A short and early blog entry today as I’m heading off to the first stop in Robert C. Cooper’s farewell victory tour.  “What’s that?” you say.  You didn’t know hew was leaving?  Well, yes.  Sad but true.  His appearance at this year’s Comic Con panel will mark his final Stargate-related contribution, so if you happen to be in the San Diego area in late July, make sure to say goodbye and thank him for fourteen years and countless hours of gate-tastic entertainment.  But, please – no tears.  If you start crying it’ll only be a matter of time before he starts crying as well (the ole softy) and that’ll just embarrass him.

To all those wondering – roughly zero of you – after predicting the results of all three of today’s matches, I find myself in first place in our Office World Cup pool.  Alas, I’m not alone.  Carl, my writing partner Paul, and the ever low-key Louis Ferreira (SGU’s Colonel Young who, by the way, is looking forward to fielding your questions – provided you remember to post them), are also at the top looking down on every one else (ie. Ashleigh currently wallowing in third spot alongside Remi, Lawren, and the production mascot, a chimpanzee named Kerwick, who picked his selections out of a hat).  Anyway, if Paraguay and Italy come through tomorrow as expected, and pesky Cote D’Ivoire manages to tie those overrated Brazilians, I’ll have the top spot all to myself come Monday morning.  Just like old times.

Got an email from actress Janina Gavanker, Leigh Turner from The Gates, Papi from The L Word, and, most importantly, Sgt. “Dusty” Mehra from Stargate: Atlantis’s “Whispers” who pass along a link to a music video she recently completed.  You can check it out here:

And comment here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LjzaJ3mw_uw

Okay, got my iPhone Maps function set and I’m heading out.  If you don’t hear from me by Monday, start organizing search teams.

103 thoughts on “June 19, 2010: The Farewell Tour! Back On Top! Janina’s New Music Vid!

  1. So who do you predict will make it through the group stages of the World Cup then? Where would your 10 Pounds/Dollars/Yen/whatever go if you had to bet on a winner?

    France are as good as on the plane home, after Friday’s non-effort I think England will be joining them. My gut feeling is it’ll be one of the ‘Lesser Known’ teams that wins it this time, all the usual favourites have been a bit pants.

    And buy Robert C Cooper a *drink of choice* on my behalf to say thanks for all the time and effort he’s put into making Stargate what it is. Good Luck to him in whatever he’s doing next.

    Copypasta from yesterdays post in case you missed it [you’d posted this one by the time I’d finished typing]:

    Just finished watching the first part of the Dr. Who finale and it got me thinking. I remember a post of your from a while ago saying what TV you and your friends/colleagues watched and I was wondering do you watch much British/International stuff [i.e. stuff not made in the US/Canada] and if so, what?

    @Louis Ferreira:

    couple of questions –

    If you were in Young’s position how do you reckon you’d cope? Is there anything you’d have done differently?

    This one can be aimed at anyone – Do you watch yourself on TV or do you find it a bit weird seeing yourself playing someone else [essentially ‘do you watch SGU’]?

    And thanks [to you, joe and everyone else who does these] for taking the time out to answer people’s questions.

  2. Wow. Robs leaving, I know brad said he’s looking at leaving onc. Universe has settled down and steadied herself, probably in 1~2 yrs time. Who will take over as showrunners? Joe and Paul probably, but Carl Binder looks like sneaking in as well. Any thoughts Joe?

  3. /me raises a glass to Robert Cookie Cooper – with him goes the Starwars references.

  4. Farewell, Mr. Cooper, as you ‘gate out to the next phase of your career/life. Thanks for the memories.

  5. Okay so I’ve been racking my brain for Louis Ferreira… hoping your still taking questions (I read all of your blog entries in google reader and I tend to read several at a time).

    So! Here we go:

    First, I love Colonel Young 🙂 My question is – what is your favorite novel and why?


    Thanks Joe for getting the Q&As put together 🙂

  6. Wow, the man who gave us Torment of Tantalus and The Fifth Race (the best Stargate ep. of all the shows, IMO) is leaving. That’s a shocker. I hope he is going on to wonderful things.

    For Louis Ferreira: The sole reason I stuck with the show Missing was because I enjoyed your character so much. What did you think of the changes they made to your character (divorce, etc.) in the second season? How difficult is it for an actor when you have established a character one way (hardass at the office, loving family guy at home) to have the Powers That Be make such a drastic change?

