Before I turn things over to Patrick Glimore (SGU’s Dale Volker), I feel obliged to mention that Carl came by my office this morning and requested I make a public retraction.  He took offense to my assertion that he is an American trying to be Canadian.  In fact, he claims he has dual citizenship.  It’s possible and I’d be more than happy to make a public retraction – provided that Canadian Immigration Services, who I’ve tipped off to his little game, clear him of any wrongdoing in their upcoming investigation.

Secondly, check out this brilliant piece by Linda Holmes titled The Double-Edged Sword of Devotion: ‘Chuck’ Vs. The Entitled Fan Base:

Okay, that’s it!  Over to Patrick…

PG: Hi everyone.  This Q&A got a bit long so I’ll skip the intro and just get into it.  Why don’t we start with a doozie…

Scott in Ottawa writes: Question for Patrick Gilmore (a two-parter):

1. Why has your older brother called you “Princess” since you were thirteen?

PG: This is a fact.  I’ve always assumed it was a classic example of an older sibling reacting to the obvious favoritism the parents show towards the younger child.  My brother received his Masters at The London School of Economics. My brother is one of the founders and is the Executive Director of the NGO ‘Peace Dividend Trust.’  My brother, Scott, who lives in Ottawa, will often have one of his three young children call and ask for “Aunty Patrick.” My brother is 38 years old.

2. And how do you account for your total inability to get a date with a real live girl (as opposed to a dakimakura Japanese hugging pillow, for example)?

PG: I can’t.  I won’t.

Moving on.

3. What did Joe really say to get you to do this? (Cherluvya)

PG: Joe shot me an email over a month ago about doing a Q&A.  I was out of town, but when I got back Joe says I ‘sauntered’ into the offices, however…

4. What kind of walk was it?(Cherluvya) / So . . . saunter or sashay? (Cat4444)

PG: …I MOSEYED on into the Stargate offices to say hi, and Joe reminded me.  So here we are.  I find actors to be self-indulgent at the best of times.  I’ll try hard not to perpetuate the stereotype.

5. Google search yielded an old Irish composer by the same name. Any relation? (Poor Old Edgar Derby)

PG: None. Fun Fact: Patrick S. Gilmore wrote ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home.’ Isn’t it deflating when you realize someone in the world has the exact same name as you?  Precious snowflake, my ass.

6. Your twitter voice is like haiku, but cool. Do you talk like that in real life? (DP)

PG: I sure don’t.  I’m a harsh critic of twitter.  I find the whole process indulgent, self-serving, and deliciously addictive.  It is entertaining and has been an invaluable connection with the fans, but I try to keep my tweets irreverent and fun.  I have somehow reached 1000 followers but suspect most of them are spam, which allows me the freedom to tread the line between funny and crass.  I dream of a day when I have over 100,000 followers with the ability to sway award shows.


7. Who’s your childhood hero? (Chevron7)

PG: As far as public figures go, it’s always been Harrison Ford.  The reluctant-hero archetype made an early impression on me.  He also has an admirable balance of work and privacy. When I discovered the power of making girls laugh, I became influenced by the likes of Chevy Chase, Burt Reynolds, Bob Newhart, Steve Martin and Bill Murray.  In later years I began to appreciate the stoic strength of Paul Newman, Brando, and recently Russell Crowe.  But it’s always been Indiana Jones.

8. How did you know that you wanted to become an actor? Would you recommend it as a career for someone who is just getting started? (Arctic Goddess) / When did you realize that you could do this acting thing for real and pay the bills with it? (Penny) / How did you get into acting? Was it always something you wanted to do? (Chevron7)

PG: I’m a big daydreamer.  Hours as a kid spent recreating scenes from movies with my G.I.Joe.  My Dad brought home a video camera one day and I began filming sketches with my friends.  In high school I had no clear sense of direction and my football coach happened to be the Drama teacher.  He said it was possible, so I told people I was going to be an actor but I didn’t know how to get it done.  I went to University, got deeper into theater, graduated with a degree in English Literature, got a job in labor and kept telling people I was going to be an actor…but not really believing it.  I did a play, the director passed my name on to a casting director, I auditioned, I landed a role, which got my name to a producer, I auditioned, and landed a TV movie that took me to Costa Rica for two months.  That was 2001, and the next year I moved to Vancouver.

It’s such an unforgiving industry and I keep expecting it all to go away.  And the fact is, it might, it often does.  In January 2008 I was shoveling brick.  Two years later I’m a regular on a TV show.  I have no idea what 2011 will bring, or where I’ll be in 2020.  It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t suit everyone; it rarely suits me.  I would never want my kids to be in Film/TV, but who would I be to dictate their dreams?

9. Favorite ice cream flavor? (Grapes of Wraith)

PG: Chocolate Peanut Butter from Baskin Robbins.

10. What was your first acting job? What about first job overall? (Chevron7)

PG: I played Santa Clause at an old folks home in Kindergarten.  I volunteered just to make my best friend Jeff Oxamitny laugh.  But when the day came, I was paralyzed with fear and my teacher said, “C’mon, Patrick, what does Santa say?”  I stared at the smiling audience and they all encouraged me with “Ho, Ho, Ho, right?”  Terrified and wide eyed, I stayed silent and went from old person to old person, giving them the gifts we made that I had in my Santa sack.  15 years later I got paid $50 to act in a PSA about riding your bike to work, my first paid acting gig.  My first Job overall…my Dad and Uncles employed me every Spring Break and holiday, usually mowing lawns or construction.  Most of my ‘civilian’ jobs have been in that vein.  Though, a few years back I managed a used bookstore.

