Production Day #5 of Awakening found me back on set at a very manageable 8:00 a.m. this morning.  Understand, it’s not so much that I mind waking up that early than it’s the dogs simply refusing to stir if the alarm sounds anytime before 6:30 a.m.  They’ll actually ignore me, feigning a deep, impenetrable slumber when I call out to them – and then, when I attempt to carry them off the bed, sprawl out and make themselves as awkward and difficult to pick up as possible.  They’re smart.  In fact, I think they’re pretty damn close to figuring out how to reprogram my alarm clock.

Some progress to report on the script front.  I finished a rough draft of Act III yesterday.  It’s a bit…rough.  And a tad expensive.  So far, I’m averaging about one visual effects shot per page!  Call me a pessimist, but I have a feeling that aint gonna fly.

Anybody else catch the finale of Spartacus: Blood and Sand?  The aptly titled “Kill Them All!” wrapped up the show’s first season in bloody spectacular fashion.  What I at first assumed would be little more than an anemic 300 rip-off turned out to be a well written, well acted, well directed, incredibly compelling series.  Sure, I kind of wished they’d made use of some of those spectacular New Zealand vistas, or injected just a little dark humor into the mix, but there’s always season two.  Congrats go out to cast, crew, and, of course, Exec Producer Steven S. DeKnight.  Loved it.

Well, with Spartacus done, I’m down to one lone scripted drama: House.

Stewie, enjoying life in Toronto (whenever Brie isn't using him as her own personal chew toy).


Noelm writes: “It’s obvious to me. The reason for Ashleigh’s negligence is that her friends are about half your age. Ya dirty old man.”

Answer: Wow.  That’s harsh.  We’re not talking May-December romance here.  More of a June-October thing.  History is filled with many such happy relationships: Rochester and Jane Eyre,  Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, U.S. President Grover Cleveland and his First Lady  Frances Folsom, that cadaverous rock guitarist and his bartender girlfriend.  Besides, I’ve been told I act very immature for my age.

Shawna writes: “Why hasn’t Ashleigh introduced me to any of her cute, single friends yet? …Did I miss something?”

Answer: Possibly.  Did you forget to set your DVR?  How many episodes have you missed?  The network work was inundated with emails by anti-shippers and eventually decided to shake things up by having the producers write out one of the characters.

Natasha writes: “Decadent, rich chocolate, covered in flowers – Vosges must be run by people that know women because they killed two birds with one stone. Thanks for letting Ashleigh share the chocolates with us gals! And, to Lawren for not enjoying them. He’ll eat brains, but not flowers and chocolate?”

Answer: Yeah, what is up with that guy?  And I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the rose truffles.  It was my pleasure.  Hey, since we’re on the topic of food – do you like crispy duck?

Tim Lade writes: “Quick question for you Joe…what exactly is a consulting producer vs. executive producer.”

Answer: It really depends on the production.  In my case, the difference between being a Consulting Producer last year and an Executive Producer this year comes down to meaningful input on all stages of production vs. actual hands-on producing (prepping, dealing with budgets, being on-set, doing my own cuts).

crayonbaby writes: “Is Lou Diamond Phillips coming back for any episodes?”

Answer: Aw, you shouldn’t believe me, even if I did tell you.

MrsB. writes: “Will Destiny ever pick up any new permanent/semi-permanent residents?”

Answer: Stay tuned.

53 thoughts on “April 22, 2010: Awakening Day #5! Spartacus! Stewie! And some mailbag!

  1. I have a question for you, but I need to review some of the SG1 eps first, so I’ll ask later. Okay?

  2. Hey Joe,

    You have a quantity issue with moving all of your dogs in the direction you need them to, I have a weight issue which means one of my dogs doesn’t budge unless he wants to. Well not me personally with the weight issue. You’d be checking me into a psych ward if I thought I had a weight issue.

    Anyhoo, when Ralph was younger and not so obedient (ie: not as easy to trick or bribe) I was having some issues getting him outside as I ran out the door for work.

    I finally got him outside, jumped in the car and my phone rings. Business colleague. He’s laughing his butt off. He’s from California but has lived here for a while so he puts on his best female Aussie accent and shrills, “Ralph. I don’t have tiiiime for this!”. Apparently my phone had accidentally dialled him during my attempts to get Ralph out of the house. Needless to say he reminds me of it regularly.

    Jack just does what I ask. Gotta love him.

