Don’t you hate it when you spend hours working out a very complicated script rewrite and head to bed satisfied with a job well done, only to wake up in the middle of the night with the horrible realization that the Volker character isn’t where he’s supposed to be, thereby throwing a wrench into the intricate choreography of that fifth act sequence you thought you’d solved?  Yeah, so do I.

I think I might’ve injured myself while working out.  Either that or I’m suddenly arthritic as my left hand has taken to aching like hell in the middle of the night. Guess I’ll switch off dumbbell training in favor of bodyweight exercises like crossfit for the time being.  And, if that doesn’t help, I suppose I could just switch it out for one of those bionic replacements that’ll allow me to crack walnuts with my thumb and forefinger.  Anyone have a connection at The Robotics Institute?

Thought I’d switch gears today and do a little something for the lonely Atlantis fans by reaching into the MGM photo archive and uploading some pics from the show’s last season.  I believe when I left off, I’d posted a batch of snaps from season five’s third episode, Broken Ties.  Moving on to episode four, The Daedalus Variations…

Creepy alien. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Alien vs. BamBam. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

John Sheppard. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Shoot-out. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Fire in the hole! Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

All fired up. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Teyla. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Ronon Dex. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

One dead alien. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

65 thoughts on “March 14, 2010: A fitful night’s sleep! Dipping back into the Atlantis archives!

  1. Hello Joe.

    Sorry for stirring the hornet’s nest earlier. Thank you for answering my questions and giving me hope for both movies. I for one have never felt betrayed, or felt SyFy traded one show for another… I just enjoyed (and continue to enjoy with SGU) great programing. Once again, I thank you for keeping us fans in the loop.

    One that note: thanks for the photos from Atlantis! Any photos of the Travelers engine room?

    By the way, if you were uncomfortable sleeping all night, it might be possible you rolled over and slept on your arm (reducing the bloodflow) for a few hours. Was your skin a little clammy when you woke up? They make a brace for that. My mom uses one. Hopefully it is nothing more serious.

    Best Wishes,

  2. Yo! I just had a thought. Is the ship seen leaving the Destiny at the end of Air Part III the same as the one discovered on the planet Rush was left behind on?

    More importantly, I think: Was it intended for the audience to make that connection immediately? I didn’t pick up on that until just now for some reason, but for all I know everyone thought this the moment they saw the episode air. Just curious if I’m a) Looking too deeply into it, b) Have a sharp and eye and made a good guess, or c) Thought I had a revelation while in reality it was pretty obvious and was intended to be immediately understood as the ship from Air Part III.

    Thanks Joe! Can’t wait until SGU comes back.

  3. Yup, on the Volker thing. What really gets you is the nightmare scenario of forgetting the plot hole so writing it down and setting the note on your alarm clock assuages that fear, then all you have to worry about is how to solve it, which may be time well spent. I’ll have to share with you a little spreadsheet program I wrote for accounting for Volker’s location from scene to scene. Applying Six Sigma principles to keeping track of Volker has helped me a lot.

    Yup on the arthritis, too, or carpal tunnel – it’s all pretty common.

    That alien looks better dead.

  4. Oh, and Joey…this lonely Atlantis fan says thanks…though I wouldn’t mind something a bit…paler. 😉 (I know…I’m greedy. 🙂 )

    And about that hand – I get numbness and terrible pain in my hands at night (mostly in the thumb and first two fingers, but sometimes my entire hand will kill me). I wear carpal tunnel braces at night, though I’m not sure if that’s what the problem is, or if it’s in my neck and shoulders. Still, the braces do help. I go through cycles, and right now my hands go numb or ache no matter what I do – holding the phone, a book, cutting up veggies, using scissors, typing, gripping the steering wheel…etc. When it gets bad like this, I will wear the braces for everything – all day – until it calms down. If you’re not to that point, then…well…STOP WHININ’! 😀

    In the meantime, have a good evening – and a good night’s sleep – sir!