11. Have you done any theater work and do you prefer it over TV or films? (Poor Old Edgar Derby)

PG: Edmonton has one of the richest theater communities in Canada.  The acting high is never stronger than when I’m on stage.  If I could make a living in theater, I would.  I miss it.  I haven’t been on stage since getting into Film/TV.  The unpredictable schedule doesn’t allow it.  If there’s an SGU Season 3 in my future, I’ll hopefully do a play this coming year.

12. You’ve built up a respectable list of credits, according to IMDb. Which would you say was the most enjoyable project you’ve done, not counting SGU? (Poor Old Edgar Derby)

PG: A TV movie called ‘100 Days in the Jungle.’ We filmed in Costa Rica and it was considered a hellish work environment.  But I was new to film and I loved every second.  It was an adventure of a lifetime that I have yet to top.  I always laugh when speaking of ‘100 Days,’ because it was my second ‘professional’ gig ever and it took me to Central America.  I thought, ‘This is acting? Sign me up.’  Since then, the furthest I’ve worked is an hour away from my front door.  Looking back, ‘100 Days’ was a moment that took my life in a direction I had never planned on.  Too many stories to tell about that project.

Me and Aidan Devine filming in Costa Rica for ‘100 Days in the Jungle’

13. Had you been an SG fan before you got the role? (Simon)

PG: Aside from the Pilots and the episodes I did, I never watched SG1 & SGA.  I was, however, a big fan of the original movie.  Jackson deciphering the Stargate at the beginning is one of my favorite sequences.

14. I see your dad played for the Oilers.  Do you still pull for them? Are they your favorite team? (Kabra)

PG: He did.  #10, Right Wing. I will never cheer for another team.

15. Who is your favorite NHL player? (Kabra)

PG: I don’t know if I have a favorite anymore.  Gretzky obviously, ‘The Boys on the Bus’ (look it up), Ryan Smyth.

16. Do you play in your spare time? (Kabra)

PG: I don’t.  My parents put us in Skiing instead because it was something we could do as a family. I played hockey briefly and loved it, but I was always a better skier.

17. Do you ever think that the Oilers will return to the glory days where they can actually win a game? (Laura)

PG: In a long enough timeline anything’s possible.  But my word, what a disaster 2009/10 has become for the Oil.

The 3 Gilmore Boys wearing #10

18. You, Alex Zahara, Dean Marshall and John Billingsley were in the movie ‘2012’ and you are all Stargate Alumni. Did you have the chance to talk Stargate with each other while filming? If so, what experiences did you share? (Arctic Goddess)

PG: I filmed ‘2012’ in December of 2008, more than a month before I even auditioned for SGU.  I’ve known Alex for sometime.  John and I shared a funny on screen moment (the cane slapping), but I’m not sure if I’ve ever met Dean.  There were so many people, and the Ark was a chaotic set.  My friend Geoff Gustafson was also in ‘2012’ and one day Alex, Geoff and I had drinks after work and Alex regaled us with stories of Prosthetics and Sci-Fi conventions.  But, again, at that time, Stargate was just a twinkle in my eye.

19. How did you get involved with SGU? (Grapesofwraith)

PG:  I auditioned. Twice in fact, back in January 2009.  Truthfully, it was just another audition and like all auditions I had forgotten about it within days, until my agent called and told me I got it. Fun Fact: I was in fellow actor Dan Payne’s living room, visiting his newborn son, when I got the call.

20. What were your thoughts when you found out you would be in SGU, making SGU the 3rd Stargate series you have made a guest appearance in? (Laura)

PG: It never occurred to me until someone online wrote about it. I was interested to see what would be done differently.  I like being part of Stargate trivia.

21. Which actors have had speaking roles in all three Stargate series? (DP)

PG: That’s a question I should ask you guys. I’m sure there are a few now.

22. If starfish have no brain, how do they walk? (Chevron7)

PG: The Starfish is made up of nerve cells that control its functions. It’s a primal instinct sorta thing.

23. Was acting with an injured arm more of a challenge or annoyance to you? (Michael)

PG: It was kind of a pain in the ass. My arm would get numb and my shoulder would ache.  Though it was easy for Sound to mic me, they’d just lay the pack in my sling.

24. What was your favorite scene to film from the first season? (Grapesofwraith)

PG: It’s in the episode ‘Pain.’  You’ll know when you see it.  Good times.

25. If SGU was real which character would you look up to most? Which one would you probably hang out with? (Major D. Davis)

PG: I’d admire Young’s leadership.  I’d respond well to his fair but strict nature. I’d recognize TJ’s humanity and want to be around her most, but would probably hang with Eli and pine over girls while we talk movies.

26. Who’s the toughest scientist on the Destiny? Who should I put my money on in a fight? (Chevron7)

PG: Well, Franklin is not in fighting shape right now.  Sorry Riley, but you’re out Round 1. We forfeit Park because when she’s done hooking up with the military she may come our way. Brody’s got some bulldog fight, but ultimately falls to endurance.  Volker is stubborn and would fight beyond his breaking point, ultimately falling to a pen in the neck from a maniac Rush.  Put your money on the dirty fighter, Rush.

27. What’s it like working with someone like Robert Carlyle?  (Simon)

PG: A career highlight.  He’s a generous actor and such a warm person.  You’ll hear nothing but praise from me when speaking of Mr. Carlyle.  It’s sometimes hard to do your work when you’re busy studying his.

28. How is the craft services for SGU? Good food? What’s your favorite? (Airelle)

PG: It’s decadent.  No one needs that many choices.  I’ll stand at crafty for 10 minutes just deciding what kind of cookie I may want.  I’ve said this before, but I think I’m the only person on the Destiny to GAIN weight.  My fave is the late afternoon chocolate tray.  Gotta get there early to grab the Reese Cups and Kit Kats.

