Check it out.  It’s an advance trailer for Persons Unknown, a delightfully creepy-looking mini-series that premieres on NBC June 7th.  And its Executive Produced by SGU’s very own Remi Aubuchon!  In addition to his show running duties, Remi also wrote a bunch of scripts for the series – as did SGU’s Linda McGibney – so I’m more than a little eager to check it out.  The premise is intriguing and, quite frankly, it looks pretty damn cool.  Circle the date on your calendars!

Slow progress on the script.  Hit the 37 page mark of Resurgence (episode #10) and I still feel like I’m running in water.  Complicating matters is the fact that I have two more production days on Awakening and will be entertaining my friend Cynthia (in from London) for the week.  And I hear that both Remi and Brad will be putting out their scripts early next week, episodes #9 and #13.  I really think there should be a rule that prevents a writer from putting out a script until all of the preceding scripts in air order have been released.  I’m going to try to regain my writing mojo tonight by having a couple of drinks and forcing the issue.

Ashleigh is getting sneaky sneakier.  Today, while I was in her office, she helpfully pointed out that I had a stain on my shirt.  Fortunately, she keeps one of those Tide, stain-removing sticks by her computer and was more than happy to allow me to make liberal use of the stuff.  Except that THIS –

Is NOT a Tide stick.


Is a Tide stick.

While THIS –

Is a highlighter that would have marked my shirt a permanent day-glo yellow if I hadn’t noticed in time.  She, of course, feigned ignorance.

And this comes only hours after she tried to kill me by attempting to induce a heart attack.  I was sitting at my desk, innocently doing a google search for anecdotal evidence that would prove my point that the cutesy local weather girl is, in fact, a real bitch when – suddenly – Ashleigh kicked kicked my chair from behind.  “You were scared!”she cackled triumphantly.  I wasn’t scared, I pointed out, merely startled – but I can see how it would be easy to confuse the two.  Children and 19th C governesses of delicate disposition get “scared”.  Guys get “startled”.  I was startled.

About an hour later, I stopped by Lawren’s office to remind him to print something up – when Ashleigh suddenly leaped out from around the corner and startled me again (although this time, to the uninitiated, I may have appeared scared – but I can assure you I wasn’t).

Anyway, the aforementioned incidents apparently made her day.  For the rest of the afternoon, she was all gloaty, blusteresque, and swaggersome.

Ashleigh points out it's 2-0 for her.

Well, far be it for me to vow revenge.  So rather than vow, I’ll just go ahead and do.  Some ideas I’m entertaining include: placing a mummified head (on loan from the Vancouver Museum of Anthropology) in her next take-out order, filling her car with live crows, or sneaking into her apartment and hiding in her bedroom closet until 3:00 a.m. before sauntering out dressed like this –

I’m taking suggestions.

Ooooh, scary! I mean startly!

Other office happenings today included this –

This –

And this –

57 thoughts on “April 23, 2010: Persons Unknown! Startled NOT Scared! And office happenings!

  1. Just finished watching this evening’s episode. While I really like the episode as a whole, I have to say that the nod to the HHGTTG was a nice touch. 🙂

  2. I HATE you! Hate, hate, HATE!!!!!!!



    And for the record, I was only scartled. 😛

    I don’t care who wrote the episode, I just KNOW it was YOUR idea! 😡

    Ashleigh, you out there??!! If so, SIC ‘IM!!!! Oh, and btw, I hear Joey is afraid of snakes… 😈



  3. I LOVED IT! Kinda reminded me of the Sopranos, I don’t really know why. I think it was all the dreamy sequences that had hidden meanings. High praise for Robert Carlyle!

  4. And things keep getting better and better. My God, Joe, you guys have got a hit, not sure how anyone could hate this series.


  5. An ex-gf of mine and I used to like going to pet stores together. She always like looking at the puppies, while I liked to look at some of the reptiles and arachnids.

    It was not because I liked reptiles or arachnids.

    It was because she was scared silly of them.

    For the longest time, I played around with the idea of buying one of the larger arachnids as a present for her.

    Since she was generous enough to give me a key to her apartment, my plan was simple. Buy the present. Leave the container of said present open in her apartment. And leave the receipt for said present on the floor at the front door of her apartment.

    Yes…there is a reason I am single now.

    Now the beauty of this, is that you don’t really have to leave a big honking spider in the apartment in the first place. If you convinced a store clerk to just make up a dummy receipt or something, it’ll have the same results.

