I walked into the office this morning and, as I do every day, popped my head into Ashleigh’s office to say hi, inquire about her weekend, and ask her if she missed me (her mouth says no but her eyes say “Hell, yeah!”).  Anyway, she was wearing her new jacket –

When my writing partner, Paul, laid eyes on it for the first time last week, he quipped: “Couldn’t you find one with bigger buttons?”  Then, today, Lawren took advantage of a photo op to offer a not-so-subtle critique on the size of that collar –

Whaddya mean “Poor Ashleigh?”!  Puleeeze.  The day after I complain about my inability to pick up the sheets in my office mailbox (they lie so perfectly flat I’m unable to slip my short-nailed fingers beneath them), I discover “someone” has gone through the trouble of actually taping them down.  Well today, I got my revenge.  I challenged her to six rounds of food trivia and, despite going into overtime and having Paul walk in halfway through to lend her support, I came away with the victory.  Besides bragging rights, I won another batch of her homemade cookies.  Special request: chocolate with peanut butter chips. Will post pics.  If they’re any good.

I was able to put out a first draft of Resurgence late this afternoon.  After many agonizing weeks, I finally feel good about it – which is pretty much the kiss of death.  I’m expecting plenty of constructive criticism.  Meanwhile, Brad is on location in Cloverdale where the production is shooting…wait for it…Cloverdale, Paul is prepping Trial and Error, Remi is working on his rewrite of Visitation, Linda is working on a first draft of her script (what was that title again?), while Carl is working on an outline for episode #14.

Here are a few out-of-context set pics for you to enjoy…

And, some recent food pics –

Mini-cupcakes at work. Ashleigh had, like, six of them.

My new favorite sandwich: brie, pear, and walnut on baguette. Delicious! Finally, something Ashleigh and I can agree on.

The meguro-avocado crepe at Yuji’s.

Damn. Don’t recall what this was (I really should take notes when I got out), but it was a special at Yuji’s. And it was great!

And some pics I thought I’d deleted from dinner at Campagnolo Restaurant with Ashleigh –

Crispy Ceci!

Pizza Formaggi & Papadew. A hit!

Long Gnocchi. An enormous miss!  But pretty to look at.

Nutella Tart. Need you even ask? It’s freakin’ nutella! HIT!


Otros Ojos writes: “I learned more about literary appreciation from some comic books than I did from a few of the more lame required reads we had at school.”

Answer: So true.  In retrospect, I’m sure my parents were glad they didn’t deter my comic book-reading.  If they had, I’d probably have grown up to work in a paper clip factory.

Otros Ojos also writes: “I would totally buy those skull wine-goblets if they weren’t 70 bucks a pop.”

Answer: I was at the liquor store the other day, looking for weird additions to my liquor cabinet, when I happened across a vodka bottle in the shape of a skull.  I seriously thought about it.

Michael A. Burstein writes: “I’ve been reading comic books, mostly DC and Spider-Man, since about 1974. I took a hiatus from about 1987-1992 and then started collecting again, and I haven’t looked back since.”

Answer: Like I said in yesterday’s entry, my interest in comics waxes and wanes.  I’ll pick up almost every title out there, read ’em, and drop the ones that fail to grab me.  Eventually, I’ll drop the last one and go months without picking up a title – before starting the process all over again.  Still following a few graphic novels: The Walking Dead, Scalped, and DMZ.

Ishak writes: “btw my first language is french, are you like learning it or something?”

Answer: I grew up in Montreal so I’m bilingual.  I also speak Italian and am somewhat conversational in Japanese.

Craig writes: “Have you read any of Grant Morrison’s Batman run?”

Answer: Yes.  Love his collaborations with Frank Quitely.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Do you still have all your comic books from when you were a kid?”

Answer: Yep, plus an outrageous amount of action figures and statues.

Prior_of_the_Ori writes: “1) Will we ever see one of the Gate Seeding Ships?
2) After seeing Destiny’s weapon system in operation, will we see any drones like those used by Atlantis?
3) If Destiny is exploring galaxies, does that mean that once the ship leaves a galaxy – we won’t see the aliens from that galaxy again? So say if Destiny left the Blue alien galaxy, we won’t see them again?”

Answers: 1) Wouldn’t that be cool?