  5. Obviously, Volker has secret capabilities of warping within the Destiny. He’s like a one-man stargate.

  6. @Das: ROTFL

    Hiya Joe! Thanks for the Atlantis pics! I miss that show, and now I know most of the dialogue from watching on DVD so much. Mr. Deni said one night I was talking in my sleep while the tv was on with Atlantis playing and answered a question one of the characters asked on the show 🙂 I need to get a life. Nites!

  7. I’ve just gotten caught up with the blog, and very glad to hear that your mom is home and keeping up with her exercises. She’s so smart to do it. My mom is still at the nursing home, and constantly resists doing hers. I’m afraid she’ll probably be in a wheelchair the rest of her life, and need 24/7 care. But that is her choice, along with if she can afford it.

    And I can’t thank you enough for all the Atlantis photos. I’ve been watching it a lot lately since my life has been so hectic. It seems to be my comfort show, while stuffing my face with chocolate. Along with everything about SGA, what I really love is how many different ways the actors came up with saying “Rodney!”. I so miss that, and all the character interactions.

    Good news about the maybe SG-1 movie, although I would much rather see SGA. I’m hoping it’s a start anyway. Although SGU seems to be doing well, I’ve been getting worried that without the movies, MGM might be in the process of foie gras-ing their golden Stargate goose.

  8. Joe,
    Thanks soooo much for the spiffy Atlantis photos! Does my lonely heart good (esp. the Sheppard pic :)).
    Re your hand, could be a variety of things, arthritis is possible, but I’m thinking if it’s only one hand it could be carpal tunnel or other nerve entrapment syndrome. You could be pinching off something when you sleep which causes the pain at night also.
    Try one of those braces Das was talking about, you can get simple ones at the drugstore and see if it helps to wear it at night.
    Couldn’t hurt to see a doc sooner rather than later, after all you do make your living with your hands in a way.
    Take care!!!

  9. @Das: Hey, it looked like I was laughing at your pain, but I wasn’t – it was the lupus comment that had me cracking up. Quick two cents on the carpal tunnel/numb hands thing. I had the same symptoms you do and thought it was carpal tunnel, but the problem turned out to be in my elbow. If you put your elbows down on your desk or sleep with your arms curled up tight against your body, you’ll get the symptoms you’re describing. I found a brace to wear that inmobilizes the elbow (sucks), but after a few days, all of it disappeared. Just sayin’ 🙂 Nite again!

  10. Home from spring break! So many awesome pictures on the blog in the past week!!! 😀

    Yay for Atlantis pictures! I’m not lonely though; I’ve converted my ENTIRE family [except my mother, who has no sense of humor and wouldn’t recognize good TV if it bit her in the butt] to Atlantis fans as well! 😀 They’re on Season 2 right now and loving it!

    Anyone know why SyFy is promoting the second half of S1 of SGU as the “season premiere”? I know writers/producers have no control over the promos, but it struck me as very weird.

  11. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for the Atlantis pics boy do I miss that show sigh…

    But Universe is getting good so look on the bright side right?

    Okay now a qestion.

    Is Peter DeLuise coming back as a regular director for SGU season 2? All will be right with the world if you say yes.



  12. This tells me I really need to go back and watch season five over again. For the life of me, I can’t remember that episode. I’m a bad fan. I know it. Are all the episode titles guessed already? So much easier when there was just one word titles. April does not come soon enough.

  13. Joe if hand number, could be carpal tunnel. If aching, could be anything from arthritis to strain. Heat and ice alternate, blah blah. You know the drill. Hope you feel better.
    I resist spoilers.. but caved and (was tricked actually by damned David Blue’s twitter) to seeing the SGU trailer. OMG. I am sorry, I love sg1 and sga. I miss them. But SGU is simply fantastic. It’s a grown up version of SG1 imho. You all have matured as writers and it shows. Yeah, damnit I’m hooked.

  14. @Joe – If you are taking requests for what Atlantis pictures to post next, do you have one of Teyla and John together?

    It could be a consolation prize for not getting one with you and the dogs together;0)

    Peace, Love, & Goodnight,


  15. Joe,

    Thanks for the atlantis pictures!! Now that i’m headed back to school tomorrow i wont be seeing much in the way of stargate due to the fact that my laptop’s dvd drive has decided to go on vacation. Hey! maybe i got the gremlins you had a while back!

