Damn.  Even though it WAS technically the 28th when I last posted, I nevertheless uploaded my last entry on what many would consider December 27th, thus ensuring I had not one but two entries for the day.  Am I losing my mind?  Probably.  On the bright side, you, dear readers, get not one but two friends and family-related posts to skim or ignore.  Enjoy!

Well, unlike my post-Tokyo weigh-in, I don’t think I’ll be losing any weight on this trip.  Still, amidst the pasta and the pizza and the macarons, I have been trying to be “as good as possible”.  For the life of me, I can’t figure out what the hell I was doing in Japan that not only allowed me to lose three pounds but strip 1% off my total body fat.  Was it the long and involved multi-course chef’s menus?  The quality of the ingredients?  The occasional glass of wine with dinner?  The fact that I did a little more walking than usual?  The fact that I actually worked out about every second day rather than every day?  Or was it the late dinners that had me finishing up my meals at around 10:00 – 10:30 p.m. every night?  My cousin Matthew, the airline pilot who has spent plenty of time traveling, leans toward the latter.  Apparently, he spend time in South America where people don’t sit down to dinner until 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. at the earliest.  And the effect on his waistline?  Like me, he actually lost weight.  So, what gives?  Is the advice being dispensed by North American nutritionists a bunch of bull?  Is eating after 7:00 p.m. a dieting no-no or will it actually help you shed those extra pounds?  I sense a potential 2010 experiment…

Thus far, this holiday visit has been fraught with delightfully awkward moments.  Like, for instance, the one I experienced this afternoon when I went to visit my auntie Jeanette with mom.  “Where’s Fondy?”she asked.

“Oh, she’s visiting her sister,”I replied.

“Uh oh, she’s running around,”joked my aunt.  “You better keep an eye on her or you might lose her.”

I caught my mother’s surreptitious “tell her” look and thought, yeah, now would be a good time…

“We’re separated,”I broke the news.

A brief lull in the conversation, mere seconds during which my aunt processed the revelation.  And then, her reaction.  Sadness?  Anger?  Disbelief?  No.  Try laughter.  “You’re kidding,”she chortled.

“Actually, no, I’m not.  We’ve been separated since earlier in the year.”

“I don’t believe you,”she laughed, then launched into a story about some couple met in some sanitorium in northern Montreal (“They both had a touch of tuberculosis.”), experienced marital troubles, and had their relationship saved by their doctor who also happened to be a furrier.  And then, from there, it was a greatest hits medley of her favorite interminable hospital tales and meandering religious anecdotes.

Such is the curse of the joker.  Back at the office, for instance, fellow producer Carl Binder refuses to ask me even the most mundane of questions for fear that I will steer him into yet another embarrassing social faux pas like the infamous “Hey, Christine from accounting is moving to Fiji!” incident.  If the building was ever on fire, I would have to run OUTSIDE and get someone to run back INSIDE to tell Carl because, if I were to run into his office yelling “Fire! Fire!” he would no doubt throw me a knowing smile, thank me for warning him, then resume working on his script as the smoke billowed in and the flames licked at his desk and chairs, convinced it was all part of some elaborate ruse.

So I noticed that mom and I weren’t the only one who watched that CBS movie of the week starring Tom Selleck as Sheriff Blue Pants.  Question to those who did: Did you not find it kind of odd that the big reveal at movie’s end was the revelation that the young woman’s son was dead.  And yet, halfway through the movie, the young woman’s neighbor is talking about the young boy, the suspicious birth, how the child changed the young woman’s life – yet didn’t bother mentioning that the kid was dead?  Okay, maybe “kind of odd” is the wrong way to put it.  Let’s go with “convenient”.  No?

Yep, it’s been all CBS movies of the week and more figure skating than a grown man should be made to suffer through in a lifetime. Now, I’m off to watch Judge Judy.

69 thoughts on “December 28, 2009: I mean it this time!

