Anyone remember that episode of WKRP in Cincinnati, the one in which Johnny Fever mistakenly announces a five thousand  dollar prize to the first person who can correctly identify an assembly of various tunes?  With Andy and Venus’s help, he creates a near impossible to identify mash-up comprised of a fraction of a second from each song, figuring no one will guess ’em in a million years.  The first caller guesses all but one.  Then the second caller guesses them all.

That’s what I was reminded of yesterday when, mere moments after posting those 25 SGU-related questions, you all started responding – with all the answers!  As promised, prizes will be awarded to the first three posters who answered all 25 questions correctly.  So, congratulations go out to –

E, Damon Key, and LowRiders95s10!

And since many of you were late to the party but still took the time to respond, I also selected one more random winner.  Another round of congratulations go out to –


Enjoy your SGU 1.0 box set (or, if you’re not region 1, some other cool prize).  They include the first ten episodes aired in addition to oodles of special features including the kino video diaries…

Those of you who didn’t win an SGU 1.0 box set – fear not!  You can still pick one up.  They hit store shelves today!

Well, the Sunday wasn’t all fun and football games.  It was the day me and the gang said goodbye to Brie.  She may have been a hellraiser, but she was also a great cuddler.  She’ll be missed…

Hanging with Lulu.
Looking for someone to harrass.
Like, say, Lulu.

If you ask me, she looks mighty bummed to be leaving.We’ll miss Brie and she’ll miss…well, the Olympics anyway.  Speaking of the Games, I hear that downtown Vancouver is a circus, teeming with tourists, media, Olympics hangers-on, and, of course, the athletes who have taken to parading about town in their athlete-wear lest anyone fail to recognize them for the truly special [for the duration of these Olympics anyway] human beings they are.  Today’s Olympic update comes compliments of Yahoo Sports which lists the Ten Biggest Blunders in Olympic history:   Fingers crossed for this year!

On the office front, Carl, Ashleigh and Lawren are going out of their way to annoy me by actively supporting the Olympics.  Carl, for instance, even went so far as to purchase a ridiculous maple leaf sweatshirt.  And he isn’t even Canadian!

I was left impressed and expressed my displeasure…

64 thoughts on “February 9, 2010: SGU Season 1.0 DVD Contest Winners! Bye Bye Brie! Olympic Update!

  1. joe, no response to michael shanks interview remarks?… 🙁

    (i’m sure there’s more than just ‘me’ wanting an answer)

  2. If you are planning on thumping Carl again be careful not to get blood on the T-shirt – I can just see Rodney McKay wandering around Atlantis with it on.

    I hope that Brie doesn’t miss you too much. The rest of the pack will be able to relax a bit now that the manic pup has gone. Will she be keeping in touch?


  3. I got my BluRay of SGU … Amazon says it was shipped. So, no problem not winning. Well, it was kinda hard to win with only 18 correct. There were some really good “not real” answers. Really a great contest, competition, and everyone playing. I repeat sir, may we have more?

    Awwww, poor Brie and you guys too to have to say bye bye.

    Hope you and Carl as well as Ashleigh and Lawren don’t continue to fight. Please be nice – at least until after Season 2 is in the can. PLEASE! There is a season of SGU episodes at stake here!

    Enjoying the winter wonderland of the Chicagoland area – NOT! So much snow – enuff already.

    Das – hope you and others on the east coast can ride out the second wave of the stuff.

  4. Congratulations to the all the winners of your contest and I hope you have more…at least the winners don’t have drop $38.99 for only 40 minutes of extras! Gee whiz, I thought for sure that the there would be more on the DVD set for that price! And while I know you had nothing to do with the DVD content or lack thereof in this case, I am hoping you will pass on to MGM executives my sincere displeasure for being so cheap concerning the length of the extras.

    $38.99 is lot to pay for just 10 episodes and only 40 minutes total of extras. I’ll have to seriously re-think my purchase of second half of season 1 of SGU based on those ratios! I will wait when the next 10 episodes come out and purchase them at a discount when the newness wears off…

    Bad…MGM… Great SGU!!!