    Now, when Ralph won’t jump in the car, despite him being excited to, I have to say, “I’ll leave you home Ralph. Jack and I are going now.” and he jumps in.

    I don’t need kids. Already have them.

    As for Ashleigh’s friends, be careful! Sure, she might have some cute friends, but imagine coming into work after going out to dinner with one of her acquaintances and she has all this new ammunition in which to torture you with.
    “So Joe. You thought that Barry Manilow was a good idea?”. Just sayin’.

  3. Narelle is right Joe — women talk, so you might want to rethink that introduction to Ashley’s friends

    I hear is nice 🙂

  4. Ashleigh’s friends are funny.

    I knew you wouldn’t give me a straight answer on Lou Diamond Phillips. Oh well. I really do like his character. He and Young are really great together. Not in that way….

    Poor doggies having to wake up at the crack of dawn. This is why I have cats. Wait, I sometimes have to move a few just to get out of bed. Nevermind.

  5. The dogs are so funny. I was reading one of your old posts where you wanted to sleep and they wanted you up. One of them walked over your head, so you turned over in bed and Jelly sneezed in your face. I guess we know who the boss(s) are at your house. lol.

    Congrats on finishing the script. Even though it is a rough draft I would think that that’s the hardest part, although that is an assumption on my part. What is the hardest part of writing a script? Or is that a question that you get asked ad nauseam? I am late to the party so I’m not sure which questions have been addressed and which haven’t, so I apologize if my questions are repetitive and/or boring.

    The 40’s aren’t old, but they generally are the age where guys want to trade in the 40 year old model for two twenties. **cough midlife crisis cough**

    So why don’t you tell us what your dream girl/women is? If you want us to match you up we need to know what umm floats your boat. No?

    I haven’t watched Spartacus, I thought it may be too much blood/guts/gore. Perhaps I’ll check out the first couple of episodes online and see if it’s to my liking. I used to watch House but I dropped it this season. It’s not that I don’t like it anymore but I missed a couple of episodes and it’s one of those shows that the stories are built over an arc rather than stand alone episodes. So if you miss a couple of episodes…. If I have time I’ll catch up this summer. I also watch Castle I really enjoyed Firefly and was interested in Nathan Fillion’s new series. If I’m not watching sci-fi I lean towards mysteries, true crime, or the food channel.

    Do you mean to say you only watch one TV show? You work in TV for gawd’s sake. Isn’t that against union rules? Won’t they take your card away? What about Glee, Family Guy or South Park? I saw Seth MacFarlane being interviewed on Larry King tonight (still hatin’ Larry King, but suffered though). I love watching Seth do Stewie’s voice (I heart Stewie). They talked about the death threats against Trey Parker & Matt Stone. Now THAT’S harsh.

    Have a good one!

  6. Okay I give up for now… no more re-attempts at asking questions. Oh well. It’s all good. No biggy. 😉

  7. Salut Joseph!!
    Comment ça va today? Moi très bien 🙂

    Vos chiens sont géniaux, mon chien fait pareil avec ma mère lol, sauf qu’il se reveille à 6h00 et se rendort à 6h30 jusqu’a 12h00 XD c’est un fénéant.

    Stewie est vraiment adorable!

    Un grand merci pour ces Q/A ou Q/R en français 😉

    Gros gros gros gros gros bisous 😀
    A bientôt.

  8. I saw the first 3 episodes of the second half of the first year.
    I’m scared to comment.
    I’ve been pondering my reply for a few days now, and still not sure where to start.
    I found some of the situations not credible. How can TJ know that some plants have medicinal properties? Icarus base was evacuated following an attack. Who has time to carry lab material in an emergency situation? Also, TJ is a paramedic; she wouldn’t have the knowledge to make that kind of conclusion. Even if she would have been a physician/pharmacist/biochemist… it takes more then looking at plants in an unknown planet to know which one could have a medicinal property and what kind. Same thing with the venom comment during Rush’s surgery.
    I like the idea of a tracking device implanted in Rush’s chest, but how did he know in the first place he was implanted WITH A DEVICE, and that it was close to his heart. Have you ever seen what a laparoscopic surgery looks like Joe?
    Also, cutting into his chest, you would have to deal with a rib cage, you wouldn’t be able to take out a device as easily has it was done. That reminded me of Chloe’s father and his heart attack. Why would he be reaching for his Coumadin or Aspirin ( can’t remember which one was mentioned) during an heart attack ? ….. a medical consultant ?
    I wish more time would have been dedicated on Rush’s abduction, rather then him telling about it.
    I found sad that 3 episodes in the second half, we still hear about Rush’s abduction but no significant time was invested on the period between him being left on the planet and him being abducted on the alien ship.
    In last week’s episode, on the “created “planet, I found that there could have been so many nice ideas to exploit other then TJ being pregnant.
    I found that in general since the second half of the season, there are some nice ideas put forward but the way they are being developed is sometimes awkward.
    I’m a bit irritated by the characters that act like they know everything. It’s ok when it’s once or twice, but when it comes often it’s irritating. Rush does it a lot.
    I also find that the reusing of some ideas lack originality. Young who thinks that Chloe can be his lawyer, that TJ can do surgery…. communication stone problems is awkward situations. It’s funny the first time ….
    Why is Young sewing socks?
    the second episode was better then the first one, apart from Rush talking about his abduction that was ignored completely in the script. it’s sad that such an important part was completely left out.
    I apologize if there are several spelling mistakes, I’m tired and don’t feel like looking for them.

