My interest in comic books has waxed and waned since I was a kid and yet, after all these years, a good graphic novel or engaging multi-issue arc never fails to delight.  An engaging, well-written story will always bring back fond memories of visiting the Nova Bookshop in my never-ending quest for missing back issues, discussing the finer points of my favorite titles with like-minded aficionados, and the exquisite thrill of tearing through the  Christmas wrap to find the much sought-after Avengers Annual #6 – the one with Nuklo on the cover!  Comic books were as much a part of my childhood as nutella, D&D with Cas and the gang, and the smoked meat sandwiches dad would prepare for us when we came home for lunch and, to this day, I still indulge my inner geek with the occasional stop by The Comic Shoppe to check in on some old friends.  Specifically THESE guys.  Screw pro athletes and rock stars.  Growing up, these were my heroes –

The Beast: I’ll save you the trouble and start with my favorite.  The Beast went from an unduly prolix member of the original X-Men to a bombastic, blue-furred member of The Avengers back to – regrettably – a more erudite (but still blue-furred) version.  Not sure what happened to the lovable, wisecracking bounder who graced the pages of my then favorite title, The Avengers, from issues #136 to somewhere around #210, but I sure do miss him.

Wolverine: Yeah, I know.  It’s a popular choice.  But way back when, I was a trailblazer, rooting for the killer Canuck in the yellow spandex while everyone else was feeling sorry for Scott “cry me a river” Summers.  The first in what would be a long, long line of anti-heroes.

Batman: Even though most of my youth was spent in the Marvel camp, I couldn’t help but love Batman, a superhero with no actual superpowers.  He was an anomaly in a world of aliens, mutants, and radioactive-infused saviors.  A brilliant, cool as hell anomaly.

The Thing: Another lovable hero with a gift for the gab, the Thing was more like the big, rocky uncle you wished you had.  And yet, beneath that impenetrable orange devil-may-care facade beat the heart of a lonely, self-loathing man.  The first superhero to really elicit my sympathy.

Deathlock the Demolisher: Oh, yeah.  Half man, half machine, and thoroughly awesome, Deathlock was another in a long line of reluctant bad-ass heroes who, sadly, never got the respect (or audience) he deserved.  An under-appreciated marvel.

Spiderman: I always liked my superheroes with a sense of humor, and they don’t come much quippier than the webhead, a guy who’d sooner talk a villain’s ear off than punch his lights out, and usually doing both simultaneously.  The Amazing Spiderman was the first title that, for me, grounded the fantasy of the comic book world in the reality of teenage life.  In time, I became as much invested in Peter Parker as I was in his alter ego.

Green Lantern: Strangely enough, I never read the comic book with any consistency and actually found his superpower a tad too powerful (and bizarre), but there was something about him…

The Flash: On the other hand, this title (and, by extension, its titular hero) was one I know exactly why I got into: the writing of Mark Waid.  I picked up an issue and loved his story-telling, so I picked up every back issue from the beginning of his run – and promptly dropped the book when he left.

Deadpool: Not technically a superhero, but he walks that fine line between good and mayhem, so I’m including Deadpool in this list.  If Mark Waid is to thank for making me fall in love with The Flash, then writer Joe Kelly deserves a shout-out for doing much the same for the merc with the mouth.  Pictured above – Deadpool #11 – is one of my very favorite single issues of any comic book.

Pip the Troll: Okay, while not exactly a “superhero”, Adam Warlock’s cigar-smoking sidekick was a cantankerous character I grew to love – and then mourn in the brilliant Marvel Two-In One Annual #2.

And now, some news of note…

What do your sleep position reveal about you?  My side-sprawled-head-sandwiched-between-two-pillows style suggests I’m someone of creativity, and outgoing spirit, and an affinity for smoked salmon.

Another sign that we may be using up the planet’s non-renewable resources – in this case, rocks:,17341/

Also along the same lines – Are the once plentiful haggis herds being hunted to extinction? offers up their list of The 5 Most Unintentionally Offensive Comic Book Characters:  Hey, where’s Matter Eater Lad?  Oh, I guess there’s a fine line between offensive and silly.