  5. Dear Joe,

    I have a few questions about the Stargate movies. It’s way over a year since we were told that we would get a movie for SG-1 and also SGA. Now I know you have no control over what’s going on, but how much time would have to go by before saying…”Nope, it ain’t gonna happen.” ?
    Also, if such times comes(which I hope it doesn’t) would you tell us what was suppose to happen for the SGA movie?
    I’ve been growing concern, especially after the news of SGA novels that will start from where things were left at the end of Season 5, that it means that any chance of movies won’t exist.
    I’m not saying that I’m not excited about the novels, but I would like the movies too.
    And my last question. I thought that there were mentions of alot more scenes that were deleted during Season 4 and 5. Like John and Teyla after the hug scenein Doppelganger and something about Jason having troubles with one of his lines because it sounded like he had an accent… something like that. Any chance of throwing us a bone and do a DVD with just bloopers(without all the explainations) and deleted scenes from all 5 seasons?

    Thank you

    Yes, Majorsal, I would like to know to. When the actors start losing hope it doesn’t help the fans any. 🙁

  6. Congrats to the winners!

    But poor Carl! First USC, and now this.

    So sad about Brie. I’ll bet she’ll miss the gang.

    **Long Winded Story Warning**

    I’ve been worried about mom because of the local floods from our burned mountains. Although not directly in the path, her nursing home is below street level, which concerns me. We had another storm today and there were mandatory evacuations. I tuned in a local station on the internet at work, and saw an older couple who were refusing to leave their already devastated neighborhood. Idiots. Then I started to piece together a mystery decades in the making.

    I’ve been passionate about geology since I took some college classes years ago. And it’s that passion that has kept me interested in teaching about quakes and preparedness throughout the last 15 years.

    Here’s the site –Under the window scroll to “KTLA: Hundreds of Home Threatened By…,0,435909.story

    Yep, Del (not Dale) “Doc” Tucker was my geology teacher. Seeing him brought back fond RFOL moments. Like in 1971, after the Sylmar quake we had class in the school auditorium because our classroom had been trashed. Two weeks later a 4.5 aftershock hit, and we all had to Run For Our Lives as part of the ceiling collapsed.

    Then there was the time during a geology field trip that we camped on a frontage road north of Vegas. We were dead tired and hadn’t noticed something as we settled into our sleeping bags for the night. A freight train came barreling through and we had to RFOL off the tracks.

    The most memorable moment was on another field trip when we were again exhausted and found a nice soft sandy spot to plop our bags down in Death Valley. It was pitch black, and dry, until someone woke up and noticed their sleeping bag was wet. All of our sleeping bags, along with us, were sopping and getting wetter, fast. A flash flood coming down the wash from the far away mountains had us RFOL, jumping into our vehicles, trying to find high ground, and not die a humiliating death from drowning in DEATH VALLEY.

    I always wondered what happened to him. Now I know. And he’d better Run For His Life. Tempus Fugit Doc.

  7. Hey Joe,

    Count me in the “i(e)nquiring minds want to know” club with regard to SG1-3. Maybe a phone call to your old pals might serve to enlighten and/or give us hope?

    Since I can’t simply ring up Brad, Rob, or (sadly enough) Rick or Amanda, perhaps you could in my (or collectively, “our”) stead?

    Even a simple, “all hope is not lost, keep your chin up” type of message? I know you don’t have much contact with that side of the fence these days, but…anyway. You get the idea.

    Thanks a bunch,

  8. With Brie’s departure, if you require the services of an energetic puppy to entertain the gang, let me know and I’d be happy to lend you my 7-month-old GS pup. Her older canine companion and the horses could probably use the break.

  9. YEAH, I *do* remember that WKRP ep!! 😀
    Loved that show… Good times, good times….
    And looking at the time stamps on everyone’s postings, did seem a little creepy at how quickly they all responded….

  10. Ah Joe,

    You are something special! I love the vids..still laughing. LMAO. Mine is ordered…still waiting for the arrival. *tapping fingers and foot*

    Ha, why is it that I am hearing the BlueRay has MORE special features than the DVD. *lower lip sticking out* WHAT! Am I less “special” because I don’t have a BLUERAY? Don’t answer that.

    LOVE, love love your show-n-tell. So wonderful today..always love to see the pups….and CARL. You missed Patrick/Voker though. A few more of him PLEASE! Pictures that is..I did see him in the video (shhh, very cool)

    Great you, big big hug.