  7. Robert Cooper leaving? (Mascara is running down my face; note to self–wear waterproof mascara from now on before reading Joe’s blogs). Traitor. (Just kidding). On a serious note, I wish Mr. Cooper all the best in the world and hope that the road ahead of him after Stargate is filled with success and happiness.

    Love this song! Love this video! She has an awesome voice.

    Questions for Louis coming later tonight. This is my weekend to work.

    Happy Father’s Day to all the dads of Stargate! Happy Father’s Day to you, too, Joe because your pack of dogs are your kids.

  8. Do you mean to say that Rob is leaving Stargate? Or just the convention circuit?

  9. Holy crap nooooooooooooo. 🙁 Rob. 🙁

    Well, I wish him the best of luck on whatever he has planed next. Thanks for 14 great years. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  10. Hello Joe,

    A question for Robert C. Cooper:

    May we have a Q&A with you?

    Ya know, like a “So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish” kind of Q&A, a thank-you-for-everything-now-whats-the-meaning-of-life-the-universe-and-everything kind of thing. Okay, that’s a bit too DouglasAdamsian sounding but I think ya know what I mean. 🙂

    I’m sure many of the long-time (and even newcomer) viewers of the Stargate shows/movies would agree with me, that a very special Cooper Q&A will be, well, very special to us. 🙂


    Sean D.

  11. Oh nooooooo! Not the Coop?! Why oh why oh why? Now I’m sad 🙁 So very sad :.(

  12. Stargate without Robert Cooper???? Sad sad day. He will be sorley missed.

    Your going to have to work extra hard now Joe!

  13. Tell Rob Congrats and Good Luck!
    He was responsible for my favorite Stargate episode ever – Vegas@

  14. WHAT?!


    Rob Cooper, the man who’s been with Stargate from the beginning; Rob Cooper, the man who wrote The Torment of Tantalus, The Fifth Race, Maternal Instinct, Nemesis, Small Victories, Meridian, Redemption, Full Circle, Heroes (HEROES!!!), Threads, Avalon/Origin, The Shroud, Unending, Sateda, Vegas, and Time – probably the best the franchise has to offer; Rob Cooper, the man who pushed Stargate towards a darker, and more realistic form of storytelling that resulted in the Awesome SGU in the first place…is leaving?!





  15. That’s quite a bombshell you dropped there. Sorry to see Mr. Cooper leave. Who will you have an ice cream throwdown with next year? We expect you to make cure mr. C. has a memorable send-off. Better yet. a send off so bad he will only have the police blotter to make him aware of what happened/happens tonight. Any pictures would be appreciated no matter how tame or wild the evening turns out to be.
    Couple of questions for Mr. Ferreira. What do you enjoy the most about playing Col. Young? What aspect of the character would you like to see emphasized? What would you consider to be your dream role? Finally, you play a very complicated character, a military man in an extreme position of command. the scripts make you walk a very thin line between command presence and competence, and flawed humanity. What do you draw upon to walk that tightrope so effectively? thank you for taking the time to participate in Mr. M.’s blog, and thanks to Mr. M. for making these Q&As possible.

  16. Hi, Joe.

    Oh my gosh!

    Best wishes to Rob. He will be very missed. Sniff – I’m not crying, it’s my allergies. Honest.

    And thanks for sharing the link for Janina’s music video, very impressive.

  17. Just heard about Rob Cooper’s depature on the Media Outsiders chat (Brian J. ‘s mom was reading your blog and mentioned it).

    Will be sad to see Mr. Cooper leave the Stargate franchise. He’s written/directed some of my favorite episodes like Time and Vegas, not to mention having helped co-create both Atlantis and Universe. That said, I can understand his reasons for moving on and wanting something fresh. I look foward to whatever projects he becomes involved with in the future.

  18. Hey, Joe.

    I got a few of questions.

    1.) Have you seen these?



    See? Riley has fans.

    2.) Have you seen this, BTW?


    Pretty interesting. What’s your take on it?

    It’s not really here nor there with me but there’s one part of that I VEHEMENTLY disagree with and that’s the Riley part. Riley is just too awesome.

