My friend Cynthia is visiting from London so, for the rest of the week, I’ll be playing the role of affable host (as opposed to the role of ranty belligerent blog poster.  No.  Wait.  Maybe I can do both).  After picking up at the airport, I took her for dim sum at Sun Sui Wah, produce shopping at Granville Island, and dinner at Tojo’s.  Our day…

Maybe if customers show enough support, they’ll close Tuesdays and Wednesdays too.

#76 comes with a side of switchblade.

Barbecued pork in puff pastry. Cynthia’s fave.

Scallops in black bean sauce. Delicious. And messy.

These two poor little guys were tied up outside a coffee shop. They black one seemed oblivious to the rain, but the fawn one looked positively miserable.

What a cutie. #1

What a cutie. #2

Multi-colored roses at Granville Island.

Apparently, Maximus thinks Cynthia’s boot makes a good pillow.

Jelly’s fave dog toy aint a toy at all. It’s my sock.

Cynthia spied this in the window of a local bookstore and just had to get it for me.

On our way to dinner, we drop by Chapters where I check out the latest issue of Chickens Magazine. Really.

At Tojo’s, we found ourselves in the ever-capable hands of Dragon.

It was Cynthia’s first time trying fresh uni and she became an instant fan.

Some of the best sushi outside of Japan.

Cynthia peruses the menu.

The Spider Roll. That’s one BIG spider!

A light Japanese tiramisu for dessert.

A complimentary glass of their new lychee sake. THIS is the sake I'm ordering when I go back.

Lulu awaiting our return. Who goes there?!

Second dessert: London's best matcha cakes.

38 thoughts on “April 24, 2010: Entertaining

  1. Joe!

    First of all yesterday’s episode was amazing! I kept getting mad at Rush for ignoring his wife and had to keep telling myself it was only a dream to him. Very excited to see how next weeks episode ties together the loose ends. I must say I was angry at first when they were left behind but then regained composure when I thought that it had to happen eventually.

    That food looks great and so does your date, nice going man. On a side note, do you really have bars on all your windows? I suppose it would be to keep all of us from stealing your adorable pups, or as your picture whould have us believe, you are running a doggie jail 🙂

    Also do you know if the violin solo which was the same as featured in Air is an existing piece or if Joel G wrote it?

    thanks always,


  2. Oh yeah, I was watching with a friend who is all caught up with SGU but hasn’t seen SG1 or SGA. I was explaining more thoroughly the concept of the ATA gene, and thought of a question to ask you.

    The Asgard, at some point in SG1, identified O’Neill as being, in terms of evolution, somewhat advanced, and was naturally able to use Ancient technology. Later, we find out about the ATA gene. The assumption then (to me) was that people who naturally had the ATA gene developed it naturally through evolution, being on the “front” so to speak of evolutionary advancement. Then the concept was introduced that Ancients returning from Atlantis integrated themselves into society, seemingly implying that the people who naturally have the ATA gene inherited it from an Ancient ancestor.

    Did the second explanation “debunk” the first one? Did I read too much into one or both of those explanations and they weren’t so much explanations at all as much as guesses? Could both be the case, and there are two known ways to naturally possess the ATA gene?

    And this is random, “what-if”ish and inconsequential, but: what are the odds that O’Neill and Sheppard are as adept as they are with Ancient technology because they have the gene as a result of BOTH options, thus compounding whatever level of skill they would have had with only one option?

  3. Cool, lychee sake sounds very nice. Compliments your dining choices.

    Cynthia is cool already bonding with the poochies.
    Better check the socks for holes…before wearing.

    Now I’m hungry again.

  4. I bet the Lychee Sake was great! The winery down the street makes a Lychee Riesling every year for it’s South African festival. Those Spider rolls looked awesome. What type of meat was in them?

  5. Joeycakes, dahling – ENOUGH with the spiders!! 😡


    Welcome, Cynthia!! Enjoy your stay!! (But beware…Joe made his last guest clean the house and even fold his underpants. 🙄 If he gets the hoover out – run for the hills! )

    Must be a British invasion. I spent part of the day yesterday with those friends from England I mentioned a few days back (the fella who sounds like the Geico gecko). The one guy has lived here for a while, but I only just met his ‘gecko’ friend a few days ago – and we hit it off immediately! For one, we are both huge fans of Korn (though he’s actually gone to concerts, while I prefer to stay far from the madding crowd and just listen to their CDs). We have a lot in common, and it was nice to talk things like music and British sports face-to-face with someone instead of over the net. Only problem is that he kept teasing me about my accent. Supposedly, the word ‘water’ is not pronounced ‘wooder’ on the other side of the pond. How crazy is THAT??

