Today, it gives me great pleasure to turn this blog over to actor Peter Kelamis, Stargate: Universe’s Dr. Adam Brody, for what I hope will be the first of many cast Q&A’s.  I remember Peter from way back when he first graced graced the Stargate franchise with his presence, guest-starring as the fleet-footed Dr. Langham in SG-1’s Smoke and Mirrors.  Today, he spends less time being clothes-lined by Jaffas and more time exploring the vast outer reaches of space alongside the rest of his fellow unlikely crewmembers aboard Destiny.  Which, I’m sure, is the way he’d prefer it.

Anyway, a big thank you to Peter who has taken time off from his very demanding twittering schedule to swing by and spend time with us.  And, to everyone else – enjoy…

Caitlyanna writes: “I do have a few questions for Peter Kelamis: What’s your favorite thing about Brody? Have you done any sci fi before SGU? What was the most memorable thing on set during the filming of the first season?”

PK: One thing about Brody is that he is way smarter than I am in real life…I think if Brody met Peter Kelamis in a bar he’d leave saying, “That guy was an idiot!”.

I have done Sci-Fi before…I was on SG1 twice, did 4 appearances on the X-Files…a film called Can Of Worms for Disney where I was buried under 14 hours worth of make-up among other things…a pretty complete list of my work is on and then punch in my name…

SGUFanatic writes: “What has the experience of working on SGU with such a phenomenal cast of talented people been like for you?

PK: The cast is truly an amazing bunch of people…not only as actors, but as actual people…they are very kind, caring individuals…and I am proud to call them my friends.  I would have to say that working with them this year has been the best acting experience I have ever had in my life and I hope it continues for a long time.

“Also, because I may have missed it (hard to imagine because I watch each episode so often), why exactly was Brody on Icarus and what were his exact duties?”

PK: Brody is a Science engineer, and was hand picked by Rush to work the Icarus project, he also has an excellent knowledge of the Ancient language and is devilishly handsome…(OK that last part was me.)

“I like Brody, he works well with everyone. I give him huge kudos for dealing with Rush and in Light he gave a great performance especially on the shuttle, being the go to guy to back up Scott.”

PK: That was my first time on the shuttle set that particular day and the experience was jaw dropping…the set dec crew are amazing!  That was one of the first opportunities for Brody to really share some of his character’s knowledge and skills, and I loved it.

Arctic Goddess writes: “Question for Peter Kelamis.

How did you and Ryan Robbins get to know each other? Is there a story behind that?”

PK: I had never spent any time with Ryan prior to the Stargate Con in Los Angeles in November 2009.  We knew of each other and would see each other in passing at auditions but that was about it…Patrick Gilmore, whom I accompanied to the Con, knew him quite well, so it was cool to hang out, have a couple of beers and get acquainted.  He is a very cool dude.

Poor Old Edgar Derby writes: “Question for Mr. Kelamis:

Coming into a show where most of the crew has been together for a decade or more, do notice the difference in working with such a troupe? Professionalism aiside, how do the Stargate team measure up?  And thanks for taking the time.”

PK: The crew are amazing…you probably hear that a lot from actors and it sounds fake but these people are great.  It has been cool getting to know them all better as the year went by.  They are an extremely well oiled machine and know their crafts amazingly well.  The feel on set is always light and jovial, even when we are in the 14th or 15th hour of shooting in the day…my hats off to them…they are the reason the show looks as good as it does!

Gilder writes: “So Kelamis is a pet psychic? OK…How do I get my pet spouse to talk more and snore less? (Can’t have animal pets due to allergies, so substituting Husband.)”

PK: I recommend “Breathe Right” strips and a bottle of Cabernet…and if he soils the carpet, rub his face in it…he’ll catch on.  For the dogs lovers out there I have sent some pics of our pups along to Mr. Mallozzi.

Ah, you mean these cuties! Peter's pups: Marylyn and Bugsy.

JohnnyE! Writes: “These questions are for Mr. Kelamis, 1. How difficult was it for you to enter the Stargate world, knowing it was going into a different (albeit good) direction than the others, and that it would cause fans to react negatively to your show?”