    3.) Will you have an alien join the cast (and no, I don’t mean a Jaffa, Tok’ra or Lucien Alliance member)? PLEASE no “aliens/people with rubber foreheads” retread or any other human look-alikes. I mean a true, non-human looking alien. The majority of main-cast “aliens” in sci-fi television usually consist of humans wearing make-up and/or silly clothes and costumes. That’s pretty annoying. And this coming from someone who is a huge fan of Teal’c. Break that (rubber) mold.

    Why not one of the Blues?

    Having one of them onboard the ship would give insight into their race. Also, it not knowing how to speak English at first and examining how different it’s species is from humans both physically and culturally would make for a great story arc.

    BTW, pretty sad about Rob leaving. He wrote and directed some of the best Stargate episodes. Time happens to be my favorite SGU ep so far.

  19. Stargate without Rob Cooper???? How can that be? He has written some really fantastic scripts in addition to his executive producing efforts. Good luck to you, RC, on your future endeavors. From your past history, I know you will be successful in anything you want to do.

  20. Hello Joe.

    Wow, did not see that coming… I have ENJOYED Rob’s work over the past few years (especially Ark of Truth) and his influence will be missed. I wish him the best of luck in his future endeavors, and he has our thanks for entertaining us over the years.

    How is Ashleigh doing in the office pool?

    I hope you are doing well after the accident a few days ago. The worst thing when I was in my accident a few years back is that the next day, my neck was so sore that I could not turn it, and if I tried, the pain was excruciating. There is no worse feeling than being unable to crack you neck when it is that stiff… It sounds like you are okay though.

    Hey, how has Jelly been doing? I hope that she is doing better. Any chance of showing us some puppy pictures?

    Thank you, and best wishes!


  21. Hey Rob – thanks for some great eps.. may you have much success in you future ventures 🙂

    Shall we start organising a search and rescue team just in case Joe -hey-I-never-get-lost-because-everyone’s-telling-me-where-to-go Mallozzi goes missing? Who was last with the super laser rifles? I only had sporks..

  22. Well Joe, sorry to hear RCC is leaving. I do have a ticket for the San Diego Comic Con but attending is up in the air. It would be nice to give RCC a standing ovation for all his years with the Stargate franchise.

  23. Hi Joe:

    Yeah, right….you go missing and the Sunday blog doesn’t get posted? Never gonna happen. Whoa betide the weirdo who would keep you from your blog. Even the Mounties who always get their man wouldn’t be able to find the remains of that guy.

    Sad news about Robert Cooper. It’s hard to imagine him not being with Stargate. I know that we all wish him the best. What is he moving on to, and has anyone been chosen to take on his very well executed position?

    Thanks for your many years of talented creativity, Robert. We will miss you.


  24. If you get a chance, watch the American Dad episode entitled “The American Dad After School Special”. Lou Diamond Phillips is a character.

  25. I’m heartbroken to hear of Robert Cooper’s departure. I havn’t commented much on here lately (though I still read daily), but I had to say something about this news.

    Mr.Cooper has written and/or directed some of my all time favorite Stargate episodes. With his contributions to Air, Time (wow!), and his work on Human, I believed Mr.Cooper to be at the top of his game. He nstantly found ways to make the viewer think deeper about the Stargate franchinse than ever before whether it be ‘Time’, to as far back as “The Fifth Race”, etc…. the Ori storyline! (my favorite of SG-1).

    Sigh…. I have entered a state of mourning.

  26. Wow, that’s quite a bombshell about Rob Cooper, Joe! I’m very sad to hear it. As fans we’re not always aware of who made what decisions as show runners, but at the creative writing/directing level, many of Rob’s Stargate episodes have become all-time favorites of mine and of many fans (The Fifth Race, Unending, Doppelganger, Vegas, Time, to name a few). By the way, here’s a complete list: RCC’s credits.

    I wish I could be at Comic Con but it’s become impossible to get a hotel room, and nearly so for a ticket. So please pass along my thanks to Rob for all his great work.

    It’s a sad day for long-time fans, because it’s just another sign that the franchise is moving on. Sniff. What’s next, you moving on to comics full-time?

    How about 1 last q&a with Rob before he ambles away?

  27. Now I took what you wrote to mean that Robert Cooper wasn’t going to any more Comic Cons after July, not that he was leaving the franchise. Can you clarify Joe? If he is leaving the show, what will he be doing?

