Some are born with natural musical ability.  Others are gifted with athletic prowess.  Still others find their calling in subtler but no less fulfilling pursuits: science, mathematics, literature.  Me?  I’m really good at hiding shit.  Really, really good.  I hide things so well that no one can find them.  Not even me! Several months ago, it was a story outline that seemed to disappear…into thin air!  More recently, it’s a laptop – specifically, my old laptop containing a bunch of documents my accountant requires in order to file my taxes.  Vanished…without a trace.  Impressive, no?  Take THAT, David Blaine!  I figure that when my days on Stargate finally draw to an end, I can start a second career as a magician.  “I say the magic words – Abracadabra – open the cabinet and – Presto! – he’s disappeared!  Thank you, thank you.  For my next trick…What’s that?  You want your husband back now?  Oh.  That…could be a problem.”

Last night, Paul and I went to dinner with our SGU network point-person, Syfy’s Director of Development Erika Kennair…

Our lovely dining companion - Syfy's Erika Kennair
One of the nice things about Don Francesco Ristorante is their flexibility when it comes to the pasta menu. If you'd rather have that gnocchi with a different sauce, or replace the fettuccine with spaghetti, they'll be more than happy to accommodate. I felt like Penne Arrabiata last night but didn't see it on the menu. I also wanted their always fantastic Squash Agnolotti with Black Truffle Butter. No problem. The kitchen whipped up a half portion of each.
Erika had a hard time deciding between several desserts - so, in the end, we opted for all tree. The kitchen was kind enough to split them up for us. All very good, but the hands-down winner was the cheesecake with a hint of amaretto. Molto saporito!

Switching gears on the Stargate Art Department front, here is some design work from Atlantis’s fifth season episode Missing…

Athosian Rope Bridge - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Missing. In the episode, Keller is terrified of the footbridge while Teyla forges ahead, unruffled. In reality, actress Jewel Staite had no problem actually negotiating the footbridge while Rachel Luttrell wouldn't set foot on it (which is one step better than me given that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere near the damn thing). Due to safety and security concerns, guards had to be posted morning and night to ensure no local daredevils attempted to hazard the bridge.
Bola Kai Throwing Star - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Missing. Ah, the old "throwing star imbeds in a tree" gag. That one never gets old.

Suriken Tree Gag - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Missing.
Bola Kai Mace - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Missing. Again with the teeth from a nasty alien creature. If I'd been producing the episode, the metal head of the mace would have also contained tufts of human hair from the last victim. It's the little touches...

Athosian Hunters Blind - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Missing. For duck-hunting season of course!

Bola Kai Dressing - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Missing. After taking the Athosian village, the Bola Kai picked up a bunch of cool stuff from Pottery Barn to decorate the new digs.

Alien Slug - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Missing. The whiskery elongated nose is the tastiest part.

Bola Kai Tattoos - Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5, Missing. I preferred the Bola Kai with the "keep on truckin'" tat on his bicep.

Multiple correct guesses.  I believe the first one to get it was Chevron7…



Episode #8: MALICE

Episode #9: ???

Episode #10: RESURGENCE

As for episode #9 – At this point, you guys know as much as I do.

61 thoughts on “March 16, 2010: I finally discover my true calling! Dinner with Erika! Atlantis Missing Memories! One More Episode Title!

  1. So, I must ask…even if I fear someone already has and I’ve missed the whole conversation…is that Daniel Jackson in the promos for the return of SGU? There is some “discussion” here about that possibility.

  2. Maybe episode 9 should just be titled Procrastination? Love the Atlantis pics, not to mention the comments. They emphasize why you make such an excellent Evil Overlord. Hair tufts indeed.
    You’re not the only one with a knack for losing things, though my luck does tend to allow me to find said items eventually. As witnessed by the last work night where my radio antenna disappeared. Radio was still in my jacket pocket, but somewhere during work the antenna detached itself. Only to turn up while the investigators were scouring the scene yesterday. So, my next book run is safe as I no longer having to fear having my pay docked.(not really, my bosses are pretty understanding).
    Thanks for the pics and laughs, and glad your streak of satisfied dining experiences continues unbroken for now.

