Carl was in my office, discussing the fourth act twist to his new episode, when Paul walked in, dropped himself onto the couch, and said to no one in particular: “You know who’s a great actress?”

“Alaina?”I offered.

“Alaina,”he informed us.  I had a feeling given that her scene had been scheduled for that afternoon.  “She’s Alaina when she walks on set and then, when they yell “Action!” she’s T.J.  Then, when they yell “Cut!”, she’s Alaina again.”   Apparently, she delivered a heartfelt performance in a very emotional scene. Moments later, Paul came across her sitting and laughing, in conversation with some of the gals from hair and make-up.  Then, it was back to delivering on that emotional scene – without missing a beat.

THAT is talent!

If you’re Carl Binder..
















For some reason, Carl has made a pact with his wife to only watch Survivor (and The Amazing Race) with her.  All well and good, unless she’s back in California which means waiting for the next time they get together – which will be later this week.  Carl insists that he’ll be able to avoid any spoilers until Thursday night…which I think is highly unlikely provided he does surf the internet on a daily basis.

Anyway, that finale.  I was very happy with the final three and, while I thought Parvati played the best overall game and really deserved the title, I thought Sandra played a pretty solid game herself and don’t begrudge her the win.  As for Russell – well, as Boston Rob put it, he never played to win, only to reach the finals.  Which he did.  For the second season in a row.  And lost.  For the second season in a row.

The high point of every finale is what I like to call The Parade of Broken Hearts, the point where the bitter also-rans on the jury get the chance to have their say, castigating the finalists for hurting their feelings and generally making them look silly.  There are always a few who get so worked up, you almost expect them to burst into tears – voice quavering as they check off the list of broken promises, unprovoked targetings, and perceived sleights.

This latest Survivor also saw The Dumbest Move Award presented to T.J. for his unwise decision to give his immunity idol to Russell.  Yeah, it was dumb, but it was nowhere near as dumb as Erik’s much more egregious idol giveaway in the final four a couple of seasons back.  Now THAT was dumb!

Anybody else watch?  Your thoughts?  What other finales are you looking forward to?  I’ve got a backlog of House episodes to get around to (Those live+28 numbers are going to be HUGE!) after which I redirect my attention to my burgeoning collection of anime.

Speaking of numbers, SGU’s 17th episode, Pain, pulled in the show’s best ratings since episode #9, Life.  Both Carl Binder joints, by the way.  With three episodes to go before we close out season one, I’m hoping to see a modest build in viewers to see us out before the move to Tuesday nights.

Speaking of Carl – What’s with “What’s with Carl Binder?”?:

Hey, here’s a timely piece by Michael Hinman over at Airlock Alpha:

I’m pleased to report that I remembered my ice cream today.  On the other hand, I forgot my laptop and as a result, with time to kill, I ended up eating my serving veeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrry sloooooooooooowwwwwwwlyyyyyyyyyyyy.  The amaretto-laced dark chocolate was a huge hit.  Those who ventured to sample the Blue Cheese with Honey Walnuts liked it (Ashleigh and Linda), but I thought it too sweet.  Next time, half the sugar will hopefully bring out more of that cheesy blue flavor.


Cat4444 writes: “That being said, I seriously doubt whether their longed for cancellation of SGU would have any realistic chance of resulting in the resurrection of SGA or SG1.”

Answer: Quite the opposite, actually.

Cat4444 also writes: “HOWEVER, I also noticed that there were personal attacks being made against the cast of SGU, among others, and to me, that is unacceptable.”

Answer: Yes, it’s always easy to sound tough when your anonymous.   I have no doubt that in a public setting – say, a convention – they would pee their pants before they’d dare confront any of the people they’re launching personal attacks against.

Raynan writes: “I think you misunderstand the criticism there.”

Answer: You misunderstood.  I’m not taking issue with the criticism, merely the infantile way it’s being presented.

Mel writes: “That is simply not true! [edit] doesn’t delete ANY kind of posts.”

Answer: Sure, they allow posts – and then venemously attack any opinion that doesn’t follow the party line.

Mel also writes: “One of the main reasons for its existence, is the censorship at Gateworld.”

Answer: Bull.  The site was up well before Gateworld made any decision regarding overwhelmingly negative posts.

Shadow Step writes: ““These are real people, doing the job they were hired to do, and to attack them personally for doing that job is completely unreasonable.”  So let me sum up your opinion as I understand it: The person doing a job is totally divorced form the quality of the job? And if someone thinks the person is to blame for a job done badly they shouldn’t be allowed to say that?”

Answer: Uh, I think you’re overlooking a key word in that quote: “attack them PERSONALLY”.  I’m sure it was a simple oversight on your part.

Specter177 writes: “If SGU is a success, the PTB will say “Hey, this Stargate thing is still bringing in money, lets go ahead with those movie plans…”

Answer: As I’ve been saying all along, the hold-up in the movies comes not from a lack of desire on anyone’s part.  It’s a result of several market factors that will hopefully see a turnaround in the coming months.

imadaman writes: “A question about Morgan Le Fay. Do you think she’s dead? Died with Adria?”

Answer: Like Oma Desala and Anubis, Morgan Le Fay and Adria are locked in perpetual combat, a timeless stalemate.

paceofnature writes: “I’m a long-time Christopher McDonald fan…”

Answer: We loved having him and he enjoyed being back.  Before leaving, he informed us that in addition to doing great hallucination work, he also did equally terrific flashbacks.

Jeff writes: “By the way Joe, one of my buddies texted me the other day after Pain aired, and said that Eli and James should hook up.”

Answer: Your friend’s name wouldn’t happen to be David Blue, would it?

Nekomajin writes: “Have the Blue hyperdrive or they use FTL, and can they travel between galaxies?”

Answer: Guess we’ll find out.

Nekomajin also writes: “And finally, is there going to be a Q&A with David Blue?”

Answer: He did one last year: And hopefully he’ll be by to do another one soon.

BoltBait writes: “I certainly wouldn’t want thousands of people critiquing my job every day. It would drive me insane. How do you cope?”

Answer: Hey, the way I see it, it’s when they stop talking about you that you should be worried. 🙂

94 thoughts on “May 17, 2010: If you are Carl – Do Not Read!

  1. I didn’t know you had a Ph.D. in Latin, and that you wrote a book about it too!

  2. Watching Castle (commercial break right now) and Mitch Pileggi is on it looking for a faux-spy named Stephen Caldwell. Hahahahahahaha! Too funny. Back to the show.