  28. @Ponytail, I think it’s pretty clear Joe meant Rob is leaving Stargate. I don’t think they’d be throwing a party tonight if he were just ending his Comic Con appearances. 🙂

    Joe, is Rob still directing the 15th episode of Season 2, or is he leaving before it’s filmed?

  29. Wow. That was a bombshell. I think I just entered the “grief” state upon finding out that Rob Cooper won’t be around the SG franchise anymore. 🙁

    To Rob, I wish you all the best in where ever life happens to take you. To whatever next is to be your “Destiny”. I have a life motto : There are no wrong roads in life, just paths that lead to unexpected adventures. Here’s hoping the next chapter in your life leads you to great adventures.

    And Yes, I too would love to see a final farewell Q&A with Rob Cooper!

  30. Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting to read about Robert Cooper leaving when I clicked on your blog tonight. Wow, it doesn’t seem like there can be a Stargate without him. I’ve loved all of his snippets on the behind the scenes videos on the dvds for years, and appreciated what he brought to the show. I wish I could go to comic con! It’s very hard to imagine what occurs in the writers’ room without him. Thank you to him for all that he has done for the series – and the creation of SGU! I wish him the best of luck in whatever he moves onto next – he’ll be missed!

  31. Question for Luis Ferreira:

    Actress Elyse Levesque mentioned that you are quite the prankster on set, that you are able to make everybody laugh. Your character in SGU, on the other hand, is quite serious, at times solemn and dark. My question is this: Do you get invested in the story and agenda of your character? Do you anticipate what comes next and make suggestions to the writers, do you feel a dark kinship with Young or do you just deliver your lines the best you can, and leave Colonel Young behind and go home? I ask this, because you are so convincing in this dark role, that I have a hard time imagining you switching it all off between takes.

  32. Joe

    Have to write and say many thanks to Rob Cooper. Please pass thanks onto him for many years of Stargate goodness and wish him good luck in future endeavours 🙂


  33. Farewell Mr. Robert C. Cooper, you will be missed… GREATLY!!!….

    ***Runs and grabs a tissue***

    Hail and Fare Well!

  34. Hey I was wondering three quick things.

    1. Will we ever know who besides Telford was on the team to go to the 9th chevron address before the attack?

    2. Will we ever see what is on the growing list of Elies pictures he hangs up in his room?

    3. In season 1 of Atlantis the command group was mostly the same save for Sheppard being head military after the Col was killed. And then Talia coming into the fold. But after that season Earth took more of a role in dictating positions and operations on Atlantis.

    Now that season 1 of SGU is over will we see any attempts from Earth to change the command structure on Destiny? I mean besides the Young/Wray bit. Because Eli seems to have a high up spot in the command group after only being off world for 2 days before getting to Destiny.

  35. Rob Cooper is leaving Stargate?? I would say Rob leaving is comparable to when RDA left. Rob is my all-time favorite Stargate writer/director/producer/guru. I can’t believe it. This sucks.

    We need some details, is he leaving entirely or still have some capacity (with the show, obviously he has no mental capacity after working with you hooligans for that long). Is it at the end of Season 2 or have you guys already boxed his stuff, left it out front of the gates, revoked his pass and handed his picture over to security? Maybe it’s just a mid-life crisis, have you suggested he buy a sports car instead?

  36. G’day Joe

    Sad sad day Coop leaving. Wish him all the best in his future endeavors. They will undoubtedly be excellent. The man is a genius.
    Thanks for many great stories Rob.


  37. Well, it sounds like Rob is indeed leaving. All my best to him. He’ll be sorely missed.

  38. Just wanted to stop by and wish Robert Cooper all the best in his new ventures.

    His episodes are amongst those that I absolutely adore.

    He’ll be missed!

  39. Nooooo! Not Mr. Cooper! Now I must begin formulating a cunning question for when I attend the Con in San D… I’ll never get another chance!

    Q for Mr. Ferreira:

    Did you ever feel during the first year of SGU that being one of the new cast members carrying the mantle of a beloved franchise into its 16th season was a daunting responsibility? (You’ve done great, by the way!)

  40. I have to agree with the many sentiments so far expressed here about Mr. Cooper’s countless contributions to Stargate. A true creative force full of vigor and invention, he will be truly missed.

