I had stir-fried broccoli for lunch today, using the recipe from the latest issue of Cook’s Illustrated as a guide.  The first time I made the stri-fry, I used the stated amount of red pepper flakes.  The second time out, I decided to go with jalapeno flakes instead.  The third time, today, I decided to bump up the heat by doubling the amount of jalapeno flakes.  It wasn’t until I sat down to eat that I realized I’d made a mistake.  I hadn’t used jalapeno flakes.  I’d used habanero instead.  It took my mouth a full hour to recover.

Then for dinner tonight, I made myself some angel hair pasta with sea urchin.  I used the package sea urchin sauce my friend Tomomi sent me from Tokyo, then supplemented that with some fresh sea urchin.  Some diced garlic, a little olive oil, and a touch of cream completed the dish.

Angel Hair Pasta with Sea Urchin

I also sampled two new (to me) fruit:

Prickly Pear and Passionfruit

Ashleigh was quite excited to hear I’d picked these up.  She gave me specific instructions on how to eat the prickly pear (warning against touching the fruit with my hands and, instead, telling me how to use a fork and knife to peel it), and referred to the passionfruit as snotfruit (“You’ll know why when you have one,”she assured me).

I thought the passionfruit (left) was nothing but an unpleasant mouthful of seeds - until I tasted the prickly pear! People actually enjoy these?!

The second half of SGU’s first season premieres in a matter of weeks (April 2nd to be exact on Syfy) and so, in preparation for the big event, I continue my ongoing peek at some of the design work that went into the show’s first ten episodes.  Today, we move on to episode #4, Fire…

Art Department Package - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Ext. Shuttle - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Ext. Shuttle Placement - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Stage 4 Layout - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Int. Destiny Mess - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Int. Destiny Kino Room - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Int. Shuttle - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Int. Shuttle - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Int. Shuttle - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Int. Shuttle - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.
Int. Destiny Gateroom - Stargate: Universe, Season One, Fire.

Congratulations.  Yet another episode title guessed.  For those of you keeping score:



Episode #8: *A****

Episode #9: ???

Episode #10: RESURGENCE

Today’s entry is dedicated to PBMom, Deni and Summer!


Charlie’s Angel writes: “Hi Joe — um, isn’t it ALEC Baldwin on 30 Rock?”

Answer: Right.  I meant Alec Baldwin.  Although Adam Baldwin is mighty terrific as well.

Cat4444 writes: “I’m wondering, though, if “Rob and Carl” spending their time watching director “Robert Carlyle” is in the same vein as “Adam” Baldwin on 30 Rock, or is he really directing an episode? If so, can you leak which one? Is it his first time as a director? Are you folks breaking him in gently, or just breaking him?”

Answer: Yep, Robert Carlyle is directing the first episode on the production schedule – which actually happens to be episode 4 in the airing schedule, Pathogen.  No need to be gentle with Bobby.  He’s incredibly well-prepared, knows the shots he wants and, more importantly, knows how to get them.  He’s also got a fantastic cast and crew backing him up.  And the dailies look great!

Rafael writes: “OMG!Erika Kennair is gorgeous!”

Answer: Yeah.  We noticed.  She’s also whip smart, witty, and an absolute sweetheart.

Brian M. White writes: “How are things gearing up on the SGA movie front?”

Answer: It’s been pretty quiet on the SGA movie front.  However, there have been rumblings on the SG-1 movie front.

Brian M. White also writes: “By the way…How has your mom been doing since she left rehabilitation?”

Answer: She’s at home and well on her way to recovery, exercising every day.

Pilota writes: “The entry with the exotic fruit was fun. Ever try a naranjillo? I had one years ago in Ecuador and it was quite tasty. As an added bonus – the inside kinda looked like tiny alien eggs.”

Answer: Sold!  I’ll have to track some down.

Niall McNamara writes: “I hope you can answer this question for me i talked to you a couple of moths ago my name is niall mcnamara, i am 14 and from britian what tips would you have of becomming a script writer because it has always been my dream to become one.”