PK: The fan’s reaction has definitely been one of transition, but we were prepared for that…there are some die-hards that were going to hate us from the start without ever giving us a chance…but there’s not much you can do about them…it is funny though that those same people tune in every week to tear the show apart…at least they are watching.  As far as people whom I have met that have shared their appreciation for the show…Thanks!  While answering these questions, I just found out we were renewed for a second season…I extend a heartfelt thanks to everyone who supported us this past year!  We hope to entertain you next in Season 2 and beyond.

“2. How difficult is the tech speak to remember, and how do you remember it? Thanks so much for your time, and keep up the great work.”

PK: I am not going to lie, it is extremely hard…it takes double the amount of time to get that stuff in your head sometimes.  As a scientist on the show, I have my fair share of it, but I consider it a challenge.  I have on more than one occasion had to ask, “What the hell am I saying?!”.

DP writes: “For Peter Kelamis: How has twitter affected you?”

PK: Twitter is something I used to make fun of Ming Na, Patrick Gilmore and David Blue for doing…I now find myself checking it constantly.  They introduced it to me much like a drug dealer introduces a potential user…the first time is free…and then then you are hooked…I will be appearing on the show “Intervention” soon…

“What makes something funny?”

PK: As a comedian, I would have to say both the unexpected and the observational…things you’ve never thought of being thrown back in your face…

“What should we ask Patrick Gilmore?”

PK: OK, you have to do this…ask him…when you are playing Wii Frisbee golf…when you sink a hole that is even better than a Birdie, and an Eagle…what is that called?  He will be very mad…and he will hit me.

“What about an acting part makes you want that part?”

PK: Being allowed to try something new or a character that is soo interesting and different from yourself.  I am about to play a role in the series “Riese” that should frighten people.  Or at the very least, creep the hell out of them.  It’s not a type of role I often get to do…thanks to the Riese folks for the opportunity.

“How do you feel about being the first of Joe’s post-airing Q&As?”

PK: It is nice to be asked…Joe always seems to be the most exuberant guy on the set everyday…he truly loves the show and is always excited to see the actors…the feeling is mutual…and he always wears a nice suit…and has good food tips…and is a “Dog” person…and has good book suggestions…I have to stop now.

“In what ways is acting for a KINO different than typical acting for a camera?”

PK: From a personal perspective the Kino has been my best friend.  I have got to do scenes that Brody may have never got to in the regular part of the show.  The writers have also given me more comedic stuff in the Kinos after finding out I am a stand-up comic…I love it!  From a technical perspective, you have to know your stuff very well…because the camera does not cut during a Kino scene shoot…it films from beginning to end…very Robert Altman, you better be prepared.

“Will you be doing any DVD commentaries?
What do you wish we had asked?
What do you wish we hadn’t asked?”

PK: I would love to do a DVD commentaries segment…I have never done it before…I would insist that I have pizza and beer supplied and that I got to do it naked…who would know?……I have a feeling, I will now not be asked to do a DVD commentary.

Ask me anything…I will answer…not always honestly, but I will respond.

“What shouldn’t we ask Patrick Gilmore?”

PK: Ask him if he is was able to hold his liquor at the “Regal Beagal” charity golf tournament…I have photos that he would kill me for posting…and I am holding them for an undisclosed amount of money….truth be told, we have become great friends…but I still have the photos as insurance.


Cait writes: “Question for Peter: I saw on Twitter you’re also in the web show Riese. How did you get involved with that? Will it conflict with your work on Stargate Universe? Are there any other sci-fi shows you’ll be joining?”

PK: I had auditioned for the role of Herrick which is now being played by the very talented Ben Cotton…but I suppose I made enough of an impression on the Producers that I was offered the role of Ormand…Patrick Gilmore actually arranged the audition…once again…I have pictures of him!  No plans for any other Sci-Fi shows right now, but you never know what the future holds…hopefully many years of SGU!  Riese filmed during the hiatus from SGU, so there were no conflicts…

Brian writes: “Are the questions still open? If so What was everyone’s favorite episode to shoot this season.”

PK: Might sound self serving and I can’t talk about it but the final episodes of the season are very very cool…like I say I can’t talk about it, but there is some very neat stuff on the way.