  3. The award for most stupid move in the game goes to Candice, hands down. With the game balanced between the villians and heroes, the heroes had the chance to tilt it in their favor with Sandra’s defection. Only to have Candice not only buckle to Russel’s pressure, but to rat out Sandra, forcing her to go back to her original tribe. Some justice served in that she met her fate shortly after, but in doing so she doomed the rest of the Heroes, unless they had managed to win every immunity challenge remaining.
    I’m beginning to love Russell. He plays well enough to knock off players and hang in the game, only to end up screwing himself over by antagonizing the jurors. Great tactician but needs work on his strategy. All in all a decent season of Survivor
    Thanks for the early post and nice mailbag. Here’s hoping it’s a sane week for everyone who hangs out around this blog.

  4. Hey Joe,
    Do you frequent Gateworld a lot? If so, I hope you have noticed the ‘SAVE BALDING ASIAN GUY’ thread. Any word on him?

    That was a great scene. I hope we are talking about the same thing. Best SG1 episode ever!

  5. hi, joe,

    the writers have made huge and (wonderfully to me) in-your-face ships for SGU, but with sam/jack, we still don’t know if they’re together… will this change in the future?

  6. Woo! Finally saw Iron Man 2!! LOVED it!! I think I might even like it better than the first. I know I laughed a lot – the dialogue was just so easy and natural I forgot I was watching a movie. Just lots of fun!!

    @ otros ojos – I really don’t watch hockey anymore. I was a HUGE Flyers fan back in the 70s…even went to then captain Bobby Clarke’s house and got his autograph – this guy:

    He was such a cutie when he was young, and when he had his teeth in. 😛 But I had to stop watching hockey. Not sure if it was the game, or just the Flyers, but I’d just get to wound up and nervous watching, so now I just wait for the scores on the evening news.

    @ pg15 – The fact that you want to take over Joe’s job and put Wraith peircings into the show disturbs me. It disturbs me greatly.



  7. “Like Oma Desala and Anubis, Morgan Le Fay and Adria are locked in perpetual combat, a timeless stalemate.”

    —oh, so they are like a married couple.

  8. Joe,

    :P~~ <- me salivating over amaretto-laced dark chocolate ice-cream, oooohhhhyummmyy! When are we invited to the the ice-cream party Das is having at your house?
    And I hope you mentioned to Paul what a great sport Alaina is, too – answering all those Q's in such short order!

    I'm afraid I ducked out of Survivor quite near the beginning, when every time you changed a channel you went crosseyed from too much reality tv – this is why I like Sci-Fi; it's realistic without "real" people to muck it up. Come to think of it, that's about when I gave up my tv altogether.

    Thank God for Netflix and HULU!

    Smiles, Julie

    @ matthew: Window of Opportunity is one of my fav SG1 eps!

  9. @cat4444 — I’ll be watching Castle when I get home, and the Pileggi/Caldwell information makes me look forward to it all the more!

    Joe, when it comes to finales — I watched the Brothers & Sisters finale yesterday…it was great! The final scene was put together beautifully.

    Also saw Supernatural, which I liked. The narrative for that worked well to me, but there were some story parts that I’m still trying work out in my head. Not that I didn’t get them, I’m just not sure what I thought about them.

    Looking forward to Castle, Smallville, SGU of course, and I’ve become quite fond of The Middle and Modern family, too. And Big Bang Theory, but honestly, I’m starting to lose interest in that (and How I Met Your Mother).

  10. Ah, Carl, I share your pain. At our house, SGU can only be watched when all three of us are home. Since I work Friday nights and GeekBoy has his Dungeons & Dragons night on Saturdays, it’s usually Sunday before we get to watch the eps. This week it was Monday, because we made GeekBoy go to his graduation ceremony last night instead of staying home to watch TV. Believe me, we ALL would have preferred to watch SGU. There were no airhorns in the room when we were watching SGU.

  11. @Jeff

    Hahahaha. No way. Me and a friend were discussing how cute of a couple Eli and James would make. This was a few hours before pain, but still…. Well I guess it’s up to the writers …cough please Mr. Mallozzi…cough to make it happen. :p

    Dangit. No kino scenes. Sucks so bad. Still at least it means more money sprang on cool stuff like new mexico location shoots. Could Ivon and some of the actors and writers and editors maybe voulenteer their time to produce some kino scenes just for fun. If everyone voulenteers the only cost would be the actual tape right?

    Lol probably unrealistic though. Just a nice thought.
    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  12. das: You actually met Bobby Clarke? I loved the Flyers back in the day. They were my favourite team, followed by the Canadiens. Although if it came down to a Canadian team and an American team, for national pride I had to root for the Canadian one.

  13. I hate Jason Momoa because he hates Wraith and kills them in cold blood, and he’s such a meanie and doesn’t say full sentences and wears animal skins and I’m a member of Peta and anyone who wears animal skins should be boycotted because an animal died so Jason could look cool in his outfit when he’s being mean and killing Wraith and Wraith are technically animals so that makes my Peta blood boil twice as hot…and…

    Don’t I sound CRA-ZEEEEEEE??!

    Bottom line: Attacking the actors makes you look like a psychotic lunatic. It’s not cool.

    (And for the record, I love Jason. Didn’t want any psychos out there thinking I was being serious. 😉 )


  14. The personal attacks and ridiculous statements people make regarding Stargate: (Anything) is the reason I avoid Gateworld. I don’t understand how people feel its acceptable to attack on a personal level or make snide remarks rather then attacking the substance.

    Nothing wrong with voicing opinions, however it leaves opinion at a certain point when you begin to resort to childish statements or attacks.

    If you have a issue, attack the substance of the issue, not the person, or even their view.

    On another note, I was flipping through the channels the other day and noticed Lou Diamond Phillips on “Iron Chef America”; judging food.. You came to mind, any plans to hop the border and partake in that?

  15. @ cat4444 – Yeah, met Bobby briefly at his house (at the time in Mt. Ephraim, on King’s Highway). He answered the door with his two oldest kids – Jody and Wade (the other two weren’t born yet). There was a puppy, too. He was very nice, gave me an autographed pic, and the rest is a blur! He was wearing a gray Flyers t-shirt with a v-shaped tear in it. That I DO remember!

    I also met a couple others – Barber? I think Barber, maybe someone else…and Bernie Parent. It’s hard for me to remember all the way back to the 70s. 😛 Bernie lived (lives?) down here. We met Bernie at a party, and mom was a little tipsy and went right up to him and asked if he had all of his teeth. 🙄


  16. @JulieAloha

    WOW! I just re-watched that episode for the first time in years and saw the book in the episode with Joseph Mallozzi’s name on it. I am surprised anyone knew what I was talking about, and I would have to agree that that was one of the best SG1 episodes.

  17. Dear Mr. Mallozzi & fans,

    I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that the greatest harm comes from the best intentions. While you all are trying to belittle and humiliate this group of proclaimed SGU-Haters, you are actually helping them to grow in number. These stabs at them are only serving to give them free publicity.