Planning to entertain, host a dinner party perhaps?  Consider one of these Top 10 Gadgets to Freak Out Your Guests:

52 thoughts on “May 2, 2010: My Super List! News of Note!

  1. Those sleep positions are very interesting – and a little unnervingly accurate.
    Surely, Joe, Rodney McKay’s faceplant sleeping position is a stroke of genius by someone, since people who are “freefallers” are:
    “brash, outgoing and very uncomfortable with criticism”. Since Mckay wasn’t ever that brilliant with criticism, didn’t mind who he engaged in conversation and spoke his mind at all times, someone got that sleep position spot on. Was that David Hewlett’s suggestion, or was it scripted?

  2. Geez, Joe…you come by so late to talk comic books, right when I’m going to bed! ACK! WAY past my bedtime, in fact. Mebbe tomorrow I can weigh in…

    As far as those sleep positions – none fully apply to me – I am a side sleeper, sometimes on my stomach, but not so much now that I’ve gotten older. Mostly I sleep on my side, somewhere between fetus and log, with a little yearner thrown in. Guess that makes me – really screwed up! I also sleep with whatever arm I’m resting wrapped around the pillow with my elbow on the bed and my hand dangling above my head. Mebbe that means I’m my own puppetmaster, or something. Mostly I try to find a position where my hips don’t ache (pillow between the legs helps), my hands don’t fall asleep (carpal tunnel braces help), and my neck doesn’t get a knot in it (feather dust mite-infested pillow helps)…it has nothing at all to do with my personality.

    And thanks for the laughs with that cracked list! 😆

    Boy, I’m tired though. Nites, sir…hopefully I’ll be able to add something about the comic book characters tomorrow, especially since I spent the evening reading some of my haul from yesterday’s Free Comic Book Day event.


  3. So if your sleeping position isn’t on there, do you take a few of the combinations, the personality traits that come with those sleeping positions and come to the conclusion you have mental issues? WHAT WAS THAT YOU SAID HUH?!

  4. Annie from Fremantle – Can you keep the good weather going please? I’m heading to Perth next week for work and I’m hoping to be able to zone out on the shore and watch the sun set after my work day has finished.

  5. I mostly sleep like a log, soldier, freefaller or starfish, depending on how I feel. If I sleep in a foetus position, my hamstrings start to complain. If I sleep on my tummy, my neck complains. Sleep on my side, my shoulders complain. Sleep on my back, my heels complain. I dunno what that says about me. Finding a comfortable sleeping position is as troublesome as finding a good meal/restaurant.

    Comics! I used to wish I read them, but we weren’t allowed to when we were kids. My parents would burn them or throw them out or rip them up if they found any on us. Even if it was only Garfield. Honestly… anyway, buying comics uses up what cash I could be saving up for a good meal somewhere – or trying out a new restaurant.

    Playing imagination games with my younger siblings is more a part of my childhood than comics (if reading 100 library books a week can be excluded). The only problem was when we imagined up monsters too scary for our little minds to cope with… like a giant squid monster or the giant carrot monster in the plum tree… scared the daylights out of us for months! Sure says something about my powers of description at the time. Then there was the time we pretended we were maggots. Made up our own ‘tv’ series complete with a catchy theme song, just because we weren’t allowed to watch tv. My lil bro and sis are still annoyed with my making them grow up and turn into flies.

  6. I’m:

    Freefall position – Those people who lie on their bellies with arms under or wrapped around a pillow with head turned to the side, make up 7% of the population studied. Freefallers are brash, outgoing, and are very uncomfortable with criticism.