    Sorry to hear about your hand. I’m terrible when it comes to sleeping on my arms. Sometimes i’ll wake up and it feels like i don’t even have an arm because its gone numb, its actually a little scary until i figure out what i did.

    This is kinda random, but if i won the lottery how much would i have to pay you to give me and a friend a tour of the studio? 🙂


  16. I enjoy the followup on Atlantis, please bring it back, there was a story to be told, and the acting was superb. The, the actors, felt them. Really miss SGA and SG1.

  17. Submit Volker Syndrome to the Medical Journal!

    Ah, those aliens. 😉 Do you have a shot of that symbol they had on their ship? I always thought it was eye catching.

    The arthritis could be from typing all day. You may need a wrist pad or to work in different intervals of time to reduce physical (and mental?) stress.

  18. @ Deni – I knew what you were loling about, no worries (it was either the lupus, or me telling Joe to stop his bellyaching 🙂 ). Funny you should suggest the elbow because I have suspected that. I sleep with my arm wrapped around my pillow, my weight on my shoulder and elbow, with my forearm up in the air. Weird, I guess…but comfy…until the hand starts bugging me. If I straighten my arm out, sometimes my hand does feel better, but then I get this EXCRUCIATING pain in my arm, absolutely horrible. It only happens when I sleep, and feels like…hell, I dunno. Like Magneto pulling the adamantium out of Wolverine’s body? Something like that – it wakes me up from a sound sleep and will torment me until I can work it out.

    Of course, then I’m wide awake. 😛

    I really need to find a doctor for all of this – but doctors are SO specialized now, I’m not sure if I need a neurologist, rheumatologist, an orthopedist…or something else. I mean, where on earth do you start?? I was just at my ob-gyn and brought up a minor digestive problem (since they can be signs of major female issues, such as ovarian cancer), and he said to see a gastroenterologist…who can’t do crap in diagnosing a problem with the female reproductive system. 🙄 What we need are doctors who can treat the whole person – otherwise a symptom that could be minor to one ‘specialist’ might be later discovered to be a major issue to another. It’s to the point now that if your hair falls out, they tell you to go to a hair salon instead of bothering to check your thyroid, because ‘hair’ isn’t in their field.


    Know what I need?? I need Todd to slap his sweaty green palm on my chest, and puke up some of that gift of life he’s been a-hoardin’. I mean, why should Shep get it all? That man’s so unappreciative…but not me! Heck, if Todd fixed me up like that, I’d give him the cooridinates for earth, no questions asked. Well…okay…yeah…with the stipulation that he lets me brush his hair. 😀


  19. I was only watching that very episode last week. It’s shown on Channel 7 (2) here. Loved that ep.. yeah I miss SGA but geeeeeeez SGU looks like it’s heating up!

    As for your hand – strap it up for a while and see what happens. I find lots of people get wrist injuries if they’re doing bench presses or lifts with their wrists held the wrong way.(They tend to bend their hand back too much). With dumbells, you may have ‘cricked’ it when lifting so avoid them for a little while

    I focus on the correct handling when I do bench presses.

  20. Take half an Aspirin [real ASA, not any Tylenol crap] just before bed. It’ll keep the blood flow going, and, remedy any arthritic pains and/or lactic acid build-up. If it starts to tingle or feel numb during the night, may be a pinched nerve from lying down the wrong way – just position your arm lower than your heart and open & squeeze your hand for a minute or so to get the blood circulating again.

    Or, you could just be having early signs of coronary and/or high cholesterol [seriously, some of the stuff you eat?…!] problems… BTW, you don’t have creases going across your earlobs, do you? [a warning sign]

    Otherwise, to paraphrase DAS, “Buck up!”

  21. Can’t help you with the Robotics Institute. I could however give Pete at the Phoenix Foundation a call. Maybe he has some pull there.

  22. Nuts! Just read that Peter Graves passed away today! And, just days before his birthday — which totally sucks for anyone!

    I liked him..

  23. Damn, I miss my show! Look at my lovely team, being all cool. And I liked those aliens. They were nasty. Thanks for posting the pics.

