A recent quote by some unnamed source has set the internet abuzz with rumors and wild theories concerning Executive Producer Robert Cooper’s presumed departure from the Stargate.  Well, I’d like to take this opportunity to admonish those who jumped to conclusion based on the basis of this unattributed piece of gossip that…Oh, wait.  What’s that?  Check yesterday’s blog entry?  Hang on a sec…

Um, okay.  I’M the source of said rumor.  Okay then, yes.  It’s true.  Rob is leaving Stargate after some 300+ episodes and we’ll all miss him terribly (especially Kerwick, the office mascot, who, late Friday, managed to swallow his chimpanzee sense of melancholy long enough to sign dibs on Coop’s soon-to-be-vacated office).  Still, allow me to take a moment to dispel some of the crazy theories presently making the rounds of the internet concerning his departure.

1. Rob left because he’s doing poorly in our Office World Cup pool and can’t bear the thought of seeing Ashleigh win again – Untrue.  In fact, Rob passed on the pool because he knew he wouldn’t be around to see its conclusion.  And, quite frankly, didn’t trust any of us to send him his winnings if he did come out on top.  Yes, it goes without saying that he can’t stand the thought of Ashleigh winning, but the same can be said for most everyone else in the Production Office.

2. Rob contracted an alien virus while directing a recent off-world episode and is placing himself in self-imposed quarantine before his mutation completes and he becomes a threat to his co-workers – Untrue.  Rob is hale and hearty, one hundred percent healthy and will no doubt bury us all.  Damn him.

3. Rob was ousted as a result of a coup orchestrated by fellow Executive Producer Carl Binder – Untrue.  Rob made the decision to leave last year.  You’re just hearing about it now.  And, for what it’s worth, there is absolutely no evidence linking Carl to either of the previous failed coup attempts.

4. Rob is being replaced by a certain someone we all know and love – Untrue.  Although it may seem all too coincidental, Rob’s departure and Oprah’s decision to wrap up her highly successful show are in no way related.  Oprah will NOT be replacing Rob for SGU’s third season (nor will anyone else for that matter, much to Kerwin’s chagrin).  Paul and I will continue our show running duties alongside Brad for the show’s third year.

5. Rob is leaving because I09 hurt his feelings – Untrue.  Unlike Carl who bursts into tears whenever Meredith Woerner hates on an episode-ending music montage, Rob is superhumanly thick-skinned, impervious to all negative critiques and even somewhat flame retardant.

So there you have it.  No conspiracy, Carl-orchestrated coup, or upcoming role as lovable new intern Seamus McPhee on next season’s Grey’s Anatomy. After fourteen great years with Stargate, Rob has decided to move on.  We’ll miss him but we’ll see him off, buoyed by his innumerable contributions to the franchise and secure in the knowledge that whatever is next for him – be it the opera or training for a UFC title bout – he’ll be successful.

Unless it’s the opera or training for a UFC title bout.

Anyway some pics from last night’s dinner, a terrific feast capped by a gorgeous view, delightful company, and the most bizarre argument I’ve ever had over a show, musical or otherwise.

One of the evening's tasty appies. I ate about half waiting for everyone else to arrive fashionably late.

The surf portion of the surf 'n turf, Dungeness Crab, which I actually prefer over the not-quite-as-sweet King Crab.

The turf portion of the surf 'n turf - Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon. Watch out for the toothpicks. I know I didn't.

I'm not one for fruit with my dessert, but their inclusion here was fairly inoffensive. Nice mix of light meringue, cream, and chocolate shavings. And the occasional errant berry that found itself in the mix.

Dinner was delicious and, most importantly, served in a timely manner.

Which brings me to my non-review of a local Vancouver restaurant.  I was planning to do a write-up but had such a bad experience that I decided to drop it in favor of a blanket warning: If you’re the type who prefers to be served within an hour of ordering your meal, avoid Marcello’s Pizzeria on Commercial.  In all fairness, I’d heard about the ridiculous wait time from other one-time-only customers but dismissed them as exaggerations.  So, I have no one to blame but myself.  Now, I’d understand if the place was hopping (it was maybe half full) or if we’d ordered something complicated (salad and pizza is pretty straightforward), but it’s difficult to excuse waiting almost an hour for a garden salad while the neighboring table is seated, orders, and is served their lasagnas in the interim.  Do yourself a favor and head across the street to Lombardo’s instead.

78 thoughts on “June 20, 2010: Putting the rumors to rest! Surf ‘n turf ‘n tiff! A meal to disremember!

  1. Joe…just a quickie…

    What is Rob moving on to (if you can share)? Another show? Writing his memoirs? Travelling the world? Opening a restaurant? Turning to religion? Running for office? Getting a real job? Or will he just be lying on the couch all day, watching soaps?


  2. Turf looks delish.

    I’ve done some searching around the blog but my curiosity remains unsated… I’d love to hear about how you started as a writer. How did you land your first staff gig, and how did you make the progression into full-time teevee?