  9. Ohh man – where did my comment go? It was waiting to be moderated. Did I get bounced from the blog? What happens when that occurs? Do you get an automatic notification? Or does everything just disappear?


  10. Narelle: She is so right about how girlfriends talk! Don’t go there. You could NEVER be a veg-head.
    Ralph is the one always going to the vet? No wonder he won’t get in the car. Mom could be “planning” something. 😉

    I may miss SGU tonight, even on the DVR. A big storm front is moving through. Weatherman is talking tornados. So we might be huddled in the bathroom with a candle playing board games.

    So funny about your dogs, Mr. M. My cats try and wake us up 30 minutes BEFORE the alarm goes off. I feed them a little canned food in the mornings. God help me if I try to sleep late!

    Das: I loved Firefly! For some reason the network tanked the show! They would air episodes in random. Strange. The writing was clever/snappy. The casting was spot-on. Joss Whedon must have pissed someone off at the network?

  11. I had a few doubts about Spartacus with the first two episodes, but saw enough in it to keep following the show. Glad I did. The show has more than paid off the investment of time with excitement, suprises, and some emotionally satisfying moments. Sorry to see the star has health issues, and look forward to his full recovery and the second season. I’m still betting on a three season series at this point.
    Do your dogs climb on you to let you know they are ready to get up? Mine does, bypassing the simple whining and nosing me. She simply sprawls out full length, and then waits a few moments. Once the eyes come open, she proceeds to bathe my face with her tongue. I am VERY careful on what I let her eat before bedtime… though the real trick is to make sure her business is done late enough in the evenings that she’s content to settle for a post-sunrise wakeup.
    Got to start on The Prisoner, seeing as how May is approaching. Finishing off The Other Lands first, and so far a satisfying read.
    Ashleigh has a perfectly good reason for not introducing her friends to you. Think of the corrupting influence you would have on the veggie/vegan crowd. Lure them in with chocolates, then the crispy duck, and she’d find herself the sole standout in Vancouver.
    Mailbag is appreciated, and looking forward to tonight’s episode. In the meantime I’m enjoying a few days off, and promising myself that by the time I go back to work I’ll have done my spring cleaning for the year. If I can stay away from the books, tv, the computer, fishing, book store runs….ah well, come September it will be spring in Australia. Wonder if that counts?

  12. Yeah, maybe that was a little harsh. I’m sorry. If it makes you feel any better, my 60-year-old friend recently was called “elderly” by a naive whippersnapper in her 20s. And I went shopping at a Costco a bit back with my husband, my friend who is 5 months older than me, and an unrelated 2-year-old that I was babysitting, who all have dark brown hair. When we got to the exit, I handed the receipt checker the receipt, and she gave me a big smile and said, “How nice that you could come, too, Grandma!” Now THAT made me weep for a week!

  13. I meant chest pain not heart attack.
    Trying to be caution with my comments so that I don’t upset anyone but I’m getting increasingly concerned that my point will be missed…. thought I would go straight to my point!

  14. I would love to have the problem of dogs sleeping in. I often work very late into the night/morning but my dogs insist on getting up at any sign of light (nowadays before 6am). It is very disconcerting to have 2 big German shepherds staring you awake. If I’m slow on the wakeup, Bella (overgrown puppy at 80 lbs) will hit me with a paw. Yep, sleepy little dogs are the way to go….

  15. I bet if you waved bacon under their noses, the dogs would be instantly awake and alert, and ready to follow you anywhere on their own four feet. Bribery, JM. Works every time.