29. Have you played any pranks on any other cast members? Or had any pranks played on you? If so, who? (Andrew) / Have you participated in any SGU pranks/been pranked? (Delynn)

PG: I’ve managed to skirt any prank involvement, but Kelamis and I have absconded with the AD’s golf cart for joy rides around the studio lot a number of times.  We loop around the buildings pretending we’re 70’s cops, or singing ‘Journey’ at the top of our lungs.  We park, and then fear that the front offices saw us and are now looking over our contracts.

30. Tell us something Joe doesn’t want us to know. (Cherluvya)

PG: Joe’s all-time favorite snack is processed cheese slices microwaved on Salted Premium Crackers.  Fact.

31. Did you have an idea of who Dale Volker was as a person before shooting started on the series, and did that picture change over the course of the first season? (Iamza)

PG: The line in Air II “He didn’t even mention me.” was my first glimpse into who Volker could become.  It made me laugh.  I had a general outline going in of what I wanted to bring to him, but of course things change when the environment comes into play and you start reacting to choices the other actors bring.  You find your place and your balance.

32. What’s your take on the character of Volker? I’m not quite sure what to make of him so far. He has to have brains to be with the Stargate program, but he also seems to lack direction and flounders when he doesn’t have someone to tell him what to do. / Do you think that Volker is simply so far beyond his comfort zone, and where he expected to be that he hasn’t really come to grips with the situation on Destiny and is kind of lost at the moment? / How do you think Volker sees his role on Destiny? (Cat4444)

PG: Volker is a confident scientist.  On Icarus his job was clear, he knew his place, and loved his job.  Volker is intelligent and perhaps, at times, a bit cocky.  So he may have come across as caustic, but once you got to know him you understood his way of communicating, his humor, etc.  Then we land on Destiny.  Everything changes.  No one knows their place or what to do.  As the situation becomes more and more dire Volker withdraws into himself and loses his confidence.  At least he can retreat into his work to keep his head above water.  He perhaps hasn’t fully acknowledged how helpless they all are.  Volker keeps his head down, goes about his job, wherever he’s needed, and finds solace in his work and the emerging friendships.  But the Destiny is taking its toll on everyone.  Bottom-line, I think Volker feels alone.  At least that’s my take.

One of my favorite pictures of Volker on the Destiny

33. Did Volker work for the SGC or Area 51 or both? (Chevron7)

PG: I’ve always thought he was contracted through SGC.

34. When Rush was flipping out on Volker in “Darkness”, what do you think Volker would have been thinking since he was stuck between Young, who was telling him to help Rush, and Rush, who was yelling at him to get out? In leaving, was he picking the “lesser of the two evils” because, let’s face it, Rush was definitely going off the deep end there, and Young’s a lot more mellow? (Cat4444)

PG: Well, Young was more reasonable.  Volker knew it was of no use, but that blow out was his first glimpse at something darker in Rush.  It’d be demoralizing and scary to think the one person who may be your best shot at getting home is “a whole new crazy.”

35. When I watched “Darkness” for the first time, I was knocked down by the intensity of how Rush dressed down Volker. I know situations like this in real life and I felt for Volker.  How was it to play this scene? / How can you keep your distance from emotional interactions like this one during the scene? (Nina K.P.)

PG: The more real a scene gets, the more satisfying it feels when it’s over.  Robert got my adrenaline going.  This scene was like a gift for me.   I didn’t want it to end and I skipped all the way home.

36. Would Volker sit in the ancient chair for the sake of Rush’s research? (Before knowing what happened with Franklin) (PBMom)

PG: I never thought so.  Volker’s self-preservation would keep him from being so influenced at such a risk.  Like I said, Volker feels alone and he needs to look out for himself, not Rush’s agenda and any circumstantial hypothesis.

37. FYI, we are using Volker’s trepidations “Yaa-aay!” (in response to congratulations for being placed in charge of the mission by Wray) as our new quotable expression, family – wise. (Pastrygirl)

PG: I love it!

38. With Rush out of the picture, at least for awhile since I’m going to assume that some time has passed between “Justice” and “Space” how do you think Volker would have reacted? Since he seems to take direction from Young or Rush, without Rush around and Young not having a scientific bent, who would he look to for direction, or would the loss of Rush be the impetus to enable him to find his footing? (Cat4444) / Is Volker happy, sad or indifferent to Rush being gone? (PBMom)

PG: There is the idea that Volker would be able to express himself a little more in his work, but Rush’s ability to ‘communicate’ with the Destiny has become invaluable. But losing Rush is another blow to Volker’s hope of getting home. And let’s face it, there’s a line forming in the sand between the Civilians and the Military.  Maybe now Volker will force himself to find some of the confidence he had before Destiny.

39. What do you think is Volker’s greatest strength? (Iamza)

PG: See #36

40. What surprised you the most about Dale Volker? (Michael)

PG: After watching the first 10 episodes of SGU I was surprised that Volker’s walk reminded me of Bill Murray going down the stairs to the Library basement in ‘Ghostbusters.’  There’s something so ‘laissez faire’ about the two of them.  Now I like to think there’s a lot of Dr. Venkman in Dr. Volker.

Dr. Venkman & Dr. Volker

41. How much do you share in common with your character? Any similarities? (Major D. Davis)

PG: There’s a certain self-reliance that I think we share.  I’m more stubborn, but less educated.

42. OMG when will Volker get laid? Okay, you don’t have to answer that one. JOE, (((hello)))) when will Volker get laid? (Cherluvya)

PG: Joe…?  Carl?  Anyone?

43. This might be a question for the wardrobe department, but have you been wearing the same actual suit all season? (Poor Old Edgar Derby)

PG: They have a number of versions in the event that I spill coffee on myself during a break.  They also break down versions to show the passage of time wear and tear in the same clothes.

44. Have you requested that Volker finds a change of clothes yet? (Poor Old Edgar Derby)

PG: Naw, I love my wardrobe.  We can have many combinations with Shirt, Vest and Jacket. I did wear workout gear in one episode.

