Chaos on Destiny (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
Chaos on Destiny (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).



Up to now, we’ve busied ourselves with spinning, story breaking, scriptwriting, critiquing, prep, post, and watching of the various dailies, cuts, and mixes but yesterday, we got down to the really important business of football. Yes, it was time make our Dark Horse and Reverse Dark Horse picks for the upcoming NFL season. The Dark Horse is the team with a below 500 record last year who you believe will surprise by having the best record this year. My pick: the once lowly 7-9 San Francisco 49ers who I predict, under head coach Mike Singletary, will turn it around this year in impressive fashion. The Reverse Dark Horse is, as the title implies, the team with an above 500 record in 2008 who you believe will disappoint by having the worst record this year. My pick – sorry Atlanta – but I foresee lean times ahead for the once high-flying Falcons.

Sgt. Ronald Greer (Eagles fan Jamil Walker Smith) armed and ready.  Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.
Sgt. Ronald Greer (Eagles fan Jamil Walker Smith) armed and ready. Photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television.

Some interesting picks from my fellow prognosticators. I chose the Browns two years ago as my Dark Horse picks and won. Last year, Carl chose them as his Reverse Dark Horse and won. Paul has decided to ride the streak by choosing the Browns this year to turn it around, win the Dark Horse, and make it three straight money finishes. In another intriguing selection, Paul is counting on Brett Favre to drive the new look Minnesota Vikings (his Reverse Dark Horse pick) into the ground. Brad took the Vick-timized Philadelphia Eagles to crash and burn which should make for an interesting season given that actor Jamil Walker Smith (aka Sgt. Greer) is a die hard fan of the team. Brad also took my Raiders as his Dark Horse pick. Would love to see it happen but, realistically, I don’t hold up much hope.

Lieutenant Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith).
Lieutenant Matthew Scott (Brian J. Smith).

To those wondering, PG15 informs us that Canadian viewers will be able to watch the premiere of Stargate: Universe on the same day, October 2nd, that it airs south of border on SyFy. We’ve also got the show premiering in Australia on October 9th. Thanks to Chevron 7 for the tip. 

Some discussion on Incursion I and II this afternoon (episodes #19 and #20 – As if you didn’t know!).   Brad will be taking over duties on both scripts as he’ll be producing the episodes.  We discussed, among other things: clarifying who is where doing what (a special request from Paul), the challenges of guest casting, and the workings of alien tech.

Carl was in and out of the office all day.  He claims he was on set to oversee production of his episode, Pain, but I suspect he was really off trying to catch a glimpse of Zac Efron who was rumored to have stopped by the lot.  That guy is  such a fanboy.  

On the Destiny set with Director Andy Mikita, Camera Operator Greg Fox, and Director of Photography Ronn Schmidt (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
On the Destiny set with Director Andy Mikita, Camera Operator Greg Fox, and Director of Photography Ronn Schmidt (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Another reminder to get your questions in for actor David Blue (Stargate: Universe’s Eli Wallace). 

And some pics from the past –

Devastation - Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
Devastation – Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
A Tight Spot - Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
A Tight Spot – Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
For all you Lorne whumpers - Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
For all you Lorne whumpers – Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
Rodney in a bit of a pickle - Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)
Rodney in a bit of a pickle – Search and Rescue, Stargate: Atlantis, Season 5 (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television)


DasNdanger writes: “About those trade paperbacks. Well, I might be a bit biased, but I thought Origin was pretty good – had a gothic feel to it (as in Wuthering Heights, not as in melty black eyeliner, spiderweb tats and sweaty leather coats).”

Answer: Just read it last night. While I really enjoyed the script by Paul Jenkins (his Marvel Knights Inhumans series is one of my Top 10 favorite trade paperbacks), I had a few problems with the story. Now, granted, I’ve been out of comic fandom for a while but this story would imply that Logan is – what – about 100 years old? One of the things that always appealed to me about the character was his grounding in the here and now amid the wild galaxy and time-spanning heroes and villains around him. What gives? If it’s a result of his mutant abilities, why did he follow a normal growth period up until the events of the book? Also, the “copping the identity” surprise was too reminiscent for me of Joe Kelly’s brilliant reversal in his last issue of his run on Deadpool (a brilliant series).

