What a difference an idea makes.  I’d been spinning my wheels on my latest story, trying to find that elusive through-line that would tie all its narrative elements together – and then, yesterday, I found it.  Or, more appropriately, it was presented to me by fellow Exec. Producer Brad Wright.  And, just like that, the pieces of the puzzle finally fell into place.  Well, more or less.  I’m still missing some corner pieces and portions of the sky on the upper left, but I’m in much better shape.  Today, I put together a preliminary beat sheet which I’ve started to flesh out.  I aim to have a reading document ready for early next week.  Have to say, I am very excited about this episode – probably more excited than I’ve been for an episode since Atlantis season 5’s Remnants.

Well, damn.  I’ve fallen to third place in our office World Cup Pool.  Carl “Mr. Soccer” Binder is in the lead, but I’m only two points back.  Tomorrow, I really need Denmark and the Netherlands to step up.  And for Ghana and Australia to prove equally inadequate.

Ashleigh practicing for the Stargate choir. She sings like an angel. A beautiful tone deaf angel.

Lawren wins the Saturn Award for best...whatever it is he does.

Sadie auditions for the role of Drekmarr, leader of the Poochians (episode 12).

Snap enough pictures of Ashleigh, and she'll throw you THIS look.

Okay, looks like the guest bloggers are coming up fast and furious.  I’ve collected your questions for Jennifer Spence and will be sending them her way this weekend.  Next up…

The lovely Louis Ferreira, SGU’s Colonel Everett Young, is looking forward to hearing from you.  If you’ve got questions and comments for Destiny’s commander, start posting!


Heather writes: “In my favorite episode “Faith” TJ goes to a river where there is a waterfall. Can you tell me the name of that waterfall?”

Answer: I don’t know whether the waterfall has an actual name, but I do know that it’s located in Widgeon Park, where the episode was shot.  According to Carl, who produced the episode, the waterfall required a bit of a trek to get to – and Alaina, pregnant at the time, was a trooper throughout, making the hike there and back without a peep of protest.  Also according to Carl, there are plenty of park rangers in the area who could probably point you in the right direction.  Or recover your body if you wander off the trail and happen to encounter one of the many bears that frequent the area.

Brian writes: ““Given the events of the Stargate: Extinction – unlikely.”  Does this mean something bad happens to Atlantis?”

Answer: Not necessarily.

Ian Z. writes: ”

In Continuum I think. Carter says (off the cuff) something about a Moon base.  Was this ad-lib? Or did you guys really mean to portray that there is a moon base and/or it is wanted to come up at some point down the road?”

Answer: It was scripted.  And, yeah, it may come in the (hopefully) not too distant future.

crayonbaby writes: “Peter DeLuise is back?! Directing possibly?”

Answer: Directing definitely.  Episode #11: Deliverance.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Mr. M., how will they get the stem cell donor for Jelly?”

Answer: The lab will use Jelly’s own stem cells for the procedure.

Philbert writes: “1 – So, um, potentially, will there be any standout moments for Becker? I’d like to see him appear a bit more.

2 – In Incursion 1 when the gate shut off someone was standing in one of the gate vents. He screamed, so can it be assumed he was burnt by the blast when the gate shut off?

3- In Incursion 2 we saw TJ walk up a set of stairs and through the gate. We’ve always seen shots of all the characters from the “console side” of the gate room by and going through those main doors. Whats back there?

4 – Will it be explained, or will Eli determine, about why the Destiny gates (both planetary and Destiny) is using Ancient symbols rather than constellations as in Pegasus/Milky Way??

5 – Both Destiny boarding parties (from the Milky Way) seem to be thrown out of the Destiny gate quite literally, and it seems that radio communication isn’t two-way. In Air 1, Scott was telling them to slow down and they continued piling through and in Incursion 1 Kiva asked for confirmation of safe arrival at Destiny and nothing happened. Is there a reason for this? Will we find out?

6 – This is a very silly question, but all stargates shown have 9 chevrons. Could Atlantis dial there? Does the Destiny stargate have nine too? Could Destiny in theory dial the ninth chevron from the ship?”

Answers: 1. Depends what you mean “by stand-out”.

2. Yes.  He was steamed like a giant siu long bao dumpling.

3. The shuttle.

4-6: Stay tuned.

Scifan writes: “I just read that you guys are doing a SGU MOVIE!!”

Answer: Says who?  I was simply referring to a potential – albeit unlikely worst-case – scenario.

RebeccaH writes: “I assume from your remarks about the movies that we can consider the Atlantis movie pretty much dead?”

Answer: Nope.  Nothing has changed with regard to the SGA movie.  It’s still in a holding pattern.  As is the SG-1 movie.  The only news is that there have been continued rumblings on the SG-1 front.

Ahem writes: “It’s nice to know that Brad Wright is “tireless” in his efforts to get another SG1 movie into production. However, you made no mention of his efforts on behalf of even one SGA movie. Should I surmise that he has made none?”

Answer: Brad isn’t producing the Atlantis movie.  He’s co-writing and exec. producing the SG-1 movie and, in his capacity as said movie’s Executive Producer, has lobbied hard to keep the project front and center and very much alive through this extended holding pattern.

Jeff writes: “I really hope you guys are bringing RDA back for a couple of guest spots in season 2……….his remarks are hilarious and its always a pleasure to see him in the episodes……”

Answer: Well…who knows?  Rick’s always a blast to work with.  Oh, and a public retraction is in order.  Apparently, that “I know what makes me special” line from Subversion wasn’t an ad-lib.  It was actually scripted by Robert Cooper.  I simply assumed it was an ad-lib because it was so – well – incongruous. Apparently, I wasn’t the only one to think so.  But Rob wasn’t worried.  “It’s a Rick line,”he assured everyone.  “He’ll nail it.”  And he did!