Now let’s get these Kelamis questions out of the way:

45. Do you, like Kelamis, do stand-up in your free time? (Delynn)

PG: I don’t.  I’d love to try, but it’s a mental block.  It terrifies me.

46. Just so I get this right, I’ll pose this question verbatim as it was suggested: when you are playing Wii Frisbee golf…when you sink a hole that is even better than a Birdie, and an Eagle, what is that called? (DP)

PG: A f**king fluke.  Or, if you prefer, it’s called “A Man, Much, Much Older Than Me, Who Still Plays Video Games and Brags About the Outcome in International Forums.”

47. Have you ever seen Kelamis doing his pet psychic work? (Gilder)

PG: When I stayed with Peter and his wife in LA last November I slept at the foot of their bed.  Their two dogs kept trying to sleep on me.  I assumed it was because Kelamis psychically told them to annoy me.

48. Who has the biggest trailer…you or Peter Kelamis? (Chevron7)

PG: Did he tell you to ask this one?  Peter does. It’s twice the size of mine.  However, Julia Benson and I have adjoining trailers…so, score one for Gilmore.

49. Another suggested one, not so verbatim: Who was not able to hold his liquor at the “Regal Beagle” charity golf tournament? (DP)

PG: I did not pass out on the 17th green.  While Kelamis and his buddies were drooling like idiots over the bikini clad beer girls, I closed my eyes for a brief moment.  I don’t care what the Course Marshall said.

Once again, moving on…

50. And about “Riese the Series”. Great WebSeries. How did you learn about “Riese”? (Nina K.P.) / Was it a regular casting or are you part of the creating team? (Nina K.P.)

PG: Kaleena Kiff, one of the creators, approached me about casting the project.  Through the casting process the producers and I developed a relationship. When all was said and done they wrote Trennan for me and just asked me to join.  I had no idea what the scale of ‘Riese’ would be, but I loved the crew and would have done anything for them.  I’ve been so lucky, the show has exceeded my expectations, and they’ve become great friends.

51. Can you see through your Riese eye-gadget? (Delynn)

PG: I couldn’t for Ch.1, so I rehearsed a Bo-Staff fight scene with a patch over my eye for Ch.2.  But production actually made a new eyepiece that I can now see through and has a functional iris.

52. Do you enjoy the web series concept? What’s the future for it? (Chevron7)

PG: It’s still so new to me.  The great thing about the web series is that there are fewer cooks in the kitchen.  The creators can still maintain 100% creative control.  Though if Riese were ever brought to TV, it would bring in a wider audience.

53. When will we see more of REISE the web series? (Sheryl)

PG: The first episode of Chapter 2 was released in early February, but all episodes had to be pulled because Riese is inking a deal with a distribution company and until all the paperwork is done we’ll have to wait.  But the deal is great news for Riese, it’ll be distributed overseas and hopefully with your support we’ll film Chapter 3 soon.

‘Riese’ promo shot of Trennan

54. Why do Koalas not fall out of trees? (Chevron7)

PG: In fact, Koalas DO fall out of trees occasionally. More so when they’re young, at about 6 months old.

55. IMDB has you listed as an actor in the upcoming movie “Dear Mr. Gacy”. That sounds really scary. Was it scary to be in a movie that dealt with a serial murderer? (Jim of WVa)

PG: I play a man who escaped Gacy (played by William Forsythe.)  There were a few scenes that flashback to my kidnapping, torture and rape.  For the week after these graphic scenes were filmed I admit to being ratted and unfocused.  It was hard to shake the intensity and brutality of what was done.  Keep in mind, while the camera is rolling, it’s not just me living these scenes.  I had a man who was living as Gacy pretending to brutalize.  Too real, but a fulfilling creative experience.

56. Is the Gacy film based on one of the books? I must say Brian Dennehy creeped me out with his portrayal in one of the earlier TV movies. Will I be creeped out by this one too? (Chevron7)

PG: ‘Dear Mr. Gacy’ is based on the book ‘The Last Victim’ by Jason Moss.  William Forsythe is an intense man.  I was terrified filming it.

William Forsythe and me in a scene from ‘Dear Mr.Gacy’

57. What’s the most challenging part of approaching a role? (Chevron7)

PG: It’s kind of a non-answer, but the most challenging part of approaching a role is deciding how to approach it. At this point I’m still testing my comfort zones and finding my strengths and weaknesses as an artist.  With every new role I attempt something different.  Whether it’s on or off camera, I’m forming a work ethic and process.  I’ve got a long way to go, but I’ll never perfect it, I’ll never be satisfied.  Mediocrity scares me.  The threat of it keeps a fire under my ass.  Again, kind of a non-answer.

58. Can you watch the finished product? (Chevron7)

PG: I watch my work with one foot out the door.  I’ll critique every gesture and inflection; take in what I need to know, and what I can learn from, like a game film.  I rarely revisit it.

59. What are those little facial expressions called in acting jargon – the ones you throw out during and between your lines that suggest there is more to Volker than stereotypical science guy trapped on a spaceship? Are those expressions written into the script? Do you like for those expressions to be written into the script? How can I learn to flash those expressions in regular conversation so people will know that I’m interesting? (DP)

PG: I’m not sure what specific expressions you’re talking about. ‘Character?’ ‘Reactions’?  The filming style of SGU is one in which you don’t know if you’re going to be on camera because they’re roaming the entire scene with more than one camera.  So you better be involved in the scene and be reacting appropriately according to your character.