    Simply said…

    Thank you Rob. (sniff, choke…)

    May the road rise to meet you,

    May the wind be always at your back,

    May the sun shine warm upon your face,

    The rains fall soft upon your fields and,

    Until we meet again,

    May God hold you in the palm of His hand


  41. Hello Joe

    2 questions for the mailbag.
    Will we be seeing any of the cast of Atlantis in season 2 of SGU? For e.g Rodney MCcay?

    And just out of interest is the Atlantis Gate room set still up?


  42. Hey Joe!

    I just wanted to ask you something about the music in SGU. Who actually picks the songs that are then put into episodes-for instance you won’t know by brand new. Is it something writers think about or is it a group effort or…and what about the music made by Joel, does he compose after he sees one version of an episode or he gets instructions about what happens and what the mood is supposed to be…

    Anyway, thank you for your answers and greetings from Slovenia-Italy’s neighbour 😉

  43. *long-distance wave from Ireland*

    Hi, all! Finally got into a Net cafe. Weather has been gorgeous, warmer /sunnier than expected. Have been in touch with Shirt’n’Tie, planning to visit him on my way from Limerick to Dublin.

    Joe, Ronny was pleased to receive regards from the Bridge. But why, oh why, did you not warn me about his PUN-ishment! What a repetoire of groaners!

    All right, must run. Will catch up on the blog at home. Much love to all!

  44. What? Joe, you could have given us some warning – this is a sucky way to start a Sunday morning. All good things, I suppose, but it is indeed a sad day for Stargate. Please wish him the best of everything from me and my family, and thank him for so many years of beautifully crafted stories.

  45. Stargate without Robert Cooper?? How can that be? It just won’t be the same. He has made such a big impact on the whole franchise. Without Robert Cooper I don’t think Stargate will survive. I don’t see even how the movies can be made without him. It will be like Star Wars without George Lucas. You just can’t duplicate that kind of creativity.

    Well….good luck Mr. Cooper on whatever you do. Hope life treats you well. You will certainly be missed. Don’t hesitate to come back to Stargate if you choose to do so.

  46. Oh my, I hope R. C. knows he will be missed! Best wishes for future endeavors!!!!

    It’s supposed to hit 100F today…….

  47. Happy Father’s Day to all you Dads out there!! Have a wonderful time & cherish the memories!!

  48. Here Joe, the recipe to make bacon and egg icecream. Just up your alley!! By the great Hester Blumenthal..

  49. I second earlier question… leaving the circuit or leaving show & circuit? And even if leaving SHOW, why stop appearances? We’ll always love him. Dang. 🙁

  50. Hi Mr M!

    Huh? The Coop flying the coop? Huh?

    My very best wishes to Robert C. Like so many here, I just can’t imagine SG without the Coop-meister. But, I wish him the best of luck and everything for the future. I would also wish to thank him most sincerely for the hours and hours of top class entertainment.

    I’m not sure of RCC is on Twitter, so I’ll have to rely on you Mr M to keep us up to speed on what Robert does next. And believe me i will tune in to whatever has RCC at the bottom of the script!

    Best from Ireland.


    PS: Am hoping to meet up with another blog regular over the next week, who is over visiting Ireland! She has brought the beautiful sunshine with her all the way from Texas! Ya see! Joe M’s Blog bringing the fans together!


  51. @Rob Cooper – a toast to you, my good man, for many years of excellent writing on Stargate!


  52. Rob cooper will you be coming back to Australia and write some scifi creations down under like future space travel adventures etc and dude what a history of scfi with stargate by congratulation and thank you

  53. Are we likely to find out why Rob is leaving? New show in the works? disagreement with the direction Syfy is pushing SGU in etc etc?

  54. This is unacceptable. I demand Robert Cooper to continue his work on stargate. I hope i live a lifetime of stargate never ending.

  55. Hello Joe.

    I agree with everyone and think that you should try and get one last Q&A w/ Rob.

    Best Wishes,


  56. It is indeed sad news that Mr. Cooper is leaving the franchise! In case you are passing on comments to him, I will add my thanks to that of others for his many amazing episodes, including one of my franchise favorites, ‘Ascension’ and the ever excellent ‘Fifth Race’ among so many others.

    Another question for Mr. Ferreira:What is the most challenging aspect of playing a military officer?