  3. Your last paragraph reminded me of an experience I had the other night at a 24 hour restaurant here in our city. Five of us sat down at a large table and were then asked to move as they had a party of seven coming in. We kindly got up to another table, placed our orders and got our drinks. Then we waited.

    While we waited, the party of seven (and a couple at another table) who had come in after us, all got their dishes served to them. They were half-way through their meals when the waitress came out to apologize for our wait. Ten minutes later we got our food. 3 breakfast specials (2 eggs, 2 pieces of toast, 5 strips of bacon, 3 sausages and two slices of ham for each plate) and 2 hot turkey/chicken sandwhiches.

    Needless to say, we were not impressed. No one at the table left a tip. Thankfully, as I’m moving back home in 8 days time, I won’t ever have to go back to that restaurant again.

  4. The food looks delicious. I especially liked the dessert. And I like having my food served in a timely manner as well.

  5. Joe…just a quickie, part deux…

    I know you said before that you don’t do any gardening…but do you at least grow herbs?

    As someone who loves food, I’d be surprised if you didn’t have your own little herb garden. If not – you should! It’s easy as can be. All my herbs are in containers – parsley (curly), cilantro and dill in one (with a little winter savory and lemon thyme). Winter savory is an aphrodisiac, btw…you might want to have some of that on hand, just in case. 😉 I have one container with three types of mint (god forbid they get in my lawn – mint grows rampant around here!) One container just for basil. And two large containers that I’ve had for years – and that have survived the winters – filled with chives, marjoram, tarragon, sage, oregano, thyme, rosemary…and probably something I’m forgetting. Nothing like fresh herbs – I love chopping up some sage, rosemary, thyme, and marjoram and adding it to my eggs in the morning, or having fresh dill on hand for asparagus, or basil for caprese salad, or mint for…oh, right. You don’t like mint. 😉


  6. So, Season 3 has just been confirmed?

    Thanks for that…I was worried that he was ill or something.

    Cheers, chev

  7. So, Rob leaving has nothing to do with you ruthlessly beating him in the ice cream making contest, or that suspicious fire at the studio the other day? I heard Remi ratted him out on the fire.

    What day last year did Mr. Cooper make his announcement? I’d like to look back at your blog and see what kind of a mood you were in when you posted that night.

    Joe, I know what you mean about fruit dessert. I feel the same way. I had peach cobbler today. It was good except for all the peaches in it. By the time I got done eating it, I had reincarnated the peach! It lay in a perfect pile on my plate.

  8. @Das: I think Rob will simply haunt Bridge Studios looking for the ghosts of Star Gates Past.

    Yes, Joe, it really was your inadvertent slip of the tongue that got the internet all “a-Twitter”. I must confess that I had a small hand in running as fast as my feet could carry me to Gateworld to post. I love it when there’s gossip and I’m not going to get into trouble by spreading it.

    Joe, if I may, I have a question. Why did none of the planets in the Pegasus Galaxy bury their stargates? They did it often enough in the Milky Way Galaxy, and the Goa’uld also still had ships to come and get the people. At least with a buried gate they would have the satisfaction of knowing the Wraith who tried to fly through it would become goo.


  9. Joe in all the time I have read your blog, I have noticed one thing. It’s not what you write that’s interesting (yet I still come back?), but what you DON’T write that is better.
    Such as;
    1. Everyone in the “Production Office” is routing for Ashleigh to lose the World Cup Pool. Suggesting that everyone on Set is routing her to win. Evidence that her mind-control technology is effective.
    2. Earlier this month, Rob recently lost a Battle Ice Cream. An unfortunate lose, or possible under the table dealing with the judges to expediate his departure?
    3. There was fire truck spotted outside Bridge Studios a couple weeks back. Mearly an accident or an attempt on Rob?
    4. It was also mentioned that you may be replacing Paul at the Comic Con convention. A last minute replacement or are you accompanying Rob to ensure the truth remains silent?
    5. All culminating to you mentioning that Paul and Yourself will be continuing your show-running responsibilities along side Brad. A simple omission or a subconcious decision to make Carl your next target?

  10. Another question if I may, and apologies if it has already been asked.

    When Prometheus was named, was it by someone who already knew the mythology or did you go in search of a name that was fitting for the situation?

