Stargate: Universe, Water (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

As I always do, I forwarded the fan/reader questions with the understanding that work and other commitments would probably prevent a quick turnaround. “Here are the questions,”went my standard accompanying message.  “Feel free to pick and choose among them, then send them back my way whenever you’re done.  No rush and no deadline.”  The next day, I received the following missive from actress Alaina Huffman: “I have a bunch answered, gonna take a break but didn’t want to lose any so am passing on what I have answered and will get the rest tomorrow night!”  She’d already answered half the questions! I marveled over the quick turnaround.  Her response: “Moms.  We multi-task ;)”.  Oh, yeah.  I forgot.  This was the woman who twitters through the birth of her last child.

Anyway, what can I say about Alaina?  Well, the word “awesome” comes to mind.  Awesome in her onscreen ability to convey immense strength and depth of character in something as simple as a single line or look.  Awesome in her relaxed and upbeat off-screen attitude that instantly puts everyone around her at ease.  Just all-around awesome.

Over to Alaina and her smilerific (this has gotta be a record!) Q&A…

Stargate: Universe, Water (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)

Arlan writes: “Questions for Alaina Huffmans: How does it feel having your real-life pregnancy written into your character?

AH: I am thankful that they found a great way to tell the story and that they were so cool about the whole pregnancy thing 🙂

“Was it a relief that you wouldn’t have to spend episodes wearing baggy clothing, standing behind something, or sitting down in order to cover your baby bump?”

AH: I actually did do some standing behind things or holding props high 🙂 TJ wasn’t quite as far along as I was in my pregnancy.  It is what it is… you make the best of it.

“Also, how do you  juggle having a newborn with your busy SGU shooting schedule?”

AH: I have three amazing kids, who I actually get to spend a lot of time with. The baby comes to work with me and the bigger kids are at school and come to work after school, either my husband or brother-in-law brings them. but I also get to pick them up and drop them off quite a bit. I have a wonderful schedule.

“Thanks, and keep up the great work!”

AH: Thanks 🙂

Sky writes: “Hi Ms. Huffman, I was wondering how did u tell the Producers that u were pregnant and how did they react to the news?”

AH: LOL… that’s a funny story 😉 I called them into my trailer and explained the them that I wasn’t feeling myself over the weekend, I felt like I was coming down with something… Rob (Cooper) got a big smile on his face, and said “Congratulations” he knew 🙂 they were wonderful about it all.

Me writes: “I love the work Alaina has done in Painkiller Jane, Smallville, and now SG-U. My questions for Alaina are: 1) Is it tough being a Goddess?”

AH: GREAT QUESTION 🙂 Thanks… I will ask one when I meet one 🙂

“2) Will you be appearing in season 10 of Smallville as the Canary?”

AH: I really hope so, I love working on that show and it also shoots in Vancouver so it just may work out 🙂 That being said I love my job on SGU and it keeps me pretty busy.

MyNameIsNada writes: “1) Considering Stargate’s past treatment of doctor’s in the franchise, is any part of you worried about your character’s possible demise?”

AH: No 🙂

“2) Do we see the baby born in this season?”

AH: You have to watch… just a few more episodes till the end 🙂

“3) Help me interpret some of these scenes between TJ and Young. I definitely picked up on some tension between the two characters early on, before a past relationship was directly revealed. However, I’m having a hard time grasping the depth of this relationship. I like both characters and want to imagine that this past came about from some emotional need, but I also get the feeling that it was just a purely physical attraction that went too far. Any hints to their past or what you imagine it to be?”

AH: I think that they have something more than just physical. It did go too far, they both made a mistake and can’t take it back but I believe that they have something in each other that was missing… That being said, I think it’s over between them but they have a mutual respect and do deeply care about each other.

“4) If you were in TJ’s shoes-would you have chosen to stay on the planet to raise a child over Destiny?”

AH: Hard to say, it’s such a leap of “Faith” to want to stay. I am good with change, and can roll with most anything but I am not sure living on another planet would be a choice of mine 🙂 Glad I don’t have to make that decision 🙂

Stargate: Universe, Water (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Televsion).

E writes: “First of all, you have been absolutely brilliant with TJ’s pregnancy storyline. I really feel for the character.  What aspect of your character do you like the most?”

AH: Thanks 🙂 I love the fullness of the Character. I love that she is allowed to be unsure yet still possesses strength. I have learned a lot from her in my personal life, how to be strong and can take charge yet ask for help and be ok with the fact that you don’t have all the answers!

“How similar are you and TJ?”

AH: Like I said I have learned a lot from her but I don’t think we are very similar.

“What’s your favourite episode in S1 and why?”

AH: I loved the episode “Time” cause it was amazing 😉

Simon writes: “Questions for Alaina Huffman: 1) Are you more recognised by fans since you joined SG?”

AH: Yes, I get stopped at the airport now 🙂 LOL… weird 🙂

“2) Did you ever think you’d end up doing Sci-Fi or was that always the type of genre you would have prefered?”

AH: No never thought about it. I wasn’t a Sci Fi fan before all the Sci Fi work I have done so I wasn’t even aware of the possibility.

Sean D. writes: “Two questions for Alaina: 1. What was one of the most heart-felt moments for you with the rest of the cast and crew during SGU’s first season?”

AH: We are such a tight group. We really enjoy each others company and truly support each other, it could be showing up to someones birthday, or attending someone’s play, seeing movies together or hanging out in each others trailers. It’s a lovely experience 🙂

“2. What was one of the funniest moments for you and the rest of the cast and crew during SGU’s first season?”

AH: Louis Ferreira with a fart machine… nuf said 🙂

“Thank you for your response!”

AH: Welcome!

JperW writes: “Questions for AH: 1. What do you think was TJ’s (one of the) most defining moment on the show.”

AH: I feel like her making the sacrifice when leaving the planet in “Faith” shows her depth, her commitment to serving others and it speaks to the strength of her character.

“2. What was your favorite TJ moment?”

AH: I love the little moments, the intimate moments that just kind of slip out.  Good and bad. Cute and funny. Vulnerable and strong.

“3. Could you give us some more insight in the whole TJ/Young relationship? What do you think happened in the past between them, besides the info we saw in the episodes so far?”

AH: see above 🙂

“4. There has been a lot of speculation about your character, TJ, losing the baby. What do you think? How will she react?”

AH: Have to watch 🙂

“5. Are you and TJ alike? Or are is TJ a completely different person to play for you?

AH: See above

“6. Why did you take this role? What stood out for you? And how did you get it?”

AH: Like most jobs that come along, it’s a process of auditions, negotiations etc. I loved TJ right away and am glad we were able to close the deal.

“7. How did Joe get you to do this Q&A?”

AH: Hahaha… he is tricky :)… He… Asked 🙂

“8. What’s your favorite stargate episode (in general)?”

AH: I loved “Time”

“What’s your favorite food/meal?”

AH: Yummm I LOVE lebanese food… then Indian… Ethiopian…I could go on and on… I think I am hungry 🙂

“Do you read this blog from time to time?”

AH: I do

“What’s your experience with fans and their reactions?”

AH: So far everything has been positive, I am attending my first convention, aside from Comicon, so I am looking forward to connecting with the fans more and getting to know them.

Stargate: Universe, Space (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)

Matthew RD writes: “First, I’d like to say, love you as T.J., one of my favourite characters IMHO”

AH: Thanks so much!

“1) I am just wondering; how hard it was to work while you were pregnant? Where the crew easy (or easier) on you?”

AH: I am really lucky. I have amazing pregnancies so it was fine. The whole experience was WONDERFUL… from the cast to the crew, producers, studio and network. I could not have been any better off.

“2) How do you react from fan criticism of the show? Do you think they were fair? Harsh? Both?”

AH: What’s that? 🙂 no really… if you want to listen to the good than you have to listen to the bad, and everyone is entitled to their opinion.   🙂

Paddy writes: “Random questions For Alaina Huffman: YES its a wonderful family, the SG one i mean, but are there any really good friends you’ve made from joning SGU had you previously worked with any before you were cast as T.J?

AH: Anyone from our show? sorry I am a little confused so I am going to answer what I think your question is 🙂  I have never worked with anyone from our show before but we have all become fast friends. As for SG1 yes they are wonderful as well and it’s fun when we get to have them on our show.

“Whats  it like working with THE MR ROBERT CARLYLE had you ever seen any of his other movies and what was it like meeting him for the first time…?”

AH: Yes I have seen his movies. He is a wonderful actor and a pleasure to work with. I just think the world of him and am thankful to call him my friend. As for the first time we met, he was at the screen test… That was nerve wracking 🙂

“On working on Smallville, was it fun to between the two?”

AH: I do love working on Smallville, it’s a great environment to work in.

“Tom Welling looks huge, tall, huge!! When in scenes with others… ne one on the Destiny Set taller???”

AH: No… he is huge and tall and so is Justin, but nobody on SGU is quite that tall.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “First of all, congratulations on your most recent child (although it’s been almost 6 months now)! How does your real-life pregnancy informs how you’re playing TJ, who (as far as we can tell) has never been pregnant before?”

AH: Thank you… I think it was fine playing like TJ was pregnant for the first time. I remember my first pregnancy and can relate… though I wasn’t stuck on a space ship 🙂

“Also, I’m assuming you have very little background in medicine (please correct me if I’m wrong). What sort of work have you been doing to get into the head of a medic?”

AH: I have a technical advisor on set that helps me do things properly, and my mom is a nurse so I can always bounce things off of her.

“Finally, slightly off-topic from SGU, did you do any particular preparation to play Black Canary on Smallville, such as researching the character’s history? Or,  given that this was an entirely new incarnation of the character, did you approach it without reading up on her, so as not to influence your performance?”

AH: I did read up quite a bit on BC… I totally fell in love with her. Smallville made her their own but the history is the same as far as I am concerned so I play her the way I see her both from the scripts provided and from my knowledge of the character.

