Last day at the office before the Olympic hiatus and I finally completed the rewrite for Awakening (episode 3).  Prep has already begun on the first episode up, Pathogen (actually episode 4), with our special guest director.  In other writerly news, Paul and Carl are brainstorming #6 and #7, while Rob and Remi look to tackle #8 and #9.  Looks like Linda and I (or, more appropriately given the slotting) will double-team on #10 and #11, leaving Brad to tackle #12.

Today’s Olympic update comes courtesy of and a piece titled “Vancouver’s Olympic Village: Let the Bailout Games Begin:,28804,1963484_1963490_1963439,00.html.  Vancouver’s Olympic village ended up costing a tad more than the $47 million price tag originally envisioned.  How much more?  According to the article: “in early 2009, new Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson declared that taxpayers were “on the hook” for the $1 billion project.”  As my second grade teacher Mrs. Vowels used to say: “That’s an ouchie!”.


Tammy Dixon writes: “One thing he said I question the accuracy: “Joe’s all-time favorite snack is processed cheese slices microwaved on Salted Premium Crackers. Fact.” Processed cheese? Mr. M.? Really?”

Answer: No, not really.  I’m more of a nutella on powdered doughnuts with milk kind of guy.

Michael writes: “Mallozzi-san, Spoiler TV reported casting is underway for a 6-7 epiosde recurring villain named Simeon, a member of the Lucian Alliance. Is this true and any further comment?”

Answer: I checked and can confirm that, yes, it does appear to be true that a site is reporting casting is underway for that particular part.

Jean writes: “Creation just posted a notice that all the Stargate sets are in various stages of being struck (including the Atlantis set I presume). Does this mean no movie for sure?”

Answer: Many have weighed in with their assumptions on if and when the movies will be made and, at this point, given that we’ve received no official word either way, all I could add to debate is more conjecture.  Suffice it to say I’d love to see both go into production, especially Stargate: Extinction since Paul and I have already written the script and are slated to produced it.  As for the sets – the SG-1 set was struck to make room for Icarus Base while other stage space has been freed up in order to create more Destiny sets (as our heroes will eventually discover cool new sections of the ship).

Majorsal writes: “joe, no response to michael shanks interview remarks”

Answer: Not sure what kind of a response you’re expecting.  Yes, I can confirm that, Michael Shanks feels it’s unlikely there will be another SG-1 movie.

Luis writes: “Is MGM going to continue to put out Half Seson’s DVD box sets of SGU?”

Answer: Sorry, no idea.  Not my department.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Poor Brie :( Will she have doggy companions once settled in her new home?”

Answer: Not for now?  But who knows what the future holds.

Scifan writes: “Also, if such times comes(which I hope it doesn’t) would you tell us what was suppose to happen for the SGA movie?”

Answer: The script is in the studio’s hands.  It’s up to them what to reveal and when.

Shiloh writes: “If so, and if they asked, would you ever want to try your hand at a novel and do it yourself?”

Answer: Again, that would be up to MGM.  If the movie doesn’t get made, I think a novelization would be a great idea – but I wouldn’t be the one to write it.

DP writes: “Brie looks so sad with her going away bag. Bag? She’s a dog. What’s with the bag?”

Answer: She was flying in-cabin rather than cargo.

Chevron7 writes: “Awww Brie….so sad…are the dogs wandering around looking for her or do they get it?”

Answer: Lulu has seemed a little bummed of late.

Shawn Cassidy writes: “Was wondering about the cool looking Atlantis Pen and Ink artwork on the wall behind you in those pictures. Can you possibly take a picture of that artwork and post it.”

Answer: Sure.  I first posted this picture back on October 4 of 2007.  James Raiz is the hugely talented artist and you can check out his blog here:

dasNdanger writes: “Can you elaborate on this? Are you looking to move on, perhaps to pursue creative possibilities in other cities (or even in other mediums), or something else?”

Answer: I’ve been with the franchise for going on 12 years now and while I’m still enjoying myself, I think that whenever SGU comes to an end, it might be nice to try something a little different.  Like, maybe, a musical.

PBMom writes: “Oh my! I won!”

Answer: Yes!  Now respond to my email and send me your mailing address!

35 thoughts on “February 11, 2010: Production update! Olympic update! Mailbag!

  1. Where was Mr. Brad Wright at the football party? I remember you said he doesn’t like being photographed but I found that odd because of his cameos on SG-1…or does he prescribe to that Aboriginal myth of cameras stealing souls?

  2. Remi and Linda. Am I correct in assuming that these two are the new members of the writing staff for season two?

    It’s funny, when I read the name Remi, I think of Remi Aubuchon from 24 and Caprica. Is it him, or just someone else with the name Remi?