    Afterwards, hubby and I stopped at this local (not chain) tex-mex place for dinner, ate too much, and practically fell into bed as soon as we came in the door. For me, falling alseep at 9 pm means being wide awake at 1 am (like now), and I have another huge day tomor…today. 😛 I think I best crawl back to bed. Nites, Joe.


  6. @ Deni – Next time you see Chris, be sure to give him a hug for me! 😀 And don’t tell him TOO much…except mebbe my phone number and address. 😉 Chris is one of those few mature men I find attractive, along with Morgan Freeman, Johnny Depp, and the late Cary Grant and Humphrey Bogart. Some guys do get better with age. 🙂

    Speaking of those old, dead actors…to this day Bogie still makes me weak in the knees every time I see him with Hepburn on that tennis court in Sabrina. Such a subtle scene…mmmm…he was one hellava sexy man! Grant appealed to me on a different level – not so much as ‘sexy’ (though he was gorgeous – like that Alan fella I keep seeing around here 😉 ) – but I really loved him for his sense of humor, especially in his later films (Operation Petticoat, Father Goose, Charade, Arsenic and Old Lace, etc.). Even in his serious roles he often had a humorous moment or two, and that just won me over. A pretty face is fine, but you really need the personality to go with it. Personality means everything to me – it’s what makes an actor attractive and sexy and appealing – he just has to have that little twinkle in his eye if he’s ever going to win me over…

    And so speaking of Chris 😉 – I really miss him. Not sure when Sanctuary is coming back (I guess with S2 of Universe), and the only thing I’ve been able to see him in lately was New Moon (for all of his 30 seconds of screen time). I miss Todd even more. 🙁 The mess of white hair, those lovely hands…that throaty chuckle… siiiigh. Oh, now…see? I’ve gone and bummed myself out again. 😛

    NOW I really gotta go back to bed.


  7. Those matcha cakes look amazing. Oh, and the rest of the food didn’t look too bad either 😉

    Ok, so my new favourite pic of one of your dogs is that one of Lulu awaiting your return. Seriously cute!


  8. If they had like a dozen Zero Point Modules tied into the Stargate Could they Dial Destiny from Earth?
    Or would it cause a Power Overload?

    Just something I gotta get an answer for cause literally seems like the ZPM is the Ancients “Power All” Battery and if they’re so rare you gotta wonder if there isn’t some storehouse of ZPMS out there somewhere in Pegusas or The Milky Way Galaxy.
    Of course if they did dial destiny they could only send people and supplies one-way for now.

  9. Coucou Joseph! ça va bien? Moi moyen.

    Merci pour tout ces photos!! Vos chiens sont adorable! Sur la video il saute très haut ^^, le miens aussi il peut sautez haut, jusqu’a 1m70, il me dépasse même, mais c’est parce qu’ il à dejà fait pas mal d’agility.

    Un magazine pour les poulets!!! Ahh ej m’abonne^^!!! J’adore ces animaux, trop so cute ♥!

    Gros bisou!
    A plus!

    Ps: on vous voit plus sur votre twitter, pourquoi?

  10. Oh, those poor dogs out in the rain. You did leave them an umbrella, yes?

    The food photographs make my taste buds tingle. I must settle for that, though, since I live in Alabama, the land of piles of tasteless, battered, greasy foods for $5.99.

  11. I tried sake once but it reminded me of rubbing alcohol >.< so just as I try to tell my friends who try wine for the first time – it's all about the right kind. I'm curious (so that I know for the next time I decide to give sake a try) – what should good sake taste like?

    The sushi looks so good! My husband laughs at me because I won't eat fish cooked but I'll eat fish raw. 🙂

  12. Those dogs look so weird – hmm..

    Anyway Debra has a point, why don’t you weight 800 pounds?

  13. who’d have thunk any of the dogs could jump like that? Glad you have the video proof! So, did the volcano affect Cynthia’s travels? Glad to see you showing off the city and it’s food. We all know how much of a sacrifice that is for you. And appreciate the cool pictures.
    I’m also impressed at how you find companions who are as food adventurous as you are. Is there a website or something for foodies to meet?
    Anyways, have fun. I’m hunkering down for the afternoon storms. Luckily they have vented most of their strength west of the Appalachians so we don’t anticipate the wholesale destruction wreaked in Mississippi.

  14. Hey Joe!

    I just finally got around to watching Friday’s Stargate episode.