Stargate: Universe, Justice (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

JIona78 writes: “My questions for Alaina: 1. Have the writers given you a backstory for TJ and Yong or do you sort of have to make one up in your own mind? If so any clues as to what it would be like?”

AH: See above.

“2. I’m going to assume there is going to be some kind of drama surrounding TJ’s pregnancy/baby at some point so in light of that, was it strange/emotional/disturbing having to portray a characters emotions/reactions to something that is obviously very close to your own heart?”

AH: Yes and No, because even though I was pregnant, my journey is totally different than TJ’s. For one… I am not suck in space 🙂 But I am married, Had two kids already etc. And I will be happy to answer the rest when we find out what happens 🙂

“3. How would characterise TJ and Youngs relationship at the moment?”

AH: I think they really care about each other, but I think it’s over. I think TJ needs to move on and make a life for herself but I do believe that there will always be a connection between the two of them.

Lisa R. writes: “Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. Here is mine. How did you like filming when you were pregnant? Did you film any of your stunt scenes, or was some of that left to a stuntwoman? I am thinking specifically of when you were “thrown” across the room in Sabotage.”

AH: Sure thing 🙂 I am very lucky, I have amazing pregnancies and not much bothers me. I just get a big belly then have the baby so filming was easy. In sabotage I did have a stunt double for safety but in some of the angles I initiated the move to the point I felt comfortable and in control.

Tammy  Dixon writes: “Where did you meet your hubby?

AH: LOL, in a night club in Dallas 🙂

“How does he feel about your acting career?”

AH: He is very supportive.  In fact, he owns his own company and works from home so he and the kids can travel with me. He works from my trailer and takes care of the baby while the bigger kids are at school.

“Does it bother him to see you in love scenes?”

AH: …He understands that it’s part of the job but I am sure he’s not crazy about it… but neither am I 🙂

“I saw pictures of  the baby on your twitter, she is beautiful! It’s not fair that you looked so great right after giving birth!!!”

AH: Thanks, she is fun and it totally is fair… I work hard 🙂

“Thanks for participating!”

AH: Thank you!

Stargate: Universe, Fire (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Chevron7  writes: “Questions for Alaina: 1.  Even though TJ is a field medic not a doctor she has credibility that I found was lacking in another previous doctor. Did you do a lot of research?”

AH: Thank you… I have a technical advisor on set so it keeps me in the know 🙂

“2. I loved the way TJ told Young about the pregnancy. After agonising over the decision, it was like ripping off a bandaid. How did you prepare for that scene? Any differently than other scenes?

AH: Thanks.  No different than any other scene. I go by how I feel.  Not sure what the method is but I just like to feel and be, and that’s how I act. That is how I felt about that scene. I loved that moment as well. I loved how Louis played it, so refreshing to see him light.

“3. Do you think TJ has given up hope of returning to Earth? I do.”

AH: Really… that’s interesting!  I do as well actually. 🙂 I think she is trying to move on and make a new life, whatever it may be… I am not sure how the writers feel about that 🙂

“4. So no-one else is listening….who’s your favourite writer on SGU?”

AH: Sorry I think question 4 got deleted 🙂 I LOVE THEM ALL! Cross my heart and hope to die!  No, truth be told, they all bring such different things/ideas to the table and all of the ideas work together. They are a great team… that’s why there are 16 years of Stargate!

“5. Do you read the entire script or mainly focus on your scenes?”

AH: LOL, I can’t imagine only reading my scenes but I guess some actors do that. I read the Whole script a few times, then focus on what’s happening in the episode, and then what’s going on with my character.

“6. What’s your favourite flavour of ice cream?”

AH: Moosetracks! Ever had it? Sooooooooooo yum!

Logan writes: “My question for the talented and inestimable Alaina Huffman:  Can you talk a little about your career evolution? From what I’ve read, you are a child actress-turned-model-turned-actress. Is that correct? What’s the story behind that?”

AH: Kinda. I booked a TV show when I was 13 but we only shot the pilot.  Then, the modeling career started and years later I got back into acting. That’s the story… I just read about an audition in the paper and thought it sounded fun, then I was approached by a model scout and did that for a few years before acting presented itself again – and now I have made a conscious decision to make a career out of it. I love what I do and am so happy to be able to do what I love.

Montrealer writes: “Do you, the kids or hubby participate in any Winter sports activities? Since there’s so many venues around Vancouver.”

AH: I ski… We haven’t gotten the whole family up on the mountain yet.  Since our hiatus was November thru March and most of March was settling back into town we didn’t get to it this year but maybe next year!

BoltBait writes: “Do you find it easy to memorize your lines? What is your routine like in that regard?”

AH: Yes, I just read them a couple of times beforehand, when I read the script and usually while we are blocking the scene. I like to get a feel for them in the scene instead of in my bedroom or trailer. It just feels more natural for me that way.

Stargate: Universe, Faith (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

“2. Do you feel that your character should be using the stones to go to medical school?”

AH: That’s an interesting idea… I believe that was one thought that was kicked around early on.

“3. Had you, yourself, been in the situation on the Earth-like planet, would you have choosen to stay?”

AH: See above

“4.  Are you self-conscious about being the most beautiful woman on board Destiny?”

AH: Self-conscious… yes, but probably for different reasons 🙂 Thank you! I am lucky to be among such beautiful people, inside and out each day.

“Jimbo writes: “When does the character TJ get some shiny new toys? Rush has a repair robot, Eli gets to play with Kinos and the remote, Brody has a still, so when does TJ get an advanced bio bed or some kind of ancient tissue regenerator?”

AH: Excellent Question… JOE?

Zoomeister writes: “Have you ever thought about winning (winning, not just being nominated) the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Lead/Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for your role on SGU? I think you’re perfectly capable and I also think SGU is the perfect environment to accomplish such a task. That would be something to strive torwards.”

AH: Thank you. It would be wonderful… pass it on to the academy will ya? 🙂

Mats writes: “Why did you become an actress?”

AH: I really don’t know 🙂 It is just something I found and fell in love with.

“Did you watch the previous shows before starring in SGU?”

AH: No, I didn’t follow the other two shows – but have seen some since.

“How is it being a parent too a 6 month old baby and work full time?”

AH: It’s life :)… It all works out and I bring Charley to work most days and my bigger kids come and hang out as well.

CJ writes: “For Alaina: Will we ever get more scenes of TJ with her hair down?”

AH: 🙂  There are some coming up in Season 2, but since she’s military she has to have it up or short. It needs to clear her collar… Those are the rules 🙂

Gilder writes: “What is one thing you know about TJ that the fans don’t?”

AH: Not anything I think…There is a bunch about TJ that I don’t even know let alone you all 🙂 Looking forward to learning more about her this season!

Stargate: Universe, Air (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Randy  writes: “And for Alaina, how do you feel the writers have dealt with your character? What would (or have) you asked them to do differently?”

AH: I trust that they know what they are doing with her and look forward to seeing what they come up with. I would like to know more about where she came from and who she is… She doesn’t have a backstory yet so that would be nice, and I have asked so hopefully we will find out more soon.

Kymm writes: “Wow, everyone has asked Alaina most of my questions already, except for a couple (OK five).”


“1. What were your favourite chocolate selections at Joe’s chocolate party?”

AH: WOW… do you know how many chocolates were there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I loved the peanut butter cups… really daring I know 🙂

“2. Is your husband also in show business?”

AH: Kinda… He owns a new media company:

“3. Do you live elsewhere and go to Vancouver just to shoot your scenes? Has any of the cast moved to Vancouver on a permanent basis?”

AH: We live in LA but have a second home in Vancouver. We spent most of last year there and will probably do so again this year, but WE try to get home as much as possible.

“4. You were born in Vancouver is this like a full circle  moment for you?”

AH: I work in Vancouver a lot… I love Vancouver and I have a lot of family there so it’s always nice to be there.

“5. Do you still have family in B.C./Canada?”

AH: Yes, all but my mom and dad. They live in Virginia and my sister lives in Austin.

“Thank you so much, Alaina, for taking the time to answer our questions!”

AH: Thanks for asking 🙂

2cats writes: “Alaina question: I admire your up-swept, elegant hair style (as TJ is often seen) and wonder if you could persuade Mr. Mallozzi to capture a quick video of it being styled? If that is not possible, please just explain how the twisted sections stay in place to achieve the overall classy look. It’s so very attractive on you!”

AH: Thank you. It’s actually a funny little hairdo I came up with when I was growing my hair out and couldn’t put it all up. Forrest (My hairstylist on the show) also did this type of hair when she was going thru the same thing. It’s really easy and takes way less time than it looks like. She basically takes a section of hair and wraps it around her finger then pins it in 🙂 I will ask Joe and Forrest if they mind getting it on camera…

Heather writes: “My questions are: 1. If you could go anywhere in the world where would it be and why? (or if you have been somewhere and want to return)”

AH: There are so many places I want to go… too many!  My family is from Croatia and I have never been so I would love to take a trip there. It looks so beautiful.

“Where would be your favorite place to shop and or your favorite restaurant?”

AH: LOL I know this isn’t too glamorous but I love Target 🙂 H&M for the kids and, as for eating, I prefer little “hole-in-the-wall” family owned joints… usually the best food.

“Congratulations on your baby! (albeit several months late as I try to avoid anything “spoilerish”!)”

AH: Thanks:)

Curiositykitty writes: “Question for Alaina- how much, if at all, did you and louis work out the scenes between tj and young? There were so many looks and other non-verbal things shooting between you two it was amazing. And in working out the scenes how in depth did yall get about backstory and the history between tj and young?”

AH: Not really at all 🙂 We just knew that we had a history and went with it.

Sgugeek  writes: “Questions for Alaina: 1) What would be the perfect gift to get from a fan? What is the coolest thing a fan has given you?”

AH: I haven’t gotten anything from a fan. I haven’t ever thought about it.