    Anywho, I’m currently in the middle of my SGU rewatch. last nights episode was Life. I didn’t think that it was possible but I think that rewatching this episode just made me love the characters and the show even more.

    I remember that I was still a bit iffy on Scott after watching the first ten episodes, but when I rewatched Life his character just clicked for me for the first time. When you think about it, Scott is just someone that tries to be a good person, a good christian, and a good soldier, but he makes mistakes along. He is deeply flawed, but also deeply human and that is what makes me love the character.

    And I’m also going to demand a happy ending for the cutest couple on SGU (Camile & Sharon). You heard me. I demand it! If they don’t get a happy ending I will send you a box of chocolate, but I will have taken a bite out of every piece of chocolate in the box. Yes. I’m that evil.

  3. I don’t understand why people KEEP asking about the movies. I mean, I know, they’re curious, as am I, but seriously …with how often you get asked, I’d imagine the second you would get the okay to say anything (should MGM decide to go through with making them) you would be on the blog announcing it just so people would stop asking you.

  4. Joe can you tell me, how is it possible to end hopes about sg1 movie, in the same time like the first official sg1 game was released. Can you tell us something more about sg1 movie, we know all about Jack, ships etc… could you tell us who is the villain? Or I go jump down from the bridge (or kill some jaffas in the game).

  5. Rewrite for 3, prep for 4 [though it’ll be first to be broadcast (when?), and so this is a shuffle in the order?] and brainstorming for 6 onwards….

    Reading about the creative production line rolling, seeing the names, makes me want to ask again – hey, Joe, I’d love to pitch a story, where can I email? Looking forward to it..!


  6. Coucou Joseph!

    ça va bien? Moi oui, c’est le week end, éhéh =P

    En effet, les jeux de Vancouver approche, c’est dommage la cérémonie d’ouverture se fait à 3 heure du matin en France -_-” je ne pourrai donc pas regardé.

    Si il manque de la neige chez vous on peut vous en donner car en France ça n’arrête plus, ça fait plus de 20 ans que l’on à pas connu un hiver aussi froid… ont a échangés de climat ou quoi?^^

    Passez une très bonne journée!
    Je vous adore!

  7. Don’t suppose you could leak the name of someone at MGM who has some actual say on the production of the movies, the packaging of dvds, etc? Not just your contact person but someone who can actually ok decisions about those things. If MGM has anyone right now who can, given their finanacial situation. If nothing else, want to make sure they realize how stupid their choices have been, which I suppose explains said finanacial position. But a name might provide others here an option to pestering you for info you don’t have.
    Vancouver and Olympics all over the news. I suggest that you folks send the games to D.C. At this point it looks like we have more snow than you do. Dulles sits nicely between the mountains in the west and the city proper in the east. But then again, I suspect your crime rates don’t begin to approach that of D.C. which is a wonderfully safe city in selective areas only.
    I am now entering into a serious attempt to lose weight. My coworkers have agreed to donate one pound of food to the local food bank for each pound lost, with Thanksgiving as the deadline. Given how much extra luggage I have, that makes me personally responcible for feeding the equivelent of a small third world nation. Just so you know how much you’ll be torturing me with your food reports. I am building in cheat days though, since it’s easier to maintain when I know that once or twice enough I can just indulge. I’ve already found my fondness for caffeinated colored sugar water with bubbles has declined now that I’m past the caffeine addiction. Hopefully in a year I’ll be able to say I’m 2/3 of the person I am now.
    Sorry for blathering. Been a busy week, and I’m still adjusting to being able to slow down. Anyways, thanks for the nice mailbag, as well as updates. And Linda who? You’re holding out on us….again.

  8. Joe: I did about 3:00 a.m. this morning. Your emails unfortunately went to my spam folder (until that third email). Appreciate your persistence and patience. So if you haven’t seen MY email, check your spam folder. LOL.

  9. So sad about Brie. Poor Lulu. She will settle down into the new routine soon, I hope.
    Do you think there is any chance of getting new pictures from Brie’s new home? Brie has a following, you know.

    Nutella on donuts? I prefer nutella on cake donuts. Have you tried nutella on chocolate chip cookies?