BMc writes: “Our best chance may have been when SGA was summarily cancelled, its sets were up and the cast planning on returning for season 6, but all resources were immediately diverted to the new baby, SGU.”

Answer: Incorrect.  We’ve run simultaneous productions before (ie. SG-1 and Atlantis, producing 40 episodes of television a year) and would have been fully capable of shooting a movie had we been given the go-ahead.

81 thoughts on “June 18, 2010: Finally! Office Pics! Yet Another Guest Blogger Announcement! And the Mailbag!

  1. Who are Sadie’s human staff? She looks Lab-ish. As an actress will I find her on IMDB?

    Best wishes to your mother and to Jelly – I am sure that they will both be back marathon running very soon.

  2. Hey Joe, are you getting as tired of convincing people there is no conspiracy against Atlantis as I am reading questions about it day after day?

    Oh wait. There isn’t a conspiracy is there? You don’t have Joe Flanigan locked in your basement or something do you?!

  3. I don’t comment often, but I have enjoyed SGU. SG1 is still my fav, just cuz Daniel is my fav and I really enjoyed the interaction between the characters and actors. It just seemed fun and real.

    I do enjoy SGU, but haven’t really connected with any of the characters, maybe with Eli a bit. But it seems like he might become the “Wesley Crusher” of SGU. Really like the TJ character, but ambivalent about the rest.

    I am a fan of Louis Ferreira, so enjoy seeing him on screen…and although I LOVE Ming-Na (ever since “As The World Turns!”, I am not a Wray fan…

  4. Absolutely loving the show – and your blog.

    Was wondering about a question you were asked a few days ago. What are your thoughts on some of the UK science fiction shows – eg. Doctor Who, Torchwood.

  5. By SGU’s timeframe, has Major General Landry retired or is he getting ready to run for President of the United States like one of his parallel counterparts?

    Questions for Louis Ferreira:

    1) What’s your favorite story about the infamous fart machine?

    2) What was your initial reaction when you found out Colonel Young was a very flawed person?

    3) Which actors have made you break character and laugh during a shoot?

    4) So far Young has beat the daylight out of Dr. Rush and Colonel Telford, who do you think is next or should be on the list?

    5) After watching some featurettes on those space suits, acting and breathing seem like a difficult job, how do you get through working a scene in one?

  6. Couple questions for Louis:

    What ever happened to that fart machine? Any new funny things like that happening on/off stage among the cast/crew? Are you the culprit or someone else? :-p

    Thanks, 🙂


  7. Here are my questions for Mr. Ferreira:

    In an interview that you gave, you compared Young and Rush to Sean Penn and Robin Wright.

    (1) Do you still stand by that comparison?
    (2) If so, which of you is Robin Wright?

    On a more serious note – I love, love, love your character and the great job you are doing with him! Can’t wait for Season 2!

  8. A question for Louis Ferreira:

    I have heard that there is some sort of highly amusing
    running joke that has been going on between certain members
    of the SGU cast and crew that is somehow related to the topic
    of “erectile dysfunction”.

    Can you share any related humor, aspect or stories concerning
    this running joke with us?

    Can you tell us who actually originated/started the
    running joke?…and is the joke still..*up*..and running?

  9. Hey Joe,

    Thanx for the reply. Looking forward to seeing the location (Waterfalls) when I am there in three weeks for GateCon. Will have to do some research on it before going it appears.

    Questions/comments for Louis Ferreira:

    If you could go anywhere in the world or have been anywhere in the world and would like to return where would you go?

    Where would be your favorite place to shop and or Eat and or drink?

    Just wanted to say that you have been absolutely brilliant on SGU! And the scenes between Young and TJ during the second half of S1 have been my favorite. Keep up the amazing work. You rock!

    cheerz, Heather 🙂

  10. Thanks Joe. Major D Davis cleared up my misunderstanding, but either way it doesn’t look like SGA will get a movie anytime soon. 🙁
    If SGU continues to season 3, does that mean that the possibility of a SGA movie would be filmed after season 3 is done, like you are planning to do with SG-1 after season 2?
    And also the remark about the novels starting where S5 ended for SGA…. Do you know if it will similar to what you wrote or be totally different.

    As for your accident, glad everyone is ok. Had a friend that was at the movies with her family in Rhode Island and while in there some kids hit the back of her car… Twice, then took off beeping as if the thought they got away with it. Luckily someone got their license plate number and reported it. I guess in RI, if you get reported, the police call you and see if you admit what you did. If you don’t then they come to your house and repo your car until you admit it. These guys tried to lie, but fessed up when their car was being towed.
    Glad you didn’t have someone like that to deal with.


  11. Sorry to read about the accident! Scary stuff. And yes, admitting something was your fault, that is very Canadian. Or at least, not American.lol Glad you weren’t hurt, though!

  12. “The only news is that there have been continued rumblings on the SG-1 front.”

    Rumblings?? Umm…what sort of rumblings? Can you elaborate? I hope it’s good rumblings.

    *crossing fingers and toes*

  13. Question for LF:

    Col. Young is my absolute favourite character on the show and I just want to say that you do an amazing job in portraying this person, who obviously has his faults and has made some mistakes, and yet is very resolute and won’t break for anyone (that last scene in Incursion II comes to mind).
    As for my question: I’ve noticed throughout this season that Col. Young seems to put on a brave face for everyone, and (at least at the begining) assured everyone that they would eventually be returining home, but with everything that’s happened, do you think he’s maybe resigned himself to the fact that they may not be returning home?