  3. Hmmm…the title for episode 9 is really the question marks?

    Posed by a new alien species the SGU crew encounters I imagine (well, I’m trying to imagine a new alien species)…

    The Whys?

    (Small children who never grew up, and constantly wander the universe asking Why?)

  4. I’m really good at hiding shit. Really, really good. I hide things so well that no one can find them. Not even me!

    Me, too. Although I’m usually putting it someplace where I’ll be able to “find” it, only for it never to be seen again. Personally, I think a black hole opens up just long enough to swallow whatever it is that’s disappeared then vanishes again taking the item with it.

  5. ummm I believe it was malicE not malic 🙂 good luck with finding ur old laptop, stuff like that always happens at the worst times

  6. Ok Joe, you’re freaking me out! What’s with all the “after Stargate” talk? It seems you don’t understand that SG is supposed to run forever, and that you need to be there for it!

    Now that this is finally settled, I can hit the sack. Have a great night. Dreaming up an endless supply of scripts.

  7. Ooooooh, amaretto cheesecake! Pasta! That chocolate dessert I can see on the plate! Um, I should mention here that ten days ago I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, so I might be drooling a little bit. Just a little. I HAVEN’T HAD A PEPSI FOR 10 DAYS!! I haven’t gone that long without a Pepsi since 1978. Seriously. And at the moment I’m obsessing, just a little. By the way, what was that chocolate dessert in the background?

  8. That alien slug looks perfect for your wierd food vids!
    Wonder when the rest of that stuff is going to show up on Ebay, bet quite a few people would pay bucco bucks for those weapons!
    (PS – MALIC??? I’d still like to buy a vowel) 🙂

  9. nice pasta dish !
    The name of episode 8 is Malic ❓ ❗ 😮
    ➡ mal·ic   /ˈmælɪk, ˈmeɪlɪk/ Show Spelled[mal-ik, mey-lik] Show IPA
    1.pertaining to or derived from apples.
    2.Chemistry. of or derived from malic acid.

    1797, from Fr. malique, from L. malum “apple.”

    Pronunciation: ‘mal-ik, ‘mA-lik
    Function: adjective
    involved in and especially catalyzing a reaction in which malic acidparticipates

    the name of a new character ???

  10. Sorry Joe. You losing your laptop is my fault. I found Nath’s wedding ring after it being lost for 12 months. You don’t find something that’s been lost for that long without a price.

  11. Wow, that food looks AMAZING!! And I’m not even hungry.

    One of these days, you should ask one of your Syfy exec friends to do a Q&A, too. I’d love to know how a network exec got into their job, what they did before, advice they have, what exactly they do. I may be the only one, but I think that’s gotta be an interesting story!

    Also, yeah. Missing is season 4. Loved that creepy squid/slug thing, though.

  12. Joe, these are supposed to be easy words to guess ? Malic sounds like an unlikely tittle for an episode !!!
    I think this unusual tittle deserves some explanation to clarify the sense of ambiguity I’m currently feeling regarding its meaning :l
    …how about you post the first few pages of the script 😀

  13. I believe the first one to get it was Chevron7

    Hmmph. I thought I was first with Malice in the last post.

    On the “stuff disappearing” front, I have two kids at home and I’m continually amazed at what disappears. Lately, forks have been disappearing. Spoons are fine, butter-knives are fine…forks? I’m down to two.

  14. Is malic a word? And here I thought I possibly had a shot with damage. Shoot.

    OMG, those desserts look amazing. You’re making me hungry. Please stop with the food posts. No, don’t stop with the food posts. I never get to eat that well, only when I actually find the time to go out to dinner, which doesn’t happen very often.