Sheryl writes: “Questions for Peter K. First It was a pleasure to meet you and Patrick at the con in LA- (Twins of mine) Thanks for the pic. 1. How did you like the con. ?2. Did you find it overwhelming? 3. And did you get recigonized? Sheryl.”

PK: Hey Sheryl, I totally remember you.  The Con was a great experience, it was my first one and it was awesome to meet some fans.  It was not overwhelming but rather educational.  It was also great to see Ryan Robbins do his Q&A session, and catch up with old pals Gary Jones and Dean Haglund.  Patrick and I were there unofficially, so a cool experience was had.

Edith writes: “Question for Peter K – hello! I’m enjoying the changes in the relationship between your character and Robert Carlyle’s character. My question concerns keeping the timeline of such changes straight as an actor. Is this easier to do in a tv show which at least is filmed episode by episode, rather than in a film, where scenes will be shot in the most convenient order?
In addition, so much of this show hangs on the people and the relationships – has this been as satisfying as I am imagining it might have been?”

PK: It truly is satisfying.  This show is very relationship based, possibly more than previous incarnations of the series.  And watching those relationships develop over time is as rewarding to the actor as it is to the people following the story.

It is much easier to keep timelines in your head on TV as opposed to movies but you have to be on your toes…I was educated on that fact while being directed by Peter DeLuise…I showed up on set and he asked me where Brody last appeared in the script and where he will appear next?  I was stumped for a minute and was embarrassed to say that I had a pretty good overall idea, but didn’t have an exact answer….I have never made that mistake since…a lesson well learned.  Thanks Peter!

Cindee writes: “If SGU gets picked up for a second season, and I hope it does, what direction would you hope the writers take your character…eventually siding against Rush or against Young or just neutral to them all and with a nasty agenda of your own?”

PK: While answering these questions, I found out Season 2 is a go!  The show can go in many different directions.  From the Communication Stones to the Gate itself…a character can end up anywhere.  As far as a personal direction for Brody…the more intense the better…hidden agendas and secrets make any character more entertaining…no doubt about it.

DasNdanger writes: “Joe – just a few quick questions for Peter Kelamis:

1. Stand-up or working on a series – which is more challenging?”

PK: I have been scared sh*%less by both at different points in my career.  You would have to really think, what is scarier?…telling jokes in front of 3 thousand people or reciting extremely technical lines under the pressure of 300 of more sets of eyes waiting for you to hit your mark, get your lines straight and nailing a performance…so they can end the work day and go home to their families…on the flip side…when either of those things go well…it is really gratifying.

“2. Hockey or Aussie Rules?”

PK: Although I was born in Australia…there is only one sport in this world and it is played on ice with sticks…my apologies to my Ozzie brothers and sisters….the best sport in the world would be Aussie Rules Hockey!  Go Canucks!

“3. Hardest accent to pull off?”

PK: South African is a tough one to do really well…a sort of German/English blend…it was great to watch “District 9” this summer and get an ear-full of it.

“4. Boxers, or briefs?”

PK: I wear a boxer-brief hybrid, I have now shared too much.

Bugsy's Birthday

Craig MD writes: “For Peter Kelamis: Who would you say is Brody’s closest friend on the ship? And does he have his eyes on a potential romantic interest at this point?”

PK: Art may be imitating life here, but Volker and Brody seem to be pretty good pals…ironically Patrick Gilmore and I have become friends as well.

Romantically, I have no idea what could possibly happen to be Brody.  Actually Patrick and I bug Jen Spence all the time…Park has had a lot of action on the ship and Brody and Volker are sitting around going, “what about us…some lovin over here please?!”

Michael writes: “Dear Mr. Kelamis, your character, Brody has grown on me as SGU goes on. Even though it seems like the Eli Wallace character is the joker of the show, I really enjoyed your various Kino-related scenes-your good bye recording, when you put on the suits and tripped, and the intercomm chatter with the Linda Park character. My question is, do you draw more from yourself in these scenes or more from the guidance of the script and crew?”

PK: Being a stand-up comic, I was thrilled that the Producers  gave Brody some more comedic stuff to do…I would be lying if I said I wasn’t drawing more on the Peter Kelamis side of things for the comedy…as far as the techy dialogue…that is pure Brody…not Kelamis.