  1. Hi Joe, so sorry to hear about you and Fondy. Hell, I need chocolate now. Hugs to both of you. Nuff said.

  2. 🙁

    I was gonna gripe and complain about my day…but, ya know…maybe I shouldn’t.

    Really sorry to hear, Joe …though, well…I had a feeling…

    I hate when I have those feelings, and they’re right. You don’t feel good about it, because even if you had a sneakin’ hunch that something was up, bad news is still bad news, even if it doesn’t come as a total shock.

    I hope things work out for you, Joe…in whatever way you want them to. I’m all for holding a marriage together, but sometimes it’s just not to be.

    Now I’m really bummed. 🙁

    AND I missed that Selleck movie last night. Hubby knew it was on, but didn’t bother to tell me…and I didn’t bother checking the listings because I figured everything would be repeats. (Perhaps that was a repeat, too?) Oh, I dunno. It’s been a weird day here – just can’t seem to get anything accomplished. Not because of coming off a holiday, but because there have been too many interruptions.

    And the confusing blog multi-entries aren’t helping! AAARRRGGGHH!! I’m goin’ to bed. 😛


  3. For the serious side, my sympathies for the difficulties in your personal life. I can only hope that it all works out well for both of you,and the pooches. If you ever need the metaphorical shoulder to cry on, well, there’s always Carl…
    On a more serious note, your mental health is of increasing concern. A CBS movie of the week? Even if it is a Tom Selleck movie….on the plus side we do get the snark factor of your comments. But with everything you could be doing on this trip, watching the tv equivelent of eating Mickey D happy meals??? Of course, I can’t say much. I ended up having to watch the bulk of the Redskins/Cowboys game. All I can say is that if anyone has word of where the Redskins have been all season, please send word. We Deadskins fans are even willing to pay (a reasonable) ransom. Hmm. Tom Selleck is beginning to sound like a reasonable alternative. Though the climbing Everest show on Discovery had potential.
    Thank you for sharing more of yourself than we have any right to ask for. Here’s hoping that translates into good karma down the road.

  4. Thanks for taking us on holidays with you again…and a big “thank you” to all your family members who so generously allow us to share in your visits and their homes. Your visits back to Montreal are some of my most favourite posts to read. (Especially like last year’s WFPOTD episode…from your sister’s, I think? That was a hoot!)

    I’m sorry to hear about you and Fondy too. As wonderful as married life is, sometimes it’s just plain hard. (Must have been a bloody strange entry to finally write) Many empathetic thoughts for both of you.

    Hope the rest of your holiday is fun/comforting/relaxing! Personally, I have the fun/comforting portions of the holiday covered — relaxing is next…happy sigh.

    My 50-ft pines are covered in white blankets and the snow coming down right now reminds me of the snow falling on your blog. It’s -15, the furnace and the hot chocolate are both warm – and the new Blu Ray that Santa brought is waiting to play it’s first movie…the Original Stargate movie 🙂

    Belated Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to everyone!

  5. *Huggles Joe really tightly*

    I’m just going to ditto what ThornyRose put so eloquently there:

    Thank you for sharing more of yourself than we have any right to ask for. Here’s hoping that translates into good karma down the road.

    You really are quite awesome.

  6. Hey Joe,

    the news isn’t exactly coming as a surprise (I “had a feeling” for a while and when you wrote about the “bad news” you told your sister and mother I was convinced to know what exactly those bad news were… which is quite a strange thing considering that I only know you through your blog entries – could be seen as kinda scary as well if more or less unknown people “know” you … ).

    But I wouldn’t really call it “curse of the joker”(at least not in that situation). This way you didn’t have to give most likely awkward explanations and your aunt is surely going to ask your mother sometime again about it (my relatives talk about “who’s with whom” all the time – I hate it… even more when grandpa starts the “I would like to have great-grandchildren”-thing and I’m the only grandchild of age… having kids isn’t really one of my priorities – I don’t even know if I want them at all, and I’ve yet to graduate and be able to support myself).