  11. @ Narelle – I’m not sure about Joe, but I’m having trouble finding my reading mojo lately (as in…the last three months, give or take). I read, but not really retaining much, or enjoying much…kinda like reading because I have to. I’ve just been too busy, trying to do too much, with too much on my mind (I liked it better when I was depressed – then I just didn’t give a damn!). It has been difficult to find the time to sit and read (without falling asleep by the end of the first page)…until, today. I was a bit out of sorts this morning (nothing serious, just the girl thing…and arencha glad I shared that with you all? 😉 ), so stayed home all day…and set up my beach lounge chair in the back yard, and napped…and read. I finished up two trade paperbacks/graphic novels, and got some much-needed R&R. No make-up, no socializing, no…hell, no bra! It was wonderful! So…if you need to get back into the reading groove…I suggest sitting out under a big, shady tree with some books, and good, non-judgmental company (in my case, it was cats…). Oh. And leave the telephones in the house. 🙂


  12. @ Arctic Goddess – Oops. Missed your comment. No comment on Rob…buuuut…

    …how DARE you suggest turning the Wraith to goo!! 😡



  13. That looks deeeee-lish.

    If you are still taking questions for Louis Ferreira:

    1. Did you remember, when you saw LDP on set, that you had been in a movie with him all those years ago (Renegades)?

    2. Do you think that telling Emily that TJ is having Young’s baby will be the final nail in that relationship’s coffin?

    3. We hear that you are the #1 prankster with the fart machine. Who comes in second place?

    4. Who will win at chess, Young, Rush or will it always be a stalemate?

    5. This has become my regular question to everyone. Let’s say for episode 100 we get a SGleeU episode, what song would you sing and who would you sing it to? Julia Benson responded that it would be “You Give Love a Bad Name” by Bon Jovi to Scott (which was a really awesome pick).

    6. Jamil on the Syfy chat during the season finale, on that final shot with Young looking up, asked, “Is he looking up at God or his mark on the ceiling?” So which was it?

    7. Why not Twitter?

    8. Do you have a Facebook page or a project on Facebook we can follow?

    9. Was that REALLY you in the SpaceChat site (Innerspace) during the season finale when it aired in Canada?

    10. No question — just a thank you for the wonderful Colonel Young moments and for the WONDERFUL DVD commentaries. I hope you do more of them.

  14. Dear Joe,

    First let me say I have been a fan since the movie, much less the series you guys have started and my fan support continue now with SGU. I have all the seasons of every shoe on DVD or dvr.

    My question is this, are you guys being affected by all the turmoil at MGM? Since they own the franchise, I would imagine that you would have to be affected. Is the future of the franchise in jeopardy if MGM can’t cut a deal with someone to buy them and what are the prospects for continuation of the series after the sale?

    If you have no idea that’s cool I was just wondering if they gave you any “official comments” you could share.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  15. A quick question for you, Joe:

    I’m very depressed to see Rob leaving, but it made me think…

    Now that Lost is over, have you guys thought about poaching some of their crew a little? You know, people like script writers, directors, producers and other areas of production? Writers and directors as freelancers, at the very least? It would be very awesome to see Damon Lindelof join the SGU crew.

  16. You’ve been holding out on us for a whole year???!!! I’m with Ponytail. I want dates and times. And if Mr. Cooper wouldn’t mind, perhaps he will allow you to let us know what he, Mr. Cooper, is moving onto?
    I see that the service was so bad you made no mention of the food quality. But at what point do you actually walk out on the restaurant? The one hour mark? Or do you suffer through and simply mark it off as to life experience?
    Anyways, thanks for the updates, and like several others here, I still suspect the ice cream throwdown has something to do with the staff changes.

  17. All this talk of key people leaving is leaving me rather sad. First you (I know, I know, it won’t be until the end of SGU), and now Rob. I do understand that people can feel a need to move on to different things, but nevertheless….

    Can you say what Rob is moving on to?

    Also, you mentioned that you, Brad, and Paul will continue to be the showrunners, but you neglected to mention Carl… was that an inadvertent omission, or are you giving us a hint of more things to come?

    BTW, please pass on my good wishes to Rob on his future endeavours.

  18. Hey Joe,

    Just referring the answers you provided in the mailbag on the 18th and a previous post about the Stargate movies (which are probably sick of talking about). When you mentioned that dvd sales were one of the main causes for the movies being put on hold, do you mean MGM’s dvd sales or dvd sales in general? And if it is either one, does that mean that if they don’t improve then it is very unlikely they will be made? or is it possible they will be made to satisfy the many fans of Stargate either way?

  19. Dr Mallozzi,

    So I’m curious, at the point in you becoming such an expert in Latin, enough to be able to teach it to the novice out there, you were only with the show for a handful of episodes. What did they see in you at that time to bestow such an honor (and title, mr phd) onto you?

    And a second question if you have the time. How hard is it to potentially end a series without knowing if will be picked up for a second season? I mean seriously, the ending is bad enough that we have to wait months and months and months to see the resolution, what would have happened if, God forbid, SGU wasn’t picked up? I would ask if that changes how you plan on ending a season, not knowing if more will come, but I see now that it doesn’t change anything as you were going to leave us hanging one way or another.

  20. I think it’s safe to say that Robs storytelling will be deeply missed by every Stargate lover out there, myself included. All the best to him.