    If you played a trick like this on Ashleigh, there are lots of places you could try. Her office space, her car. Your a creative person, I’m sure you can come up with quite a few.

    Spiders, snakes, reptiles…there are lots of choices and you can tailor it to the phobias of your target.

    Have fun 🙂

  6. To: Jeff Vlaming Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How could you leave it there???!!!!?!?!


  7. Re: Persons Unknown

    Looks very interesting in a Hotel California kind of way (You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave).

    And, look, it’s BOSCO!

  8. Moving on: Robert Carlyle hit it out of the ballpark again. Superb performance.

    You’re old enough that you should remember that Chad Everett commercial. You know the one: I’m not a doctor, but I play one on TV.

    In that same vein, Robert Carlyle is not Nicholas Rush, but he plays him on TV, and Nicholas Rush needs a slap upside the head if he really treated his wife that way while she was dying . . . so, can we expect you to report back on Monday that you gave “Nicholas Rush” that well-deserved slap?

  9. Oh yeah, I was watching with a friend who is all caught up with SGU but hasn’t seen SG1 or SGA. I was explaining more thoroughly the concept of the ATA gene, and thought of a question to ask you.

    The Asgard, at some point in SG1, identified O’Neill as being, in terms of evolution, somewhat advanced, and was naturally able to use Ancient technology. Later, we find out about the ATA gene. The assumption then (to me) was that people who naturally had the ATA gene developed it naturally through evolution, being on the “front” so to speak of evolutionary advancement. Then the concept was introduced that Ancients returning from Atlantis integrated themselves into society, seemingly implying that the people who naturally have the ATA gene inherited it from an Ancient ancestor.

    Did the second explanation “debunk” the first one? Did I read too much into one or both of those explanations and they weren’t so much explanations at all as much as guesses? Could both be the case, and there are two known ways to naturally possess the ATA gene?

    And this is random, “what-if”ish and inconsequential, but: what are the odds that O’Neill and Sheppard are as adept as they are with Ancient technology because they have the gene as a result of BOTH options, thus compounding whatever level of skill they would have had with only one option?

  10. Bloody big. And only one??

    Spartacus? I’m never gonna get done watching TV, dammit.

  11. Oh…and on tonight’s episode…

    Intriguing and more questions raised of course.

    The reference to the Lucian Alliance was interesting. I have always been bothered by their entire involvement in SGU so far, I hope to see my questions about them answered by season’s end. (I know they come back, but i’m still skeptical as to how your going to pull it all off.)

    Another thing that bothers me too…is the Icarus planet itself.

    A reference is made in the episode that a Lucian Alliance contact gave the info about the Icarus planet to an Earth contact.

    Icarus in “Air”, is said to be 21 light years from Earth.

    Sorry…but that is a hop, skip, and a jump away from Earth in Stargate terms. Even if it didn’t have a gate, it is kind of hard to believe that once Daedalus ships became available, that a planet that was so close, and was so unique, could be missed somehow…either by Earth, or the Jaffa, Asgard, Gouald, Tollan…or any other space faring civilization in the SG universe.

    Just another item i’m hoping to see some resolution to by season’s end 🙂

  12. Definitely worth a look. and we don’t have to wait for 6 or more seaons for the payoff.
    Ideas? Shrink wrap. Car. Winner. Alternately if Ashleigh drives a sufficiently eco-friendly(i.e. tiny) car, simply get some folks to bodily lift and move it. You can also try to have someone send her official looking emails claiming she’s being audited by the Canadian version of the IRS. Then there is the low scale warfare. saran wrap on the toilet, fake flies in her salads, (or real worms, available at any bait shop) and doggie poop, fake or real, on the floor around her desk.
    One very effective weapon I’ve discovered is shredded squid. It’s rather pungent smell puts off most people. and the smallest piece will leave an odor that has people wondering who has the foot condition. Place in some out of the way corner, her entire office can be made to smell like the locker room of a pro hockey team that has no water for the showers.
    There are also chemicals that will turn someone’s urnin blue. Which is a great way to freak people out. Slipped into her next lunch, by dinnertime you should have satisfying horrified screams echoeing down the halls.
    On that note, thanks for the daily post, and looking forward to you channelling your inner Baron Destructo to even the score with the demigoddess Ashleigh.

