Sure, I could give you a production update, tell you that Brad and Rob are in New Mexico for Day #2 of Malice, that Carl was on set for Day #1 of The Greater Good, that Remi delivered his revised writer’s draft of Visitation, Linda delivered her first draft of Alliances, Paul delivered his outline of Resurgence : Electric Boogaloo, and that I’ve almost completed my rewrite of Resurgence – but, instead, I think I’ll let the pics do the talking today…

Ashleigh's friend Emanuelle sent me a piece of her home-baked banana bread (with chocolate chips!). It's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me - including raising me and saving my life that time I almost drowned in the YWCA swimming pool. The least I can do is take her out for dinner.

Ashleigh reprimands the homeless man who wandered into the production offices.

Peter Kelamis (SGU's Adam Brody) shows of his new hairstyle. This one is preferable to the ponytail which he feels makes him look too effeminate.

Fellow thespian Patrick Gilmore (SGU's Dale Volker) admires the do.

Writer-producer Remi Aubuchon demands to have his picture taken for the blog.

Also received some pics from Producer John G. Lenic who is in New Mexico with the gang shooting episode #8, Malice…

Director of Photography Jim Menard and Writer-Director-Executive Producer Robert Cooper enjoy some New Mexico style fine dining.

They call him "The Cleaner".

Since July’s Book of the Month Club pick, Alastair Reynolds’ House of Suns, won’t make its paperback debut until May 25th, I’m tiding myself over my re-reading the brilliant Revelation Space.  It’s my day time read.  My night time read is the delightfully disquieting Finch by Jeff Vadermeer.  And I am loving both!


vvv0472 writes: “Do you frequent Gateworld a lot? If so, I hope you have noticed the ‘SAVE BALDING ASIAN GUY’ thread. Any word on him?”

Answer: This is the most persuasive fan campaign since SaveCarsonBeckett.  Tough to ignore.

Majorsal writes: “the writers have made huge and (wonderfully to me) in-your-face ships for SGU, but with sam/jack, we still don’t know if they’re together… will this change in the future?”

Answer: Ideally, yes.

vvv0472 writes: “So Joe, what is the story behind getting your name on a book called ‘Latin for the Novice’ by Joseph Mallozzi Ph.D in Window of Opportunity?”

Answer: I was sitting in the props meeting with Director Peter DeLuise presiding.  When someone asked what the name of the book should be, Peter suggested “Latin For Beginners”.  And then when that same person asked for the name of the author, Peter suggested “Joseph Mallozzi.”  And then as an afterthought: “PhD.”

Ryan writes: “Will we see anymore brief cameos from random stargate people in the future?”

Answer: Daniel Jackson and Jack O’Neill will be making appearances in the next few episodes.

Karen writes: “Just letting you know in case you care. I was almost ready to give up on SGU because I didn’t actually like any of the characters but then Amanda Perry was introduced in the episode Sabotage. She’s the first character on SGU that I`ve really really liked and I loved her interactions with Rush. I really hope you find a way to bring her back as a recurring character because I think she would make a great addition to the cast.”

Answer: Coincidentally, guess who’s on set today.

Montana Marie writes: “Tearing down all the Atlantis sets to make room for more Universe sets has created a pretty big hold-up as well.”

Answer: Untrue – unless we were told to start shooting the Atlantis movie NOW, which is a wholly unrealistic scenario.  When we get the green light to move ahead with production, we would a)  need a couple of weeks to prep the movie and b) shoot the movie during the hiatus.

Montana Marie also writes: “After all, what’s going to happen when you do finally get around to making the Atlantis movie? Tear down the new Universe sets and throw away the money that went into building them, and then spend even more money to rebuild the Atlantis sets, just to tear them down again for Universe or another movie?”

Answer: First of all, Stage 6 presently serves as a swing stage, so the sets that go up there come down after the episode airs.  Secondly, it is a lot cheaper to strike and store a set and then put it back up for production than it would be to pay rent on stage space indefinitely.

Montana Marie also writes: “I find it curious that you’ve been very quick to defend Jewel Staite and various members of the Universe cast, but you never gave the same consideration to Torri Higginson when she was being attacked by a segment of the fandom that viewed Weir as a threat to their character relationship of choice.”

Answer: If I had known about it, I would have defended her as well.  The fact that I didn’t suggests that the attacks on Jewel were much more present.

Sean D. writes: “Did Elyse already do her Q&A?”

Answer: Not yet.

Greg writes: “As for other finales, I’d recommend Spartacus Blood & Sand if you haven’t watched that one. Starts out seemingly like soft core porn with gore but the storyline actually gets pretty good while maintaining a healthy dose of T&A.”

Answer: Agreed.  Thought the first episode was okay, but then was quickly sucked in by the story and characters.  Fantastic finale.

TF writes: “I am just watching the new kino webisode… Are they just improvised by the actors or do written scripts exist?”

Answer: Like all the episodes, it’s all scripted.  Well, all the episodes except Space.  In that one, I just told the actors and aliens to “fight each other” and they did.  For about 45 minutes.

