Well, she may be sneaky and cruel, conniving and occasionally vengeful, but I’ll say one thing for Ashleigh – she’s also prompt.  Only one day after losing to me in a food trivia showdown, she paid up on the bet by bringing in the batch of cookies I requested: chocolate with peanut butter chips.  Before presenting them, she informed me that she didn’t think they were very good, that the chocolate-peanut butter combo didn’t work, and that she was honestly disappointed with the results.  And, before I could open my mouth to say anything, she was quick to add: “And, no, I’m not making you another batch tonight.”

A regretful Ashleigh offers up a batch of chocolate peanut butter chip cookies.

Rather than immediately trash the cookies (my first instinct), I decided to throw caution to the wind and sample one.  Taaaaas-tyyyyy!  I don’t know what the hell she was going on about.  They were great.  And I told her as much.  “You’re just being nice,”she countered.  Nice?  Me?  When the hell am I ever nice? I’ve had people prepare meals for me out of the goodness of their hearts and thanked them by writing pointed reviews of their efforts.  “No, I suppose you’re right,”she realized.

Still, I suggested that I should eat the cookies and spare her the potential embarrassment of my fellow writer-producers being hugely disappointed in the results.  I warned off Lawren whose response was something along the lines of: “Wait a minute.  If something is bad, you usually tell me it’s good so you can watch me eat it.”  I insisted I was being genuine as a thank-you for his proof-reading Resurgence and making sure it was mistake-free before putting it out last night.  “But, I did put it out with a mistake,”he reminded me, pointing out the oversight I had just mentioned to him moments earlier.  I assured him he was overthinking it.

For his part, my writing partner, Paul, demonstrated absolutely no confidence in me by immediately marching over to Ashleigh’s office and trying a cookie. His response… “Great”?  “Thank you”?  “How thoughtful of you to bake these cookies for us”?   Try – “Too many peanut butter chips.”  Interestingly enough, that didn’t stop him from having another one at lunch.

As I was about to head back to my office, I noticed the first draft of my new script, Resurgence, sitting on Ashleigh’s desk.  “Have you read it yet?”I asked.

“No,”she said.  “I was already gone by the time it came out last night.  Lawren was working on it late.  I could hear him commenting on it in his office.  Stuff like “this is terrible” and “what an awful script”.”

“Lawren said that?”I asked.

“Ohhhhh,”she said, her eyes alighting on the script’s cover page as if for the first time.  “Is this YOUR script?”

See?!  This is what I have to put up with every day (except weekends when she refuses to see me)!

Some Space-related pics I came across this morning…

Concept art of the blueberry aliens.

A rare dancing pic of one of the blueberry aliens attending his nephew's bar mitzvah.

His eHarmony profile pic.
Alien scout ship/fighter.
Int. Alien Ship - Corridor Configuration
Water tank.

Regulator illustration.

Alien ship interior

Alien ship interior
Working on the alien corridor.

Director Andy "let's get down to business" Mikita.
Cleaning up after the aliens.
Creepy, no?
Alien access point.

Don’t forget to catch Ming-Na on the Today Show, tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m.!

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday boy Craig.

48 thoughts on “May 4, 2010: Victory is sweet! And peanut buttery too! Artwork, schematics, and set pics from Stargate: Universe episode #11, Space!

  1. Ya know she coughed on ’em, Joe. Mebbe even spit in the batter…



  2. PS: Oh, and Joe? Remember me saying how you and Ashleigh remind me of Todd and Sheppard?? Well…I’m really tempted to tell you the same thing I tell them.



  3. :eep: I .<

    Saw your post from yesterday and the baguette looked delicious. One of my favorite recipes is sourdough bread, sliced granny smith apple, brie, and sliced onion "grilled cheese" – that with a delicious tomato bisque makes a lovely cold weather dinner.

    I have to say – when I first saw the Blue Dudes I thought it was pretty bold going for something so different looking (and since things like that can be hit or miss ) – not in a bad way though 🙂 I mean, look at that eHarmony profile picture. Who wouldn't want some of that?

  4. Wow. Thanks for the blog dedication. Now if only I had a way to get some of those cookies…

  5. LMAO over the Blueberry Alien. He must have downloaded Rush’s memories of Saturday Night Fever specifically for the bar mitzvah post-ceremony party.

  6. Did I miss ELyse’s Q& A? I am so out of sorts, i don’t know… i’m thinking a day at the PGA spa may help.

  7. Whhaa? Wh why such an early post? You must have plans for the eve. Have fun!

    Gee, Ashleigh, you were quick with the cookies. You can never go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter! (Unless you burn ‘em). Paul, I don’t think there is no such thing as too many chips…. The cookies would have been good with some banana chips, or toffee bits, as well. yummmm.

