Setting up the gate for the New Mexico shoot (Air III)
Setting up the gate for the New Mexico shoot (Air III) Photo compliments and copyright MGM Television.

To those of you who missed yesterday’s blog entry (Seriously, just click on the link below if it’s not too much trouble), I have officially kicked off our No Fan Left Behind campaign aimed at getting Stargate fans and first-timers on board for the launch of Stargate: Universe. If you’re in the U.S,. circle October 2nd on your calendars because that’s the night the series premieres on SyFy with a special double episode: Air I and II. To those Canadian fans who’ve been asking, I’ve been informed that SGU will be premiering around the same time in Canada on SPACE. As for our U.K. contingent, the show premieres four days later, October 6th, in your neck of the woods on Sky 1. I’m well aware that there are many of you out there in other parts of the world looking forward to this latest Stargate incarnation and will do my best to get details on where and when the show will be premiering in your area.

Sgt. Ronald Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) and Dr. Franklin (Mark Burgess) explore Destiny (photo compliments and copyright MGM Television).
Sgt. Ronald Greer (Jamil Walker Smith) and Dr. Franklin (Mark Burgess) explore Destiny (photo compliments and copyright MGM Television).

In the meantime, ask around and if you find out the details for your respective regions, let me know. I’ll keep an updated schedule of Stargate: Universe’s premiere dates around the world. And if your local broadcasters haven’t picked up the show yet – ask them what’s up?!

Ancient telescope on the ship's observation deck.
Ancient telescope on the ship’s observation deck.

We’re counting on your support, so get out there and let everyone know about the show: friends, relatives, co-workers, and those complete strangers sharing the bus ride with you. Get online and spread the word. Get the word out, Stargate Troopers!

Early concept art of Destiny's observation deck.
Early concept art of Destiny’s observation deck.

As promised, I’m going to start treating readers to sneak peeks at the brand new Stargate: Universe series as well as offering up a few of the many behind the scenes never-before-seen snaps from Stargate: Atlantis. In the interest of saving myself time and space, the photos I’ll be posting will be down-rezzed versions of the originals. However, what I’d like to do is post a poll mid-month and have you all vote on your top 3 favorite pics. At month’s end, I’ll repost the top 3 vote getters in their gloriously unwieldy hi-rez versions – perfect for wallpapering your child‘s bedroom or the inside of your car.

Director Andy Mikita and co. (Grizz, Mark, Ryan, and Shannon).  Photo compliments and copyright MGM Television.
Director Andy Mikita and co. (Grizz, Mark, Ryan, and Shannon). Photo compliments and copyright MGM Television.

Before I proceed, a few thank you’s are in order. First and foremost, a huge thank you to a guy I’ve mentioned countless times of late – MGM’s Grey Munford, a marketing machine, whose tireless drive and big picture promotion of Stargate: Universe has impressed not only fans, established and prospective, but some of the most un-impressible individuals in the business. Namely, me and my fellow producers. And thanks to Grey for offering up these terrific photos for the blog. Also on the MGM side, I’d like to thank Kelly Richards (Digital Media, Marketing, Promotions & Publicity), the keeper of the keys to the vast Stargate photo archive. Her continued support has been invaluable in bringing these pictures to you. On the SyFy side, a big thanks to Erika Kennair, the network’s SGU point-person, for her creative contributions to the many brainstorming sessions we’ve had in our search for ways to reach out to you all in advance of the premiere. Erika has some wonderful surprises in the works… And finally, of course, many, many thanks to the photographers whose work is on display: Carole Segal for the Stargate: Universe episodic photos, Gregory E. Peters for the photos from the New Mexico shoot, Art Streiber for the SGU gallery shots, and Eike Shroeter for the Stargate: Atlantis season 5 episodic stills.



In the script's original draft, Sheppard is alone in the cockpit.  SyFy Exec Chris Sanagustin suggested that, rather than stowing the baby away with the others, our hero should have the infant with him instead.  It was a great idea and offered up one of the episode's more touching moments.  Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
In the script’s original draft, Sheppard is alone in the cockpit. SyFy Exec Chris Sanagustin suggested that, rather than stowing the baby away with the others, our hero should have the infant with him instead. It was a great idea and offered up one of the episode’s more touching moments. Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

A reminder to all. David Blue (aka SGU’s Eli Wallace) is eager to field some fan questions so if you‘d like to ask him something, post away. We’re off to a torrid start, with an impressive six pages full of fan queries in Day 1 alone!

Familiar grounds.  Das, am I making you homesick?  Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5.  (Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
Familiar grounds. Das, am I making you homesick? Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5. (Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

While I’m in reminder mode, allow me to remind interested parties to finish up September’s Book of the Month Club selection: Heroes Die. Discussion on the novel begins next week when we’ll be joined by author Matthew Woodring Stover.