Balial writes: “I have one question about SGA. Carson was cloned by Michael, who obtained sample of his DNA during season 3 episode Misbegotten. Yes, cloning a person is easy. But this Carsons clone has all the memories and experiences of the original Carson. How is it possible?”

Answer: Michael would have had to duplicate Beckett’s neural network or engrams in order to imbue his clone with the original Beckett’s personality.  Yes. Or, more to the point (which was the way we were going to be before being derailed by the cancellation), the wraith possessed these engrams, stored aboard a hive shop, that Michael accessed and stole at some point.  As a matter of fact, Beckett’s weren’t the only duplicate personalities the wraith had stored away. As for when they had the opportunity to acquire Beckett’s in particular – sometime late in Atlantis’s second season.  It was part of a potential story and reveal I’d filed away for future use, and never got the opportunity to explore.

myhelix writes: “Apropos other´s, what do you think of the final LOST season?”

Answer: That’s a question for Carl.  I don’t watch Lost.

Bloomgate writes: “What is the goo the actors eat on set in the ship canteen?”

Answer: Protein powder and water.  Yum!

Shadow Step writes: “If think soandso is a talentless actor (or whatever the job might be) , then I think that person is talentless – the person – not the character. And I don’t see a problem commenting on that.”

Answer: I’m sure you don’t, but there’s a difference between personal attacks (which you won’t be too hard-pressed to find on the other site) and couching acceptable criticism in prickish terms (which you accurately demonstrated in the example above).  I’m taking exception to the former, not the latter.

Kymm writes: “Since you found it a tad sweet what about just plain walnuts and not the honeyed ones? Do you toast your nuts first, to bring out the flavour, or do you just use them raw?”

Answer: The walnuts were roasted.  And next time, I’ll halve the sugar and forget the condensed milk.

Quade writes: “Joe I have been rating the episodes of Stargate to make an all-time favorite Stargate writers list. Anyways more on that later this week, but can you ask around and see what happened to Katharyn Powers? Maybe bring her back for an SGU episode? She did some great SG-1 episodes.”

Answer: Favorite Writers Lists are all well and good but don’t into account the meaningful input provided by other writers who help break the story and offer up suggestions for everything from plot twists to dialogue.  It also doesn’t take into account the significant uncredited rewrites Brad and Rob have done over the years, sometimes wholesale passes that go unrecognized.

Shawn Cassidy writes: “The ancients built Destiny, then set her off on her way……. Then they what? Forgot about it? Even given the many many generations after the Destiny launched and the race ascended, nobody got curious? Even after they ascended they poked their noses in SG1′s business, nobody ever thought to say “Oh yeah, we sent a ship out some time ago, wonder what ever happened to it? DOH!!””

Answer: We’ll be exploring the Ancients and their mission in future episodes, providing a few answers (and more questions) along the way.

KellyH writes: “I haven’t posted in a looooong time (REALLY busy with working on my PhD and new university job), but I’m cooped up after being in the hospital with a nasty reaction to an antibiotic, so I’ve had time to catch up on your blog.”

Answer: Welcome back!

71 thoughts on “May 18, 2010: Sundry pics and a side of mailbag!

  1. Re the mailbag above: So hey, Carl…what do you think of Lost this season? 😀

    Getting ready to watch tonight’s episode on DVR right now. Provided I can stay awake. Nothing to do with the show, more a matter of me having had a very long day.

    A little bourbon on the rocks isn’t helping my alertness.

  2. Joe,

    “Well, all the episodes except Space. In that one, I just told the actors and aliens to “fight each other” and they did. For about 45 minutes.”

    I seriously Laughed right Out Loud! As Gero might ask, How are you so amazing?

    Keep smiling!!

    Julie 🙂

  3. Majorsal writes: “the writers have made huge and (wonderfully to me) in-your-face ships for SGU, but with sam/jack, we still don’t know if they’re together… will this change in the future?”

    Answer: Ideally, yes.

    i’m not sure if i can squee or not, because i’m not 100 percent sure what you mean with ‘ideally’! :p

  4. So Amanda Perry is returning. Excellent. I liked her. Does that mean theres issues with the FTL again?
    That banana bread looks delish too, and Lawren’s got some pretty fine arms on ’em *fans self*…
    And now I am off to rewatch the epicness that was Glee (NPH OMG).

  5. My internet connection started acting up, so I’m not sure my original post saved. Fortunately, I have quick copy/paste moves and was able to save a copy before it crapped out. So, posting again just in case:

    I’m not so sure about the banana part of banana bread with chocolate chips, but that picture certainly put me into a mood for a hunk of oatmeal chocolate chip cake (unfrosted, as always).

    I had a dream about my job last night (definitely time for a vacation) but it was quickly followed up by an SGU-related dream. Not a very realistic one, as Rush was hosting a big birthday bash for Eli and Chloe (protein powder and water for everybody!) — who apparently share a birthday in my head — but it got me thinking..

    Do you ever have Stargate-related dreams? Either from the perspective of being at work or as if you were watching (or in) an episode? I can’t decide if dreaming about it as if it’s real is something that would be less likely to happen when the mechanics are on your plate on a daily basis or if being so involved in the creation would make dreams MORE vivid.