Major D. Davis writes: “. If you were in control of your character for an episode (like you could write for him), what would you do with him. Would you have him visit his family, would you have him be the hero of the story, would you have him go to dark places?”

PK: I think as the series went forward this season we learned a little more about Brody.  Being a new show it was important to clarify the main characters’ backgrounds first.  That being done, I think the producers have been increasingly exploring the supporting cast members histories and lives on screen.  Where Brody goes…time will tell.

“2. If you were actually Brody and you yourself got stranded on the destiny, how do you think you wouldd react. Would you have a nervous breakdown, would you keep your head, would you try to ease the situation using your comedic gift?”

PK: I would probably freak our for a while…but after I calmed down…I would probably set up a comedy night on the Destiny, with a two drink minimum.

“3. Out of all the SGU characters, who do you admire most? Who would you want to be like and why would you want to be like them?  Oh and thank you Peter for taking the time to do this q&a!!”

PK: Your very welcome, great to be interacting with everyone.  I admire Young.  Not only does he himself have to deal with his own demons, but the stresses and hopes of an entire ship of people.  He has to keep the peace, keep hope alive and deal with a guy like Rush, which can be very trying indeed.  Kudos to Louis Ferreira for making it look soo good.

Chevron7 writes: “1. Hey Peter, thanks for doing a Q&A. Cheers from Melbourne. Why does everyone call him Mr Brody? A little formal, no?

PK: Go Melbourne!…I have not returned to Australia…since birth…far too long…if anyone has any influence with the Australia or New Zealand Conventions…could you put in a good word for me…I want to come back!!!

I have been wondering about the “Mr. Brody” thing myself…I hope it is not because I look like the oldest guy on the ship!  I take it as a “Mr. Spock” sort of thing…what was Spock’s first name again?

“2. Did Brody leave family behind?”

PK: We actually filmed personal messages on the Kino and Brody actually addressed that a little…because I am not sure if they will air it or not…I will stay quiet about it…for now anyway.

“3. Who’s the toughest scientist on Destiny?”

PK: Brody!  Are you kidding me, he could kick Volker’s ass into next week…and Park, well, she may know some Asian self-defense technique that Brody is not aware of, so I wouldn’t count her out.  Actually, Rush may have some Druid moves!  Some sort of a “Stonehenge” sleeper hold!

“4. What have you found most surprising about working on Universe?”

PK: The sense of home.  I am hating the Hiatus for that reason…I can’t wait to get back to work…I love it more than I could have ever expected.  I think the moment we hear that we have been picked up for Season Two, a couple of beers may go down.  (and it happened!)

“5. What book are you reading at the moment? Or the last great book you read.”

PK: This is awful, but I am not a reader at all…I am a “wait for the movie to come out” kind of guy…I think I have a medical problem related to not moving for a long period of time…I should try reading on my motorcycle…no wait, that won’t work.

Bathtime for Marilyn

Kristen S writes: “Question for Peter:
It has just been released that you will be starring in the webseries, “Riese” alongside Patrick Gilmore. Is there anything you can tell us about your role in the show?”

PK: The character’s name is Ormand and all I can say is, that if he doesn’t totally creep you out, I will not have done my job.  Very disturbing stuff.

Cherluvya writes: “Peter: I LOVE your art. I still would like to hear more. What is your favorite medium? Will you post more art? Your FaceBook page doesn’t allow for comments from fans. Not that you want to hear from me more than you do on twitter, but I was just wondering.

PK: My Official website has been down for a while as I re-vamp it.  When I do I will be posting lots of stuff…promise…and always a pleasure to hear from you!

“Peter, love your work on SGU. You are so funny at times. I love Brody. Such a great character. You must love playing him. What part of Brody is the most NOT like you?”

PK: The Scientific side.  Brody can be very stiff at times and very clinical.  I, on the other hand, ride a Harley, love Hockey fights, and love a beer or two on a patio…but I think Brody is slowly coming around.

“I won’t harass you with more questions. It is always a pleasure Peter…”

PK: Harass away, always great to hear from people…seriously.

