So I was downtown with my sister and Lili the other night and we were wandering around the Concordia University area looking for a mailbox when we were approached by a young woman who stepped up and asked: “Is your name Joseph?”  I was surprised.  But nowhere near as suprised as she was when I answered: “Yes.”  She reacted as though I’d just informed her she’d been handpicked for the next space shuttle mission – which was flattering and all but, really, unnecessary.  After all, it was only me, not Mario Batali or the guy who played Chow Sing-Chi’s mentor in Love On Delivery.  Interestingly enough, Christine is a blog regular who was, just that day, wondering what were the chances she’d run into me while I was in town.  As it turned out – pretty damn good.  It just so happened that she was coming down that particular street, returning from a rescheduled audition on the night that my sister and I had arrived fifteen minutes early for our dinner reservation at that particular restaurant and walked that particular area searching for a mailbox in which to drop off the letter my mother happened to have wanted mailed that day.  Anyway, we stopped and chatted and I took a couple of pics for the blog.

The lovely Christine.

It was a bitterly cold night and Christine was hatless and clearly frosting over so, rather than delay her with my endless yakking, I thanked her for saying hello, wished her happy holidays, and strongly urged her to drop by the blog and repeat her claim that I was handsomer in real life than I was in my pictures. Then, it was off to dinner…

We dined at La Montee, a restaurant held in high regard by the local chowhound community.   And with good reason.  It was a terrific meal.  Among the highlights…

The Oyster Teaser - crisp and light on the outside, plump and juicy inside.
Cured Salmon with roasted fennel.
Bison with pumpkin three-ways. Loved the chutney.
A chocolate and banana extravagnaza.
Sis and Lili

Well, Montreal is suffering through a deep freeze (-17 degrees last night and that’s not even accounting for the wind chill) and I’m suddenly reminded why I will never move back.  Sure, Vancouver’s rainy season stretches from about September to April, but I’d gladly put up with the gloominess of incessant overcast skies than put up with one more ear-numbing winter.

Yeah, sure it's pretty.

Despite the winter chill, I made it out to N.D.G. to meet up with an old high school buddy.  I received an email from Lawrence a couple of weeks ago, informing me that he would be coming in from London for the holidays and – here was the big news – he was engaged.  He didn’t specify exactly who he was engaged to, but I suspected it was the lovely Mel, his long-time girlfriend.  Still, just in case, I wrote him back: “Congratulations to you and Mel (or some potential second cousin I’ve yet to meet).  By the way, I got my Justice of the Peace license last year so I can marry you guys.  I’ve got a lot of gags and theme-related material for the ceremony that I’m sure your guests will enjoy (Please, no one under eighteen.  Some of the humor is “risque” as the Greeks say).”  I also suggested that they could a Stargate theme wedding and get married in the gate room.  He assured me he’d think about it and get back to me.

Mel and Lawrence. Stargate-bound?
I'm happy because I'm warm.
Our lucky waitress received the greatest tip ever!

Seriously.  It’s too freakin’ cold!!!

52 thoughts on “December 30, 2009: Running into a blog regular! La Montee! Brunch with my buddy and soon-to-be Mrs. Buddy!

  1. I’m dead tired, so maybe that explains why – at first glance – I thought that snow picture was of MY house! I was ready to call the cops and take out a restraining order, and everything…

    The bison sounds wonderful! And stop being a weenie about the cold! I haven’t turned the heat on in my ‘ship room’ yet (where I am at the moment) – it’s a balmy 65, and will be around 60 by morning, just sucking in heat from the other rooms. And I’m sitting here in short sleeves, with no pants on!

    😀 …

    🙂 …

    😐 …

    Was that TMI???



  2. Whoopsies! Forgotsies!

    *waves to The lovely Christine*

    And congrats to Mr. and soon-to-be Mrs. Buddy! Whatever you do, don’t take Joe’s advice, on anything.


    Calling it a night now, for reals.


  3. I think a Stargate Wedding would be awesome! You should start offering up the gate room for weddings on the weekends – it’d be a way to get the movies made faster!