    I’ve heard interesting things about Spartacus, but it will have to wait for the DVDs.

  16. Hey Mr. M,

    Glad to hear awakening and the script is going well! Haha, your dogs are funny. 🙂 My cat does the same, he’s very stubborn to get of my bed in the mornings when I wake up early.

    Unfortunately I’m heading camping later today which means I’ll miss Human. I really hope the ratings uptick. I really want a third season! 🙂 But then that probably has to do with season two’s ratings. Lol i still want them to uptick even if it doesn’t affect cancelation.


    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  17. I agree, rarely if ever, did an episode of Spartacus go by when at the end I wasn’t thinking, “holy f*ck that was a good episode!!!!”. Seriously I would say that outloud to myself or whoever was with me.

    Not sure if you heard though, Andy Whitfield, the titular character was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. Just as they were gearing up for Season 2, it was discovered during a check-up, and Season 2 is now on hold. More importantly though, they say it is in the very early stages and is treatable. But with the sets and crew ready to go there has been discussion of a prequel, so they could hire another actor to play “young spartacus”.

  18. Most of the time cats are the way to go, Unless you get an obnoxious half-Siamese who cries loudly and brings you his toy frog at three A.M. for no particular reason. Or when the 20 pound behemoth who normally sleeps nest to my feet decides it is time for petting and walks up the middle of the bed to sit on my head. Or when the two of them decide the foot of the bed isn’t big enough and start a feline wresting match with sound effects.

    I’ve yet to figure out how a cat can meow at high volume with a mouth full of green plush.

  19. Hey Joe,

    First LOVE the pictures from you annuall Chocolate party. And defenitly see why Brian Jacob Smith had a chocolate hangover the next morning.

    Second. Attended the annual Creation Vancouver Convention in Burnaby last weekend. And had a AWESOME time meeting Brian, Elyse Levesque, David Blue, Marc Burgess, Patrick Gilmore and Peter Kelemis, at events throughout the weekend. Including Brian, David and Elyse at the #SGU Breakfast on Sunday morning. Getting to see some of the cast of my favorite show was one of the major reasons I attended the event.

    And finally here is a gadget I thought you would get a kick out of.

  20. Awww…Joey, you didn’t answer my question. *sniffle* Now I’ll never know if you’re Ashleigh’s trophy cake, or her beefcake. 😉

    LOTS going on – besides the fun evening had with the German tourists last night (they LOVE Budweiser, so, of course, I had to tell them that in the States we call it ‘horse piss’. 😀 ), I’ve been doing yard work before and after work. Rolled out of bed today and went right into the garden, cleaning out the last of my winter-worn beds. I found a mantis egg sac, and haven’t decided if I should bring it in to hatch, or what. It was attached to a weed and I didn’t see it until I have already cut it, and I don’t want to just leave it on the ground.

    Going to be away for parts of the weekend, so won’t get any work done then, but as soon as I can I have to tackle my snow-damaged Japanese garden. It’s really a mess. 🙁 Lots to do, but as long as the temps stay mild, I don’t mind – love working in the yard!

    Have a great day, Joeycakes! 🙂


  21. “Answer: Possibly. Did you forget to set your DVR? How many episodes have you missed? The network work was inundated with emails by anti-shippers and eventually decided to shake things up by having the producers write out one of the characters.”

    Did the network really make you write out a character?!?

  22. Congrats on getting progress on your script Joe, pretty much everything you write, be it SG1, SGA, SGU turns out awesome anyway so slow progress = quality episode.

  23. shadowprnces, you’re pretty much wasting your time there, Atlantis will never come back for a full on series, there’s more chance of the world ending in 2012 lol

  24. “The aptly titled “Kill Them All!” wrapped up the show’s first season in bloody spectacular fashion.”

    I’m hoping for a SGU episode with that name 😉

    “Wow. That’s harsh. ”

    Indeed – that’s how god intended!

    “History is filled with many such happy relationships”

    And even Charles Chaplin and Oona O’Neill (36 years age difference, married for 35 years until Chaplin died (had 8 children!)). Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Elizabeth Harper. Woody Allen and Soon-Yi Previn. Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart. Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones. Rodney McKay and Jennifer Keller 😉

    “Besides, I’ve been told I act very immature for my age.”

    I resemble that remark *g*

    “it takes more then looking at plants in an unknown planet to know which one could have a medicinal property and what kind. ”

    Yeah, but they feed them to Angry Smurf and see what happens 😉

    “Did the network really make you write out a character?!?”