Among the many riffs writer-producer Martin Gero used to do was one involving Kanaan's first introduction to his son.  "Kanaan, this is your baby."  Kanaan: "For Kanaan?  Kanaan eat baby?"  "No!  No, Kanaan!  Kanaan NO eat baby!"  Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
Among the many riffs writer-producer Martin Gero used to do was one involving Kanaan’s first introduction to his son. “Kanaan, this is your baby.” Kanaan: “For Kanaan? Kanaan eat?” “No! No, Kanaan! Bad!  Kanaan NO eat baby!” Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Hey, great news! For me anyway. I finished the rewrite on both my scripts. Well, with episodes #19 and #20 behind me, I can finally set my sights on thinking ahead to some possible second season (fingers crossed) stories, watching the various cuts and mixes, and, most importantly, whiling away the afternoons in Carl’s office talking about my upcoming Tokyo trip while he does his best to pretend he’s fallen asleep in the hopes I’ll leave.

Our intrepid trio.  Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
Our intrepid trio. Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
Good times.  Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
Good times. Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

84 thoughts on “August 31, 2009: Stargate: Universe Pics! Stargate: Atlantis Pics! Brought To You By’s And Thank You’s!

  1. Haha I thought of a bunch more questions for David, but most had been asked already. Never fear, I’m sure I’ll think of a few more before time runs out! And David said he already agreed to do another Q&A *after* the show airs, so I CANNOT wait to ask him about specific episodes!!! Heck, I CANNOT wait to see them!

  2. Thanks for the piccies! 😀

    re: “For Kanaan? Kanaan eat?” “No! No, Kanaan! Bad! Kanaan NO eat baby!” — ROFLMAO!! XD I nearly spit my water all over my screen! XD

    How’s Jelly?

  3. “Das, am I making you homesick?”

    Okay, is that a crack about my house because I haven’t cleared out the cobwebs in a couple of weeks???! 😡 And since when have you taken to peeking in my windows??! 😮 Li’l PERVERT!

    And yes…you are making me homesick… 🙁 Now I’m missing my pasty green fellers all over again. WAAAAHHH!!!! Happy now? You made me cry. Big meanie. It’s not nice to play rough with my perimenopausal hormones!


    Now I need chocolate. And Todd. Or Elric. Or Zenith. Oh, hell with it, I’ll just plop a white cotton mop on Mr. Das and call it a night! Woo!


  4. Yay, piccies! The Hoth set looks pretty cool too (heh. See what I did thar). I am *totally* stoked for this!
    So when do you start prep on Incursion?

  5. Awww, just got all nostalgic. I miss the SGA team.
    Was watching an interview with Tarantino the other night. Still think he’s awfully like David Hewlett.
    I desperately want to disconnect our Foxtel (I loathe telcos and am on a mission to rid us of them as much as possible) but hearing that SGU is premiering in Aus only one week after it premieres elsewhere I’m finding it really hard to make the call. Damn you Joe!

  6. Thanks so very, very much for the Atlantis pictures!
    I love them!
    So nostalgic now…

  7. @Elena: He pasado so pregunta al jefe de Syfy en mensaje de Twitter. Usualmente, él responda con rapidez.

    Trans: I’ve passed your question to the chief of Syfy via Twitter. He usually responds quickly.

    For David Blue: What’s your favorite technque for learning lines?

  8. The Atlantis pics were a refreshing fix for someone in serious withdrawals. Hope there are many more to come. A fan’s thanks to all those “PTB” you named, who have helped out the franchise. Now, just as soon as circumstances allow, can we please get word on the movies? I’m enjoying the “cake” Mr. M. is providing, but some icing would be nice. Besides, I want to hear that distant screech that Das will let out when she knows she gets to see Todd again. Thanks as always for the pics, and looking forward to the upcoming book review. Now, if I could just come up with some questions for Mr. Blue and Mr. Stover that won’t insult their intellegences.

  9. Hahaha, nice telescope! The Ancients are such tourists; does that thing have a slot for a quarter or something? 😉

    That shot of the gate in the White Sands is just epic; the fact that Mr. Mizel is all dressed up in desert gear and looking badass just adds to it. I can’t wait to see that part. I’m also looking forward to the beautiful music that will no doubt follow a montage of the team walking through the desert, just like what was done with Carter and Cam’s trek through the Arctic.

    I can bigify the SGA pics just fine (and they are great, by the way; thanks!), so I’m not sure what you mean when you say that they are “down-rezzed versions”; how huge are the originals?!

    LOL @ the Kanaan baby riff. I couldn’t stop laughing!!

    Looks like the blog is really gearing up for the premier! This is going to be very exciting!

    Oh hey, MGM and Syfy uploaded the SGU theatrical trailer onto the ‘net today; it was basically a shortened version of the Comic Con trailer. Ah well, they weren’t meant for us anyway; they were meant for the general public. Speaking of which, both The Final Destination and H2 are doing great business! Looks like the marketting people are hitting all the right notes!

    Question for David Blue:

    How close are you to getting the non-Twittering SGU cast members onto twitter?

  10. Thanks for the SGA pics….much appreciated. Those guys were the best.

    It’s sad Amanda can’t come down to Australia but I’m rapt that Joe is coming down here again. Yay!