  21. Wow, Joe, sorry to hear Rob is leaving, glad it wasn’t the ice cream double chocolate that did it for him, or the heated debate about gate travel, sub space sensors and the swiss family robinson…
    I do hope where ever he chooses to venture that if continuing to write/produce etc, that many, many Geminis and Leo’s follow him thru his travels. He created the idea of the Ancients and I want to thank him for that and all the wonderful body of work he is trailing behind him.
    He will maybe get some more time with family. Never enough hours in a day. We will probably see his work on other projects in the future and know it will be well worth watching. Thank you Mr. Cooper. and thanks Joe for letting the cat slip out of the bag there…

  22. Joe,

    Yes, Rob did a fine job with the Ori storyline for Seasons 9-10 of SG-1 and an excellent job with the Ark of Truth DVD movie.

    Would it be too much to ask for a Q&A session with Rob before he leaves Stargate for good? I have this burning question about the Ark: Would the Ark work on people who believed in a different God than the Ori? It would be nice if the team was given some assurance on-screen that the Ark would not be used on people from Earth.


  23. Please let Rob know I wish him the best in whatever he is moving onto doing at this point in his career. He will be dearly missed and I loved a lot of the episodes he wrote and directed.

    questions for Louis: 1) What was your favorite episode to film in season one and why?

    2) can you explain why young takes such a liking to eli? almost right off the bat really since that first episode.

    i enjoy the young/eli moments and hope there are more of them in season 2!

    3) Your character is by far my favorite and you do such a great job. Keep up the good work in season 2!

  24. Please get him to post his plans. He will be missed on SG so we need to follow him where he is going at least.

  25. das – I do believe your summation is correct. Oh, and I think I now know why we get along 😉 Your day of relaxation sounds divine.

    I’ve had a pretty chaotic start to 2010. Now we’re in the depths of Winter so the opportunity to sit outside in the sun is very rare. And I live for the sun. It’s so healing.

    We found out a few months ago our neighbour wanted to build a third storey on his monstrosity which would cut out our Winter sun by another 2 hrs. It really had me bummed that I was going to lose my primo reading place. Plus he wanted us to cut down one of our trees that’s a hell of a lot older than he is. We’d always planned on objecting, but we thought we were alone. On Friday another neighbour popped in irate, having just received the plans. So we know we’re not alone now and he’s worked with the council before so we have backup. Phew. One item removed from my ‘Sole Responsibility To Do List’ to just my To Do List. Hopefully my reading place can be retained.

    Plus I’ve had 3 friends have birth complications recently, my Sister in Law is in hospital for 3 months, Mother in law just had a hip replacement, my Mum fractured her ankle on Friday, my Brother’s girlfriend is in hospital in Bali, Ralph’s leg is still healing, our heater blew up, our water did the same at the meter, Telstra are trying to charge us for a lot of phone calls that haven’t been made, oh and I run a business which was meant to sell just as the GFC hit. Negotiations have started back up, but can I tell you, are they time consuming. Throw in recovering from a virus for 1.5 months now and I’m feeling a little spent. I’d love to say I could take a holiday soon, but until the business is sold, I won’t be. I’m considering putting up a Ken Duncan Panograph of a beach on the wall in the bathroom and standing under the IXL Tastic heat lamps wearing a bikini and some coconut oil. It’s almost like being there 🙂

  26. Ok, well my alert level just went to red with Robert Cooper leaving the show. Not that SGU would run aground without him, or even Brad Wright, but it’s a little scary when someone in his position takes a hike. Hope I’m wrong. But I do wish him all the best in whatever new adventures he’s exploring.

    With MGM in the financial dumpster, I’m surprised that there’s any rumblings at all about a Stargate movie. They haven’t even committed to resurrecting the Bond franchise yet.

    Whether it’s SG-1, or better yet SGA, would Syfy be contributing to the financing of a movie, or is that strictly in MGM’s court.

    On the chow front, your pics look fabulicious. Except the crab. Are they looking at the camera?

  27. I haven’t been keeping up with the comments recently, so I don’t know if this has been posted yet or not. I just received and read the latest Stargate Official Magazine(#35). I was stunned to see on the last page where they list what the next issue will be about that the next issue(#36) will be their last issue. I don’t see why they would stop producing the magazine. SGU is going into it’s 2nd season, and there is always stuff to write about on SG1 and SGA. This was one of the best sources for interviews, info, and photos of the Stargate universe(your blog being #1, of course). I emailed them at: stargate_sg1@titanemail.com
    and told them that I think the magazine is still great and that they should keep making it. I think we should all email them and tell them that they should change their minds and keep producing the magazine as long as there is good Stargate material to put in it, which I feel there is.
    What does everyone else think???

  28. Hello Joe,

    That food looks good!

    Okay questions…

    1. Will SGU ever address the reason or provide insight as to the specific direction that the ships are traveling through the universe (instead of, say, going away from the Milky Way in the complete opposite direction)?