  13. Wow, Human was a great episode. I mean I liked last week’s episode well enough, but Robert Carlyle just knocked this week’s episode out of the park (or the water, or the sky, or whatever). Loved the insight into Rush’s brain, and the impatient, “Yes, yes!” made me laugh a bit. Are all geniuses really so…grumpy?

    I also liked the moment between Eli and Greer. Despite not much caring for Greer, that moment made me laugh, especially when Scott stepped in to calm things down. I was waiting for the, “Easy, Chewy,” reference. 🙂

    Still wish Camile and TJ were taking a more front and center role, but it was great to see James step up. The more I see of the character, the more I like her…unless she’s shown weeping alone in her cabin because blah. It’s just such a stereotypical strong woman, weak moment thing — every strong woman needs her man or she’ll wither away sadly. Just, no.

    Anyway, glad that so far the hints and promises for the second half of the season are coming true. I’m really enjoying this half of the season. And to think I was contemplating walking away just a few short months ago…

  14. BRAVO on “Human”

    Writing, acting, and definitely the directing.

    One of the strongest philosophical episodes ever. Loving the direction – MORE EPISODES LIKE THIS, please!

    ~also….. awesome job including the Bach “Chaconne” as the backdrop for Rush and his wife – gorgeous music~

  15. Let’s try this a third time:
    Human…I am torn about this episode. On the one hand, an epic performance by Robert Carlyle. He really hit it out of the park. It shows why you wanted him on board in the first place. It showed some interesting insight into his character. On the other hand, I don’t want to go backwards, I want to go forward with the characters and with Destiny. After the great first three episodes of the second half, this seemed like a bit of a letdown. So I don’t know quite what to think. It was certainly better than going to Earth using the stones, but I still would have prefered no flashbacks. There were some great moments:
    Michael Shanks!
    “Please don’t kill me!”
    Finally using C-4.
    The fact that next weeks episode seems to continue right from this episode.
    Can’t wait until next week…bring on Lost!

  16. I really enjoyed the locations in this episode, the style of the film. However the ruins I wasn’t too much a fan of, it seems no matter how much treatment goes into foam rocks it still looks like foam to me, but then again that’s just me.

    Are there any plans to have Louise Lombard return as Rush’s wife in flashbacks/hallucinations in future episodes?

  17. Oooooh … tonight was tasty.

    Random spider story:

    My brother rented the bottom floor of a small house, while a couple rented the upstairs. The interior stairwell was blocked off, so the upstairs neighbors had to walk directly in front of his picture window to reach the exterior stairs. This couple were not the ideal folks to have upstairs, loud, lots of drugs, and a tendency to steal anything not tied down. Also, deathly afraid of spiders. So my brother bought a nice little red legged tarantula which he kept in an aquarium in the front window. After a week, he returned the spider to the pet shop. He did leave the tank in the window with the lid ajar. “Have you seen my spider? She gout out.” When the couple was suitably freaked out, he’d spend evenings scratching the insides of the heating ducts with a wire hanger. Splendid.

  18. Wow. Remi’s got a most interesting thing going on there.

    Haven’t watched the newest episode yet (just got back from a friend’s birthday, and a mild adventure with me locking my keys in the car), but I’m sure it’s top notch.

  19. Hey Joe –

    Seems like machinations abound at the production office. As far as taking down Ashleigh, I recommend waiting a good long while before undertaking any action. I think the uncertainty alone will freak her out. Then, just when she thinks it’s safe to go back in the water…

    Reporting back on SGU.

    In some ways, this is one of the most sophisticated episodes so far; definitely on par with “Time”. Having the main storyline take place in Rush’s mind was both well conceived and executed. I am a bit surprised that the writing team decided to undertake such an in-depth character study of Dr. Rush so early in the series. Rush is the guy we love to hate…I think you could have milked that cow a bit longer. Unfortunately, now I have to contextualize his behavior.

    Other things I enjoyed.

    The music selection was fantastic, especially that song about the “English Rose”. This was in stark contrast to that discordant selection in “Divided” which ‘startled’ me.

    The scene where Rush’s wife tell him that she was never his conscience. Amazing. I wish I had written that line – my highest compliment.

    Daniel Jackson (Michael Shanks) makes an appearance without resorting to the stones. Way to use the noggin guys.

    What I didn’t appreciate.