  4. Heya Christine..COOL (pun intended) you got to meet the handsomer in person than in pix Mr. M!!

    Yes, Das, that was TMI that requires a TYFS!…LOL

    Ohhhh, to have use of the gateroom YES! Lawrence, please you and Mel do the “official stuff” first, then ask Mr. M to officiate. Then it will “still” be legal.

    Hmmmm, the food looks good.
    Waves to Sis and Lili!!

    Please do share the title of that book/episode and who wrote it. Yes, greatest tip…Indeed!

    Putting snuggie back on to watch a bit of the tele.
    later gaters

  5. Pumpkin three-ways? I don’t know whether I should be very concerned about your vegetable cravings or just say, “I love it when you talk foodie.”

    Not so cold here, but I did shove seven inches off the driveway. With much help from my lovely neighbors.

  6. I am sorry but something is seriously wrong with people who live where it gets that cold unless they are locked behind walls and not allowed to move. Brrrr. And I’m complaining about 22 F? OMG.

  7. How fun to run into a blog reader! And congrats to your friend.

    Also, I think you’re crazy. I’ve moved from Minnesota to Missouri (having lived here once before for a year and having lived in England for a year), and I hate the lack of snow and incessant rain. I’d rather have the freezing cold with the pretty snow than the chilly rain and brown grass.

  8. Wow, names sure are deceiving! Isn’t that right, Ms. Eric.Stewart, aka. Christine? 😉

    Very cool that you met Joe! 😀

    Hell yeah, a Stargate wedding! That sounds Awesome. I can just imagine it now: the friends and family of the bride and groom seated on those Ancient benches in front of an Ancient-esque arch, which is then built in front of the Stargate that has been fitted with its rear-projection screen. Joel Goldsmith provides the music for the evening.

    Then, as the bride and groom arrive, the Stargate begins to dial, and we hear “Mel and Lawrence ENGAGED!” The couple make their Stargate-themed vows, like “From the first time I stepped through the gate and into your world, I knew you were my Fifth Race. I wish to spend eternity with you, just as Oma must duel Anubis for all of eternity. Blessed are those who walk in unison.” etc. etc. Then, as the Justice of the Peace, you, Joe, will say something like “By the power vested in me by the Ancients themselves, I now pronounce Mel and Lawrence LOCKED.” And the gate will stop spinning and Kawhooshes (i.e. the kawhoosh and subsequent puddle will be projected onto it). There is celebration.

    Then, suddenly, sparks fly and smoke erupt from the conduits as Louis Ferreira runs in and shouts “Everyone to your stations! We’re under attack!” Then, you guys dim the lights and Joel starts blasting battle music. More sparks fly and the entire set tilts (I’m assuming that you logically built the gateroom on that gimble thing) and shakes. Meanwhile, one of the guests freak out and Jamil Walker Smith punches him out to maintain order. “We have to get these people out of here!” he shouts. Suddenly, one of the walls explode and air starts rushing out of the gateroom. Oh shit! Hull breach!! And everybody is sucked out of the hole…

    …and into the reception! Held in the Destiny messhall of course. Everyone laughs off the previous theatrics, and all have a good time. Then, sparks fly and smoke billows as Brian J. Smith runs in and shouts “What the hell you guys we’re still under attack!!” The set shakes and tilts again nd one of the guests is seemingly killed when another wall explodes, sending the food and debris everywhere. “Ah! It’s too late! Follow me to the shuttle!!” Shouts Brian. So the guests follows him to the Shuttle set and Brian explains that the Destiny power core is about to go critical! The windows of the shuttle has been replaced by more projector screens, and the image of the Destiny is projected onto it as the shuttle “flies away”; the Destiny then explodes. Brian explains through tears that the Bride and Groom didn’t make it. Then, all lights go out, and Brad and Rob’s producer credits are projected onto the Shuttle windows.

    Won’t that be fun?!

    Lawrence and Mel, if you’re reading this: Do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it.