60. What kind of scenes are your favorite to act in – ones where you are emoting and interacting with other actors, or ones that are more action-driven and you are reacting to FX? (Pastrygirl)

PG: I like person to person acting.  FX shots always feel a little awkward to me, but when you’re eye to eye with a great actor you can lose yourself in the moment, and that’s where the rush and the high of acting comes in.  With Green-screen there’s always a little echo in the back of your head reminding you that you’re an actor and not an astrophysicist…

61. Which ones are more fun to shoot? (Pastrygirl)

PG: – …that’s not to say FX acting isn’t fun.  I used to sit in a tree house pretending it was the Millennium Falcon & now it’s my job.  Fun Story: Not really an FX story but it involves FX: in the SGU Season 1 finale I had a mouthful of jargon to say while pointing at a non-existent holographic monitor.  It was late in the evening, everyone wanted to get home, the entire cast was in the Apple Core, and for the life of me I couldn’t get through my speech.  Take 1,2,3,15…I was on the verge of tears and stubbornly insisted that I could nail it.  It’s all a blur now, but I remember Bobby hugging me, Andy Mikita assuring me we got the shot, and driving home convinced I was fired.  That day I hated FX shots and science lingo, but I loved the people I worked with.

62. Do you prefer to stick to what the director gives your for your character? Or, do you try to run with it as much as possible? (Ian)

PG: I’ll do what I have prepared and if it runs contrary to the director’s vision, we’ll discuss it.  It’s a very trusting relationship and I’ve never had any serious disagreements.  When playing a recurring character the directors trust you to have a keen sense of motivation.  They give you the creative freedom as long as it doesn’t take away from the story or the moment.

63. What episodes are your fav from Season 1 and which one do you think the fans will love most? (Major D. Davis)

PG: Some of my favorites are in the first half.  I have fond memories of episodes like Darkness and Life.  It was in those episodes that we were figuring out our characters.  The second half of S.1 is jammed packed and moves pretty quickly.  I think the fans will enjoy the pace.

64. Will you get more screen time during the second half of the first season? (Jim of WVa)

PG: As the season progressed we all found our place and the writers knew how to use us more effectively. Though it all depends on editing.

65. Which actor or actress on SGU would you like more screentime with? (PBMom)

PG: There was a scene in ‘Faith’ that had to be removed for pacing, in which Jamil and I would have had a funny exchange. I was looking forward to that.  Jamil is an actor I watch with awe.  He never reads a line the way you expect it.  I’m also curious to see every specific relationship develop between Volker and the rest of the cast; some friends, some rivals.  There’s so much opportunity with such a big cast.

66. Who would you most like to do a DVD commentary with? (DP)

PG: Any one of the directors or writers.  I love hearing about the conception of ideas and storytelling techniques.

67. Have you ever had any trouble crossing the U.S.-Canadian border? (DP)

PG: Nope.  Though the American Customs agents at the airport are a cheery bunch, aren’t they.

68. Met you and Peter K. at the LA con. Did you get recognized, did you enjoy the con? (Sheryl)

PG: Shockingly, yes, we did get recognized. Peter and I were a little taken aback by the response.  We had a blast, but it was a bit overwhelming.

69. I must confess that with that hat you were wearing in Los Angeles (at the convention) it disguised you well. Or was that the plan? (Arctic Goddess)

PG: My ‘disguise’ consisted of a baseball hat and sunglasses.  It wasn’t planned.  We weren’t there officially and didn’t want to crash the party. We just kept our heads down.

70. I met you [at the LA Con after Ryan Robbins was on stage.] How did you guys get to know each other? (Arctic Goddess)

PG: I work as a casting reader when I can, and I’ve met and acted opposite countless Vancouver actors.  I met Ryan this way and then we worked together in a short film called ‘The Masculine Mystique.’  We became fast friends and it’s exciting to have him on Riese.

71. Would you ever do the cons.? (Sheryl)

PG: I think so.  Things are a little busy right now, but one day I’d love to travel somewhere fun and meet you guys face to face.

72. What kind of developments or changes would you like to see Volker experience on Destiny? (Pastrygirl) / What do you hope to see for your character as the series progresses? / (Michael) What are you most looking forward to about season 2, in terms of your character? (Iamza)

PG: I’d like to see Volker throw a punch. I want him to woo a girl.  I want him to dive head first through the gate.  I want him to use his outdoor voice and tell someone what’s really on his mind.  I think it’d be funny if he broke his arm again.  I’d like Volker to (see #42)… Or, how about just a haircut.

73. If you could create one story for you character what would it be. Would you have him visit earth? Would you have him save the day? (Major D. Davis)

PG: I think everyone wants to be a hero for a day.  I would honestly just like to get into the guts of who Volker is and why he is that way.  I wanna get to know him, so he becomes more real.

74. If you could play any other character on SGU, which would you choose? (Jill)

PG: I’d play TJ and insist on Psych evaluations every once in a while, like M.A.S.H. would do the documentaries. Or I’d play Rush, and bitch out Volker.  Aside from that, I’m pretty happy with my role.

75. If you (the actor) could use the communication stones with anyone on Earth (modern day), who would you choose and why? (PBMom)

PG: My family. Parents, Brother, Sister-in-law, Nieces, Nephew, barista.

76. How do you feel about the overall response from the fanbase about SGU both positive and negative? (Simon)

PG: Before there was internet, I bet there was a blissful ignorance among actors and fan reactions.  But now every voice has a forum and if you want to find the haters, it’s not hard.  When SGU started it was tough to balance the fan reactions.  I mean, if we choose to ignore the haters, why should we choose to believe the folks who love it.  So I stopped looking, and, for the most part, the only voices that have sought me out have been positive.  Fandom is a bit overwhelming and daunting, but I’m excited by the support and proud to be a part of the Stargate family.

And that’s it…Thank you so much for your questions and interest, and thank you Joe for allowing me a soapbox to spout my propaganda.

53 thoughts on “February 10, 2010: Actor Patrick Gilmore Answers Your Questions!