  7. I’m a starfish!!! So Mr Mallozzi if you should happen to take off me arm with a laser rifle, it will grow back!!

    Hey check out our very own Spiderman.. nabs thief for real ! (mind you he’s a bit scrawny). Thief was trying to take off with a $130 Aus comic… but our webby villain thwarter nabbed him – oh yeah he had back up in the form of Jedi Knights and The Flash (hope Flash didn’t take that literally and wore a costume)

  8. @Tammy Dixon We don’t, as a rule, get many floods, however, I do remember one. North of here in Peterborough in July of 2004, though nothing as amazing as what you guys go through. Our number one, weather related, disaster that I recall was the 3-4 day Ice Storm of January 1998. It was a little east of here and blanketed Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick. We got ice for parts of 2 days. The best (worst!) tornados that I remember was in 1985 and they ran through Orangeville and Barrie, 28 died.


  9. The very first comics I can remember reading were some of the old Gold Key titles. Tarzan, Korak son of Tarzan, Magnus Robot Killer…from the earliest times it was give me the action/adventure. rapidly graduated to the big two, with Marvel always holding the lead. Thor was an early favorite, as was Captain America. Nick Fury Agent of Shield, especially during the Sterenko period, bliss.
    I still sample comics on a regular basis, but with so many titles and spin offs I admit to being somewhat intimidated when I walk into the store. Throw in the universe makeovers and relaunches, and its a whole new world out there. The cost of comics too is a turn off, though in many cases the improved quality of the paper makes it worth it.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane, and now to check out that sleeping link

  10. Batman and Spidey rocked my little world for a while. . . I learned more about literary appreciation from some comic books than I did from a few of the more lame required reads we had at school.

    I liked one of the reader comments about sleep positions: “I sleep upside down, usually wearing a cape and mask.” My own sleep position reveals that I need to be able to reach my alarm clock at a moment’s notice to shut the damn thing up before I go nuclear and hurl it across the room. (Early morning college classes didn’t agree too well with my night-person brain. Therapy is gradually helping, however.)

    I would totally buy those skull wine-goblets if they weren’t 70 bucks a pop. Perfect for sipping a dry red whatever (hmm, someone was consuming way too much salt) while reading Jeffrey Ford or Neil Gaiman, or maybe a graphics-laden tome on the history of voodoo and zombies. With incredibly helpful appendices.

    Thanks for the fun links.

  11. Hi everyone!

    I’m baaaack. What have I missed? I know I particularly have to catch up on the chocolate party stories and photos.

    Let’s see…. what have I been up to?

    I’m working with some colleagues on a book about creating an effective web presence for libraries.

    I bought a new desk, bookcase, set of drawers and had endless “fun” attempting to assemble them with substandard instructions.

    My cat’s been recovering from her adventure at the vet. After being sedated for attacking him it took her a while to get back to herself.

    I’ve also been working my way through the SGU special features and audio commentaries on the bluray…omg I love bluray.

    Oh yeah and speaking of SGU I’ve been having a little fun on Twitter. Some of you were involved in a little prank I played on Patrick Gilmore last week as we mass unfollowed him for #UnfollowMonday. It was more quality than quantity but it was quite amusing. Who’s the next victim…just wait and see….mwahahahahahaha….

    So how about you?

    Oh, I had a look at the sleep positions and I’m mostly a Foetus person although not quite as scrunched up as that picture and most definitely hog the quilt.

    I’ve gotta lot of reading to do….

    Cheers, Chev

  12. Hi, Joe.

    Scotland’s Daily Record has a Robert Carlyle audio podcast with a partial text transcript available. Mr. Carlyle talks about his childhood and how he became an actor. Very impressive and emotional.

    TEXT –

    AUDIO –

  13. Joe you didn’t mention the comics you are looking for. Just trying to picture you in some sort of spandex in a sleep position or a superhero pose. and the gadgets to freak out your friends, again with the spiders, das will tan your hide.

    I guess it depends on my tiredness which position I am in, and how would I know, I am asleep, these studies crack me up. I am still waiting in the invention that lets you see your dreams in realtime, that would be so cool.
    -and haggis is not a Harry Potter character,,lol..
    -Meant to say the actors on Fridays episode did an excellent job, those facial expressions of fear, wow, they are good. The whole show was great!
    What if you know are the most ever takes required on a scene? and which scene?