    I was listening to the Remnants commentary. I think Rob totally had your number. Doesn’t matter, I enjoyed the whump anyway.

    So why is everyone wearing masks on the ice set?

    Cheers, Chev

  11. Hey Joe,

    I attended Fan Expo here in Toronto, Canada and went to the SPACE Channel panel where they discussed their fall line-up. SGU will air in tandem with Syfy on Oct 2nd. Also, aside from that date because of the two part episode, Sanctuary will lead into SGU every week.



  12. Hey everyone my sister is finally Pregnant. I’m going to be an Aunt!!!

    @Joe Well it’s official. My house on October 2nd. About 30 to 40 of my friends will be coming over for a premier party. Most are non scifi people. Other than Foie Gras have any ideas as to what to serve them? Blue Jello is a must.

    @Das I’m sorry sugar. The Wrath happen to be the favorite among all my vampire loving friend. I just assumed and I was wrong. Do forgive me hun… please… I like Todd very much too!

    @Trish I just couldn’t get into Doctor Who for some reason and I have no idea about the deodorization issue. I usually just grab the travel stuff at a store after I get to my destination.

  13. Question for David Blue

    Hi David!!!!

    I’m just a bit curious about your web site. Why did you chose to quote T. E. Lawrence “the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with eyes open, to make it possible.” and why not use the whole quote? You only have the second half up there.

  14. I apolgize for re-posting this, but it’s… important. You know, being a fanatic and stuff 🙂
    From 28th August blog mailbag:

    AnneTeldy writes: “ People can only travel one way through a stargate’s wormhole: planet of origin to destination. What happens if a person crosses the event horizon going the wrong way: destination to planet of origin?”

    Answer: The gate will spit them back out.

    Then what happened to the MALP in “A hundred days”? =/

  15. Lovely. Thanks for the UK date; Sky are a little slow in updating their website. It’s only 4 days delay, which is fine, I just have to avoid your blog and comments for those days!

  16. Thanks for posting these pictures, I can’t wait to see more!

    I do have a question for you, is the SGU gate a newer or older model compared to the Milky Way- and Pegasus-style gates? I always assumed it was newer, but that may not be the case at all.


  17. Joe, Sifi signal asked some of the writer’s to select their top 5 SCI-FI movie’s. I saw that most of you selected DONNIE DARKO well i never saw the movie. Picked it up on Bleu Ray it was great a good Phycological thriller….HMMM Wonder how I missed this one….came out in 2001.

  18. Q for David:
    As a Vancouverite myself, I am interested in knowing what your favourite thing is about shooting in Vancouver?

  19. Hey Joe,

    Another perfect ending…love the pictures. I love your idea of picking three favorites. Very thoughtful…can’t wait to see which ones.

    Did you guys really go to New Mexico to film? I know that might seem rhetorical, but I don’t think I heard of SGU filming here in the states. Have they done it before? If so, where?

    No more DB questions from me. Fracking how many pages? David kept encouraging everyone because he said he wanted a bunch of good ones to choose from. Maybe you should tell him how much you have. lol

    Best to you Joe,

  20. Love the pics — thanks to all concerned for making them available, and to you for posting them. (And thanks in advance for all we’ll get to see.) They remind me so much of the awesomeness that the SG team can create when everything comes together just right — which has been very often, for me, and that’s from someone who hadn’t even bothered owning a TV; it was just part of a package deal I seem to have made at some point. *scratches head in confusion* – Anyway, I was hooked from the first scene of SGA, and backtracking into SG-1 followed soon after. I do miss SGA a lot, but that’s not keeping me from strongly anticipating SGU. I really wanna see you guys hit another one out of the park.

    @Thornyrose – Thanks for providing an email address for further chats about medical matters, or whatever is of mutual interest.

  21. JOE,

    Thanks on the SPACE-C heads up! Guess I’ll have to remove the pile of DVDs stacked in front of my TV set now… Whip out the Dyson to remove the cocoon that’s been forming around it… — Hey, DAS! That hive pic – IS my room!! …Ah! There’s a little “Todd” trying to scurry away even now…

    Hey, GirlFriend! Congrats to you & Sis! And welcome to the “A” Club!

  22. @ suziesbluefeather – No worries. I’m kinda…picky. It’s so hard for me to pinpoint what works – and what doesn’t work – for me. I guess everyone is like that – we just ‘like what we like’ as they say, no explanations necessary.

    But that’s never stopped me! 😀

    We (Sparrowhawk and I) were just having this same discussion with Mr. Moorcock regarding Zenith the Albino – what attracts us to this sort of character, and we got into discussing his sense of honor. I think Mike summed it up well when he said, “Zenith IS chivalrous, I think. But like so many characters of that kind (you find them in Westerns, for instance) he’d go to his death before admitting he would do or say anything which struck him as sentimental.”

    And that also sums up the sort of characters I like – they all have this sense of honor – they keep their word – but they also will do the right thing just because it IS the right thing to do, but they’d never admit to such altruism out loud.