  1. Hi Joe, haven’t had time to read the whole Q&A yet, but the piece by Linda Holmes was excellent. That said, you really should invite us all to your “story meetings” 🙂 No, really.

  2. Great Q & A!!!! Some of those answers Mr. Gilmore wrote had me laughing out loud. I wonder if he ever did any comedic work? Big Thanks to Mr. Gilmore! Very entertaining and informative. I admire his attitude about acting. I couldn’t do that kind of work (acting). Job security helps me sleep at night 😉 .

    One thing he said I question the accuracy: “Joe’s all-time favorite snack is processed cheese slices microwaved on Salted Premium Crackers. Fact.” Processed cheese? Mr. M.? Really? No Gruyere, No Gouda? Your mom raised you better than that! Your sister might not want to read her this blog entry 😀 .

    Narelle: loved the upside down dog site! That one is going on my favorites list. Do they have an upside down cats site? Probably not, upside down cats look scary 😀 .

    Das: Still there? I hope the storm has passed and all of you have power/are in one piece.

  3. Hot damn, Patrick Gilmore sorted and credited each of the questions. I think I just developed a crush on the guy.

    Being a fan of “Chuck” and a reader of Alan Sepinwall’s blog, I found my way to the Linda Holmes article and enjoyed it as well. In fact I was going to link to it, since there have been some similar discussions here, but someone beat me to it. 🙂

  4. Oh, forgot to add this. I have friends in Boston who tell me the snow is now flowing over their 6 ft fence! Unreal!
    Did anyone see the news tonight? New Jersey has this big red spot over it on the weather map. I hope Das is ok.

  5. Patrick Gilmore is SO funny! 😀
    Thanks for the Q&A!

    Stormpocalypse has settled in and is here to stay. We’ve got about 40 cm and counting! Was still snowing when I went out about an hour ago. 😀 I’m really enjoying it, but my neighbours are not. 😉
    I hope you’re all staying safe through this storm!

  6. Patrick Gilmore, thank you for your answers.

    Joe, microwaving processed cheese? You know better than that — that’s what EZ-Cheeze is for.

  7. Thanks, Patrick, for the great Q&A! (Thanks, Joe, for making it possible.)

    And yup – I’m okay so far. I’ve had the computer off most of the day because the electricity keeps popping on and off – right now it seems okay. Mr. Das made it home from work okay, but not without a bit of drama. When he turned onto our street, someone was stopped right in the middle of it, and he had to swerve around them. When he did, his van got stuck in a snow/slush rut (these things are deep – my little car would probably be dragging bottom if I tried to drive down the street). Anyway, two of our neighbors immediately came out and dug him out, and he drove a few more yards and got stuck again right in front of our driveway. They dug him out again, and he managed to get the van in the drive. Woo! Much can be said for good neighbors, too!

    I managed to get the house cleaned today, and laundry done, despite the brief power outages. We had an early (for us) dinner and then watched the new Star Trek movie. I love this movie! Best thing to come out of last year (sorry Wolvie). I got teary-eyed three times during it – and I’m not one for crying at movies. Must be the weather. 😛

    Gonna read now, and then watch Psych (hopefully). We haven’t had a lot of snow (so much rain, sleet and wet snow that it is really packed down), but hubby and I just looked outside, and with the wind blowing and everything covered with white, I swear it looked just like Hoth. 😛

    Have a good night, Joe & Co.!


  8. I just wanted to say that I have followed Patrick on twitter for several months now – he’s one of my favourite twitter accounts.

  9. PS: Our friend the amateur weatherman just called – he clocked top gusts at 68 mph. Not too shabby!

    Okay – NOW I’m gonna go read. 🙂


  10. Thank you Patrick for taking the time to answer all those questions, you have me more intrigued now to watch the back half of SGU.

    @Joe, that was a great article. I liked her analogy. And it’s true, if the shows were written like I wanted them – why watch it. I always loved with SG-1/ SGA the last 10 minutes, the team is in a major pickle, I llove to see how they slove the problem in 10 minutes without it being a 2 parter. (sometimes it was). Still haven’t given up on SGU, it’s a new flavor I’m trying to appreciate.

  11. Major respect to you Patrick, answering 76 questions goes beyond the realm of being nice. Seriously I think you’ve broke a question answering record on blogs Lol.

    Honestly, I would love to see more Q&As from this guy.

  12. Great Q&A. I must think up some good questions for next time.

    The weather seems pretty normal for the most part up here. Mind, I’m about an hour from the nearest Great Lake. I hear they help with stopping storm fronts or something.

    I rather enjoy Triscuits and Monterey Jack.

    Anyway, I should really get back to doing something productive. Like watching more SGU. 😉

  13. Great Q&A from Patrick. Thanks, Patrick!

    Processed cheese on saltines? Nuh uh!


    Congrats on winning the contest! I’ll keep praying for a good outcome from your meeting. Maybe the bully will be sick on meeting day? I used to have an upset stomach for weeks before the IEP meeting when my son was still in public school. Our meeting was scheduled for this coming Tuesday. But the kids and teachers have been out of school all week due to all the snow in DC, and I imagine they’ll want to reschedule.

  14. @ @ Bryan M. White – So, how’d you make out?? Any problems with the storm?

    Anyone else in Jersey, PA, MD, DE, NY…etc…have any problems? Hope everyone is okay!


  15. Never get tired of all the folks who take the time. Thanks, Mr. Gilmore. And ostensibly you, Joe.

  16. Great Q &A Patrick Gilmore!!!!
    Started randomly watching the 1/2 season episodes. Watched Darkness 1 hour ago, will check Pain next later today.
    The Rush mental breakdown was a delight to watch!
    Only made it up to Q& A 49… will have to read the rest later this afternoon, its getting late here!!

    re:Joe’s all-time favorite snack is processed cheese slices microwaved on Salted Premium Crackers. Fact.”
    you got to be kidding!!! It’s my favorite snack too, except that I don’t like my saltines in the microwave, it get mouchy!!