“2) I know your brother is a huge Atlantis/SG1 fan. Were/are any of your other family members into Stargate?”

AH: No just him 🙂 And yes he LOVES anything Stargate. He lives with us so he gets his fix!

“3) Do you have any nicknames that you like to be called?”

AH: LOL John calls me Bambi and my family calls me Lain, Lainey or Laina but everyone else calls me Alaina and most people say it wrong 🙂 but that’s ok!

“4) I know you said on Twitter it only takes 20-20 minutes for the hair people to do your hair most days. Can you pretty pretty please teach us how to do it too?  I want hair like yours! You are so beautiful!”

AH: 🙂  aw thanks… see above.

Holloway writes: “First of all I must commend you for your fine performance this season. Now on to the questions: 1)Do you prefer the on-location shooting to the filming that’s done on the set or vice versa? How does your castmates feel on this issue?

AH: I like both.  It’s nice to shoot on a stage because all the elements are controlled which usually means we get more done in less time, but it’s also nice to be on location and be outside. It’s especially nice to be on Location somewhere fantastic. I did a movie in Turkey and it was amazing to be a tourist there on my days off.  Not too sure how anybody else feels.

2)Considering you are a married woman with children does that cause you to have strong opinion on the affair between TJ and Young? Does the fact that Young and his wife do not have children and TJ is now about to have Young’s child sway you that TJ’s relationship with Young is more solid?”

AH: Every relationship has its troubles and I don’t know what was going on with Young and his wife. I don’t agree with what happened between the two of them and I don’t think TJ does either. I can’t speak for Young but I do feel that the affair was a mistake and one they both regret because he is married. I think they have feelings for each other, However I don’t think the baby makes their relationship “Solid” or more Solid… It happened and it’s something that they all have to live with.

“3)Would you have preferred if the folks running the show had hidden yout pregnancy on camera and not made TJ pregnant?”

AH: I am happy with the way it was dealt with.

“In “Water” TJ told Greer flat out that she did not trust him. Do you think that moment will ever be addressed again between those two characters?”

AH: I hope so, I loved that scene.  I think TJ thinks Greer is a loose cannon.

Lou Zucaro writes: “Questions for Alaina: (and I’d like to echo the sentiments of others re: your performances so far in the last few episodes, particularly ‘Faith’, which have been great…thanks!)  […] B. How is your original last name pronounced?”

AH: Ka-Lan-g  (Kalanj)

“4thly) Do you think that somewhere out in space, situations like what’s portrayed in SGU are going on, or do you think we’re pretty much alone here on Earth?”

AH: How amazing would it be if there were life on other planets… maybe we would stop fighting then and realize we are all the same…

6) Finally, your character shares a name with a sci-fi legend, William Shatner, who played TJ Hooker. How much of what your character does on-screen is taken from Shatner’s portrayal of his TJ? How do you feel about the rumor (that I just made up) of a TJ / TJ crossover episode?”

AH: I had no idea so I have no thoughts other than “Cool”

Valaur writes: “Thank you Alaina for responding to our questions.  First and foremost congratulations on your baby!”

AH: Thanks

“1) Before your role as TJ have you always been a sci-fi fan or has it been a recent blossom?”

AH: Just recent.

“2) Have you incorporated your own beliefs and desires into TJ’s personality or has it been a mixture of the writers and your feedback or something entirely different?”

AH: I try to keep with what’s written and talk with the writers about their thoughts. I don’t want to get too many ideas of my own and then a script comes along and it’s totally different.

“3) When you were cast for the role of TJ, was the original character supposed to wear military length hair or was it something that you were able to make a decision on yourself?”

AH: She just has to have her hair up is what I was told. I had short hair at the time and was trying to grow it out so I didn’t want to commit to short hair for a few years. That’s how we came up with the hairdo.

“4) I would like to apologize for my fellow sci-fi fans that cry havoc before an episode even airs. Personally, I have been looking forward to the series since its announcement and hope that you and the rest of the crew make something that you can all be proud of and can be a part of for years to come. Thank you for doing a wonderful job. Here’s hoping you double SG-1′s 10 year reign!”

AH: Thank you 🙂 No need for any one to jump to conclusions right 🙂

Shirt ‘n ‘Tie writes: “Q for AlaIna: Hi Alaina! Thank you for your many kind tweets over on Twitter.”

AH: 🙂

“My question for you is: Which actor/actress most inspires you, either past or present?”

AH: Currently I love Charlize Theron. I think she’s a great actress, diverse and elegant. I also really love Kate Winslet and Cate Blanchett.

“And, given the choice to do a re-make of yor favourite Classic Movie what would it be? And what role would you choose in it? thanks again, and best you and your family from the girls and me here in Ireland.”

AH: I LOVE Greta Garbo and would choose Camille and of course to play Marguerite.

PBMom writes: “What aspects of your character do you like the best and the least?”

AH: I love TJs vulnerability and strength.

Stargate: Universe, Incursion (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).


Tim Lade writes: “Question for you sir…although you may not know the answer. I have become slightly in love with the score of the show and was very curious to know if the piece that plays over the re-cap at the beginning of each episode, perhaps just the second half, is used in an episode at some point.”

Answer: I love it too.  Let me double-check and I’ll get back to you.

Melissa writes: “Gateworld members and admins have pretty much prohibited any pro or anti talk period. You’ll be told off and censored if you love certain aspects of the show, or if you hate certain aspects of the show.”

Answer: To be fair, Darren was in a tough spot over at Gateworld.  The site is, has been, and will continue to be the premiere site for all things Stargate.  As a result, it has become THE place to gather for fans of the franchise.  Over the years, however, as fandom has become increasingly fractured (something to be expected of any fandom, especially one following an 11+ year old franchise).  Gateworld has always been a place that permitted fans to express themselves – but there has always been that fringe group that contributes nothing to the ongoing discussions, individuals merely interested in being petty for petty’s sake,  who take advantage of the goodwill established.  There’s a fine line between constructive criticism and being negative for the sake of being negative, and I think the gang at Gateworld showed immense patience for a very long time – and then, finally, simply got tired of having to continually police the haters.

Melissa also writes: “So this is one of the reasons why the other site has been created. Whether you’re an SGU lover or a SGU hater, you can freely discuss how you feel.”

Answer: Unless you have anything positive to say.

Shadow Step writes: “Because making TV is such a worthwhile meaningful endeavor which brings balance to the world.”

Answer: I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that – but, given the fact you’re a regular poster to this comment section, it’s heartening to see you think so.

Shadow Step also writes: “And of course there is advertisement on the site, so they may be making money of gateworld banned ranters.

Answer: Er, right.  I’m sure they got together and wondered: “How can we make some extra cash?  Let’s see…we could get a part-time job.  Or hold a bake sale.  No, wait.  How about we start up a site where we can whine about a show we (supposedly) hate.”

Bryan M. White writes: “I was just on IMDB and they show that the Atlantis movie is now in Pre-production for a 2011 release date. Can I, as a fan who first picked up the franchise as a fan of the movie in 1994 and came back to it because of the strength of the characters(and by extension the great writing) get my hopes up that production will begin after production on season two wraps?”

Answer: I can’t say yes because I’ve yet to hear anything.

vv0472 writes: “I also found it intriguing that they have a whole thread dedicated to you, but of course you know the nature of these people, it was mostly personal attacks.”

Answer: Heh.  When he was first starting up the site, one of the organizers would come by here on occasion.  He was always very careful to keep his comments civil and talked about how great it was that I was allowing him, and others, to speak their minds.  Later I found out that for all that talk of respect, he was running back to his forum buddies and launching personal attacks against me and other fans, like a grade schooler  desperately seeking the approval of his schoolmates.  It was pretty immature and surprisingly gutless.

Zoomeister writes: “Will we see how wide-spread application this technology/knowledge could be both a benefit (and detriment) to Earth on SGU (hopefully in seasons 2 and 3)?”

Answer: Possibly, but only insofar as they effect our crew.  Since most of the action will take place on Destiny’s side of things, we’re unlikely to spend that much time focusing on the development of Earth-based technologies.

100 thoughts on “May 16, 2010: Actress Alaina Huffman Answers Your Questions!

  1. Well, I checked out the “other site” and, while I don’t agree with what’s being said, I support their right to state their opinions about SGU, whatever they may be, although, there does seem to be a lot of effort being put forth over a show most there profess to despise – yet still watch in order to look for things to gripe/nitpick about. Personally, if I dislike a show, I simply don’t watch it.

    That being said, I seriously doubt whether their longed for cancellation of SGU would have any realistic chance of resulting in the resurrection of SGA or SG1. All it would mean is that there is NO Stargate. For anyone. Neither the supporters nor the detractors of SGU. The best we can hope for on the SGA/SG1 front is that the movies get made.

    HOWEVER, I also noticed that there were personal attacks being made against the cast of SGU, among others, and to me, that is unacceptable. These are real people, doing the job they were hired to do, and to attack them personally for doing that job is completely unreasonable. Got a complaint about a character? Then by all means air that complaint, but leave the personal attacks against the actor portraying that character out of it. Don’t like the way a scene was done? Think it could have been done better? Should have been done differently? Fine, say so, but state why you don’t like it, how it could have been done better, or should have been done differently. Don’t just say [insert name of current most hated cast member here] is a lousy actor and should be shot out into space along with half of the cast, while the other half suffocates on the ship. That’s not productive.

    Even more unbelievable is that I also saw a personal attack against Brian Smith’s mother of all people, and that is so far beyond acceptable as to be incomprehensible. Her only link to SGU is that her son is one of the main cast members – and that warrants a personal attack? Admittedly, it was a quick, small jab, (captioning of a photo) but still, WTH?! Does this mean that not only are the actors themselves fair game for being sniped at, but their families are too? How does that help in the quest to resurrect one or both of the previous incarnations of Stargate? To me it simply comes across as spiteful and malicious, not to mention libelous.