  14. I’ve been reading comic books, mostly DC and Spider-Man, since about 1974. I took a hiatus from about 1987-1992 and then started collecting again, and I haven’t looked back since.

  15. Hey Mr. M

    Sorry I haven’t posted lately. Busy weekend. Went to a Singapore restaurant for dinner last night. Tried some interesting things certainly out of my comfort zone. But after seeing the things you eat on your blog I knew I had to be a bit adventureous. 🙂

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  16. i just started this book called “Beat the ripper” by Josh Bazell and it is GOOD. sorta House meets the Sopranos in it’s own kinda way. i think you would like it.

    i’m not really into comic books but one I really like is The Hood. not sure if you heard of it.

    btw my first language is french, are you like learning it or something? coz i saw one or two comments in french and i was not sure if you asked for them lol.

    anyway, small question for jamil walker smith (if possible): what kind of music does he like/what are his hobbies? (do tell him that’s it’s from the say guy who asked stuff before lol! )

  17. I used to love Comic books. Can you buy comics now without a spending a lot of money? Do book stores have comic books? I used to buy mine at the drug store or the “five and dime” store. Thanks for reminding me about how great they were.

    PG15: good luck on your test. I have a friend who has a PhD in physics and teaches at a university in Kentucky. I got such a kick out of his facebook page entry for yesterday: just finished my application for the Evil League of Evil. I may have to make my final exams extra brutal this year if I’m to have a chance of getting in.. I got a giggle out that and thought of you. I hope your teachers aren’t in the “League of Evil”.

  18. Thanks for the sleep position thing. That’s 2 mins of my life I’ll never get back, lol. What rubbish. I would bet good money mattress quality, weight and physical characteristics of the sleeper and about 100 other factors are related other than personality.

  19. Does that mean that 41% of the people, mostly women, have a tough exterior, but are still sensitive and may appear to be shy, but warm up quickly? I wouldn’t think the Foetus position would designate a tough exterior, the usual connotation is someone who feels completely vulnerable and exposed. However, as that is my preferred position, including pillow hugging like Das, I find the definition remarkably accurate. I wonder if you could change your personality by changing your sleeping position or if the position is predetermined by your personality.

    @Edith – love the insight to McKay’s sleeping habits, too true!

  20. Hello,

    we watched “Lost” yesterday. OK…that was not expected…OK… you guys are serious about story telling…OK… we’ll continue to watch next week…we really do not have the choice,is’nt it !

  21. I dont understand you Mr Mallozzi, if I were you I would sit all the time home and study Stargate and try to find some interesting things that may be used in next episodes…but youre reading books:D – theres one video (its in czech) its oficial and its on our biggest news site in our republic, in the first minute is used music from stargate enjoy

  22. Couple of things from the promo for episode 16 “Sabotage”, it looks like Greer cut off his hair and it looks like TJ was thrown across the room when the aliens attacked.
    All these last few episodes have all been entertaining after Friday ONLY 4 more left until Oct 2010.
    Does anyone know when the DVD for season 1.5 will be coming out, is it July or August?
    Also one last thing I love the acting on this show by the supporting cast esp Park, the way she twirled her pen when she was speaking to TJ regarding the baby and TJ said she had to find the right time to tell Young and the ship dropped out of FTL. The look on Park face was just great.

  23. I slept wrong and woke up with a stiff neck and a headache. 🙁

    Have a good day, sir! Don’t let Ashleigh pick on you TOO much! 😉


  24. I’m sorry for posting again, Mr. M. I’ve had lots of M & M’s and I’m pretty sure they are addictive! They make me a little crazy(er), as well.

    Loved your odd gift link. I’m seriously considering the tooth pick man for a purchase.