    On a slightly other topic — unless it’s not allowed — I’d like to present the Livejournal community SGU is Love. Right now it’s just me blathering on about ideas for SGU-Sims (I’m kind of a Sims 2 nut), but I’m envisioning it as another place for fans to go and be fans without all the hate. Criticism is okay, because sometimes things we don’t like happen on shows we do like, but as you’ve pointed out, there’s a difference between criticism and bitter disdain.

  6. The pics and captions are greatly appreciated after the kiind of day its been. And mailbags always improve my mood. Now, off to see if a couple hours of sleep can be snuck in before people decide their ingrown toenails need immediate attention at the E.R.

  7. Is it just me or does Remi Aubuchon look like Paul McGillion? *g*

    And Ashleigh and the homeless man look like they are practicing Pantomime theater 😀

    “… couching acceptable criticism in prickish terms (which you accurately demonstrated in the example above)”

    Its funny, it still thinks like you don’t want to accept it might simply the viewpoint, but must be some sort of more or less veiled attack.

    Oh well, enough of that. Lets all think of some jokes *g*

  8. Hi Joe! I’ve lived in NM for over thirty years and am tickled to hear that Brad and Carl are down my way. It was fabulous to see White Sands in Air. We have a very broad range of landscapes and locations. I’m curious as to what part of the state they are in now? Thanks!

  9. Joe, thank you for your continued efforts to seeing BAG safe and back aboard Destiny. Although there are some updates about BAG that you should be aware of. Some really great work by some BAG fans has placed him in multiple shows!

    Here is a list of BAG’s known appearances:

    1. Part of the civilian group aboard Destiny

    2. Part of the medical team in Atlantis

    3. Scientist in Eureka (you have to scroll down)*Faith-Spoilers*/page13

    4. Reporter aboard the Galactica

    5. Being generally awesome

    I just wanted to sincerely thank you for the time and effort you put into your blog. They are top notch everyday. Personally as a fan your blog enhances my experience of watching Stargate tenfold.

  10. 1. Was the destruction of Area 51 in the SG-Atlantis finale, the reason for operations to cluster in D.C. at Home World Command?

    2. Was the Ark of Truth destroyed for good when the Wraith Darts did their kamikaze attack on Area 51?

    3. During the first season of SG-Universe, is there still an SG-1 team?

    4. What is Sam Carter’s first priority during SG-Universe’s first season: SG-1, command of the George Hammond battle cruiser, or Area 51 research?

  11. Addendum to earlier question after perusing the delightful pictures. I think I recognize the restaurant … is that Red Lobster? ‘Course, I imagine the chain looks very similar and probably isn’t down in my corner of the state.

  12. Sorry, the third link doesn’t work on my above post. You would have to go to page 13 and scroll down.

  13. as a avid viewer of the stargate series since the first episode of sg-1 i feel inclined to tell you that the new series, SGU, is terrible and extreamly boring, each episode is getting way to predictable. you need more action in the series and dont hold to one idea throughout the entire episode. you need to have several ideas that teh destiny team needs to tackle, not just 2 or 3 things, SG-1 was the best at this.

    i hate to admit it but sg-1 was the best series, atlantis was OK, but this new stuff is just bad, but i keep watching it hoping it will get better, but if it continues the way it is going we are just gonna forget about SGU

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i beg off you put more action in these episode and have plot lines that will expand over several episodes, being trapped on a ship dont count because thats the basis of the show

  14. We need a Remi Q&A. I have a question — Is Caprica getting renewed? LOL. I so love that show. It ties for second place with everything else I watch.

    I didn’t know Carl was a “Lost” fan. Too bad it will be over on Sunday. Both 24 and Lost series finales will be airing on Sunday.

    Banana bread looks yummy. So Joe takes the plunge in dating a friend of Ashleigh. This should be interesting. You are a brave man.

    Peter Kelamis — My husband would kill for his head of hair. Unless that is a wig.

    All Kathleen Munroe fans, Patrick Gilmore put out a Tweet that she has a Twitter account @kathleenmunroe Glad to know she is coming back.

  15. I’m sleepy…just have enough energy to say thanks for the pics, the mailbag, the smiles, and the Wraithy info. Cool.

    And, nites. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


  16. Perry’s back? Awesomeness! I liked her a lot too.

    Banana bread looks great. Very… banana, bready with a hint of chocolate.

  17. I was just wondering about radios. In Atlantis, they used radios with headsets (or were the headsets all in one?) and all personnel seemed to have them, but the crew of Destiny appears to only have handhelds. Was there a reason this was different at Icarus Base?

  18. Hi, Joe! I’ve been watching Stargate ever since SG-1 premiered back when I was 13, and can proudly say I have never missed an episode the entire run of the franchise! For a while I’ve felt like Stargate is just a part of my life, and when I learned SG-1 was canceled, and later Atlantis, they were some of the saddest days I’ve ever had. So, this may be too early to ask, but is there any thought being given to possible next steps after Universe has lived out its (hopefully very long) life on television? You guys tell very fun, and intelligent, stories. I just never want to see this thing end!

