Yesterday, we received a visit from our friends at Syfy, Exec. VP of Original Programming Mark Stern and Director of Development Erika Kennair, who dropped by to talk travel, television and, oh yeah, Stargate: Universe.  We spent the afternoon discussing the first five scripts of season two and beyond – character developments, story arcs, and surprises in store for the not too distant future.  It was a pleasant and ultimately fruitful sit-down that yielded some terrific ideas that I was quite excited about… until I sat down in front of my laptop this morning and realized I would now have to incorporate these terrific ideas into the rewrite of Awakening.  Don’t get me wrong.  I really do like the notions we came up with.  They’ll help clarify some of the character motivations and offer up interesting revelations about her heroes.  I just hate rewrites.  Even more than I hate writing first drafts.

Paul, meanwhile, is hip-deep in prep on Intervention while Rob and Carl have spent the past couple of days on the set, watching Director Robert Carlyle work his magic.  Back on the office front, Remi and Linda are hammering out their stories as I try to figure out a sciFIentifically sound idea for my Resurgence outline (thank you, SGU Creative Consultant John Scalzi).

I brought a pear in to work yesterday that has mysteriously gone missing.  Either somebody took it, or I’ve really got to clean my desk.

I’m always interested in where the kitchen staff of my favorite restaurants go eat on their days off.  In much the same way, I’m always interested in what people who work in the television industry are watching.  I’m sure many of you have not wondered what we at Stargate are watching when we’re not watching our own show – which is, admittedly, on very rare occasions.  Well, wonder not no more.  What follows is a list of the shows we’re watching, compiled in a most unscientific manner: I basically kept a running count of the shows we either discussed during lunch, in our respective offices waiting for a meeting to begin, or over the course of our morning pep talks.  So, in other words, the series must have been watched by at least two people.  Ashleigh, for instance, may love Gossip Girl, but if no one else watches the show and can engage her in a spirited debate about what exactly Chuck was up to in last night’s episode or those gorgeous shoes Blair was wearing in the premiere, then it doesn’t make the list.  These shows, however, did –

House: There are those who’ll claim the show is formulaic, but I’d argue that the medical mysteries of the week, while interesting, are secondary to the show’s wonderful character dynamics.  In its sixth season and as great as ever.

Glee: A prime time song and dance show?  I honestly thought I’d hate it.  How wrong I was.  Clever, colorful, and gloriously un-PC.

The League: I’ve yet to check it out but this FX series about a fantasy football league has received a lot of writers’ room buzz.

American Idol: Some seasons I’ll watch; others I’ll miss.  This season I’ve decided to skip, but there are a few diehard fans in the office who are tuning in.

The Office: It’s a comedy with heart and boasts a wonderful ensemble cast from Steve Carell’s clueless Michael Scott to Leslie David Baker’s perennially disinterested Stanley Hudson.

Big Love: A show I enjoyed despite the fact that our protagonist is a polygamist, but as the seasons have come and gone, I’ve really grown to hate Bill Henrickson.  My distaste for the character and his bizarre choices has reached the point where I don’t know if I’ll be tuning in next season.

30 Rock: The gags fly fast and furious and while a some may not their mark, more than enough do to make 30 Rock show must-see-t.v.  And Adam Baldwin is brilliant.

Survivor: I know, I know.  It’s reality t.v. and I shouldn’t be watching but I am – an enjoying this season immensely.  Go villains!

The Amazing Race: Carl calls it the fastest hour on television and he’s right.  Time flies when you’re racing across the globe.  Although this season hasn’t captured my interest like past installments, I’m still watching.

South Park: Next to The Simpsons, one of the most oft-quoted shows in the writers’ room.  Wickedly funny.

Spartacus – Blood and Sand: Although it lacks the scale of HBO’s Rome (as well as its sense of humor), Spartacus has proven itself a well-written bloody good time.

Me brainstorming a fix for a fourth act conundrum. Just kidding. I'm ordering lunch.

Exec. Producers' Assistant Ashleigh, ever-eager to make another blog appearance.

Syfy's Erika Kennair drops by for a visit - and catches up on all the latest SGU news.

The equally lovely Carl Binder, all pumped up for the start of a new season.

Linda McGibney - seconds before she threw me out of her office.

Remi Aubuchon finds YOU charming and amusing!

Carl savors his lunch.

Kate, Keeper of the Art Department Archives.