    Chevron7: my cat, Trouble, used to freak out at the vets (Trouble died a few years ago). The vet was a close friend, so if I couldn’t be there to hold Trouble, she had standing orders to gas the cat down in a cage. It really worked well. No one got stressed, or bitten. The gas wore off quickly with no side effects. More expensive but my baby was worth it. Of course, your vet would need an inhalation cage but you might suggest the possibility for the next visit.
    Hey, shouldn’t you be Chevron9 now?

    Elminster: is it hard to become a citizen of Canada:-)?

  25. I wouldn’t worry overmuch about the rocks, Mr. M. Murderous bastards just love waiting until you happen by, so they can roll downhill and kill you. The sooner they’re gone, the better off we’ll be.

  26. Geoff Johns run on The Flash was pretty fun, but concentrated mostly on the Flash’s villains. The new Flash series (also written by Johns) looks to be much more Flash-centric.

    Have you read any of Grant Morrison’s Batman run? If not I’d suggest picking up some of the trades/hardcovers, starting with “Batman and Son”. Its mad, brilliant stuff.

  27. @Tammy Dixion – The only place to really buy comics now are in comic book stores (which basically specialize in comics, toys, etc.). You can find hardcover or trade paperback collections of some of the more popular comic book storylines in regular book stores like Chapters or Coles. Trade paperbacks/hardcovers can range in price from $10-$100 depending on the book and the amount of material collected. Most single issue comic books are at least $2.99 (American), though depending on the number of pages the price can reach as high as $4.25.

  28. Mmh. Those sleep positions do not relate to my personality at all. My position is freefaller, but personality-wise I consider myself more of a starfish soldier fetus. And no, I’m not gonna try sleeping like that, even if it were humanly possible.

  29. Coucou Joseph!
    ça va bien? Moi super =)

    Waou, je n’ai jamais lu ce genre de BD, moi j’étais plus Titeuf, Bill et Boule, le petit spirou, astérix, tintin, tomtom et nana… mais je doute que vous connaissiez tout ces BD, c’est vrai qu’elles sont bien differentes de celle des americain, moins basée sur l’action mais plus sur des scénes et des dialogues précis souvent drôle^^!!

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!!

  30. Every time you link to, I lose hours of my day to surfing.

    My sleep position says I’m hugely pregnant.

  31. Hello Joe,

    That oddee link was pretty interesting. There is another site with some pretty neat things on it, Think Geek. If you have already seen that site, maybe readers will get a kick out of it: 🙂

    On another note…

    Are there any musicians aboard Destiny?

    Any chances of an Ancient musical instrument showing up in one of the crates or a member of the Destiny crew making an instrument?



    Sean D.

  32. Welcome back Chevron7!

    As far as sleep positions. I am a cross between the foetus/yearner (my legs are up but my arms are like the yearner). Also starfish position. But there is one position on there they didn’t list — casket position. I lay like the soldier position, but find it my comfortable to keep my arms crossed over my chest area. If I can’t go to sleep in my foetus/yearner mix position, then the casket position does it every time. What can I say. I’m weird.

  33. Teaser images for “Sabotage” are online on mgm´s site and i´m really going crazy about how Eli,Chloe and Scott will come back on board….let me guess through the sabotage the FTL is shutting down and they won´t jump too far away of a Gate,so Eli is able to dial back from a planet nearby.


  34. @ Tammy Dixon not at all, just be able to speak one of the official languages! Hell, we let Carl Binder back in!


  35. My review on Lost: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! And lengthy post

    This episode, “Lost”, was packed with so much that I had to watch it several times to make sure I did not miss anything.

    1. I missed Ming-Na (Camile Wray) and Patrick Gilmore (as Dale Volker).

    2. I was fantastic seeing Riley again and loved Kino 24, “Wait for It” where she got to see everyone laughing, including Riley.