    Chloe’s apparent betrayal of Eli was epic, and yet Eli blithely accepts her apology. Her cavalier last words to Eli on the matter was, “believe me or don’t believe me; it doesn’t matter”. This implies that Chloe was ready to sacrifice Eli’s friendship for the “cause”. Eli’s just a little too forgiving: Hey, let’s go off-ship and bond immediately! Definitely not a proxy for the viewer in this episode.

    The convenient cave-in. Too obvious as a plot device. Chloe, Scott, and Eli trapped together? What better way to work through those thorny betrayal issues. I’m taking bets that Chloe will be having a heart-to-heart talk with her two men in next week’s episode, and Chloe will be back in bed with Scott by the end of the episode. As usual, Eli will be left to his own devices – the kinos.

    Seemed like there was a Greer story line that will come to fruition in next week’s episode. More Greer is always good. Less Greer is always bad.

  20. Joe I had the best piece of sushi tonight and thought… I need to tell Joe. It was your average Nigiri but it was just so good. The Hariami was my favorite cause it just melted into your mouth when you went to eat it. And the Sake Rolls where so good we had a 2nd order brought to the table.

    Oh and have you ever tried a Sake` cocktail? I had 3 different carafes tonight (Passion fruit, citrus, and a blue raspberry) The Raspberry was my favorite. Apparently they make it just like you would lemon aid but instead of water they use Sake` and it’s served chilled.

  21. – spoilers –

    *Brilliant* episode. I’m still stoked about the consistently superior acting, writing, production values, and every element of the show: this time, the character-capturing photography throughout really got my attention. A creative take on the “dream sequence” concept, with cool fx, and the action/dialogue with the away team had a well-done progression from somewhat light, to tense, to dismal, to stoic resignation. The parallel storylines were nicely cohesive – something I saw as a bit of a weak spot in the ep of 4/16. And, once again, a masterful outing is highlighted again and again by a very compelling score, especially the poignant solo violin passages that act as a theme for Rush’s wife, and for their story. I really was enthralled, and can’t wait until next week.

    It was nice to see Col. Young smile – twice! Also, it was gratifying to see Lt. James take her turn at bat.

    – Speaking of. . . Carl with a weapon in hand is startling, but not scary – not with that goofy look in pic #2, anyway. (LOL.) What *is* scary is that possibly identity-challenged former [b]UCLA[/b] switch-hitters are going around at work without supervision – unless the intrepid Ashleigh has selflessly taken on that task, in addition to keeping you in line.

    Now, this made me break out in a cold sweat: [i]For the rest of the afternoon, she was all gloaty, blusteresque, and swaggersome.[/i] ‘Course, I’m powerful partial to SGU an’ all, but that don’t mean I gotta give up bein’ a Browncoat. We’re out here, and we know where to find ya. . . and them Reavers are still hungry, I reckon. And I guarantee ya they’re mighty scary.

  22. Damn. . . using php tags on a bb website looks pretty stoopid. . . What can I say except TGIF. Or Saturday. Whatever.

  23. Hi, Joe.

    Oh, my. ‘Human’ was excellent. Robert Carlyle was magnificent! Special effects spectacular!

    Oh, hey, and Riley is back – and awake! Nice to see Haig Sutherland back on the set.


    Now…In ‘Air,’ Carter on board the Hammond suspected it was the Lucian Alliance that attacked Icarus base.

    In ‘Human,’ when Daniel visits Rush at his home, he states, ‘I have good news. Our source inside the Lucian Alliance has found a planet that may need our power requirements.’

    Very interesting statement.

    As this whole conversation may (or may not) have occurred only because of Rush’s interface with the Ancient Chair, I’m ‘hearing’ that statement as confirmation that Rush was the one that was/is working for the Lucian Alliance?

    I say this because I’ve wondered since ‘Air,’ premiered what was the urgent desire to find out what the ninth chevron is, or where it leads to. I thought we might get an answer in ‘Human,’ but it seems we’re getting a different hint in another direction.

    Overactive imagination?

    Conspiracy phobiast? (TM)

    Best wishes for a terrific weekend, Joe.

    Hi to the kids.

  24. @Das: I’m with you 100% on the spider thing.

    Joe – thanks for the nightmares 🙁 Frickin’ spiders were everywhere.

  25. Coucou Mon super Joseph que j’adore! =P

    ça va bien? Moi oui, il fait un temps magnifique! Je reviens d’un entretien pour travailler cet été, je pense que ça c’est bien passé, j’aurai la réponse en Mai.