  24. I say blame Patrick…he’s sunning himself in Palm Springs while you’re tossing and turning about his character. I have a solution though…..maybe there are two Volkers. Seriously, didn’t you think his arm healed rather quickly?

    Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for the Atlantis love. Awww…check out BamBam’s face – awesome. I miss him. And Joe *sighs* miss him too. And David – awesome :). And Rachel – cool! And Jason – wow! And big bangs – yay! See you’ve reduced me to babbling.

    Anyhoo…your hand…. are you left-handed? You should rub some vaporub on it before you go to bed… the dogs would stop sleeping on it and it might soothe any muscular aches. Trust me, I’m a web designer.

    Oh another guess for number 8 – Parity.

    Cheers, Chev

  25. This lonely Atlantis fan is more than duly grateful. Any time you need the yard trimmed, the doggies walked, the blinds dusted, someone “removed” from your attention, just drop me a line. It really is inspiring how you look out after your fans. One of these days I’ll manage to get my secret project under way to demonstrate how grateful we are.(dont worry, it doesn’t involve fans parking in your front yard or billboards throughout Vancouver proclaiming you the best Evil Overlord ever).
    As for Volker, there is only one obvious solution. Kill him, and have a holographic projection of him appear where you need him at the critical time. With Ancient technology, practically anything is possible.
    Ok, 21 hours of my 24 hour shift are gone by and I have yet to stretch out on the bunk. So, with many thanks, please keep up the good work.

  26. Thank you so much for the Atlantis pics. They brightened my day. 🙂

    Some wet heat might help your hands, try soaking in a warm bath before going to bed. It should help the pain to ease away so you can sleep better.

  27. Hey Joe

    Thanks for the pretty pictures.

    I’m just wondering if Ming-Na is a part of the main cast or just recurring? She was listed as part of the main cast in Air and Justice, however in all other episodes she was in, she was listed as guest star. I’m getting confused…

  28. Hm, I see the evil lawyers have started demanding bylines. You are not having nightmares about them are you? *g*

  29. Great to see Atlantis here – I soo miss the show. Great pics all round…but that Sheppard one is just gorgeous.

    Thank you.

  30. @PBMOM

    so glad to hear the bully was a non-issue! Will keep up the prayers for meeting #2.

    What happened to the title updates? I was out of town for the weekend. Did I miss the rest?

  31. after watching that trailer, i cant help but think how SGU could change the course of stargate history just by adding one thing. now i believe very strongly about this…Furlings. why? well, for one it will continue what SG-1 started–tieing the series nicely and not just being a short trip far away type of thing, and secondly, no old school stargate fan would want to miss that! yeah, the name sucks but its silliness could be used positively and to your advantage.

    They could turn out to be really creepy looking, i mean hideous, their name could contrast that, which contrary to popular belief it could give viewers chills just hearing their name…FURLINNNNNNGSSSSS!!!! see that was scary. now why am i portraying them in a bad way like that, arent they supposed to be good guys…no i dont think they have to be good. when i first heard of the five races (ancients, asgards, nox and furlings, oh and us) all that we seen were goody two shoes, none of them betrayed the other in a big way. none of them went astray. i think it would be lovely to see the fifth member of that group, who are called furlings to be major havoc seekers or something imaginative. i know Cooper wants them back, i think they have to be back in a big way and evil way. Evil asgard something that probably sounded good on paper, but it was heading no where and their motives werent close to being believable. so think furlings and keep that awful name.

    anyway the trailer was great, first half season of SGU was not so great, episodes seemed to be disjointed and meshed awkwardly, and one couldve skipped it and wouldve still understood whats going on easily because nothing truly happened except for that ending with Young and Rush. Rush being the coolest mastermind, but the whole he might be evil or he might be good thing that characterizes him wouldve been good for a show like SG-1 but for SGU, i see all of them that way, hes not that much different from them, hes just more focused than them thats all.

  32. Thanks for posting the SGA pics! Got the heads-up about them in the fandom 🙂

    Since Atlantis and its core cast is my only interest in the Stargate franchise (not a fan of the original Stargate movie, not a fan of SG-1 either, and the only thing I know about SGU is that one of the cast members is the guy from The Full Monty and that he’ll be directing an episode because I heard about it in the SGA fandom), I only come here when something about SGA is posted.

