David Blue (Eli Wallace) and Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott) gunning for action in Stargate: Universe (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
David Blue (Eli Wallace) and Brian J. Smith (Lt. Matthew Scott) gunning for action in Stargate: Universe (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).


Today, it gives me great pleasure to kick off my No Fan Left Behind campaign, a campaign designed to get all Stargate fans – past, present, and future – ready for the big October 2nd world premiere of Stargate: Universe. Whether you’re fans of SG-1, Atlantis, or a complete newbies to the franchise, you’re all welcome aboard Destiny as it prepares for its first manned voyage through distant galaxies fraught with riddles, revelations, action, and adventure.

Eli Wallace (David Blue) chillin' on board Destiny (photo courtesy and compliments MGM Television)
Eli Wallace (David Blue) chillin’ on board Destiny (photo courtesy and compliments MGM Television)

First up, a big guest blogger announcement. Actor David Blue – who some of you will recognize as Ugly Betty’s Cliff St. Paul or Moonlight‘s Logan Griffen, but most of you will no doubt come to know as SGU’s lovable Eli Wallace – will be swinging by this blog to tell us about his character, the show, spill some behind-the-scenes secrets, and regale us with amusing anecdotes of his life in the t.v. business and love of scifi and genre television (trivia tidbit: he’s a big fan of one Rodney McKay). Got a question for David? Well, start posting! You have until the end of next week! Begin prepping now by heading on over to the official Stargate site and checking out the Eli Wallace profile: http://stargate.mgm.com/view/character/167/index.html

Eli Wallace (David Blue) and Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque) exploring the unknown (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).
Eli Wallace (David Blue) and Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque) exploring the unknown (photo courtesy and copyright MGM Television).

Also, as part of the No Fan Left Behind campaign, I’m in discussions with MGM about accessing some of the 10 gig worth of behind-the-scenes never-before-seen photos from the SG-1 and Atlantis archive – that I’ll be posting alongside the top secret sneak peeks of Stargate: Universe in the coming weeks.

Random set pic.
Random set pic.

But wait! There’s more! As part of the ramp up to the premiere and follow-through SGU’s first season, I’ll be hosting Stargate-related trivia contests covering all three shows. Brush up on your Stargate lore and pay close attention when Stargate: Universe airs for your shot at winning some very cool prizes.

Random set pic.
Random set pic.

And that’s not all! Over the month of September expect more guest bloggers, more Stargate exclusives, and plenty of surprises!

Random set pic.
Random set pic.



DeeinSouthAfrica writes: “What did you eat? Or did you go hungry?”

Answer: I went hungry at the fair, then went to one of those hot pot places that combines the pleasure of going out with the hassle of cooking your own food.

Laura Richter writes: “As a buffer, I am interested in learning how I can be brought into the Stargate Universe and brought up to speed.”

Answer: Well, you could pick up the box sets of both SG-1 and Atlantis for a thorough and detailed understanding of the world of Stargate. But those tuning into SGU for the first time with little or no prior knowledge of Stargate won’t have any trouble following the fun.

Emmster writes: “I really like the corn on the cob, though. Did they have that at yours?”

Answer: Yep. At $4 each ear.

DP writes: “Does treating us to a visual essay have anything to do with practicing your still-shot storytelling for an upcoming comic book?”

Answer: Nope.

Crayonbaby writes: “I saw that you mentioned humor in SGU. Do you think it’ll be a little more serious than SGA and SG-1 or will it have it’s own brand of humor?”

Answer: SGU will be a little darker, a little more serious than the previous Stargate incarnations – but, it will still contain that trademark Stargate humor.

Mary A. Milan writes: “So, can you set my fears at ease? Are there any Jack/John-style, sarcastic/snarky characters on SGU?”

Answer: Rest easy. The show will have its fair share of snark as well.

Mary A. Milan also writes: “DD Jennifer’s birthday is coming soon. She’ll be eleven on 9/25. Do you think you could mention it when the day comes?”