    That’s right, the more you talk about them in a negative light, the more that people will check out their site. It’s quite brilliant on their part. They don’t have to do a thing to increase visitors and more people are actually registering to their forums. And you know what’s worse? They understand this, so they are absolutely loving the attention. In this case it doesn’t matter if the attention is negative, it’s still attention. The more people bad mouth them in various blogs across the internet, the more excited they become.

    All this name calling and mudslinging on BOTH SIDES needs to stop. They are doing no one any good. A troll, not members from the site, stirred the pot by attacking a great actor and his sweet mother. The troll was doing what trolls do best. Now there’s so much name calling and trash talking happening on both sides, it needs to end now.

    No more calling people retarded or welfare trash. I’ll give you just a little warning, mental health organizations will go crazy if they hear that as will some A list celebs. You really don’t want to drag SGU through that. They got into an uproar over Family Guy for using the word, imagine if they found out celebs were calling certain fans that on twitter.

    Two wrongs do not make a right. There’s been bad things said on both sides. However, airing them for the world to see won’t make the site sound worse (they can’t get any worse), but it will drag SGU’s good name through the mud. If this war escalates any further a lot of people will be turned off of the sites and the show. SGU will become a casualty. That’s exactly what they want, so let’s not let them win.

    Our parents told us that if a bully is saying something mean about us, we should ignore it. They are only doing it to get a rise out of us. If they get it, it’ll continue.

    What if we ALL stop talking about the other site completely and ignore their comments? I believe then, it’ll only be a matter of time before they completely cease to exist.


    A tired fan

  18. So Joe, what is the story behind getting your name on a book called ‘Latin for the Novice’ by Joseph Mallozzi Ph.D in Window of Opportunity?

  19. @ matthew: it’s the ONLY ep I downloaded from iTunes – have it on my iPod so I can review at will whenever I need a giggle!

  20. Hi Joe, after a horrible day, it’s nice to come here and enjoy, so if I haven’t said it lately, thanks!

    @Das: PML at all your, uh, musings (?). You’re a trip, and you know I think the world of you 🙂 Just sayin’.

  21. Hey Joe,
    i just wanted to stop past again and say thanks for the brilliant work! What a season!!!! Cant wait to see the finale. One thing i have to say im impressed with is the fact that Chloe is starting to become her own person sort of like Teyla in S5 of SGA. James is also a great character! Oh, and another thing that i love love love is when sort of background characters come back like when Dr Brightman was on board Destiny briefly!! Wonderful!!!! Will we see anymore brief cameos from random stargate people in the future?
    Congratulations to you and the cast and crew!!!!!
    Keep it up!

  22. Just want people to know that Gateworld is NOT the site that people are talking about when they talk about the “hater site.”
    Just putting that out there.

  23. So Brian Jacob Smith said on Twitter that they’ve gone after his mother now.

    That is just dick.

  24. Hey,

    Just letting you know in case you care. I was almost ready to give up on SGU because I didn’t actually like any of the characters but then Amanda Perry was introduced in the episode Sabotage. She’s the first character on SGU that I`ve really really liked and I loved her interactions with Rush. I really hope you find a way to bring her back as a recurring character because I think she would make a great addition to the cast.

  25. @ Deni: Too Monday today? Come in, sit down and kick off your shoes – you don’t have to have another Monday for a whole week, I promise! 😉

  26. @wv0472

    The link you posted at 8:21pm doesn’t seem to be working. Got a 403 error message.

  27. You could bury all kinds of Carl Binder jabs inside Survivor Spoiler tags … if you were that kind of guy.

    This hater stuff, ahh, ignore it. It won’t go away. People who want attention will track down more opportunities for it, but then you ignore that, too. Am I supposed to have researched the haters’ positions and history of escalation thoroughly before making such a statement? Well, who’s gonna’ complain? Oh, haters? But I’m not listening, what do I care?

  28. Hi

    I know it’s been stated that SGU is not my favorite incarnation of the franchise. That being said? The dinosaurs were awesome. Between the ever watchable Robert Carlyle and the special effects I’ve kept watching. I hope that the show continues to surprise.

  29. Survivor: I loved the finale and loved that Sandra won. she is one of a kind person who does her own thing, her own way. Somebody asked her if she was going to change her strategy for this time. She said, “why would I? What I do works for me. I won.” as opposed to Russell cause what he does, doesn’t work…he lost two times and total failure by not even getting one vote. That should tell him something. You keep doing the same thing, you get the same results.

  30. “As I’ve been saying all along, the hold-up in the movies comes not from a lack of desire on anyone’s part. It’s a result of several market factors that will hopefully see a turnaround in the coming months.”

    Tearing down all the Atlantis sets to make room for more Universe sets has created a pretty big hold-up as well. That’s not a slam against Universe, merely a statement of fact. After all, what’s going to happen when you do finally get around to making the Atlantis movie? Tear down the new Universe sets and throw away the money that went into building them, and then spend even more money to rebuild the Atlantis sets, just to tear them down again for Universe or another movie? It sounds like you guys are simply digging yourselves deeper and deeper into the hole. That’s not going to help get the movies made.

    As for the actor bashing that’s been going on, I find it curious that you’ve been very quick to defend Jewel Staite and various members of the Universe cast, but you never gave the same consideration to Torri Higginson when she was being attacked by a segment of the fandom that viewed Weir as a threat to their character relationship of choice. I consider the bashing of any of the cast and crew reprehensible, but I find double standards just as reprehensible. Eireanne’s got it right. Stay out of the war and let it burn itself out.

  31. “Raynan writes: “I think you misunderstand the criticism there.”

    Answer: You misunderstood. I’m not taking issue with the criticism, merely the infantile way it’s being presented.”

    So, although that sentence was for cat4444, you’d admit to not having proven yourself a writer of well done drama yet? Humble!
    I’ll also take “Answer: Hey, the way I see it, it’s when they stop talking about you that you should be worried. :)” as an answer to my question of encouraging the fan disputes. So thanks for answering two :).

  32. The idea of spoilers for “reality” shows never fails to amuse me.

    I am very sorry to hear that there has been a rash of personal attacks not just against the actors but against their family. Please convey my apologies to the cast for the rude and completely uncalled for remarks. It truly upsets me as a fan to see others cannot be respectful even if they dislike aspects of a show. 🙁

  33. imadaman writes: “A question about Morgan Le Fay. Do you think she’s dead? Died with Adria?”

    Answer: Like Oma Desala and Anubis, Morgan Le Fay and Adria are locked in perpetual combat, a timeless stalemate.