  17. Wow, that was certainly a lot of questions. Many thanks to Mr. Gilmore for taking the time to answer them. 🙂

  18. Not surprisingly I think Linda Holmes is an
    ass *g*

    However this Chuck nonsense has reminded me of a thing I had almost forgotten; its far better to watch shows you DON’T like.

    You can have a great time mocking it with fellow non-likers! The show won’t let you down since you don’t expect much of it to being with, you don’t care if they kill characters off or do inconsistent things or silly things. And once in a blue moon they might even do something that surprises you in a positive direction!

    I’m sooo there when SGU returns *G*

  19. Thanks for the link to the article on Chuck. Shippers are a crazy bunch and they just can’t be dealt with. I find it better to just ignore them.

  20. hmm Dr Venkman – Eli said in one episode ‘Dogs and Cats living together”… another Ghostbusters snippet..

    Who’s the fan (apart from moi)

  21. Just read that article you linked us to Joe. Point taken. I remember commenting on the SGU questionaire that I’d like to see less of the communication stones.

    I take that back.

    Do what you like and I’ll take a seat on the bus. Let’s see where you take us. 🙂 (maybe they’ll juggle the stones before use haha)


  22. As a former adjudicator for both the old USINS and for US Passport Agency, I have no doubt that Carl holds dual citizenship.

    Little-known fact; it’s technically illegal for US citizens to hold dual citizenship. Legal precedent has made that rule almost impossible to enforce.

  23. Hey Joe,

    This is way too much fun. What can I came thru!!! Pictures and ALL Patrick Gilmore! Best blog yet…well you know. hehehee

    Processed cheese and crackers..crazy enough I’ll have to try it sometime. I don’t exactly keep that cheese on hand, but someday I will. *giggles out of control* I’ll never look at a saltine the same again.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

    Patrick!!! you are the man. All those questions..and me being a smart-ass. JOE ((((HellooOOOooo)))) We need to get VOLKER laid. What a great story-line. Ah you know, one of those hard core military types. hehehehe

    It really was great Patrick. Wow, Princess Patrick. I’ve learned so much about you. Oh, and the pod-cast earlier this week. Woohoo, it is a Patrick week. *happy face*

  24. Hey…I don’t remember writing all of that! 😉

    Brilliant Q&A; laughed my ass off more times than I can count! Thank you very much Patrick Gilmore for providing us with this indepth Q&A, and as always another thank you very much to Joe for hosting it!!

    Seriously Joe, I think you should consider having Patrick do more than just acting; both this Q&A and his twitter account has shown that he’s got quite a bit of writer’s blood in him.

    Though, that could just be the blood he secretly drains from Carl Binder every other Monday; at least, that’s what he says on twitter.

    Hope everyone on the East coast is managing the big snow storm. Us here in Vancouver could really use some of it!

  25. OMG thanks Patrick that was freaking awesome…I didn’t realise I asked soooo many questions..sorry for monopolizing folks.

    Cheers, Chev

  26. Hi Mr M!

    First off @Michael Burstein…Keep meaning to say, there’s a really great book that you should skim/read about a guy who’s wife has TRIPLETS!!! I (like you) can totally identify with his life change…It’s called (and I love the title) :

    “I Sleep at Red Lights”

    It’s written by one of Leno’s gag writers…a great read and fun!

    @Das and @Tammy :

    LOVE WKRP in Cincinatti….We used to get it on re-runs here in Ireland. My brother and I still refer to our Dad as BIG GUY…

    And we still berate people who talk too much by saying:

    More news Les Nessman!!!

    Best to all


    PS: Back in the late 70’s Johnny Fever had a poster of U2 in the radio booth….way before they hit the big time…some production PA must have known!!

  27. Heya, folks…

    For the love of Beckett has asked me to pass some news along, and is asking for your thoughts, prayers and good vibes to be with her dad. So that I don’t get anything wrong, I’ll quote this directly from her e-mail:

    “Sassy Dad (mine) is going in for major surgery the morning of Feb. 12th. They’re going fishing after a big growth on one side of thyroid. They’ll remove it and that half of the thyroid. The scarier part is that they’ll have a thoracic surgeon on standby in case they need to open his sternum to get at the rest of the growth. Biopsies found it to be non-cancerous, but it’s invasive and growing… After the two big scares and trips to the hospital this summer, we’re praying that they don’t have to that big second step. Also, the doc warned Dad that his speaking voice and singing voice could be permanently changed, which is worrying Dad. He just retired, yep it was hard for him, and music has always been a good distraction and a calming influence on him. He’ll be in the hospital for 5 days if surgery goes the least radical route.

    The docs want somebody in the hospital waiting room once surgery starts. I was going to drop him off — at 5 a.m.! — and bring Mom back with me, around 8 o’clock or so. Nope, they don’t want us leaving once surgery is started at 7 a.m. So if you happen to think of it, keep us in your prayers. We would sure appreciate them!”

    So, please, keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers, including a little something for FtLoB, who has been under the weather herself since December.

    ~ Deirdre

  28. @For the love of Beckett: OF COURSE we’re all here for you, good thoughts and prayers coming your way! Everything will turn out fine, you’ll see.

  29. For the love of Beckett: prayers going to Sassy Dad!!!

    DP: what did the dr say?

    FtLoB: good health vibes going your way.

    PG15 is right, I believe Mr. Gilmore has writer’s blood.