Lantean Whale writes: “Questions for Peter K.  1. Brody and Volker seem to have an established friendship. Do you think they were friends before, or is it due to the recent events of being stranded on Destiny? Who else on board does Brody have a connection to?”

PK: I think working on Icarus together, they would have hung out, but events such as being stranded together obviously make people behave in strange ways and interact with more intensity.  Also, Brody and Park are definitely a team.  Brody’s respect of Rush has to be taken into account also.

“2. Ive seen some of your comedy on youtube – great stuff! Also read you’ll be involved in Riese the webseries – will we see more of your comedic side here? (That kino video, with you in the spacesuit was hilarious)”

PK: Thank you for the Comedy kudos.  The “Riese” role should freak some people out…all I can say is, if you find it comedic, you are a sick puppy.

Ellenoz writes: “Question For Peter K?

PK: Brody helped Rush get Telford off the ship (well at least told Rush when the trouble making trio had gone)
Do you see him as Rush’s ally in any similar situations in the future? How do you think Brody views Young’s leadership?”

PK: I think Brody is definitely on the side of Rush, as witnessed by a certain Kino scene.  I think Brody respects Young’s position or the difficultly of it…but make not mistake…Brody is on Rush’s team….although, things can always change…right?

Duneknight writes: “Question for Adam Brody:
—- how does it feel being second to an inexperienced geek?”

PK: It pisses Brody off…but the kid is growing on him….

Question for Peter Kelamis:
—— What attracted you to this role?
—— Do you see your character as smarter than Eli?”

PK: I was excited to audition for a new series, especially one as respected and established as the “Stargate” franchise.  A new series gives you a chance as a actor to create a character from scratch, one that you can call your own…Is Brody smarter than Eli?…Hell Yes!  But Brody respects intelligence…even if it takes a while to get used to it.

Yazou writes: “Qs for Peter :
- What did you imagine when you did “Stargate Universe” casting and when you were sure to play in SGU ?
- Have you cast for Adam Brody first or for an other one ?
- A few words about atmoshper on set ? An anecdote maybe ?
- How will Adam progress in the rest of the Season ?
- A few words in french..? ^^
Thank you.”

PK: I auditioned with the knowledge that it was to be a possible re-curring role…to be honest as an actor, you hear that a lot and most of the time, it doesn’t actually materialize.  But from the get-go, we were made to feel very much part of a team…that feeling is still there and it is an awesome team…I only read for the part of Brody, although at the callback they gave me some of another character’s lines to read as a second scene.  I found out about an hour later that I was shortlisted for the part…and found out shortly thereafter that I got it.  It was a great piece of news to get early in the year.

The feeling on set is amazing jovial and everyone has a blast.  It is actually quite opposite to the often somber mood  of the storyline itself…we are often killing ourselves laughing right up until they yell “ACTION”.  In between takes we play quick rounds of 21 at the basketball hoop they have just outside the studio door…I often kick Louis Ferreira and Patrick Gilmore’s asses…but they will lie to you and tell you different.  Louis, by the way, is the goofiest, most hilarious guy in the world…an absolute blast to hang out with.

As far as where Brody is going as a character, they don’t tell us such things…it keeps both the audience and the actor guessing and that is fine by me.

Merci et je t’aime…

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  1. Another great Q & A, thanks to Peter for doing this one. and Joe of course for asking. I very much enjoyed reading his answers. And his pups are sooo cute, well ok Joe not as cute as yours, but a close 2nd.
    Enjoy your day!!

  2. Great Q&A. The only downside is now I’ve got to find the time to go through youtube and look up some of Mr. Kelamis’s comedy work. Brody is one of the characters I’ve wanted to see more of. With the back half of season one, and now a confirmed season two, Im looking forward to getting a better look at the character. Brody strikes me as the type of character that makes a good Watson to the temperamental Holmes of Rush(or even to the more childish Eli). And I’m not talking the Nigel Bruce Watson, but more that of the original canon. Haven’t seen the new movie yet but have hopes Jude Law’s Watson gets a chance to shine.
    Back to Mr. Kelamis, let me just say I’ll be happy to contribute to a fund, so that Mr. Mallozzi can buy you the needed pizza and fluid refreshments so you can do commentaries for an episode. And I’ll contribute double to have your doing the commentary videotaped as a bonus bit for the dvds….
    Many thanks to Mr. Kelamis for doing this Q&A, and Mr. M. for taking the time out of his holiday to put it up for us.