    3. Lt. Vanessa James (Julia Benson) has a wonderful character moment with TJ (Alaina Huffman) when she confides that her relationship with Scott was not just a fling to her. As I was watching, I was feeling a great amount of sympathy for her character, trying to imagine how difficult it must have been as both the leader of the mission to rescue Scott, Eli, Greer and Chloe, but also having romantic feelings towards one of those individuals, and having failed to return them to Destiny. Julia Benson plays her character well with just the right mixture of badass and vulnerability. I hope you all continue to explore her character so we can see more of her on screen, perhaps even get some back-story on her, too.

    4. The episode with Brody/Rush/Riley reminded me of the Three Bears: Rush: I’ll find a way around it. Brody: No, there has to be a reason. Riley: This ship is old and falling apart. It’s a malfunction.

    5. Feeling the stress of being trapped, Eli adopts a doom-and-gloom attitude similar to Brody and Volker (in the episode “Darkness”) instead of working the problem (for a brief time).

    6. Scott is trying to keep them together, but understandably is a bit freaked out himself.

    7. Loved to love the humor gems in the show, like when you all poked fun at Eli’s shirt when they are wandering through the tunnels.

    8. Loved Eli’s sand map.

    9. More Shelob-like spiders. On a funnier side, I noticed one of the sponsors during the airing of SGU on Syfy was Orkin, the pest terminators!

    10. Rush’s motivations. He seems to genuinely care about leaving these 4 crew members behind. Could it be because of some deeper feelings for Chloe because of the bond they share from their abduction (“Space)? Could it be he feels like he owes Eli since Eli stuck up for him in the episode “Divided”? Of course, he could still just care about what is best for the Destiny mission and to lose these particular valuable crew members warranted trying to find them. It could also be that Rush, knowing what it is like to be left behind (“Justice), does not wish that on anyone else. Since Rush is a highly complex character, I would not be surprised if there is a little bit of everything in his motivation.

    11. Young asks TJ if James is aware that he knows of her recent relationship with Scott. I found that to be a bit hypocritical of his character considering he had an affair with TJ.

    12. I enjoy seeing Brian J. Smith getting to stretch his comedy legs. Scott, making a command decision, with a level of sarcastic humor says, “Left. I like left.” Scott’s spidey-sense is on high alert. Chloe uses her intelligence to confirms that choice as she has been noticing there was indeed a “you are here” map.

    13. Ruin-quake!!! You think Greer is hurt, but he is okay and then WHAM! A double-gotcha and buries Greer in debris. As Scott, Eli and Chloe work to try to free him, this was the first time in my recollection that I heard Scott call Greer on-screen by his first name, Ron.

    14. Frantically trying to dig him out, they realize that they need to leave. Brian J. Smith does a great job here mixing the emotions of his character being terrified, knowing a command decision has to be made, not wanting to leave behind a friend and colleague, and trying to convince himself that there was no way for Greer to have survived, but still having the uncertainty. Scott’s character tells the others that this is what Greer would want if there was no hope for him.

    15. The Greer back-story is awesome. It is not a story about abuse and victimization, but about abuse and heroism, strength and courage. The soldier with nerves of steel has revealed his kryptonite (besides the claustrophobia): Abandonment. This was difficult for me personally to watch because of some personal experiences. Greer’s claustrophobia begins to eat away at him, and we see his defenses breaking down.

    16. It was interesting symmetry of how the storyline matched up with Greer’s memories from the time in the closet (the claustrophobia; he was in the tunnel); Greer telling his mother, Angela, (Stephanie Samuels) that they need to leave his father (switch over to Eli, Chloe & Scott saying the same; they need to leave). When Scott says, “It’s time to leave”, Greer has a flashback to his father, Reginald Greer (played by Sean Blakemore), telling him to leave into a foggy night from the car where he drops Greer off (just like the foggy planet Eli, Chloe and Scott are going). Greer gets to the gate and they are gone.

    17. Loved the resident of the foggy planet, a cross between a Tyrannosaurus rex, a cave troll from “Lord of the Rings”, and with the teeth of the visitor, Anna, on the show “V.” I thought the creature was a nice funny metaphor of some points of the episode: Decisions you are going to make are going to turn around and bite you in the butt.