I contemplate a solution to the mid-season cliffhanger. Just kidding. I'm thinking about what I'm going to order for next day's lunch.

Actor Jamil Walker Smith (SGU's Master Sergeant Ronald Greer) says hi.

Oops.  No wonder you’ve been having so much trouble guessing the episode titles.  I gave you the incorrect number of letters in the first word of episode 6’s three-world title.  Oh, and we have multiple winners who guessed correctly on episode 7.

Episode #6: ***A* AN* *R***


Episode #8: *A****

Episode #9: ???

Episode #10: RESURGENCE

63 thoughts on “March 12, 2010: Spinning with Syfy! What we’re watching! Production update! Another episode title!

  1. I’m on set Monday if you want direct access to far too many years of overtraining in science for inspiration.

  2. Out of that bunch of tv shows, the only one that interests me is House, but I can’t watch it because I develop all the symptoms. 😛 And I only like the Brit version of The Office. I won’t give reality tv my time, and Spartacus, as I understand it, is just soft porn.

    No wonder you like that one, Joey. 🙂

    As far as lunch goes, today I had a delicious salad!

    Flaked tuna over a bed of greens, with roasted red peppers, and chunks of grilled eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash, sprinkled with capers and served with a lemon vinaigrette. Couldn’t get enough of it…it was really yummy!

    Have a good evening, sir!


  3. Hey Joe,


    We’re off to DC tomorrow for spring break. Going to check out all the cool Smithsonian stuff. Hopefully all the snow is gone…


  4. of the shows you mentioned, I love House, Glee, The amazing Race and Survivor. Cory (Finn) of Glee is from Vancouver and in Stargate SG-1: 200. He has come a long way since then! My other favorites are NCIS, Numbers, and the mentalist. Because I love the relationships between the team members. The stories are great and include the relationships.

    I have been rewatching SGU dvds to prepare for the April new shows. I am again so impressed with Mr. Robert Carlyle. one minute I think Rush is awful, then a hero, then brilliant, then deceptive, then ?????. Wow! he is totally amazing to bring so much to the character. I can’t wait to see more of his work in april.

  5. Okay I just have to say that second shot of Carl? Kind of makes me have to look away. That intense stare into the camera thing reminds me of…well I’m not quite sure what exactly.

    Oh and I am still alive, just cramming non-stop for my final in English/Theater on Monday. I get to play a dead body. Well also I get to play a character as well in a flashback sequence and trust my fellow cast not to actually kick or poke me too hard the rest of the play. Its….a trust building thing I think.

  6. nice elephant cufflings Joe!! :mrgreen:
    My favorite show among this list is HOUSE. Love the medical mysteries. Always try to find mistakes in the show. If there are some, they are hard to find. The show appears to have a better medical consulting team then on ER. Can’t get enough of it.
    Like CSI Miami and Las Vegas, Law and Order. Not crazy about reality shows but will watch American Idols on occasion. Not a fan of South Park but love watching the Simpsons 😀 . Love all the sci-fi shows with very few exceptions.

  7. are you sure you’re ordering lunch Joe. I tought you were just flashing another one of your nice suits.
    Looking sharp!!! 😀

  8. Glee is so good. I’m still watching House too. iTunes has two free episodes of Spartacus, so I decided to give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by it. I did think it was going to be all gore and sex. Well, there is some of that, but the characters are actually interesting. I just wish there was a way to download the episodes after number two. I really don’t want to get Starz and don’t want to buy the DVDs when they come out.

    I’m also in love with the show Chuck and Burn Notice. Still trying to stick with American Idol. Rounding out that schedule is SGU. I think that’s enough to watch along with the occasional Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.

  9. Hi, Joe!

    I hope things are well with the entire family. My brother and I wanted to share this with you:
    On the food front, I’ll be thinking of you at dinner tomorrow when my brother orders the nastiest thing on the menu just to make my birthday a little more special. lol. You two would make great dinner companions because you’re both adventurous eaters. A fan of marrow, escargot, or similar eats I am not. Those desserts on the other hand…
    Have a great weekend!


  10. I agree with jojo regarding Robert Carlyle. He is an absolutely superb actor. I just finished watching “Go Now” and his performance was wonderful. I know two people with MS (well, one now, since one died a couple of years ago – the other was just diagnosed last year) and, to different extents, I could see both of them in the character of Nick and what he was going through.

