Today, we spent the morning beating out Remi’s script – episode 9.  Alas, no title as of yet but I’m sure Remi will come up with something truly inspired in the next couple of days.  We’ll finish up by filling in the missing moments tomorrow after which I hope to receive notes on my outline for episode 10, Resurgence.  The nameless episode 11 has been beaten and it remains to be seen who’ll be assuming scripting duties on that one.  Linda, meanwhile, gets her turn at the whiteboard in the coming days when we’ll spin and break her eppy.

Huge college basketball scandal on the eve of the NCAA March Madness tip-off:

Something for the man (or woman) who have everything. Whaddya mean you already got one?!

Monkey Snowball Fight!!!! lists its Top 10 Hottest Aliens:

It’s bad enough you have to watch out for deer leaping onto the roadway.  Now this!

Art Department Package - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Earth.
Int. Damaged Corridor - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Earth. "SC36 - This machine explodes". Just a reminder.
Int. Destiny Damaged Corridor - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Earth. I think it might've been easier to actually blow it up.
Gate Address - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Earth. Just so you know where to get off the next time your looking to gate.
Int. Homeworld Command Briefing Room - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Earth. Unfortuntely, they don't specifiy exactly what type of sandwiches are being offered. In my fan fic, it's grilled cheese.
Int./Ext. Wallace's House - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Earth. Note: "Update fridge calendar and lab reports"...because the fans will invariably freeze frame the shot and examine the details to make sure our continuity department is doing their job!
Int. Nighclub - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Earth. Not pictured: bathroom with vomit in sink and guy passed out in stall.
Mindy's Email Address - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Earth. I'm thinking of asking her out for spicy noodles.

39 thoughts on “March 17, 2010: Production Update! New of Note! Art Department Package of SGU’s Earth!

  1. Good seeing you today Mr. M. If I seemed awkward it’s because, well, you’re a producer and I’m one of the extras. I know you’re cool with it, but still, it’s tough not to get tongue tied in that situation. Perhaps one day when I’m a producer of a top grossing feature film (I have a 2 year plan…kidding, seriously, 2 years, as if…I actually have a 3 year plan) I’ll be able to take you and the gang out for dinner, and we can chat over beers…green beers (St. Patrick’s day 2013).

    I was expecting a picture of the cake to make it on the blog. I didn’t have any, but from what the other extras told me it was yummy.

    I read the ep that starts filming next week…nice. Anyhoo, I will see you on set one of these days for another tongue tied adventure. Have a great evening. 🙂

  2. Laugh all you want but Calipari’s name is dirt in Memphis, TN. I’m careful who I mention his name to here. 🙄 Basketball is a religion here.

    Cool links.

    BUT now I’m going to wonder what that cake herbertsommerfeld talked about tasted like.

    Thanks for the pictures! Have a nice evening!

  3. I’m just surprised that’s an actual perfectly normal e-mail address (or looks like one). Too bad. An opportunity for comedy right out the window.

  4. No, not grilled cheese. Turkey with provolone and roast beast with American. The lettuce is wilted and there’s unwanted mayo. The pickles have seen better days and the chips on the side are generic.

  5. Oh thanks for the links, Is the sale over already for the vials, darn it b4 I got to bid, now what will I get for christmas.? And really, giving Mindys email out, now every tom,joe and vernon will be trying to email her, Poor thing will get no rest. Way to go Joe.,but if you get to her first, let me know how the noodles are.
    Have a great day!

  6. Your writer’s sessions sound so violent. With all the beatings, spinning, breaking, turns at the whiteboard, it’s no wonder there are missing moments (of consciousness, I presume). And this goes on for days?

  7. Hello Joe,

    Will we be seeing any SG1 or SGA guest stars/cameos in season 2 at all?

  8. @JeffW from yesterday:

    I do indeed.

    When I submitted “Malice” I went back a few posts (but not all the way to March 11th!) to see if anyone else had submitted it. What I didn’t count on was Joe throwing everyone a “curve-ball” by continuing to fill in letters on an entry that had already been guessed! Sneaky that one.

    Did you get a prize?

    Coolies Jeff…Joe is a tricky one isn’t he?

    I don’t know about a prize….Joe, do I get a prize? I did guess two titles. 🙂

    Cheers, Chev

  9. Something for the man (or woman) who have everything. [ . . . ] Whaddya mean you already got one?!

    Given all of the things you seem to be losing lately, my guess is that you already have one. Or did you lose it too?

  10. Once again thanks for the pics! But I’m still left wondering if we ever figure out the gates coordinate system!

    @herbertsummerfeld – I’m so jealous! I want to be an extra

  11. hmm heard of messages in a bottle but ghosts?? O_o

    I wonder if this kid is related to the nutter who sold the jars (mind you I wonder who is more crazy – the seller or buyer).