  9. You’re officially famous now, my good man…recognized in public by an adoring blog regular. I sure do hope you didn’t frighten Christine. What am I saying, of course you did.

    In other news, it’s been too long since I’ve posted anything here, so this is my ‘warm-up’ entry. It feels good to stretch the old snark muscles and wit limbs. Crack a few literary knuckles and all that.

    And while I’ve never been in -17 degree weather in my entire life, we did experience a white Christmas in Dallas this year, which I’m told hasn’t happened in 80 years. So, if I live to be 116 I might perhaps see another white Christmas. Then again, that could just be the cataracts at that point.

    Just call me Non Sequitur Lady tonight. I have a cape and everything.

  10. I think Mr M been away too long on the West coast. Minus 17C/+1F isn’t that bad. I am still donning light duty winter cloths. Rain jacket (breathable)+light fleece pullover+jeans+trail shoes. Only the icy sidewalks is bothersome.

  11. It is cold – very cold. In little bit of Scotland the snow usually lies about a day before melts and vanishes. But it has been lying for about a week now.

    I am intending on hibernating from now (Thursday at 6 am) until Monday afternoon. I, however, have no supply of chocolate and this may be a problem. Diet starts tomorrow- even the cats are going on a diet.

    Best wishes to you all for the rest of 2009.

  12. You think it is cold in Montreal. I am watching that climbing Mt. Everest program again and it is really cold there. One guy has a stomach virus, has bad stomach pains, can’t stand up, but sitting on the side near the summit. no bathroom in sight. no coffee or hot tea. They could really use a 7-11 up there.

    I think about RDA talking about going to the bathroom when they were shooting Continuum up at the Artic. now that is cold.

  13. Joe Any chance of some more piccies of your niece Roxy (she has a pretty face) and of Aspen(in the last picture of Aspen his eyes appear to glow – brings back memories!).

    What about some more of your brother Felix and your other brother Baby the cat (a flattering picture of Baby would be nice).


  14. Oh, dude, you guys could make so much money making the gateroom available for weddings.

  15. Juste un petit passage pour vous souhaiter une Bonne année=) Je vais devoir aider à préparer le repas, et je ne pourrai pas passer avant 🙂

    Pleins de gros bisou, d’amour, d’argent, de bonheurs pour 2010 🙂


  16. You should insist on the Stargate-themed wedding… or, better yet, a traditional Jaffa wedding (ala Rya’c in season 8’s “Sacrifices”). If they still seem oddly disinterested, get Tony Amendola back as the priest; who could say no to that?!

    So, what did you think of “A Matter of Honor” (yes, I recognised the cover)? Or does the fact that you’re giving it away say everything?

  17. Dude, I know it was a joke, but I just got engaged (I was the one who last week said his girlfriend, among other things, got him the red “You are here” shirt a’la Eli’s) and yes…I want you to marry us in the Gate room.

    So get that license for real and tell us when to head up 🙂

    8 degrees here in Chicago today…I feel your pain.

  18. I’m absolutely convinced that countries that use the celsius temperature scale should switch to fahrenheit in the winter for the psychological well being of their citizens. A celsius reading of -17 is between 1 and 2 degrees above zero in fahrenheit. Right now, where I live in Green Bay, Wisconsin, it’s a balmy 25 degrees fahrenheit but that’s -4 celsius. Doesn’t that sound much colder? Conversely, in the summertime, everyone should use the celsius scale to stay cool. There oughta be a law.

  19. Look at those eyes – clearly a Goa’uld! *g*

    And who wouldn’t be happier when its warm – someone has turned the heat too far down!

  20. -17 is nothing. Wait until sometime in January or February when it is about -25 C with windchills pushing -40.

  21. Anyone miss me?

    Well I’ve been busy and I just got back from camping. But it’s no excuse for my laziness.