  14. MGM needs a government bailout so we can finally get our Stargate movies, and The Hobbit. As it stands now, MGM is in the hands of the debt holders. Maybe they should just accept Time Warners takeover bid… what do you think, Joe? I doubt sitting around will help their situation, as they just keep deferring the debt.

  15. Questions for Louis Ferrieira:

    1. I met you on set last October with my friend. We were with Jamil. Naturally, as part of our visit, we were sworn to secrecy about what we saw. We managed to keep quiet, but it was sometimes difficult not to remark about it. Have you ever inadvertently let the cat out of the bag and accidentally released a key part of a story before the episode had aired?

    2. What do you do for fun when you are not acting?



  16. Questions for Louis:
    What do you enjoy about working in Vancouver? Have you had an opportunity to visit any of the local sights and dining establishments? Any recommendations?

    I love Young and Tj. Would you like to see their romantic relationship start up again or should Young remain faithful to his wife? Do you think Telford had an affair with Young’s wife or just a friendship? How do you think Young would be as a father? Looking back, what choices did Young make that you (Louis) would have done differently?

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions! I really enjoy your performances.

  17. Dear Joseph and all devotees,
    Unfortunately I had no possibility to read all questions ever set here therefore if I’ll repeat it accidentally, so take my apologise.
    I speak English mediocre, therefore I ask you not to judge me strictly.

    Thus, my questions:

    1. Is there other way to dial “Destiny” from the Milky Way, without blowing up so unique planets each time (each dialing)?

    2. Are Ancients or someone another are Demiurges of that artificial solar system and the planet from the episode 01×13 “Faith”?

    3. Will we see Gloria Rush again in next seasons or the story of Nick and her is over?

    4. Does Emily still wait for Young or she is through with him?

    Thanks. Bye!

  18. My apologies. I didn’t realize how much I was whining, and I didn’t mean to annoy others. I do enjoy this blog and its community; I will return to lurkerville, and try to hope patiently (silently) for an SGA movie.

  19. Excellent! I can’t wait to hear about the moon base 😉 sounds awesome!

    another question, I’m just full of them.

    So, someone on a forum I visit noticed that the suits from the “Lost Tribe” Asgard, and then Destiny’s Ancient suits are identical except for the helmet. (side by side pics http://forums.stargateworlds.com/showthread.php?t=35159 )

    1. Is this just because the suits were expensive and it allowed for a good time to reuse them? Or are we to assume this is because of the alliance? OR will the Asgard come into play at some point in SGU?

    2. Will the Furlings or Nox be explored at all in SGU? (I know you don’t like the mythology story lines, so I don’t expect you to write it if you do think it will come in to play 😉 even though i’m sure you’d do great!)

  20. Morticae wrote:

    MGM needs a government bailout so we can finally get our Stargate movies, and The Hobbit. As it stands now, MGM is in the hands of the debt holders. Maybe they should just accept Time Warner takeover bid…

    It’s my understanding that the debt holders rejected the Time-Warner bid as too low. So they are deferring until next month to try to get better bids. If not then MGM might be sold off piecemeal to raise cash or push into chapter 11.

  21. Question for Joe:

    This is a bit long winded so i apologize in advance 🙂
    SGU is different from the SG-1 and Atlantis because the plot is more character driven, focusing on the people aboard Destiny but at the same time has managed to stay true to the series, by anchoring the plot in the established mythology, the Ancients, Destiny etc’ and being a young person i think has definitely reinvigorated the series. My question is at any point since SGU was conceived have Brad, Rob or yourself considered introducing an Ancient/Alteran character to the main cast, or in a recurring role and why/ why not it would be a good idea?
    For the previous series this obviously wouldn’t be realistic and also the focus was on our guys solving the problem, saving the day. But doesn’t SGU make it feasible, my reasoning being:

    1)The series is about people and an ancient/alteran doesn’t necessarily have to outstrip characters like Rush and Eli in intelligence, or even be orientated towards science, why not a soldier, civilian, or even something else, a therapist maybe???

    2)SGA has already established they were flawed, and SGU is about people who are essentially human, and make mistakes so an ancient would not need to be a miracle worker or even have that stereotype.

    3) Destiny predates the ancients being able to ascend, which is why it exists in the first place, so having a character related to the ship in some way, who is closer to our guys physiologically, then the ancients we’ve already seen not within the realms of possibility?

  22. Hello,

    Good luck with the world cup pool! I too am hoping for the Netherlands and Denmark to be strong, the former probably won’t disappoint and Ghana and Australia to perform poorly, however the former of those two has been too strong lately to get my hopes up…

    A question for you: You’ve killed off a lot of wonderful characters (Martouf, Dr.Fraiser, Elizabeth Weir among others), which has been the most difficult to kill? As in which do you most wish could have lived on?

    For Mr. Ferreira:
    Concerning TJ and her child: do you believe Col. Young should tell his wife about this, seeing as he has shown he isn’t ready to give her up yet? I hope we will see more scenes with the two of them, that relationship seems so telling to me.

    Had you seen any of the other Stargate series before joining the cast of SGU, if so was this a help or did it add to the challenge?

    Thank you for taking our questions and for providing us with such a wonderful show!

  23. Oh, good to hear that we’ll have Louis Ferreira here. So some questions for him:

    1) Who’s the most frequent victim of your jokes?
    2) Have you unintentionally broken anything during the filming?
    3) What was the most difficult scene to film in the first season?
    4)How did you feel in that “alien watersuit” from space? Wasn’t that a little claustrophobic?
    5)I’d like to THANK YOU for your awesome work on SGU. Loved the last shot of Incursion II., with totally broken Young, by the way. Great work!