    2. How was your filet mignon (sans toothpick) cooked?

    3. Ever tried blue rare (what do ya think of it)?

    I like it still mooing but if I’m at a restaurant I generally give in to the “regulations” they have of minimum temperature and go with “as close to bloody rare as possible”, though they generally just bring it out “normal” rare.

    Arggggh, I’m hungry now. !@#%&

    Have a nice day!

  29. …okay that sounds really bad… I like it “still mooing but if I go to a restaurant”, like I eat cows while they’re still standing there, alive and breathing! :-p That’s not the case. That’s a bit *too* bloody for my tastes.

  30. Hot flaming bananas, that looks good. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be contemplating on my lack of edible food and bury myself under the sauna.

  31. One more comment to Louis Ferreira if I may — not a question though: I thoroughly enjoyed seeing you in one of my favorite movies, “Shooter.”

  32. OMG, that menu you served? Best ever. Just looking at the pictures made me insanely hungry. Will you marry me? Oh wait, sorry, I’m already married. I wish you could cook for me though. Maybe you just take great pics.

    So sad to hear that Mr. Cooper is leaving. So sad. I’ve loved everything that’s he’s written and directed, and produced for that matter. He will be sorely missed. Especially by Ashleigh since she’ll probably win the pool now. Tell him good luck and we hope to see him in the near future on another great show/movie/whatever he decides to do.

    Carl would never do that. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. Right? Am I right?

  33. I was browsing through the SGWiki, and I started thinking; Is Earth’s nine-chevron address a code, like Destiny’s is? As in, it’s constan- No, wait, it can’t be, since the address they found in the database was an 8-symbol address + Point of Origin… Sorry for disturbing you 🙂

  34. Hi Joe! Send best wishes from me to where ever life takes him. My life motto is: There are no wrong roads in life, just paths that lead to unexpected adventures. Here’s hoping to many more adventures for Rob. And I know I’ve said it already but would beg for a send off Q&A from Rob Cooper before he goes.

    And a question for ya Joe: Any reason why they just didn’t vent the atmosphere (In Incursion Pt 1) as the gate was dialing? Thus when the Lucian Alliance people immerged from the gate, they would in theory end up as splatter across the gate room with not having any air to rematerialize into?


  35. Oh and if that question above has already been answered then you can either ignore it or tell me to look back through the blogs for the answer. 🙂

  36. Questions for Louis:

    1. What do you think was Young’s motivation in not telling anyone that Rush was also aboard the alien ship with Chloe? It appears that things were not going too well on Destiny since Rush’s untimely “death” and that Young regretted what he had done, but in not telling anyone Rush was on the alien ship, do you think it was because he didn’t want the “evidence” coming to light, or to prevent further loss of morale when the other people on Destiny discovered they lost not only Chloe but Rush – again – or some combination of the two?

    2. There have been a lot of comments by fans about Young having made a poor decision not to vent the atmosphere in the gateroom once the Alliance people came through. It also appears that more of the people on Destiny are beginning to question his decisions, and that those people are not only among the civilian contingent – most notably Scott. How does this affect Young’s command decisions?

    3. Surveillance camera. Details. Retribution?

    4. Is everyone on set, both in front of and behind the camera, fair game for being pranked? Is there anyone on set you wouldn’t consider setting up? Planning to give Rob Cooper an appropriate send off?

    5. What happened with the paranoid tendencies Young was starting to exhibit in the first half of the season? They seem to have simply vanished or are they simply “lying in wait” for some trigger to set him off again?

  37. Dammit – I had twenty bucks on Carl Binder’s Soviet Spy Conspiracy being the cause of Rob’s departure. It’ll be a shame to lose him, but we still have some good kids sticking around, like Brad, Paul, Carl… and um… the guy with the dogs and that blog about food/Stargate/dogs/Ashleigh… Alan?

    Speaking of, will Marty Gero be gracing SGU’s second season with an episode or two writing-wise?

  38. @ Narelle – Wait. I thought ‘the depths of winter’ in Australia meant that temps dropped to a balmy 27 degrees C.


  39. Filet mignon, mmmm, one of my favorites. The toothpicks, not so much.

    We were at a chain restaurant, one where we know we can order around our food allergies. We thought the wait was a little long, when the waitress came out and apologized. Our order had been served to another table who’d ordered similar dishes, although not specially prepared, by an over-eager assistant manager. Our meal was comped, and we left a nice big tip. Wasn’t her fault!

  40. “Paul and I will continue our show running duties alongside Brad for the show’s third year.”

    Wait a minute! You mean Robert C. Cooper got cancelled so TPTB could focus on their new baby, Mullie and Mallozzi? You son of a bitch! Well, I’ll be boycotting season 3 and I am officially launching the ‘(Kidnap and) Bring Back Robert C. Cooper’ campaign.

    Take that!;-)

  41. Narelle: sorry for your troubles. Sometimes it sucks being an adult. I hope you get a chance for that day Das suggested! If I might add that audio books are very relaxing in a lawn chair, also 😉 .
    Good luck and good health vibes sending out to you and your family!