    Ah, but Joe, you forget the Ori gain (most) of their power from their followers, and Adria being the only Ori, she engaged in this “Semi-Eternal” battle with Morgan after the AHG were “cleansed”, and after that, they “cleansed” the Milky Way from the Ori worshippers, which means she lost even more of her power.
    Am I right? 😕

  34. HI Joe-

    Did Elyse already do her Q&A?

    I haven’t been able to keep up with all of your blog entries on here though when I search for it I didn’t find it (maybe she hasn’t had a chance to answer yet (shrug)).

  35. i finally checked out this negative sgu site. I must say some of them are not helping the cause for the movies. I don’t want to get into details I’m not happy about the feud between the fans especially right now. We’ve got to stand together not being childish and starting up said website.

    anyways, I must agree that the paring of Eli and Lt. James would be splendid. Both characters seem kind of snubbed romantically, even if the relationship didn’t last long i think it would cool.

  36. Congratulations on the ratings!! I’ve seen some of the numbers, and while it’s not as high as I’d like them to be (but then, higher is always better), it’s good to see that they are at least levelling off a bit.

    As for finales, I’m looking forward to Incursion Part 2 of course! 😉

    Surprisingly, that’s NOT the only finale I’m looking forward to. I’ve become a fan of both Fringe and Supernature recently and I can’t wait to see their finales on the SPACE channel. It’s pretty Awesome – SPACE staggered them so it’s one finale per week for the next 4 weeks, in the order Supernature, Fringe, Lost, and SGU. Saving the best for last I see!

    Best of all, there will be special extra-long airings of SPACE’s “news show” InnerSpace after the finales, and I always love seeing those guys bantering about the scifi. SPACE really embraces its geekiness and that is great to see.

    Why doesn’t Syfy do that? 😛

    @ Das: Admit it. It doesn’t disturb you at all, and in fact you find it highly intriguing. 😉

  37. I am just watching the new kino webisode…

    Are they just improvised by the actors or do written scripts exist?

  38. “What’s with Carl Binder?”

    I have no idea what’s with Carl Binder. A pet monkey? 700 kilos of unpastuerized cheese? I’m betting on the cheese myself.

  39. Hello,

    I have one question about SGA. Carson was cloned by Michael, who obtained sample of his DNA during season 3 episode Misbegotten. Yes, cloning a person is easy. But this Carsons clone has all the memories and experiences of the original Carson. How is it possible?

    Michael would had to coppy his memories too. But he certainly didnt have access to this kind of tech during Misbegotten.
    He was prisoner in human camp, and could only use technology that was available there. And, there wasnt such technology there, as far as I know. Actually, unless I am mistaken, humans from Earth do not even have technology to coppy someones personality.

    So my question is, how did Michael coppied Carsons memories and personality?

    Thank you for your answer.

  40. HI,
    I always asking myself why all the haters still watch SGU if they think it´s so bad?! I tend to ignore things I don´t like and go on with my life. Why the heck wasting time with complaining on Gateworld, just to ruin the fun for other´s?

    Apropos other´s, what do you think of the final LOST season?

    And SGU related: Which actor/character do you find most difficult to write for. And which character´s are the most fun/easiest to write for?

    In case you need some inspiration for some alien planets on Universe, take a look at this site. 🙂
    Alien looking places on Earth:

    By the way, the “crystal” planet on the episode “Lost” was really cool!

  41. Coucou !! Me voila!!

    ça va bien? moi ça peu aller, j’ai fait des examens et d’après les médecins je souffre de rhumatisme -_-‘ oula à mon age, sa promet pour l’avenir, là j’ai un traitement anti inflammatoire.

    Merci pour ces Q/A 🙂

    Ofaite, j’ai prit un decision! Pour 2010 je viens à Vancouver!! Vous verrez bien..!

    Gros bisou!
    Je vous ♥

  42. Hi Joe!

    Loving reading your entries (just started reading them over the past week or so)! And yes Alaina is absolutely AMAZING! I am almost sad that she is a doctor on the ship given the predisposition to fatal occurances of SG docs (see Doc Frazier and Doc Beckett). And don’t want to see her succome to the same fate! 🙁

    Is there any chance that we will see an episode where we get TJ’s backstory. Either Pre or Post baby? All the cast are wonderful but Alaina has stood out at the top for me. You guys got a gem when you got her for the show! 🙂

  43. Mel, what do you have against Gateworld anyway? Can you not phrase anything in such a way that it doesn’t come accross as overly rude or something?

    At the end of the day, if you want to be a critic about anything, you really do need to phrase in such a way, it doesn’t cause arguements, meaning constructive points, lots of them, express how you feel in such a way that people don’t label you a hater, or an ass.

  44. I was going to reiterate what @Eireanne was saying, but on further reflection think that (if everyone’s collective stomachs can handle it) it’s great free advertising.

    Just as the article link on your blog convinced me to go see what the fuss was about at “that other website”, perhaps the internet buzz created by these adolescents will draw more viewers to see what all the fuss is about on the show.

    As for “the other website”, I checked it out and they have virtually no traffic compared to – I don’t know – a site that anyone reads? I wouldn’t really worry about it. Like most sites of this sort like www. fire(insert GM or coach of underachieving sports franchise).coms, their traffic may increase a bit for a while, but ultimately people will stop going there and the owners won’t renew the domain name when it comes up. Hatred has a definite shelf-life. People eventually tire themselves out.

    I’ve been liking SGU more as the season wears on as you predicted. I’ve been thinking about what I like and what I don’t like about the show quite a bit. I guess I look at it (in a simplified view) that SG1 and SGA were Action shows with a large dollop of humor, and some character moments. SGU appears to be a character driven show with occasional action and humor. What I would like to see (as a 43 yr old white collar professional with disposable income to spend on things advertised) is perhaps a shift to a bit more action and humor than currently provided. Not a fundamental shift mind you. Just a bit more of the stuff that caused some of us to fall in love with the franchise in the first place. For instance, I always wanted to see Jack and Sam get together, but basing an entire episode on it would have bored me to tears.

    Keep up the good work Joe! Don’t fret the idiots. They might actually help the show by bringing more awareness to it just for being stupid adolescents.

    P.S. – What is the goo the actors eat on set in the ship canteen? Is it vanilla pudding? Tapioca? Either ALL the actors are awesome, or it’s some pretty disgusting stuff.

  45. @ Deni – I had to google ‘PML’ – I thought you had some new premenstrual thing going on that I was unaware of…or…of which I was unaware. Whatever. Don’t want the grammar nazis coming down on me. 😉


  46. “Uh, I think you’re overlooking a key word in that quote: “attack them PERSONALLY”. I’m sure it was a simple oversight on your part.”

    No. If you think it makes a difference and is relevant then its a linguistic distinction I don’t understand (English not being my first langauge), and perhaps you should provide some visual aids (possibly a podcast) to explain the difference.