DasNdanger also writes: “I don’t read Vertigo and Dark Horse or any of those, and those publications seem more your speed. I’m totally stuck in basic superhero mode – I just enjoy them better than the books that feel like they’re trying to be the next Watchmen. Right now the only books I am really enjoying are Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible Iron Man, Dark Wolverine, Weapon X, Wolverine Origins, X-Force…and that’s about it.”

Answer: Actually, our reading tastes run very similar. My list: Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible Iron Man, Dark Wolverine, Weapon X, Wolverine Origins, Ms. Marvel, Dark Avengers, and Deadpool. I gave X-Force a shot and, while I liked it enough, I had no idea what was going on, even after three issues.

Belouchi writes: “You forgot me buddy.”

Answer: You’ll have to repost your question.

Major D. Davis writes: “So have you shot lost yet, or are you waiting to shoot it after you finish pain?”

Answer: We’re shooting out of sequence. We’re shooting Pain and prepping Lost.

Patricia Lee writes: “I saw on ABC’s Defying Gravity credits that the VFX are done by STARGATE Studios! Is that Mark Savela and his gang???”

Answer: Nope.

Audrey writes: “So when do you start prep on Incursion?”

Answer: Not for weeks.

PG15 writes: “I can bigify the SGA pics just fine (and they are great, by the way; thanks!), so I’m not sure what you mean when you say that they are “down-rezzed versions”; how huge are the originals?!”

Answer: Same size, different quality (resolution and pixel dimension). But if you’re happy with these versions, I may not bother.

Chevron7 writes: “So why is everyone wearing masks on the ice set?”

Answer: To avoid breathing in the particulates of the fake snow.

Trish writes: “How is Jelly doing?”

Answer: Just got the results of her last test today. The doctor says it’s nothing terribly bad. Some benign nodes. Some degeneration that could be the result of the metacam she is taking or indicative of crohn’s disease. However, since I haven’t noticed any marked changes in her eating or drinking habits, we can discount the latter for now. As for the metacam – well, she needs it because of her deteriorated hips, so I’m just going to try dialing back the dosage a little.

Oneill2Ls writes: “From what I’ve seen of the Destiny pics, it looks very Steampunk. Is that the look they are going for?”

Answer: I’m not sure if that was the intention but, yes, definitely Steampunk in design.

Major D. Davis writes: “What’s the difference between a cut and a mix.”

Answer: A cut is an assembly of scenes that tells the story of a particular episode. The editor will put together his cut, then the director will work with the editor and his cut, replacing or making changes to shots, scenes and sequences, to arrive at their Director’s cut. The producers will watch the Director’s cut, then go back to editing and make their own adjustments to the shots, scenes, and sequences, and eventually put out their Producer’s cut. The studio and the network will then weigh in with notes. Further changes will be made and then the cut will be “locked” – the implication being that this will be the final cut and no further changes made. A mix is the locked cut with music and sound effects.

Ahem writes: “Joe: Thanks so much for the SGA photos. However, I’m curious as to why now, when the emphasis is on everything SGU?”

Answer: 1. I didn’t have access to this archive of Atlantis photos until recently and, 2. I’d like Atlantis fans to be welcomed into the Stargate: Universe fold.

Crayonbaby writes: “Why does Jason always have a smile on his face when he’s not filming SGA? Kind of like Chris Judge?”

Answer: Yep. Both very jovial fellows.

Thunder writes: “ Is it Jelly’s birthday today?”

Answer: Nope. Early February.

Major D. Davis writes: “Is Andy Mikita directing Pain?”

Answer: Will Waring is directing Pain.

Liz writes: “Well if they didn’t want the fans to be all negative about it, maybe they shouldn’t have cancelled SGA only to begin with Universe the season directly following it. Just a thought.”

Answer: Universe was in the works and would have gone into production regardless of Atlantis’s fate. It’s kind of silly to have expected us to observe some sort of period of mourning.

Christine: “The desperation to get fans to watch SGU is becoming pathetic.”