    By the way, just who exactly is responsible for the casting of Robert Carlyle anyway? Brad? Rob? Both? I’m curious to know who to blame because it’s proven to be an inspired, if expensive, bit of casting. I’ve had to pick up a LOT of his past work since I had only seen four of them before Universe came along (The Full Monty (who hasn’t? 🙂 ), 24: Redemption, The World is Not Enough, and 28 Weeks Later). I have to admit, though, his being Renard was a surprise given that the appearance of the character was so very different from the others, and, at the time I originally watched it, I didn’t realize the actor was the same one as in the other movies.

    Such diverse characters, each portrayed convincingly with no missteps. The man is a chameleon, shedding the skin of one role to become the character of the next. And you can tell him I said so because I don’t think he’ll be brave enough to tread the waters of your blog by agreeing to a Q&A – he’d likely be inundated – and there are some things that are just too terrifying for even the bravest and hardiest of souls. (Yes, this is a dare.)

    I’m wondering, though, if “Rob and Carl” spending their time watching director “Robert Carlyle” is in the same vein as “Adam” Baldwin on 30 Rock, or is he really directing an episode? If so, can you leak which one? Is it his first time as a director? Are you folks breaking him in gently, or just breaking him?

    Yeah, yeah, I’m biased. I admit it. I love the character of Rush. And Hamish Macbeth. And Felix DeSouza. And O (the slippers are hilarious). And Frank Keane. (You get the picture.)

    One more thing. I tripped over David Hewlett’s movie, Treed Murray, a few weeks ago. If you haven’t seen it, you should. Very good movie.

    One-and-a-half Lewis men. Brother Bob was the original scifi fan in the family, now depends on me for the inside scoop on SGU.

    Several persons wondered how it was that Robert Carlyle got around the “Canadian directors only” rule. Could it have something to do with the fact that RC is a British citizen and therefore does not need a visa to work in other Commonwealth countries? (Vaguely recall Don Davis mentioning this a few years ago.)

  12. The first and last episode of south park I watched was of somebody feeding a pig bacon =( .

    The Mentalist & NCIS are great shows.

    Stargate is my favorite of course.

  13. OMG!Erika Kennair is gorgeous! You are certainly very look to work in this industry dear sir. I’m envious.

  14. Hi Joe, after reading your post, I realized I really don’t watch much tv at all these days. Inasmuch as I think “House” is a great show, like Das, I can’t watch without getting all Rodney McKay. Other than that, I only really watch “Burn Notice”, Lost, “V”, and all the SyFy stuff we all enjoy. I’m still pissed off about “Defying Gravity” – would have loved to see where that one went. I was iffy about SGU, but after watching the trailer (hey, clarify something for me, when did a “preview” become a “trailer”, and shouldn’t a trailer be something at the end of something else?), it’s most definitely on the list.

    So, Summer had her eye removed and is home as of last night. She hates the E-collar she has to wear for at least 10 days and is having a hell of a time maneuvering around the house without getting stuck on something. Her ears are constantly wet from drinking water with the thing on. Where her eye used to be is this huge Borg-like protusion, looks perfectly awful. There’s still a lot of swelling and pain to deal with, but hopefully in a couple of weeks she’ll be happier. So, I’ve been up since 3 a.m. (it’s almost 4 now) dealing with all of it, and she’s just gone back to sleep. I’ve got to be up in two hours and hit the road to Tampa soon after that, should be an interesting drive half asleep. Super pet-sitter/nurse lady will be with all of them today, so I can go and not worry about whether seizures can be handled or that horrible eye socket will be poked with something. Just hoping it’s a quiet day at home so I don’t have to rush back.

    Have a great weekend!

  15. Coucou Joseph! ça va bien?

    Merci pour cette liste des gouts de l’ensemble de la product°.
    Moi mise à part Stargate les seul series que je regarde c’est les Simpsons et Desperate Housewives^^!

    Ahhhh j’adore les photos…deux de plus pour ma gallery photo “Joseph”! =P

    C’est clair que si vous vous trompez dans les lettres ça va être difficile à trouver ^^!!

    Gros bisou!

  16. Joe, The Pear is hidden behind the Air Con grill & some dastardly deed has bee comitted with it no wait that was an SGU script! Interesesting choice for your TV viewing I too like house, I ve never got into the others my main favourite is NCIS though judging from the current story lines it is due for major changes or cancellation as Harmon & Mc Callum’s contracts are up this season.