  57. @Rob – Thank you for all of the wonderful Teyla and John moments on SGA. A large part of their time together was penned by you. I still love to watch classic Teyla and John episodes like Rising, Conversion, Sateda, and Doppelganger.

    I wish you the best as you move on with your life and career. Just remember that Stargate is still your home. As a tribute to your great work, here’s a video that sums it up.

    This is home – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuV825PF_rM&feature=related

    Thank you again.

    Peace & Love,


  58. Say wha?! RCC is leaving?! That’s sad. My favourite episodes along the likes of Torment of Tantalus, Heroes (!!!), Threads, Vegas, Sateda and Time were written by him!

    RCC, while I’ll miss you terribly, I wish you nothing but the best and good luck in all your future endeavors.

  59. Questions for Louis Ferreira

    1) First off, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. What, as an Actor, for you has been the toughest scene to shoot for SGU so far?

    2) Do you like the scenes where you can beat the crap outta people 😛

    3) What do you do when your not on the set? Sitting in your trailer ect.

    4) Got a favorute episode from Season 1?

    Questions for Joe

    1) Shame that Rob Cooper is leaving. Have you prepared for something like this? Writing wise, ect.

    2) How many episodes did Rob write for Season 2? Which will be his last?

    3) That’s great to know that Brad is soo eger to get the 3rd SG-1 movie the greenlight. That being said, do you feel there is more of a chance that we’ll see ”Stargate: Revolution” than ”Stargate: Extinction”?

  60. Okay…not confused anymore. I guess Rob IS leaving Stargate. 🙁 I wish Rob all the best, but still…I’m very sad to see him go…it just doesn’t seem right somehow.


  61. People are beginning to speculate that David Hewlett is taking over Rob’s place, as his meeting at Bridge just happened to take place right around the time that Rob is leaving.
    Any truth to these rumors? Enquiring minds want to know!

  62. I’ve been reading up more on Rhona Mitra, who plays Kiva. I’ve really been digging her character, and am amused to find out that Lara Croft of Tomb Raider was modelled on her.

    She does need to update her rather tasteful and stylish website (nice music) http://www.rhonamitraonline.com/ Will you be having her on to answer any questions?

  63. When the first details of SGU were leaking out I couldn’t help being amused at some of the similarities between it and a piece of episode 200 with “Young SG1”. The scene came across as mocking the tendancy of the suits to try and reimagine any scifi franchise toward “younger and sexier”. So to me, SGU came across as a capitulation to that mentality by the producers.

    The show has been better than I expected but…it does violate one of the long standing tenants of Stargate (TV). There is almost no humor to be found whatsoever.

    Now, let me be clear. It’s a more dramatic story being told here. I get that. But one of the things that has always set Stargate apart from everything else on TV was that they struck a perfect balance between humor and drama. And that to me, is the definition of great television.

    That is what has made RDA’s Jack O’Neill such an enduring character. His humor was definance in the face of beings and powers who considered themselves lightyears his superior. His simple refusal to acknowledge their supposed superiority put his character and by extension, Earth as a whole on an equal footing with every race they encountered.

    Unrelenting drama can be exhausting. A sense of wonder is something else the show seems to have lost. In SG1, Daniel Jackson was the “go to guy” when you wanted to inject a little of that. Eli seemed to be the designated “wonder boy” for SGU, in every sense of the word. But he acclimated almost instantly. He got beamed up, had a talk or two with Chloe and then…he was up to speed. “Yep, just flyin’ around another Galaxy. No biggie”. Sure he makes the occasional pop culture reference that sets him apart from everyone else but…its not enough. Daniel was constantly amazed about something or other. And you felt like you were there.

    Eli needs some kind of reboot that way. An experience that shakes him out of autopilot and reminds him just how amazing his life has become.

  64. Isn’t Robert Cooper like the captain of the Stargate ship? If he is leaving, what does that say about the ship? If he is really leaving I’d just like to thank him for a couple of my personal favorite Atlantis episodes written and directed by Mr. Cooper – Sateda and Vegas. Awesomely artistic shows! And thanks for writing and introducing Ronon in Runner. That is the single episode that got me fixated on SGA. Joe I hope you let us know what Mr. Cooper will be doing in the future, because I will definately want to be watching what he does next.