    Best to you Joe,
    Cheryl 🙂

  11. Sigh. I would miss the important give away post, wouldn’t I? If only grad school could compensate me for this loss…

    Aww, sorry to see Brie go.

    Apple Core. LOL! Makes me think of the “we can name it later” bit from Rising.

  12. Congrats to the winners:) I’m crap at competitions and only recently dropped out of the human race;)

  13. Bye Bye Brie! We will miss you ! Hope your Mom sends Joe pictures to post! Cheers and good luck!

  14. Haha Joe….that is my fave episode of WKRP…I think you should stop taking contest-running lessons from MGM …lol. But thank you for making amends to all of the people that started answering at the announced time and I’m sooooo glad that I know one of the winners. Congrats to all of the winners – enjoy your dvd.

    Me, I’m still waiting for my blu-ray version. It sat at LA for 10 hours before being rescanned. I’m hoping its midflight between LA & Australia but who really knows. I’d like to see Amazon introduce a service where your parcel tweets you along the way – I know they have SMS, I just think this would be more personal. What do you think?

    Re: the photos with Carl. Are you auditioning for a Guy Ritchie film. How’s your British accent?

    Awww Brie….so sad…are the dogs wandering around looking for her or do they get it?

    I love sporting blunders…my fave of those listed of course is the 1000M speedskating race that Steven Bradbury won – awesome!!! It was our first Winter Gold Medal and proof that you should never give up – inspirational.

    Cheers, Chev

  15. I loved WKRP in Cincinnati and do remember that ep! My favorite, however, will always be the turkeys… “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.” 😆

    That reminds me of another 70s sitcom I loved – Barney Miller. I think my favorite ep was the blizzard one, which just seems fitting right now – you can watch it on youtube:

    “With the heat on in here and all, how long do you think it’s gonna be before he starts to turn?” 😆 Mom and I still quote that line in certain (and probably very inappropriate) situations. 🙂

    RE: Contest winners: Congrats!!

    Re: Brie: Sad to see her go. 🙁 Hope she likes her new home. She’s gonna miss Lulu (not sure that the feeling will be mutual, though 😉 ).

    RE: Storm: I woke up about 3:00 am – steady snow/sleet/rain, but nothing heavy yet. Figured I’d read the blog and post now, while I can…just in case. Right now it seems like no big deal, but who knows what it’ll be like a few hours from now when the two systems converge.

    Well, I should go back to bed…but gotta finish watching this Barney Miller ep first! 😀


  16. Ah I haven’t seen Apple Core. They yanked most of the kinos from the Aussie SGU site before all were uploaded (when they started showing it on Ch 10), then Ch 10 dumped SGU after 3 weeks and we haven’t seen them return.

    So funny….I love Patrick’s APLCR unit comment….I would probably smirk while saying that….nice work PG.

    Cheers, Chev

  17. Salut Joseph! ça va bien? moi ouép mais je n’ai pas pu aller en cour aujourd”hui car hier soir j’ai essayer de prendre des somnifères à cause de mes problémes pour m’endormir, sauf que ce matin à mon reveille j’étais une morte vivante impossible de faire un pas devant l’autre sans rentré dans quelques chose O_O, je peu vous dire que je ne suis pas prête de reprendre ça^^

    Bravo à ceux qui ont répondues à toutes les questions!!!!

    Mais il est très joli le T shirt de Carl, pourquoi vous ne l’aimez pas ? faut êtes fiére de son pays!!!! Moi je suis fiére de votre pays même si c’est pas le mien XD

    Bonne journée!
    Gros bisou!

  18. honestly i rather have one more SG-1 movie or SGA movie than SGU because those were true to the nature of the “premise”, but SGU just caters to non-stargate fans.

    cant you guys change SGU’s theme slightly to make it more fun to watch? first it needs a bad guy desperately and second, you need to lay off the whole character drama thing and go with the flow instead, no more forced tension. what the series also lacks is a strong motivation for these characters; they bump heads for silly reasons, having a complex enemy would help IMO. because the characters seem abit uninvolved emotionally with whats going on as though they took a back-seat or something, and thats a consequence of the fact that they all are really just there due to a silly mistake/accident, and no one is taking it personally, like they dont have a personal stake on the situation. some need to gain a sense of empowerment. another thing you could do is divide them into two groups somehow, and let each one with their own agenda go about things their own way.

    what people most complain about though is that there isnt much happening so just make stuff happen and maybe thats all you need! and use the “to be continued” thing alot more, that way audiences will watch.