  3. Uh…OH. Lulu has some major competition!!!

    Thanks for the great Q&A, Peter! And I love your puppies – Boston terrors terriers, right? My childhood neighbor had one, and he was a real pistol! (The dog, not the neighbor.)

    Gotta run! But thanks, Joe, for arranging this Q&A, and again thanks to Peter, for being such a great sport, AND telling us about your underwear. 😀

    (Yes. We are an easily amused bunch… 😛 )


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  5. To answer the question “What is Mr Spocks first name”?
    His full name is S’chn T’gai Spock and his father name is S’chn T’gai Sarek.

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    I, too, am getting confused now that you are posting at weird times. Any chance that you could get your mum to do a Q&A – is she computer literate?


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    Thanks much to Peter Kelamis for the Q&A, and pix of the precious doggies. We are all such suckers for the furbabies.

    The dog training academy we go to has an owner from S. Africa, and it is a tough accent to pick up (no offense, Dee!).
    Same for Australian/Kiwi IMO. Yes, I know they’re not the same – mean that they are both hard for me. Have learned to read and edit post before hitting send…. sometimes.


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    Joe – for some reason you watching not-so-good TV programmes. Every time I would visit my father he would be watching the A Team. His first words would be “I’m not watching this rubbish – I am waiting for the news”. I watched Star Trek TNG with him once and it was a total nightmare – I had to explain everything to him and he kept asking when Captain Kirk would be on. But at least he mastered (eventually) the remote control.

    Night night

    Susan 😉

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    Well I can finally read the blog at work. I got a netbook for Christmas and can surf and read when I want, and work in Photoshop on some projects. Work, however does come first, when the phone rings or someone walks in my office – I stop what I am doing and tend to the task at hand.

    I have a feeling that netbooks are the equivalent of 8 tracks. But for now it’s doing what I need it to do.

    Happy New Year, everyone!

  14. Thank you, Peter, for being so generous with your time with your fans. Here is now to season 3 (yes 3) of SGU. The only thing that is keeping me sane until April to see back half of season 1, is that DVD will be out in February and I bought a Blu-Ray just for the occasion. Been watching some movies on it, too, to warm it up for the SGU event, like Star Trek, for example.

  15. Thank you, Joe and Peter, for a terrific q & a – all the faithful readers for their terrific questions.

    Also, the photo of Peter standing within the Stargate is just stunning – very gorgeous. Thank you for sharing that photo, and the photos of Peter’s dogs with us.

    Happy New Year to everyone!

  16. @crazymom1

    Don’t worry. The confusion Joe is causing you is only temporary until he goes back to the West coast. When he is in Montreal, he is at least 3 hours earlier than usual. Especially when Joe is on hiatus from his day job in Bridge Studio.

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    It is almost three in the morning and the demonic moggies are snoring away – I can’t sleep and have an early start. Bah! 🙁

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    Maybe the joy of being able to ask their kids makes parents voluntarily forget how to follow a show.

  21. Very cool Q&A! Love the insights to our cast and characters. The bow-bow pixies – cute!

    Thanks to Peter for taking the time for the Q&A and sharing the photos and Joe for asking and making it available.

    Is it April yet? As we wait….sigh.
    Well, Happy New Year to all.

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  23. Thank you Peter for your work in SGU…I really like the Brody character and fingers crossed for you surviving the rest of the season.

    On a side note…it’s been 20 days since my last Kino webisode fix….withdrawal sucks. It is bad enough we have to wait till April for episode 11, i’m hoping we see at least a few webisodes until then….

    Note to the powers that be for future reference…it might be a good idea to have a decent supply of webisodes available during hiatuses for your regular viewers at least in the future…

    No SGU and no webisodes make Kevin go crazy 🙁

    [brings back memories of a Simpsons halloween episode based on the Shining,lol]

  24. @DP Years ago I asked my parents to video (I still have a video recorder) a programme that was on during the night. I can’t remember why!