    Hey it’s almost 2010. Anyone wanna bet the stargate movies won’t get made till 2011. :p

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  22. Oh goodie, more food pictures, glad we can make them larger to get the full montee, I mean effect. Food looks delicious, thanks.
    Hello Christine. Stop by and tell all about your chance meeting with Mr Joe, we are all ears.
    And nno I am not sure if I am thinking pretty about the snow when I can’t see the pavement in front of the house, or cleared sidewalks,, brrrr, don’t really miss that part at all.
    Congrats to your friends on the engagement, and a stargate reception would be a nice thought. The sign you learned in Japan sure catches on, 2 finger peace sign I mean. Happy faces!! Hope you are still having a wonderful visit. and that you never run out of film.

  23. “I also suggested that they could a Stargate theme wedding and get married in the gate room.”

    Now, personally I think that would be way cool. But is Lawrence as much of a geek as the rest of us? 🙂

    (And I love the description provided by @pg15.)

  24. So cold there Mr. M! My southern blood is too thin for Canada. The temp. here is supposed to dip into the teens (F) next week. I’m dreading that.

    Glad you are having fun. Any plans for New Year’s Eve? (that you can/willing share 😉 ).

  25. Hey! happy New Year Joe. I’ll second Montrealer in saying a sissy’s -17C is not this cold. My theory with Quebecers agreeing with you was that they spend too much time snowbirding in Florida or Cuba (is there really a difference?)but I guess I should now expand this thory West all the way to Vancouver. Or is it just you guys on the West Coast are in fact snowbirding in LA? Or Tokyo???

    I have a much harder time with our warm and humid summers around here. Cold? You put several layers of clothing until you’re warm enough while in Summer, there’s a limit to how much you can dress down and not get arrested! 😉


    @ Shawn Cassidy – RE: SGA books. I know they’re out there, but I’ll probably never read one. Back when I was a kid and into Star Trek, I tried to read the books that came out, but just couldn’t because of inconsistencies – not between book and show, but because of inconsistences between book and book. For me, novels based on a show that are not written by the creators or writers of that show are just glorified ‘fan fic’, with every author doing whatever the hell they want with characters. From where I sit, the show will always be ‘canon’, and for that I hope the movie eventually gets made, though I seriously doubt it now.


  27. The Stargate themed wedding would be incredible. You can have the “Stargate SG 1 version with the classic gate and Gaoul’d decor(jazzier than SG Command Gateroom), Atlantis version with Ancient decor and writings, or the Universe version….mmm, right now that would be a tad bit on the bland side. You really need to show us the Destiny at her best. With you officiating you could make a small fortune on the whole thing. Surely there are some stagehands/fx folks out there to contribute to how to build the needed setups. and for the record, I think this makes the 27th major money making idea fans have provided you, or you have mentioned, that you have not yet taken advantage of. Do they pay you that much or do you not want to be a gazillion-aire?
    Agree that wet and dreary is better than bitter cold. It’s just too easy to end up with body parts falling off from the cold, and having to work car accidents or people fallen outdoors is really a royal pain.
    Absolutely cool that Christine spotted you and you were kind enough to acknowledge your identity. And the heck with if you are more handsome in person than in photos. What did Christine think of your voice? I’m willing to bet that you sound better in person than you do on the videos you’re kind enough to provide.
    The chocolate banana extravaganza looks terrific. Two items obviously intellegently designed for each other. Good to see you’re having a fun time, and managing to avoid freezing any critical body parts. Please enjoy the rest of your holiday, and happy new year.

  28. Hi Mr M!

    Greetings from -10C Ireland. (not quite -17…but getting there). Happy New Year to you and all the Mallozzi family.

    Hi to @Christine! Great snap.

    Ducking out again, as am in Internet Cafe and late for a coffee with my own Sis.

    Best to all here, and have a safe warm and peaceful New Year one and all!


  29. Shoot, why stop at weddings in the gateroom? How about anniversaries, graduations and baptisms?

  30. Am I the only one who thought you were about to make a personal announcement with the “Mrs. Buddy” headline? Yeah? Ok.

    I love pumpkin, but that pumpkin dish didn’t look too appetizing. Of course, I had saltines for breakfast so I’m not much of a connoisseur lately.