Answer: First, I’d suggest picking up a good book on the craft of scriptwriting (I used Syd Field’s book when I was just getting started).  Once you’ve got a good idea of how a script is structured and formatted, watch a lot of film and television and pay attention to things like act structure, plotting, and dialogue.  Read scripts.  Hell, read anything!  Then, sit down and write your first script – be it based on an original idea or a spec based on an existing series.  Give it to people you trust and have them criticize your work.  If they have nothing but good things to say about it, then they’re wasting your time.  Find someone who isn’t afraid to be honest with you.  That’s the only way you’ll improve as a writer.  Keep watching.  Keep reading.  Keep writing.  Keep rewriting.  Start with that.

Michelle writes: “Joe, I’ve noticed your pics lately are sort of soft-focused and the lights blow out the rest of the image. Is that on purpose to make everyone look younger or do you need to have one of your many local camera experts have a look at yours.”

Answer: How perceptive of you.  I’m now on my third camera.  Maybe I’m due for another upgrade.

Joel writes: “I’m pretty sure that this is not your department, but I’ll aks you anyway if there’s a chance that the right department will hear about this (*hint, hint*).  Do you know if there will be a region 2 blu-ray release of SGU season one for us europeans?”

Answer: Sorry, Joel.  Not my department.

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  1. Wow, passionfruit is new to you? Here in oorrrstraylia it’s common to see it growing in people”s back yards..have you seen the flowers of the passionfruit vine? Exquisite!!

  2. Hello,

    I don’t suppose you can elaborate on the “rumblings” of the SG1 movie can you????????

  3. Joe,

    I figured it out: Kevin Spacey should play you in a biopic.

    That’s all,


  4. Joe, ya better NOT be fooling with us! For you to say there have been SG-1 grumblings, means something is up! Am I reading this wrong? It would be a nice thing to look foward to!! WELL, WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY,young man?? Sheryl.

  5. joe/Answer: It’s been pretty quiet on the SGA movie front. However, there have been rumblings on the SG-1 movie front.

    SQUEEEEEE!!! 😀

    this is water for a seriously dehydrated sg1 fan (and s/j shipper fan!)! thanks for the gallon of H2O, joe! :p

  6. Hey Joe,

    I believe that #8 is Sanity

    Also I picked up the first half of sgu yesterday and am pleased that I like it even better than before, especially without comercials. Glad to hear there is at least some tal about the sg1 movie, now we just need atlantis and all will be right again. On that front, any chance cookie monster will let be borrow $2000 for the ZPM on ebay?!?!?!?

    Glad to hear your mom is on the mend,


  7. The pectin in the prickly pear lowers the bad cholesterol level without affecting the good cholesterol level. The prickly pear is also good for stabilizing blood sugar.

  8. “Brian M. White writes: “How are things gearing up on the SGA movie front?”

    Answer: It’s been pretty quiet on the SGA movie front. However, there have been rumblings on the SG-1 movie front.”

    That’s great news to hear about the SG-1 movie! 😀 Thanks for keeping us updated Mr. Mallozzi 🙂 “Rumblings” are way better than it being quiet!

  9. You mentioned rumblings on the SG-1 movie front. What sort of rumblings have been made?

  10. Passionfruit grew on the property where I lived in Ky. I don’t remember it being yellow. You just break the skin and slurp out the contents. Chewing is not recommended because the good flavor is the tiny bit of juice between the seeds. You have to slurp it fast to get the experience. I liked them fine.

  11. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the info and i will really take what you said in thank you and if you dont mind me asking, if i did want to become a scrpit writer how would i go about it. like i have all the stargate sg1 and Atlantis dvd and i do love watching them, the episodes gave me and idea so a couple of months ago i made a story for SGU and i would like an opinion from a professional writer such as yourself so if you ever can read over it i would be deeply greatful. also one more thing would it be possible for me to bedome a script writer if i wanted to. Please tell me the truth.

    PS. sorry for being such a pain in the backside.

  12. HOLY COW!!!!!! Thanks for the destiny designs. Wow!! I can’t believe how small stage 4 is. Again it blew my mind. You make the set feel so large but it’s not.