  10. @Jean: Do not worry. The day after Farscape was cancelled, they were tearing down the sets. Fans were robbed. Anybody who has since viewed Farscape knows how the last episode turns out. We had a horrible weight and a fan-generated TV commercial that said, “I am Farscape” that helped us at least get a miniseries to get closure to some of the storylines. So striking the set did not prohibit that future project. Same thing happened on Jericho. When they cancelled it after Season 1, they were about to strike the sets and after the fans produced an intelligent, smart campaign immediately and inudated CBS with peanuts, they gave it 7 episodes in Season 2 (but unfortunately the writer’s strike, the length of time they waited to put it back on, and putting it on a different night and not promoting it pretty much killed it. That had been only the second series CBS reversed their decision on, the first being Star Trek. Subsequently Chuck deserves the new resurrection award. Jericho, however, is living on in a comic series so that the fans could see what would have happened in season 3. As a loyal, dedicated fan, I subscribed to the series, not having bought comic books since I was under the age of 10 when the Archie comics were popular. So never give up hope. But I do know having been a part of those two campaigns to save a show that studios respoind better to intelligent, clever campaigns than they do negativity. Think about it. How does negativity make you respond. When you have someone telling you all the things you’re doing wrong and why you aren’t doing this or that, do you feel any level or desire to want to cooperate? The Stargate fans were intelligent and clever when they put on the Save Carson Beckett campaign. We need more of that and keep the positive pressure on the studio on a daily basis. It takes that kind of commitment sometimes.

  11. Hey Joe can you post pics of Brie like a Then & Now. She was so small when you first got her, but she has grown so much.

    And as far as the Olympic Village, the city did get screwed royally on that deal. If you didn’t know they got screwed when Intrawest backed out of the project, thank god they don’t own any other major properties in Van……..oh damnit.

  12. If Vancouver needs some snow, we can give them some. The Dallas area got 9-10 inches snow yesterday — a new record!

    I was not at all happy about how SGA ended, but I was always willing to give SGU a chance. A lot of the now die-hard Stargate fans did not start watching SG1 from the beginning, I am sure! And I remember criticism of SGA when it started for not being more like SG1. So I really liked the “Chuck” blog link.

    I hope all you posters realize that Joe is unusual in giving fans a voice and an ear into what happens in his world. And, if I may be so presumptuous on your blog, I would say that Joe and the rest of the production team for Stargate want to make the movies as much as any of us fans want them made.

    So sad for you and the other pooches now that Brie is gone.

    After that Q&A, my professional fan opinion is that Volker needs more airtime.

    Guest director???? Anyone we know? 😀

    My SGU DVDs have been snow-delayed a couple of days. 🙁

    Have fun with the Olympics in town. Been there, done that. *evil cackle*

  13. I looked up normal values for body mass. My results from my hubby’s new bathroom scale seemed way off (unless I’m dead). So I read the directions and programmed in height/age. New results are more normal for me (17% body fat and 60% muscle) but when I put in hubby’s stats, his stats went up! Do you know of index of normal values? I “binged” body mass index and all I found were the index calculators. You had your stats on the blog after your Japan trip. I’ll see if I can look those up.

    Have a good one.

  14. Awww, poor Lulu. 🙁

    I guess the pugs are just not as hyperactive as Bree was. Lulu must miss the constant frolicking and barking. You know what you must do, Joe: get another French bulldog. You know you want to.

    Wooo!! New SGU info!! Remi and Linda? Sweet! What are there last names? I wish to research their backgrounds. Plus, a female writer! Not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I do believe she’s the first permanent member of the writing team that is female in a loooooong time. Am I right? Should be interesting to see what the new writers churn out!


    A while ago you said that what used to be episode 17 of Season 1 is now going to be an episode in Season 2. Which one is it going to be?

    Thank you!

  15. Hmm…maybe “backgrounds” is the wrong word. I wish to research their…credentials! Yes, that’s the one.

  16. Yet another blisteringly hot day. No, I don’t want any snow from you guys on the other side of the planet, but I can sympathise with ‘when will it end?’

    Thanx for the Olympic update Joe. It starts here 11am and though I’m looking forward to bits and pieces of it, overall I get a bit tired of the commentators carryings on.

  17. I know you are probably very sick of the Olympics by now, but I am very excited for them. Or at least for the opening ceremony. You see, the US flag bearer during the parade of nations is from my hometown. Graduated from the same high school as me, too. When I was in fifth grade he came and talked to us after he won the bronze medal in Japan. Needless to say, I am now excited.

  18. Joey, dahling…

    Just talking to the guy working at the post office – he’s a Stargate fan, but – because of the sexual content of Universe – won’t allow his 13-year old son to watch. I’m hearing this a lot – and I can’t help but think that it hurts the show in the long run.

    Went out today – roads are either clear, or treacherous. Lots of trees and limbs down, and some places are just getting their power back. A young employee of ours of Mexican descent said that his family just got power back last night – nearly a week without it. I asked him how they made out, and he said, ‘it was like being back in Mexico.’ 🙂

    I’m off to take a nap now…hope everyone is well!