    That would be the network in the sky

  25. @eric.stewart One can hazard a good guess at the toxicity of an unknown plant particularly since the planet was supposed to be similar to Earth (as if it was put there for the Destiny passengers). T.J. was collecting samples for testing and probably used some basic principles in herbology/phytology to guess what might be similar to plants on Earth. Plus, this is a story, not fact. It’s kinda like the CSIs. Where does a lab generate DNA results (for example) in a matter of hours–in the real world you are looking at weeks. 🙂

  26. Eh, I can’t fault you for wanting to hook up with some young chippy, Joe. If anything happened to Mr. Das, I sure as hell wouldn’t be looking at some farty old 40-something like me – I’d be spying out the 25-year olds! With few exceptions, most guys over the age of 35 just don’t look good to me anymore. Of course, a 25-year old wouldn’t be looking at an old broad like me, so… don’t even know why I bother wasting time thinking about it. 😛


  27. Does Destiny get a new gate address every time it flies to another galaxy (based on the ships new position within the gate network) or does the away team dial back using a truncated form of the 8 symbol address and adjust for point of origin or somthing else?

  28. Oh there’s my comment. I must have experienced some technical difficulties. I didn’t think my comment(s) were so cheeky that they needed to be deleted.

    Further to the whole May-December romance thang. It may work in books, movies, or for movie stars but not so much in a real world application. There was a 19 and a half year difference between my Mom and my Dad. So was able to see it up close and personal, it was not easy.

    Have a good one!

    I am still wondering what happens to a comment if it gets denied by the moderator, does anyone know?

  29. I resisted watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand for much of the same reasons. I was surprised at its quality. Though I must admit some of the CGI blood was a bit too much at certain points.

    Quick question, will we be seeing more of Lieutenant James in either the latter half this season or in season two?

  30. @Das: Joeycakes? Das! Who knew? 🙂

    Hi Joe, sleeping dogs turning into oil spills here in the mornings as well. Elway turns on his back, gums flapping, tail wagging, goes back to sleep. The other two don’t even look up! They do have a way of making themselves very heavy.

    Speaking of dogs, my idiot neighbor asked me to watch her Sheltie on Saturday while she goes out of town. I agreed, but told her that I was reluctant to do so because she leaves the dog outside in the heat (we’ve gotten into discussions over this before) without adequate shelter. I said I would watch the dog provided that she was left inside with the air conditioning on, and idiot neighbor agreed, saying ” Whatever you need!”. I went over there a while ago because I heard incessant barking, found the dog outside in 86 degree heat, panting away. I took her inside, but noticed the place was unbearably hot, so went to turn on the a/c, only to find a post-it stuck to the thermostat that read “Please leave off, you know how expensive energy bills are in this town.” Yep, don’t I know it. Whatever, I turned on the a/c and came home to give the girl a call. Never mind she’d left her key under my doormat this morning and left (instead of leaving tomorrow morning as agreed), but now this? Huge argument ensued, told her to never ask me to watch the poor dog again and to either remedy the situation by getting her dog some shelter and/or shelling out some money for air conditioning. Meanwhile, she had some friends pick the dog up, so that’s the end of it for me. She told me that “you and I have very different ideas on how animals should be treated”. Thank God.

  31. Looks like at least three blog regulars will miss “Human” tonight: Tammy, Major D., and myself due to volunteer work.

    So, putting an extra request to the rest of you to please give Spoiler warnings or space in your post-broadcast posts. Thanks.

  32. 1) Will there be any surprising relationships formed on board?

    2) Any major deaths before the seasons end?

  33. @ Gilder: Make that 4. I’ve got to do a final exam at the same time the episode’s airing. 🙁

    On the other hand, this means I’ll get to watch both SGU and Doctor Who tomorrow on the SPACE channel, so that should be pretty sweet!

  34. @bilo&bella: no matter how excentric the explanation is, I wouln’t take herbs from an unknown planet from someone that I held hostage against her will!
    Not buying the whole herbology stuff! CSI deals with a different group of people with adequate training and a whole lot of expensive material to analize anything they want 😀

  35. Answer: Possibly. Did you forget to set your DVR? How many episodes have you missed? The network work was inundated with emails by anti-shippers and eventually decided to shake things up by having the producers write out one of the characters.

    I thought I was pretty good at catching them all, but apparently one or two slipped by me. Oh, well. Story of my life. I can never keep up with these things.