  30. Thank you, Mr. Gilmore, for answering all those questions. I love your sense of humor. 🙂

  31. @PatrickGilmore: Perhaps the Jamil/Volker scene might make it to a “deleted scenes” section of the DVD release. We can only hope. Thank you for taking all that time to answer ALL those questions! Wow. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, we are so very spoiled on this blog by the generous spirit of everyone involved with SGU. I really don’t know any other show where the fans have this sort of relationship to its cast and crew that we do. It makes me feel very protective of all of you and the show.

  32. Great Q&A!

    Between this and the questionnaire last week, I kind of really want to see the last half of the season, now.

    Not sure if this has already been mentioned (it probably has), but Brian J Smith has a pretty good interview up on the Chicago Now blog. Interesting and thought-provoking, even if I still think I’m right in my assessment of the lack of development of the female SGU characters so far. 🙂

  33. Thanks Patrick for a great Q & A. It was quite amusing and enlightening.

    Joe, that blog was so true. I love it.

  34. FtLoB…empathetic prayers winging on their way! Tell Dad that I understand about the voice worry, grew up singing myself.

  35. Hello =) ça va ? moi ouép =) merci pour ce Q/A avec Patrick, je suis vraiment désolé mais je n’ai pas trop le temps ce soir!

    gros bisou =)
    A plus.

  36. Thanks to Mr. Gilmore for answering my two questions. Bill Murray is one of my favorites, too.

    Mallozzi-san, Spoiler TV reported casting is underway for a 6-7 epiosde recurring villain named Simeon, a member of the Lucian Alliance. Is this true and any further comment?

  37. For those of you who are planning on attending the Creation Con in April, the set tours have been cancelled.
    Part of the announcement to attendees:
    “To Attendees of The Official Stargate Vancouver Convention:

    We were recently informed that due to the rebuilding of sets for SG:Universe Season 2, the standing sets we planned to tour in April 2010 will be struck at the time of our event. All Stargate sets are in stages of build and strike. In short, there are no sets standing at this time to tour (we hope to be invited to visit the enlarged SG:Universe sets during The 2011 Convention which will be in April 2011 back at Hilton Metrotown as well as the new Production facilities being installed at Bridge Studios that take the place of the former off site spaces).

    We greatly apologize for this inconvenience but acknowledge that it is the nature of the film and TV business that sets are in a constant state of flux (as they have been for the past 5 years we have offered tours). We thank the Producers of Stargate and MGM for their continued support of our event and willingness to let our attendees visit the sets when standing.”

    Ahhh, that is a real shame. 🙁

  38. Hey Joe,

    Creation just posted a notice that all the Stargate sets are in various stages of being struck (including the Atlantis set I presume). Does this mean no movie for sure? Or would they actually rebuild the set if they decided to green light the movie eventually. Is this a cost-prohibitive thing?

    Still hoping for a movie…or at least some kind of followup to what happens to Atlantis after the end of the events of season 5.


  39. @Das: Here in Berks County, PA we got clobbered this time, after missing the heavy stuff the last couple of storms. Driving to work in Pottstown was better than driving home yesterday afternoon, and this afternoon’s drive home was mostly clear except for some drifting snow in the oncoming lane of traffic.
    Fortunately Hubby is retired so he had the driveway cleared for me both days(boy I so love that).

    FtLoB: Sending good thoughts and prayers your way!

  40. I read on GateWorld that you search for an actor to play Simeon from the Lucian Alliance.

    And a few month ago there was an article that said that Rhona Mitra was cast to play Kiva, a commander in the Lucian Alliance.

    So it is really true that we will see more of the Lucian Alliance in SGU?

    I wonder because you often heavily emphasised in the past that there won’t be any English speaking and human looking like aliens in SGU. As most Lucian Alliance members ARE English speaking and human looking like aliens, I wonder what is wrong, the GateWord articles or your former statements?

  41. @Barbaro

    Thanks for checking in! I grew up in Hunterdon County, NJ, and graduated from Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA.

  42. @Tammy Dixon et. al.

    One baby, coming sooner than we thought – Aug 6th-ish. Bonus babies sound fun, but I’m glad I won’t find out how unstable my joints can get with double the pregnancy hormones.

  43. @DAS , Do you have a twitter account? We could talk in real time. Let me know. Sheryl

  44. DP: where do you live? My son was born on August 2nd. Being pregnant in Memphis was not fun during the summer. Memphis in the summertime is like sitting in a sauna. It’s like breathing steam.
    Glad everything looks good with the babe! Are you going to find out the baby’s sex?

    Hubby got one of those new scales that calculates body fat, weight and muscle/bone index. He is a little upset with me. My readings made his reading look bad (7% body fat and 51% muscle). He made me get on the scale three times to re-check the results. He was disgusted since my main diet consists of cookies. Genetics.

  45. 4Dee in South Africa.
    It is a bit of a loooong stretch to Chicagoland, but I think I see your pinky.

    Best hopes, prayers, and vibrations for all experiencing difficulties.

    FtloB hang in there.

  46. Hey Joe,

    Listen to live Mission Control Feed from International Space Station and Endeavour Shuttle all set to chilled music.
    They’re about to start a space walk. Fascinating and interesting.
    Yesterday their urine filter broke down. Not so glamorous but still damn interesting. Especially when set to Tibetan Temple music!

  47. Great Q&A Patrick Thanks!! 😀

    And Joe you should TOTALLY add Vegemite to the melted cheese on crackers!! Tis VERY VERY Yummy! 😀

  48. @Shirt’n’Tie
    Did you recommend that book to me already? I ask because a few months ago, someone recommended it and I loved it, and I couldn’t remember who recommended it to me. I actually contacted the author on Facebook and we chatted for a few days. He gave me some wonderful advice on having multiples.

  49. Hi Joe!

    Thanks for the link to the Linda Holmes article. Interesting read. Seems fans are the same in any fandom.

    @ Shadow Step – You actually find enjoyment in being negative?

    Thanks Patrick G for the great Q&A!!!


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