    Mr. M.: So how long was the wait? The food looks good. That looks like pavlova to me, too.

  42. ? for Luis, not sure if asked, favorite sport to play in school/now?
    ? favorite sport to watch on tv?
    Thank you for taking time to answer questions, and for doing such a wonderful acting job on Young in SGU. ( love the men in uniform)

  43. A funny question: Why is Rob leaving?

    And a bit talk about other things:

    You haven’t really hit the spot for the show. You have hit the spot for me but not for a lot of other people. That’s what really matters. A broader view of things. The fact is that in general a lot of the viewers (televison in general), who really matter for the big televison companies (like MGM), are conservvantive americans who live in suburbs. The kind of people who live the ”american dream” which to me personally would be a nightmare.

    There is nothing wrong with sex in TV. It’s a perfectly normal part of life but think about a scenario. Mark with an IQ of 5 is watching TV with his wife and kids somewhere in U.S. . A sex scene comes up. Mark changes channel and says:” That’s an abomination,” and never watches the show again. It might not be the best example but you understand the point.

    In releation to the previous part I think I might want to write some things down. I don’t want to be insultful to the americans who might read this but your country and it’s policies and the opinion of most of it’s people can be summed up into one simple sentence. F*ck the rest, we’re the best! I know many nice americans but I know even more americans who are not nice at all and the culture ”It wasn’t me” or ”get rich or die trying” can not be seen in kind light. You really should learn from your northern neighbours. They are great(er) people especially when they crash into your car.

    And I should finally write why I like SGU. It’s more real, more darker, sometimes sunny as well, but mostly dark and grim and scary. And that’s pretty much how I would imagine a very old spaceship. There is no clear hero but we see heroism. Heroism to me is when ordinary people overcome extraordinary circumstances. And there is no one big enemy. You’ll never now what problems will appear from the wastness of space or what part of the ship needs fixing up. I love SGU but I also understand the people who don’t like it for the very same reasons I like it.
    And for the communication stones. They should ”disappear” for a while at least. It will be intresting to see how the people on Destiny would cope with the feeling of being totally alone.

    And there is one thing I still don’t fully comprehend. The system by whitch of the SG-1, SGA, SGU movies will be produced. I want to make sure I got this right.
    Stargate (movie) => SG-1 series for 10 seasons => Stargate: The Ark of Truth => Stargate: Continuum => Stargate: Revolution (”potentially” between SGU seasons 2 and 3)
    SGA series 5 seasons => Stargate: Extinction (some time in the unknown future)
    SGU series ? seasons => Stargate: ??????? (when the series ends. a) SGU is an epic fail and the movie will be made in the near future to sum the series up b) SGU will be a great success and the movie will be made in the distant future ”in a galaxy far far away” to sum the series up)

    Statement 1. If event a happens then SGU movie will be made first, SG-1 movie later.
    Statement 2. If event b happens then SG-1 movie will be made first, SGU movie later.
    Statement 3. Statement 1 and Statement 2 have nothing to do with the time SGA movie will be made or if it will be made at all.

    P.S. I want my questions answered, which were put in the comment section in not so distant past.

    And if anyone wants to know about true, accurate, logical space warfare then you should read the Gort Ashryn trilogy by Leo Kunnas. There is nothing better than a book about a sci-fi war than one that’s written by somebody who has actually been in the army.

    All the best to all the rest!

  44. Something intresting I found from the past

    March 30 2007

    Sanssong writes: “Does it ever drive you crazy that people who have NO experience or knowledge of the television business comment on your decisions as if they are experts?”

    Answer: Only when they claim to have plenty of experience and knowledge of the television business (“I worked for the local WKRAP affiliate in Estonia and I should know what I’m talking about…”) and then go on to make ridiculous assumptions, displaying an utter lack of experience and knowledge of the business.

    I live in Estonia and have no idea what that is or you just made it up?

  45. Hello Joe,

    Question for Louis F.:

    Do you think that Eli sees Col. Young as a father figure? In several episodes you played the character as if he was a father figure: telling Eli to clean his room, in Water: saying he gets a gold star for his invention… In your opinion, how has that relationship evolved over the course of two seasons?

    Best Wishes,


  46. “Rob contracted an alien virus while directing a recent off-world episode and is placing himself in self-imposed quarantine before his mutation completes and he becomes a threat to his co-workers – Untrue.”

    Damn! That’s what I had in the Stargate production staff betting pool. 🙂

    Good luck to him; he will be missed.

  47. In honor of Robert C. Cooper’s enormous contribution we’re going to set the DVR to delay the usual Monday programming and have a Summer Solstice “Best Of RCC” Stargate marathon tonight.
    Thanks again, Coop.