    Lame ad warning

  12. Tammy Dixon: I’m waiting for Calipari to crash and burn also, but let Kentucky have it’s moment in the sun. I thought Kentucky was serious when it came to coaches leaving and stuff. In Tennessee, wow. What’s the guy’s name who left TN for USC? I live here and I don’t even know. Sports. You gotta love them.

    There’s even a drawing of the gate and the address for SGU episode one. Cool.

  13. I followed your sage advise to an extent, but I let my own out-of-the-ether expertise work its own mojo. And now I’ve got Duke over Ohio State in the final.

    We’ll see.

  14. Joe, I’m reading yesterday’s entries and I’m getting very confused??? is it Malic or Malice 😮

  15. re:Huge college basketball scandal. This is such a shame! These kind of practices should not happend 😀 ( It’s funny how serious the news anchor is about this)
    re:the exorcist thing. Some people don’t know what to do with their time!
    re:Monkey Snowball Fight. They look adorable 😀
    re:hottest aliens. There are no men in the list! not normal.
    I like the first choice. As for the other choices:
    1. Princess Aura !!! …would have never pick from the movie Flash Gordon. She does not look alien enough.
    2. Galactica, never saw that show. The clip strangely reminds me of the show Nip Tuck ( which was very entertaining but no alien in that one).
    3.species… I saw species 2 at the movie theater with my brother who’s only a couple of months older then I am. I had seen species 1 and knew what it was about. I should have known it was not such a great idea…. I wanted to crawl into a deep hole…..
    I wish there would have been more alien looking characters in this list.
    re: mindy’s e-mail address.
    ➡ 1. is this your hand ?
    ➡ 2. will we see picture of Mindy if you decide to ask her out for diner ❓ :mrgreen:

  16. Wow, you keep track of all different gate addresses? Impressive. Makes me think back to days, where the SGC kept dialing the Tollan homeworld or Abydos, lol.

  17. Hey, i was just wondering if we would ever get to see destiny under construction, or if that period of time is a no-go zone for the writers.

  18. OK Loved those news posts 🙂 I connected the drunken pedestrian one to my facebook to share cause I laughed by butt off with that one.

    If you could put some wierd (legal) thing on e-bay what would it be?

  19. Because the 10 Hottest Alien list fails, I give you this:

    May it forever be stuck in your head. 🙂


  20. If Joe permits…
    another tidbit for the 2011 Legendary Gathering Convention – The Legend of Atlantis.

    Please checkout the YouTube teaser StephyK made…it is very hypnotic and catchy.

    Yes, shameless plugging for an event focused on a series that we have all loved and still love. No…does not mean I am abandoning SG Universe…for which April cannot arrive soon enough.

    Joe’s recent unveiling of so many SGA items has just been a wonderful reminder of and for the show.

  21. crayonbaby: I’m not into sports that much. Memphis is in such poor shape that a winning season even reached me! I was not surprised Calipari left for more money but it was the WAY he left. One day he says, I will always be here and the next he/his family were on a plane to Kentucky (literally, one or two days). It didn’t help the situation that a big NCAA investigation came on the heels of his departure. If you mention his name anywhere here, the men will look down and spit. Calipari gets people here all riled up.

    This story about a woman’s body being found in a bed frame at local motel is the typical story for Memphis. Maybe, you better check under the bed at the next hotel you stay at Mr. M. :

  22. Coucou Joseph 🙂
    ça va bien?

    Moi oui ^^, je suis déjà en week end! Mais ça sera surtout pour réviser mes examens blanc.

    Merci pour ces liens, certains sont trop cool ^^!! J’aime bien aussi les photos…la class l’email sur la main 😉

    Bonne journée!

    Ps: demain c’est pas un jour comme les autres 😉

  23. @das That was worse than a Rick Roll. Let the punishment fit the crime. It was an site – clicking on it is consent – victimless.

  24. I was very saddened today to learn that Fess Parker (a.k.a. Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett) has passed away. A little story about Mr. Parker – and me (I may have shared this here before, so bear with me):

    When I was 5 years old I had a crush on Fess Parker. One night I had a dream that I heard laughter coming from our chicken coop. I opened the door, walked in, and there – sitting around a big table – was the entire cast of Daniel Boone …having a beer fest. (Yes, at the tender age of 5 I was dreaming about beer 😳 ). As soon as I walked in, someone splashed a pint of beer in my face, and I started laughing in my dream…then in real life…and my own laughter woke me up. It’s the earliest dream I can still remember.

    I told the dream to a friend of mine who lives in California. A couple months later, I get a bottle of wine in the mail from Fess Parker Vineyards. On it was written, “Deirdre, so…how’s the chicken coop?” ~ Fess Parker. 🙂

    I will cherish that bottle forever now.