Answer: Actually, it’s called promotion. New shows do it all the time. Even established shows do it. Ultimately, those who give the Stargate: Universe a shot and tune in to the premiere are in for a treat. And those who choose not to watch because “their feelings were hurt” will miss out.

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Lisa S.
Lisa S.

Joe – What’s your take on the purchase of Marvel Entertainment by Disney?

Narelle from Aus

Hey Joe,

Have you thought about the injection substitutes for the Metacam? Scruffy seems to be going along just as well with the injections without the side effects of the Metacam. He’s 18 and still nagging my Mum for a daily walk. Ok, so he runs into the odd tree and I found him trying to work out how to escape from Mum’s thigh master when I was over there on the weekend, but you just have to remove him from whatever he’s managed to get himself into and point him in the general direction of where you think he was heading. He may be blind and deaf, but certainly still active.

Have a good night!


Nice football picks – just wondering, do Cookie Monster and the Baron have any picks for the year?


I love the pictures of the set at White Sands. I have been there myself and know the area. That will be a beautiful setting for the stargate as the pictures show. I am excited about it!


Probably a stupid question, but if Destiny is seeding the far side of the universe with Stargates, is there some kind of robotic stargate installer that sets up a platform prior to gate installation? or is Destiny strictly a gate address quality control device?

Speaking only for myself, I think it would have been a lot easier for me to have been persuaded to like SGU had not so many comments from cast and production members seemed to denigrate the series that went before. I adored SGA, and reading comments that seemed to suggest that anyone who didn’t recognize SGU’s inherent superiority and unique brand of special could not possibly call themselves a fan of the stargate franchise really put my hackles up. In hindsight, I recognize that this is not an accurate reading of what was being said by various folks, but at the time that’s the message I was getting. Well, and a sense that the pro-SGU contingent felt anyone who still cared for the old shows was obviously stuck in the past and afraid of change. You know, I agree that change is good a lot of the time, but there are times when sticking with the status quo brings one greater pleasure.


The guard rail on the observation deck … what is it keeping them from falling into? Does the Destiny land on planets?

Oh, well, the actors look cool with something to lean on while they stare into the vastness of green screen.

After the premiere, will there be a way to get supplies from Earth to the Destiny?

Sherry Harris
Sherry Harris

The pics of Brian J Smith are my favorite! I have been studying biology all day today, getting ready for a test. What a treat to read your blog and see him! Thank you! I love the promotion hype! I am very excited for SGU to start. The promotion from your blog as well as all the information on the web are exciting reminders of what lies ahead of us, very soon.
October 2nd can not come soon enough for me and my family!
Great news about Jelly. Also, I predict the Cowboys are going to suck and the Raiders will finally get to the playoffs! How bout them picks!!!
Thanks again!


Awww, it would’ve been funny if Andy Mikita was directing Pain. Pain, Mikita, get it? Hahaha. Good stuff. Good times.

Wait, no, please bother with the high-rez SGA pics! Last thing I need is to be responsible for denying rabid Atlantis fans some eye candy. wink

Thank you for the SGU and SGA pics! They’re awesome!

On a completely unrelated note, we have a countdown going for SGU on Gateworld, and there’s been sort of a running joke where someone will say something like “alright! We’re almost at the 40s!” i.e. we’re almost 40-something days until the premier; and then I’ll say “Ah, the 40s. It was a simpler time. It was a better time.” – I do this for pretty much all of the decades. We’re almost at the 20s now and I chose to do…something more; to change it up a bit, you know? wink


Cool photos…ALL of them! Thanks!


Jelly is beautiful. That picture of her on Twitter shows how gorgeous she is. She could be a model for pugs. All her features look perfect. Glad she is doing good.



Thanks for answering my question yesterday! However, I do have a follow up question. I know that you mentioned before that the Destiny is a much older Ancient ship then the ships seen on SGA, but can you tell us how much older we’re talking?




I know it’s been a long time, no see for me, and you probably were relieved that I was gone razz Since that is likely the case, I won’t ask if you missed me. wink I’m recently married now grin We just got back from our 2.5 month long trip to the US.

Thanks for the news of the SGU premiere here in Australia. We’ll check it out.