    I still miss the show and follow the SGA core cast (Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Rachel Lutrell and David Hewlett) in their new acting projects.

    Thanks again for the Atlantis pics.

  33. Thanks for the pictures, and for the hand, must be all the extra typing you have been doing lately, rewrites.. or it is telling you to write more,more,more……..take some jack daniel and water and some ice and apply internally.or forget the water..(thats all i got)
    Glad to hear mom is doing ok and continuing her exercises. that is a good thing. And Felix and Baby and Sis are real glad she is home. So much less stress involved.
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

  34. “Don’t you hate it when you spend hours working out a very complicated script rewrite and head to bed satisfied with a job well done, only to wake up in the middle of the night with the horrible realization that the Volker character isn’t where he’s supposed to be, thereby throwing a wrench into the intricate choreography of that fifth act sequence you thought you’d solved? Yeah, so do I.”

    Yeah, I can’t tell you the number of times that has happened to me. 🙂

  35. Did you sleep well, sir?

    Guess what I’m eating for breakfast?? Bobbi’s Kalamata Olive Hummus…with paper thin 34* Rosemary Crispbread. Mr. Das says I’m gross. 🙁 But I don’t care – it’s yummy! 😀

    Have a good day, Joey!


  36. This lonely Atlantis fan also says thanks, Joe. The pictures help a little but I still want my movie.

  37. Reading your blog and your tormented ways to give birth to a good script always surprises me how close writing a script is to writing a law. For instance, for the last 4 weeeks my best solutions for one or an other problem came between 2:00 AM and 6:00AM after the shower !!

  38. Happy Atlantis Fan! Thank you. Found my peace with SGU and think you all doing a great job with the new part of the franchise. Love the new tone, the more serious moments and of course the countless new possibility´s, so far away from Milkyway and Pegasus.
    Robert Carlyle is amazing and of course all the other cast members. And Joel Goldsmith music is truly beautiful, hope we will hear a lot more of this fantastic score?

    Any chance we will see a member of SGA on the Destiny someday?

    I think McKay would be fun for a day, with Eli, Rush and Young in the mix.
    Together they could blast a whole galaxy! 😉

  39. Hi Joe,

    Thanks for the SGA Pics. Who played that creepy alien and was he really that tall??

    Also, I’m sure somebody already asked but the other day you mentioned that there was no new news about the SGA movie but there have been rumblings regarding another SG1 flick, well, whats the buzz?

    P.S Glad to hear you moms doing good, can;t wait for season 1.5 to start, counting the days!!

  40. HI MR M!

    Re: The two remaining titles:



    MIA (Missing in Action)

    Best to all at the Bridge. I hope you are gearing up for a HUGE St Patrick’s Day Party in Vancouver. I’m sure you have pre-ordered your shamrocks and shillelaghs!!

    Best to all the team


  41. Robotics Institute? Can’t help you there but you could go bug the guys over at “Caprica”, maybe they can get all ghost in the machine on your a**.

  42. cat4444! How the heck did you get your mits on Go Now!?! I find it in neither Netflix nor my local has everything video store. Feel free to email me directly at jacquematpanixdotcom

  43. Coucou Joseph! ça va bien?

    Moi oui j’ai de moins en moins de temps car mes examens approchent, mais je ne raterai pour rien au monde une de vos mises à jour!

    Merci beaucoup pour ces photos, j’adore Atlantis. J’espere que votre main ira mieux.


  44. Hi Joe!

    Duneknight has a point. If the Furlings were discovered in wherever-the-heck Destiny is galaxy, it would explain why they aren’t in our galaxy anymore. But then we wouldn’t be a mystery anymore. Hmmm…

    Thanks for the sweeeet SGA pics! Shep! Teyla! McKay! Fire! Growlblinkies!!

    Question: Was the Wraith in SGA Vegas ever given a name, even if only for production purposes?

    Fans: Was there a general consensus on what the SGA Vegas Wraith was called?

    Rewatched the last four SGU eps via Hulu, plus SG-1 200. Awesome stuff!