    That rope bridge was that real? I’m with Rachel on that one.

  15. Loving the art from SGA that you’ve been posting. Boy does that food look yummy! So I survived my first stage role on Monday. Though it didn’t come without a moment where I was wishing I really *was* dead. My laptop was being used as our sound system and it decided to start spouting off Stargate quotes in the middle of our play (lets just say that wasn’t the atmosphere we were going for). It has now numbered its days.

  16. Huh. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Missing, at least – not all the way through. It’s vaguely familiar, but there are about 4 eps from the beginning of S4 that I’ve not watched, and I think that’s one. I really should, but I’m such a procrastinator… 😛


  17. Unfortunately, I just lost my night job after 5 years. I have no idea where or if I’ll ever find another one. It’s really tough out there.

    @Gilder Thanks for the kind thoughts about my mom. Hope you’re feeling better.

  18. Oh, and Joe – hubby is a pretty good magician, too – we actually call him Houdini because of how well he loses ‘hides’ things, especially his keys and glasses. The good thing, however, is that I’m a damn good detective, and can usually find whatever’s gone missing. I know all of his ‘hiding’ places, and often use that little fact as my bargaining chip: “Honey, if I find it first, you have to wash the dishes!” I get out of doing a lot of chores that way… 😀

    Most men I know are really good at ‘hiding’ stuff, and most women I know are good at finding whatever’s hidden or lost. I’ve noticed that guys like to have everything visible – everything on display. If it’s not right in front of them, they can’t find it. Glass cabinet doors, paperwork scattered all over a desk instead of filed away, shoe lined up outside the closet doors. I’ve said that the perfect refrigerator for a man would be 6″ deep, and 5′ wide…with a glass door. That way nothing can hide behind the Immovable Milk Carton. 🙄

    “Husbands think we should know where everything is — like the uterus is a tracking device. He asks me, “Roseanne, do we have an Chee-tos left?” Like he can’t go over to that sofa cushion and lift it himself.” ~ Roseanne Barr



  19. Alright, now I’m worried.

    Within this single blog post, Joe has showed us that he has forgotten:

    1. The location of his script outline; nevermind that that happened weeks ago; that’s irrelevant.

    2. The location of his laptop, full of his most theft-worthy financial information, useful in blackmailing him should the need arises.

    3. The location of the husband in his hypothetical scenerio. Though it wasn’t a real event, the fact that his mind came up with a scenerio where he forgot something is a clear sign of his degrading hippocampus.

    3. The fact that “Missing” was a Season 4, not season 5 episode of Stargate Atlantis. Clearly, the word “Missing” itself is an allusion to Joe’s crumbling memory systems.

    4. An “e” in the word “Malice”; note how there is also an “e” in the word “forgotten”. Oooooooooo.

    5. The title of the 9th episode. It is my belief that Joe has been hoping that we’d come up with the right title to trigger something in his memory so that he may remember it again. Alas, we failed. Joe telling us the lie that no title has been given to the episode is just an effort on his part to cushion the severity of our failure. Thank you for that, Joe.

    6. That he owed us all 1 million dollars, which he promised us on his birthday last year in a drunken stupor.

    7. A whole bunch of other important things that he didn’t mention, which just shows that he has forgotten them all.

    We must do something about this; perhaps a gift of Post-It notes?

  20. Woohoo!!! I got another episode title…I’m very competitive…sorry

    Hey @JeffW … Hmmm….lets see…I guessed Malice on March 12, 2010 at 1:51 pm and you guessed it on March 15, 2010 at 5:19 pm…..Do you concede? 🙂

    I remember being surprised the day after that none of those guesses was correct. Joe, were you deliberately messing with me?