  65. It’s unfortunate that I’m losing to Kerwick, he was on to something with this “hat” business…

  66. Hi Joe,

    I had to read that at least three times before it really sunk in.

    Stargate without RCC…oh. wow.

    It would be like Stargate without you.

    Please assure us you’re not leaving any time soon. Please?

    Best wishes to Mr. Cooper, of course. I won’t embarrass him by hanging on his coattails, sobbing, as he walks out the door….even tho’ I’d very much like to. (Implore him not to leave, that is. Not embarrass him….) He’s been responsible for so many incredible hours of Stargate enjoyment that just the thought that he won’t be there, guiding and creating its future, in all its forms, makes this a truly sad day.


    Alas, ComicCon is not on my list of summer activities, so, missing that opportunity, may I just take this occasion to offer him a standing ovation in appreciation and gratitude for everything he’s done for this wonderful franchise.

    *stands and applauds…for a very, very long time.*

    As always, thanks, Joe.


  67. Sorry to hear that Robert Cooper is leaving.

    Please tell him that we’ve enjoyed his contributions to the Stargate franchise over the years.

    I wish him well in his future endeavors.

  68. Robert Cooper is leaving?
    That’s just too sad! I’ll miss his great episodes! Good luck too him in his future projects!

  69. Sad to hear about RCC leaving. 🙁 He’s written/directed some damn amazing episodes. I’ll be probably echoing everyone else. But. Any chance of one last Q&A with Robert? And if your saying your farewells now, does it mean he’ll be leaving before S2 ends shooting?

    I hope that I’m not too late to send questions for LF. I graduated on 19th (yay, me!) and some partying followed. 😀

    Anyhoo, a question for Louis –

    Everybody from the cast keeps mentioning you and fart machine. Can you finally tell us the story behind it?

  70. Settle an SGU conundrum: what year is it in the SG universe? some people say that ts 2009 others say 2010.

  71. Don,
    I have to say I agree, though I would point to the Wormhole Xtreme episodes that mocked the studio production foibles and the desire to see actors who play over the top with too much drama, as contrasted with the very mellow Jack O’Neill as the WormholeX military advisor.

    SGU’s focus on unrealistic character conflict and drama demonstrates to me a capitulation of show producers to abandon realistic depiction of military personnel in favor of soap opera dramatics.

  72. OH MAN……oh Rob you will be missed *sobs hysterically*, an immense thank you for the best 13 years of television EVAR. You’ve just been an amazing creative force, and we wish all happiness and success in your future escapades….those are some big reins you’re handing over!!!
    You gave millions of geeks a reason to live, and ‘normal’ people too! THANK YOU :D:D
    Hope to see your familiar face in some place somewhere in the future. Wish I could be at Comic Con to join in the overwhelming standing ovation in homage and gratitude to your wonderful work. Words can’t say enough.
    *stands and joins StellaByStargate in very, very, VERY long applause and foot-stomping*


  73. Well that was a surprising bombshell about Mr. Cooper. I think you just nuked the entire SG fandom with that one.

    Anyway, best wishes for Mr. Cooper in his future endeavours.

  74. @Michelle – I was really offended by that website you linked to until I caught on to what they were doing. I don’t agree with most of it, but I get what they are doing. The part about John jumping out of a window because he couldn’t talk about his feelings with Teyla in Quarantine obviously didn’t happen that way, but it gave me a funny visual.

    This does lead to a question for Joe.

    @Joe – If you ever get to do the SGA movie, can you please work on John’s emotional development? I don’t mean that he needs to be sappy, no, no. Only it would be great to see him open up more with Teyla, and maybe Ronon since I see Ronon as his best friend. And, Ronon knows what it’s like to love and lose (Sateda) so he would be able to give some great advice to his friend about going for what he really wants (Teyla).

    I’m not asking that it be a lot and definitely not that it be the focal point of the movie, but just enough to show some growth for the character. It also wouldn’t hurt to see Teyla leave Kanaan and this used as an opportunity for developing Teyla and John’s relationship more. Your idea or joke from months back of killing off Kanaan is a good way to go too. And whatever you do, please don’t make Sheyla part of a dream or AU sequence or otherwise undone somehow. Please make it real for the canon of the SGA storyline.

    I have faith that you all really can write this relationship and not just tip-toe around it.