2) Nope.

3) Unless the aliens can follow us through the void between galaxies.  Wouldn’t that be cool?

Joe writes: “RIP, Pip the Troll… I loved those old comics with Warlock and Thanos… and Drax the Destroyer and Gamorra. Adam Warlock was always a “thinky” character, wasn’t he?”

Answer: Boy, just talking about ’em makes me want to head into the crawlspace and track down some of my old faves.

Escyos writes: “Do you think that the Atlantis expedition would still be able to give people the gene therapy once they came back in to contact with Earth after the Siege Part 3.”

Answer: I do.

34 thoughts on “May 3, 2010: Battles with Ashleigh! Production Update! Miscellaneous Pics! And the Mailbag!

  1. Can you say to Ashleigh that she has a fan back here in Calgary? Also, we love her! She should have a blog where she tells the other side of the story.

  2. *SPOILERS?*

    Ooh. One of the mailbag comments gave me an idea of how Eli and the others could end up back with the others. Or at least out of that galaxy. VERY eager to see now whether I’m anywhere close to right.

    Also, Ashleigh is such a good sport to put up with you boys all day. 😀

  3. I would have six of those mini-cupcakes too. They look yummy. Less for you to eat also.

    Watched the latest SGU episode last night. Marty G. really knows how to put people on the edges of their seats. Boy oh boy was that a good episode. I do think one of the best yet. The stuff about Greer was excellent. Remember on Lost in the first season when there was the big reveal about the guy who was no longer in the wheelchair? That’s what this episode reminds me of. Of course, I stopped watching Lost in the second season because I just couldn’t follow it. Don’t think I’ll have that problem with SGU.

    Greer and TJ are my favorite characters right now. Talk about great storylines.

  4. Quote: “I was at the liquor store the other day, looking for weird additions to my liquor cabinet, when I happened across a vodka bottle in the shape of a skull. I seriously thought about it.”

    They had a bottle or rather a skull of that on “Attack Of the Show” awhile back and if I recall correctly they said it was something akin to drinking fingernail polish remover. Not exactly quality. Then again it would make for a good weird food item of the day purchase.

    Any chance you will be posting more behind the scenes pictures soon?

  5. Your new favourite sandwich is vegetarian. Ashleigh is starting to win you over to the other side!

    Six seems like a reasonable number to me, they look small, plus you would want to try all of the flavours.

    Have a good one!!

  6. LOL. Love the corridor shot.
    Good to see that even TV Folk still do that inexplicable “Oooh, A camera! Must wave!!!” thing.

  7. Hey Joe, doesn’t having all those wrinkles (in the fabric used to make the green screen) make it like ten thousand times harder to insert the VFX later? Or is that a question for Mark Savela?

    I’m liking Ashleigh more and more each day. She’s a keeper! 😀 I’m wondering how many of these wonderful jokes are secretly your doing, and how many are hers. She seems so sweet and innocent! 😉


  8. Random question: at what point did y’all know Alaina was pregnant? Did you decide from the beginning to write TJ (unknowingly) pregnant, or was it something you decided to add in the back half? I said you all knew from the beginning (that’s why you included the scenes with her and Young and Young’s wife getting suspicious) but she thinks you decided to add it later, since TJ didn’t start having symptoms or even showing at all until “Faith.” One of my friends and I have a bet riding on this, so… next mailbag? (I’ll give you half if I win!) 😉

  9. Hi Joe,

    Perhaps 3rd time’s a charm on this question, perhaps not, I’ll simplify either way…

    Are there any instrumentalists (musicians) aboard Destiny?


  10. Hi, Joe.

    Congratulations on those 17 Leo Awards nominations today! (And Sanctuary received 17 nominations as well.)


    Part 2 of the Robert Carlyle interview (text) is available now at the Daily Record:


    Oh, and Beau Bridges (Gen. Landry) is appearing on the syndicated Bonnie Hunt daytime talk show on Thursday, May 6; and Ming-Na tweeted that she’s appearing on the Today show on NBC on Wednesday, May 5.

    And Patrick Gilmore guest stars on this week’s episode of Fringe on FOX – ‘Northwest Passage.’

    Thank YOU, Joe, for sharing the photos with us.