    Sympa la video, mais ce n’est pas trop mon style, je préfére les choses plus farfelues et plus fantastique 🙂 Mais j’espere que son projet va bien marcher!

    Ils sont sympa ces Fluo…enfin sauf s’y ils se mêttent à écrire sur les vêtements, d’ailleur, ça part au lavage?

    Lol Ashleigh elle aime vous embétez^^! Du moment que vous n’ayez pas de vrai crise cardique ça reste bonne enfant 🙂

    Très cool ces photos^^!

    Gros bisou!
    A plus tard.

  26. Looks like fun and interesting doings at the office. I have to agree with some of the others that you should wait for awhile on the revenge. That always freaks people out. Last night’s episode was great! It was nice to see that everything was not solved instantly–that Rush just got a clue as to where they needed to start in the database. I also enjoyed the crew working together and not seeing as much of the hostility.

  27. Human was a nice outing. Rush stuff always a blast, but the nice little boldness of the cliffie with our kids stranded on the planet worked well too. I anticipate good things for Lost.

    Oh, and RILEY returns. The love, I’m feeling it. Keep that guy for as long as you can, seriously.

  28. I really enjoyed this week’s episode.
    The music was lovely.

    Was that flock of pigeons CGI?

    Who wrote the violin music? It didn’t sound like Joel, but he has done some surprising things before. Who played the violin? Whose idea was it?

    What is the purpose of those red beams between the buildings at The Brige?

    Can you confirm that the first alien lifeform encountered by people aboard Destiny was a spider as per this screencap:

    Can you give us an example of something from any of the Stargate series’ that we would be surprised to learn is CGI?

  29. Riddled with bullets and smooshed with a rock. Sometimes you just have to do that to a spider or they’ll grow back.

  30. Don’t want to say I didn’t warn you to watch your back there Joe,but… And are you really sure you want Ashleigh to introduce you to her girlfriends, the word is possibly out and and well. you know. But I do like the out fit you have chosen to possibly wear at 3am, don’t forget to wear something under it for when they drag you kicking and screaming in the ambulance or to the police station whichever Ashleigh chooses. I think a super hero costume would have been good, anime character or green lantern,(might not recognize you). Practice your running speed.
    -I enjoyed seeing the other side of Rush, very nicely done Bobby Carlyle. Louise Lombard played her part well as Rush’s dying wife,explains more there. And Young is getting his jibs in to Rush, I can see another confrontation ahead…
    -I do hope they get them out of the cave in, I know, wait and see. ( i know it happens,previews,lol) (ick on the giant honking spiders)
    More action,drama,comedy, yes, and I am not saying it compares to Lost, coz I really didn’t care for lost(don’t beat me) but I do like Universe. It has its own story and like most things on tv, maybe some one else did something similiar, but this is this and that was that,,poetic huh?!?, HAH, well have a great day there and good luck with the pages.

  31. Hi

    Though I’m sure you’ve heard it often this is a *wow* and a major *kudos* to you and the other writers of Stargate SG1 and SGA. Late last year I began watching the series and was done around march of this year. Never have I been so upset about a series as when I went to search for SGA Season 6 only to find out it didn’t exist. Not even when Elle (Lola Glaudini) left Criminal Minds and I stopped watching the show; nor when Kate was killed at the end of the second season of NCIS and I took a two year hiatus from that series. I made my way through the funny and emotional Farscape series; the entertaining NCIS:LA; Cold Case whose team feeling rivals SGA’s and NCIS’, but none of them really took my mind off what happened after SGA Season 5. I still spontaneously think of it, randomly wonder. Of course I like most fans have concocted an image of what may have/ should have happened, but it doesn’t cut it. I still wonder. Revise the above, once I have been this upset. Robert Jordan, author of the fantastic Wheel of Time series, died his books unfinished – that was horrifying. But Sanderson’s compilation of his work was released in a first volume this past year and was good – resolution at last. So, I guess this all just to say I am incredibly impressed by your talent and your ability to make the characters real and alive and plausible. Thank you.

    A second matter of what in light of a recent post on chocolate may interest you. Barcelona. If you have not been there it is a must visit for every chocolate lover. You can hardly travel three blocks without coming across a ‘xocolaterie’ or a ‘xurrerie’ or a ‘bomboneria’ or a ‘patisseria’ – in other words it is a world of fantastic sweets (the other food is pretty good, too). I really recommend going, though possibly not while a cloud of volcanic ash is covering your home airport…

  32. Sooo, Jackson … ships avatar or ascended being who can’t leave well enough alone – oh well there was one joke in it, that’s progress i guess! Somebody should have sold that violin though and bought a tripod instead.