    Cheers, Chev

  21. Hi Joe, pass the pasta and the chocolate, please. Cheesecake would be nice, too. So, it’s almost 4 a.m. and now it’s Elway at the hospital with seizures again. I was totally exhausted last night and went to bed relatively early, only to have to get right back up to take him in. Got to sleep for 3 whole hours and now I’m up again, worried. Just spoke to the vet at the ER and he’s had 2 more seizures, but at least he’s in a good place for the night. This dog is too cute. He had a seizure in my bed, took a while to come out of it and when he finally did, went for his leash and collar to go to the ER, happy as a clam.

    Yesterday it was the dental appointment for the filling that fell out and now it turns out I need a frickin’ root canal (WTF?). So yeah, please pass the chocolate 🙂 Some healing thoughts would be nice, too! Or an exorcist.

  22. Yeah, I lost my flash drive a week ago. Luckily most of what was on there is either saved elsewhere or printed out.

    I did have a great page of gibberish from when I tested out the speech recognition software. It sounds like the hybrid from BSG. I am gonna miss that.

  23. Dear Joe,

    I have a proposal for you. You’re stuck for a title for episode 9 and I have a brain that likes puzzles. If you want to send me the blurb I can send you a few titles and you can see if they work. I told my sister and she wants to help too. She watched the first 2 episodes so she knows what SGU is about. 🙂

    What do you say? Is that a great idea or what?

    Cheers, Chev

  24. Ah, I see you’ve discovered the existence of sock-space. You didn’t inadvertently wash your laptop did you? Most things in my house tend to go missing once they hit the laundry pile, I’m down to 5 odd socks! Mind you the cutlery monster has stockpiled most of my teaspoons and knives, go figure 🙂

  25. Nooo! AAAAAAAAGH!! I can’t help it!!!

    Whenever I see the words “Duck Season” I can’t resist saying it!!!


    I need help.

  26. I’m going to take a stab in the dark and predict episode 9 will be titled “Ego”

    It’s probably an episode where 1 of the main characters goes through a transporter accident and ends up being split into two individuals, 1 good the other evil. And near the end of the episode we learn that for some reason without good, Evil can’t exist. Thus the destiny crew recreate the transporter accident and put the two halves back together (Even though there is the moral question of ending those 2 new lives to give life back to the original person). And the character in question does something nice for another destiny crew member at the end of the episode which shows the whole experience has made her/him a bit wiser and more open to the people around her/him.

    And thats just off the top of my head. And yeah, I basically stole and reversed this idea from an episode of Star Trek Voyager “Tuvix”.

  27. Coucou Joseph! ça va? la forme??

    Moi super! il fait tellement beau aujourdh’ui et même chaud, dommage que je dois travailler sur l’ordinateur..

    Oh me parlez pas de comptabilité XD je ne sais pas comment font les gens pour aimez ça??

    Merci pour toutes ces photos 🙂
    ..éhé plus qu’un titre à découvrir!

    Passez une exelente journée!
    Gros bisou

  28. Speaking of musical ability, check these guys out. Quite impressive for their ages:

  29. @Shiningwit

    I was babysitting recently for a group of 9 year old boys, and they had checked out a library DVD called The Zack Files. In one of the episodes Zack leans into the dryer to find his missing sock and gets sucked into a wormhole that leads to Sock World, home of all missing socks. Sock World is ruled by Harry, the sock puppet, who zips around under the mountains of lost socks a la Children of the Corn. When adolescent snarky Zack insults Harry and tries to leave Sock World with his missing sock, he unleashes a lint storm that threatens to suffocate the whole planet.

  30. so are we gonna have more body-swaps? or is that over? i hope not, theyre kinda cool, plus i even liked the threesome scene in Earth, i think its a threesome, consciousness-wise. whats cool about that stuff, is that its true to sci fi genre and its funny reading how skewed fans’ morals are when theyre talking about situations like that, society hasnt told them yet the right from wrong in those circumstances. most think there is zero chance that those circumstances will ever exist and people simply dont bother to think about it. but everyday, new technology brings up new social debates so i wonder what will it be like say in the year 2438 when body-swapping becomes something normal? so how did the ancients use it anyway? for what exactly?