  24. Joe,

    Now that it is easy to understand why there has no movement on the Stargate movies because of the financial mess MGM finds itself in, I think its safe to say that once the company is either sold or invested in, operations should return to normal.

    Based on the above I suppose my question would be, “Are there any concerns that the Stargate franchise could be sold to another studio”?

    One more questions, one that I have asked before, “Why has there been no mention, no quest appearance, for Chris Judge, Ben Browder, or Claudia Black?” “Are they still welcome members of the Stargate family?”

  25. Hello 🙂 ça va bien? moi oui.

    Merci pour ces questions/réponses.

    Ehéhé j’espere que l’Italie sera qualifié pour les 8ième de finale, de toute façon il ne peut pas y avoir une ambiance aussi détéstable qu’en équipe de France ^^!
    Vous avez vu le match des usa? Pas mal du tout, ils ont une chance d’être 1er de leurs groupe :)!

    Yaa Louiss!!! Je n’ai qu’une chose à dire “Força Portuga”l !!!!….oui je suis tout sauf française en ce moment lol XD

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  26. Questions for Louis Ferreira:

    First, let me say that I have really admired your work on Stargate Universe, and I hope that the show runs for many more seasons. Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions.

    1) I know that you have worked in other genres besides science fiction. What is your favorite genre to work in and why?

    2) What are the differences between working in science fiction and other genres?

  27. Ashleigh looks sooo cute in that last pic. Like an adorable 5 year old who did something bad and knows it and is hoping she doesn’t get caught. I’d check your desk for possible boobytraps if I were you. Also your credit card statements, just to be safe.

    Question for Louis Ferreira: Colonel Young has made some pretty bad/questionable decisions in the first season, from leaving Rush stranded on a planet in “Justice” to not venting the atmosphere when the Lucian Alliance came through the Stargate. Even Rush and General O’Neill have questioned his command decisions. Have there been moments when you went to the writers and asked “Why the hell would Young do this?” and do you think his leadership abilities will improve in season 2?

  28. Philbert: 6 – This is a very silly question, but all stargates shown have 9 chevrons. Could Atlantis dial there? Does the Destiny stargate have nine too? Could Destiny in theory dial the ninth chevron from the ship?”

    As far as we know, there are two 9C Addresses, and both are codes. One to Destiny from Milky Way gates, and one to Earth from Milky Way gates. There could be a chance, I’d guess, that they would be able to adapt the Destiny’s Code so that it could be used by Atlantis’ Stargate/Pegasus Gates, but it would still be required to be hooked up to a sufficient power source, and only grand one we know of are planets with Naquadria cores.

    To Louise
    Have you seen/What seasons/episodes have you seen of the previous Stargate shows? Did you like them?

    What do you think happened to Franklin?

    Do you play (any) video games?

    Who are you rooting for in the football/soccer/skin-ball kicking?

    Do you like chocolate?

    Do you read books? (If so,) What kind of books?

    What’s your favourite food?

  29. “What a difference an idea makes. ”

    That’s what we’ve been suggesting all season! 😉

    “She sings like an angel. A beautiful tone deaf angel.”

    Hey, was that a compliment in the snark? *g*

  30. Question for Mr. Ferreira:

    Using the stones as a plot device, we’ve caught a glimpse of Young’s current private life and, of course, that informs his character development to some extent. However, compared to characters like Eli and Scott, we really don’t know too much about Young’s background. As an actor, how do you approach a character who doesn’t have a detailed backstory. Do you develop one yourself and design your character around that, or have you talked with the writers about Young’s childhood and early adulthood and built the character around that?

    I must admit, I wasn’t sure if I was going to like Universe – it sounded too much like ST: Voyager (which I hated). I realize now, however, that I was selling the writers and producers short. The show is very well written and acted. Kudos to all of you!


  31. This may sound pretty odd, but your concerns with pulling everything together and finding the right direction with a script is something I’m finding inspiring. Yeah, okay, that did sound pretty odd.

    now, for the wonderful Louis Ferreira! Given your sense of humour, how difficult is it to step in, and out again, of the role of Colonel Young?

  32. 1. I know you said very often, that the SG1 Movie is still possible. But what’s your own guess about? Do you think, project will start 2011 or 2012?

    2. Scripts are already written… so… are we going to see the SGC again in a future movie? Would be very great!

    3. Does the SGC still exist, because it seems like Homeworld Command is the new base for the Stargate programm?

    4. According to moon base… Is it possible, that Atlantis takes place on it?

    Thanks for answering and sorry for bad english 😛

  33. Joe, I’m a bit confused. In response to my question about whether BW was actively working for an SGA movie, you indicated that because he was only involved with the writing and executive production of SG1’s third movie, that is the ONLY movie he is currently pushing for right now. If BW, as one of SGA’s co-creators, and you and Paul, as the SGA show runners for its last two seasons, are not actively campaigning for an SGA movie, just who is?

  34. Hi,

    I have a few questions for Louis Ferreira.

    First off, thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. I have been following your career and enjoying your work for many years, and I really love your portrayal of Colonel Young.

    1. What happened to your right pinky finger? I noticed you had a tape bandage during the first several SGU episodes as well. Did that just happen then or is it an old injury?

    2. Comedy seems to come naturally to you. How do you approach an immensely emotional scene, like the last moments in “Incursion part 2”?

    3. Your work on Durham County was heartrending and very disturbing, yet you managed to elicit sympathy for the character you played. What was the hardest thing about creating Ray Prager and his seriously warped world?

    4. I noticed that in the series “Missing” your character got all the best lines (you even got to speak Portuguese, which was totally awesome!). What did you enjoy most about playing John Pollock?

