexpected than a spinning circle.

    All off-world travel will be suspended due to a decreased budget. Instead, the characters will go on journeys of Imagination. Episodes will consist of peo

    ple thinking and making various facial expressions corresponding to what they’re thinking of. It will be the best thing ever.

    And, finally, Rob Cooper shall be kidnapped and kept in a dimly lit metal container somewhere in the basement so I can mine story ideas from him to make myself look like I’m good at this, which I clearly am.

    So what do you think, Joe? Yeah, I understand.

    I’ll be there tomorrow.

    In the mean time though, I’ve hit a snag with that “Previously, On Season 1 of SGU” thing I’m planning. Turns out, there was A LOT of stuff to cover in Season 1. Could you believe that? I’m already 2 minutes in and I haven’t even got out of Air Part 1 yet. I’ve got to introduce the characters, introduce the plot, then tackle those major threads that go through the season like survival, the stones, the Scott/Chloe/Eli triangle, Rush vs. Young, civilian vs. military, the aliens, TJ and the pregnancy, and the Lucian Alliance. Of course, all of these will need to be “explained” by the characters, which means big reams of dialogue that takes up valuable time. I don’t know how you guys make those intros so brisk. And, added on top of this is the fact that I don’t have access to the scenes sans background music, so it just becomes a big mess, audio-wise.

    Maybe I’ll scale it back and just have it dialogue-less like the Air one.

    @ das: I understand. SGU’s score is definitely more atmospheric and subtle than that of SG1/SGA. For my part I can’t even remember scenes in those shows that didn’t have background music (though obviously those scenes existed), but with SGU there are a few times when I realize that it’s just the actors talking with nothing else in the background. There seems to be a focus on the performance and the characters, which makes sense – after all, we don’t have background music in our daily lives. Heh.

    That said, there are several SGU pieces that are brilliant. There’s a guy on YouTube who’ve ripped the music from the show and I’ve been raving about him for a while now. I’m gonna take a chance this time and actually post a link:

    ^That’s the score for the lottery scene from “Light”. It’s one of the best IMHO. If you like it you can search his profile – he’s done the same to a few other pieces from the show.

    And I can definitely relate to your choice of music favorites. I love the pieces where there is one memorable motif, like the theme of the show or movie, that is repeated throughout in different forms. I’m not sure about uplifting, but I’m into the stuff that’s sweeping, grand, and moody – so I can get lost in it.

  27. Joe that whole BW wanted to another season of SGA, RCC did not thing came from a poster on Gateworld where some people were giving their theorys as to why RC left.

    Honestly as SGU is a new series, from a creative standpoint, it would put that theory to sleep, as pretty much everyone and anyone loves working on something new, as its a new challenge.

  28. Someone on another forum said:

    “I laughed a little with the next episode preview where everyone looks to be praying in a Universe where it’s pretty much proven there is no God. Just entities of unimaginable power/technology.”

    I can’t remember if its Darkness/Light or Fire that scene appeared in, but it is a touch ironic?

  29. @Briangate78

    *please* don’t leave gateworld!!!

    i’ve seen sooo many of my friends leave not just gateworld, but stargate fandom. i’m tired of the good ones leaving…

    and as for joe calling you on your *opinion*. you have a right to one, you have a right to express it, and i’m sure joe and rob and brad and the rest are big enough boys to handle differing ones.

    so please, brian, don’t leave. (you and major davis are the only two i can talk to)

  30. Hey, Joe.

    Sine since it’s hard to determine when you answer mailbag questions and from which entries, I’ve decided to ask these again just in case (or till you answer, LOL):

    1.) Have you seen these?

    See? Riley has fans.

    2.) Have you seen this, BTW?

    Pretty interesting. What’s your take on it?

    It’s not really here nor there with me but there’s one part of that I VEHEMENTLY disagree with and that’s the Riley part. Riley is just too awesome.

    3.) Will you have an alien join the cast (and no, I don’t mean a Jaffa, Tok’ra or Lucien Alliance member)? PLEASE no “aliens/people with rubber foreheads” retread or any other human look-alikes. I mean a true, non-human looking alien. The majority of main-cast “aliens” in sci-fi television usually consist of humans wearing make-up and/or silly clothes and costumes. That’s pretty annoying. And this coming from someone who is a huge fan of Teal’c. Break that (rubber) mold.

    Why not one of the Blues?

    Having one of them onboard the ship would give insight into their race. Also, it not knowing how to speak English at first and examining how different it’s species is from humans both physically and culturally would make for a great story arc.

    4.) Now that Lost is over, have you guys thought about poaching some of their crew a little? You know, people like script writers, directors, producers and other areas of production? Writers and directors as freelancers, at the very least? It would be very awesome to see Damon Lindelof join the SGU crew.

  31. Tammy – Have a big deadline for June 30 so it will be late nights until then. I’m 40 pages through writing up a 120 page software specification document for an Institute. Very dry, very un-fun. I’d love to turn one of those documents into a story one day. It would make reading it and creating it a lot more entertaining.

    The book I found was Undone from the Outcast series. An offshoot of the Weather Wardens. Have you read the Weather Wardens?

    pg – If you don’t end up working on the Mission to Mars project or Stargate, you also have potential as a Scrubs writer.

  32. Nala died – that is soooo sad ….. and for such a stupid reason. (youngest beluga whale at the Van Aquarium died due to complications arising from 2 rocks and a penny caught in her airway).

    @ Gilder & Shirt’n’Tie – that’s so cool that you got to meet and post together!!

    @ Pg 15 – Dramamine *giggles*…. That’s very good!!

    @ Zoomeister – interesting idea about having a Blueberry join the cast, but I have a feeling that it wouldn’t be in the Special Effects budget.

    @ Narelle from Aus – The Weather Warden series is on my To Read List. Did you like them? I’m trying to get my reading mojo back as well. I miss it!!


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