    18. Building a fire to stay warm, Greer has memories of walking home (after his father stopped the car in a seedy part of town and told him to leave) and pulling his mom and dad out of a burning house. Greer has been a hero for a long time.

    19. Here is a question: Was Martin Gero trying to make Gulf War Syndrome to be some kind of conspiracy theory? The patient, Virgil Biggs (James MacDonald), in the hospital clearly had some mental health issues going on. I thought it was great exposition of the ailments of those involved with the first Gulf War (for example, the symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome) but it may have done disservice to those suffering from these ailments because this man sounded like a complete lunatic spouting conspiracy theories. I wonder if this is how Reginald Greer got sick.

    20. Even sick, Greer’s dad can sure knock down an opponent. We see where Greer got his moves.

    21. Young finally visits TJ who doesn’t hesitate any longer: I’m pregnant; it’s yours/ours. Young is a hard person to read emotionally. He doesn’t show his hand, even in moments like these. He tells TJ, “We’re going to make this work.” I just can imagine what is going through Young’s mind. Just when he thought he got things back on track with his wife, as soon as Colonel Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips) finds out about this, guess who is going to be running back to Young’s wife?

    22. What I loved about the episode was the long overdue payoff of using the Stargate and exploring worlds. Although we didn’t get an extensive amount of time on each planet, what breath-taking worlds they were! I hope we see a little more balance in episodes to come.

    23. Back to Greer. His psyche was playing with his mind, manifested in the visual representation of his father, telling Greer they abandoned him. Greer rationalizes back to his psyche that they did what they had to do. This is very common in people who come from dysfunctional settings. They play “old tapes” in their mind — They are not good enough, not worthy enough, not lovable. They can’t do anything right. In order to free oneself from the bonds of that victimization, you have to realize that is stuff from your old life and they are someone else’s hurtful words; there is dialogue exchange that goes on in your mind. Greer’s psyche (dad) tells him, “In the end, all there is is you. You alone.” Greer flashes back to the moments as his father lay dying in the hospital. He apparently gave up a scholarship to enlist because he believed he was not fast enough. This again is similar to what happened with him running to the gate. He was not fast enough (in his mind). Greer wants to use the strong spirit God gave him to make a difference. His mother says he can always change his mind, but Greer has always been committed once a decision has been made. He was committed to his father even though his father treated him shamefully. He was committed to the family once his mother refused to leave because her husband needed them. We can now understand Greer’s unwavering loyalty to his team and commander.

    24. Greer hears the gate being dialed. What a relief he must have been to see James. James, in turn, feels like she has been partly successful in at least retrieving one of the members of the missing crew.

    25. Nice call back on the alien planet to Rush’s glasses.

    26. I liked how Chloe recognized the menu on the ship a as a result of the neural interface.

    27. Even though Greer tells Young that they thought he was dead, Greer’s facial expression and eyes reveal a different truth–he knows they left him when he would have not given up so easily (like when he went back for Scott in Air III).

    28. I loved this part. It is the double fake-out again. I LOVE when we have endings we do not expect. MORE PLEASE!!! After gating to several planets (given that there would not have been a direct path from the alien-ship planet to the Destiny), Destiny finally shows up on the dialing device. On the ship, the gate dials in. We expect to see our threesome to appear, but it is Rush. Funny fake out. Rush is surprised to see Greer (probably the one person on the lost team he didn’t have a vested interest in finding, especially in view of his past hostilities towards Greer). The gate on the planet with our threesome fails. They dial again. You think, “Okay, now they’ll get home.” The clock runs out, the ship jumps, and on the planet, the final chevron does not lock. The dialing address disappears from the device and Eli realizes that this is the end; they are stuck. And my jaw dropped to the floor.

    29. I wonder what will happen once Greer and Scott meet face-to-face again. There is going to be some “stuff” between them.


  36. Hi Joe:

    Are any of the team going to get super powers from eating any of the local plant life on any of those weird planets they visit?