    YEsssssssssssssssssssss! Advancement on the movie front!!!! This is goood new for the campaign.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  13. So I admit I fell behind watching SGU, but I had it all saved on my DVR. Unfortunately, I switched cable carriers, and had to turn in my DVR with those unwatched episodes. Any chance SyFy will be doing any marathons before the show starts again?

  14. Evening, sir…

    It’s ‘spring ahead’ here for us, so it’s really after midnight and I should be in bed. I hate this time change stuff. Does your time change as well?

    We had a big storm pass through today – we were okay, the worst past just north of us and a big crane on a casino in Atlantic City fell, and a house there collapsed because of the winds. We just got a bit of rain and wind, no biggie. Still, it was a good excuse to stay in and catch up on comics, and a little Elric.

    Oh! Speaking of Elric – there was this line in the book that just made me lol – Arioch calls Elric his ‘poorly pigmented pet’. 😆 Of course, that line also reminded me of Todd…

    Onto food – I made a simple chicken salad today for dinner since hubby had to work. Just chicken breast, seedless grapes, celery and a little mayo, salt and pepper. I can’t season things too much because Mr. Das prefers bland food. So I sent him off to work with the bland stuff, and then added curry powder to mine – it was yum!

    Joe – your jalapeno/habanero flakes mistake reminds me of jerk chicken I made a while back. I love heat, too, and I especially love Busha Browne’s jerk seasoning (wet herb) – it’s delish!


    It’s also pretty darn hot. But I like hot! Hot’s good! So…instead of adding the 1-2 teaspoons to a pound of meat that it recommends, I decided to add…ya know…a couple tablespoons. 😛 Wowweeeeee! Set my mouth on fire! Aaaand…I loved it! 😀 Busha Browne’s is really good stuff.

    Nite, sir!


  15. Prickly pear is nicer if you cut it in slices–and it can’t be so ripe that it’s totally smushy. It should still be sort of juicy

  16. Thanks for all these pictures of the set – though I’d got it into my head that the Destiny set was massive – there must be some epic redressing that goes on between shots :O

  17. I’m happy about the SG1 rumblings, but mighty sad that no noise on the SGA front. I’d MUCH rather have a SGA movie to complete the story than a third SG1. But I sure hope both will eventually be filmed.

  18. Answer: “It’s been pretty quiet on the SGA movie front. However, there have been rumblings on the SG-1 movie front.”

    Yeah, I was afraid of that. I have little hope of ever seeing an SGA movie. Atlantis seems to be the franchise’s red-headed stepchild, which saddens me because I still love the Wraith, and…well…probably not going to see them ever again. I was hoping for one last hurrah. Oh well…at least I still have Elric. 😉

    I just haven’t been able to get into Universe like I did Atlantis; it’s just a show to me, but not *the* show I look forward to. I sometimes put on a good front, but I’ve never been able to feel the same excitement over this new show, and if I’m not really into something, it’s hard for me to discuss it. I just watch the eps, say a few things (‘Woo! That was fun!’ or ‘No more closet sex!’), but that’s as far as it goes for me. The Stargate ‘thrill’ is gone. Maybe the second half of the season will change that, but right now I have no real passion for the show, and I think it shows in my comments and involvement in discussions relating to it. I want to be excited, but I know I’m forcing that excitement. It feels like I’m 13, trying to fall in love with the 60-year old fat bald guy my parents just arranged for me to marry. 😛

    It makes me a bit sad because all I need to do is spend a few minutes in the Wraith Defenders Thread at GW, and all my passion and excitement comes right back…then I realize it’s all for naught because the thing I loved most about SG isn’t coming back. Joe, I guess that was the best way to kill the Wraith – just cancel the show, and shelve the movie. 🙁

    Yeah, now I’ve gone and bummed myself out. 🙁 (For you British folks, ‘bummed’ has nothing to do with my behind. 😉 )


  19. Joe, en ce moment vous publiez plein de dessins de production mais avons nous une chance de voir un jour les premiers dessins du Destiny sur votre blog ?

  20. Coucou Joseph! ça va bien? Moi super 🙂
    J’ai appris que vous alliez chez votre mére pour Pâques! C’est chouette!

    Merci pour toutes ces photos :)!! J’ n’ai jamais manger ces drôles fruits O_O, je ne suis pas trop fruits exotiques.