Answer: Please remind me closer to the date and I’ll be happy to oblige.

Iamza writes: “Joe, are we going to get an SGU trailer with the women of SGU playing a prominent role?”

Answer: Funny you should mention this. I had a phone conversation with Erika from SyFy the other day on this very subject. Stay tuned.

Iamza also writes: “Who comes up with the ideas for the trailers? Do the writers get a say, or is it mostly down to marketing at Syfy? Or MGM? Or some combination of the three?”

Answer: MGM and SyFy put together their own trailers. They run them by the producers who may or may not make some suggestions. MGM’s Grey Munford and his team are the ones responsible for the kick-ass trailer that premiered at Comic Con as well as the trailer now playing in theaters.

Iamza also writes: “When you say Sabotage has just wrapped, was that the script, or the actual episode shoot? Because if the latter, wow! Things move fast!”

Answer: Things DO move fast. We wrapped the episode and Pain started shooting on Friday.

Apollo_031 writes: “If I recall correctly, the U.S. is capable of building one ship per year, and if the other IOA nations are also building ships, why are there only a total of five ships? Wouldn’t the other nations built ships as fast as possible to defend Earth and keep the balance of power on Earth?”

Answer: These ships are expensive to build and require immense resources. Also, China only has one ship officially. Officially.

Pol writes: “One last item, I hope it makes it to the mailbag. I guess Amanda had to cancel an upcoming appearance in down under this fall because Sanctuary’s production schedule has moved up. Do you know if that move-up is a result of good news for a new SG-1 movie?”

Answer: Sorry. It’s unrelated to the SG-1 movie.

DasNDanger writes: “Glad you liked Blood Debt. Have you ever read Wolverine: Origin (the one where he’s a kid)?”

Answer: Not yet but I do have it sitting on my to-read pile. To be honest, most of the trade paperbacks I’ve read have ranged from okay to downright awful. A couple of gems in the mix though.

110 thoughts on “August 30, 2009: No Fan Left Behind! David Blue Wants To Hear From YOU! Exclusives! Prizes! And Surprises!

  1. Hey Joe,

    Hope you got a chance to recover today from yesterday’s excursion. I haven’t actually been to the PNE itself for a really long time (I think since I was about 3 or 4). No huge interest in going any time soon, really…

    That first “random set pic” kind of looks like the Ancient communication stones (which were used in conjunction with the communication terminal) in SG-1. Any relation? Or are they sometime completely different? (As I write this it occurs to me you probably can neither confirm nor deny…)

    We drove down to Seattle today (my second week in a row) for a wedding. The wedding was nice. Driving so much, not as nice. Though we did stop at Barnes and Noble on the way home. My little sister got “Old Man’s War” (which we’ve both been wanting to read) and I picked up one of Iain Banks’ books “The Steep Approach to Garbadale”.

    Hope Jelly (and the rest of the crowd) is doing well!

  2. Oh, also meant to say: this “No Fan Left Behind” thing sounds very cool 😀

    And for everyone who is new to the franchise, I would highly recommend just starting at the beginning and working your way through. I did so last summer (starting with SG-1’s Children of the Gods) and worked all the way through SG-1 and then SGA – in chronological order.

    Be warned: it is time consuming and will suck you in far faster than you’d expect 😀 (in my humble opinion: *totally* worth it)

  3. Haha, I loved your entry, Joe. Sounds almost like an infomercial – I was almost expecting an “all this for only 4 monthly payments of 9.95!” at the end of your entry! But still, I can’t wait for what this September has in hold for your blog. Book discussions, guest entries, trivia contests – I hope you still have time to talk about your food exploits and the dogs too this month!

  4. @ Thornyrose Holy Crap!!! I grew up in Chester and then lived in an old Italian ladies basement next to Southpark for about 3 years. I used to be apart of the Star trek group that meet at the Colonel Heights Library back in 1993 thru 1996. Hey have we met? 🙂

    (OK for everyone that is readying this… yes I’m a nerd. I had the NCC 1701-D Manual memorized in a month of it’s release and I don’t apologize for it. If there was a Stargate manual I would have that memorized too. I like manuals. I mean seriously how awesome would the schematics for a DHD be!)