  31. Ya know, chicken picante is just as good for breakfast as it is for dinner. 🙂

    Uh-oh…hear that??! That’s my arteries screaming for mercy. 😛 Oh, LOOK! A leftover cannoli! WEEEE!!! 😀

    @ JimFromJersey – That’s a pretty rockin’ band of kids right there. Wonder what they could do outside the confines of the recording studio – if they could really open up, or what. Would be interesting to see.

    BTW, Joey, you owe me a million bucks. PG15 says so, and I betcha Carl backs him up. So…ya better make good and pay up, buddy, or else! *reaches for voodoo dolly…*



  32. What makes me mad is I am 53, can’t learn. I put something important somewhere, thinking “This is the logical place, I’ll remember.” If that hasn’t worked in 53 freaking years, why can’t I get it through my head and make a note and put under my keyboard (the one place things stay)?

    Sigh. Andy Rooney says there are 2 types of people in the world, those who know where everything is, and those who cannot find anything. He said being part of the 2nd group he’d like to hire someone from the first group to find his stuff. So would I.

    Sorry my dear Joe, your talents are not unique.

  33. The Bola Kai hatchet art makes my mapgpie heart go pitty-pat.

    I used to make a terrific maple-rum cheesecake. Too bad Meyers doesn’t make rum cream anymore, it was a key ingredient. And I can’t have cream cheese much anymore without paying the price of painful joints. But I’ll suffer for good cheesecake.

    Currently we have lost the LED lighted muffin fans for Larry’s coolers, mom’s crocheted bedspread, my black silky sleep pants, and two headbands. Mrs. Bucky, the skeleton, lost her bra while out on her latest job modeling steampunk costumes. I am not exaggerating or making that up. Fortunately, we kept her fake breasts at home. For an inanimate object, she gets around.

    And we finally found the elf ears hat and matching boxers. You didn’t need to know that, did you?

  34. Things disappearing?

    Yesterday, next to the laptop where where my wife had dumped her pen (it wasn’t working, so she was making a move on mine) and a cell phone receipt (I think it appeared about the same time), there was also a folded skinny slip of pale yellow, almost cream-coloured paper. Tiny. I thought nothing of it, for it was dwarfed by the stack of papers on the desk (and it is a small desk). Later, moving into mini-scythe mode, I got to the wee, unobstrusive scrap. Opened it. Saw nothing, looked at the other side. Both sides seemed blank. Then I stared closer and saw faded, barely-in-this-world etching of ink. Old ink.

    Very old ink. A receipt, it was, from Trocadero’s at Piccadilly in central London. Confused, I was. Oh, yes.

    Then, the date – it was stamped Feb ’95.

    Things disappearing? Where the F*** (NOT a title) did that appear from? If you get a lease on a kino as a watchdog, think of sub-contracting. Sign me up. Beyond SGU you’re gonna have a nice little earner.

    When the scrap wasn’t leaving me distracted, checking out the corners of my eyes for aetheric comings and goings, I’d had a question that was broiling, forming. And out it now pops.

    Q: Would you use the same/similar creative approach for TV eps if you wanted to frame, arc and fill the plot of a novel?

    But, what’s this…out pops…

    Son of Q: If so, what would that produce in draft – a script that is the skeletal frame of the novel, and then proceed to flesh out?

    …and then…

    Daughter of Q: Yeah, but if not, what might be a favoured approach?

    However, going more derivative, literally…

    Grandkid of Q: An interesting reverse question to the BoM authors – how might they adapt their approach for plotting novels and creating characters & webs to doing a TV script/series? Do they ever go into, get invited into ‘the room’ anywhere?


    Yup, that’s it!