    Passez une bonne journée!
    Je vous adore!!!!!! ♥

  21. Hey Joe!

    Nice to see you experimenting with new foods… most of us in the Southwest don’t EAT prickly pear per se, we use the juice in things. Prickly pear margaritas, syrup, candies, sorbet etc. Waiting for mine in the side yard to actually produce fruit, and hoping it won’t take years….

    Are you still taking questions for Jamil? If so:

    It’s obvious that Greer has some issues, and perhaps some trouble with anger management…. have they given you the backstory /reasons, or have you had to develop a motivation in your mind for him? Do you have to draw on something that actually makes you angry like in method acting, or can you just produce the desired effect?

    Waiting to see if Greer gets to punch out Telford, too….


  22. Hey joe,
    Not sure what variety of passionfruit you had, but I recommend eating the purple ones. Yummy.
    You should also try Rambutan. I could eat them nonstop. Yummy. They are red, furry/hairy fruits and taste great!

  23. I have a question for the mailbag answers!

    Ok, according to the SGU plot, multiple ships were launched before Destiny to scan, make, and plot gates on planets. Destiny would then follow that same course and check out the planets. My question is… Why are all the current gates the team on SGU encounter on planets are Destiny style gates? Since all the gates in Milky Way and Pegasus look extremely different from each other and from Destiny, shouldn’t the gates the team on Destiny encounter different style gates too that doesn’t look like the gate on Destiny. Maybe you guys could recycle the SG1 and Atlantis gates on Universe? Course, changing the glyphs could be hard, though on the Atlantis gates, the symbols could be changed based on the LED lights that light up.

  24. Hi Joe

    Some thoughts on Ep 8 title:


  25. G’day Joe

    Passionfruit is delicious. My Dad has a vine in his back yard and I raid when I go visiting. Just cut open the fruit, which is very hard to do and just scoop it out or just pour it into your mouth mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I love biting into the seeds. They are also very good on Pavlova.

    Fingers and everything else crossed for the SG-1 movie. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for Jack and Samantha.

    Thanks for all the pics of Universe, very cool.

  26. You know what’s an even worse mistake? Making habanero flakes in the house. It’s the chemical warfare of food. I made that mistake once. Now, I take the food processor outside.

  27. Passionfruit is best juiced, and better when someone else juices it. I like Hawaiian Sun sodas, Lilikoi is a personal fave. “Lilikoi” is passionfruit in Hawaiian, of course. As for prickly pears, they’re good candied, and tasty in margaritas.


    Sorry I’ve been AWOL on the comments, I’ve been having computer issues. New netbook (squeeelicious) is fine, but killing my eyes as I get used to enlarging the screen, and learning the intricacies of the new touchpad. The new laptop had to go right back, it behaved badly right out of the box. Fortunately, they said “No prob” and plucked a new one off the shelf. I should have it back today. Which means downloading all the bookmarks and getting comfy with Windows 7. Gack. I’m such a dinosaur. Hubby still mourns for DOS 1.

  28. Thank you for more artwork. I love it!

    Have you ever tried loquats? They grow in warmer climates. We had a tree growing in the back yard when I was a kid in S. Florida. I used to stand under the tree, picking and eating the fruit, and spitting the pits on the ground. Absolutely delicious fruit.

  29. Hello Joe

    Holy cow! I was reading the responses and it seems I’ve really stirred the hornets nest. Glad to hear the news on the SG-1 front. I guess SGA is kinda on hold because of Conan’s filming schedule. Oh well. Thanks for your reply.

    Glad to hear your mom is doing so well.

    My guess for the three letter title:
    SG1 (I know there’s a hyphen)
    I don’t know, I was never any good at this… 😉

    Best Wishes,


  30. you lost the SGA movie, when Ronon got cast in a TV show and a movie. good luck getting the cast back.

  31. @Das

    Don’t worry. SG1 news bodes well for SGA as well. It tells me that MGM has looked at all of the factors Joe has been keeping us in the loop about (DVD sales, the economy) and determined that they are once again comfortable w/ direct to DVD films.