    @pg15 – I hope they didn’t build the gateroom on a gimble. I saw the pics. They are already one slipped cog and smashed floorboard away from a “Run! Free Rolling Gate!” incident.

  31. Hey Joe, knowing how you are into the sports thing (not into soccer though, as far as I know), I thought you’d find this amusing:

    Not precisely an example of fair play, though in Europe she’d probably have gotten 2 (not just 1) red cards just the second of jumping to the field, and in there, it seems like they just look over it and keep playing, amazing.

    Cheers from Spain, and Happy New Year everyone. 😉

  32. -25c at the moment, with wind chill -29.

    Edmonton’s the place to be this winter!

  33. Das: I’ve read a few of the SGA books and I enjoyed them. They go more in depth in the basic living conditions (like laundry). The only place I’ve seen them differ (so far) is Sheppard’s childhood. One book keeps hinting about his terrible/poverty stricken childhood.

    Michael A. Burstein: Yes, we must all share the geek gene. I think it would be cool, also.

  34. @BrandonW

    Do you know that vodka freezes at that temperature?
    I know this because friends of mine wanted to make vodka ice cubes and I had to dash their hopes. Even a very good domestic freezer doesn’t get that cold. 🙄

    I said earlier that it is 87F today and 88F tomorrow, and then found out that everybody is helpfully converting to Celsius, which I work in anyway, so… 30 C for the next couple of days. Yay!

    Sorry Joe.. 😀

  35. “I also suggested that they could a Stargate theme wedding and get married in the gate room.”

    And I can’t believe I forgot to say this:

    “Technically, it’s the embarkation room.” – Tour Guide, SG-1, “2010”


    (This is a running gag in our home. Ever since we saw that episode, whenever we watch Stargate and someone calls it the gate room, I turn to Nomi and say, “Technically, it’s the embarkation room.” Given how often this happens, it’s a miracle she hasn’t yet shoved her knitting needles up my nose.)

  36. @ Tammy – Let’s face it – I’m in it for the Wraith, not Shep’s childhood. 😉 I doubt they treat the Wraith any better than the tv show did, but at least Joe gave me hope with the movie.

    As long as Mix-martes86 is talking sports, I was just watching a couple amusing rugby vids – this one with the referees getting tackled instead of the players is kinda fun:

    For those who like the big hits (most of these are illegal – high tackles, tackled in the air, tackled off the feet, etc. – bet a lot of yelow and red cards were handed out):

    Gotta run…


  37. Das: My favorite SGA book is called “Entanglement” about a different evolutionary path the ancients took with the wraith. Fascinating!

    Anyway, we have a tradition in the South on New Year’s Eve. You are suppose to eat Hogs Jowls, black eyed peas and sauerkraut. It is suppose to promote prosperity in the New Year. I skip the Hogs Jowls part. Do any of you bloggers have traditions for New Year’s Eve?

  38. Hi Joe, It’s 78 F. in S. Florida today- Dec. 31st, but will be in the high 30’s at nite by the weekend, now that’s cold for us here in Florida! Hi, all the Fl. bloggers “waves”, Remember,Joe, if you ever want to get out of the cold, you have several” friends” that live in Florida!! I don’t think any of us are mass murders, so you should be safe with us!! Happy new year to one and all, stay safe and have a happy, healthy , and successful one!! Special good wishes to you , Joe!! Sheryl.

  39. -17 ?

    Wish I knew what that felt like (for one minute only)

    Us West Aussies don’t get temps below 0 celcius and on the RARE occasion that we do, it’s talked about for a few days with looks of wonder on our faces.

    Ever experience 46 Deg C ??? Do you wanna?

  40. @Brandon: Yeah, the weather is crazy these days… I saw a minimal of -20ºC in northern Spain’s forecast last week, because of that Siberian cold air we got. I mean, it’s usually cold up there, but not so much. And the water we’ve been getting in the south, it looked as if we were in London… +1 week raining, all straight in a single run. And that’s after having +25-30ºC temperatures until mid-november (which doesn’t usually happen either).