    ” Circle the date on your calendars!”

    Hah, when they call something “an event” you know they are just desperate. Now if that house was located on another planet in an atmospheric shell there was at least the distant promise of spaceships! (You do ‘Inner Light’ they can do ‘The Royale’ 😉

    “She, of course, feigned ignorance.”

    Perhaps the plan was to offer coming over and washing it for you?

    “Guys get “startled”. I was startled.”

    I don’t think we even get startled do we? We become hyper alert, preparing for possible battle in an unknown situation which has yet to be assessed?


    That’s a girls name *g*

    @otros ojos
    “A creative take on the “dream sequence” concept”

    Really? Not same old same old after decades of beating that concept to death?

    Don’t worry – they’ll live 😉

    @My Name Is Scott

    “The Asgard, at some point in SG1, identified O’Neill as being, in terms of evolution, somewhat advanced,…”

    Yeah, my opinion of the Asgard dropped a bit after that *g*

  33. You were “startled”. Why is that different from scared?

    You sure do work in an interesting office.

  34. I loved the Rush dream/memory sequence of this episode. Wonderful acting among the three. Rush’s wife? Now that’s a strong woman. 🙂 Loved the callbacks to Daniel solving the Stargate mystery in a week (like Eli, although Daniel wasn’t quite a “big boy”) and his loss of his wife. I guess that implies Rush knows a lot about Daniel’s past, since he created the scenes in his mind. In any case, awesome!

    Joe, do you care to comment on how you guys are feeling about MGM’s financial “troubles” and how that might affect SGU’s future?

  35. Bravo on “Human.” Robert C and Louise Lombard did a tremendous job, and the cinematography was so beautiful. I was great to see Suleka Mathew.

    I’m looking forward to seeing more detail on Greer’s flashback to his childhood.

    Human to me feels like it should have been episode 3 or 4 of the series because it gives Rush and Greer so much dimension and soul that I didn’t feel in the first half of the season. It’s great to now have context for Rush going forward.

    This weekend I am grooving on Dangerous Days, which is the full length documentary included on the 2 disc Blade Runner 2007 Final Cut; it is just…if you love Blade Runner it’s the absolute ultimate docu, with amazing interviews with all the stars, producers, both writers, tons of the FX crew, with new clips and behind the scenes stuff, I recommend to all.

  36. Whoops, forgot to ask; that spider Greer shot looked awfully familiar. Was it a Wraith bug by any chance?

    The Jacques Torres champagne truffles are amazing; the first bite was incredible!

  37. Awesome episode. Loved the dynamics or lack of that helps to explain some things about Rush.
    DITTO the icky poo re the creature. yuck spider and a big one.

    @Chem-is-try – oh yes! Must take very strong and extreme measures with spiders regardless of size. And, the bigger they are – the stronger the action. If I had been Greer, I would have fired a few more rounds into that thingey. euuuwwwww….

    Can’t wait for more episodes – bring them on.

    Ummmm, I hope Ashleigh understands she cannot damage you doing production. Well, preferred not after as well because effect can linger and we do not want anything to interfere with your creativity.

    sign..and now back to my reality.

  38. I’d nix the snow elf costume at 3 AM, if I were you. Ashleigh might own a gun.

  39. The image of Chloe in army fatigue in last night’s episode woke me up and made me come to a realization…There isn’t a strong or at least compelling female character on the show. I’ve heard people mention this before, but it just now dawned on me…I didn’t pay much attention to this fact, cause at the time I was perfectly satisfied with the 4 (male) character’s that I liked the most and it’s rare for me to find a show where I liked 2 character’s not alone 4. So I thought I’d hit the jackpot, but it’s clear to me now that an element is missing…I have to be honest I don’t like NONE of the female character’s on this show and James, lackluster as she is, is no substitute cause we all know she was picked because she has big boobs and if it wasn’t for her big breasts, she could basically pass for one of the men. I’m sorry, that was mean, but anyway…I’m sticking with this show cause I do like it, but I guess it’s too late to add another character…I was just thinking…Sanaa Lathan would be perfect for this show, cause I saw her in the movie ‘Alien vs. Predator’, which remind me a little of SGU. Sanaa’s character is similar to TJ, but much more dynamic and the older gentleman in the movie Lance Henriksen is similar to Rush, only less selfish. By the way, ‘Person’s unknown’ just look’s like SGU all over again…I spotted a Greer character, LOL.