    If think soandso is a talentless actor (or whatever the job might be) , then I think that person is talentless – the person – not the character. And I don’t see a problem commenting on that.

  47. Russell is delusional and like Jeff Probst said he puts zero thought into the fact that everyone on the jury is there because of him. He couldn’t even answer the question probably because he couldn’t accept the fact that he lost. I think its great that he lost to a girl AGAIN given how much he belittles women. Probst should’ve provoked him on that one.

    Rupert… plain crazy there. The guy has this vacant borderline psychotic glaze where its like he’s imagining the person is kentucy fried chicken or something. Especially when he was voted off and stood there glaring at them.

    I felt Parvati should’ve won. Throughout the show she did well in the challenges and Russell made it easier burning all his bridges. She just had to sit back and let Russell piss everyone off.

    As for other finales, I’d recommend Spartacus Blood & Sand if you haven’t watched that one. Starts out seemingly like soft core porn with gore but the storyline actually gets pretty good while maintaining a healthy dose of T&A. Some males are perturbed by all the dongs hanging around my only thought on that is perhaps they’re getting excited and feel uncomfortable ?

    The Pacific, I just couldn’t get into this one. I watched 4 episodes and to sum them up. Marines spend 20 minutes shooting into the jungle while Japanese charge them, followed by 10 minutes of them sitting around dazed staring off into space. I don’t even like the characters. Pales in comparison to Band of Brothers.

  48. @ Narelle – But, see…if you go, that moves me up to your slot as second craziest person here, ’cause we all know that pg15 holds the #1 spot. I mean, he’s so crazy, he thinks I’m intrigued by his new obsession over Wraith piercings! I betcha he even tries to say that …*adjusts halo* …that I started it, that’s how crazy he is! Sheesh. 🙄


  49. I haven’t been sleeping at all, so I took a couple of my sleeping pills. I’ve gotten 14 hours of much needed bliss…………. Although I can’t say it was uninterrupted. (Note to Self: next time remember to unplug the damn phone). Someone made the mistake of calling me about an hour after I fell asleep. I answered and on the other end was Charlie Brown’s teacher mwaah waaah mwa survey waa mwaahh your investment advisor mwahh maa silence, so assuming it was my turn to speak. I said I’mmmmm sleeeeeping….wmaaha mwha tomorrow maa mwahhh click. So I assume they plan on calling back…. Yeah and I’ll be waiting by the phone. *sarcasm* So I’m now going to be up for the next 30 hours but it was soooo worth it.

    The amaretto dark chocolate ice cream sounds reeeeeally good. I would have expected that the blue cheese walnut one would have been more of a savory flavour rather than a sweet one. So that’s a bit of a surprise. Since you found it a tad sweet what about just plain walnuts and not the honeyed ones? Do you toast your nuts first, to bring out the flavour, or do you just use them raw?

    hmm idle hands… since you forgot your laptop today (yesterday), I bet you were a bit of a terror around work. What horror did you perpetrate on poor Ashleigh? Or was it just a villainous planning day? Or maybe you just took a really long lunch… I’ve always wondered if the food at craft services is good (I mean in general, not just at SGU) and what kind of food do they provide?

    @ Das – perhaps the wraith can pierce their tongues, (you know why people pierce their tongues right?) ……mmmm sweet dreams…..

    @ Otros Ojos – yeah, sometimes saying the first thing that comes to mind, may not be the wisest course of action, really funny (IMHO) but not wise. lol

    Have a good one!

  50. @ Montrealer

    Dang. It is a small picture of “Latin for the Novice” by Joseph Mallozzi Ph. D.

    Search for ‘Wacko!’ on YouTube and it is in the very first second.

  51. Wow, I hadn’t seen the anti-SGU site until now…the prevailing attitude there reminds me of this:

    (BTW, I’m loving SGU so far…thanks, Joe, for all your hard work!)

  52. Don’t know if you’ve seen the House season finale yet, but I loved it. It was pretty sweet.

    Also, got any sg1 or sga guest stars lined up for season 2 of sgu???? maybe a certain 3 star general?

  53. Ears perk up “soft core porn with gore” hmmmm What did you say the name of that show was again?

    I also see that my blatant attempt at distraction didn’t work….sigh………. I hate it when mommy and daddy fight *curls into fetal position*

    By the way who was the first person to suss out the title/author on that latin book. It is positively microscopic…kudos to whoever it was.


  54. Yes, anything with dark chocolate is good! What is your next flavor?

    The season finale of “Castle” came on last night, somewhere. Our satellite went out on that channel for that hour. I’ll try and catch it in reruns.

    PG15: We are getting into “Fringe” now as a family. My son found the first season on sale for $10.00! I don’t think we will be that lucky for the second season collection. Oddly I hear the theme song playing all through the week at our house. Son learned to play it on the piano 😉 . Everytime I hear that song, I think of him.

    Congrats on the ratings going up on SGU! I’m hoping for a season 3! I’m staying out of the fight!

  55. While I am not a great fan of the new Stargate incarnation mainly because I feel there is too much of a soap opera feel to it I whole heartedly agree that personal attacks against the cast & crew is totally unwaranted. Personally attacking somone for doing the job they are hired to is childish & downright idiotic. In my opinion the whole cast & production team of SGU are a very talented professional group of people & though I do not have the same love for the SGU series as I did for SG1 & SGA I have nothing but respect for the SGU team.


  56. @vvv0472: The book in “Window…” is a just-for-fun fake. Joe’s degree(s?) is in English Lit, as I recall.

    Joe, I hear a little but deep voice in my head drawling, “Give the math genius the love life that you forgot to give George.”

  57. Kymm wrote: “perhaps the wraith can pierce their tongues, (you know why people pierce their tongues right?)…”

    Uh…So they can talk like Mushmouth from Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids??


  58. How dare people insult Carl Binder?! He wrote Michael, Conversion, Runner, Critical Mass; those are eps that I could watch again and again, plus he has a penchant for rather spicy scenes involving ropes and restraints that certainly matches his surname and that have made for the hottest fan vids on Youtube.

    Carl’s twistedly sexy villains, intense fight scenes and the most vexing conundrums are the stuff that makes me come back to the Stargate world again and again.

  59. Okay, so I got a little carried away; Carl didn’t write all the eps I mentioned but he wrote on Michael for sure and that was a rockin’ ep.

  60. @ Das

    Sits up straight, scrapes long hair back into a tight bun, pushes a pencil through the bun, perches black rimmed reading glasses onto the tip of her nose and in her best Dr. Ruth Westheimer voice says……..

    Nice try Das I am so not falling for it again. *chortles gleefully* (ya askin’ all innocent, I’m on to you now. Nice halo, just a tad crooked!!)