    @Das: The referees video is hilarious. It’s always funny to see them trip here and there, seeing how most of them are static.
    The rugby hits, well, a big “WOW”, but of course, it’s bound to happen due to the way that particular sport is played. I mean, everybody knows that it’s the ultimate “kick-each-others-asses” sport (hockey doesn’t count, those are “off-topic” fights hehe).

    And, a hilarious pug video (in case you haven’t seen it):


  41. @Annie: Some good air conditioning, and good ol’ spanish “tapas” with some cold beer, and the heat goes away (sort of). But yeah, it burns like hell… disadvantages of having a desert nearby (we have the Sahara some miles down south, it seems like you have 90% of your landmass as desert, I can imagine how that is).

  42. Hi, Joe. ~waves~ Not that we actually *want* you to run off to Tokyo, but if you just wanted to snowbird there, Jean de Montreal’s suggestion, well then!

    Thanks to a cold/sore throat & time off work, I was home watching HGTV’s House Hunter International today. Whaddya know? Two episodes on house hunting in Tokyo. In the second, a movie producer wanted to take advantage of the 1.6% interest rates (no, that’s not a typo). The houses are really apartments because space is at a premium. He looked at three different places, in Shibuya, Ebisu, and Neggro (phonetically spelled). They ranged from 650-890 square feet, costing U.S. $700-$1,100/sq. foot.

    The producer’s must-haves were:

    good views that wouldn’t be obstructed by new building construction in a couple years,
    balcony/terrace outdoor space
    two bedrooms,
    rooms that were closed off with real doors & full walls instead of half-walls,
    sound-proof walls,
    within walking distance of restaurants & shops,
    move-in condition, not much reno needed

    He ended up buying the biggest place, which needed some reno, but it also had closet space and the other must-haves. Show info is below. It premiered today, but eventually you’d be able to see part of the episode online or DVR it later in January.

    Fun show, and a fun way to watch travel TV. With all the ca$h you’d make officiating at Gate Weddings, Inc., (with commissions for PG15’s services as wedding coordinator–I second that nomination!), you could find the perfect place in Tokyo. You could co-own a restaurant and jet in 2 or 3 times a year to oversee things and taste-test seasonal menu changes.

    Yeah, we’re feeding this obsession of yours, arent’ we? 😉

  43. Hi Joe:

    Gee, I should be in Montreal. It’s very mild there this holiday season. Here in Alberta, our optometrist has a great giveaway- we get a free ice scraper with every pair of glasses. It’s one of those little bitty ones, made just for lenses. I’m sure you’ve seen them around. Everyone here is now using plastic cutlery because the metal stuff kept sticking to people’s tongues. The temperature(-20 0n a warm day) does solve the problem with flashers. Instead of running up to little old ladies and opening their coats, they run up and describe themselves. Okay, that’s all I’ve got.

    Happy New Year, everyone.


  44. Really, you should have mentioned the windchill… Better yet the sudden drop and then rise in temps!

    For the uninformed: On Monday the temps in Montreal and parts west [where I’m from] was around ZeroC – I was chopping softening ice after the previous night of freezing rain. By next morning [Tues] the mean temp had fallen to -17C to -20C with a windchill of -34C!! – And of course, I had to go to run errands that day! – On Wednesday it all bounced back up to single digits. Right now [Thurs] it’s currently -6C.

    Surprisingly, we have waaay less snow at this time compared to the last 2 years and it’s also been warmer average wise as well. However, when the temps start to yo-yo like they have, there’s a lot more damage going on. As in, water seeps into things and then flash freezes… [Ice expands…] Melts, freezes again…

    Global warming, huh? Yeahrightsureyabetcha!

  45. @Ganymede: But the cold *is* due to GLOBAL WARMING!!! Because we’re all going to freeze to death because the ice caps are melting and changing the temperature of the oceans, making it colder, and so everyone who lives north of an arbitrary line mysteriously similar to the Mason-Dixon line will have to stay inside and burn books to stay warm and… oh wait, that’s The Day After Tomorrow. 😀

    Hope you’re all enjoying your holiday, and happy new year to you all!!!

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