    5. How has your multicultural background influenced your approach to creating such a multitude of very different characters over the course of your career?

    6. I enjoyed the interview where you talked about someone leaving a boat in front of your house. Did you get your wish and buy one? What else do you like to do in your spare time?

    Thanks again for your time. I look forward to Season 2 (and far beyond, hopefully!) and wish you continued success in the future.

    And thanks to Joe for making this Q&A possible. I enjoy your blog very much!

  35. Questions for Louis Ferreira:

    Do you find it challenging to portray such a complicated character as Colonel Everett Young? How did you prepare for this role? Is there anything that you would want to change about Young?

    Thank you.

  36. Questions for Mr. Ferreira:

    1. Will we see you at a convention any time soon?

    2. Colonel Young is my favorite character on the show but Telford was the man originally selected to lead the team through the Stargate. Why do you think he was chosen over Young? Is Young one of those “wrong people” to be in this situation?

    3. How much input do you have in the development of the character?

    4. Most importantly……when are you going to come join us on Twitter?!!!

  37. Joe,

    A couple gate related questions:

    1. One of the things that disappointed me with Atlantis was that we didn’t see the gate much, especially early on in the first season. More so, we hardly ever saw the gate dial. It seems episodes would open and the characters would already be off world, in a village, or whatever. In SG1, it seemed we saw the gate dial in almost every episode, or at the very least it’s presence was featured more than in Atlantis. In SGU, it seems that featuring the gate has become important again like in SG1, especially in episodes like Air, Water, and Lost. Was their a concious effort with SGU to feature the gate dialing more often than Atlantis and was this a factor in the gate’s production design? What factors were taken into account? I.E: The digital dialing being less interesting than a component of the gate actually spinning as with SG1/SGU, etc.

    2. How many physical SGU gates/props exist? What kind of stand in is used for location shooting? How much of what we see with the gate is digital and what is physical? I know the production uses a practical effect for the puddle consisting of a screen and rear projector.

    3. Will we ever find out what happens if the Destiny gates can’t spin? (IE Gets jammed or locked into place.) Could you dial in if the destination gate can’t spin? It seems like that might be a reason for evolution to an SG1 or SGA type gate design.

    4. Why does the Destiny gate spew smoke and steam while planetary gates don’t?


  38. Is it possible that the moon base is the place, where ships of earth get repaired?

    Will Atlantis be part of this moon base?

    Which Gate will be shutdown? Earth Gate or Atlantis? Or will they both be acive and we see a solution according to the 9th Chevron? Would be great.

    Thanks for answering!

  39. Questions for Louis:

    1.) How much have you enjoyed working with Robert Carlyle?

    2.) Where do you envision your character going in the next few seasons?

    3.) Have you ever thought about receiving an Emmy for your work as as Col. Young? How would you compare your character and performance to past Emmy winners for Best Actor? I think you have chops for it and it would be something great to work towards.

  40. A question for Louis:

    In the last scene of Incursion II, Young turns his eyes towards the ceiling. The whole scene itself lends me to believe his state of mind could be summized as “I had us come this far this way, and its over”, however, could you please elaborate on what he actually thinks about, or feels like, as the gunmen prepare for the execution? Thanks!

  41. Questions for Louis Ferreira:

    first, thank you for doing this Q & A with us fans. You have a great on screen chemistry with Robert Carlyle. And Col. Young is one of my favorite characters on the show, keep up the great work!

    1)You where doing a impressive number of TV and film work up to date. What would you say was your best on set experience and what was your worst?

    2)How was it to have Robert Carlyle as an director for one episode of Season 2?

    3)Can you tell us a bit about the infamous camera prank you pulled on Mr. Carlyle?

    4)How long is your average shotting day on SGU?

    5)What is more challenging for you as an actor, the emotional stuff or the action scenes.

    6)If you could choose a guest star for SGU, who would it be (regardless if movie or TV actor)

  42. Hi Joe,
    Wouldn’t want to miss out on the questions and answers with Louis Ferreira!

    Hi Louis, here are my questions for you:

    1.If the whole Stargate Universe was true and you were stranded on the Destiny as a civilian and had access to the communication stones, with which character would you like to trade body? ( it can’t be Young …. that would be way to easy!)?

    2.If you could change one thing about your character, what would it be?

    3.Does Joe wear suits at work every day?

    4.Which actor have you worked with before that you would like to work with again if you had the opportunity?

    5.I’ve heard that Robert Carlyle directed one of the episodes of season 2, is this something you would be interested in doing in the future?

    6.What is your favourite dish? home cooking or take out ?

    7.Can you tell about the surveillance camera prank you did to Robert Carlyle?

    8. How old is your dog Charlie?

    9. Are you currently or will you eventually be part of another film project other then SGU? Is there among the new TV shows, one you would like to appear on?

    10. what do you do for fun when ur not at work ?
    😀 😀

  43. Oh awesome here is my question for Louis.

    1. Hi Louis, I think you do an amazing job as Col Young, which just so happens to be my favourite character in the series. My question for you is, Would you say that Col Youngs flaws are what makes him a good leader? He may not have all the answers, he may not make the right choices, but his heart is in the right place, wouldn’t you agree?

  44. RFV_Devil, personally I thought the approach of jumping straight into the story in Atlantis was perfection, why waste time seeing everyone gear up, when you can just have them come through the gate and dive straight into the story? That said I think we saw the gate enough, it was used at vital times, I don’t personally think the gate should just be used just for the sake of being used, sure okay it’s Stargate but really the way the gate was used was fine in my opinion.