    Hope you’re getting a kick out of Season 2. Must have missed it, but Gateworld said you’ve shifted from consulting to exec producer. How does that show up in your day? Better menu, of course, and…



  35. @pg15

    LOL. Poor Joe. We all have brain fades. Im a teenager and have them like every minute.

    Oh and Joe.

    You said there were some rumblings on the SG-1 movie front. Have there been any more rumblings since? Has there been any progress made?? Will we hear news on the movie(s) any time soon?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  36. Sending love out to all the New Jersey posters; saw the pictures on TV about the flooding and storm damage, no power, etc. I have several family members in NJ. Hope you are all okay. Worried, too, about the North Dakota posters. Fargo doesn’t look that great either.

    To Joe: You are beginning to sound like me. I have an ongoing list of things that are lost in this house somewhere. Found a few things recently that had been missing for a full year. I think it is stress.

    Thanks for the pictures above.

    Today is a triple treat for me: It’s St. Patrick’s Day. I’m Irish. And it’s MY birthday. Woo-hoo. Shameless self-promotion of life here.

    I was planning on getting a small little cake that we can split into 3 slices (no leftovers — don’t need them), but after hearing the words “amaretto cheesecake” I think I may ask the hubs to run by the Cheesecake Factory and get me a piece of cheesecake instead. Don’t know if they have amaretto, but they have a Godiva Cheesecake that is DENSE.

  37. Will we ever see the Atlantis movie? Or is it done now that everyone has moved on to different projects?

  38. You lost a laptop?! Do you have gremlins in your house? Weird, a laptop is a big thing to lose. Do you think Brie took it with her? I hope you find it soon. There must be other ways of getting you tax information.

    Deni: I hope your baby is better soon. I wish a nap for you.

  39. Hey Joe! It’s been a looong time since I’ve posted. I thoroughly understand the problem of “hiding” things. With me, it’s usually shoes. I’ll take them off in the kitchen or den with the intention of coming back to put them where they belong in my closet…and they’re gone. No where in the house to be found. And no one in the house has seen them. My husband claims it’s just a ploy so I can go buy new shoes, but it’s not…really.

    And thanks for the pics from SGA. I really liked that ep. BTW, have you seen the poll over at Gateworld? The question is :Which Atlantis cast member would you MOST like to see guest star on Stargate Universe?”

    David Hewlett as McKay has by far the most – 49% so far. Yeah. So. About Season 2…

  40. Joe meant to ask how is your hand? Have you by any chance washed your car at the car wash lately and used the wand, it can have a bad effect in your wrist/hand area if you hold it very long, much pressure that little water wand puts forth. just a thought.
    thanks for the pictures and lost commentary, hope you find it all soon. Can’t believe crazy people would try to cross that bridge, scary thank you..

  41. Hey Joe!

    CDC got a request from your art department for public health posters.

    My division would like to request you pick our smallpox diagnosis poster. No one ever picks it.

    Could you put in a good word with them? 🙂

  42. @duneknight

    The whole “body swapping” business is interesting, but, if it happened in reality, it would likely open a very large can of worms when the inevitable pregnancies occur. Who is the father? The owner of the body (biologically, yes) or the operator of the body (by action, yes)? How and who is going to sort it out? The biological father can be determined easily, but not necessarily the operative father. If there’s no admission by the operator and it can’t be proven that the biological father was being “possessed” or by whom, does it then fall on the biological father because he allowed his body to be used. What if he didn’t and the transference was accidental or forced? Could be an interesting storyline, though. 😕

    I’d like to see McKay make a guest appearance, too. Rush and McKay in the same room together – either they’ll fool everyone and get along great since they’re both geniuses and, thus, respect each other. Or . . . they’ll get on each others nerves and have everyone else trying to access the nearest airlock in order to get out of the line of fire and as far as possible from the blast radius. 🙂

    OT: It’s my youngest brother’s birthday today (45), and he somehow managed to avoid being called “Patrick”. My oldest brother is 50 tomorrow. How’s that for close? One day shy of being five years apart. Weird, huh?