  19. Bye, bye Brie!

    Hey! To top off the foot of snow that fell here yesterday, we had an earthquake this morning at 4 a.m. courtesy of the New Madrid fault.

  20. -Joe, nice haircut.
    -Brie has gotten so big since she first moved in with you, I think she can handle herself now thanks to the guidance of your pups. Good Job guys.
    -Congratulations to all the winners!
    ..thanks for the videos and Brie pix and I hope Carl has since recovered, there was not GIANT S on that shirt so superman might not have had his force field up for that blast of yours, cool gloves(nice touch,no prints left as evidence,,oh but we have pictures,lol)
    Have a grand day!!

  21. Hi Joe, please remember that some of us here are, uh, “hormonal” and cannot tolerate a photo like the one of Brie and her little suitcase without getting emotional 🙁

    Funny, I never figured you for a cuddler. 🙂

  22. Sorry about Brie’s departure.

    I would think that you would be pleased to see Carl wearing the maple leaf sweatshirt, as it’s just one more step in the Canadian domination of the United States. As a US citizen who tends to be more aware of this sort of thing than the average US citizen, I’ve always tried to take note of the influence of Canadian culture in our country. Sadly, most Americans don’t realize that some of our greatest entertainers and comedians are actually Canadians…

    (Aside story: years ago, when Nomi and I were watching Jeopardy!, they announced that the second-place winner would receive tickets on AirCanada to ten of Canada’s most beautiful cities. Just before breaking to commercial, Alex Trebek made a joke, saying that he didn’t know Canada had ten beautiful cities. Nomi and I looked at each other and realized that Trebek would be in a major trouble, because most US watchers wouldn’t realize he was Canadian. Fortunately, when he came back from commercial, he remarked that his fellow Canadians were probably going to get him for his comment, thus turning it into a perceived US slight on Canada to a classic self-deprecating Canadian joke.)

  23. whats with the gloves OJ?

    I didn’t know Carl was not Canadian, he is now bumped down 2 slots on my Favorite Stargate Writers list, but gains one back by torturing you.

  24. Hi Mr M!

    Congrats to the winners!

    Well done all!

    @Michael Burstein : Thanks! It always reminds me of the kinda conversation you have with road traffic accident victims/ boxers and baby parents….. Solid food yet?

    Best to all


  25. I hope all is well with you, das, and the rest of the U.S. East Coast folks as they endure the second round of snow.

    Midwest earthquake update: according to the US Geological Survey, this quake did not originate from the New Madrid or Wabash zones. It was considerably further north – centered 48 miles west of Chicago between the lovely cities of Sycamore and Rockford.

    Yeah, I’m bored. I’m sitting around waiting for the repairman to come to fix my broken garage door opener. The motor just hums instead of doing anything useful. I think it forgot the words…

  26. aaahahah!!! Apple core… love it!!!

    I absolutely knew that our Bradbury would be in those olympic moments… hehehe… We Aussies are better in the water than on ice.

  27. Hi Joe,

    Hope you didn’t hit Carl too hard.

    Was wondering about the cool looking Atlantis Pen and Ink artwork on the wall behind you in those pictures. Can you possibly take a picture of that artwork and post it. It looks really cool, and unfortunately, I’ll probably never find myself wondering around the Bridge studio offices and be able to gander at it myself. Also who is it done by?


  28. Don’t get too irritated about the athletes wearing the athlete-wear around town. It’s just something you’re supposed to do when you’re on a team that gives you free apparel (that doesn’t suck). This is even done for non-international events.

    I threw that (that doesn’t suck) in there for a specific reason, long story. … richest country in the world, grumble, grumble.

  29. @Marsha_R – Thank you for posting that. I get tired of people complaining all the time. Whether it’s people upset that Sam wasn’t in charge of SG1 in season 9 when she returned, or people upset that the ethnic diversity wasn’t diverse enough for an “international” expedition on SGA, it’s just annoying.

    @Joe – WKRP was one of my Fav shows growing up. As God as my witness, I thought turkey’s could fly.