  19. Mailbag Q: Do you enjoy answering all the technical questions asked by fans or are you like “oh, god, not another one!”, or do you perhaps not care either way?

  20. Oh my, is that Brian J Smith? Where did you guys go for dinner? It looks like he enjoyed every smidgin!

  21. I want to join the BAG campaign just to support long time fellow blogger PG15 and the more recent addition, Major Davis, but I’m a blonde, white chick with lots of hair. If I join the campaign will I be critized with comments like “What would she know about BAG oppression?” 🙂

  22. Hey Joe!

    Sooo… I ordered some Matcha tea! I’m looking forward to it. It arrives in the mail in a couple days (local stores don’t have it). It’s from Eden Foods, I believe an Aiya product. It’s the organic stone-ground variety. I have always enjoyed several varieties of teas but this is my first time with this unique of a tea, and it is definitely unique! I ordered the nifty little package with the bamboo whisk, spoon, ceramic tea bowl, 30g tin of Matcha… and it’s own fancy instructional video/DVD. Now I need a tea kettle with a temperature gauge. I read that 175 degrees is the ideal temperature. (???) Question: Do you prefer organic or non-organic Matcha (and why)? Or does it not matter?



  23. p.s.- the organic/non-organic matcha question – really just a question of your personal opinion. 😉 I’ve heard that the difference is mostly in taste but it’s about the same in nutritional value. (???) Or am is that wrong?


  24. Well, I definitely have no desire to join in the current ‘discussion’. Because I’ve had the feeling for a long time that mostly this isn’t a real discussion. It’s more like “My opinion is the right one and everybody who thinks in a different way is plain wrong or dumb or stubborn or whatever”. This applies to every ‘side’ that is involved. And sadly even for people like actors and family members. I could understand a personal attack towards an individual in response to an offensive behavior by said individual. What I can’t understand are personal attacks against a whole group of people. Several times. Still waiting for a public excuse here.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to @ Eireanne. Loved your yesterday’s comment. You nailed it. 🙂

    Different topic: Couldn’t join the last BOTM Club pick. Somehow RL has refused to give me enough time for reading books for months. But the book sounds interesting. Added it to my reading-list.

  25. you dont watch Lost? then how are you gonna write the next season of SGU? just kidding.

    seriously what dont you like about LOST? something that you guys incorporated in SGU, the flashbacks, dont have the same significance to the story in the same way they were used in LOST. so no more flashies please. they just protrude and cheapen the episode.

    personally i dont wanna know what these characters went through in that simple manner. think about it this way; if the flashback story CAN be instead told by the characters in the traditional present dialogue sense then dont have it. not saying they should air their old laundry to each other all the time, because you guys want them to seem inhibited at this point but i didnt need to know what Greer went through as a child, thats why too far back. and since this is a military show, why didnt we get war-fighting flashbacks? they havent gotten traumatized by previous wars? or they got zero experience?

    and shouldnt the government start breeding super soldiers to fight in space?—okay thats too far lol. Scalzi probably suggested using Gaould alien organisms to enhance human capabilities. well let me respond to Scalzi: thats gross man plus since our heroes survived all these years fighting all these aliens without a scratch, then clearly we are pretty much capable as humans in our original human form. and all you really need is sarcasm, evil alien Gods are no match for our sarcasm.

    *slips in off-topic link unobserved*
    P.S. – Peter, umm nice hair-do? It’s very umm (words actually fail me and that doesn’t happen very often) lol.

  27. Ok, now it’s my turn to be tired, so no big rambling paragraphs. Instead, here’s a list of today’s blog entry observations:

    Ashley’s friend eh?

    So, the adventure begins! 😉

    Also, since now I know for sure you guys stalk around the Gateworld forums, I am going to go ahead and pretend that your “Electric Boogaloo” remark was an imitation of the subtitle for my SGU Season 1.5 countdown thread. Oh yes.

    I do believe Peter Kelamis is sporting the mullet of the 21st centaur. Serious Business in the front, party girl in the back.

    A+ for Seinfeld reference.


    Woooo! Mandy’s back!! 😀

    Wow. That’s definitely a brand new tidbit on the Wraith. It makes sense though, thanks to those culling beams.

    Can’t wait for those Destiny history lessons! From your hints it already sounds pretty epic.

    @ Tammy: I do have a piano (well, a keyboard) at home, but I can’t really read sheet music, nor can I really play (all I can do is play short pieces of music with one hand), lol. However, I think I can learn that theme by ear, since it’s pretty simple and short. Thanks for the offer though!

  28. This is my first post ever

    1. Will we ever see the SGC in SGU?
    2. Will we ever see Atlantis in SGU?
    3. With atlantis on Earth, did they move all the SGC stuff to Atlantis?
    4. That weird drone thing that fixed the engines reminded me of a replicator except it didn’t eat up the ship, kill anyone or replicate. Seriously though, replicators are awesome, not the fake wanna be people ones, the original “bugs” replicators.

  29. Banana chocolate chip bread is one of my favorites to make. It is super easy and I use kind of healthy (I use wheat/white flour). I like to use mini-chips but any type of chocolate chip is awesome in this bread. Thanks for including the picture. I believe I will make another loaf this weekend.