    Anyway, I dove out of the site and hit the reset on my computer once a bunch of redirects kicked in. Redirects mean I won’t be going back there, regardless of what precipitated them, which also means I won’t be joining the site to post this there, but, since they read your blog, I’m sure someone on there will read this, too. (Not that I would have joined anyway since I happen to like SGU. A lot. And, no, I’m not a member of Gateworld, either.)

  2. Haha, Moosetracks! man, I haven’t had that kind of ice cream in years. We also had Beartracks and probably other random northern related named ice cream flavors, but that’s what you get when you live in Minnesota. That’s quite the epic Q&A! Thank Alaina for us.

  3. Hello Joe

    Thank you, and thank Alaina as well for answering our questions. These little Q/A sessions give the fans great insight into the actors and the characters they play, and you said that was only half the questions?!?! 😉

    How are the dogs doing BTW?

    Best Wishes,


  4. I agree with everything cat4444 said. I don’t understand the motivations of the SGU haters. If they are trying to get the show cancelled, all that will prove is that Stargate is a dying franchise, and MGM will outright stop producing it. No SG1 or SGA movies, nothing. Do they really want that? If SGU is a success, the PTB will say “Hey, this Stargate thing is still bringing in money, lets go ahead with those movie plans, and while we’re at it, lets start throwing ideas around for a new series after this one is over.”

  5. Thanks to Ms. Huffman for the Q&A. it’s always appreciated when the actors/actresses take the time to respond to the fans via this venue. One of the great things about this franchise is the quality of the cast, and Ms. Huffman is no exception this way.
    As far as Gateworld and the postings there, I’ve given up on the site long since. Too many people have been spitting too much vitriol from the first time I checked the site out. A shame, since i’ve enjoyed their podcasts, but it’s not worth navigating around the less than civil fans. And I’m sorry that a fairly small group of people manage to make the majority of fans look bad by their actions and speech.
    Thanks for the mailbag, Q&A, and for keeping up the good work here despite some of the headaches involved.

  6. I find it odd that a site called [edit – sorry, don’t feel like giving them free advertising] would allow for people to post positive coments about the show. Just sayin.

  7. Hi again Joe. Thanks so much for this Q&A, it was great. Alaina sounds like she really is awesome, and much too humble, IMO. She does a great job as TJ, and can’t wait to see more. Keep up the good work over there, and keep fighting the good fight!


  8. Great blog!

    I wandered over to the other site, found the s*hit list, I surmise I’m not on it because I don’t frequent GW. I guess Skiffy Fools don’t make the cut. But then, I don’t really hang around the Skiffy SGU forums wither. Overall, the anti-site is petty and vapid. And that’s about the nicest adjectives I can muster. Gotta love the interwebs, hmmm?

    Time to go fire up the DVR and see who came out on top of Survivor. Missed it, had to go to the Utah Burn meeting, almost time for large fires, loud music, and ART!

  9. Hello Joe,

    As you know, I held off in saying this earlier, but after your post, WTH right? 😉

    Regarding the near sighted naysayers, I believe that when people enjoy a product (my example here will be the extended cut of Lord of the Rings) they become jaded.

    When a new product comes out to enhance or replace that product, they get upset or worse if they don’t get everything they had. Lord of the Rings just came out on Blu-ray, and people aren’t talking about the lossless audio, or 1080p/24 resolution picture quality… They are giving a series that they love a bad review because it is not the extended edition. How nearsighted is that? Have people become so jaded by our TVs that we need to trash talk a product because it is different from the last incarnation of said product?

    People (I am sorry to use this word) SGU because it is not Atlantis or SG1. I am sorry that not everyone can appreciate the qualities that SGU brings to the table.

    I think that everyone here knows I miss Atlantis, and I an sorry if asking about it all the time annoys anyone. But, I gave SGU a chance, and enjoyed it! I like the direction in which it takes the franchise. Let’s not forget after all, the franchise began with a dark movie where the best oneliners (with the exception of “give my regards to King Tut a*#*#le”) came from the nerd.

    I have said it before, I think SGU is closer to the original spirit of the series than any of the other shows.

    Now people will always rip on a product if they are unhappy with it, but, (and I know Joe has said this before) people don’t have to be so childish that they need to rip on the actors who are trying to make a living, and their mothers! Are we back in grade school? Some times I wonder…

    Anyway: Joe, thanks for giving me the opportunity to vent. This kind of thing frustrates the heck out of me. 😉

    Best wishes.


  10. Many thanks to Alaina for taking the time to answer all those questions. Quickly, too! Didn’t have any for her myself since they were asked by others, but, still, thanks! 🙂

  11. >like a grade schooler desperately seeking the approval of
    >is schoolmates. It was pretty immature and surprisingly

    Well, we’re not always totally mature here on this blog… at least not in the comments section. But the difference is, we usually re-enact the GOOD parts of grade school. And we’re gutsy. 🙂 Those nasty ones at the other site could never defeat us when we’re in “Mrs. Havisham’s third-grade class” mode. I dare ’em to try. I double-dog dare ’em.

    – KB 😉

  12. Thank you to the talented and beautiful Ms. Huffman for answering all of thoses questions!

  13. Really? There is another site that only says bad things about SG-U, and attacks the actors. How idiotic and wrong? To me if you don’t like a show, then change the channel. However, watching a show you don’t like, and then saying or writing bad things about it is a total waste of time and effort.

    Personally, I like SG-U. I think the cast, and crew is outstanding, and I look forward to watching the show every week. My hope is that SG-U last at least as long as SGA.

  14. Sorry for straying a little w/ the LotR reference, but I needed to set up my issue before getting to the meat and potatoes of my pro-SGU argument.

    Speaking of meat and potatoes, visit any good steak joints lately?

    Best wishes,

  15. @ Bryan M. White
    Great points there sir! It just goes to show you that no matter what you do you can’t please everyone. Besides, if they didn’t cancel SG-1 or Atlantis and it went on for 10 more seasons, would people still love it as they do now? While it would’ve been nice for Atlantis to have gone on longer to close up their story lines, there is still the fact that if it went on for too long, fans would eventually grow to resent the series. We should all be happy that we have 15 seasons of 2 shows that we love. Every other franchise I watch doesn’t have anything close to that. Frankly, I’m grateful we’ve been given all that we have, and that the writers didn’t let the first 2 shows fade into mediocrity and dullness.


  16. Joe, you did offer the good lady a pancake at least, for answering all those questions, no?

    A question about Morgan Le Fay. Do you think she’s dead? Died with Adria? In my opinion, they fought until SG1/C “converted” the Milky Way priors.
    And what about Mother Nature, forgot her na- Oma Desala. How could I forget that? 🙁
    So, what do you think she’s doing? Still trying to kick Anubis’ snake ass?

  17. Sorry Joe, I should have known not to use their name.

    I would also like to thank Mrs. Huffman for her wonderful contribution to your blog. It was a pleasure to read. I can’t wait to see what happens between TJ and Young!

  18. Thanks to Alaina – what a trooper!

    @ Das: you’ve got me checking the walls, ceiling, floors and under the bed for 8-legged critters – and feeling sheepish as hell for doing it! LOL

  19. @BStearns

    True. I can think of a few series that ran a few years longer than they should have. One just got canceled. I loved the first season, but it felt like the writers weren’t sure where to go after that…

    Not mentioning any names here.

    Best wishes.


  20. Hey Joe,

    Your blog is always a great read. Really enjoyed this one about Alaina. I also love that you archive these and we can go back and re-read anytime.

    *big hug* thank you.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  21. Personally, I think the whole idea of banning positive or negative discussion of the show wholesale is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There have been parts of episodes I’ve liked and parts I haven’t. I understand that there were haters, but why not just ban them from posting?

    That said, I think some people have a compulsion to watch shows, and especially sci-fi/fantasy shows, even if they don’t like them. I don’t understand what’s so hard about it. I stopped watching Heroes when I thought it went irreparably downhill. Yet I would see people constantly posting angry diatribes about how they hated the current week’s episode, week after week.

    Anyway, you mentioned the Kinosodes are not likely to come back for season two. Is there any chance we can get more scenes in the episodes like them? I thought a lot of them were really good at establishing some sort of community, despite disparate backgrounds and points of view. I know time is short every episode, but I think it enhances the characterization. Plus, it’s nice to see the crew having fun! The episode with the pranks and Brody turning Purple were hilarious!

  22. Wow, Alaina doesn’t mess around – she gets right to it! Great Q&A!

    @ otros ojos – Will Ferrett? 😆 I KNEW there was something I liked about you!

    @ JulieAloha – Wait until you start jumping three feet off the ground because you saw a lint ball out of the corner of your eye. 🙄 “But I SWEAR I saw legs!!!”

    @ pg15 – And did you notice that Joe failed to address Todd’s possible body piercings in tonight’s mailbag? Obviously he’s tired, too.

    RE: Haters – I really haven’t been to Gateworld much since there’s nothing new and Wraithy to discuss, and though I am finally liking SGU I really don’t feel much like discussing it outside of this blog (probably because there’s nothing for me to obsess over in it). Still, I’ve noticed that most of the haters are not new fans, but are either longtime fans who prefer the old formula of the first two shows, or they’re folks who are still bitter over the cancellation of Atlantis (how can I be bitter as long as I know the Wraith are – for the time being – thriving unmolested in the Pegasus!). But on this other forum I go to there’s a lot of guys – several who are new to the franchise because of SGU – and I’ve noticed a different tone:

    For the most part, the guys are really positive about the show. I think their reactions are a better reflection of how the average viewer feels, compared to the obsessed viewer.


  23. That’s why I stopped looking over at that other site. Too much “stuff” going on. So many other places, including here, where I can get my info/fix of Stargate.

    So nice of Ms. Huffman to get those questions answered. If she could tell me how to multitask as well as she does, I’d be all for it. I’m terrible at it.