    Of course, on the subject of relationships though, I was always disappointed that Johnny and Jennifer never hooked up. I guess I got fed up of that not happening, stopped watching the show, and it got cancelled as a consequence.

    See what happens when the writers don’t listen to the fans? 😉

  30. Love the ”Apple Core” KINO vid LOL! Cause, you know, it kind of DOES look like the core of an Apple!

    1) Any comments/remarks to Michael Shank’s view on the SG-1 and SGA movies not being likely? I’d hate to think that a script can just go to waste like that 🙁

    2) Since SyFy were going to air the SGA movie couldn’t MGM do that first and THEN decide whether or not to make the SG-1 movie?

    3) Speaking of MGM, any news on who the new owners are going to be?

  31. Congrats to the winners. Boo, hiss, that I wasn’t one of them. 🙁

    Joe, you should try not to have such a big grin on your face when you punch someone out, especially Carl since he’s got to be hurting from his team’s loss on the weekend. Show a little sympathy.

  32. Okay – I’ve been sitting here this morning – IN TEARS – over this:

    😆 The captions are hilarious! The faces – frightening!! Listen up, folks – Never, EVER make this freakin’ ugly face! EVER!!!

    Thank you.


  33. It must be my imagination, but it sure looks like Brie is trying to keep a stiff upper lip in the photos. Then, in the shot with the bag, she is pouting.

  34. @Michael A. Burstein: Trade you twins for 4 dogs with diarrhea, at least for a couple of days?

  35. The blizzard has begun! Rain turned over to icy rain, sleet, and now snow – and the winds are starting up. I’m shutting down my computer, just in case. Trying to get some things done, like that last load of laundry. Wish me luck! 😀 (I just hope hubby can make it home…he gets off at 4 pm…)


  36. PSS: Yes! Me again! Just hope you don’t forget my serious question from a few days ago:

    “Possibly not for the franchise, but certainly for me.”

    Can you elaborate on this? Are you looking to move on, perhaps to pursue creative possibilities in other cities (or even in other mediums), or something else? For the record, if you come up with a good story involving a handsome long-locked anti-hero albino-type, I’ll follow you anywhere!



  37. Apart from the improbable movie is there anything contemplated for the considerable number of classic fans that have no interest in the current production? They were able to create material from Star Trek 30 years after it aired. And why isn’t Teal’c carrying the torch Friday?

  38. duneknight if there is going to be a movie it will not be for a while at least a couple of years if at all.
    I think all the SG1 & Atlantis fans will have to come to terms with it & make the best of SGU. SGU is still finding it’s feet & if given a chance will only get better. I think what all the anti SGU crowd & yes I was one of them will have to get over their sense of betrayal & disappointment about the cancellation of Atlantis & the broken promises of MGM about the films & give SGU a chance.
    Instead of all the “I hate it because it is not SG1 or Atlantis”, try making constructive suggestions after all you have Joe’s ear so am sure some of what is suggest will affect his work on SGU.


  39. Oh my! I won!

    How do I get my snail-mail address to you?

    Yesterday was not a good day. It wasn’t the news I was expecting. The bully director is still coming. When I broke into uncontrollable sobbing as if I was just told my loved one died, the assistant superintendent, I think, took pity on me. She called back later and asked me to give her until next Friday. Apparently she is being bullied, too. Even though she is the boss, she has to make the director think not coming to our meeting is her idea. What chance does that have? I could say when it snows here in Houston, but that happens. I could say when the polar ice caps melt, but that is happening. I could say when I win a contest this year, but, hey look that’s happened, too.

    Since I’ve been crying for a full 24 hours now, with 4 hours out to sleep out of sheer exhaustion, this was a complete surprise and brought me a great deal of happiness.

    I did find out that psychological bullying/terrorism is not enough to take out a restraining order. Even if there is a possibiliity that may lead to death. Basically you could kill someone with your mind and you are a-okay with the law. At times like these, one wishes you had a character like Spencer in your pocket to knock her off her high horse. After all, he did make Franklin throw up.

    Thank you Joe, for bringing some happiness into my very stressful life right now.

  40. @Patricia: I already pre-purchased the Blu Ray SGU set (and the Blu Ray player to play it on), but winning a boxed set is still cool. I can only watch my Blu Ray set in my bedroom; I can watch the regular DVD set anywhere else in the house (like my office, for example).