    Ep 9 ETA

  17. Alec……..Adam………it’s a bloody Baldwin so who cares haha… (how many ARE there anyway??)

    I love House… the one liners Hugh Laurie is given are classic and this middle aged woman thinks he’s seeeeeeeexy!!! It’s those sad blue eyes and the stubble (plus the sarcasm). I’m also glad that Jesse is allowed to keep his Aussie accent in the series and not fake an American one.

  18. Hi Joe! 🙂

    Episode seven, three words? Why? The rule of the one word title for an episode is over?

  19. Episode #6: ***A* AN* *R***
    Speak Any Truth
    Loyal And Brave (Sis)

    Sorry had to add….Dream Any Dream
    Steak And Gravy ….mmmmmm I’d watch it

    I do like Jean’s Trial And Error – well done!

    Episode #7: THE GREATER GOOD

    Episode #8: *A****
    Battle (Sis)
    Launch (both)
    Parted (Sis)
    Pardon (both)
    Parity (both)
    PAYDAY (both) lol!!!!!!
    Raider (Sis)
    Ransom (Sis)
    Ravage (Sis)
    Target (Sis)
    Vacuum (both)
    Vandal (Sis)
    Wasted (both) ….lol

    Exhausted the crossword solver…..hehe

    Episode #9: ???
    Who?What?When? (Sis)
    When?Where?How? (Sis)
    How?Why?What? (Sis)

    Episode #10: RESURGENCE

    Re: Survivor…..GO HEROES!!! COLBY!!!!!!

    I think the villians will spend their time trying to out -villianise each other. We’ve only just started watching this season so please try not to spoil….

    Cheers, Chev & Sue

  20. I have to admit to watching Glee on occasions. My youngest daughter put it on the Sky+ and I was pleasantly surprised as its not my usual thing, I thought it would be purile and girly and am happy to report I was wrong 🙂
    I too had problems with House same as Das but I’m pleased to report I did get over it, till one of the kids goes down ill then the paranoia sets in LOL!
    I’m still avidly watching The Mentalist, Criminal Minds and Fringe(love Walter Bishop) thats all I have time for these days since I’ve become my mums full-time carer.

  21. Hi Joe:

    Try watching CTV’s The Bridge. Tight writing, great acting, and Aaron Douglas shows what a talent he is as the lead. I’m not a cop show watcher, but this cop show really rocks.


  22. Hello Joe.

    I agree. House can be a little formula driven with the medical mysteries: they misdiagnosed a patient, he/she almost dies, House comes in and gives this great (and funny) speech about how the problem is really just a tapeworm and saves the day…

    But the character interactions are what make the show so good. The constant back and forth between House and Wilson, or House and Cuddy each week are what keep me coming back. Last week, I loved the way House embarrassed Wilson by exposing his past as an adult film actor to the hospital, and Wilson tried to get him back, using the book. I was hoping that the mystery of the book would become a season long arc. Alas Wilson figured it out. Oh well, as Dr. House reminded us in the series premiere, “according to the philosophy Jagger, you can’t always get what you want…”

    How are things gearing up on the SGA movie front? Was there any discussion with SyFy about that, or would that be a conversation w/ MGM? Had to ask… 😉

    By the way…How has your mom been doing since she left rehabilitation? It sounded like she was doing very well there, so I hope she is doing just as well back home.

    Also, any news on the car?

    Thanks for not posting my last comment. I am sure I am just jumping the gun, and don’t want to know if I right or not, and rethinking it, I am probably wrong, because bigger fans than me would have heard about it if I were right. Thanks again. 😉

    The season two episode titles sound interesting, I must say (given how the first half of this season ended) that The Greater Good has a lot of potential. I hope it will explore the ongoing tension between Young and Rush.

    Best Wishes,


  23. hello Joe

    oops, Philosopher Jagger. Could you please correct me on that. Thanks.

    And how do you turn off the auto correct on a blackberry. As a former user, could you help me out? Thanks. 😉

    Best Wishes,


  24. My guess for episode 7: Target

    The newest trailer you guys put out for SGU is sweeeet! Looks like part two of season 1 is going to “out-gun” the first part! Literally =P

  25. Playing catch up this morning and just wanted to extend to PB mom – just to let you know you’re in my prayers, sounds like something similar I went thru a few years back, and well it took a lot of faith and work but I made thru by the grace of God.