  24. *climbs up on soapbox*

    And another thing . . . there were posts about how the writing on SGU belongs in the crapper because the writers can’t write. Yet these are the same writers, with the exception of a few newbies, that wrote SGA and SG1. What happened, Joe, you guys lose your mojo in the move to the new digs? 😕 Maybe you should call Austin Powers to help you get it back. 😉

    What changed between SGA and SGU? Hmmmm, let’s think about that. I know, the cast and the sets. Pretty much everything and everyone else remained the same. Yes, the stories are different, but who wants the same old same old every week? Change is good. We’d all get pretty bored with our lives if we never experienced any change. The monotony would probably have us all slitting our own throats in short order.

    *gets off soapbox*

  25. Hey fellow bloggers… can you please make sure you don’t put the url for that haters site? I just don’t wanna go there. ( I think it’d make me pretty angry if I were to get curious enough to want to see – like a car crash reaction).

    I hope Alaina got some of that lovely icecream Joe and not the cheddar cheese one …well she’s pregnant so maybe that wouldn’t be so far out lol. That was a huge, gracious effort on her behalf.

    Alaina, thanks!

  26. Wow – superfast turn around on the Q & A Alaina. Thank you so much for taking the time.

    @ Das – lol on the poivoit. As for the state of the metric/Imperial system in Canada it is kinda confusing (and for once it’s not just me, it’s the whole damn country). If you’re bored, check out the section called Common Usage Today at this wiki link.
    I bet some people are surprised that there is a ‘soft’ metric and a ‘hard’ metric. *wink wink*

    On one hand I regret that I was late to the party, because it sounds like I’ve missed out on a lot of fun, vicarious food enjoyment, and some gud booke learnin’. On the other hand it looks like I was lucky to have missed a lot of conflict, when SGA was cancelled and SGU was announced. So it is as it was meant to be.

    So raise a glass, and cheers/salute/prost to many more seasons of SGU and Joe continuing to do his blog. I really appreciate the time that it takes him to put together an entertaining/informative blog, and never missing a day is quite a feat. *looking for a glass to clink*

    Have a good one!

  27. Joe, I don’t like to feel like I’m nagging, but LightPhoenix’s comment makes me agonize all over again about losing the kino scenes. I completely agree that they enhance characterization and help establish a sense of community — and, as stated, they’re often just plain fun to watch. Let’s face it: SGU sometimes needs that exact type of light touch, or else an informative (and very moving) look into the individual characters’ lives. Ivon has done a fantastic job with putting the kino vids / scenes to their best possible use. Is there anything at all that can be done to keep them on board?

    @ das – Guess I’d better not harsh that vibe by mentioning what I told my TV about your Flyers beating my Bruins. 😉 — Truthfully, I saw the Bruins fold, and the Flyers rocked the rink – gotta hand it to ’em.

    Now, would soooo love to talk about possible (male) Wraith body piercings. . . in graphic detail. 😀 And what kind of bling they use for same, as well.

  28. Having been working on writing a new freeware game every week for the past couple of years, and building a half-decent webforum where people could freely post their own games, I was completely dumbfounded by the fact that someone decided to try to kill my site the other week.

    Virus attacks at wordpress, DDOS attack on the main site. Nasty business, and took a while to get everything up and running again.

    No matter what you do, and how much you freely give things to people, there’s always someone out there who demands they get everything their way and will moan/whine/worse if they’re slightly unhappy.

    You just have to roll with it, and I’m glad to see you’re continuing to do so. If anything, I’m really glad that you continue to post daily blog entries. Totally appreciated, and 100% spoiler free! Bravo!

  29. @Kymm

    *clinks glasses* Salud, amor, y diñero! (health, love, and wealth)

    That’s interesting info about ‘soft’ and “hard’ metric in Canada – thanks for the learning experience. Since I’m not a scientist, though, and that type of info goes through my brain like water through a sieve, possibly some hands-on experimentation would be in order – *coughs* like, you know, writing or typing up exactly which metric applies in different situations.

  30. Thank you Joe for taking time to address my post. I appreciate it. I understand that it must be a tricky situation for them. I still do not agree with censoring.

    I will say this though some SGU lovers are just as bad as some SGU haters. It’s seriously gotten to the place that if someone tries to discuss something that they might not have liked about an episode, they get pounced on. I tried to discuss what I liked and didn’t like about Time and had SGU fans tell me how I must be retarded, then they proceeded to insult my grandmother. Gateworld mods did nothing after I reported them. Now if you criticize or don’t like an aspect of the show, the post gets deleted.

    So we all should try to be more respectful of comments. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion. There’s no need to insult their opinions or actions. It’s really no better than you make them out to be.

    Thanks a million to Das. I checked out that site and it looks pretty good. At least people can discuss things there intelligently without being censored or attacked by hyperfans. Thank you, thank you, Das. 😀

  31. Hey Joe, hey everyone!

    First off: Cheers for Ms. Huffman for answering the fan questions on FTL speed ;). She’s definitely an assett to the show (especially loved her acting in “Life”, so expressive without being over the top in those psych evals).

    Second: Reading the comment discussions around here lately, I must say I feel kind of sorry for Darren (of Gateworld). Guy sounds like he ist getting enough flakk from all directions and probably doesn’t need a discussion about his site here as well. But well, I trust him to speak up when he’s had enough.

    Third: I’m kind of curious why the hater site discussion was restarted by Mr. Mallozzi? You know you are not exactly helping fandom overcome their difference in opinion by fanning the flames, right?

    Fourth (and this could be a private mail to cat4444, alas, I have no way to contact her(?), so I just scribble it in this comment box):
    I totally agree with you that people should differentiate between *character* and *actor*. Criticising a fictional character does not mean wanting the actor spaced. However, even *character* criticism is now banished on certain sites, so your advice on just doing that falls flat as well (although I agree again, criticising a character should not lead to WW3 or something). Coupled with certain actors being pretty defensive of their roles… well.

    Regarding Brians Mom: she *jumped* directly in the line of fire, so to speak, defending her son. Comparing all the people criticising SGU to receivers of state wellfare (who are totally happy with their situation) is insulting. As is stating that everyone even remotely critical of SGU is a basement geek, no matter what fancy Japanese words you use, sorry. Sure, everyone always claims that only the haters surely are basement geeks, but *any* criticism get you thrown into the hater category faster than you can blink these days. Which, by extension, makes everyone remotely critical a “basement geek”. Which, in turn people, will (rightfully, in most cases) object to, no matter how much it is repeated here and elsewhere.
    Side question: what about the SGU-fan-basement geeks? Are you guys still out there and going strong :)? Hope so.


    I think you misunderstand the criticism there. No one debates that the writers had/ have a knack for the type of thing they were doing on SG1/SGA (action adventure with a splash of scifi). Alas, now they attempt to *do something completely different* (they themselves say so, frequently ;)). Specifically, they claim to want to do and are doing a character, drama based show, which they always shied away from on the previous series (fans often demanded more character development for SGA, remember those times?). So the criticism is not that they can’t write. It’s that they have not proven they can do *drama* well. Myself, I reserve judgement on that for now, not that it’s important to anyone ;).

    Cheers again!

  32. Whoops, my quote of cat4444’s post got deleted. My last paragraph referred to:

    “And another thing . . . there were posts about how the writing on SGU belongs in the crapper because the writers can’t write. Yet these are the same writers, with the exception of a few newbies, that wrote SGA and SG1. What happened, Joe, you guys lose your mojo in the move to the new digs? :-?”

  33. Can someone please buy “Who Moved My Cheese?” in bulk and distribute to these people who are acting like children? I’m ready to leave all things Stargate online because I just don’t need any more negative twats in my life. I have enough in my real world that I can’t dispose of as easily as I can by just not logging on. I have some closet Stargate friends who don’t deal with Stargate online in any way and we always have a laugh and enjoy Stargate. These are also people that would stop watching if they didn’t like it. Makes perfect sense to me.
    Maybe i’m feeling particularly cranky because I haven’t been able to move due to flu for 4 days but I’ve never understood these crazy hating thought processes over something such as TV. If you are behaving this way due to circumstances outside of Stargate but channeling it through Stargate then please go and deal with these problems and allow TV to continue to be what it was intended for… Entertainment.
    I’m going to go and pass out again now.
    Sorry about the rant Joe.

  34. Wow, thank you Alaina Huffman for a great Q and A. I love TJ as a character and I hope that she gets an episode on Earth. ooOOOooo wouldn’t it be cool to have an episode where she goes home to visit and someone gets to hang out in a pregnant woman’s body. Better still wouldn’t it be better if it was a guy… ahh the story possibilities…Joe???

    Also… I had a look at the site in question for about 10ish seconds. Personally I found the thing funny like it was a parody of an actual fan site. Oh my. I just don’t understand the whole thing. Incoming rant: –>

    well I didn’t have the heart to rant on the subject… I actually wrote something, but suffice to say:

    I just don’t get it… if someone doesn’t find a show entertaining then don’t watch it, simple. Why write whole “reviews” on the subject… aaahhhh can’t help the ranting. Stopping

  35. BTW I know story suggestions can’t be taken.
    Just ever since the communication stone use was created as a means for Destiny to talk to Earth people I thought it’d be cool if persons of opposite genders accidentally switched bodies, kind of as a way of exploring what having the other gender’s body might be like. Not in a comedic way though more like a study about perceptions, life, or stereotypes or whatever (comedy would need to be mixed in of course). I just thought it’d be a cool idea.

  36. >Gateworld members and admins have pretty much prohibited any pro or anti talk period.

    Although I agree with Joe comments, I have to say, Gateworld is overly friendly and willing to engage in constructive arguements if someone is being negative, you only have to view the forums to see the mixed opinions.

    I don’t think you’d find a better Stargate site/forum on the internet.