    Anyway, I’m sorry to read about the bad news and hope you’re doing well (which, judging by this blog, you seem to be doing but then again, there are things usually not told on public blogs…).

  7. oh, and on a more happier topic: I really liked the pictures of your old home and the stories you had to tell about them (your sister scaring you, for example) ^^

  8. Hi Joe,

    I have been enjoying your holiday posts from home – love the food pics and it’s easy to see how you ended up being such a foodie. So sorry to hear about your personal situation. My brother has been separated for this past year and it’s been hard for him. I hope you fare better with this time in your life and that you both find the best way to deal with all.

  9. I’ve been a Robert B. Parker fan for a number of years, and I think I have the entire Jesse Stone series on my bookshelf. Never thought to check out the CBS movies based on the books until recently, though, when our local store had the DVDs on sale really cheap. I picked up a couple with the thought that if I liked them I could come back to buy the rest.

    So in the past couple weeks, I’ve watched two based on actual Stone novels. Then saw “Thin Ice” on TV last night, which isn’t based on any of the books but has some elements from at least one of them. I do like Selleck in the role. He’s older than I imagined Stone being, but he does the character justice, especially his quietness and the dry sense of humor. I’m not as crazy about how the TV movies shy away from some of the darker aspects of the character. In the novels, Jesse’s obsessive relationship with his ex (I think he actually stalks her at one point) and his struggles with alcohol are actually hard to read about. On TV…it seems cleaned up a little bit.

    And yeah, I didn’t understand why the neighbor didn’t say anything about the boy being dead either. I also didn’t get the resolution of the gunman storyline. When it was said that Stone planned to set him up, I was practically cackling. But to zip-tie the guy up and set a gun next to him? Was that it? Or did I miss something? I admit I might have — I was away from the TV a couple times during the movie.

    Anyway. With the other two movies based on the novels, when they tied things up a little too neatly, too quickly, I tended to chalk it up to the fact that they’re limited to 87 minutes, or whatever it is. With “Thin Ice”, I couldn’t come up with any such excuse.

    Still, I like the character enough that I’d probably check out the next movie if it comes out. At least out of curiosity.

  10. I am not sure eating later would work for me, but hey its a thought. Something else along with that new diet plan. Real sorry to hear about your homestuff. Hope it all works out the best for you.
    No snow here , but it is pretty darn cold, freeze warnings out tonight, hey this is Florida, what gives..

  11. So sorry to hear about you and Fondy, I hope the best for both of you and will keep you both in my prayers.

  12. Heya Joe, me too to thank you for taking us along on your travels and holidays, sharing your family with us, and, allowing us to become your extended and virtual family with whom you share private aspects.

    Instead of soap operas and figure skating, you could watch Curling on NBC Universal Sports – the Canadian Olympic trials – hmmm, not sure what channel it would be in Canada. Yeah, I know you are not fond of the Olympics in Vancouver either. Still some football, if Mom will allow. Maybe she put the old TV in your room??

    Glad Sis brought Misha to visit. Doggies and chocolate are always good for the soul and to have around.
    Hugs and wishing you a bright start to 2010 and a great new year! You’re already making progress with the script!!
    Hauoli Makahiki Hou!!
    (Happy New Year)

  13. Sorry to hear about you and Fondy 🙁

    Hope you had a great Christmas and good luck for the new year!

  14. Sorry to hear it, kinda knew something was up, as did most of us, best wishes for the future, for everything, ya know we always think about ya, Joe!!Have a wonderful New Year. Sheryl.

  15. I’m so sorry about you and Fondy. It you want to be back together, it is HARD work. I know first hand. Year 9 we fell apart. Took almost 2 years of counseling, but we both had to want it that badly. I had to put our relationship first before the needs of my child to rebuild our marriage. That was not an easy thing to do since he is so dependent upon me for just basic activities of daily living. We didn’t get a whole lot of extra work in outside of the basic necessities with him then. If you are both going to wind up going your separate ways, I wish you both happiness in the new roads in your lives.