And thank you very much for the Atlantis photos. It’s great to see them. I won’t lie, it still saddens me that it was cancelled. In fact, I still miss SG1 at times. The stories are always awesome, it’s the characters (and how they’re written) that I really miss. I know own all of SGA’s box sets, I’m still working on getting a few more box sets of SG1.

I’m sure the movies will be excellent. I can’t wait. Any details that you get on their time line and progression is greatly appreciated. (As are set photos when they are shooting! lol)

P.S. Please tell me that Kanaan gets the proverbial “red shirt” role in the upcoming Atlantis movie? Just kidding. lol. No. Seriously. wink

Actually the main question that I do have is…did I miss Joel Goldsmith’s responses to the Q&A?


Hmmm. You’re right. The Vikes were division champs last year. Well, I vote they’ll be a reverse dark horse as well, but not because Favre joined. More because they’re the Vikings and they always suck it up when push comes to shove. And don’t forget–this comes from a Minnesotan!

On the other hand, I think GBP will be back in a desperate attempt to show they can win without Favre. This, I suspect will make them work extra hard, especially in the rivalry games. I think they win NFC North. What can I say, I’m a fan.

In the end though, Brady’s back and the pats will go to the Superbowl again.

Thanks again for the pictures! And I like the promotion. wink


Christine, you’re wrong, the same could be said for any show on TV to date. Promotion is what draws people who would otherwise would of not known about Stargate into the fold.

It’s like if you’re a new viewer. Never watched Stargate before and you see a huge advertisement for this grand new series, with exciting stories that would interest you.

Would you want to know?
Would anyone want to know?
Would you want to know who is in the show?
Would you want to know the basis of the story?
Who the characters are?

Of course. It’s called getting the word out.


I think it good (albeit belated) to try to bring some of the Atlantis fans into the fold, so to speak. Many of us have been feeling left behind/left out of this entire SGU experience. (Ex: not a single SGA character so far in SGU but quite a few SG1 folk)
Whether it will work or not is something that remains to be seen.
Good Luck!


Favre should have stayed retired, the last time. I just don’t understand the man.

I didn’t know you never had access to these SGA photos. Then it’ll definitely be a treat for us.

Good to hear that Jelly is OK.


joe i have been away from your blog for awhile and on my first day back you reward me by picking my niners as your dark horse pick…my team wont let you donw i promise.also im happy to hear work on sgu is going well and i cant wait for the premiere.

Tim Gaffney
Tim Gaffney

The Steelers will win again!!!


@Alexandria: Congrats! I hope you had fun in the US!

Urgh. Football. Count me out. Unless you’re talking about European football. I was in France during the world cup, and they’re intense over there. None of this sitting on couches with chips and salsa crap. Even for the quarterfinals and semifinals (for which I was in Italy), they were out in the streets all night, dancing and singing and um, imbibing. (I would have traded my whole week in France for the right to have been in Italy when they won.)