  30. Coucou Joseph!

    ça va bien? Moi mieux, il fait un temps magnifique ici!!!

    Merci pour ces photos, ce dinner avait l’air délicieux. tiens ça me fait penser qu’hier j’ai fait un gateaux aux bananes & nuts (les barres chocolatés)…on dirait pas mais c’est super bon:)

    Je ne sais pas quoi vous demandez pour les Q/A en même je connais tout de vous…euh…?lol XD

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  31. Thanks for the pictures. The banana bread looked quite good. I’m glad to know House of Suns will be available next week. I looked for it last weekend and couldn’t find it. Hope everyone has a great day!!

  32. Hello Joe, Im interested in Icarus base, you recreated SGC into I carus and had only one episode in it.. Isnt that waiste of money…and in SGU is still Cheyenne Mountin Comlex (mean SGU) working(because of the Icarus we probably cannot find in the series)? Is Stargate still on its place in SGU and are the teams still going through? Any ideas of new SG1, we know that Jack is working on Homeworld something (Comand maybe), Sam is aboard Hammond (really nice idea of the new for a ship Don rest in peace) and whats with Daniel and Tealc?

  33. Glad to hear that we may get more of Dr.Perry! Kathleen Monroe was brilliant in the episode and her character added a lot of chemestry to the ship! And I was hoping that we would see more of her and not just have her as a one shot wonder.

    Do you guys ever use “random” ideas that you hear in passing from fan discussions like on GateWorld or here? I have often posted ideas or things I’d love to see happen in episodes. Not full stories or anything like that but just little plot ideas, elements/devices. And wondered if those things are counter productive (in that you guys wouldn’t or may not be able to use them).

  34. Wow Brian J. Smith aka the cleaner … lol !

    It is normal, the food is yucky on the destiny 🙂

  35. Kino webisodes?????? I had no idea they existed.

    I’ve just spent a minute laughing my arse off at the space suit scene… I guffawed when he fell over in the suit.. thanks for the belly laugh!! 🙂

  36. First off I would like to (I think) thank you for turning me into a little foodie. I say little because I do not eat seafood. Most of my food adventures are in Philadelphia, which surprisingly has a lot of fabulous restaurants! I’m currently hooked on Chef Jose Garces’ restaurants. I don’t think I would have been inclined to experience these places without reading your blog! However, my wallet isn’t happy with you, but my waist line is! After spending the past year dining at better restaurants I have lost 15 lbs without trying.

    That being said, I do not cook, at all, and I hate having to cook for myself since I am always extremely disappointed with my attempts.

    I was wondering; when you cook for yourself how you deal with the quality difference?

    Or do you just have a high level of culinary skill so you do not disappoint yourself in your dishes?

  37. Back again.. just watched the kino webisodes and loved them!

    Makes the Destiny residents seem so human and real.

    I laughed again at the ‘didn’t realise the radio was on’ webisode where Greer and Scott hear the insults .. classic…

    Off to watch more! Could use some of that cheddar icecream to enjoy along with it…

  38. Thanks for the answer Joe.

    P.S. Loved the “Breakin 2” reference to start your blog! LOL!

  39. Aw….Peter looks super cute with Vala pigtails. I hope it makes it to the screen. New Mexico dinner looks awesome, never noticed how long Brian’s fingers were before this. I wonder if he plays the piano.

    Cheers, Chev

  40. Long-time watcher; the different style of SGU threw me off a bit, but I’m warming up to the series; it’s one of the few I do watch, heh, so I hope we get at least 5 years out of this! =)

    Couple of questions: Assuming Destiny has a bridge, any idea when or if we might get to see it? Or any idea what episode we might get to see another significant part of the ship?

    Also, if we wanted to find out what happened to Franklin, or what other effects his actions in Sabotage had, what episode(s) should we be looking for?


  41. vvv0472 – Thanks for the links to the photos of the Balding Asian Guy. To be perfectly honest I’ve never noticed him on any of the shows. How exactly did he die? ‘cos I don’t remember that…..and Joe you forgot about the “Make Lorne Spansky” campaign – we had a blog, a petition, we even got it on Wikipedia for a few hours (yes I feel dirty) ….Poor Kavan still gets asked about it *smirk* – sorry Kavan, it’s got a life of its own.

    Cheers, Chev

  42. This is my favourite ad at the moment…Enjoy! Does it get any better than

    dancing cows?????

    Mark Savela assures me it’s all practical, no VFX at all *smirk*

    So if you’re feeling angry, watch the Dancing Cows and chill!!

    Cheers, Chev

  43. YES!! MANDYS BACK. At first I was scared I would hate her character, but then not only could I tolerate her character.. I BLOODY LOVED her character. Im really glad she’s back.

    Except this time do you think you could switch with say James or TJ or Chloe or Park instead of Wray. Wray’s already visited earth, we get the point that her a Sharon are madly in love. If she keeps visiting earth and they each keep saying “OMG I love you so much” its gonna get old. Shes had her chance, let someone else take their turn for stone screentime. I wanna learn about James and Park and TJ or maybe even Chloe(though not with her mother, we’ve seen that too). 🙂

    Now that Mandys back BAG must return Mr. M. He must. We know your not ignoring us, but your not giving into our demands. RESISTANCE WILL BE FUTILE! :p IF SGU MUST LIVE ON… BAG MUST RETURN!