  16. Sorry to hear about your personal situation, but I’ll echo everyone here in sending you best wishes for the future.

    On a less serious note, while you were watching Tom Selleck, here we had one of the local channel’s digital variations showing “The Retaliator”, whose description read “A mercenary meets a woman terrorist turned killer cyborg by CIA surgeons.”
    And to think, if it weren’t for the switchover to all-digital TV, I might never have seen that classic. Ain’t progress grand…
    – KB

  17. All my very best wishes and hopes. I know how hard such a decision is for both people. Things you never thought you would be thinking of begin to surface, such as who gets what, if the big “D” word happens. The strain between two people during conversations, the desire to be anywhere but in proximity to each other.
    I hope that things sort themselves out for you.


  18. Sending you big, squishy hugs, Joe!

    Yeah…that’s all I’ve got. Yet another day without anything intelligent to say. Alas.


  19. Joe, Thanks for sharing your news with us. It takes a special kind of courage to open yourself up on this blog. After all, we posters are for the most part anonymous, but you put yourself out there for everyone to see. Here’s hoping that the new year will bring you much happiness.


  20. Hello Joe,

    It was a pleasure meating you and your sister in dowtown Montreal. Still suprised by this unexpected meeting. Hope you found the restaurant you were looking for.
    I was coming out from an audition for a small part in a student film called Down and Out for Concordia University. The audition was initially scheduled for 7 pm at CUTV headcarters but one of the casting director, called me earlier this morning to see if I wouldn’t mind doing the audition earlier, at 5h or 5h30.
    I had only been out of the building for less then a minute when I saw you….you’re better looking in person then on your pictures !!
    …. missed a few things you said, unfortunately. I’m from Mcgill and trilled at the idea of possibly doing work for Concordia.

  21. Sorry to hear the news. I’ll say some prayers for you.

    Hey, I managed not to eat anything at an Italian/Greek Aunt’s place over the summer. We stopped to eat then learned everyone was already gathered there and we were already stuffed.

    It turns out, it’s almost exactly the same experience as eating. Even while eating, you’re constantly being offered food. Once you’re painfully stuffed, the offers of food continue. On the other hand, if you never eat at all, you’re constantly offered food.

    When will we see Peter Kel… , Kal…, Peter K’s Q&A?

  22. Sorry to hear about the seperation dude, I was a little suspicious already after having not heared anything about Fondy in a while.

    Judging from the last half year of blog updates though it looks like your handling it quite well. Good for you.

    Anyway, I could end this reply with the old “fish in the sea” bit, But… What do I know?

    Instead I’ll just say,

    Stay strong,

  23. Joe, will add to others’ comments that I’m sorry you and Fondy are going through this experience. I commiserate wholeheartedly. Whether you reconcile or go your separate ways, I hope things will go as well as possible for both of you. – It sounds like for a lot of us, it’s helped that for some time now, you’ve been giving plenty of clues about the situation — I mean, it’s not like we’re face-to-face friends, but we care a lot anyway.

    It’s been fun and/or illuminating to read your reminiscences, especially when you’re right where you can show pics of the people and places involved. I love the story about your sis jumping out at you from the raised crawlspace, and your reaction. She must’ve loved that. – My bro regrets that he had to retire from scaring the crap outta me when he developed a voice that was made for abusing football officials from half a field away. Childhood would’ve been very boring without him — but if he asks, I didn’t say that . . .

  24. Thanks Joe for allowing us a peek into your personal life and a 360 degree view into your professional life and travels. I pray 2010 brings you and yours, peace.

  25. Sorry to hear your news. Best wishes for a good resolution to both of you. Enough said.

    I didn’t watch Tom’s movie, so I can’t comment on that one. It looked hokie to me.

    Shows to watch? We bought District 9. Have you seen it? Good but not what I expected. Have you seen Avatar? Or are you looking for just TV shows? Can’t help you there. We will probably just break out some DVD’s.