    Also, if you fans are truly hankering for continuation of Stargate, I really gotta recommend Fandemonium’s official SG-1 & SGA series tie-in novels. I’ve read 100s of TV-based books over the years and I gotta say, as a whole, the Stargate ones have been some of the best in treatment of characters and adhesion to MGM official canon (and there is, despite the lack of a “bible”), which sets it apart from fan fic of which I’ve read some good stuff too.
    I saw they have begun SGU novels too but I’m not interested enough in the show to read about it.

  48. HI Joe,

    Now I’m intrigued, what was the “the most bizarre argument I’ve ever had over a show, musical or otherwise” If you don’t mind sharing with the rest of us that is.

    Pass on best wishes to Robert, I wish him well on his future endeavors. He will me missed and always appriecated!

    Now…. A question for Louis.

    I think Col. Young is awesome! You play a character that is strong, fearless and a definite leader, but at the same time, flawed. A very deep human character (by human, I mean sometimes hero’s can seem too cartoon like), your character seems to pull this fantasy story into reality. Kudos to you! Keep us the fantastic work!

    We’ve all been told you are quite the jokester, especially with your infamous fart machine. What is the funniest thing that someones pulled on you and caught you by surprise? There has to be a good story or two you could share.

    Thanks Louis,

    And thanks as always Joe for all the work you do!

  49. Wow – it’s hard to believe that Rob’s leaving. Actually, it’s a little much to comprehend first thing Monday morning…will need more coffee to begin processing.

    Thank you, Rob, for all the happiness and great entertainment you’ve brought SG geeks like me over the years! I wish you the very best – always 🙂

    Really, the sentiment carries through to the whole SG family. My mom first got me hooked during SG-1’s 8th season. My husband was forced to acquiesce during the video rentals in a mad race to catch up from the beginning. My children (now 10 and 11) became fellow crazed fans when the 10 season box set came home. (Best gift EVER from my Sweetheart.) In the years since, we’ve brought in many cousins, nieces, nephews and friends. Our little family has such fun memories of watching together and SG-1/Atlantis dialogue has become a part of our own dialect. We all have our favourite episodes (Urgo for the kids and WoOp for hubby and I) – although as a fervent Jack/Sam shipper, I have apparently tired my husband of watching most of the front 1/2 of season 4.

    We are not huge TV watchers. In fact, for over 2 years since we moved into our new home, we haven’t even bothered to hook up the satellite again. (I watch SGU on Space until I can buy the complete season.) So, to have something we can all watch together – something we can ALL enjoy and be engaged in (i.e. there is only so much Disney programming Mom and Dad can take), it’s been a hoot. In the grand scheme of things, yes – it’s ‘just a tv show’…but during these bitter cold Canadian winters (except for the Island and the LML of course), SG has brought about many happy times for my family that money just cannot buy.

    For everyone involved with Stargate, a big THANK YOU – consider yourself hugged from one happy mom.

    And as always, thank you Joe, for continuing to let is ‘in’ and giving us a positive forum.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I do believe I’ll go spend some time scrubbing the toothpaste gobs my kids left for me in the sink until the sappy mood passes 😉

    Have a great day everyone.

  50. Well now, that was a bit of a rough weekend. However, I’m all caught up on posts and comments and…..Wow! That’s real surprising news about Rob. A real shocker…. Boy, can you keep a secret or what! I’m starting to notice a pattern….Although I had just assumed Rob was moving on to either a new project or was going to enjoy an early retirement and bask in the sun….I didn’t assume it was some sort of conspiracy. Lack of imagination, I guess…

    Rob – thank you for all of your hard work and creativity, you will be sorely missed!! Enjoy your Stargate retirement, it’s going to be hard to give it up, although I’m sure you’ll still have an ‘unofficial’ hand in, here and there. It is your ‘baby’ after all. I wish you much success on your next project. I’ll keep an eye out…. Cheers to spending lots of time with friends and family and to new adventures!!

    Joe – Ummmm two writers’ were hired (Remi and Linda) and are currently in the process of being brought up to speed. Now one writer (Rob) will be leaving, my question is who is going to be the next writer to leave? Or on further reflection, maybe it takes two writers’ to replace Rob!! *smile*

    I won’t submit any questions for Louis, because I’m probably too late. Plus, I imagine it will take him a month to answer all the ones he already has. There is a TON!!

    Duuuude – you tease!! Y-y-you can’t tweak our curiosity and mention a bizarre tiff and not spill the deets, simply not done sir!!… *sniff* … (seeeee again with the secrets)… O.K. I may be willing to entertain the idea that I am perhaps wayyyy too nosy.. *ahem*.. curious for my own good. Although I would rather be too curious than not….

    Surf n’ Turf yummm…. That dessert looks scrumptious!! O.K. now I’m hungry, better go have a bite of breakfast. Although I think my fat free Lemon Meringue Parfait yogurt is going to be a rather poor substitute. *shrugs and sighs*

    Have a good one!!