  37. Kudos to the person upthread who mentioned Bunny Tracks ice cream! Mmmm.

    Thanks to Alaina Huffman for answering questions so quickly, but now I’m curious how she pronounces her first name and how most other people get it wrong! I would think like UhLAYna. Is that wrong?

    I’ve been rewatching “Pain” and there are three things that really stand out to me in it (in good ways, don’t worry!)
    1. Chloe’s scenes with her father. I’m a long-time Christopher McDonald fan, so seeing him again was a treat, and I thought Elyse Levesque did an amazing job with all the emotions Chloe had to be feeling — and when the tick was removed and she was saying goodbye…TEARS! Why do you guys have to make me cry at my television, Joe, why?! 😉

    2. Rush’s fear. It’s not every day, I think, that you get to see your main characters be terrified. Skittering around the store room was okay, but when he thought he was trapped in the pod that was filling with water? Fabulous. As was whacking Greer with the pipe. Way to be the hero, doc! (even if you DID just stab Wray in the chest…)

    3. Young and Scott. I love them and their dynamic. It’s very familial in a different way than SG-1 and the Atlantis team felt — and where you could sometimes get this feel on SG1 with Hammond, Bra’tac and Jacob — it, for the most part (Jacob and Sam notwithstanding), didn’t seem as…almost paternal, I guess. Maybe uncle-y or something. I’m curious what — if anything — the addition of Baby Young-Johansen will have on the Young/Scott dynamic (and although I used the slash symbol, I did not mean it in the…you know…slashy way).

    But I’ve kind of gone off on a tangent, haven’t I? Are you still reading? Because what I meant to get at particularly was the scene where TJ first tries to remove the tick from Scott and he ends up needing CPR. First, I loved seeing Young rush in to do that. It makes sense that he would know CPR, and I always regard the scene in “The Light” where Jack’s response to Daniel’s flat-lining is to *wag his chin* as one of the most unintentionally hilarious things on either series — so for me this was kind of an awesome make-up for that.

    Also, before they realize the tick has jumped to Chloe…the way Young seemed like he didn’t want to have to ask Scott to be the tick-removal tester and the way Scott just accepted the responsibility was another thing that I found awesome.

    So, great show, to all involved!

  38. Hi Joe,

    I was just wondering, with the financial ‘issues’ MGM have been going through over the past year, were would the Stargate franchise be in the event of either an MGM sell off, or (god-forbid) collapse?
    What effects would these scenarios have on SGU and other SG movies?


  39. Coucou Joseph,

    ça va bien? Moi non, comme hier mais avec de la fièvre en plus, je vais au doc cet aprem, je vous tiens au courant.

    Merci pour ces Q/A posé à Alaina, c’est très interessant.

    Gros bisou.

  40. G’day Joe

    *clinks glass with Kymm*

    Love Stargate in all forms.
    Joe’s blog it amazing, insights into making a tv show. Just remember what it was like back in the 80’s, no clues as to what was happening with any shows.
    I always read this blog, second thing I do when turn ‘puter on, first is check mail, then straight to here. I might not comment much but I always read. Love the book recs and foodie pics, fights with Ashleigh are awesome.

    Keep it up Joe

  41. @Gilder Thanks for the birthday wishes! Much appreciated. Oh, and I got a SG themed cake, I’ll post the pic as soon as I get it.


  42. Many thanks to Mrs. Huffman for taking the time out of her busy schedule to do this Q&A!

    By the way Joe, one of my buddies texted me the other day after Pain aired, and said that Eli and James should hook up. Dont know how I feel about that since I believe he’s a better fit with Chloe. Though I’d rather see “the nerd” with someone then alone. I dont know. Got me thinking though.

    Friday’s episode Subversion looks good and im sure it wont disappoint. Looking forward to it!

  43. Wow. Alainas fast. She’s great. My fav Q&A on this blog so far. :). But I love them all!! 🙂

  44. “I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say that – but, given the fact you’re a regular poster to this comment section, it’s heartening to see you think so.”

    I can’t lie to you. You mean to much to me, you deserve the truth!

    I’m here for the pictures of the food. And of Ashleigh… I’m hoping for Strawberry cake and Supergirl outfits.

    (Not necessarily at the same time)

  45. Great Q&A, Pain was amazing. One thing this show needs more of is more Lt. James/Julia Benson! An absolutely beautiful woman, and talented actress!

    To me this has been my favorite SG series so far, I can’t believe there are people out there who don’t like it, let alone would say hateful things about it.

  46. OMG, Thanks so much Alaina for answering my questions. What an honor! I’ve read other actor’s interviews about love scenes and their spouses. Most say, “Oh, my husband/wife knows it’s just acting. Part of the job. He’s/She’s ok with it.” Plus, her hubby sounds great! I wish them a long and happy life together!!!!

    I saw “Pain” last night. Great show! The tick thing gave me heebie jeebies but that is because I grew up in the woods. If you find one tick on you, you get paranoid and start looking everywhere. Those space ticks only where found on their neck, weird.

    I did find it odd T.J. just pulled the tick out. I’ve gotten lectures from docs about breaking the tick head off in the skin to abscess, if you pull them out. You are supposed cover the tick with alcohol first, and they are “supposed” to let go. Yeah, yeah, I usually just pull the suckers out too!

    The seed ticks are the worst! Seed ticks don’t come in ones, they come in one hundreds! Do they have seed ticks in Canada?

    Hubby has been sick, so I should say thanks to you for the sex scene…gave him ideas 😉 . However, I do agree with Major Davis: these scenes are a bit intense for kids.

    Narelle: Feel better soon! Hubby always gets sick after he travels in a plane.
    Oh, and at one job, they made my Hubby get that book: “Who moved my cheese”. If you want to hire a YES man, don’t hire him. 😀 .

    Elminster: Happy B-Day! Can’t wait to see the cake.

  47. I come here because me and my mother like Stargate Universe and thats what I like to learn about. I think Alaina is adorable and am glad she took time for a Q&A and I hope she gets to read the positive comments.

    as for the other stuff, I wasnt a fan of stargate and have never heard of these other websites. The stargate fandom sounds atrocious and Im glad Im not part of it (even if its a significant few who are the troublemakers, it ruins your whole guys need better PR).

    I look forward to more SGU stuff, if I have one complaint its that Mr. Mallozzi you should take more behind the scenes photos!

  48. “Melissa also writes: “So this is one of the reasons why the other site has been created. Whether you’re an SGU lover or a SGU hater, you can freely discuss how you feel.”

    Answer: Unless you have anything positive to say.”

    @ Mallozzi

    That is simply not true! [edit] doesn’t delete ANY kind of posts. See here for example two comments from SGU fans:



    Obviously negative comments about SGU are in the majority, but that doesn’t mean than SGU fans aren’t allowed to write long praises of the series there! One of the main reasons for its existence, is the censorship at Gateworld. So SGUsucks makes it a point, NOT to censor comments, including comments, which are positive in regards to SGU!


  49. Many thanks to Alaina Huffman for taking time to do the Q&A. She is very very cool – in character, an incredible actress; and in person, very warm and gracious.
    Thanks to those who asked all the questions – which included the ones I would have asked.

  50. Thanks to Alaina for not only taking the time to do the Q&A, but being so prompt about it too! 😉

    It has always amazed me that so many “die-hard” fans of particular TV shows seem to possess little understanding of how television as an industry works. And it’s not information that is hard to learn. Personally, I would have loved at least one, if not even two more seasons of SGA. I do think the ending of the series could have been handled in a much better manner. But I also understand that the creators of the show had the idea of moving the franchise to movies, like with SG1. (And yes, I do realize this is a bit of preaching to the choir.)

    I have many on-line friends who are a bit obsessive about SGA, and dislike SGU. At least they respect my opinion and do not bad-mouth SGU to me. Strange thing is, I see more similarities than differences between SGU and the other Stargate franchises. And I would rather there be some form of Stargate as long as possible than no Stargate.

    To me, haters are in the same category as people who pretend to be celebrities on-line. Also, haters tend to know more about the show than some fans, which means they have to be regular viewers. I am incapable of understanding that kind of mindset. Baffling.

    On to better things — Joe, thought you might enjoy this:

    Hopes this works. Crosses fingers

  51. @Alaina Huffman

    Thanks for the Q&A. Loved it. I’d’ve asked a question, too, but folks pretty much had it covered.

    I loved the Twitter birth, too. I had to ask myself why I was THAT interested. A trip to the store and a couple pink lines later I had a decisive answer. 😉 So, somewhere out there is a fetus who got some folic acid a little sooner (and no beer) because you posted your birth on Twitter.

  52. the cake is a lie!

    anyway, Joe, i have no idea what youre talking about, there is a site out there defaming SGU and U? and you gave him an interview before you knew he was gonna use it against you?
    i honestly never thought of SG fans being so vicious. where they always like this or did this all come about because of the SGA tragedy? i dont understand it at all. and arent all those haters mostly women? thats what i notice on gateworld, most of them are female, i guess SGA attracts lots of female audiences. so when i think of “vicious fans” what comes to mind is nerdy adolescent males who have nothing else to do like me.

    oh and the cake thing, yeah its a lie. it is.

  53. but im not a vicious fan, im like a harmless sun flower, i follow the light. lol. but the day it was announced was a very miserable day, i was also very sick on that day so that didnt help so yeah got really pissed at you guys for doing that. then when i first heard of SGU being greenlit it all became clear to me, and that didnt help either.

  54. Thank you Joe for the Alaina Huffman Q&A, and thanks very much to Alaina for doing it. I enjoyed reading her answers. She is a very pretty person and very talented actor, and enjoyable to watch on SGU. Great job.
    – On a side note, did I just see David Blue behind the counter in a SUBWAY commercial..?
    @das, did you know in August Inspector Lewis is coming back on Masterpiece Mystery? 3 of them say encore(guess that means rerun) but the last one on the 29th looks new. and it says additional Lewis titles to be announced.. Just want to help you get your dose of, you know!! I enjoy watching them also.