    One question too…

    Will there be any atlantis character that make a guest appearance is season 2?

    Oh and by the way for any of those following the campaign, we just kicked off a charity drive(cell phones for soldiers). If your interested, please check out this link.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  44. @chevron7

    *Spoilers for Faith*
    Balding Asian Guy (BAG) was one of the half dozen people that stayed behind on the mysteriously formed planet. He took notes the entire episode.

  45. Have fun on your dinner withy Emanuelle. You must be doing something right if Ashleigh has not only introduced you to one of her friends but there was banana bread involved as well.

    May I suggest a Champagne Truffle flavor for a future experiment? I loved the Jacques Torres Champagne Truffles; I don’t think you should use the actual chocolates but instead make a use good champagne to make ice cream that’s crisp and light, then add chocolate truffle pieces and maybe a good nut like almond.

    How can anyone not like Jewel Staite? Firefly? SGA? She’s freakin’ adorable, for chrissakes. It’s like saying you don’t like Christmas or funnel cakes. Kvetch as haters may there was nothin’ funnier than Joe’s All Jewel Blog extoling Jewel’s fabulousness. What a neat way to poke the haters with a stick.

  46. How did I miss yesterday’s blog? Oh yeah, evil sinus headache which resulted in taking real painkillers. All went downhill after that, LOL.

    Survivor: glad Russell didn’t take it, but not enthralled with either Sandra or Parvati. Colby mentioned not being able to explore or dive, I wonder why not?

    Hey, those ARE Red Lobster dishes, or the restaurant uses the same supplier. I know, I’ve brought home enough of the little sauce dishes to recognize them. Mmmm, I want shrimp.

    Completely irrelevant ramble: If the rain stops, I can go plant peppers. I have six varieties, some quite hot. The hot ones go at the far end of the garden, one year they cross-pollinated and I had hot sweet peppers. Weird.

  47. Why do you read 2 books at a time? Just curious…..

    I know, I know, I’m being a huge pain in the butt. Last one I promise …….. for awhile. My name is Kymm and I am a link addict (Hiiiiiiii Kymmmmmm). Unless of course you say I cannnnn….. (yeah didn’t think so lol!!).

    You may have seen this site already as they are making a TV series out of it, starring William Shatner. Check it out, its reallly funny. Not a whole lot of entries, it’s fairly awkward to navigate, but still worth a look over.

    My favourite quote to date is:
    “Sometimes life leaves a hundred dollar bill on your dresser, and you don’t realize until later that it’s because it fucked you.”


  48. Hi there,
    I have a few seconds to spare from my crazy schedule of these past few days to comment on PAIN, that I finally got the chance to see.
    I LIKEd IT. Liked the whole hallucination concept, the development of the story. The voyeuristic side in me liked the beginning with the fight. Like the part with GREER RuSH and Camille. Like the part with Chloe and her father,… tought it was touching. I enjoyed it as much as I did TIME.
    I saw it twice.
    Just had on Sunday, a coowner condo meeting that I had been preparing for 1 month 1/2. It lasted 4 hours. I lost so much sleep on it ; not because of the workload, but simply because I didn’t want to be there.
    Usually people are supposed to be thrilled about get together .I wasn’t about this one and was looking forward for its end. I was amazed that we managed to have a decent meeting with no fight.
    I held it at my place. A lot of them seemed shocked to see that I live in a decent looking place. I ‘m not sure what they were expecting, but I was amused by their comments and reactions.
    It was a stressful meeting with a lot of striking moments … for sure, there was not a single dull one…. It would have made a great movie script.

  49. Hi Joe!

    It’s a lovely day in Seattle, contrary to the weathercasters (as usual) – actually I’m SUPPOSED to affirm that it’s raining, all day, everyday, all year long 😉

    Your blog inspired me – baked four loaves of banana bread (w/choc chips); one for now and one for the freezer, and two for the teacher’s lounge – they need a treat!

    Thanks for the pics and mailbag!

    Smiles, Julie

    @ Major D. Davis: I love the cell phone idea! I’ve been procrastinating since switching phones a few months back, thanks for the link!

    @ Das: no spiders for a week – and I swept all the floors, so no dust bunnies either!

    @ Paceofnature: each year when I bought the newest dvd set and I overdosed on an entire season of SG1/SGA, I would hear the Kawoosh in my dreams – I even had an entire dream narrated by CMS Walter Harriman aka Gary Jones, LOL!

  50. >personal attacks

    Personally I don’t think anyone minds being told if they’ve done something that someone else doesn’t like, it’s more about how you phrase it, you can’t just go onto a forum or a website and say you think someone is a horrible actor and shouldnt be acting, because people would either think you’re trolling, or being a hater.

    What you should do if you don’t enjoy an aspect of anything is say why, and using common decency, which I think some people don’t understand much.