  45. Hi Joe,

    Taking the commentary temperature the last couple of months, I think it’s obvious that the fans want their movies, myself included. Clearly, the SG:3 movie has its advantages as it IS the original series and with Brad actively working to keep it alive, and it seems as though that may soon become a reality. I will happily campaign for the SGA movie myself; I’ve signed petitions, joined FB pages and groups, and commented here and on other blogs in favor of Extinction, but I don’t know how effective those actions really are. I know you said that supporting SGU is key as it continues the franchise, but I (and many others) have to rely on HULU and you’ve affirmed that SyFy doesn’t really count those viewers. So, to whom do I need to write, call, cajole or wheedle to affect real change?

    Switch topics. Don’t be surprised if I am silent for the next little while; tomorrow I get to go on a 7-day Alaska Cruise with my folks, my sister and my niece! Yea! I will wave to you (and naddycat) when we pass Vancouver tomorrow evening. 😀

    Smiles, Julie

  46. Hey Joe, I hope you’re fine after this accident.

    Q’s for Louis Ferreira :
    First, thank you so much for answering my questions Louis and congratulations for your acting in SGU.

    Did you cast for Col. Young first or any other character ?
    How is the atmospher on set ? How funny is it ? The others always answer that you are the most funny guy on Earth ! What was your best joke on set ?
    What is your favorite scene/episode of SGU and why ?
    Did you know Stargate before playing in SGU ?
    What are your similarities/differences between you and Young ?
    What was the hardest/funniest scene to shoot ?
    How Young is gonna evolve or how you want to evolve ?
    Do you think that Young wants to prove himself that he can handle all those responsabilities, after Gen. O’neill told him maybe he wasn’t the guy of the situation, and Rush told that he took Icarus’ Base Command to not handle big responsibilities on Earth ?
    If Robert Carlyle and you fight, who will win ?
    Young seems far away from TJ : because of the military rules or because they have personal issues ?
    What would you do if you were really stuck on an old rusty ship, billions light years away from home ? ( only one ^^ )
    Few words in french maybe ?

    Thank you.

  47. Mr Ferreira,
    1. Through the first season, we’ve seen Young exhibit a number of, shall we say, failures of leadership, which has contributed to the excess drama of the first season. If you were actually writing Young’s script, how would you lead differently than he is currently?
    2. I fully support Youngs decision to maroon Rush, it was one of the few smart things he’s done, although he should have held an inquest and court martial and sentenced him to marooning, IMHO. He’d be fully justified in doing that. While Young actually NEEDS Rush on Destiny, Camille Wray serves no good purpose and has been a disruptive force since the first episode, including her little illegal pretensions to having civillian authority over Young. When do we get to see Young space her for mutiny?
    3. How did it feel to beat the crap out of Telford?
    4. What sort of leadership advice have you gotten from the military advisors?

  48. Joe!! Stop sending the questions off too quickly :). I haven’t composed them yet….guess I’ll just have to make some up quickly for Louis:

    1. I like Young but I think Telford would make a better commander of Destiny. I’ve always thought that Young would end up being the bad guy. O’Neill asked if he was up to it. Do you think he honestly is up to making the tough decisions?

    2. Is Eli still spying for Young or was Eli disillusioned after Justice?

    3. Before Icarus, was Col Young on a SG team?

    4. I hear you’re very lucky at Poker…what’s your secret?

    5. Young’s taken down Rush and Telford in fights…which character on Destiny would give Young a run for his money in a no holds barred fist fight?

    6. What music do you like to listen to?

    7. Who was your childhood hero and why?

    8. When did you realise acting wasn’t just a hobby but you could make a living out of it?

    9. What’s the weirdest or funniest thing that’s ever happened in an audition or job interview?

    10. If you came to a con in Australia, what would you most like to do or see?

    Cheers, Chev

  49. This is for Louis Ferreira’s Q&A: Hi Louis! First off, I would like to say that you are a great actor. Second, I think your character got boned in Dawn of the Dead! You should have had a way bigger part than what was written for you. Everytime I watch that movie, I say that to my wife. My question for you is this, do you have any say as to how Colonel Young acts? Now that you have been with this character for a year, do you get a script, and say to whomever listens, “Young wouldn’t do, or say this, he WOULD do or SAY this.” I ask, because I know Richard Dean Anderson had a lot of say on how his character was developed, and continued to develop over time. Thanks in advance, and by the way, don’t let Young get his throat get ripped out by some little zombie girl! That just wasn’t right!

  50. Hey Joe, I may be reading into this too much but… Ashleigh in that picture…is she…flirting with you?
    (Notes down this date as the day when Joe first started having recurring nightmares about going to work (more than usually that is…)) *laughs*

    Joe, could you guys (writers) not necessarily focus an entire episode but at least a little part of an episode to the waste management on Destiny. The crew do shower, pee, take a dump (I can’t recall seeing single toilet so far), throw away food leftovers and so on. (and who the poor schmuck is that has to clean “those” filters).

    Anyway, here are my:


    Ten questions for Louis Ferreira

    Hey Louis, Roger from Norway here.
    Thank you so much for answering questions from SGU fans, I greatly respect “down to earth” actors that makes some time for fans.
    (PS! How did Joe get you to do this, did he threaten to not let you get any chocolate in the future? *laughs*)

    OK, onwards to the questions…

    1. Young, Rush and Telford seem like “friends who hate each other” (Young and Rush in particular) Do you agree with that assessment?

    2. Rush and Young seems to have a odd behavior, Young is clever and tactical, Rush is brilliant and logical, but both have a Machiavellian view at times. Do you enjoy playing a character that is a likable “ass”? *laughs*

    3. Do you think that Young would make a good dad? (provided he and Mom & Baby survives the dramatic season finale that is) PS! Loved how stoic Colonel Young looked at the end there.