    Do you still have all your comic books from when you were a kid? Some of them could be quite valuable.


  37. I’ve been watching the beginning seasons of X-Files on netflix and have been amazed at how many Stargate alumni have been in it. So far I’ve seen Don S. Davis, Teryl Rothery, Willie Garson, Jamil Walker Smith, and Jewel Staite.

    I suppose with Fringe being filmed in and around the Vancouver area we might see local/familiar actors in that too.

    Did you have a chance to catch last nights Into the Universe with Steven Hawking? If you missed it you should make a effort to find it and watch it, it had a million and a half possibilities for you and the other writers to explore.

  38. Hi Joe,

    Have some questions for a mailbag if one is in the next post or eventually if its ok to ask:
    1) Will we ever see one of the Gate Seeding Ships?
    2) After seeing Destiny’s weapon system in operation, will we see any drones like those used by Atlantis?
    3) If Destiny is exploring galaxies, does that mean that once the ship leaves a galaxy – we won’t see the aliens from that galaxy again? So say if Destiny left the Blue alien galaxy, we won’t see them again?

    Anyway, take care Joe!

  39. RIP, Pip the Troll… I loved those old comics with Warlock and Thanos… and Drax the Destroyer and Gamorra. Adam Warlock was always a “thinky” character, wasn’t he? He’s come a long way since his beginnings in Fantastic Four, when he was called “Him.”

  40. I’m a severe insomniac, so to have any chance of falling asleep, I have to lie in a very specific position and it is not any of those. What does that say about my personality? I’m usually so sleep deprived that I’m punchy, which probably explains a lot. Eh?

    When I was little I preferred to spend my allowance on pixie sticks, cinnamon gummies, pop rocks, wig wags, and the like. I would let my brother buy the comics and just read his. Hey, I was no fool. But I mostly read mysteries a la Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys etc.

    Boy, it sounds like we better get our rocks while we can, we only have 500,000 years left…

    When I was in Vegas I found goblets like that only with pewter dragons. I didn’t get them at the time (they were $350.00 U.S. which seemed rather excessive) However, the next time I was there, I had every intention of buying them, but the store was closed. They were pretty, really heavy, but pretty.

    @ Morjana – thank you for the link to the Robert Carlyle interview. I have liked him ever since The Full Monty and as Hamish. I’m a sucker for an accent. He could be reciting a grocery list and I would still want to listen to him. *plink plink*

    Have a good one!

  41. Wow! You brought back some great memories. My brother is an avid comic book collector and has many of the same titles. He’s been collecting for the last 34 years and is always sending me issues of ones that I like.

  42. Dang sweet. Ratings upticked to 1.587 million! Thats good!! HAHA TAKE THAT!!

    LOL :p

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  43. Hi Joe.
    Not sure if this is where i post this.
    Q. Do you think that the Atlantis expedition would still be able to give people the gene therapy once they came back in to contact with Earth after the Siege Part 3.

    I ask because it was supposidly ‘legal’ in teh pegasus galaxy and because the FDA didnt know about it.

  44. What ever happened to the Comic book called “The Pukinator” about the kid who perpetually had food poisoning, or “Slash of the Typhus” about the diseased people of some equatorial atoll who lay about it abject misery while page after page is filled with the bright light of our own sister Sol and the sharks beat bubbles into the surf of the surrounding waters?

    Now THOSE were great comics. Avengers my ass. X-Men can bite me.

  45. When I was a kid, my favorite was Spiderman. Now I like Nightcrawler the best. Possibly because he’s one of the few superheroes who can fight bad guys, quip, and have a strong faith. Possibly because he’s blue with a tail and pointy ears, which I find really hot.

    Regarding that article, though–the Irish do have a superhero: Banshee. And he rocks.

  46. Narelle – will try.. the weather here has been AWESOME, about 25 deg and sunny… just perfect. I’ll try to appease the weather gods by sacrificing Joe down a volcano or something..

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