    Acceptable criticism is perfectly fine when founded, look at Gateworld, using that as an example as most people here like SGU, there are a wide range of critics, some don’t cross the line into haterville.

    Every website, shop, store, or anything remotely associated with being alive has a level thats acceptable and unacceptable.

    Another example would be if you’re eating out somewhere and the food is awful. Do you walk up to the chef and say *Hey, your food sucks*, say nothing, or politely say you didn’t enjoy the meal but will try something else sometime?

  51. My comment was aimed at silvercomets personal attack speech, just adding my view.

  52. PG15: no problem. Son learned it by ear, so it’s not written down, anyway. He has this thing with theme music. I’m used to hearing video game music wafting through the house on the piano(Mario, in specific), so Fringe theme is good change. It reminds me of one of his recital pieces, Carol of the Bells. Sounds awesome on a baby grand!

    Reading “Prisoner” now. Enjoying it, thanks for recommending it Mr. M.

    Thanks for the pictures too!

  53. Randomness:

    “Another example would be if you’re eating out somewhere and the food is awful. Do you walk up to the chef and say *Hey, your food sucks*, say nothing, or politely say you didn’t enjoy the meal but will try something else sometime?”

    That is *great* analogy.

    I’d let it go back, describe my taste in more detail and ask if there would be something fitting available. If not, I’d leave regretfully, but certainly wouldn’t eat it. Not even if the chef swore up an down that the taste gets better if I was patient and just ate some more spoonfuls. And I’d certainly not come back to the restaurant if the chef flat out told me I had no taste for rejecting his beautiful connoction.

    (Staying as friendly as possible, that’s agreed, of course.)

  54. Darren from Gateworld announced on the December 15th 2008, that a new so called “community vision” will be implemented starting in January 2009.*Suggestions-Welcome*

    He explained that the forum atmosphere had gotten too “negative” for his liking and that the new policies would be more severe against negative comments. He said that Gateworld had “deliberately erred” in the past towards the “freedom of speech” but he now thinks that it is more important that Stargate fans have “a place that is fun to visit” which means that he will allow less negative comments.

    The site whose name you like to edit was registered and went online shortly after the premiere in the USA which was on October 2nd 2009. By then the Gateworld “community vision” had been fully implemented for months. You could have observed this easily shortly after the premiere aired. There was a HUGE amount of activity then. A lot of people wanted to state their opinion and because SGU is very different in comparison to SG1 and SGA there were many who didn’t like it. Sadly enough, many of their comments were deleted. A lot of threads disappeared completely. You could have just been reading a thread or comment and after the page was refreshed it was gone.

    So you were wrong when you said that Gateworld made a decision against negative comments AFTER the site whose name you like to edit existed. Of course, the censorship at Gateworld has got even worse in the last few months but it was already bad enough in October 2009.

    And now I come to your claim that any opinion, which doesn’t follow the partly line, get venomously attacked.

    I think that statement is very generalizing. Sure, it can happen that a positive comment in regards to SGU gets venomously attacked. But I don’t know ANY forum where something like this doesn’t happen. You can even observe this at the heavily moderated Gateworld forum. Although there, most of the opinions which are getting “venomously attacked” tend to be negative in regards to SGU. Even if someone only criticizes a specific aspect of SGU in a respectful and constructive way, the comment is not safe from venomous attacks.

    That doesn’t mean that all positive comments in regards to SGU are getting “venomously attacked” by everyone on the site whose name you like to edit. If someone writes why they like SGU and gives reasons for it a lot of people will probably not agree with the reasons and write why. I wouldn’t say that every post of someone, who disagrees with the opinion of another strongly and says why can be defined as “venomously attacking”. Not everyone who doesn’t like SGU will be “nasty” to SGU fans on the “edit” site.

    And by the way there aren’t only people who really dislike SGU active on the “edit” site. There are a few people who like or even love SGU and just like to discuss their opinion on a nearly uncensored forum. There is a bigger group of people who think that SGU is “ok”; not good enough to like but also not bad enough to dislike. They like the freedom to speak freely without the fear of being censored about what they don’t like about SGU. They generally don’t hesitate to also speak about the aspects of SGU that they like.

    All in all you have a very narrow view in regards to this site and its members. I suspect you have never visited the site and even if you have you probably have only concentrated on those comments which fortify your opinion and not those which are different to your generalization.

    I am sure you don’t believe anything I have just written and that you will continue to blankly insult everyone on that site as hikikomoris and worse things. This will of course not help to make the “division” between Stargate fans who only like SG1 and/or SGA but not SGU and those which like SGU and maybe one or both of the older Stargate series smaller. You and your insults, rants, snarks and often venomous sarcasm only increase the bad atmosphere between different fan groups but I guess you love to add fuel to the fire.

  55. Would you clarify your answer to the question about Beckett’s memories?

    You said:
    As for when they had the opportunity to acquire Beckett’s in particular – sometime late in Atlantis’s second season.

    However, when he is found in The Kindred, he tells Rodney he was kidnapped by Michael on the planet from Misbegotten which is in season three. How did he get those memories?