    What did you do for blog material before Ashleigh was hired?

    I laughed at the blueberry aliens. You may have just officially named them.

    I read the 2nd half of the Robert Carlyle article. (Thanks for posting Morjana). I think it’s sad that he didn’t think he had a family growing up. He and his father were a ‘family’ albeit a small one but, nevertheless, it’s more than some people have. I bet Robert is a really great Dad!

    Thanks for the behind the scenes pics.

    Where has Carl gone? He’s just disappeared. (Hi Carl!)

    Belated congrats on the Leo nominations!!

    Have a good one!!

  8. Hey Joe, I’ve commented before but not often and never with this brand new ID (Formerly the one lettered “C.”) so I’m not a total newbie here, even if it looks like it.

    Just wanted to say I’ve been staying away because I got really far behind on Universe and didn’t want to be spoiled. I’m all caught up now, and I’m loving it.

    I’m kind of sad though, because in my (admittedly brief) quest for an online fandom, I’ve mostly just found a whole lot giant squids of anger. You know the sort, no matter what happens they’re just going to wave their arms in the air and spew negativity. Haven’t spent much time at the Gateworld forums because they’re so vast, but will check them out.

    Do you guys still feel like you’re getting a lot of criticism for the different feel of SGU compared to SG1/SGA or has all that bile kind of simmered down? I hope so, because — while I love SG1/A to death — I’m really digging what makes SGU different. And what makes it similar. It’s just a really good show. 🙂

  9. Joe, you trusting soul. How did the laxative taste with the peanut butter and chocolate? If we don’t hear from you tomorrow, we’ll know why 🙂

  10. Please tell Paul you can never have too many peanut butter chips. They look delicious. Nice job Ashleigh.

    Very colorful pants/shorts on Mr. Mikita. Was he golfing later maybe?

  11. We never get Ashleigh’s side of things – does she read your blog or are you counting on the fact that she doesn’t? You do know that the traits we find irritating in others are often found in our own character – “sneaky, conniving, cruel and occasionally vengeful” – look out, Joe!

  12. @JulieAloha

    Our resident super villain trainee Ashleigh posts occasionally here.

  13. The good news is that if Ashleigh let others eat the cookies, they are probably safe for you. But you are fortunate in having someone who is so prompt on paying off bets. Admirable group of people you work for.
    very nice pics. Your websight would be a fantastic source of information for a course on the production of a tv show, especially a sci fi show. Why people seem to think of Sci fi as a lesser literary form than other genres continues to amaze me, especially when we see shows such as the Stargate franchise, Babylon 5, and even the Star Trek shows. Just glad you and your writing partner moved into this line of work and joined up with other such capable people.

  14. I’ve never seen these words put together like this before: “the chocolate-peanut butter combo didn’t work”.

  15. Yeah I was wondering if she’s hocked a loogie into the batter 😉

  16. @ Deni – Ooooh…Ex-Lax. Yeah, that sounds more devious than licking the tops of all the cookies, or something. I think that mebbe you and Ashleigh should get in touch with one another, and exchange supervillain tips.

    Now – speaking of supervillains, let’s switch gears and talk about superheroes. Real ones. First, back in 2006 German director Werner Herzog gets shot… then pulls Joaquin Phoenix from his overturned his car.



    Then Johnny Depp tips a waiter $4000…


    and then he fends off a mugger with just a glare…


    Lastly, we have a British Super Sniper who takes out two Taliban 1.5 miles away:


    I think we have the beginnings of a new Avengers team right here. 🙂


  17. @paceofnature: I totally agree – it’s too bad people feel the need to tear something down in order to validate their love of something else. We all knew SGU was going to be really different, it really shouldn’t have surprised us that it is. It doesn’t change how great SG-1/A were. I think so many fans out there are still mourning for their fav characters – I know I am – that they have a hard time seeing the good in something new. And even if they truly don’t like SGU, they don’t have to rip it up one side and down the other – no one’s forcing them to watch it if it really bothers them.

  18. I get the feeling the cookies weren’t poisoned, if only to lull you in a false sense of security when she does poison you for realises down the line… Be ever vigilant, young one. Ever vigilant.

  19. @ annie from Fremantle – I like your way of thinking, too. You should get together with Deni and Ashleigh…



  20. Great production art, love coming here to see behind the scenes stuff. Q: Do you have a production art/concept art for the outside of the SGU alien motherships ?

    Loving your work

  21. Chocolate-peanut butter cookies, hey? Have you noticed how both chocolate and peanut butter chips have a mild resemblance to egested matter, albeit reshaped? Wonder whether that’s what Ashleigh used… may have just put a sprinkling in, just so that you didn’t notice the difference. Imagine that. You sure you didn’t taste anything a little odd in the cookies?

    @Matt Silver – that was what I was thinking.