    4. Young seems to truly trust Eli, despite Rush getting Eli to do some things that Young disliked, does Young feel a fatherly connection to Eli? (sort of watching over him) Rush also seems to have a similar behavior.

    5. Do you enjoy doing Yong + Rush + Eli scenes as much as we enjoy watching the trios dynamics on the screen? (I personally feel those three characters are the core of SGU)

    6. Here is a “What if..” question. What if “you” had been stranded on the Destiny, what position would you have taken among the crew, that of Young or some other position?

    7. How do you like the Stargate mania (masses of fans) that now will forever haunt you at conventions and around the world, do you find the attention surprising compared to your previous work, or a welcome (but somewhat nerdy *laughs*) experience in your career that you’ll never forget?

    8. Do you remember your SGU audition, and can you tell us how that went?

    9. What direction would you like to see Young’s personality and character go in, or possibly even experiment with?

    10. Are you a Science Fiction fan? If so what movies and series where your favorite. And what was your inspiration and research material did you use when nailing down your character and the “tech” demands of SGU?

    And to round this off…

    Thank you Louis for bringing alive a character that knows that sometimes choices aren’t always good or bad or in-between but just plain suck (damned if you do, damned if you don’t), here’s hoping your character sticks around (along with Rush and Eli) until the end of the series, may that day not come for many years yet. *smiles*

    Roger Hågensen, Norway.


  51. @ das

    Re. your reply to me, gotcha, and thanks for your insights. – Laughing at your parting comment. 😉

  52. Thanks, Mr. Mr, for answering my question. I’ve read a little about stem cells but it sounds very intriguing. I hope it makes Jelly more comfortable!

    With the humidity, the heat index makes the temp. today 40.5C/105F. Either way, it’s been a three shower day and it’s only 4:00p.m.

    The pictures and mailbag are a welcome addition. No questions for Mr. Ferreira. Everyone else came up with great ones. Can’t wait for the answers.

    Have a good one!

  53. Question for Joe:
    Do you think you’ll ever be able to do a mailbag without having questions about the SG1/SGA movies?

    (I want to see them as much as anyone else! But I get sick of seeing all the questions. I can imagine that you’re tired of answering them. I know you’ll let us know if something changes!)

    Questions for the very hot Louis Ferreira:
    1. Who was more fun to beat up – Rush or Telford?

    2. Who’s more fun to play off of – LDP or RC?

    3. Young’s wife doesn’t come off as a very pleasant person. Why is Young so fixated on trying to work out what looks like a pretty poor match?

    4. Did TJ’s pregnancy change Young’s feelings about his wife?

    5. I love the relationship between Young and Greer! Did Young have Greer’s kind of temper when he was younger?

    6. Is there a backstory worked out about Young and Telford being friends and then how and when they stopped being friends?

    7. Provided they both survive the events of the finale, will the friendship between them be repairable?

    Thank you!

  54. For Louis Ferreira:

    1) If it hasn’t yet been asked, what do you like best to read?

    2) I see someone has already asked how challenging it is to take on the character of Col. Young, since Joe has told us (and shown us) that you’re a very different type of person. I’d just like to state my appreciation of the excellent job you do while playing against type. All of SGU’s actors have done so well at bringing to life the writers’ awesome scripts. – Thank you!

  55. Hi Joe,

    No question for the Colnel however I am curious to know if you have, or have ever thought of having someone on the more creative side such as costumes, make-up, etc. do a Q and A. The reason I ask is because I am dying to ask some costuming questions!



  56. Hi Joe, Hi all, still here, just reading and not commenting!! Joe, u need to answer my e-mail, please!!! Question for L F, I watched you in Durham County And I have NEVER been SOOO FREAKED out by a character!! That guy was nuts!! Did u find it unnerving to play such a henious character?? Loved you in Gray Gardens!! Sheryl.

  57. 1. Can you confirm Colonel Chekov as KIA? I liked that guy. I think his fate deserved a mention.

    2. Does Lt. James wear green or tan kneepads?

  58. Quite an impressive line up of guest bloggers, Joe!

    Sorry to hear about your car, but the aftermath made for a great story and just supports the theory that Canadians are some of the most polite people in the world.

  59. Questions for Louis Ferreira
    First thank you for taking the time to answer and for your great job in SGU

    1- Why Louis and not Luís ?
    2- When did you realise you wanted to become an actor and how did you get about achieving it , how did your family take it?
    3- So far, apart from your character, what is your favorite SGU character and scene ?
    4- Are you part of the world cup pool Joe is involved on ? I’m guessing(hoping) you support Portugal ?!
    5- This one on behalf of my children who hate it – do you like bacalhau?
    Obrigada por tudo 🙂

  60. hey joe,

    doing good job as col. i am looking forward to next season and what happens then.

    being a fan of sg-1 albeit late in the game, i have watched the entire 10 series, some more than once, plus the movies also.

    atlantis never worked for me, it seemed like hippies who had taken over the battlestar gallactica and the two didnt mix well. i prefer battlestar gallactica with lorne greene, but that is another story.

    some things are incorporated from sg-1 such as gen o neil, col carter, and daniel jackson. what happened to teal’c and the free jaffa? will we be seeing them?

    as the old cliche one can never have too many baal’s, will he pop up in this series especially since continuum took him out. he could have foreseen katesh trying to steal the glory and made a clone and got catapulted with a solar flare to a different galaxy and trying to rebuild the gaoul’d empire with some symbiodes?

    it will be interesting to see how you get the ship back, or are you going to be bumped off?

    will the tok’rah come to the aid? are the ori really dead? what about the raif?

    will tj have the baby, or will she lose it with all the mayhem? what about eli and chloe? will they eventually hook up, or will she go into shock from blood loss?

    i think you should kick talford’s butt for messing with your wife, but then again you have tj.

    interesting combination of closed sets, lots of drama, and lots of soap opera type tmi… somehow, I have kept watching and it is getting better. remember the first season of sg-1 was kind of preachy and stupid anyways.

    i was in the military so i guess that is why i enjoy the show, a little fact a whole lotta fiction.

    either way. keep up the good work.