    I loved the filming style in Rush’s ‘dream’ sequences! The bizarre lighting & classic instrumental music really made it for me. It basically reminded me of a few of my favorite crazy mathematician movies.

    Enjoy the feasting that will likely ensue due to a new guest arrival.

  15. Hi Joe, love your pictures of the pups!
    Hey, a bit of fun: Some people think they spotted an automobile in the background in one scene in Human.
    On the planet, upper left hand corner where the tree line meets the grass:
    If that is a car, and honestly, I can’t tell, what model auto do fashionable aliens drive nowadays? Or is that a vehicle that the Destineers managed to throw through the gate when they first boarder Destiny?
    If it is a vehicle, makes for an interesting bit of trivia for the show!

  16. The poor guys in the rain…what breed are they? They look like pugs, but quite a bit different in the face than yours.

  17. I am a fan of cars. So I really like to know, what kind of car was on the alien planet on which Scott, Eli, Greer and Chloe were in “Human”? Was it a Mercedes, BMW, Toyota,…?

  18. Hey Joe- in the U.S. isn’t showing the latest episode of Fringe, yet they are showing a screenshot from the latest episode. I think something is off.

  19. So Joe, why do you need Ashleigh to introduce you to her friends? You already seem to have a parade of lovely women going straight through your home.

    Also, no SGU this week (meaning from Faith until today)? Odd time to take a break…unless Hulu is toying with me…

  20. Rush has in “Air, Part 1” a photo of him and a woman. I first assumed that she was his dead wife, but after “Human” it is clear, that she is someone else. She doesn’t look like his dead wife in the last episode. So who is she? His sister, girlfriend, another wife,…?

  21. hi joe, i just wanted to let you guys know that i am happy that the stargate franchise finally grew up in what we now know as stargate universe

    i was a bit startled 😉 at first with talk off appealing to a younger target audionce before the pilot aired considering i already thought that way off sga so thank you and all of the people that give us episode after episode the best sets, stories, visual effects, … that stargate has ever seen

  22. Hi Joe,

    I was wondering two things that might need a little more clarifications:

    1. Will we ever encounter the race that built the star system and the obelisk in the future or is it meant to stay a mystery?
    2. The odysey spaceship was on a secret mission during the events Enemy at the gates, and we know through your blog that it was Stargate universe Orientated type mission; however it was the Hammond that was there
    in Air. Will the next episodes of Stargate
    Universe shed light on this issue or do we have to wait for either sga or sg1 movies to be released in the future? There is no need to divulge anything but just give us a

    3. Seriously, Joe, what does it look like for Sga Extinction. It’s been a year and a half that we have been waiting for any sign of hope that it will see the light. I mean if you guys wait too long than the movie will simply be even harder to do. Just give us some sort of closure

    Much appreciated

  23. Welcome Cynthia, to the madness and mayhem that is Joe’s blog community!

    Actually, we all have lots of fun here thanks to the maestro himself, who really does 99.5% of the work. 😎

    Loved all the food pics, as always and worried for the pups left out in the rain. No sign of their person(s)?

    My kitties share a common attribute with Jelly, their favorite toy is my sneaker laces, whether on or off the sneakers. What is it with foot gear and these furballs? And, I’m always greeted coming home by a little kitty face at the window, much like Lulu peeking out. Makes me feel wanted, ‘ya know?

    Question: Can we get a short vid of the SGU hairstylist doing up Alaina’s up-sweep hair? I really admire the twisty, tucked in look and am having great difficulties making my long hair do the same.

    Ple-e-e-aze Joe? If not a vid, then please ask how the hairdo is accomplished and post it here? It really looks cool.

    Thanks so very much Joe… and I wish you and Cynthia a fun-filled, happy visit. Behave yourself.

    2cats in NJ

  24. My plan for next year when I knew SGU would be on hulu with a delay was to have someone I know DVR them or go to their house Fri. night. Since hulu just sprung the delay on us, though, going to that plan now would mean watching the shows out of order since I couldn’t make the plans to have anyone I know record it. I’m stuck waiting the whole 8 days (I’m assuming they’re following the V model on this) so I can watch them in order. So, if I’m scarcer around here, it’s because I have to avoid spoilers for the next, what? 7 weeks? I’ll be back.

    If the goal behind the delays is to get people to watch the network broadcast, only a 6 day delay would make sense to give someone a chance to switch from hulu to the network without missing a show. 8-day delays give me no motivation to start paying a cable bill mid-season.

  25. Hi

    How did Cynthia beat the European airline chaos from the Icelandic ash cloud?