    Have a good one, eh?


  45. Very yummy pics, thank you!

    I had a pinched nerve in my elbow which did all sorts of strange things to my hand. I quit leaning on my elbow at the computer desk and it was alright.

    I do have arthritis in my hands, deep aches in the joints, most noticeable at night when they are not in motion. Avoiding certain foods helps, but I’m quite confident you don’t want to hear that until you’re in agony and can find no other relief. I was taking Celebrex for a few years, but it did very bad things to my blood pressure. These days I’m taking supplements: ginger, tumeric and garlic. I am more than a little skeptical about “natural” remedies, but this combination is like a freaking wonder drug when it comes to reducing joint pain. Just a thought.

  46. @das
    I wasn’t sure if you were joking or serious about the lupus comment so I didn’t respond. I have a sister and friend with lupus. Horrible disease, horrible suffering. It isn’t funny if you meant it joking.

  47. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the reflection in the first trailer for the back half of SGU (where Rush is kissing whomever)? Kind of looks like a weird face.

  48. Sad news for all TV & Sci Fi Fans Peter Graves one of my earliest TV & Sci Fi memories has just passed away, I hope everyone will join me in giving his friends & family our condolences.


  49. @ Deni, das, Joe, from someone who has been diagnosed with both carpal tunnel and cubital tunnel, there is a difference. If the numbness is in the thumb and index finger, – it’s carpal tunnel, if it’s in the pinky and ring finger it’s cubital tunnel. Either is very uncomfortable and painful. I had surgery on my right hand for tenosynovitis and have not had a problem since, of course I have changed jobs, but my index finger would turn blue from all the inflammation.

    Lots of anti inflammatories until the symptoms subside and either hot or cold which ever is more comfortable will help ease the swelling. Yeah heat can help with the blood flow and ice will help with the inflammation so which ever feels better at the time. And don’t use it, give the joints, hand, tendons, ligaments a rest. However, I have been told that if it gets worse and not treated if surgery is needed it take longer to heal.

    Joe thanks for the Sheppard pic : )

    Hey does anyone have connections with The Ellen Degeneres Show???

  50. Joe, now about your hand. It’s just one right? Not both? I believe it is Tenosynovitis, or tendon sheath inflamation caused from excessive exercise (or strain). I suggest activity modification and anti-inflammatory over the counter medication such as Aspirin or Acetaminophen, Advil, Motrin, Aleve, or Tylenol before you go to bed. If it does not improve, see a REAL doctor.

  51. @ Debra – I am well-familiar with the disease – my father-in-law has it, his sister (hubby’s aunt) died from complications of it, as have two other friends. I do take it very seriously. My comment was in reference to a running joke on House , a show Joe watches (and is therefore familiar with the joke):

    My apologies if I offended.


  52. Thanks for the pictures!

    I have arthritis and it is a slow progression. You probably exercised the wrong way. You can refer to Narelle’s previous pain chart to gauge severity. Just remember Aleve is your friend 😉 .

    I don’t write scripts but I have set straight up out of a sound sleep thinking of something I did wrong that day. That is a bad feeling. No sleep after that.

    Das: ummm, I think a few people need to watch more “House” .

  53. @Das.. Thanks for explaining, I did wonder. I am sorry about your aunt. 🙁 I wasn’t offended, just truly perplexed.
    I LOVE House, btw, never miss it. I am embarrassed to admit we were mid first season before I googled him because he was so familiar and nearly fell out of my chair when I saw from another fave series, Blackadder!

  54. @ Alex – Yes, you’re missing something. Watch House and you’ll understand (or just youtube House + Lupus).

    Also, I like ‘dark humor’ – being able to laugh at the worst of times, as long as the joke isn’t too over-the-top. It’s how I personally cope with this screwed up world we live in. If I took everything too seriously, I wouldn’t be able to go out of the house.


  55. Joe, ref Exercise and hand…

    DO NOT work out for at least a week!!

    If it’s what I think it is – do nothing that requires the use of that shoulder under exercise or stress…
    It’s only a week and hopefully it’ll be better then…
    If it’s no better, give it a 2nd week and if no better then – see a Dr.

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