  61. Just finished watching the first part of the Dr. Who finale and it got me thinking. I remember a post of your from a while ago saying what TV you and your friends/colleagues watched and I was wondering do you watch much British/International stuff [i.e. stuff not made in the US/Canada] and if so, what?

    @Louis Ferreira:

    couple of questions –

    If you were in Young’s position how do you reckon you’d cope? Is there anything you’d have done differently?

    This one can be aimed at anyone – Do you watch yourself on TV or do you find it a bit weird seeing yourself playing someone else [essentially ‘do you watch SGU’]?

    And thanks [to you, joe and everyone else who does these] for taking the time out to answer people’s questions.

  62. Questions for Mr. Ferreira:

    1. As far as you know, does Young have a plan for that digital clip Eli made of Rush planting the gun in Young’s quarters?

    2. Young seems so quick to use the stones to report back to Earth and consult General O’Neill — Is Young really that insecure about his command decisions? Why do you think he wants to stay in command if he’s so uncomfortable?

    3. Young kicks so much ass (literally)! How good are you at fighting in real life? Who should I bet on in a Young vs. Greer throw-down?

    Keep up the fantastic work on your tremendously complicated character.

  63. Joe – You made an off the cuff comment on one topic. I’m interested in a tangentially connected topic, so I will assume the most radical possible position to elicit a response from you on my topic of interest.

    All that being said, do you like chocolate much? 🙂

  64. Question for Louis:

    1) Would you spell your full Portuguese name for us?

    2) Would you be interested in directing an episode of SGU?

    3) Can you tell us a good Portuguese restaurant in Toronto?

    4) Do you have any particular reasons for avoiding talk shows? (I found this really interesting as I think you are one of those people who would be an instant hit: you are funny and a great story teller, you seem to have an interesting life…)

    Thanks for making Colonel Young so much fun to watch! 🙂

  65. Everyone has already asked most of my questions, but I want to expand on ashimon’s question and have a few of my own:

    Questions for Louis Ferreira:

    1) On most shows you are credited as Justin Louis, but on SGU you are credited as Louis Ferreira. Is this because there’s different guild rules in Canada or just personal preference? (Forgive me for prying: I LOVE names so I find this incredibly fascinating!)

    2) What is the coolest/weirdest thing you’ve ever gotten from a fan? What would be the ideal gift?

    3) You play military very convincingly. Have you been a military man in a previous show or movie? How else did you prepare for the role of Young?

  66. Ashleigh is so cute, you got to give her a part as one of those “Baroness Marja Jose von Huehnerei de la Uallera vas quib quib bint Ahmed ibn Musee the second ” roles…

  67. Questions for Louis Ferreira:

    Firstly, thanks for taking the time to answer people’s questions and thanks for your energy and dedication in your work. It’s brilliant seeing Young on screen (easily my favourite character) and I’ve been a fan on your other work for a while now 🙂
    Please stay on our screens! (And pop over to the UK? :D)

    1) How do you think Young would handle further insubordination from Lt. Scott?

    2) Do you think Young will ease up a bit at some point around the majority of the crew? And perhaps even agree to some snazzy birthday parties?

    3) Could you ever see Rush and Young drowning some sorrows or just having a laugh (or grumble?) in Brody’s bar?

    4) Do you hope that the crew will eventually get some more clothes? They must be going a bit funky by now 😛
    Also, do you think Young secretly has a hat like Earl’s? (Blood and Donuts)

    5) If Young had a quirky habit (like having to check behind the shower curtain), what kind do you think/would you like him to have?

    6) How would you describe the feeling on set? And who do you think (in terms of cast/crew) would be more likely to scarf down the last jam doughnut and then try and deny it?

    Thanks for your time! 🙂
    Also, thanks to Joe for the amazing blog and for setting up these Q&As 🙂

  68. Hi there,

    question for Mr Luis Ferreira.
    Why Young is soooo soft??? He doesn’t seams to be a colonel, but an airman dealing with paperwork.

    The question could apply for the writers too.

    thanks for the show guys!

  69. ?’s for Louis Ferreira

    1.What made you decide to play Young as hard edged as he’s portrayed?
    2.Where did your inspiration for the character come from?
    3.What do you think would bring out his more vulnerable/softer side?

  70. Hi Joe,

    I’m from the Czech Republic and I am a big fan of Stargate Universe. I want to ask you whether you could give me you, or one of your assistants to send your signature with the signed photos of actors. I will be very happy, if possible. My name and address are:


    Thank you, your SGU fan 🙂

  71. Questions for Louis Ferreira:

    1.) If you had one question to ask Colonel Young, what would that be?

    2.) Do you visit Portugal regularly?


  72. Joe,

    Just wanted to say I think you folks are doing a fantastic job with SGU. I think it is going in a very deep direction and I hope you aren’t taking too much stock in what the SG-1/SGA fanboys are saying. Please don’t cheese up what is likely becoming the Syfy epic of our generation. 🙂 Keep up the great work!


  73. AND Louis, the compassionate leader role works. Take it from me. I have served under many great men that Col. Young emulates on the show. Also, just watched a little ‘Psych’. Your scope is huge! I’m very impressed.


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