    Of the last two eps, Human was the one to beat. I know folk rated it but Faith didn’t quicken my pulse.

    Faith: Still amazed that a month passed in a flash of …nothing…and that a planet can have such an ecosystem without wildlife of note or visibility. Felt like a stage backdrop, but I do like the mystery of the obelisk. And, why didn’t Destiny catch sight/data on the energy beam – I know the shuttle was out of range but were all sensors? And, Rush/Eli must’ve done the calcs so where was the beam fired towards? I did like the acting for the God-believing scientist: came across wild, desperate and …not adding up. The planet was there for them when it was put there long, long ago?

    Human: Great not to open on the spaceship, and loved the lucid dreaming as a plot process that saw the script walk the edge of having Rush seemingly in the ‘reality’ of the dream and its pains, passions, and then operating as an arm’s length observer and tourist. Lovely see-saw. Great combo of character insight weaving with plot advances. However, it left a number of other characters either as scenery on Destiny or doing something utterly, wildly dumb on the planet – with the clock ticking down already they ALL went underground to an abandoned maze with no string, breathing equipment, map, or purpose for the kino hadn’t spotted anything and they’ve dozens (I assume!) so should’ve walked away. I just don’t understand the character motivations here and hope – and expect (hopefully!) – to be shown to be wrong and there was more purpose than plot- (not character-) driven group jeopardy with a need for Rush to make a breakthrough on controlling Destiny…

    I look forward to next week. SGU? Good stuff, indeed!

    Would love your feedback on the above, please, Joe – if anything can be said without being impolitic. If not, say ‘Stay Tuned!’

    I recall a blog excerpt (of yours) on Gateworld that said there was some debate about the change of name to Human from Lucid. Makes me wonder then about any creative differences, disagreements on titles and scripts, especially arc elements – including possibly on Human. Also, different eps sometimes have different energy, punch. All happens, of course. Just curious, therefore, how all of that is worked out among the senior staff.

    The other week I put some questions to do with writing. I won’t cut n’ paste to repeat but I would appreciate your thoughts.

    So, food…had some birthday chow at Wagamama and, unbelievable to me too, my first miso soup. So, so good.

    Hope you’ve had a good weekend.



  26. What was the name of this week’s ep again? It was really really good. Joe you were right about the back half of season one, glad I stuck it out. I was also glad to see, that the “wizard of oz” symbolism carried out with, Chloe, Scott, Greer and Eli, that was so true to SG1 – is this making sense.( I am so tired.) Now I know that the four of them will get back, the question is how. That will have me wondering all week.

    Cynthia seems really nice, I hope we get meet more of her this week.

  27. I would especially like to try the lychee sake, the matcha cakes, the spider roll, the uni…Ok just say everything because each dish looks really good.

    I feel sorry for the pups left outside. It looks like it would be easy for someone to let them loose for kicks. Not good.

    My sister’s crazy cat Fargo would systematically steal all of the socks in the house. If you took them off and looked away for two seconds, they would go poof! So between the cat and the dryer/washing machine, they lost a lot of socks.

    Normally I love flowers but those are just butt ugly. Guess I’m a monochromatic kinda gal.

    Lulu looks likes she’s doing 20 to life. Maybe she can be released for good behaviour?

    Have a good one!

  28. Hi, Joe.

    Not originally my question (credit the internet), but why didn’t someone stick their arm (or any other body part) through the event horizon on the planet (connecting to Destiny) in ‘Human’ to prevent Destiny from jumping into FTL?

    A la Eli in ‘Air?”

    Just curious.

    (I know, the cliffhanger ending wouldn’t have worked as well without that…)

    ‘Human’ is an awesome episode. Thank YOU everyone at Stargate for all your hard work and devotion to your craft(s).


  29. mmmmmmmmmmmm wonder where one can purchase lychee sake (or any lychee alcohol) in Aussieland. Sounds divine!!!

    I love pugs.. wanted one and ended up with two pet rats instead (no not my boys).

    I’m gonna second that question and ask why you aren’t 300 kg (hey I’m Aussie – we’re metric)

  30. Wow, looks like you’re in for another good time. I envy your affable abilities as a host. That spider roll was rather large. Oh and I have to ask, have you ever come across sushi places that did not put wasabi on the nigiri because customers did not like the bracing spice? This bar I worked for did that and they’d been doing it since before I started, the only thing I can do is theorize that the customers would send the sushi back and the boss would have to re-roll as well as dispose of the old fish and cut another slice. The reason I ask is because of your experience of course. Given this situation how did you handle it?

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