    But if the cookies are genuine uncontaminated artifacts, I’d like one. They look and sound yummy.

  22. @Das: Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute! I come up with “laxative” and you throw me to the supervillains? Ok, I’m in. 🙂

  23. Salut Joseph!! ça va ? moi oui..dentiste aujourd’hui (snif)

    Merci pour toutes ces photos!! Les aliens de sgu font vraiment peurs, de qu”elles animaux vous êtes vous inspirez pour le créer? Je me demande bien dans quel épisode ont sera enfin leurs noms..

    hummm les coockies d’ Ashleigh ont l’air délicieux!!

    Bonne journée!
    Bisou =)

  24. Hey, Joe!

    I haven’t been on your blog in a while, because my laptop died. After watching Human in the UK last night though, I couldn’t contain myself any longer, and had to find a way to come on and splurge about how much I’m loving the back half so far.

    In truth, I was expecting the blue aliens to be a gimmick. You mentioned how they were going to be CGI; I expected an attack so that the special effects team could flex their muscles with a nice space battle for us, and then that would be it. It seems I have learned nothing from the SGU episodes so far, and was totally unprepared for how much you managed to do using that as a catalyst: all of the character dynamics you changed, and all of the new perspectives you put on the characters.

    I especially like how Rush and Chloe have changed. I was a little iffy on Chloe early on, but she’s really come into her own: developed a spine and, as of Human, seems to have found a niche that really suits her. Speaking of which, I really hope we get to see more of Matt, Eli, Chloe and Greer offworld together: was that just a one-off fluke for the episode, or are they going to be “the team” for Universe? The script in their sections was fantastic, as were the character interactions: and I loved the fatherly amusement from Young, particularly about the “It was a sizeable spider” comment.

    I also love how much use you’re getting out of the “other” characters. You’ve always had prominent recurring characters, but you’ve really gone to town with making them compelling this time around. I love that you’ve split the “Lee” or “Zelenka” role between Brody and Volker; one focussing on the more technical, ship-based problems, while the other goes offworld. I really like James as the “Lorne” for the series as well; so I have my fingers crossed for some more James/Volker-ness as the back-up team. And I noticed that Riley has recovered, and was back in the gateroom, so yay for that!

    Anyhow, I’ve probably rambled enough… suffice it to say, I am most definitely a fan of SGU so far!

  25. Joe you have some really talented artists and crew people working there at Bridge, such amazing things come out of there. They can put it all together and make it a work of major, how can I put it, terrific, coolness, neat, you get the idea. The sets, the attention to detail(coz u know someone would pick up on it) I just wanted to say how good it is being done. Thanks to all of the people working on the show for all their hard work. The pictures you share are great and we get to see behind the scenes. This is fun. and an aside, can you really have too many peanut butter chips in a cookie??
    Just watched Ming Na on the today show, she is really a pretty lady and very much enjoyed her interview. Thanks Ming.
    Have a wonderful day!!

  26. I just caught up with the chocolate party post….mmmmmmm…..lots of nice photos. I liked the look of the Norman Love ones, The Planetarium, Recchiuti ones. I wondered if the chocolates that look the most impressive tasted the best or if it was vice-versa.

    I really liked Kerry with a Y’s dress/top (I couldn’t see which it was) – she looked awesome and that Stargate plate – where is it now?….that was incredible…I soooo want one.

    Cheers, Chev

  27. Deni said:

    Joe, you trusting soul. How did the laxative taste with the peanut butter and chocolate? If we don’t hear from you tomorrow, we’ll know why 🙂

    LMAO….good one Deni

    Cheers, Chev

  28. Blueberry aliens? Weird name….although I probably can’t talk ‘cos I named them blicadas (blue cicadas because of the sound they made).

    Cheers, Chev

  29. @ Deni – I figured you’d be there. Now…it’s Joe we have to figure out. I’m not so sure he’s a supervillain…yet. I think…I think he’s more like a superhero wannabe, that later becomes a villain because he can’t make it as a hero. He’s like…like…Incrediboy! 😀 Ya know…the kid with all the gadgets that never seem to work right. 😉


  30. Hi Joe, I saw Michael Shanks at a convention last weekend. He said that they had finally tore down the Atlantis Sets. I was wondering what, if any, of the sets from SG1 or Atlantis are still standing. -Jennifer

  31. @ Chev – When I hear ‘blueberry aliens’, all I can think of is Violet Beauregarde from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Oh, great. Now I have an Oompa Loompa song stuck in my head. 😛

    @ Joe (and Andria!) – Firstly, how’s mum? Hope all is well!

    Secondly, has Ashleigh become your surrogate sister, Joe? Mebbe Andria could answer that. Afterall, both their names start with the letter ‘A’. Coincidence?? I think not.