  55. Thanks to Alaina for such a great (and quick!) response to everyone’s questions! I love reading all the question and answer sessions!

    Joe, I wouldn’t let all this negative fandom affect you or anyone else on this blog. The anonymity of the internet allows people to say (or type actually) anything they want. It doesn’t always reflect their true feelings or opinions on a particular topic but they just want a response. In fact I am quite annoyed with myself for even posting this little comment. It’s all fuel to them! Chin up, chest out, and to hell with the rest of them.

  56. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    Thank you for the QA with Miss Huffman :D. I also want to thank you for your Set pictures. Especialy the one with where we see the scientist with notebook (Some time ago I asked you about that ;))

    I’m so looking forward to the next episodes of SGU. As I’m suggesting the cliffhanger great :D.

    I wish you have a nice day.

    Best regards,

  57. Hi I’d love to keep in touch with you. Can you email me back?
    I have a digital magazine and I’d love to talk to you.

  58. @ Das: Giggled uncontrollably at dust bunny scare reference because I DID that last night!

    @ Elminster: Happy Birthday! What flavor SG Cake and, most importantly considering recent topics, what kind of ice-cream?

  59. I’m so glad so many people asked about Alaina’s hair which is such a cute hairdo. I love the little twisted sections in the front. All the SGU cast members have fabulous hair, even the guys.

    Well, all except Rush who is perpetually in need of a shave and a haircut.

  60. P.S. Any new developments on the road trip? And do you know if you’ll do West Coast or East Coast? I still heartilly recommend the great food in the Carolinas, Georgia and Memphis. Is there such a thing as gourmet Barbecue?

  61. That was a great Q&A. Thanks Alaina and thanks Joe! 🙂

    Me and my friend have some question:
    1) If Ancients uses octal number system (SG1 2×16), why is the countdown in Destiny’s gateroom in decimal?

    2) Has the language of the Blue aliens, that could have been seem in Lost any meanings or it is just some nice doodling.

    3) Have the Blue hyperdrive or they use FTL, and can they travel between galaxies?

    4) We saw Dr Brightman in Divided. I think, that was a great idea. Can we see other little connections like this in the future?

    5) I feel SGU more simple than SG1 and SGA. I mean, there are no technoblablas and fancy machines, the ship just flies into a star and that’s all. A don’t say it’s bad or good, it’s just different. Is it intentional?

    6) I know, you like animes. Some western things got their anime versions nowadays. In theory, what about a SG anime?

    7) If the planned DVD movies will be cancelled, is there any chance of a miniseries, at least in the Atlantis story line? I think, it would be more profitable.

    8) And finally, is there going to be a Q&A with David Blue? 🙂

  62. @ Deni – Yesterday you asked Shadow Step: “Am I missing something here?”

    Not missing – but adding!! 😉

    You added a wayward ‘@’, so it sounded like you said “@ Tim Lade: *I* greatly benefited from your scolding…”, as if you decided to “take a long walk out of a short airlock.” I think that’s what Shadow Step picked up on…I’m pretty sure SS doesn’t want to push you out an airlock.

    Yet. 😀

    @ Kymm – See??! soft metric and hard metric – just more proof that men came up with the system. If they can’t make it romantic, they’ll make it sexual! Like…male and female union fittings, and galvanized nipples, and ballcocks!

    @ otros ojos – Well…if it makes you feel any better, the Flyers gave Montreal a 6-0 thrashing last night! 😀

    As far as Wraith body piercings…hmmmm…since they don’t have nipples, it rules that right out. I wonder if they have bellybuttons?? Hell, I wonder if they have willies!! 😆 Either way, if Wraith did have body piercings, I’d imagine they would be pretty hardcore. I’d love to go into graphic detail, but…ya know…mebbe not here, or else Joe might think we’re ALL perverts!

    @ Melissa – That’s a comic book forum…or, should I say, it’s a forum run by writer Brian Michael Bendis, but it’s mostly pop culture and current event discussions, with some comic book stuff thrown in. Some posters are pretty rough and can be really brutal on movies and shows they don’t like. The fact that they seem to be really liking SGU is a pretty good sign – AND an indication to me that the haters are just bitter ex-Stargate fans, not the new folks who have come on board, or the more balanced fans who accepted that changes happen, and have decided to go with the flow.

    @ Narelle – {{{hugs}}} Feel better soon!! And whatever you do – don’t leave here!!! Joe has such a nice playhouse here…with windows and a table and chairs and a big box full of Legos and Lincoln Logs. I think there’s even a tea set! We can have HOURS of fun, without ever being bothered by the bullies down the street at the public playground. 🙂

    @ JulieAloha – I do that (dust bunny/lint ball scare) about 5 times a day. Once or twice I’ve even scared myself with my own hair. 😛

    @ Airelle – Thanks! Probably they will show the last three eps (they did that last time – re-aired eps already shown), then the last one from S3 – Counter Culture Blues – which they did not include in the last set. I understand 4 new eps for S4 have been made, and have avoided spoilers on IMDb, but I think there is a little more focus on Hathaway in at least one of them…and I’m NOT complaining! 😀

    @ Joe – Have a good day, sir!


  63. @ Otros Ojos – hands-on experience? *laughs* typing….. *ooops* checks herself (I can’t say that lol), deletes and continues typing…… Perhaps I’m looking at it all wrong; maybe we have the best of both worlds. For example, when we measure our weight, we usually use pounds, but instead we would weigh less if we measured in kilograms, instead of 115 pounds I would be 52 kilograms. WOW instant diet. Gee, bring on the foie gras, the large pizza, and the pints of ice cream!! Say you wanted certain body parts to be ‘larger than they appear’ then, by all means, use centimetres instead of inches. Although when using the ‘soft’ and the ‘hard’ metric measurements, you may need to measure twice, which could actually be kind of fun, if *ahem* ‘handled’ the right way.
    *clinks glasses*

    @ Hi Janet!! *clinks glasses*

    @ Tammy Dixon – yup we have several species of ticks in certain parts of the country. I don’t think they are called ‘seed’ ticks though. I do know that they carry Lyme disease, which can be spread to humans and animals.
    -Hey, I just saw that Greyson Chance signed a record deal. Did I call him as the next Bieber or what? (He’s the Lady Gaga Paparazzi singer).

    I like Cody’s idea of a stone/body exchange between a male cast member and a VERY pregnant TJ. That would be funny….

    Off Topic *Blatant Attempt at a Fight Distraction*
    The first paragraph also contains the short version of the Christian the Lion video, if you haven’t seen it already check it out.


  64. Mr. Mallozzi, the SGU Cast and Crew,

    First, Mr. Mallozzi I love your blog! I have family spread throughout Canada and I love reading about the restaurants you venture to in BC and Montreal. I’ve got a laundry list of places to eat at when I visit my Uncle in Vancouver next winter. I expect that list will grow by then too.

    Second, I am a huge fan of the Stargate franchise. I loved Stargate Atlantis and was sad to see it end. However, I am absolutely fascinated by the Stargate Universe world. I love the individual characters, the plot lines and the intense relationships between all aboard the Destiny. This show makes my husband and use our pause function on our TIVO the most out of any other show to debate the decisions made by Rush, Scott, TJ and Young, etc. We’re both lawyers, so sometimes the debates get a little too ridiculous, but we love that there’s a show that makes us think and use our brains.

    Third, I’m making the Sweet Corn and Cheddar Chip ice cream for our Fourth of July party. I’ll let you know how it goes over. We have several self-proclaimed “gourmets” in our group of friends, and then we have people who won’t venture beyond Red Lobster. I think it will be a good population to test your ice cream on. 🙂

    Oh, and maybe you should have Ashleigh make Chocolate Cookies with Raspberry Chocolate Morsels next time you have a bet. They are fabulous with a good cup of dark coffee.


    Holly J. Kamm
    Small town on the coast of Lake Erie in Ohio

  65. @Duneknight

    Remember, the weighted companion cube cannot speak. If you should hear the companion cube, seek help immediately.

    And as far as the cake… Assume the party escort submission position, and a member of the enrichment center will escort you to your party… But the weighted companion cube will not be there because it was incinerated.

    Best Wishes.


  66. Hello Joe.

    If you play Portal, you’ll get what Duneknight and I are talking about… 😉

    Best Wishes.


  67. Thanks Alaina for taking the time to do the Q and A. You are a truly class act, and I am looking forward to more of your work on SGU.

  68. Alaina Huffman, thank you so much for answering my questions.

    Joe, I guess you could call me one of the minor critics of the show–I’m more of an SG1/SGA guy. But, I am enjoying where the show is going and I’m throughly impressed with you and what you are doing here on this BLOG. While you are not living your life on the covers of the tabloids, you are definitely putting yourself “out there” on the web. I love all the “behind the scenes” stuff. Thank you!

    I certainly wouldn’t want thousands of people critiquing my job every day. It would drive me insane. How do you cope?

    Anyway, keep up the great work.

    I saw that you don’t think they’ll be making more of the kino web videos, that’s too bad. I really enjoyed the ones I’ve seen so far. They really add quite a bit to the story overall. I really would like to see more of these.

  69. Shiny: Well, all except Rush who is perpetually in need of a shave and a haircut.

    Really? I agree that he could use a shave, but I love the longer hair. Softens his features and makes him look all vulnerable, especially when the big-eyes come out to play. 🙂

  70. Do make sure that Teal’c’s mentioned in SGU S2 please, he’s the only SG1 member that hasn’t been mentioned yet
    : ohdear :
    I feel bad for the ma- Jaffa.

  71. Cat4444 u r 2 funny, you can keep Tarzan haired Rush all to ye’self! I will say that as grubby as Rush is, his look certainly fits the character; considering Rush’s past (I’m so happy that we have now have background on Rush and Greer, the two most cryptic characters on SGU).

    So hopefully as the series progresses and Rush heals he’ll pick up a razor and/or some hair gel and tend to himself.