  40. Couldn’t wait for PG15 to do his review. Watched SGU today. Pretty good. I only saw one spider. Very cool, with the teeth.

    Narelle is that spider found in Australia? 😀

  41. >> Rush needs a slap upside the head if he really treated his wife that way while she was dying

    Not really, the thing is Rush knew it wasn’t real, he couldn’t change the outcome, at the end of the day his wife was still going to die, even if he became the perfect guy to her in his mind, he knows deep down his failings.

    I see it as, Rush went into this with one objective in mind, to get the Destinys code and essentially help everyone else aboard, he knew he was living his own worst nightmare. Had he acknowledged and went along with what he was seeing, and acknowledged his own personal failings, he would of lost all sense of objectivity and the whole going in the chair would of been a waste.

    You could see the whole cold shell persona he was trying to put it was all an act, he knew he couldn’t afford to break down, but as you see at the end, the cold hearted guy, is actually a soft emotional guy, in that regard, when he was with his wife and crying.

  42. Do you know/have you guys decided if any of the Season 2 episodes take place in 2010?

  43. Remi – Persons Unknown looks interesting, I will watch out for it in the TV listings.

    Human episode – liked some of it, not all of it.

    It sounds like working there is a lot of fun, but you might want to start wearing a cup. I have a feeling Ashleigh is just getting started. Team Ashleigh!! I’d give some tips but since you both read this blog wouldn’t be much of a sneak attack.

    Yesterday Shadow Step mentioned the WuTang Clan nickname generator. I didn’t realize that the generator took personality traits into account as well. *snort*. My nickname is……………VIOLET DESTROYER………….and I like it (it fits).

    Hope you got some productive writing in last eve.

    Have a good one!

  44. “Human” was a masterpiece. Bravo!! 😀

    Was that amazing score by Joel? The music made Rush/Gloria scenes very haunting.

    Just one little nitpick – alien spider? Really? It was the biggest letdown. That and more trees.

  45. Hi.

    Great ep last night. It was nice to see Riley again. The scene where Chloe & Eli were trying to convince Young to let them go on the mission was a nice bit of humor. Then I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what was going to happen to Eli, Scott, Chloe & Greer. I was quite shocked/annoyed to see that I have to wait until next week for the conclusion.

    It was so cool getting to see Daniel Jackson for more than a few seconds here and there. I loved how he was just so Daniel. I know that probably sounds a bit odd but it just makes me realizes how much I miss that character. His interaction with Rush was perfect.

    Will we see Daniel again this season?

  46. Playing catch up after a few days of job interviews round Vancouver. Despite all the frustration (stress) of looking for work your blog never ceases to make me laugh. I should remember that when I’m prepping for all these job applications, actually.

    So the latest chapter of Ashleigh vs. Joe is interesting. I was startled by the idea of you dressed in that costume (well, more the costume itself, but you know). There’s this terrible harmonica player I heard when I was walking through Gastown the other day, you could pay him to call her and play his harmonica through the phone at her. I imagine that would be both startling and torturous 😉



  47. WHAT!?! NOOOOOOO! It can’t end there! I can’t wait a whole week to find out what happens to my boys (and girl!) left behind stuck in the tunnel! I know it will be good though 😀

  48. Ten peoople died in the tornado that hit yesterday in Mississippi. I’m feeling very lucky/blessed that it didn’t hit our area.

  49. @Das: Just happened to look at yesterday’s posts and caught yours. ROTFL, nonono, don’t warn him or I can’t wait till he’s not suspecting a thing to pounce. Gawd, poor man. I’ll make sure to tell Heyerdahl you said hi next time I see him 😉 I’ll tell him ALL about you…

    Hiya Joe! Finally watching Avatar at home. Am I the last to watch? Nobody wanted to go with me to see it in the theater because they’d either already seen it (Sheryl) or weren’t interested (daughter and Mr. Deni). Did you see it? If so, did you like it?

  50. So, Ashleigh made you feel afraid and then engaged in gaslighting to make you feel like you were in the wrong for feeling that way? Your only choice is to placate at this point. Abusers just escalate if they think their manipulations aren’t working anymore.

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