  19. PBMom, how are you enjoying the Jericho comic book series? I am a huge fan of the TV series, and am thinking of ordering the complete graphic novel (or however they are packaging the comic book series once it’s all released). I’m not ordinarily a fan of comic books myself, and would have preferred a novelization, but hey…I’m willing to try this out.

    I would also love to see a novelization of the SGA movie, or SG1 for that matter, if the DVD movies can’t become a reality. As is the case with Jericho, I just want to see where the story goes next.

  20. -Joe, thanks for the Patrick Gilmore q&a, very much fun to read, thanks to him for sharing. He is a very nice looking young man, looking forward to seeing him more in the SGU season to come. Remi, thats a neat name, good luck to the new writers.
    -Rainy day all day and 40’s in my part of Florida, brr.
    -Hope you are enjoying or will be enjoying your company during the olympic festivities. Stay warm and think spring please.

  21. @Tammy Dixon – Too early to determine gender. I would if I could. I’ve already had an August baby here in Ohio. That’s why I let my friend know I won’t be doing a garden on her property this year. I’ll do a garden in every nook of my backyard, where I can duck into air conditioning when I feel like it. I’m really tough when it comes to exerting myself in hot weather, just not when I’m pregnant.

  22. It would be really great if SyFy or MGM or whoever would just give us a list of the products we must buy in order to keep Universe on, get the movies made, etc.

  23. @Arielle it’s pretty crappy here too in my part of S.FLA. It was pretty humid and windy when I left work @5:00 and it started to rain by time I got in my car it was pouring.

    Joe, I have been watching the opening ceremonies and Canada is a beautiful country.

  24. I am leaving you a comment today to tell you that as a loyal fan of the Stargate franchise, I think that the new show is truly fantastic. I feel as though the negative comments from people overshadow those who truly enjoy the show. I think that it was a wise decision to take the show in a darker turn. If you look at many of the shows that have succeeded in the past (Six Feet Under, BSG, The Sopranos…), they usually have elements of darkness. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed both SG1 and SGA, but to be honest I was kind of getting bored with the same type of format. I have also noticed that as time goes on, the comments on imdb get more positive and people seem to be pretty interested in what will happen, especially to Rush. Also, it is so refreshing to see Robert Carlyle in the role of Dr. Rush. He takes my breath away with his talent. Keep up the good work and please don’t let the negativity from fans discourage you from trying new things.

  25. “Answer: Not sure what kind of a response you’re expecting. Yes, I can confirm that, Michael Shanks feels it’s unlikely there will be another SG-1 movie.”

    Hint: That wasn’t it 😉

    “” … Spoiler TV reported casting is underway for a 6-7 epiosde recurring villain named Simeon, a member of the Lucian Alliance. Is this true and any further comment?”

    Answer: I checked and can confirm that, yes, it does appear to be true that a site is reporting casting is underway for that particular part.”

    Why don’t you try to obfuscate the casting calls a little? Say “Looking for strapping lad to play a south Albanian sheep herder who wrestles cows in his spare time” – that’ll confuse ’em 😉

  26. Remi who? Linda who?

    Joe, who did Brie sit with on the plane? I keep thinking Brie belongs to Fondy and they have both left now. Any truth to my imagination?

    I’m watching your Olympic Opening ceremony. Nice song “Oh Canada”. That little girl sang it beautifully. Hope you enjoyed it, cause USA is gonna kick your butt and thats the last time you’ll hear your song! (Thats right, I’m bad!)

  27. Dangit – I thought I already commented on your future plans! Now…I’m just too tired. Thanks for addressing my question – looking forward to that musical! (Any albinos in it, per chance?? 😉 )

    Guy died in practice at the Olympics today. Sad. Doesn’t bode well for a positive event.

    Just awaiting your new entry…


  28. After watching the sequence in Air part one where they are retracing the Destiny’s flight path, it looks like they have passed through seven galaxies. Assuming that Destiny is over a million years old, is it safe to say the FTL technology would be much less capable than that of the Asgard? It appears that Asgard hyperdrives were able to cross the distance between the Asgard home galaxy and the Milky Way in a matter of hours (Unnatural Selection). With the advanced Asgard hyperdrive technology, wouldn’t and Earth ship be able to reach Destiny by a voyage of a year or so?

  29. Hi, I know this may seem a cheeky question but I’m sure many fans would like to know…

    Is there any recent news you can inform us of on the possibility of the Stargate: Atlantis film(s) seeing the light of day?

    Many thanks

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