    RIP, Dan’l Boone. 🙁


  25. Go Racers!!!!!! There are some seriously borked brackets about now. Notre Dame, Vandy and even Florida for some.
    Proud of Murray State. I think this is the first time they have advanced beyond the first round..

  26. @Das, re: trololo

    Quoted from my 6-year-old: “This is not a good show, Mom. He looks freaky.” LOL!

  27. @ Tammy Dixon & DP – NOOOO! It’s GREAT!!

    Here’s the story behind it.

    Back in 1960s Soviet Union, this popular Russian singer – Eduard Khil – and his composer wrote a song about an American cowboy. They knew they couldn’t get the song past the strict Soviet censors, so they decided to record it without the words.

    Eventually the Iron Curtain fell, the Soviet Union was no more, and this singer’s popularity faded away. Just recently Khil – now 75 – hears his 13-year old grandson humming the song, and asks, ”Why are you singing it?” His grandson replies, ‘Grandpa, you’re home drinking tea here, and in the meantime, everyone’s singing your song on the Internet.’

    So, 40 years later Khil has become an international internet star, with the song and song parodies springing up everywhere! When asked how he felt about it, he replied, “I love it. People are doing parodies, having fun. It unites them.”

    Here’s a great Star Trek Trololo parody video:



  28. Whoopsie – missed you, PilotJeff. I think the word you meant was… infectious. 😈


  29. Das: ok, you just wanted that song to keep going through my head. I’m crazy enough without that! Hubby is singing the hamster dance song to counteract the
    Trololo one. Hope it works. BUT it is cool that you know this stuff about Khil.
    Davie Crockett actor does bring back good memories. He was so handsome, sigh….

  30. Hi Joe

    Hoping, and looking forward, to read your mailbag answers on my Qs about writing. Meantime…

    While waiting on your delayed pre-Christmas flight, you tended to the mailbag and amongst the answers said: ‘The “unoriginal gun planted in the air vent” was intended to be discovered – thus the less-than-genius hiding place.’

    Sorry if I’ve missed a subsequent answer but this had to be Rush and so it leaves me wondering more about the character’s weaknesses, for why wouldn’t he have been more cautious about kinos/people seeing him (and why didn’t they)? For all his depth is he’s a total, or desperate, opportunist? Or worse by some degrees?

    I imagine, then, he’d have a silo mentality of total, near obsessive focus on the only area he’s good at – particular science/tech problems – but that’s not enough to help deliver what his ego wants, so he in fact really needs others? Doesn’t like it, or himself for it, but knows he can’t succeed without a team, or help?

    Am I assessing this character design ok? Was the ensemble/web designed around Rush, though that wouldn’t require him to always survive?

    Needing others would also fit with the computer game scheme that delivered Eli. The winging-it desperation would also fit with him grasping at possible solutions at Icarus Base and then getting everyone to pile through the gate. Smiles when he sees Ancient ship which gives him a great new tech challenge and also realises all the people there will definitely need him (though he still needs them).

    Then, to finish the first 10 eps with such a character being alone on that planet, and due to his own making after a another power grab – whoa!

    And, what then would a desperate opportunist do? There’s no-one to play off so he has to go for the tech challenge, the ship? (Does it have wormhole/FLD capabilities of its own? Does activation alert owners, or enemy?) Then, returning, will the cycle begin again – he’ll bring something (& himself) to a team in trouble, even though Eli will have had to step up in Rush’s absence but also for his own survival (Young is deadly, he realises)?

    Hmmm, but I still wonder about the start (which I loved with an opening on the ship, the pile through the Gate and structured flashback reveals), how fortuitous it was that a Gate solution would be hatched moments before a surprise attack on a secret base destroys the planet. Dramatic, oh, yes, but seems too good and beneficial, somehow. So….will the coming eps give more insight into that, if something deeper lies behind the combo (gate & attack – not just attack, because of course there’d be something in that!). Or am I looking for what’s not there and should enjoy (which I do) the start for what it is?

    There’s a novel recently out – Air, by James Swallow – that combines a few initial episodes. The publisher (it has a rights licence with MGM) said that original (or at least pre-final shooting scripts) were used by the writer to draw upon. While I await the book, it makes me wonder what was dropped, and why.

    Any chance of reading scripts?

    Really looking forward to 2 April and the stories.

    Just thinking of food. What would be the fav dishes, drinks, of different characters?



  31. @Redbeard

    Not the first time for the Racers to get to the second round, but it’s been many many years.

  32. @Marsha_R – you’re right! I learned this morning it was in 1988. They beat NC State and then lost to Kansas in the 2nd round.

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