    You’re OCD’ing about the weight thing. Enjoy yourself (within reason) and add a work out to your routine when you get home. How much weight can you pack on in a week?

    By the way the pool water was warmer than usual for me today. It still took me ten laps to get the feeling back in my fingers but it did wake me up.

    Have a good one Mr. M!

  26. Does this relationship news somehow
    help to explain the whole somewhat
    secretive…Brie is just “visiting” situation?

  27. Aloha,
    Best wishes for the upcoming year. Sorry to hear about the ‘recent’ developments in your life. Like many have intimated here, I had been wondering lately if something was ‘up’. Sounds though like you’ve been handling it fairly well(?), all things considered. Glad to see you were able to make it back to see family and friends for the holidays. It helps sometimes. Hope you’re managing the cold weather okay. My girlfriend lives in Montreal and I’ve been getting increasing ‘threats’ lately about her moving out here to Hawaii, to more ‘civilized’ weather. Anyway, good luck with everything, personally and professionally, in 2010.

  28. I think your weight loss in Japan was from a revved up metabolism from walking, the excitement of vacationing in a wonderful place that you love and being away from the stress of work and home. But that’s just my humble opinion.

    I’m sorry to hear about your separation, Joe. I hope everything works out for the best for both of you, whether that means working things out and getting back together or going your separate ways.

    Your mom’s food looks fabulous! I cooked a traditional meatless Rippacondese dinner for an even dozen Christmas eve: fried smelt, stuffed calamari in red sauce, spaghetti con aglio e olio, and potato and onion fritatta. And fried bread with a hint of sugar. We skipped the fried shrimp (non-traditional but my mother likes them better than smelt) and white clam sauce this year. I only wish there had been more leftovers!

    So, what did you and Sis end up buying Mom for Christmas this year?

  29. Hi Joe,
    I’m sorry to hear about your news, I’ll echo what others have said, that it takes great courage to share personal information like that with us blog readers. I’m glad that you seem to be getting through ok, and hope that everything will work out for you.

  30. Joe, sorry to hear your news. Just know that you have a big support team here on your blog. I pray 2010 is a better year for you and everything works out like it should.

    And by the way, if you think watching TV with your mom is a challenge, just wait until she becomes hard of hearing. It’s maddening! (Both my parents are 84)

  31. Like everyone here, I’m very sorry to hear about the separation. I do hope you and Fondy can work it out. But it’s good to know with SGU’s launch and now renewal that you’ve had your Stargate family around you.

  32. I too watched the Jesse Stone movie. I’ll watch anything with Tom Selleck in it. He’s still a hunk in my book, blue pants and all.

    Saw hints of a problem on the home front over the past months. Best wishes for a smooth transition and cheers for a brighter tomorrow.

  33. Look on the bright side – you may have lost a wife but you have custody of the doggies.

    My track record with relationships is abysmal – a bipolar crazy cat lady is not so easy to live with.

    Lets hope that ALL of use here in Mallozzi-Land have a good, healthy and prosperous 2010. I hope that our SGA film gets the go ahead and all the yummy actors (Kavan, Joe, Jason, Paul, David, David, Chuck, Mitch and a few tall albino gents).


    🙂 😉

  34. so sorry to hear about your marital situation. Marriage is really tough. It might seem that it would be easier the longer you are married, but it doesn’t work that way. I hope both of you can work something out for both of you to be happy.

    I watched those shows on Discovery about climbing Mt. Everest. Wow, that is so fascinating to me. I just wonder what in the world can motivate someone to pay that kind of money (like $40,000+), leave their work and family for months, and risk their very life to climb a mountain. I mean sure, climbing is really fun, exciting and good exercise. but is it so important that you need to risk your life? Or is it that coming back alive is the reward? I keep watching, fascinated, and waiting to see if I will get it. Not yet.