    FireFox has Stargate themes in case anyone is interested, found that this morning when FireFox wanted me or insisted I update. Glad I did. It’s nothing spectacular, just changes the browser’s colors. It’s still cool.

  26. Hi Mr M!!

    Shouldn’t that be Spynnyng wyth SyFy! (Looks like a Welsh railway station).

    @Jean You got there before me !! Trial and Error!!!

    Best to all


  27. Just can’t get into House, though I watch the occasional episode when bored. I know of some know-it-all doctors like him, and while I’d go to them to save my life, that’s about the only reason I’d prefer to be around them. God complexes are not a pretty trait.
    Spartacus is getting better and better. I had my doubts in the beginning, but they are being assuaged by the way the characters are evolving. And I am enjoying the setup between Crixxus and Spartacus, given the historical relationship the two had and how it affected the rebellion.
    Robert Carlyle is directing? Looking forward to seeing that episode. Glad to see pictures of Carl, since it proves you didn’t lock him away in the studio during the Olympics. Or maybe you did. But at least you let him out again. You are looking dapper as always, but looking way too relaxed. More pictures of Evil Overlord nature please.
    Thanks for the good pictures, info, and opinions on the shows, and looking forward to the next mailbag.

  28. Joe, can’t help but notice you’re dressed awfully dapper in comparison to everybody else you featured in today’s blog photos. 🙂

  29. Howdy Joe

    I did a little catch up on your blog. Wow you’ve been busy but that is no surprise.

    Love that suit from your first day of production!

    The entry with the exotic fruit was fun. Ever try a naranjillo? I had one years ago in Ecuador and it was quite tasty. As an added bonus – the inside kinda looked like tiny alien eggs.

    Info for Crayonbaby (previous post) if you have a Netflix account you can watch all episodes of Spartacus on your computer or TV (if you have that setup – we watch on our PS3 player). You have to have the 3 dvd rental option though. I have several friends that don’t have Starz and have gotten hooked on the show via Netflix. It is such a good show. They just keep pushing the envelope in every way imaginable.


  30. “Carl savors his lunch” looks more like “Carl thinks he just chipped a tooth”.

  31. 30 Rock is one of my favorite shows on TV. It has a slight flair of Arrested Development.
    Will you go to see the new Arrested Development movie when it comes out?

  32. hi joe,

    I hope you can answer this question for me i talked to you a couple of moths ago my name is niall mcnamara, i am 14 and from britian what tips would you have of becomming a script writer because it has always been my dream to become one.

    So if you can help in anyway i would deeply appreciate it.

  33. Spartacus is awesome and has so much more potential to come out of it!! I just can’t believe last weeks revelation came so quickly into the show, I thought it wouldn’t be until near the end of the season that event would happen.

    I also just picked up Rome Season 1, planning to start watching this weekend sometime. But that usually never happens, hopefully I will be done by Halloween.

  34. I’m not buying the ordering lunch story. That look has plans-for-world-domination written all over it.

    Rockin the suit, by the way.

    I’m in a temporary TV drought. Leverage, Burn Notice and White Collar are finished up till summer, and Survivors will be done with its short season soon. Leaves me with Lost and Chuck, at least for the moment.

  35. i would like to be a keeper of art departament archives one day too…

    no really, i study for that 😀 , Library Science

    just hoping that wherever i end at there would be a pretty girl like her too XD

  36. Joe, I’ve noticed your pics lately are sort of soft-focused and the lights blow out the rest of the image. Is that on purpose to make everyone look younger or do you need to have one of your many local camera experts have a look at yours? 🙂

  37. I’m quite amazed that Doctor Who didn’t make your list. What a great show! And how the last ‘season’ ended up just had tears rolling down my face. But enough of that crap… others I really like are House – gotta love Hugh – NCIS, Criminal Minds and a couple of Aussie dramas that are on hiatus at the mo.

    I absolutely love Rob Carlyle and can’t wait to see what he’s come up with for his directing SGU debut.

    I also wonder if we’ll actually get the rest of SGU here on TV, or I’m just gonna have to depend on my friends to record it for me. *sigh* stupid tv networks *grumble, grumble, grumble*

  38. Hi Joe, nice blog post, and nice pictures, again. Jamil Walker looks very cool in that picture.

    This is so cool, I found out how to register on WordPress and now I’m logged in to make comments. 🙂 😀 Wasn’t able to get “Jper” as username though, nor Jasper, nor Jasper.Jper or Jasper/Jper.