    Now, with Atlantis, there is a bit of a scheduling conflict in that Jason Momoa has started filming Conan. So I understand that we might not hear any news for a while. But I am encouraged by what Joe said about SG1. Keep your chin up. We will see Todd again.

    Best wishes,


  32. This may have been asked already, but have you tried the durian fruit? If you haven’t, it’s worth a try, even if only the once. However, you’ll need someone to share it with, as they’re quite large, and you’ll also need an axe to get into it (although the interior is like custard). Ignore the smell when you cut it, it doesn’t taste like that.

  33. Hello Joe.

    I forgot to post my other guess for the episode title: DOA

    Sorry about that.

    Best Wishes,


  34. That’s good news regarding your mother. The biggest problem we had with my grandmother was her disinterest in any exercising which severely hampered the recovery. Ended up returning to hospital for a second stay because of it.

    As the others have posted, can we possibly have any elaboration on the SG1 rumours? 😉

    And another guess at episode titles:
    8 – Wanted

  35. An almost perfect post. Mailbag, pictures, weird fruits/foods. About the only bummer is the lack of the slightest whispers on an SGA movie. While I’m happy to hear murmurs on the SG1 movie, I’ll pass on that movie unless the SGA one moves forward too. I’ve supported the franchise as much as possible, but SGA is my first love, and I really don’t feel like settling for the consolation prize at this point. With a little luck, the news will improve and we will get to enjoy both desserts, along with the current entree of Universe.
    Thanks for the mailbag and all the other good stuff. Can’t wait to see what the week will bring.

  36. I have to agree with Das on this one. It seems no matter how successful SGA was, it gets passed over by SGU or SG-1. It seems Brad wishes that series never happened. I just don’t get it. SGA was renewed for reruns on SyFy, the DVD sales have been much better than SGU’s. Even their ratings were not far off to what SGU is getting.

    I think what irks me the most is how SGA was cancelled on backend news of a movie being greenlighted. It was not like how SG-1 was cancelled. That was SyFy saying it was ratings vd production costs. Ratings and performance were never brought up by SyFy, but they said it was a producer’s creative decision.

    I know this is not your doing, but it just stings that people like myself and Das have supported the show and it ended so abruptly. I was content with getting movies, and now it seems that won’t even happen. Everything is about SGU now, and although I do really like the series, it is not pulling in these stellar ratings, and the DVD sales have been awful.

    I’ve been one of your biggest supporters, and I am not mad or angry at anyone, just very dissapointed. Because you and Paul raised SGA’s bar, imo. I don’t give a crap what the anti-trolls say on GW which are a very small handful of arrogant fans. SGA had some of it’s best eps in the last 2 seasons. You had this new direction, and it was cut off before it could even reach it’s full potential. I am sure you feel dissapointed about SGA, but have to keep it inside since you still have a job with SGU. I understand that.

    It feels Brad and Rob, never really liked SGA and where it was going and handed it off to someone else to run it. Like Das said it is the middle child that followed in success of it’s big brother, but when the parents had a new baby, all the love went to the new child, while keeping some love to their first born child leaving none for the middle. I can almost here SGA crying out “Marsha Marsha Marsha”.

  37. @Chem-is-try,do you still live in Fl? We who do want to know? We have a Joe M. blog chapter down here, not official,we just like to call us that! Soon we will try a BIG meet up again,hopefully the 3rd time is the charm!! Sheryl.

  38. @Marsha_R. SGA talked it me too. I just loved that show.

    So rumblings on SG-1 movie front is maybe that’s good news for SG-1 fans but what about the numerous SGA fans just waiting for their promised movie?
    I know it’s not your decision, Joe, but I would much prefer the SGA movie over a third SG-1. I think it’s only fair to finish off the Atlantis story properly before SG-1 gets another go. But there it seems the rumors about SGA being the unloved child are right. It makes me sad.

  39. I highly doubt that you are at liberty to say but I might as well ask: when the production team and SyFy sat down to discuss SGU and you mentioned that you needed to revise Awakenings because of the spinning. You also mentioned that you went over the future story arc of Destiny. How many seasons does this arc consist of?