    Second Blatant Attempt at Distraction….. Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Card Archive…

    Do NOT make me break out Kymm’s folder of the Funny/Cute, or the day will be rued. Rued I tells ya. *shakes fist*


  61. @DENI, better days ahead, ya know i love ya…always!! Thanks for the B/D message!! @JOE, I want you to send me a B/D joke today, ok?yes,today!! Sheryl.

  62. @Das: Oh, you funny, funny girl 🙂 So, did you find out what PML is? I like my daughter’s stuff when we’re “IMing”, or “aye-emming” (?) on Skype and she’s at work. I’ll get “BOS”, so right away figure her boss is there. Who knew it stood for “boss over shoulder”? Then, there’s IOS (idiot over shoulder) and MOS (moron over shoulder) and NBOS (nasty bitch over shoulder). No wonder she’s quit this job! Anyway, I learn these things from my kids. Otherwise, I’d have no clue 🙂

    Hi Joe! No, really, we do remember it’s your blog…

  63. Joe, please give Carl a hug for us, well maybe Ashleigh should do it,, I hope he is ignoring that site as well, sorry I went to it and read it, crap. But the site Airlockalpha article was good. I wonder, not really, but could these attackers, people with opinions, that don’t agree with mine, do a better job than those that actually have the jobs, writing, acting,, etc, well methinks not or perhaps they would be in that position and would be equally as frustrated trying to understand it all as I am.
    -I never really got into survivor so have no opinion. but thanks for continuing to blog about it all, coz I really enjoy reading all your thoughts.
    -Hmmm Rush never thought about the hair or the beard, they are the Bobby Carlyle so it is all good. I hope Eli gets a new shirt for his bd, I am sure by now they have figured out how to do laundry, since they can shower, maybe it works for clothes as well,,shower in their clothes?? minor details. Looking forward to Friday. Do you all know what time slot on Tuesdays yet?

  64. Playing catch up here again, wow Alaina was quick with that Q& A. What a sweet girl and a talented actress. That must be so cool to be able to turn characters on and off, and get paid for it.

    I often thought that it would be cool to be someone else for a few minutes then go one being myself again, could I really pull it off? Then I wonder would I be able to solve some of my own problems,possibly by being/seeing thru the eyes of someone else, a form of therapy,acting is an art form and thus it could be used as art therapy.

    hmmm i must ponder.

  65. Joe I have been rating the episodes of Stargate to make an all-time favorite Stargate writers list. Anyways more on that later this week, but can you ask around and see what happened to Katharyn Powers? Maybe bring her back for an SGU episode? She did some great SG-1 episodes.

  66. Don’t watch Survivor anymore, not since season 3.

    Saw House’s finale last night. Good, but, I thought it would be better….like maybe he got stuck under all that cement or something. So was his moment with Cutty real, or was it memorex?? Also…..looking eagerly to the finale of 24. I’ve watched since 101 and….most episodes are predictable but it’s still just so darn entertaining and nailbiting. They better not kill off Jack that’s all I gotta say! And then there’s Fringe. Love alternate reality stories. Which one will Peter stay in? Olivia looks great with red hair. John Noble should get an Emmy. Oh yeah, and who can forget Idol? Most everyone, right? But I did watch this year, most likely my last. 3 out of the 4 that I wanted to be in the final since Hollywood week are there so I did good. At this point any one of those could win and I’d be happy. I was rooting for Crystal but now I’m leaning toward Lee. He is just so awesome, and adorable.

    I watch waaaay too much TV :p

  67. @dasNdanger

    “Didn’t want any psychos out there thinking I was being serious.”

    So you don’t love the wraith? After all only psychos could love the wraith 😉


    “So Brian Jacob Smith said on Twitter that they’ve gone after his mother now. That is just dick. ”

    Dick who? Cheney? 😉

    Perhaps its karma.

    Smiths mother is a blogger – and in the blog she compared people who don’t like SGU to the no good people who abuse welfare.
    She also contacted Gateworld to hear why they didn’t do something about the negative SGU comments. (And going by her swearing on twitter (“…sites like Gateworld keep stirring shit.”) she’s not that frail *g* )

    If one knows this, is it really surprising some people felt like commenting back?

  68. Been reading a lot about the recent episodes lately and finally had to put in my .2c

    It sickens my heart to hear when those that don’t like a particular episode(s), character(s) or even the cast member(s) make personal attacks on the show, characters or cast. Makes me want to cry, knowing that there are many of us who absolutely love the show and the cast and characters. Sure I may not love every character, or every episode or scene. But each episode is a piece of art. And yes we are all entitled to like or dislike a piece of art. But who am I to say when art is not art?

    There have been many scenes that I wasn’t fond of. And even episodes that didn’t rank top on my list. “Pain” was a brilliant episode just like the rest but wasn’t my favorite. However Alaina Huffmans performance definately made me like the episode that much more. In fact all the cast are doing a fanominal job.

    As for the cast of SGU, I could never make any negative judgement on them as I have never met them. With the exception of Alaina, who has tweeted me a few times on twitter, and has always been amazing to me. So I can say she is wonderful! And unless I meet any of them personally and they do anything negative, then I prefer to say that they are all great until proven otherwise.

  69. Hi Joe,

    My son was so routing for Russel, I was so glad he didn’t get a single vote! Other final ep’s looking forward too….. Can’t wait for Lost and 24. Don’t know if your a fan, but this season SUPERNATURAL was awesome!.

    Even though I eagerly await my favorite show (that’s on air currently) SGU, I’m not looking forward to the final episode. It means another long wait between fresh SG shows! Didn’t we just finish a loooooong wait?

    I do have an SGU question, The ancients built Destiny, then set her off on her way……. Then they what? Forgot about it? Even given the many many generations after the Destiny launched and the race ascended, nobody got curious? Even after they ascended they poked their noses in SG1’s business, nobody ever thought to say “Oh yeah, we sent a ship out some time ago, wonder what ever happened to it? DOH!!”

    Or is there a possibility of some ancient overlooking the whole experiment still????? Hmmm… (They do poke around a bit still i.e. Oma and Morgan)

    Thanks as always for listening (or reading I guess) Joe!

    P.S. Tell Carl that PAIN was fantastic!!

  70. @ Das: And I’m proud of being #1! 😛

    Hey, you know what’s Awesome? Wraith piercings.

    @ Tammy: Then you’re lucky! Fringe’s opening tune is Awesome; I’d love to hear it over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. 😀

    @ Shadow Step: Then I guess you don’t understand. Actually, there are 2 keywords there: “attack” and “personally”. There should be no reason to attack someone whom you’ve never interacted with one-on-one. However, if you do find it impossible to criticize without being a jerk about it, then “talentless” is a “valid” critique. It’s not a personal attack as far as I know.