    Anyway, so I’m still wondering, why the sudden change to more than one-word episode titles.

    P.S. You think I could get a SGU cap like Carl is wearing.

  39. Wow, Joe, you are really rocking the super villain look. Great suit.

    Adam Baldwin is brilliant. But he is brilliant on Chuck not 30 Rock.

    I enjoy the energy of Glee and am hopeful that with irritating story line of the obnoxious wife and her fake pregnancy over with, I’ll begin enjoying the adults of the cast as much as the kids.

    Jojo — Thanks for identifying the Finn/Cory Stargate connection. I knew I had seen him somewhere.

  40. so we both like to watch glee. i really like it especially the part where it made me question my manhood…. anyway ROME was one of a kind, lets hope Game of Thrones will rock just as hard. but ill pass on Spartacus.

  41. Hey Joe.
    I’m pretty sure that this is not your department, but I’ll aks you anyway if there’s a chance that the right department will hear about this (*hint, hint*).
    Do you know if there will be a region 2 blu-ray release of SGU season one for us europeans?
    I’ve spent a lot of time saving money for my newly purchased blu-ray player. And if there’s not a blu-ray release of my favorite show, there is a BIG chance that I’m going to hurt someone. BADLY.

  42. Oh, and by the way, I’m guessing that those three question marks are actually the title of Remi’s episode. LOST had and episode with one question mark as the title. SGU has three because it’s three times as awesome! 😀 😛

  43. The meeting lasted from 8:50 to almost 3:00 and we are only one-third of the way through. The hard stuff to discuss is still yet to come, believe it or not. Longest ARD: 21 hours over several days. We talked about a reconvene on March 29 but that only gives me a week (because they don’t work during spring break) to go through the data they are supposed to give me that I have yet to receive that I should have been receiving all year, for all of us to meet to work on IEP goals. I told them I couldn’t do all that and take off from work yet again or I truly will get fired, so we looked into April. The next time everyone could coordinate their schedules was April 12 (Monday). The IEP facilitator neutralized the bully (yeah!!!) and because she did not talk, after awhile I felt like she wasn’t there at all. Out of sight, out of mind. So part 1 of the meeting: Two thumbs up. Length of time it took: Thumbs down. Afterwards I passed out for 3 hours and thought it was morning already. Woke up this morning with the respiratory crud that went through my son’s class; no surprises there. And I have to work for my employer this weekend or I really will lose my job. My weekend to cover.

    Thanks for all the love and well wishes and thoughts.

  44. I hate Bill on Big Love too. He’s so self-centered, yet he claims to be doing everything for “the family.” I loved Alby this season! Matt Ross should get an Emmy.

  45. I realized today I may need to play WoW some more in order to learn what an instanced dungeon is so I can do my job better. We’re not trying to copy WoW, but playing it may be what I have to do to learn a concept I need to learn. YOU may now be jealous of ME.

  46. Joe — whenever you do leave SGU (and we all hope that’s a long time away), you could have a great career as a super villain… you already have the wardrobe and look. 😉

    Robert Carlyle can work his magic on…. Whoops! posted that out loud, huh? 😀 He is one of the main reasons I was willing to give SGU a chance at the beginning. Saw in the theater and own movie, “Eragon”, cause he starred in it. (Well, okay, there was Jeremy Irons, too.)

    About the only one of those shows I watch is Amazing Race. A lot of the TV viewing at our house is influenced by my daughters. At least I don’t have to watch too much Barney anymore. They are now old enough that I have been able to influence their choices so they are fans of shows like Stargate and Dr. Who. But I do love LOST, even if I still have no idea what’s going on.

    Carl pumped for the start of a season certainly means good things are on the way!

  47. I’m currently re-watching all of Stargate starting with SG-1. I just started the eighth season. I have a quick question, why was the actress for Dr. Weir changed between seasons?


  48. You sure look spiffy in a suit, Joe, but Carl is just too sexy for his sweatshirt.

    Oh, and you’d be so proud of me. Sunday, I was practicing writing in screenplay format in preparation for Script Frenzy in April, and I worked “cuisses de grenouille” into it for my favorite foodie. (And I know better than to ask you to read my screenplay, not that I’d have the courage to do so anyway!)

  49. Hey Joe
    You have to check out “The League.” It is so awesomely inappropriate. I’m not even a football fan and I love it. It fits into that raunchy “It’s Always Sunny” sensibility over at FX. Too funny.

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