  51. ROB: Thanks for the many years of your outstanding work on SG1, SGA (I and others miss the first 2 terribly, but you know that…) and now SGU… I’m sorry to see that you are leaving, but, given the way Stargate fans have been treated, I hope that your leaving does not make you the first of many, or spell the end of the SG franchise … that would be absolutely horrible. The StarGate shows have always had the best of talent, both behind and in front of the cameras, and you were one of the best. Sad to see you go. I hope that you can tell us what your next project is… I do hope it is Stargate related in some way and I hope that the rest of the best don’t follow you.

    I know that you will be successful so I can only wish you a smooth journey.

  52. Wow, best of luck to Robert Cooper. I look forward to seeing his new projects. That pizza looks insane. Will have to hunt down a slice at lunch.

    My question for Louis Ferreira: The two big decisions Young made this season were leaving Rush behind and not venting the Lucian Alliance into space. I was glad Young abandoned the traitorous Rush, and I was rooting for Young to waste as many of the Lucian baddies as possible. But now I think Young’s decision not to slaughter dozens of strangers may have been the right one. It says something about Young that he hesitated to kill so easily when he had the chance.

    So what is your take on Young’s decision: to vent or not to vent. Do you think it was the right choice?

    Excellent job on a complicated character!

  53. Yes, a final Q&A with the great Robert C. Cooper would be appropriate. But since he is leaving us, punish him by making him answer ALL the questions. But since we like him so much, he would be allowed to answer with 1 or 2 word grunts…like “yes”, “no”, “don’t know”, “don’t care”, “see ya!”, “thanks pal”, etc, etc.

  54. Wow. I have to admit, I’m surprised to hear that Mr. Cooper’s leaving. I’m sure you’ll all miss him! Well, Mr. M., please wish Mr. Cooper all the best on his future endeavors, and thank him for all his great work on Stargate! He’s always been one of my favorite writers, and although it’s sad to know he’s leaving the franchise, I hope that he’ll have just as much success in whatever he works on next. 🙂

  55. Question for Louis F!

    Mr.F ,
    ‘ If you could Prank any celebrity in the world,who would it be and what would you do?!’


    P.S- awesome dude!..just awesome!!

  56. @das – Woken up to -2 degrees C. Never dropping below 27 sounds perfect!

    @Tammy – Audio books are sensational for insomnia 🙂

  57. Wait… I haven’t posted here yet? 😮

    Anyways. Thanks for putting some runors to rest about RCC leaving. 😉

  58. Also @ Das… when we lived down south, it would regularly get to -9 overnight, and not get above 5 during the day… so 27C sounds FANTASTIC!!

    @ RCC… thanx for the memories, matey. 😀

    Questions for Louis:

    1. What’s your favourite dessert?
    2. Did you audition for any other parts in SGU before/as well as Young?
    3. What piqued your interest in becoming an actor?

    Thanx muchly for your time and here’s hoping for many more years of Young and Co.

    And that dessert definitely looks like a pav to me too! 😀

  59. So hey Joe, how are you finding Persons Unknown? I think it’s pretty good, though it appears to have quite a few negate comments from people about it being boring, poor writing etc, personally I don’t see a problem, the show is entertaining, and with episode 2 drawing 3.7 million viewers, slightly down from the first. It’s doing alright compared to other shows that aired on the network that day even.

  60. Joe, I’m a fan of science fiction classics, and have had a hard time wrapping my mind around more modern works. I have read and re-read practically everything written by Frank Herbert and Isaac Asimov – and while it’s fun to find new things in old friends, I’m looking to expand into something more contemporary. Any suggestions?

  61. One of my favorite characters on the show is Sgt Greer played by Jamille Walker Smith. Needless to say I would rate the Lost episode tops as Greer’s back story and Jamille’s portrayal was on point. Will we see more of this character’s story and will you feature Jamille in one of your up and coming mailbags?

  62. Will the Varro/TJ storyline develop more next season? And moreso a Varro/TJ/Young storyline?

  63. When are you making your way through Dallas/Ft Worth on your C.A.R.T. (Culinary American Road Trip)?

    Are you taking your CART this year?

    Do you plan on bringing your horse along with your CART?

    If so, will you be putting the CART before the horse?

    If you come to DFW, there are plenty of CARTs and horses, so you don’t really need to bring your own. They make messes of airplanes as it is.

  64. Best of luck to Rob, wow, moving on. Is there life after Stargate??? Has he done a Q&A? I can’t remember.

    Hey anyone living here on the east coast??? Like N.Y. ,N.J? Orange Avenue is doing an east coast tour and will be in N.Y. and N.J. in the next few weeks. Their web site has the exact times and dates, because once again I can’t remember.

  65. Joe, when I started reading your blog entry, you gave me hope that maybe it was a bad joke ! Is it a full retirement or a change of project? I don’t understand ?!! why work on a new project and leave 1 year later !?!

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