    For instance, Mad Max said, “I wanna drive that truck”, not “I wanna save you nice people by driving that big scary truck for you, drawing off the bad guys after myself while you escape out the back door, because…ya know…I like you guys.” Nah…that would have made him look all wussylike. 🙂

    I just love those characters who do the right thing without explaining themselves, without trying to get people to understand why they do the things they do.

    So, if I look at all my favorite characters through the years, they are chilvarous and honorable, often to a superlative degree. However, they canNOT be like Superman – all good, with no inner demons. I need the conflict, I need my characters fighting as much on the inside as they do on the outside…I need a reason for their honorable actions to be more meaningful than those of the man who is all good, all the time. Mad Max, Eastwood’s ‘no name’ characters (and some with names, like Josey Wales), Horatio Hornblower, Wolverine, Elric, Zenith…they all fit the bill.

    Now, how does Todd fit into this? Well, I think Todd fits in quite well. His nature is to kill humans, and yet – and even if it’s only for his own benefit – he keeps his word to them. He has a sense of honor, even if it’s a Wraith sense of honor. And he obviously has a crush on Sheppard, though he’d never admit that out loud! 🙂 He is probably more like Zenith since both are ‘villains’, and both are primarily looking out for themselves, and yet he still is true to his word.

    As far as the other Wraith are concerned, they, of course, don’t have this sense of honor…at least, not as a whole. They appeal to me on an entirely different level, one in which I can sympathize with their situation and their need for sustenance and survival. I can’t do this with regular vampires since, technically, they are already dead and just wearing out their welcome among the living…holding onto a physical existence to which they really have no rights.

    Wraith, on the other hand, are struggling not to die in the first place, which just makes them more sympathetic characters in my eyes. And, yeah…the hair helps, too. But even great hair can’t save a crappy character, so it is much more than their physical appearance that has won me over, it’s the whole package – their appearance, their personality, their physical needs, their biology/physiology, their culture and society (the little we’ve seen of it), their organic environment and tech – it all factors into their appeal.

    And it’s 2:30 and I should be in bed…



  23. Coucou Joseph =) ça va ?

    Moi oui trés bien, j’ai enfin reçu les Q/A de Ben =)
    Je vous envoie le lien dés que c’est en ligne!

    Waou!! Merci pour toutes ces photos inédites!!!
    Je suis sure que SGU sera un grand succés =)

    Quand vous serez pourriez vous me dire quand sgu va sortir en France ?

    Ils ont de la chance au Etats Uni de voir les épisodes le 2 !! …même si moi je vais surement regarder peu aprés, mais bon en anglais je suis un peu nul.

    Passez une bonne journée!

  24. You think dropping in a few Atlantis pics will make up for tossing SGA aside for the shiney new SGU. The desperation to get fans to watch SGU is becoming pathetic and Michael Shanks begging fans to watch it at the Chicago convention was just as bad. His message was to watch it just so you can say how much you hate it. Out of hundreds of fans only a handful supported it and I wonder if Michael passed on the reasons the audience gave for not wanting to watch SGU.

    The ptb didnt care less about the SGA fans and they have already left them behind. They also don’t care where they get their audience from as long as they get their numbers, but yet expect these fans to spread the word about SGU.
    Besides the deplorable way SGA and her fans were treated SGU has no interest for me at all. Everythng I loved about Stargate has been taken away and this new cast has no appeal either. So this fan has already been left behind.

    I’m sure SGU will find a new audience who is interested in this kind of show but from the reaction at Chicago and in many of the forums it won’t be from the existing Stargate fanbase, except for the fanboys.

    I wish this new cast well but the franchise is over for me. If half the attention had been put into SGA that is being put into SGU we wouldnt have needed any new show to take the franchise into the future, SGA could have accomplished that quite well. Shame that BW and RCC became bored with it.

  25. Destiny’s observation deck is no different from the balcony on atlantis , you could have tried to make it look different !

  26. Hey Joe,

    Fantastic pictures!!! And now I have to run and tell all my Joe F. loving friends *looooooookie at Joe’s blog! Pictures of Joe F.!!! Two of ’em in fact!!!* So great to see the SGA team. 🙂

    When would you know about a second season? I mean, obviously this is too early, way to early. But is it possible you could hear something this year?

    How is Jelly doing? And the other pups? Ziggy hasn’t eaten a feather pillow in a good month. So that, to me, means he’s good. And Annabelle is her sweet, wonderful self.