    Figure skating is really fun to watch if you make predictions to see how many falls a skater will make. Try it before they start….Ok, Evan will fall once. He skated clean. Darn. ok. I know Johnny will fall once. Yea…two times. Bonus fall. It makes it all more interesting!

  35. Lets hope that ALL of us here in Mallozzi-Land have a good, healthy and prosperous 2010. I hope that our SGA film gets the go ahead and all the yummy actors (Kavan, Joe, Jason, Paul, David, David, Chuck, Mitch and a few tall albino gents).

  36. Thank you for sharing Joe. I’m sure it was probably a difficult decision to “publically” do so here.

    Sorry to say, but, I have suspected for quite some time that *something* may have been amiss… Like since waay *before* last year’s Japan trip… I’m sure a few of the others may have picked up a blatant clue or 2 as well.

    *Hope* you have a *good* lawyer! AND a secret lottery winning bank account — cause I can guarantee ya, this whole little “episode” [no matter how it turns out] *WILL* put a black hole in your wallet!!

    Oh, BTW, the weight thing… you were eating a *lot* of seafood in Japan. You know, all those omega-3s, etc. And as yummy as Mom’s food probably is, I’m seeing a lot of carbs there… Do a little ice/snow shovelling.

  37. Hey, Joe…. There it is…. So sorry it was the bad news we feared. Remember Das talking about your “tells?” Dear Old Thing (from Winnie the Pooh?), you were laying out so many frustration cards they were “yells.” Of course we knew, hon.’ Your regulars, or irregulars, 😉 who have been with you nearly every day for a very long time… well, we’re your blog family, and family radar can pick up stuff. We hear what you’re sayin’ and not sayin.’ It was good of ya to answer the big question raised by your previous hints. And like Ponytail said, we are your care team. We’ll be around. *pats Joe on the shoulder—and then gives him a sisterly head noogie and runs!*

  38. Wow. Joe, I’m really sorry to hear that you and Fondy are separated. I don’t know how long you have been together, but sometimes people change and grow in the same directions – and sometimes they don’t. I hope you can come to some kind of resolution without too much pain and angst. Sharing with all of your virtual friends whom you know, but don’t know, must be hard. Hugs. And now to help with the weight loss, you will be getting EXTRA candy…. 😉

    On a brighter note, you discussing TV etc with your mom reminds me so much of trying to talk about TV with my mother. Back when Quantum Leap was airing, we would have the same conversation weekly:
    “Why doesn’t everybody there notice that person looks different?” No, Mom, only we can see that it’s Sam Beckett in their clothes. See, when he looks in the mirror THAT’S what everyone else sees.

    “So why don’t they just have a different actor every show and pretend that it’s the same guy?” Sigh.

    Ah, good times.


  39. Sorry to hear the confirmation of you and Fondy. It’s a tough situation even if it is (or is not, as the case may be) best for both of you. I experienced separation from the child’s POV, and it’s hard on all parties. You’re definitely in all of our thoughts and I wish you the best, however it turns out.

  40. Dear Mr M.

    I am very sorry to hear of your personal difficulties. I, like others, had a feeling that perhaps this had happened. As always, I admire your honesty in feeling comfortable to share this with your “blogees”. As this is a private matter, I shall just add that I wish you and Fondy the best for the future, whatever happens.

    On a lighter note, I am glad to hear that your home visit is indeed going well. You can’t beat a bit of TLC from family at any time, but particularly at Christmas.

    I missed the Tom Selleck movie (I think) but as mentioned before, as a huge Magnum PI fan, the man can do no wrong. In fact, I recently saw a Ferrari 308GTSi (red) for sale locally here in Ireland (yes, I get the irony…Irish Weather vs Hawaii)…and the dream of roaring thru the Hawaiian islands, in that car, sunshine and all….

    There was a Maeve Binchy special on tv over the hols here. It featrured a new screen play she wrote. Great cast with Joss Ackland, Vanessa Redgrave set in comtemporary Ireland. I must get the details, your mother would love it.