    Also, that dog? So cute. Maybe I can convince my aunt to get one. Her pug’s getting pretty old.

  36. Storm is coming but still not here. So I might be able to DVR it (fingers crossed).

    Eric.Stewart: CSI is completely unrealistic, sorry to disagree but I really can’t watch it. I mean can you imagine cops letting the science geeks do the interrogations? DNA results take a while, unless you’ve got a big budget. How many state “anythings” has that big a budget?
    A garbage truck purchase is a big deal here. The rape crisis center didn’t have enough staff to run it in Memphis. Rape victims were told to go home, don’t bath/change clothes and come back the next day to collect evidence! Sorry to rant but I’ve never been able to watch CSI. Plus, that whole rape center deal was horrendous.

    Das: a woman’s sex drive kicks in later in life (there is one plus for being over 40 😉 . So I agree, sign me up for a younger man if hubby kicks it 😀 .

    Sorry for any misspelled words, on a laptop with no spell check.

    Have a good one. I’m ready for no electricity, though. ebook is all charged up and I have a little light to read by.

  37. P.S. I’m waiting for PG15‘s review before I watch SGU. He catches everything! It will be like a study guide 😉 .

    The lightning approaches……

  38. Joe,
    Why must you and the rest of the writing staff at SGU play these games with me? Cliffhangers that aren’t part of a larger multi-part episodes? Seriously? Now I have to wait to find out what happens next week, without time to prepare with the knowledge that Part 2 is next week, ahead of time? Man, I love SGU, but it’s hard on my heart to get all built up for an EPIC conclusion only to find out it’s next week as an episode in itself.
    Now, what to do to take my mind off of the wait…

  39. @Das and Tammy: I’m with you, you COUGARS! 🙂

    Joeycakes, what an episode! Mostly loved it, but you know what pissed me off? They showed next week’s preview and there we have it, they were rescued and dealing with, uh, dinosaurs? Michael, as usual, was frickin’ gorgeous and EXCELLENT. I love Daniel Jackson. I even have a license plate that says so 🙂

    Night night, all!

  40. Wow… loved, loved, LOVED “Human”. The past few episodes have been amazing. Honestly, while I liked SGU when it started, I didn’t love it. Now I love it. Can’t wait until next week!

  41. Oh yeah, I was watching with a friend who is all caught up with SGU but hasn’t seen SG1 or SGA. I was explaining more thoroughly the concept of the ATA gene, and thought of a question to ask you.

    The Asgard, at some point in SG1, identified O’Neill as being, in terms of evolution, somewhat advanced, and was naturally able to use Ancient technology. Later, we find out about the ATA gene. The assumption then (to me) was that people who naturally had the ATA gene developed it naturally through evolution, being on the “front” so to speak of evolutionary advancement. Then the concept was introduced that Ancients returning from Atlantis integrated themselves into society, seemingly implying that the people who naturally have the ATA gene inherited it from an Ancient ancestor.

    Did the second explanation “debunk” the first one? Did I read too much into one or both of those explanations and they weren’t so much explanations at all as much as guesses? Could both be the case, and there are two known ways to naturally possess the ATA gene?

    And this is random, “what-if”ish and inconsequential, but: what are the odds that O’Neill and Sheppard are as adept as they are with Ancient technology because they have the gene as a result of BOTH options, thus compounding whatever level of skill they would have had with only one option?

  42. @ Shadow Step – Woo! There’s hope!! 😀

    Fortunately, I’m married to a handsome, younger guy, and I’m in nooo rush to replace him.

    @ Tammy – Yeah, these perimenopausal hormones are killer. 😛 Just when we’re gettin’ all fired up, our men are starting to peter out… only not in the good way. 😉

    @ Deni – I’m thinking you’re probably the most dangerous cat in the bunch. Maybe someone should warn Daniel… 😉


  43. Seen and loved all of SG1 and SGA, but, and while wasn’t sure this would have been possible in the first half of the season:

    Totally submerged in SGU Between EP13″Faith” 14″Human” and 15″Lost” to where the week between the episodes is a palpably painful to endure:) Eclipsing what’s gone before (even SG1 and SGA) Everything rocks. Including “the rumble”, the music (all the sound on Ep14 esp)

    How about an even 10 seasons on this one, please?:)

    Excellent work in all cases! Masterful.

  44. Sorry, forgot to say EP12 “Divided” too! All of S1 second half is mind-blowing

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