    That alt SGU hater website sounds pretty lame. It sounds more like fans who are angry that SG1, SGA, Dark Angel, etc got canceled and are too busy being angry about what was to discover a new show.

    Joe’s post inviting fans to post likes/dislikes really cleared the air and concisely summed up what fans loved (the characters) and loathed (the darn stones!) in such a way that major griping should be over by now. We are seeing lots of expansion to the SGU mythology, more adventuring and far better use of the stones (surgery via stones was pretty cool).

    I’m really intrigued by SGU and the risks the writers have taken so far. The characters are intriguing and I really like the cinematography and mood of the show.

  72. Kymm: I looked up a bio on seed ticks: Seed ticks are the larval form of ticks, and are extremely tiny, usually the size of a pinhead, or can be even smaller. Since they are so tiny, identifying seed ticks in humans and seed ticks in the house becomes very difficult.
    As I mentioned, they travel in large numbers.
    I’m not surprised Greyson Chance a record deal. I hope it doesn’t ruin him.

    Holly: Chocolate cookies with raspberry chips does sound good. Have you tried Chocolate chip cookies with bittersweet chips and milk chocolate chips and dried cherries? Yummmm!

  73. Don’t cut Rush’s hair, just wash it once in a while! 🙂 I think the shaggy hair and general unkempt appearance suits the character.

    Alaina is amazing! And now I’m curious about how her first name is pronounced since she said most people say it wrong.

    I enjoyed “Pain”. Nice to see more of James and Volker. Chloe’s scenes with her dad were lovely. You guys do bittersweet very well, between Chloe & her dad, and the Rush & Mandy scene last episode.

    During the commercials, our scifi watching group had a debate on the best way to remove ticks. Some of us favor fire and some favor tweezers.

    I don’t understand people who spend so much time and energy on hating something. I tend to stay away from forums on shows a lot, just because the negativity is so unappealing. A “I liked this, I didn’t like that” review is so much better. Oh, well. I don’t like the all negative forums so I don’t read them.

  74. OH! Forgot to share my dream with you!! It’s Wraithy!!

    Well…sort of.

    Last night I decided to fall asleep to Common Ground – it’s one of my ‘comfort’ episodes. As I drifted off to sleep, I started dreaming that the phone was ringing…

    I answered it, and it was a bill collector, looking for Todd. I told him that Todd didn’t live here, and the guy kept insisting that he did. He was making me so upset!! I hung up the phone, told Mr. Das what had happened, and just then a car pulls up in front of our house. A man gets out and starts demanding to see Todd. I told him that there was no Todd here. He didn’t believe me, and he started saying how Todd was behind in his mortgage, and that they were going to seize the house, and I kept saying he had the wrong name and place, and that our mortgage was paid up, and he just wouldn’t listen, and he was pushy and obnoxious and started looking in our windows, telling me everything he was going to take…

    And I woke up with my heart in my throat! The man had me SO upset because he JUST WOULD NOT LISTEN!!!! I think – despite Todd being in my dream by name – this nightmare perfectly reflected my frustration over men who ignore what you’re saying, and hear only what they want to hear. Ugh.


  75. I wandered onto that site to see what the fuss was….pure hatred. If all they wanted was an unmoderated site where they could discuss Stargate with fans of differing opinions they wouldn’t have called it what they did. I am an SGA fan and I was sad when it got cancelled. I gave SGU a chance and I love it. I know some people don’t like it and that’s OK. The personal attacks on the cast and crew and their families is unacceptable.

    I say we finish this discussion about the little hate group in this post and let them fade into the mud.

    Cheers, Chev

  76. Haha! Alaina is so bubbly and Awesome! Loved the Q&A; thank you Alaina for doing it! 😀

    And thank you Joe for asking her to do it!

    Shadow Step said:

    “It’s not so much a double standard as an evolution in the philosophy of the forums. ”

    The philosophy being: we only want people who agree with us.

    Heh. Which broken record did you pull that out of? 😉

    The philosophy was to reduce the division of fans into anti/pro camps by getting rid of their “strongholds”, as it were, which were those stupid dumbass anti/pro threads.

    How much have you posted at Gateworld?

    @ Das: Poor tired Joe. It must be the stress of being an Executive Producer. Maybe one of us should take over for him and let him rest for a while (and then we can put Wraith piercing into the show, muahahaha).

  77. Shiny: Cat4444 u r 2 funny, you can keep Tarzan haired Rush all to ye’self!

    You hear that, Joe? Shiny gave Rush to me! WooHoo! Mine! All Mine! Don’t worry, though, I’ll let you folks borrow him now and then as long as I can look forward to Rush Whump. Mwahahahahaha!

  78. Oh, forgot something!

    P.S. Joe, I hope you guys can find a way to keep including the Kino vids. It’s a great way to get glimpses of what else is going on with the rest of the crew during episodes. Those have been one of my favorite parts of Season 1.

  79. Wow, great Q & A!
    “How amazing would it be if there were life on other planets… maybe we would stop fighting then and realize we are all the same…” Quick, someone tell James Cameron! 😛

    Joe, about the Kinosodes: While I quite enjoy them, I also understand that some people don’t like having part of the show’s content being separate from regular episodes (and some people simply don’t know about them or can’t easily get at them). So if there aren’t any next season, I’d miss them but I’d understand. (And I’d hope that a few more funny moments like we’ve had in the kinosodes manage to get written into the episodes (if at all appropriate).

  80. @Alaina Huffman

    Yet another thanks for taking the time to answer questions for us fans. You have quickly become one of my favorite actors due to your stellar performances on SGU. You deserve all the success that has come your way.

  81. Loved the Q&A from Alaina Huffman and I love her character…she plays it very well! She deserves the many accolades that have been given to her!! Are we going to get a Q&A with Robert Carlyle? That would be great too!

    Moosetracks huh…never heard of it. We don’t have a lot of Moose in south Texas though :). Anyway I have to chime in on my favorite ice cream which is “Starbucks Caramel Macchiato”, my mouth is watering as I type *wipes drool off of keyboard* I know, I know, gross! Sorry for the ramble but I have a bad cold and am on some really good cold meds (drugs).

    Joe, feel free to cut that whole paragraph 😉

    Like many others, I was a little disappointed with the cancellation of SGA but was excited that the Stargate franchise would continue, so I was willing to give SGU a chance. I now find myself anticipating each week’s new episode. I know that there will always be people who want to be negative and argumentative, that’s just human nature. Just think though that all of those negative people watching, just to complain, are adding to the numbers (ratings) and also keeping the show alive…hmmmm. 🙂 To the writers, directors, producers, cast and crew of SGU, Great job people!

  82. Hi,

    Could you please answer a couple of questions I have?

    1. Do you have an idea as to when you expect to hear about the films?
    2. Based on the work done on season 2, to date will we see any of the SG1 characters in the coming season of SGU?



  83. Joe I think you should ignore the haters out there. Don’t give them a voice. When you acknowledge them, you encourage them to spill their ignorance. Those who treat others with no respect don’t even respect themselves. This blog has more important things to talk about. I love hearing about your job, what you eat, and who you eat with, your dogs, your family, and anything else you feel like sharing with us. Focus on the good stuff.

  84. And may I add, Alaina Huffman’s Q&A was awesome. She smiles a lot! And Rush needs a shave, shampoo, and his hair brushed, but don’t ya dare cut it.

  85. Had the chance today to read Alaina Huffman’s Q&A, and I enjoyed it very much. I really appreciate the completely up-front approach so many of your guest bloggers have had to answering anything that can be fairly answered. Thanks, Joe, for setting these up, and thanks to Alaina H. for sharing so much about herself, both in regard to her work and her personal life.

    das – Unfortunately for my reaction to Game 1 between the Flyers and Canadiens, by an accident of birth (my grandparents’ fault *g*) I am a Habs fan as well as a Bruins backer. Wouldncha know. But really, I’m just in it to watch an awesome sport, skillfully played, and preferably with good sportsmanship. – Re. Wraith body piercings, lol, point taken.

    Kymm *snorts* Geez, now I’m dying to know what it is you couldn’t say re. hands-on learning. Although – OMG, no, I can’t say that either. Thankfully, I wasn’t drinking anything. . . About Canadian metrication, it does sound like the best of both worlds. Except it does nothing to make my big feet sound smaller. *hmph* – Measuring twice: I like your mind. 😀

  86. @cat4444

    “These are real people, doing the job they were hired to do, and to attack them personally for doing that job is completely unreasonable.”

    So let me sum up your opinion as I understand it: The person doing a job is totally divorced form the quality of the job? And if someone thinks the person is to blame for a job done badly they shouldn’t be allowed to say that?

    Why not?

    “…personal attack against Brian Smith’s mother of all people….”

    As I recall, she had originally jumped into the fray herself when someone had dared suggest that young Smith might not be quite ready for an Oscar nomination yet.

  87. @das – after almost 3 years of annoying Joe and the rest of you, I tend to wait until the latest s**t storm blows over then poke my head out to see if the extreme crazies have headed off to direct their anger at something else. I say extreme crazies as I think even most of us regulars have a bit of crazy about us.

    @Tammy I hate flight flu 🙁

  88. Its cool that Alaina Huffman has been in a lot of my favorite T.V shows and also it allows me to brag that im related to her XP

  89. Alaina Huffman is on a show on channel 229 LMN I’m concerned about a swelling on her neck it look larger than on her right side I hope she is ok and gets it checked out I hope I’m wrong but something does not look right I don’t really know this actress well , concerned

  90. I just watched I Have Your Children and I noticed that Alaina Huffman may have a thyroid condition. Please have her see a doctor asap. Thanks

  91. I just noticed the comment by Ann Nichols and was going to write to Ms. Huffman about the same condition, possibly Hashimoto disease. I noticed it in the Magic Moment movie that I just watch this evening. Please have her checked right away.

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