    Trish 😀

    @suziesbluefeather: 😯 You *never* could get into Dr. Who???? 😯 I… I dunno what to say… The Doctor is teh awesome! Of course I was raised on a steady diet of Dr. Who, Monty Python, Star Trek (the original show) and the Muppet Show. So maybe it’s a campy/dry humor thing? The beauty of sci-fi is there is always something for everyone out there. 😀

    @otros ojos: I keep meaning to tell you, I doubt Allie would think you’re a wimp. She knows she’s a horror fan freak. It just doesn’t bother her like it does you and me. When she wants to see whatever horror movie is out I have to say, “Wait till your Dad gets home. He might take you.” And sometimes even her Dad can’t take her. 😀 The kind of horror I like is *Scream*. That’s about all I can handle. Which is probably why District 9 was so not the movie for me. There is still one scene I cannot get outta my head. *shudder*

  27. Ahh thanks for remembering the rest of us, Joe 🙂

    Ohhhh desert! My favourite!!!
    Vegas and Last Man from SGA are my absolutely two favourite-LOOKING episodes, the colors were just amazing (there was some desert in SG1 but it always looked a big bland). I was practically ready to kiss the ground the CGI crew and light director were walking on after Vegas and last man though.

    Sure hope they’re not gonna be in desert camo though. Sand isn’t Teyla’s or Ronon’s color, and it most definitely isn’t Shep’s either. As for Rodney and Jenn, you can put them in anything so.

    Love the ancient telescope. It really shows some Steampunk influences. I love how despite supposedly being leftovers from ancient civilisations, Stargate distinctly shows a reflection of that moment’s fashionables. Stargate the movie had all this almost tacky glitter, so typical for the early 90’s with the lurex-threaded pullovers. Stargate the show then evolved to show influences of eco, gothic, EBM and history fair subcultures. Stargate Atlantis went for the ikea look and then fashionable design materials, with a definite horror movie POV with the Wraith.
    Now from what you’re showing, the destiny’s set looks rather grim (fitting in the economical climate, frankly) with some steampunk and some definite airsoft and cosplay influences in the costumes…
    And yet all of it does still seem credible – well, more or less – as belonging to one ancient civilisation. A job well done.

  28. Thanks so much for all the pictures Joe – you really made my morning!

    BTW – that sound you’re hearing is all the fangirls’ ovaries exploding thanks to the pic of Joe Flanigan with the baby…. more please? *lol*

  29. One of the biggest disadvantages of ditching TV and relying on video on demand, DVD and now Blu-Ray, is that one has to wait until these things air on their respective channels before any chance of seeing it legally.

    We don’t have Hulu in the UK yet. MGM does not allow streaming outside the US. Unless Sky One decide to stream SGU on their Sky Player (and I’m sure they will), but this requires paying them the exact same amount monthly for a Sky Player only subscription as it does with the TV package. Don’t entirely agree with that since it’s so bloody convulated that I have trouble making head or tail of what is included within a subscription and what needs a separate rental.

    I’m in for a very long wait, or have to find somebody with Sky who would be willing to now record the show on DVD through their PVR. Which is a pain for all concern (it was bad enough for Atlantis until the official DVDs came out).

    Can we get MGM to get these episodes out on iTunes UK relatively soon-ish after US/UK broadcast, please? I can cope with that. Pricing is relatively reasonable too.

  30. I stopped coming here when you stopped posting SGA pics and vids. SGA and the core cast (Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa, Rachel Luttrell and David Hewlett) are my only interest within the Stargate franchise.
    Now I came back here today thanks to a heads-up in fandom about the Atlantis pics. Thanks for these pics, especially the ones with Shep/Joe Flanigan. He’ll always be my favorite character and actor.
    I have no interest in neither SG-1 nor SGU, but as long as you keep posting SGA stuff, I’ll keep coming back 🙂 I hope there’s an Atlantis movie someday. I continue supporting the SGA core cast in their new projects, especially Joe Flanigan.

  31. Yes yes, but give us a trailer on HD not that lowres faux youtube rubbish resolution 🙂

  32. Joe,
    Ever thought about selling each ep after it airs?
    It would be nice for people around here (Australia) who don’t have pay T.V.
    Just a thought……

  33. “Kanaan, this is your baby.” Kanaan: “For Kanaan? Kanaan eat?” “No! No, Kanaan! Bad! Kanaan NO eat baby!”
    Hahaha!! This really made my day! 😀

    For Germany: SGU has been bought by RTL2 which is showing s5 for the first time at the moment (last ep was “The Shrine” — awesome acting by David Hewlett, and the whole episode was … well that, awesome). I think they will bring it next spring or so.

    Thanks for posting the photos.

  34. October 2. Got it. We’ll be setting the TiVo, as we’ll be busy with the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. But I know what we’re doing first thing the night of Sunday October 4. (Well, first thing after making sure the babies are asleep.)

  35. Joe,

    From what I’ve seen of the Destiny pics, it looks very Steampunk. Is that the look they are going for?

  36. Ka-Sweet, I’ll be sure to tell all my friends. And if I find tge time and willpower, I’ll do some YouTube thing for SGU. Like mail all 100 of my contacts regarding SGU!! Thanks for tge set pics, especially the desert one. October 2nd is so far, but with all this hype, I might just wait for the premier and not watch the leaked version(though I will still have an SGU premier party with all my friends October 2nd). Ok so a few questions.