    Anyhoo, I’m back at work….drilling, filling and billing. This is our crazy season, as patients continue to eat foodstuffs that they normally wouldn’t…many of which are “dentally challenging”. If I could ask the Drinks Industry to put a warning sign on all Long NEcks = “Don’t open with your teeth”, I could save my patients a lot of heartache!!

    Best to all.


  41. Joe, I’m so sorry to hear your news. I don’t really know what to say, except that I wish both you and Fondy, whether together or apart, the best for the future.

  42. Joe,

    Must have been difficult to pick the moment when you would tell your audience about your martial status. For what its worth you did a great job (after all, you are a writer).

    Most comments today are condolences, or offers of hugs, and most “had a feeling”, as did I. So instead of following suit by offering condolences of my own I’ll simply offer my hope that you find someone special in the coming new year, if you haven’t already. I suspected for months that you and Ashleigh had a thing going on but then changed my mind a few months ago… though I do have my suspicions that you are seeing someone, not that its any of my business, LOL. Wow, sounds like I spend a lot more time then I actually do thinking about you or this blog, trust me, its only in passing.

    But, since you write your blog every single day and read and approve the comments to every blog post I’m almost sure you understand the effect it has on some people. We can invest ourselves in a character in a movie, in a book, on a TV show and actually “feel” for them, so developing a sincere “feeling” for a real person that tells us of his daily life and plays a huge part in bringing us all a great one-hour show, isn’t that hard to do. Though we don’t know, we feel like we do and we care about what happens to you, hence all the out pouring of feelings about the “news”. Hopefully you’ll forgive the occasional intrusion or “step over the boundary” when we ask something too private or say something “ill advised”.

    Having said all that, pick a blog post from, say, July 09 to December 09, and compare it to a blog post from 2008 from the same day and you can see that your 2009 posts sound a bit more energetic, positive, dare I say, happier? Could be the actualization of SGU, could be something else…. just saying.


  43. Hey,

    Don’t really know what to say Joe :(. Words just don’t seem enough. Just wanted you to know that I’m thinking of you & really wish you well.


    OK, now to lighten the vibe a bit…..

    Have you seen the Bad Gift Emporium?

    From the site: “This is the Bad Gift Emporium we have lots of BAD gifts, really bad gifts. So bad they’re actually considered good (at being bad). Please…add your own or snag someone else’s. Because one man’s gift is another man’s bad gift….in a good kind of way.”

    Really annoying music too!!!

    Some gems I found:

    Spam lamp – yep the base is a spam tin (or at least looks like one)
    A decoupaged fur-lined trash can (yeah seriously ugly)
    A figurine with an angel lying on a Burger…what the?
    Busch Stadium rubble – yeah nothing says I love you like a piece of discarded concrete.

    Anyhoo hope this brings you a few laughs…anyone dare to share what your worst gift was? I got a kids Star Wars digital watch once with my Kris Kringle gift at work….yeah I get a lot of toys for gifts – some are cool like my Darth Vader desk tidy (makes the breathing sound) and some miss the mark. I’m sure you get your fair share of these gifts Joe, with all of your collectables in your office.

    Over to you!


  44. Oh man, I just caught that about watching Judge Judy. My mom loves that show, too. What it is about scanky people fighting that they like watching? I know when it’s on in her area because she can’t talk on the phone then.

  45. p.s. when you finally get my present….well hopefully it won’t be another of those moments. Sorry…


  46. Joe,

    So sorry to hear about your separation. I did have a sneaking suspicion, but didn’t want to say anything. It’s your business. =)

    You did leave clues though. The biggest? During your Tokyo trip you posted a pic of the interviewers who were asking your Xmas shopping interests. If you click on the pic to enlarge it, you can clearly see that the form lists you as “single”. (Can you tell that one of my parents was a police detective?)

    As always, I wish you the best. My divorce was one of the happiest moments of my life. I look back on it fondly.