    You know, Ashleigh’s new jacket kind of reminds me of Sally Field’s white winged cornette from The Flying Nun. Perhaps if a stiff breeze comes up, and the trajectory is right, Ashleigh can achieve flight!


  11. I love date, walnut , banana and cream cheese….. try that one!!!

  12. Completely random question: What device is the Kino Remote prop built around?
    It looks somewhat like a Nokia internet tablet, but I wouldnt even begin to guess what model or even if im right on the brand.

    Please let me know, I must have one.

    P.S, saw the latest epp, glad we finally got a good look at the remote interface. (im a huge tech nerd, I know lol)
    Anyways, Loved the epp… Hell, Loved every episode so far.

  13. Haha, taping down the sheets was a great prank. Ashleigh deserves all the mini-cupcakes she wants for that. And I still love her jacket, with its attitude that would make the most flamboyant Dr. Who envious – but still nicely feminine. Cool.

    Thanks for all the pics. (Or not, since I’m looking at all the great food before breakfast. And no leftover pizza… *sobs quietly*)

    Y’know, if you really want something special and awesomely weird for your liquor cabinet, I’ll bet Ashleigh has friends who could put you in touch with a glass-blower. You could design the baddest decanter ever, with skull, flame-colored effects, or whatever you want, and get some estimates. Hobbyists might create such an item for a very reasonable amount, and be quite appreciative of tips or quid-pro-quos, or any business you might send their way. – I have a little perfume bottle that I watched being made – fascinating process, excellent results. Support your local artisans! (In addition to artisanal foods, that is.) And no worries about mass-produced bottles with unappetizing contents.

    Have a good day. Or whatever makes for the best write-up. *w*

  14. Tammy said:

    Chevron7: my cat, Trouble, used to freak out at the vets (Trouble died a few years ago). The vet was a close friend, so if I couldn’t be there to hold Trouble, she had standing orders to gas the cat down in a cage. It really worked well. No one got stressed, or bitten. The gas wore off quickly with no side effects. More expensive but my baby was worth it. Of course, your vet would need an inhalation cage but you might suggest the possibility for the next visit.
    Hey, shouldn’t you be Chevron9 now?

    Hi Tammy,

    What a coincidence….we used to have a cat called Trouble. I gave the vet the headsup about Sasha’s history (she had attacked him before) and he chose to carry on and paid the price. Thanks for letting me know about the gas. I will enquire about that. The sedative he gave was really strong.

    Re: Chevron9….funny David Blue said that….no plans to change….I know its not original but its what everyone knows me as….well unless you’re on Twitter.

    Thanks heaps!

    Cheers, Chev

  15. Re: Nutella Tart….coming back from my parents place a few weeks ago I spied a new pizza place offering a Nutella Pizza…that’s the base….not tomato it’s nutella. I don’t know if I’m game to test it out…should I? They also have a vegemite pizza. Now I like vegemite on toast or crumpets but I can’t imagine it as a pizza base.

    Cheers, Chev

  16. Upon looking things of importance that are celebrated on my birthday (May 4th), I found out that today is also Star Wars Day. Is there a Stargate Day? If not, I’d suggest October 28th as that was the release date for the Stargate movie with Kurt Russell that kicked off the franchise.

  17. Hi Joe, I’m baaaaack… Have Das and Ashleigh been keeping you in line? Had a blast at the convention! It was good to get outta here for a couple of days, but it’s good to be home 😉 I will always pay a high price for leaving Mr. Deni alone for a few days, and true to form, I about sh8t when I walked into the mess. It looked like teenagers had lived/partied unsupervised in here and I’m still catching up. Two days! Otherwise, gearing up for Elway’s party on Saturday. Hmmm, more cleaning, more cooking, more cleaning. Smart.

    @Chevron7: See? Told you so! Welcome back!

  18. Chevron7: I worked with my vet (Jo) for years and we became good friends. Jo is excellent with cats and I learned a lot about handling fractious felines from her. Not every vet likes cats or knows how to handle them. Jo trained at a Cat only vet hospital and she said they had great equipment/techniques for low stress restraint/treatment. Do they have a “Cat” only vet hospital near you?