    Anyway when I went to collect the video tape my mum mentioned that my dad had stayed up until about three in the morning to hit the “record” button as he didn’t know he could pre-programme it.

    I was always broke and running out of month before my next wage. My dad said it was because I was spending money on pre-payment cards for my mobile/cell phone. He told me that the reason that my brother always had money was that he plugged his phone into the electric supply to charge it. Duh!

    My dad has been dead about 5 years and I still find myself smiling when recalling some of our little chats. My mum died in 1996 and prior to that I don’t think that my dad and I had done more than grunt at each other.

    Again I am dying from insomnia and Frankie and Princess Merlin are running around like some feline demons. Is it illegal to throttle your own cat? 😉

  25. Thanks, to Peter K. for a great Q & A. And beautiful doggie pix. Wouldn’t it be cool if every guest submitted pet photos? Animals tell a lot about a person.

    susan the tartan turtle, His accent isn’t the only cute thing about Carson Beckett! 😀 (Did I really say that?)

    The accent Robert Carlyle uses is perfect for Rush. It’s soft, slithery, and changeable, like his character. Good guy? Bad guy? Only Joe knows, and the season 1 finale doesn’t air until when?

  26. Just stopping by to check, because it’s the 30th now. At least it’s the 30th here. I keep getting confused about where you are, though. Montreal? Vancouver? Tokyo? I’m pretty sure it’s Montreal right now. If I’m wrong, don’t tell me. Let me think I’m NOT confused for a little while.

  27. @das – ROFLMAO!!

    And I happen to LOVE monkeys, and apes, actually…. Anyone ever read the story about how Jane Goodall’s fave stuffed animal as a child was a chimpanzee? Ditto. Wonderful lady, I met her once.

    Rambling much? Been reading local county health code requirements today, brain is now mush.


  28. That was Awesome!! Thank you Peter Kelamis for the Q&A and thank you Joe for hosting it!

    Very glad to know that Mr. Brody and the rest of the Secondaries are going to get more development. They’re all pretty hilarious. 😀

    So anyway, was a tad swamped with various matters yesterday (I won’t lie; a lot of it was correspondences over the Internet), so I’ll post my response to yesterday’s entry here:

    It takes a brave man to post such a personal thing on a blog read by hundreds/thousands every day (some of whom may have some irrational personal vendetta against you), and I am sorry that things are not working out so well in your personal life.

    Then again, from everything you’ve posted since earlier this year, you seem to be handling it fairly well. Whatever the case, as others have said, you have us to entertain you/cheer you up on a daily basis should the need arises; and, of course, however things happen from here on out, I wish you and Fondy the very best on whatever path you choose to take. 🙂

  29. Awesome Q&A Peter – thanks for answering my questions. Rush got beaten up by Chloe so I think the smart money would be on Park. I think Brody could take Volker in hand to hand…but please don’t tell Patrick I said that, however I think Volker is secretly handy with a weapon. Hmmmmm….

    Love the dog pics…it really is a dog set. Do any cat people work on SGU?

    @Kevin – try being in Australia….when Justice was finishing in Australia we hadn’t caught up to the rest of the world in the Kinos (I think we were up to 20). Anyhoo then it started airing on free to air tv so they pulled all of the kinos off the Aussie mirror site and are starting to upload them gradually again (think we’re up to 6 at the moment).

    Joe, are you in Montreal for New Years?

    Cheers, Chev

  30. @ Narelle – Hey, I heard some guy who won a contest to live on an island (Hamilton??) got stun by a deadly jellyfish. Is that the job you were after?? If so…it may be available again… 😀


  31. susan the tartan turtle: loved your stories! My dad died Nov 08. We got him a DVR in 07, because he was house bound. He took to that DVR like crack cocaine 😀 . It was the best gift we ever found for him. On the other hand, the DVR completely stymies my mom.
    I hope your insomnia clears up soon. Been there, done that and no fun 🙁

  32. @ Peter K: Your puppies are too damn cute! Thanks for taking the time to answer questions.

  33. Joe,

    Have you seen this news??

    Claiming that Fan books are going to be canon for Atlantis? I really hope we see a green light for Stargate: Extinction soon from MGM.

    If no movie comes about, would MGM release your script as a book to be true Atlantis canon?