  40. I LOVE passionfruit…only ours are purple on the outside. Like Janet mentioned they’re great on pavlovas….do you have pavlovas in Canadia? Its something even I can make, especially as you can buy the meringue bases. I just spoon in some whipped cream and pour passionfruit pulp on top. Woo hoo!


    Cheers, Chev

  41. @Joe – Hi there. I hope you’re doing fine and I am glad that your mother is doing well too. You look nice in your pictures. Your colleagues look nice too. The food pictures are wonderful. Um, what prompted me to post is dasNdanger’s comments. Like other people here, I have to echo them 1000%.

    I think that you all believe that SGU is brining in all of these non-Science-Fiction people. I hope that has happened for you, but I have to say that SGA probably did that best. I am an example. I like Science Fiction, but I never watched the Sci-Fi network until SGA. I got into watching SGA from seeing it on the Fox network. It would air along side SG-1. I liked SG-1, but SGA was the show that I would actually try to catch at whatever random time they would air it.

    I finally got tired of trying to catch SGA on Fox and went to the local video shop to see if they knew what it was, and if it was in stock. The man at the store immediately told me that he knew exactly what I was talking about and that Stargate Atlantis was very popular. He told me that it was in its third season on the air, but they had the first two seasons for me to buy. It was the first television show that I bought on dvd. I remember complaining to the man at the store about how hard it was to know when the show was going to come on the Fox network. That’s when he told me that it came on the Sci-Fi network and that Fox only played re-runs.

    I can tell you that the Sci-Fi network (now Syfy) got me as a regular viewer because of SGA. I know that my story is just my own and I don’t know where it fits into the numbers game. All I know is that there are other people that were introduced to the Sci-Fi network because of SGA, or they only watched it for SGA and maybe SG-1 too. I still think that the best thing would be for the series to come back, but I know this won’t happen. There’s just so much that a movie would need to accomplish in tying up all of the loose ends (especially with Sheyla:0)), but I’ll take what I can get so long as it’s SGA. I also trust that you will do right by the characters, Joe. If the movie is made, please don’t disappoint the SGA fans. I trust that you won’t.

    I still wish you the best with SGU, and I’m looking forward to Jamil’s Q & A:0)

    @Jamil – Hi:0)

    Peace & Love,


  42. Speaking of Syfy and SGUs premiere, the series in general lacks a decent show to lead into it, I really would love to see Syfy pick up The Legend of the Seeker, it gets slightly better ratings than SGU sure, but since Tribune dropped the series and ABCs quietness on the issue, it’d be a fun lead in, though it’s not really Syfy as such.

    It’s loosely based on Terry Goodkinds Sword of the Truth novel series.

    Enough of that though, I love episode 7s title it has that Amazing Race vibe in the way you could just imagine someone say that in the episode in question.

  43. Oh and I agree with all of the SGA fans. I think there should be an SGA movie first. I don’t understand why it seems to get less attention. I thought you and Paul did a fantastic job taking over.

    I’d buy the DVD.

    Cheers, Chev

  44. Oh my bad, I forgot sanctuary airs on the same day. Still all 3 shows on the same day would be amazing feet for Syfy 🙂

  45. Perhaps the Prickly pear wasn’t good because you picked it with the paw and not with the claw.

    Baloo is never wrong, especially about things like these …

  46. “…[T]here have been rumblings on the SG-1 movie front.”

    I hope you’re not just teasing us! That’s so great to hear. Are you able to share any more details at this point? This bit of good news has really made my day! Thanks!

  47. Hey Joe

    How’s it going? Good I hope!

    Great news on the SG-1 front. Can’t wait (been waiting since Continuum). Also, we’ll soon have the back half of SG:U to tide us over. It looks to be very good.

    I, too, have been watching my SG-1 collection. Just finished seasons 8 and 9 and will be starting season 10.


  48. Hi Joe

    A few extra tries on Ep 8 title


    and another on Ep 9


  49. Hey Joe, tell Robert Cooper if he is coming here to the Cowboy’s Stadium for next year’s superbowl he better get his hotel booked now. The local news is reporting hotels are now taking reservations and are filling up fast, some already full. Airlines too.