    Please write a real relationship for Teyla and John. I’m not asking for it to be a focal point of the movie (if it’s ever made), but little bits here and there would be wonderful.

    I am going to ask flat-out, are you going to make any efforts to put Teyla and John together in the movie (if it’s ever made)?

    Thanks for reading.

    Peace & Love,


  75. Questions for Louis Ferreira:

    1. Don’t yell, but what’s your take on the relationship between Young and Scott? He’s Young’s top lieutenant but has shown himself to be quite ambivalent about Young’s leadership.

    2. Tell us your view on Young. What is Col. Young’s underlying motivation? He seems to have the potential to be a great leader, but can’t seem to break through. Do you agree with that assessment?

    3. Do you think that there is a possibility for Young and TJ to resume their relationship, or has it fully run it’s course?

  76. OMG Joe that shocks and saddens me….Rob is a brilliant writer and director. He’s written some of my favourite episodes – Vegas, Time spring to mind. I hope everything is OK, especially since he’s leaving mid-season.

    If you happen to be reading this Rob – thank-you for all these years of entertainment. I really appreciate the blood, sweat and tears you have put into this show. The episodes I mentioned above were some of the cleverest scripts. I wish you well in the adventure ahead.

    Cheers, Chev

  77. @J, yes the “gayest SGA episode” discussion is rather tongue-in-cheek and over the top, but we can’t deny the John & Rodney relationship has inspired a huge body of fanfic, artwork, video, poetry… There was something to the subtext of that friendship that fandom latched on to, whether it was intentional by the production or not. I think it’s made for a very energetic, engaged SGA fandom, who are having a great time with those memories at the moment. 🙂

  78. @Michelle – The John and Teyla relationship has inspired a huge body of fanfic, artwork, video, poetry … as well. I can’t confirm or deny anything about what McShep has inspired because I’ve never checked into that, but I’m not bothered by it. I always saw John and Rodney as friends, but I don’t have a problem with other people dipicting them as more than that in art or fanfiction or whatever they choose. :0)

    If I have to vote for the best “gay” pairing in SGA, then I vote for the McBeckett kiss in Duet. :0) I love that episode.

    There are lots of wonderful friendships and relationships from SGA that are still providing many, many fans with great memories of that show. I truly wish that John and Teyla had gotten together, but I enjoy the time that they had and hope for more. There’s always the movie, unless Joe breaks my heart and says no to Sheyla.

    Peace & Love,


  79. Hi Joe, So sad to read a tweet that Rob Cooper is leaving the Stargate family. He will be missed I’m sure and I know he will miss being around what has become like family to him. Good luck to him in his new endeavours.

    As for the World cup, how great was New Zealand’s draw with Italy – the current cup holder? It has been 28 yrs since NZ was at the Soccer World cup & 2 draws in 2 matches feels great & just as sweet as the victory over Bahrain to get to the world cup anyway and certainly not as predictable as the win in the rugby match on Saturday night (I’m being polite here so that the Welsh fans dont feel any worse than they do) by the All Blacks over the Welsh.

    I cant think of any questions for Louis Ferreira as SGU has only been playing for 5 weeks on TV here in NZ.

    Cheers, Marian

  80. Best wishes to Robert Cooper and his family for everything that lies ahead; and many, many thanks to him for his incredible influence on the Stargate franchise, in multiple capacities. I know his presence will be sorely missed, even though I know I don’t have any idea of how much.

    Shows that have some of the most devoted fandoms in the world are quite a legacy to look back on.

  81. Question for Louis Ferreira:

    Being of Portuguese descent do you maintain any connection with the country?

    Great work on you character by the way!

  82. Yay, Janina! I miss the Whisper’s gals. I am hoping Dusty and the reaminng members of her team will pop up in future SG movies or shows.

    SGU is the perfect venue; it has more girl power than any other SG project outside of Whispers.

    Maybe Destiny will drop out of FTL near a planet occupied by Amazon women with big hair who run everything and keep their men docile, and Scott can lead the planets men on a revolt; oh wait, that was totally a STNG plot.

    Or maybe Destiny can go to a 70’s planet where all the men where leasure suits and show off their chest hair. I’d love to see Louis and Dopud sportin’ big ol ‘staches.

    See? This is what happens during hiatus. One week without SGU and I’m going loopy.

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