    If this article is true, wouldn’t that be like crapping on your story from MGM? I hope not.

    Cheers and Happy Holidays to you and your family.

  34. @Joe – I’m wishing you and everyone else a happy and safe new year.

    I hope all goes well for you and Fondy and your respective families next year. May everything work out as if it were according to plan.

    Take care,


  35. So, the seals recently disappeared from the San Francisco pier and no one knows where they went. You totally gotta’ hire some seals to sun bathe on the Atlantis piers if the Atlantis movie goes forward. (Yes, my marine biology science fiction phase never really ended.)

  36. Well said pg15, as always.

    Das: too funny!

    pastrygirl: you met Jane Goodall? I’m in awe!!!!

  37. @ Shawn Cassidy: I wouldn’t consider fan books canon, and I didn’t get from the article that they would be also. More like the fan books are the only “new” SGA material available to fans (who don’t write their own fanfic) and if they are “approved” by MGM, so much the better (in terms of storyline, not writing).


  38. First of, I do like what’s been going on with SGU so far with the charater developement. I admit I’d like to see a bit more action, but I’m willing to give the show more eps before I start passing judgement.

    I have 3 questions, kind of inter connected.
    1; Destiny’s travelling. We’ve always known and we see from the map in Air (1) that this ship is a galaxy traveller. But how much? I guess the simplest way to ask this is has the 1st half of Season 1 all been in the same galaxy, or is every time it jumps down from FTL is it because it has reached a new galaxy?

    3; Desitnation gates. I’m fine with one way or the other Destiny knows what planet to dial. But what makes me scratch my head is a line from Air about there were only 4 local address available.
    I could easly accept due to these “wheel gates” being the earliest version they have limited range and can’t dial the full Galatic network. However, if that is the case and Destiny does jump a galaxy every episode, that seems like a lot of gates not explored.

    Or if the “wheel gates” have standard full galatic range, then the seed ships only drop 4 gates a galaxy? That seems like a lot of space in each galaxy as unexplored.

    3: Finally, IF the first half of Season One has all been in a single galaxy, then there logically has to be journey from one galaxy to the next. I would be curious to see if there are plans for an episode or two to be featured while Destiny is in the ‘void’ between two galaxys, where presumably there is no place to gate to.

    Thanks in advance. This is the one part of trivia that has actually kept me confused since the premier

  39. Thanks, Peter & Joe. I’ve suggested PK to the local comedy clubs in San Antonio.

    A few days ago, I posted a link to a profile for a shaggy pug cross named Tigger. Pleased to report that he was adopted today!

    We have another pug at ADL of Texas named Polly. She’s still a puppy and is recovering from kennel cough. We expect she’ll be released for adoption in three weeks.
    (Joe, I’ve forwarded a photo.)

  40. You know Das your boxer/briefs question reminds me of the time when a couple of women I went to university with were debating the same thing about a guy we knew at the uni. Well fast forward about 18 months and I could answer that question…lol…it was briefs….never saw those women again though (not that I would have said anything, but it sure makes me smile).

    Cheers, Chev

  41. Hey Joe just catching up on your blog and sorry to read about you and Fondy (((Hugs))) sending you positive thoughts.

    Is there going to be more action in the second half of SGU and I don’t mean sex by the way I like the personal stuff but I would like my scifi to have some action too? Who out of the current characters do you like to write for and who is hard for you?

    Have you watched Legend of the Seeker at all do you like it?

  42. Sorry I forgot to say Merry belated Christmas/Boxing Day and Happy New Year hope 2010 is happier for you personally than 2009 you don’t have to print/approve this comment I just forgot to put it in my original comment you can if you want

  43. I read an article that said the SG1 and SGA writers were joining in for season 2 and that Robb and Joseph were going to be working more closely with what they have to say because of negative fan feedback. They’re changing the show up a bit for season 2. Any comment?

  44. @ Chev – Naughty, naughty! 😉

    Hey…can someone tell me why I find Pineapple Express James Franco 1000x hotter than Spider-Man 1-3 James Franco??


  45. *poke-poke*

    Hey, Joey! Type faster! 😀

    I can’t hold out any longer…been a big day…will catch up in the morn…



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