    A personal attack would be “He should go fuck himself.” or “His mom’s fat.” You know, shit like that.

  71. You know, I tell myself I don’t like SGU as much as the other shows, but danged if I don’t think about it a LOT more, and insist on watching it as close to broadcast as possible. That didn’t happen with Atlantis, which might have stacked 5 deep on my TiVo before viewing. So SGU, while maybe not as “enjoyable” to me, is VERY compelling. I’ll keep watching.

    Regarding Survivor. Sandra might have won, but I did not find her entertaining at all. At the start of season, the only player I actively rooted against was Sandra. I was cheering for Parvati, Russell or Coach from day One. Oh well. I hope they bring Russell back for the next all-star game. Maybe he can still do his Jedi mind-trick, but play more low-key (like Colby and James did this time).

    Also, I did vote online that Erik giving his idol a few seasons back was THE stupidest move. JT’s move this season made sense in context. Erik’s move had me asking “have you ever SEEN Survivor, Erik?”

  72. Yo!

    Loved Pain, but it did make me wonder how much time had passed for the characters while they crossed the void between galaxies. Do you have a rough estimate of how long that lasted?

  73. @ Shadow Step – Methinks PoorOldEdgarDerby meant to say ‘sick’.

    Oh, and I’m ALWAYS serious about the Wraith. I don’t even mind being considered a psycho because of it, ’cause – afterall – I’ll always be second to pg15. 😉

    @ pg15 – Ya know, I wouldn’t want you any other way. 🙂 However, I would suggest you wash your mouth out with soap…you’re starting to sound like Carl (well…like Joe’s ‘impersonation’ of Carl). 😉


  74. I like your take on Survivor, Joe. I agree about Sandra winning, and I kind of figured she would a number of weeks ago. She was playing the game just like she did last time – always going with the flow and ready to jettison anyone she was allied with if it meant staying in the game one more week. I always tell people at work that complain that (in this case) Russell “deserved” it. In reality TV, whoever WINS deserves it. There is no moral implication to someone winning or losing. And Russell blew it. Twice. (Hahaha!)

    For JulieAloha, as promised, my video of the Atlantis launch. It’s short because I wanted to watch it more than film it. Also, the camera shaking MAY be a result of my hyper-excitement at the launch, but I won’t confirm that!! 🙂 I will say that the experience was absolutely incredible. I stopped the video before the actual sound hit us, which was thunderous. I call it Atlantis: “Rising” 😉

    As far as the haters go, I do indeed dislike giving them any heed, but I will say that unless you have experience in the field about which you are commenting and can express a cogent reason why something is “bad”, then you’re probably not qualified to make judgment. Or, more succinctly, STFU.

  75. @ Joe “Answer: Your friend’s name wouldn’t happen to be David Blue, would it?”

    Joe owes me a new keyboard. This one didn’t like the Diet RC shower it got after reading that reply.

  76. @pg15

    “Then I guess you don’t understand. ”

    Indeed – hence my original “as I understand it” an invitation to explain it to me, not being bitchy, ironic or condescending – but of course that is easier – ironic really.

    “Actually, there are 2 keywords there: “attack” ”

    Which is semantics, one mans ‘attack’ is another mans fair comment. Like here:

    “There should be no reason to attack someone whom you’ve never interacted with one-on-one. However, if you do find it impossible to criticize without being a jerk”

    I’m assuming you mean “jerk” is fair comment and not you being a hypocrite.

    “… then “talentless” is a “valid” critique.”

    Given as your position as arbiter of what is allowed in life, could you then explain how one could express that of view in a way that would make it valid to you? Or are there entire schools of thought which you would like to suppress?

  77. @Joe: I must have the recipe for this amaretto-laced chocolate ice cream. I go wacko for amaretto.

    I missed all the controversy this weekend with gearing up for yet the…how many hours have I been at this…with the school district? About 10 more days of school and no plan has been presented yet for summer school. This does not bode well for my kiddo. Can we say “filing complaints” will fill my summer?

    As for the “R” word, being an advocate in the disabilities community, it has become the new rally cry with pending laws to go with them here in the States. It’s the new “N” word. The new politically correct term is intellectual disabilities. However, given the fact that my son fits into the “intellectual disabilities” column, I am not offended when someone describes him as having mental retardation. The word “retard” has become part of vocabulary. It does hurt many people to hear that, because in most instances it comes from a stance of bullying and trying to be hurtful. I did not take offense whatsoever to Brian’s remarks. I understood it in the context it was meant. But some of friends would see things differently.


    Carl is wonderfully wicked. He turned “Life” upside down basically for everyone. The pacing was fantastic. I liked it bouncing around although it made it hard for a recap kind of review on the site I usually do my reviewing. The opening scene –Two thumbs up. Gotta love the limbic system. It’s also responsible for emotion, memory, motivation, hunger, sex, aggression, depression, stress, hallucinations, flashbacks and posttraumatic stress disorder. What I like is that the intentions of all our characters are feelings that are already in their psyche, but the venom in the limbic system just amplified it. So when Greer was going to kill Wray, on some level of his psyche, he is willing to do that; same with James.

    Greer was a recipe of someone who amped up on meth, steroids and paranoia. Can I bring him to my next school meeting? LOL. It’s on Tuesday of next week.

    Loved both choices of songs. I loved how Destiny came out of FTL at a particular place in the ending song. It was like a wormhole opening actually.

    In case many of you don’t know, Julia Benson and Patrick Gilmore were nominated for a Leo Award for this episode for their supporting roles; Brad Rines nominated for his editing.

    The regret and shame that James felt for what she had done; the posttraumatic stress moments for Rush; the remorse of Chloe about her father, not wanting to let the hallucination end because it would bring pain to her to have to say good-bye, but perhaps it also gave her a chance to say things left unsaid when he originally died. I would love to know where Volker’s claustrophobia comes from. I was surprised that would not have been Greer’s hallucination especially since he was recently buried alive. Guess his hatred about the coup overwhelmed that feeling. I wondered if the doors not opening for Volker had been symbolic for the doors he feels have closed in his life, being a brilliant astrophysicist outshined by an MIT drop-out (Eli). Enjoyed how supportive Eli was to Chloe and this genuineness (is that a word) his character exudes in the dynamic between the two. Also liked the moment between Young and TJ, where he has a moment where he is worried about their her and the baby’s health and well-being. I think TJ enjoyed that, too. Airman Dunning and the snakes: Maybe a little too much time in G’ouald territory? The pain on Scott’s face when he sees his son. Gotta love this character–he feels like he has abandoned his child, yet to be fair, he only just recently found out he was a father.