    So, are you tattling on Ashleigh just like you used to tattle on your sister? And don’t tell me you didn’t tattle, Joey. Even if you don’t say a word, we can still see you pointing your finger. 😉 I bet you made your sister bake cookies for you, and teased her about her clothes and her dietary choices, and whined about how she never, ever fixed you up with one of her hot friends. Am I getting warm, here?? Huh-huh…am I??


  32. Sneaky and cruel, conniving and vengeful… huh?

    Sound to me like what your e-harmony profile would list as desirable traits. 😀

    We know you secretly love having Ashleigh as your office dominatrix.

    Peanut butter and chocolate never doesn’t work…
    The only possible improvement for the cookies would be oatmeal.

    On the subject of chocolate, I found the bacon bar at a local store! But didn’t get it (yet) in favor of a sea salt one, and I am hooked. That was the ultimate sweet-salty combo.

    Why do I always read this blog when I am hungry? I should know better by now.

  33. It’s spring right? Just checking…..

    Went out to get groceries and my car is covered in snow and to add insult to injury, it needed a hard scrape.

    More snow tomorrow…… Tell me again why I live in this country….. Someone?…… Anyone? Although maybe snow is better than floods or tornados, but still grrrrr…..


  34. Some thoughts on Ming Na’s interview…

    Was she actually the President of her High School SciFi club? (And did they spell SciFi correctly?!)

    What’s up with her proclamation that the people in Vancouver are nice to work with but not as nice as the people in New York? (Looking for inside info here!)

    Great spoiler footage during the interview!!


    Where can I get one of those Stargate necklaces that she wore?

    AND, saving the best for last, she is correct. The fans are crazy about the show! How do YOU define “crazy”?


  35. Had my biennial “tuneup” today with my orthopedist, Dr. E. Last week’s pain attack resolved before I could see him; apparently I did good!

    Dr. E was an SG1 fan before I was, but has not yet seen SGU. He seemed to like the “comic book vs. graphic novel” comparison. Hoping he’ll check out the series.

  36. Peanut Butter chocolate chip YUMMY!!!

    MAJOR MAJOR CONGRATS to the cast and crew of SGU for their 17 nominations at the 2010 Leo Awards. Can’t wait to see how many awards are won on June 4th and 5th.

  37. The cookies look great period. And, we trust in that Ashleigh will not harm you before end of season 2 at the very earliest. And, by then, she may forget to to anything.

    4-Tammy – oh, yes, cookies are good!
    In fact, thanks to this blog I had to go buy some. Dominick’s, the Safeway derivative in the midwest has some chocolate chewie cookies with pecans. These are cruchie on the outside and a bit chewie inside. So much like a GREAT “flat/skinny browie.” Yum.

    4-amac251 – I think Ming Na said, the people of Van are great, etc., then hedged with the added comment of the people of New York because she was in NY with New
    Yorkers, etc.

    Yay, the aliens are named – love the name – blueberry aliens. so coool.

    and now back to stare at the rest of the package of cookies….sigh.



    Each of the nominees has selected one of the following YWCA program areas, and has explained why she chose it:

    -Early learning and care for children
    -Reducing child poverty
    -Safe and affordable housing
    -Healthy choices for youth
    -Preventing violence against women

    Note: there are several nominees who work in the same program areas.

    Please click the above link, and go to the appropriate tab, to see the nominees’ photos, bios and quotes!!

    The nominee with the most votes will receive the Connecting the Community award. The recipient will be announced at the Awards event on June 1 and Scotiabank will designate $10,000 to the YWCA program area that she chose.

    ——I got this off of Amanda Tapping website.–
    I voted already. so it works. If this is not ok to post Joe, ok.

  39. DENI, hahaha Very funny’ I can just see Joe, oh no not a pic. I want to imagine!! Got fried at the pool today, We need to talk..tomorrow, ok?,Hi Kabra,and aireille,hi Das!! And hi to you too ,Joe!! Sheryl.

  40. You know, she is kinda cute.

    I wonder what she sounds like – is it hick like?

    Or an intellectual tone? A french accent? Or like a Yucca farmer from Wallamaloo.

    Surely one of your many gizmos records sound?

    How about some ambiance from the halls of pranks? 🙂

  41. hi just found this blog, great to have a place to contact one of the people behind stargate , i have a few questions ,i was hopeing i could get answered;

    1. how were the sales of continum and the ark of truth?

    2. are we ever going to see the destiny make a stargate and put it on a plannet?

    when i heard about sgu, i was wondering if it was going to be like that episode of atlantis, where the deadlus from another universe appeared over atlantis, and i was hopeing that it would be something like that, a ship that jumps randomly from universe to universe to help the humans of that universe.

    3. is there a chance there might be a show like that?


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