    On another note, I wanted to say how much SGU has grown on me. I was uncertain after the first couple of episodes, but it really has come into its own. The past few have been powerful, especially the one with Rush’s wife (sorry, I don’t know the ep name). I’m looking forward to S2.

  56. “which you won’t be too hard-pressed to find on the other site”

    Which I don’t read btw – and I think people should stop referring to it unless we can also quote from it.

    ” it’s more about how you phrase it, you can’t just go onto a forum or a website and say you think someone is a horrible actor and shouldnt be acting,…”

    I don’t know if you are referring to me, but I’d just like to point out that I haven’t done that – I was talking in general terms. Wasn’t quite sure how defensively I have to write it to stave of attacks.

    “… because people would either think you’re trolling, or being a hater.”

    Well, then frankly its those people who are at fault – and they should stop making up stuff (but perhaps that explains me being called a jerk and prick and what have you)

    “Another example would be if you’re eating out somewhere and the food is awful. Do you walk up to the chef and say *Hey, your food sucks*, say nothing, or politely say you didn’t enjoy the meal but will try something else sometime?”

    Ah – but that’s different. If you have a fan site (or perhaps community site if you object to the word “fan”) then its for that community – NOT the people involved in the production.

    The people are talking among them selves about something, and anyone who then runs of to tell someone who wasn’t mean to hear that is at fault.

    Rather like if your your restaurant metaphor was changed to: the people left the restaurant, get into their car and one says to the other “well that was a terrible meal, we are not coming back” – but someone on the parking lot hears this through the open window and runs in and tells the chef and says “Aren’t these rude people!” – well no actually YOU ARE because you try and stir up trouble by spreading the message.

  57. Gah. I just realized that us Canucks (probably) won’t be getting Subversion till next week, given this is the Victoria Day long weekend. Aleast according to the SPACE website. We’ll get it next week when the US have their break, so we should be on even ground after that.

  58. @chevron7– Vala pigtails! I knew I had seen them somewhere and I kept thinking Dorothy, Wizard of Oz, but that wasn’t right, but it was if I think about episode 200 of SG-1. Memory fail.

  59. @pg15
    “mullet of the 21st centaur” Best typo I’ve seen all month!

    I think I’m reading about 4 books as the moment. Hard to keep track of them all.

  60. True but this is just going to be something for fun, nothing serious, and would also include other things than just episodes they have written. For example, extra points to Rob for being a Cowboys fan and you for your Tokyo trips. Meanwhile Carl loses points for writing Pocahontas and Paul for not being in more pictures.

  61. Love the pics! The two of Peter K. made me burst out laughing. I think his total deadpan is the clincher.

    So who screwed up and let you into the YWCA swimming area, anyway? I thought they had guards who are supposed to politely escort suspicious-looking dudes off the premises. . . Not good when the fox gets into the hen-house. *w*

    @Chev – The dancing cows continue to make me break out in tears of laughter by the time the vid is done. Great find, thanks! – Re. Peter K.’s ‘do, I haven’t seen much of the Vala-era eps, so am intrigued by the possibilities. My own thoughts went back to early MTV vids, namely Toni Basil performing “Mickey.” When I was little, that made me want to be a cheerleader. What an inspiration. . . {/sarcasm}

    @das – LOL!!! And you can tell that the guy behind her could hardly wait to get on the phone to his best bud about what he just saw.

    @Kymm – The vid you linked to: That dude gets around, eh? He’s funny, but I especially liked all the different locations. The video is like an updated version of “It’s A Small World.” – I read where you found that your slip was showing. *w* Yes, c’est la vie – ou la guerre, depending on how you look at things. . . *g*

    Well, time to get out and do some hard time on the pavement, in what’s becoming increasingly predictable cool, overcast evening weather.

  62. Geeez Shadowstep, don’t you think calling an actor ‘talentless’ is a personal insult??

    If you said ‘this actor I felt didn’t do a good job in their portrayal of the character’… then that’s different. Calling them talentless is a generalisation.

    Remind me to ignore your posts from now on.. I’ll skip riiiiiiiiight over them.. gotta love scrolling.

  63. i said – “the writers have made huge and (wonderfully to me) in-your-face ships for SGU, but with sam/jack, we still don’t know if they’re together… will this change in the future?”

    you said – “Ideally, yes.”

    hi, joe,

    i’ve been discussing your answer with other shippers at gateworld, but we can’t come to a complete understanding of it. what do you mean by ‘ideally’?

  64. @ Das – Oh Das, that is just wrong on sooo many levels *giggle*. Those are quite the pasties. She could put out an eye. I wonder why she has a gun in her hand? Why isn’t anyone else dressed up (in the background)?

    @ Eternal Density – O.K. but then why start 4 books, if you find you are getting them mixed up?

    @ Otros Ojos – I think that would be the ultimate dream job, the travel, not so much the dancing.

    @ Eric.Stewart – I can feel your Condo Pain, I used to own one as well (key word is USED to). I hated all of the fighting too, so I sold mine.


  65. Hello Joe, you never answered my question about “The Seige” from many moons ago. How did Lt. Ford escape in the jumper while hopped up on the Wraith enzyme? He never had the Ancient gene. Was that a plot hole?

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