    1. Have you shot Lost yet, or will that come after pain?

    2. What’s the difference between a cut and a mix. I know they’re both visual(like I know a mix isn’t a score cause I heard you say you watched the day 2 mix of air). Also what does the day 1 day 2 and day 3 mixes mean? Like why isn’t it just mix 1 and mix 2?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  37. @ Mealla McAllister –
    Are those in the original voice, or german voice-overs? I’m just asking cuz I *could* actually get that here, just would take some puzzling.

  38. Thanks for the great pix especially Joe F. I miss SGA.

    I admitted a long time ago that Doctor Who is an acquired taste. From an early age I liked scones and jelly babies so it was easy for me to like. The kids think it’s weird.

  39. Thank you for the pictures Mr. M., I have no questions for David Blue. Everyone asked great questions. I’ll be content just to read his answers to those.

    From the trailers I’ve seen of SGU, I believe David Blue will be my favorite character! He comes across with that “Deer in the headlights look”, so convincingly 🙂 .

    The SGA pictures are quite a surprise and much appreciated! Was it difficult working with a baby on the set? Having three kids of his own, I imagine J.F. might have been ok with it but some dads skip the baby phase. I don’t know how comfortable he was working with an infant. Don’t answer if you feel you might cause an outcrying 😉 .

    My hubby referred to himself as “The Toy”, only there to entertain the baby. So I know that not ALL dads would feel comfrontable working with an infant. Although, my hubby would pinch hit with the baby in event of my illness:) .


  40. On first glance, I thought the guy in the first picture had a monkey on his shoulder.

  41. Joe: Thanks so much for the SGA photos. However, I’m curious as to why now, when the emphasis is on everything SGU? Sad to say, your use of nothing but superlatives to describe each and every single aspect of SGU, as well as everything I’ve read or seen, have been unable to interest me in the show. I wasn’t much of a fan of SG1 and was totally astounded when I got sucked into the SGA vortex, so perhaps this is natural? I would also like to echo Christine’s comment that it is too bad that TPTB didn’t devote as much time and attention to the details of SGA as they appear to be doing with SGU. I find all of this rather bittersweet.

  42. Two more questions for David Blue. Silly, but why not?

    1) What question would you loved fans to have asked you, but no one did, and what’s the answer?

    2) When are you gonna lend technically-challenged (his own words) Brian a hand and set him up with a neat background on his twitter? Time’s ticking away till the SGU premiere! 😉 Gotta spiff up!


  43. Hi Joe,

    All the pics are great! Love the ancient telescope.

    Questions for David Blue:

    1. If you could work with any film director (living or dead), who would pick?
    2. Which actors on SGU do you have the most scenes with?
    3. Which comedians have influenced your work the most?
    4. Cake or death?

  44. Martin Gero is a funny man. Very funny.

    Hey, those pics sure look fine to me. And thanks for the previews pics of SGU. Can’t wait to see it.

    Why does Jason always have a smile on his face when he’s not filming SGA? Kind of like Chris Judge? Can’t wait for more SGA pics. Are you going to have themes or do them by seasons so we can vote?

  45. Yay! SGU is going to be on Space! Thanks for letting us know, Joe. Now I hope they are going to show season 5 of SGA soon as they’ve only just finished showing season 4.
    Is it Jelly’s birthday today? If so then Happy Birthday Jelly!

  46. Hey Joe.

    One for the mailbag!

    I was watching the extra’s on season 2 CSI (the original) DVD’s and they said some of the special effects were done at “Stargate films”

    What’s up with that? Are Stargate and CSI in one mother company or something?

  47. Mr. M,

    Congratulations on finishing your rewrite.

    August has passed without me receiving the late birthday present you promised. The script page from “my” episode”Whispers”, remember? Any chance I’ll get it before Stargate Universe’s October 2nd premiere?

    Anne Teldy

  48. Wow…so many questions for David!! I’ll hold off asking for now – let others have an opportunity. Besides, everyone knows what I’ll ask: Boxers, or briefs?? 😉


  49. Oh and another question for the mailbag if you don’t mind.

    Is Andy Mikita directing Pain?

    Thanks do much,
    Major D. Davis

  50. Stargate Universe premiers in Canada on SPACE on October 2nd, at 9pm ET/6pm PT. Source:

    That’s right, us Canadians will get to watch SGU either at the same time as or before the Americans! 😛

  51. @Christine – You said this: “The desperation to get fans to watch SGU is becoming pathetic and Michael Shanks begging fans to watch it at the Chicago convention was just as bad. His message was to watch it just so you can say how much you hate it.”

    Maybe I didn’t really understand your message about what Michael Shanks said at the Chicago convention, but the impression I get from your words is that you think that was MS’s position. The impression I got from *him* at the con (I was there) was that he was rather dismayed at the reaction of the audience to talk of SGU. I think he may have been shocked. He tried to talk it up at least briefly, and the message I took away was that fans should give it a chance, as they had with SG1 and SGA.