  47. Coucou Joseph!

    Vous allez bien 😉 …Moi super !!!

    Ehéhéhé aller mission perdre du poid pour 2010 ! Je suis sûre que vous allez réussir 🙂

    Ouhhhhhhh la gaffe concernant Fondy, elle ne le savait pas? O_O..moi sa fais super longtemps que je le sais, rien que le fais que vous n’en parliez plus, mais surtout que vous n’aviez pu d’alliance,j ‘ai tout de suite compris….pour perdre du poid l’idéale c’est le sport de chambre mais en ce moment c’est pas trop d’actualité on dirai -_-” …bon bah il falloir courir, courir, courir, courir….après une fille ? =+> ouhh la, c’est un sport trop intenssif pour les débuts!…bon faite ce qui vous semble bon ^^!

    Gros bisou,
    A plus =)

  48. Hello Joe,
    nice to know you in Montréal.

    Have a nice trip and I wish you an Happy new Year.

    De Québec !

  49. I’m sorry to hear about your seperation. To be perfectly honest with you….I posted my comment without reading this blog entry, thinking to myself that I would read it tomorrow.
    I’m still suprised and very happy that I got the chance to briefly see you with your sister and your other friend yesterday. . …Had the time to tell quite a few people about meeting you. My entire family, the casting director I audition for yesterday, and one of my actor friend in Toronto. Told them about how great you were….

  50. Sorry to hear bout you and the Mrs. Thanks for sharing something so private with us Bloggies god bless good new year’s to both.

  51. Joe, I’m so sorry to hear about your separation. As others have, I too had a feeling that something was up. You’re definitely in the right place, spending time with family, and old friends, eating wonderful Italian home made food – all great healers for the soul! sadly, not the waist line! Thank you for sharing this part of your life with us, and as tough as this year has been for you both, I hope that 2010 will bring you the happiness that you both deserve:)

    Have to say I’m a little concerned by the dreadful tv that you’ve been watching up there in Canada lol. Mind you its not much better down here in NZ. Why is it that the festive season brings out the worst in network television programming??lol

  52. Ahhh family.
    Sorry to hear your news. It’s weird, a few weeks back it suddenly occurred to me (for no reason I can figure) that this was coming, scary.
    Best wishes for both of you.

    Oh, and this is the wrong entry, but dang those Boston’s are CUUUUTE! My flatmate in grad school had one, who had puppies. You haven’t experienced “fun” until you’ve had to haul 3 wriggling Boston’s up and down 3 flights of stairs several times a day so they can get toilet trained. And then flatmate went on holiday and left ME to deal with weaning 😮 Sadly they’re not a breed that’s around in New Zealand, I would have liked to have one here but I couldn’t find any. (http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v671/kiwigater/Stuff/Animals/GertieMaggie-1.jpg)

  53. Hey Joe,

    I’m not sure the consoling thoughts/good wishes of strangers are welcome, but…I am sorry for you both.

    I, too, had wondered recently. Wishing you both the best for the New Year.


  54. OK, this had me laughing out loud: “And then, from there, it was a greatest hits medley of her favorite interminable hospital tales and meandering religious anecdotes.”

    More seriously, like many others here, I’m sorry to hear about your personal life troubles and I hope all works out for the best. (Whatever that would mean for all involved.)

  55. Hi Joe!

    That’s funny you mentioned about the weight and the time difference. I was just talking to a neighbor a day or two ago who was telling me he lost around nine pounds and doesn’t know why. All he could figure is that he is now working the graveyard shift and because of that was eating different times than he was used to. Go figure.

    Sorry to hear about your split up. Hope things are looking better for you in 2010.

    Matt D

  56. Hi Joe,

    I was a bit hesitant to write, but since others have already done so, I’m hoping it’s ok to say I’m sorry to read this news but I’m sending my best wishes that everything works out in the most positive way possible for both of you.

    All the best,
    Jennie in Oregon

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