Ack…forgot Dark Avengers…I like that one, too. New Avengers is okay, but rather stuck in sorcery stuff right now, and never been a huge fan of that element…one reason I was reluctant to read Elric. But there was so much more to Elric’s saga that the sorcery just faded into the background and the characters took over, something that hasn’t quite happen for me in NA. But I keep reading because I like the book overall. I see you’re reading 1985 – I loved that story! It was just something a bit different, and I was satisfied with it from start to finish. As far as Wolverine goes, well…he is a mutant. Mutant abilities first manifest themselves at puberty, so he’d just be a normal kid until that moment when stress or anxiety or his first pimple (ya know, anything traumatic for a teenager) would cause his mutation to manifest itself. After young James’ traumatic, claw-popping event, then his other mutations eventually started to manifest themselves, including his healing ability. First thing it did was ‘heal over’ his memories, making him forget things he didn’t want to remember. That, coupled with the Weapon X mind sweeping and false memories (and meddling by Prof. X) are all reasons why Wolverine couldn’t remember shit – didn’t even know (or remember) he had claws for a portion of his life. This allowed for a reasonable explanation as to why he didn’t use his claws pre-Weapon X back in those old stories before they decided he had the bone claws from childhood (Wolverine #75 2nd. Vol.). !TANGENT ALERT! God, I am rambling… Anyway, that’s one reason Wolverine was always grounded in the here and now – he had no idea where he had come from, who he was. That changed big-time in House of M, and is the reason Wolverine is now hunting down his past, but personality-wise he’s still the same guy. And yes, his healing ability makes him age slower than a normal human being. Still, the character is very much grounded in the here and now, despite being 100+ years old. Daken, I believe, is around 50 years old and is mostly grounded in himself…lol. What a slipperyass li’l bastard! There are two fairly good stories that deal with the future, and future Logan: Old Man Logan (Mark Millar/Steve McNiven – part of Wolverine’s on-going title), and Time Storm 2009/2099 (a 4ish arc, with Spider-Man and X-Men one-shots…there may have been one more one-shot, not sure). I just read Time Storm tonight, and really enjoyed it – there was even a couple big lol moments for me. Not really sure what you mean by “copping the identity”. Do you mean him taking (well, being given by Rose) the name ‘Logan’? I thought that was an interesting twist, since the story strongly insinuates that he’s Thomas Logan’s son, not John Howlett’s. Or are you referring to Dog showing up at the end? And, I’m running out of steam. Wish I was making… Read more »


Oh…PS: I liked how young Logan picked up traits from Smitty, and how he was first introduced to Japan through the book. Yeah, it’s one of my favorite stories…beautiful art, too.


otros ojos
otros ojos

I know a lot of us pick favorite teams based on things other than geographical ties, but what led to your connecting with Oakland in a “my Raiders” sense?
Personally, I think they have the best-looking unis in the NFL, but I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that’s not why you’re a fan. What’s the attraction? Longtime bad-ass rep?

Agreeing with pg15 that a sprinkling of high-res pics, fans’ choice, would still be great. They work SO well as monitor-screen desktops, or even as frame-worthy pics when printed on photographic paper.

Is surgery a possible option for Jelly? It greatly relieved the pain for my pooch — don’t know if it works for every type of hip degeneration in dogs. — Or the injections that Narelle mentioned . . . ? Would get around the Metacam/liver tissue breakdown dilemma.

LOL re. Carl’s fanboy thing for Zac Efron.


Lorne pictures are good. Lorne whump is great. Rodney pictures are even more delicious. I feel almost as if I’m eating an overly rich twelve layer chocolate cake when I’m looking at the photos.
I think I’m working when Universe premieres. With luck I can watch while working. At worst I guess I’ll come up with some way to record the show. IF it turns out as well as its siblings, I’ll even consider a universe party for the second season premiere.
So what comes with the football pool pics besides bragging rights? My interest is marginal, what with the Deadskins being the home team here. At least a couple of coworkers have season tickets, which means I may actually go out and catch a few games live. And given the Vikings were my first love, football wise, I have to hope Paul is wrong.
@Alexandra, congratulations and best wishes for a long and happy marriage. And I hope you enjoyed your stay here. I’ve enjoyed great hospitality in my travels here and there, and take pride in my countrymen providing a similiar level of welcome to visitors.


Hey Joe,

Wow, football….aaaaa Dark Horse is a team…ah 500 something…sorry isn’t going to stick..Will all be gone tomorrow. But I did notice that all those you mentioned regarding the game, were men. This really is a guy thing, although I know certain women enjoy it…obsessively like my mother. *confused look*

Pictures, love them always. Love all things Stargate. I say root for SGU and love them all. Love hearing about where the filming is. I keep thinking it might take the magic out of Stargate seeing and hearing so much. Nope, it doesn’t. Make me love it more and you for sharing it all with us.

Are any of your pups related? Other than being in your family. Brother, sister, mom, pop?

I know, I am sooo clueless. I hate being the new kid on the block. One day I won’t be.

Best to you Joe,

Rich S
Rich S

Is the UK not a very big market for Stargate?

You mention the markteting man Grey Munford doing a wonderful job, but I haven’t seen a single thing in the UK, zip , nada, nowt…….

Apart from your good self telling us when it will be on Sky 1 of course which was nice to know.