  41. Oh, just had another pleasant thought that made me smile — I could take not only Spencer, but Ronan from SGA (who could stare her down and just make her feel very uncomfortable), and Teal’C. Hey, they say I’m allowed to bring anybody I want. Greer, too. I’d be feeling very safe having that posse come with me. Okay, I way too much enjoyed those thoughts.

  42. Joe, in case the SG DVD movies don’t even make it to production…do you see another way for theses stories to get published? 😉 Would even love to read SG:Revolutions!

  43. PBMom,

    Congratulations, I hope that things have turned a corner and start getting better. Winning sure helps. Way to go!

  44. Brie looks so sad with her going away bag. Bag? She’s a dog. What’s with the bag?

    You gotta’ commit to those punches – it’s everything you got or nothin’. Your weight’s shifted backward. It takes a LOT to knock someone out – you don’t know for sure you’ll connect with a glass jaw. Check out that last photo of Brie shoving Lulu. She knows how to put her hips into it.

    Carl’s a sport for the poses. He even off-set his teeth for this one. Yeah, I enlarged it to see if your eyes were really closed.

  45. WKRP, loved that show! Like Das we still laugh over the turkey scene. I wonder how many on this blog know what show your are referring to? 🙄

    Sorry about Brie. She is going to a good home but I know she will miss all of you….for a while at least.

    PBmom: sending positive thoughts your way. I hope things change for the better soon for ya.

  46. Well, Joe, I gotta say I am looking forward to the Olympics, but if I were there where you are at – I would feel the same way. It’s probably how we Floridians feel during season when all the snowbirds are here clogging up the streets, restaurants and theaters.

    @ das Re: duckface – I think the dermatologist got a little crazy with the Botox.

    Congrats to the winners!!! When is SG-1 and SGA coming out on blue-ray???? The two SG-1 movies are, but what about the season dvds?

  47. Speaking of the SGU Boxset, is currently a breeding ground for complainers complaining about the boxset only being half of season one(Well yeah hello, only half has aired on TV). And then you have the general haters of the series.

    Dissapointing, it drags the product down in general with so many unwarranted 1 Star ratings. It’s not as if $28 is hugely expensive, if anything it’s a bargain.

  48. Ah, WKRP. “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”. Funniest line ever.

    Carl isn’t Canadian? Really? Wasn’t he born in Windsor, Ontario (per imdb)?

    If the Atlantis movie gets officially rejected, is there any chance at all of the script getting novelized?

    If so, and if they asked, would you ever want to try your hand at a novel and do it yourself?

  49. das – Don’t know about anyone else but I’m having a good cack over the Duckface website. There was one there that could also go onto The resemblance is uncanny. And really, I’m not trying to be nasty. It’s said that you and your dog share a resemblance. Really. Um, anyhoo.

    Hope you’re staying warm. We’re forecast for another warm day and are on warning for severe thunderstorms. Damn it, I’m at a client all day so I just hope the dogs take shelter. A good thing about having a dog that lived on the streets for some time, things like thunderstorms don’t bother him. And Ralph just follows his lead.

  50. Got great news today! We Swedes will no longer be outside the Stargate Universe. SGU premieres on Swedish TV6 21:00 March 5.

    Thanks for a great show! Any idea when SGU s1.0 will be released on region 2 DVD and Blu-Ray

    (and thanks for supporting our hockey-team in the Olympics 😉

  51. @Shirt’n’Tie

    I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to. What reminds you of those sorts of conversations? (Or is this continued from a previous post of Joe’s?)


    I’ll keep the twins, thanks. 🙂

  52. Hi
    No more answers from you about SGA movie so much expected by us.
    After MGM sellings of artifacts from SG1/SGA on ebay, after some declarations from M. Shanks about SG1 movie I’ve just read on creationment site you will take down Atlantis sets to make room for sgu. It’s sad to see this. 🙁 🙁
    You send another message the SGA movie will not make as you claimed after cancellation. I know you wrote the script but we got so many evidences that seem to prove the opposite. You focus on sgu and you have not care of SGA movie.
    I would prefer you tell us the real truth about this rather keeping us in this “wrong” hope hoping maybe to keep us to sgu.
    Do we have any chance to get this movie?
    It’s my only question

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