    I don’t think I imagined that. He wasn’t negative about the show at all, but he sure seemed surprised at the negativity in the crowd. I was too, when it came down to it. There was almost no positive response. Michael wasn’t the only actor to notice that as well, and he wasn’t the only one to be surprised by it. But none of the actors were negative about the show, and those who spoke to the issue said to give the show a chance, that fans just might like what is being done.


  52. Hi from France
    Thanks for sharing this pics about SGA.
    So many regrets.
    Thanks for Joe Flanigan pics and the cast core too.
    I appreciate you spoke again of SGA and especially Joe F and you chose pics with him. THANKS. Sheppard is my fav character and Joe Flanigan is a great actor and fine man(just my opinion). So thanks to him and his pals and crew to give them so pleasure.
    I must add I’m still disappointed by incomprehensible SGA cancellation and sadly after having watched SGU teasers or trailer I’m not appeal at all by this new spin. I’ve not interest in SGU at all. Maybe It’s due to the way used to cancel SGA and how cast and fans have been treated or coz I belong to this mid age bracket.
    Sad to see some beg us to watch SGU and acting like this makes me more unconfortable.
    I add I was a huge stargate fan for 15 years so I’m so sad by all of this lost by now. I remain huge SGA viewer. Despite of crisis and DVD market turn down I bought 5th SGA complete season box.
    Someone posted here the 5th season has the best sales of all SG1 or SGA seasons.
    Thanks again for SGA pics
    PS sorry for my grammar mistakes.

  53. Joe, you left me behind when you downplayed Sheppard’s character in Season 5. You left me behind when you showed Ronon to be an illiterate thug in “Prodigal.” You left me behind when you showcased Keller at the expense of the main characters in Season 5 (I liked Keller in S4; in S5, she made my teeth hurt). You left me behind when you turned McKay into a hollow shell of himself in S5. You left me behind when you ignored Ronon and Teyla in the day to day life of Atlantis. You left me behind when you canceled SGA in favor of SGU. If I’m not the demographic you’re looking for, you’re not the entertainment I want. So long, Joe.

  54. @Mary and @Christine
    Here is a link to an article on Gateworld where MS elaborates a little bit on his feelings towards SGU and the fan reaction so far:

    Two quotes:
    “I’ve never seen so many knives being sharpened for a show being aired, especially by the fans of the franchise, as I’ve seen over this past year when it came to Universe,” Shanks told GateWorld’s Chad Colvin. “I’ve also seen a lot of love for it. … But I’m just kind of surprised at the waiting-in-the-wings tension that is almost desirous for this thing to fall on its face. And I think that’s a mistake.”

    “I think the most important thing is watch the show,” he said. “Judge from what you see. I didn’t think much about it until I watched the trailer that they had done for the pilot and I went ‘Wow! This looks cool!’ And I know from interacting with that cast, they’ve got a great group there. They have some amazing actors led by the profoundly amazing Robert Carlyle, who I couldn’t say enough about. I think it’s worth a look. I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised.”

  55. Well if they didn’t want the fans to be all negative about it, maybe they shouldn’t have cancelled SGA only to begin with Universe the season directly following it. Just a thought.

    I mean now it’s kind of like somebody hitting your pet with a car and then buying you a completely different pet and saying “Here, give this one a try, I’m sure you’ll learn to love it.”

  56. Joe, Thanks for the information and more pictures are appreciated. Looking forward and not left behind, Oct 2nd, will watch and tape it as well, rewatching is almost as good!
    It all seems to be happening quickly now, the downhill slide, what a ride! Come on SGU! 😎

  57. Bon joseph je vous dit bonne nuit=)

    Demain c’est la rentrée des classes!
    Je suis impatiente!

    Passez une bonne journée!

  58. For the aussies out there… looks like channel 10 will air SGU 10 weeks after it airs on SciFi Australia (which is one week behind the USA.)

  59. I get the same feeling that Mr. Shanks talked about, so many knives being sharpened for SGU, but I don’t get it. Isn’t this something like 3rd grade and immediately not liking the new student just because? What’s done is done, and there’s nothing we can do to change that – let’s get on with it already. To those of you who simply refuse to watch it (and I doubt that will really be the case – I can see you all glued to your sets on Oct. 2nd), I guess that’s your loss. Personally, I’ve loved the past two incarnations and am confident that “these people” (that means you and company, Joe) know what they’re doing and will deliver something most of us will enjoy. I don’t perceive Joe as “begging” anybody to watch SGU, but rather, I feel his enthusiasm. What is coming across loud and clear, however, is the nastiness and immaturity of way too many people over a tv show. A TV SHOW. I hope that those of you who have had nothing but negative comments and opinions do watch the show, and if you like it, at least think about issuing an apology.

  60. kangamoo
    Interesting as I’d heard yesterday that Channel 7 owns SGA but used the reason of ‘not enough viewers’ to put it on.
    I guess Channel 10 is more of a Stargate demographic.

  61. I’ve been staying away from this debate as I’m not one that particularly enjoys beatings around the head. But what can I say, sometimes my brain makes stupid decisions before it’s consumed caffeine.