  43. @Tammy Dixon: Thank you, I need one desperately! 🙂 I’m picking him up at 5:30, he spent the day seizure free – YES!

  44. Hang in there Paloosa. Now is not the time to be lazy.

    Visit a large shopping centre and go from shop to shop (avoid the larger chains who would want your Resume to be emailed).

    Aim for the smaller shops that just might have the boss on the premises. Those are the shops that won’t advertise that they are looking for somebody as they would get inundated with applicants (or they just can’t afford the expense of an advert in the paper) so they soldier on short-staffed …until you come along.

    Good Luck!

  45. @Joe – Thank you for the Missing episode information. You’ve caused me to admire Rachel Luttrell even more. It must have been hard to act like a confidant and in control Teyla when Rachel was actually afraid and unsure. I couldn’t tell that at all from the episode. Unfortunately, it’s not a favorite episode of mine. I wish it were since it’s the only episode that’s partially about Teyla and isn’t about the Wraith. Teyla didn’t really get to shine much, but I like the fact that she got to do something in Missing.

    I just looked at the Gateworld poll. I know that it’s only about who people want to see on SGU, but I wonder if you think that Teyla is so far behind everyone else in the vote because of the writing for the character. It could just be that her character isn’t a good fit for that show. I can’t say. McKay would be great, but I couldn’t imagine him not solving their problems, especially since he’s used to the newer and probably more advanced ancient technology of Atlantis. Wouldn’t that be the end of the show if McKay solved everything and they all got to go home?

    I’m sorry if I sound rude. I’m not trying to. It’s okay if you don’t post this. It’s mainly just for you, and possibly the other writers. Thank you for your time in reading this, as always.

    Peace & Love,


  46. I meant to type confident, not confidant. I never see things things until I press submit:0)

  47. Did you check your closet? There are areas in most closets that black holes. In the corners, behind hanging shirts/pants, etc…

    It’s not my laptop and it’s still driving me crazy. It helps me to remember if I replay all the things going on when I lost*****.

    What was going on in your life when you bought the new laptop? Was that when you were preparing the house for a guest? You did major house cleaning then, as I recall. Plus, you weren’t sleeping well.

    I hope it goes well for you without your tax files. A lot of forms, can be downloaded off financial cites where your account is held. (banks, mutual funds, ira’s, etc…) Some companies will let you download your W-2’s.

  48. @ JimFromJersey – What amuses me are some of the responses about the kid singing – as if the boneheads don’t realize he’s a little boy whose voice hasn’t even changed yet. That speaks for the quality of the music – that is first-rate grown-up kickarse metal, and the only thing that betrays the age of the musicians (if you listen and don’t watch) is the kid’s youthful voice, and it’s a good voice, too. And the drummer and that kid on lead – wow! Fantastic! They really nailed it – all of ’em – better than some professional bands I’ve heard.


  49. Hi Mr M!

    Happy Paddy’s Day (once more).

    Saw this and thought of Felix and your dogs :

    Thanks to @Airelle for Danny Boy…An ALL TIME FAV of mine!!

    Happy Pat’s Day again all!!


    PS Usually about this time, we would say:

    Pappy St Hat-trick’s Day *hick*

  50. @Chevron7:

    Hey @JeffW … Hmmm….lets see…I guessed Malice on March 12, 2010 at 1:51 pm and you guessed it on March 15, 2010 at 5:19 pm…..Do you concede?

    I do indeed.

    When I submitted “Malice” I went back a few posts (but not all the way to March 11th!) to see if anyone else had submitted it. What I didn’t count on was Joe throwing everyone a “curve-ball” by continuing to fill in letters on an entry that had already been guessed! Sneaky that one.

    Did you get a prize?

  51. bonjour bonjour ! Juste un petit message pour vous souhaitez une bonne fête 🙂 Bisous

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