    Riley sort of reminds me of Eeyore with how he is delivering lines. Priceless: “Just remember the bug spray.” He seems to have taken this depressing tone more so since he woke up from his coma. Sometimes head injuries can affect behavior permanently, you know.

    Chloe saying goodbye to her dad tore my heart out.

    I like how Young tries to keep a positive attitude at the end that they’re luck has to change soon, but instead of being a case of foreshadowing, I think it was more of a case of irony. Just don’t see how things are going to get better for them.

    MY ONLY WISH ON MY WISH LIST? You could have brought Josh Blacker back to be a hallucination of someone’s nightmare. We could have gotten to see a fan favorite. I suppose though, that might have been Franklin’s hallucination (before sitting in the chair) since Sgt. Spencer was always bullying him because of his weight.

    One of my favorites (okay, I know I say that about every episode now).

  78. Amaretto-laced dark chocolate sounds wonderful. I’ve found that chocolate-laced Amaretto is also delish. A really good vanilla ice cream rounds it all out, if you’re in the mood for ice cream.

    das – That’s a nifty pic of Bobby Clarke, who I can now add to my list of hockey greats whose names I recognize. (In my family, football was the going thing, but hockey hooked me.) I also liked your account of meeting Mr. Clarke – he sounds like a cool guy. – Thanks for the link to the photo. 😀

  79. @ gforce re: this…
    “unless you have experience in the field about which you are commenting and can express a cogent reason why something is “bad”, then you’re probably not qualified to make judgment”

    Although I see no point in the extremely negative dialogue that many people choose to contribute, I have to disagree with that statement completely.

    You don’t have to be a pianist to know if somebody missed a note in a recital, and therefore anybody who notices is “qualified” to judge that particular performance as “bad” compared with one in which the musician played without missing a note (all other things about the performances being equal).

    What I find a bit odd is that people are so quick to say “so-and-so is a terrible actor” when there are at least 5 people fairly directly responsible for what we see an actor do on-screen (actor, director, DP, writer and editor), so to just blame the actor for what somebody considers a bad performance, or to just praise the actor for a good one is, imho, a bit unfair all-around.

    I’ve seen actors who were great in a particular performance and who I thought were pretty lousy in others. Making films & TV is an extremely collaborative process and lots of people are responsible for lots of things.

    Ultimately it’s a bit pointless arguing about some of this stuff. Some people seem to simply enjoy being negative and making other people feel bad, for whatever reason.

  80. Das: my mom used to “comet” my mouth out. Soap was too wusy for her. That is called called abuse now, though, right? 😀 .

    Pg15: I do love the theme from “Fringe”. Do you play piano? I could ask son for the music.

    Narelle: if your not any better today, make a dr.s appointment!

  81. @dasndanger

    @ Shadow Step – Methinks PoorOldEdgarDerby meant to say ‘sick’.

    Ah yes, sounds probable 🙂

    “I don’t even mind being considered a psycho because of it”

    Well, I don’t really think you are a psyhco das 😉 (Not that I can know for sure 😉

  82. Das: 😳 just got back from karate class (tired). I meant it’s called child abuse. Thanks for clearing up the dick/sick thing, too 😀 .
    I’m staying out of this fight. As we say in the South, “I ain’t got no dog in that hunt”.

  83. @dasNdanger
    I agree with you completely about Iron Man 2. My friend and I rewatched the original the night before hitting the cinema so it was fresh in our minds, and basically I think they amped everything up to 11 😀
    I want one.

    re “Answer: Your friend’s name wouldn’t happen to be David Blue, would it?” Oh the hilarity! How long did it take you to come up with that answer, Joe?
    I could get behind that paring myself. But would we call it VanEli, or WallJames or what?

  84. Kymmyeah, sometimes saying the first thing that comes to mind, may not be the wisest course of action, really funny (IMHO) but not wise. lol

    Point well taken. . . I had a good laugh over it, and will settle for that. The thought is almost enough to make me want to get my tongue pierced, however. Something-something “Persuasion.” *w*

    Glad to hear you got your much-needed 14 hours of sleep, despite Charlie Brown’s b — oops, teacher — disrupting your peace with talk of investment advising. (Not knocking the service provided, but geez, can’t people just send a personal note with their contact info?)

    LMAO over Chuck Lorre’s Vanity Card. . . .

  85. @ Otros Ojos – It was actually a telemarketer and since I am on the National Do Not Call List. It is, in fact, illegal for them to be calling me. Hence my crankiness for being woken up.….
    I’m sure your significant other would appreciate the tongue piercing, however, you should be trying to sell them on the idea of getting one *giggle*

    Hmmm I just reread the Mailbag and my don’t I feel…..silly!!

    Oh well, c’est la vie, off to make a bite of supper.


  86. If it was a full stale-mate when Adria lost her priors in the Ori Galaxy, wouldn’t the loss of the smaller amounts of power she was getting from the MWG and it’s priors, worshippers tip the balanace. It might be millenia before she is defeated but it shouldn’t be forever, unlike Oma and Anubis.

    Anyway, my question has to d with Ms Graur and the Ancient women she played. Is it supposed to be the same person left behind in Atlantis as found in ‘Frozen’?

  87. Well…. all very interesting as I’m just catching up after having a week with my mummy and finishing off assignments and stuff for uni.

    I’m very much looking forward to seeing the second half of S1! Sounds like it really takes off.

    Is there ever going to be a ‘get in the gate’ comp for those of us who don’t live in the US?

  88. Universe for me is Good, Just Good, not superb or brilliant, just good. I watch it every week.

    I am a fan of quality Science Fiction, SG1 and Atlantis for me falls into that category.

    I watched the battle-star Galactica, mini series, which was good.
    The Following series, I gave up watching after a few episodes.
    It went down the route of too much drama and pushed the sci fi element to one side.
    BSG has a fan base, I accept that.

    But Stargate Fan base is twice or may be four times bigger than BSG’s.

    Millions agree that B.S.G ended up being C.R.A.P.

    You do not need to appeal to those fans.
    Stargate has a bigger enough fan base to out run B.S.G any day.

    Universe has a second season, you got a chance to turn down the heavy drama of it all, that puts a lot of people off.

    I am re-watching SG1 and Atlantis and I have to say it is most possibly the best Science Fiction we have had in decades.
    Its high quality, Its Science its very best.

    Universe can get better, a lot better.

    Stargate is miles better that BSG, you do not need to adapt BSG Format into Stargate.

    The original Concept is the best concept, I agree with updating and and keeping it fresh.
    But adding too much drama is a mistake.

    People watch Stargate for quality science fiction not a hour long Drama vest, any one can turn on to a soap opera for that.

    I am sure a whole lot of people will agree with me…

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