    Liz wrote:

    I mean now it’s kind of like somebody hitting your pet with a car and then buying you a completely different pet and saying “Here, give this one a try, I’m sure you’ll learn to love it.”

    Ok, I’m jumping on the analogy bandwagon.
    As an adopter of dogs, I can relate in some part to your analogy. But it seems we see things in a different light. Mind if I give you my interpretation of your analogy from my point of view?

    I’ve lost dogs, and when I’m ready, I go out and take another one in. Doesn’t make them any less special than my previous dogs just because they’re different. And it doesn’t mean I ever forget the dogs that came before, they’ve all touched my life. But to continue to dwell on the sadness over a situation that cannot be changed, it will consume you.

    So is it just time to grieve that will allow the people who refuse to watch SGU because of SGA’s cancellation be able to adopt another version of the Stargate franchise? Or is it because it isn’t Old Yeller and never will be Old Yeller that backs will be turned to the TV with a raised nose and defiant huff?

    To compare the cancellation of a TV show to the loss of a pet… I would give up TV and any possession I have, if it meant saving the life of one of my pets. There is no comparison for me. And maybe that’s my problem when it comes to not hating SGU, there are other parts of my life I’d rather channel that energy into.

  62. Question for David:

    What is the most memorable and/or most hilarious moment you’ve experienced on the set of SGU thusfar?


  63. To Mea and Port Dover. I am a tad confused. First, you state there were several reasons you were severely disappointed in SGA. Then you get mad it’s cancelled? Also, while Mr. M. is providing you a venue to vent, please note that he did not make the decision to cancel. He was in fact one of the show runners, and its cancellation was in a sense a demotion back to the writing pool. I too am still angry at the show’s cancellation, but the show is a business. So unless I can figure a way to come up with the money to produce the show myself, I am resigned to the fact the best we can hope for is movies. And while the timing on SGU stunk to high heaven, that again was not Mr. M’s decision. And while I feel some resentment to the show, the fact is there isn’t that much good sci fi out there. The franchise has delivered a good product before, and I’ll at least watch and see if they continue to do so. And if and when the movies come back, perhaps you’ll deign to inform us how crappy it was too, after viewing it several times.

  64. IMO the TPTB have botch the launch of SGU and have damage the franchise. It’s clearer now that the previous fan base will not be following SGU in numbers that TPTB had hope for. It doesn’t help the promise SGA & SG1 movies in lieu of the cancel SGA series looks dimmer everyday.

    So may be the new fan base they are aiming for will leave their gaming consoles and gaming desktops long enough to post audience numbers to keep the franchise going. Then again maybe not.

    The amount of resources spend on rolling out SGU seems enough to complete the SGA series and gradually introduce the SGU series without alienating the fan base.

    My long ago posted comments about SGU looking like the “A-Team” seems much closer to reality than I realized at the time. Until SGU proven otherwise, it’s looks like a disaster of the week show. Still will catch the first few show to evaluate the new series.

    TBTB better have a plan B in reserve.

  65. “No! No, Kanaan! Bad! Kanaan NO eat baby!”

    I love you, Martin Gero. Will you marry me?

    Well, no, wait. Come to think of it, I’m already married. Scratch that.

    I’d pay good money to see that riff on video, though. 😀

  66. Oh hey, thanks for the Search and Rescue pics. One of my favorite SGA episodes.

  67. @Thornyrose
    What I seconded were all the changes made to the characters which ended up being detrimental to the TEAM dynamic which was what I liked best.

  68. Appreciate the photos. I was a true fan of Atlantis, but took it in stride when it was cancelled (TV being what it is), so I really like hearing any new info, or seeing new pics. That said, I’m looking forward to SGU, as there’s no doubt you’ll deliver the same quality of entertainment as the previous two series.

  69. Incidentally, Destiny’s observation deck looks a whole lot like Atlantis’ control room balcony.

  70. @Liz (sorry for the late answer)
    German dubbing, as everything is done here. *grumbles over the lost Scottish accent of Beckett and Zelenka’s lost Czech lines*

  71. This made me laugh so hard. No fan left behind?? You’ve got to be kidding me. Since the day that SGA was canceled and SGU was greenlit (simultaneously, what a nice touch), I’ve heard nothing but praise for the new show (aimed at a younger, hipper and presumably more cash-worthy demographic) while concurrently denigrating the cast and fans of SGA.

    I would have accepted the cancellation with grace a long time ago (after all, shows come and go), had it not been for the continued sideways slams at the cast of SGA, as though somehow SGA was the red-haired child of the franchise. And the overweening arrogance on the part of various producers being interviewed about the new show and why it will be ten times better than the old. Apparently, the previous fanbase was presumed to be as disposable as the cast and crew of the shows themselves. Now all the sudden, there seems to be a change in heart!

    I have never been motivated to leave my opinion on someone else’s blog until I read this. I’m tempted to say more, but I learned a long time ago that my opinion doesn’t matter with your franchise. Don’t bother looking for this fan, I’ll be watching Defying Gravity…for as long as it airs.

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