  19. otros ojos said:

    Y’know, if you really want something special and awesomely weird for your liquor cabinet, I’ll bet Ashleigh has friends who could put you in touch with a glass-blower. You could design the baddest decanter ever, with skull, flame-colored effects, or whatever you want, and get some estimates. Hobbyists might create such an item for a very reasonable amount, and be quite appreciative of tips or quid-pro-quos, or any business you might send their way. – I have a little perfume bottle that I watched being made – fascinating process, excellent results. Support your local artisans! (In addition to artisanal foods, that is.) And no worries about mass-produced bottles with unappetizing contents.

    Awesome idea!!

    Cheers, Chev

  20. Deni said:

    @Chevron7: See? Told you so! Welcome back!

    Funny I was thinking the same thing…I’m pretty sure I’m not imagining it. *sighs* …I wish I could fix it but I don’t even know what I did.

    Thanks heaps for the welcome back….it means a lot.

    Cheers, Chev

  21. Can we have an onscreen explanation why Dr. McKay, Col. Carter and other genius’ aren’t dropping whatever they’re doing and using Atlantis’ wormhole drive to reach Destiny?

  22. Salut 🙂 ça va ?

    Moi oui comme toujours!!

    Miame, super ces photos de plats =P!! Par contre j’ai du mal à imaginer le mélange de la poire et du brie O_o ça s’accorde bien?
    Ahhhhh le gateaux nutella ♥ ça je pense que j’airmerai bien^^!!

    Merci aussi pour ces Q/A!
    Biensure que vous parlez français, super bien en plus 😉
    Lol vous avez aussi des figurines! beaucoup? ^^ vous êtes resté un grand enfant:)

    Gros bisou !!!
    Je vous ♥

  23. Oh. my. I had the naughtiest dream last night about Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. 😯 I mean… whoa. 😳

    Note to self: Eat more ice cream right before bed!! 😀

    Needless to say, Joe, I’m feeling rather hot and bothered today… *fans self* …so I really can’t help you with your Ashleigh problems – but I will say that the two of you are starting to remind me of Todd and Sheppard. 😉

    Have a good one, Joe! I know I will! 😀


  24. PS: And congrats on the Leo noms! Of course…I’m also rooting for Sanctuary


  25. PSS…or is it PPS…?? ANYhoo…(tol’ ya I’m not thinkin’ straight today…)…

    @ Deni – I’ve been too busy to keep Joe in line lately…running around like a head with my chicken chopped off the last few days. But I’m not too worried about it – I think our third grade antics were enough to keep him on his toes for the next 6 months. He knows just one little step out of line, and we’ll start with the spit balls and atomic wedgies all over again! 😈

    @ Joe – Doncha just love it when we talk about you as if you’re not even here?? 😀


  26. Ashleigh should clearly have a blog where she posts pictures of herself and her friends frolicking at their pyjama parties, where she writes about her meals and the ordeals she braves trying to make it in a brutal mans world.

  27. So, why an ASUS laptop instead of a Dell or Mac? It’s a very cool looking laptop but electronics made in China often ship preloaded with viruses, which I found out the hard way when a brand new box of flashdrives at our office contained very hairy viruses that weeks to clear up.

    Could be a cool plot point though; PRC secret agents are stealing SG tech through trojans…!


  28. Also, tell me they’ll encounter a civilisation that does clothing at some point. Seven seasons of “You are here” t-shirts is gonna get very boring.

  29. Hi, Joe!
    New commenter here, just want to say how much I enjoy your blog!

    I noticed that some of your military folks on Destiny are in need of a haircut. Any chance you could have Lou Diamond Philips touch his hair and go ‘wtf?’ the next time he jumps into Young’s body?

  30. Wow. never considered the combination of pear, brie, and walnut. Sounds interesting though. That’s one of the things I love about your blog, it forces me to look at things differently, whether its food or the cosmic importance if Pip the Troll. Mailbags also appreciated. And it took you OVERTIME to beat Ashleigh at a food trivia game> For shame. Ashleigh may be a demigoddess but surely you are descended from some ancient diety overseeing good food and the taste buds to appreciate the same. Or were you just setting her up for a more dinfinitive defeat?
    Thans for the daily dose of amusement and enlightenment

  31. Jelly doesn’t taunt! Cute picture.

    Congrats on Leo noms!

    Does everyone at your work pick on Ashleigh?

    The food looks wonderfull!

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