  50. Reply to @Sheryl: No, sadly I haven’t lived in S. Fl. since 1980. I would love to return but I don’t see that happening in the foreseeable future.

  51. Guesses for episode 9:

    Ask, Why, Who, How, FTL, IOA, SGC, D’oh, See, Say, Eye, SOP, IRS, Ace, Act, Zoo, UFO, Ego, God, Pax, Ark, Foe, Beg, Cue, Dew, Fix, Get, Ion, Job, Kin, Law, Man, Now, One, Raw, Two, Use, Vex, Yaw…

  52. @squall “have supported the show and it ended so abruptly.”

    If you ever want to see how a series can end at the worst possible time, I recommend Farscape. Ben Browder and Claudia Black’s characters, after seasons of trying to get it together in the love department, are blown up to things that looks like Dippin’ Dots right as he proposes to her. The End. No more episodes. Then the fan campaign started and we at least got the miniseries to tie up loose storylines and to have a happily ever after moment for the two main characters. There was never any guarantee that would happen. Imagine your 2 favorite characters (Sam/Jack) or whatever ship you want in SGA, about to say their wedding vows, only for them to be vaporized before the curtain closed.

    If you compare how abrupt Farscape’s ending was to Stargate Atlantis, they are not even in the same category.

    Thanks, Joe, for the blog dedication. Glad your mom is on the forward road to recovery.

  53. How big is that plate with the pasta in it? If it’s as big as I think it is, then that’s a really small serving! Is that all you had for dinner?

    Sweet pics, Joe! Also glad to hear that the SG1 movie at least isn’t lying forgotten out there on the creative pavement. Hopefully the rumblings will lead to some action and that the SGA movie won’t be far behind!

  54. It was a fun weekend for me. I went to Nashville to see friends, shop and eat constantly. I’m not as brave as you Mr. M, I stuck with regular food 😀 . Great soups, sandwiches, and lots of desserts. I saved my money for shopping!

    So glad your mom is doing well. Thanks for the brief glimpse of positive movie news.

    I agree with Bryan M. White that it IS positive news for SGA! If a new SG1 movie does well, MGM (or whoever buys them) will consider making other movies.

    Any of those fruits you would try again?

  55. Oops, forgot about that question I wanted to ask.

    Remember that episode 17 of season 1 that was pushed to Season 2? You told us that it was going to end up as an episode between the 6th and 10th. Now that we have a bit more info on these episodes, do you mind sharing which one was the, uh, “leftover” from Season 1?


  56. @Joe – Thank you for the pictures. Everyone looks great, but Teyla Emmagan and John Sheppard are especially stunning. I hope you don’t think that I was blaming you for how Atlantis ended or anything like that. I wasn’t. I know that you did the best you could with the amount of time that you had. Everyone knows that you weren’t given much notice when the show was being cancelled before you had to turn out a final episode. I felt bad about Teyla and John, but I understand that you couldn’t write a love story into the finale. It wouldn’t have worked.

    One-hundred episodes for any show is a lot, but Teyla and John weren’t even close to getting it together in the love department when it ended. They were farther apart than ever with John as the “solitary man” and Teyla as the woman that had a baby with another man. If the movie doesn’t make it, it would be nice if you could let us Teyla and John shippers know if it was ever going to happen, and how. Five years is a long time for two people to never say “I love you” when they meant it almost since day one. If anyone can find a way to put them together in a movie(s), I know you can. (*fingers still crossed*)

    I want to thank you for all of the wonderful episodes you’ve written with the great Teyla and John moments. “Home” continues to be one of my all-time favorites. I hope your hand gets better too.

    I wish you well in your writing and with everything else.

    Peace & Love,


  57. a bit late on the comment, i doubt you’ll even see it – on prickly pears – if you get them at the right time, right off the cactus, then they can be really good! they actually tend to taste more like grapes, and should have the same texture inside. you can peel them without the fork and knife, but it does help. also, slightly roasting them over a fire not only gets the tiny cactus thorns off, it can change the taste as well. one of the main survival foods i recommend here in Florida when they are in season.

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