  5. Like the idea for this new Contest “No Fan Left Behind”, very cool!!!

    This question is for David:

    First total Congrats on winning the roles of Eli in Universe and can’t wait to watch starting October 2nd.

    Now the question:

    As a long time Stargate fan yourself. In your own words, what is it like to be apart of the History and Legacy that is Stargate???

    Ann-Marie Sloan

  6. No Fna Left Behind sounds awesome. Can’t wait for the behind-the-scenes pics.

    I do have a couple of questions for David.

    (1) How insane was Comic Con sitting on that stage? I was in awe just being in the audence and having to stand in line for almost 3 hours. It was my first Comic Con too. Some of my pics at Comic Con are at http://www.twitpic.com/photos/caitlyanna

    (2) Being a Stargate fan, how intense has it been knowing the expectations of the fans? Does it get nerve-racking?

    (3) When/how did you decide to become an actor?

    (4) What was the most memorable experience on set so far?

  7. @suziesbluefeather Something you’d said (about the “NCC 1701-D Manual”) reminded me of this biochem prof I had this summer:
    Now, I myself haven’t seen any of the old Star Treks (just the new movie), but we were learning about the carbon-nitrogen backbone of proteins and he was joking about the way to remember it is that it’s NCC – NCC – NCC (repeating units). “Just like the USS Enterprise!” And then there was silence…. And our prof kind of looks around and goes “Oh, come on! Has *no one* seen Star Trek?!”

  8. Oh goody! This is all very exciting! Thanks for your hard work.

    Question for David:
    What does Eli’s parents/family know about where he went?

  9. For the record, Joe, I’m still craving Elephant Ears/Beaver Tails!!!

    Trivia contests sound fun! Although I don’t think I could possibly get even more excited than I already am now!!! Seriously, October 2nd is circled on my calendar and I have a countdown on my phone!!!
    Oooh, oh boy I have SOOO many questions for David Blue!!!

    Okay, here’s some starter (more to come, as I think of them)
    Oh my gosh, I’m so excited that you’re doing a guest blog! (I’ve been a fan since Moonlight, so I hope you don’t mind a couple Moonlight questions too!)
    1) I know you’re a huge science fiction fan. Which do you prefer, Star Wars or Star Trek? Which is your favorite Trek?
    2) You and the SGU cast all seem to hang out and have a good time together, whether you are at work or off. Did you know any of the cast before you got the role, or did you all just kind of bond instantly?
    3) Do you have a favorite episode of SG-1 or SGA?
    4) Thanks for the blogs on your website and on MySpace! Fans really appreciate when you make that extra effort. On that note, if invited to provide commentary for one or more episodes on the SGU Season 1 DVD set, would you? (Pretty please?)
    5) You mentioned doing some writing on Twitter. What genre/category of writing is your favorite to do?
    6) When you were on set with Alex O’Loughlin for Moonlight, did he keep his American accent when the cameras weren’t rolling? It’s gotta be tough to maintain that! (Sorry, I’ve been dying to know!)
    7) What was your favorite part of being on Moonlight?

  10. Well, count me out of the contests. Ugh. I hate contests. Con-test. Get it, folks? You’re getting conned… into taking a test! People fall for it everytime. 🙄 Sorry, Joe…I stopped taking tests the day I graduated. Hate tests and exams and pop quizzes, almost as much as I hate toe fungus. No, I take that back – I hate them more than I hate toe fungus!

    The other stuff sounds pretty cool, though.

    About those trade paperbacks. Well, I might be a bit biased, but I thought Origin was pretty good – had a gothic feel to it (as in Wuthering Heights, not as in melty black eyeliner, spiderweb tats and sweaty leather coats). There are very few I can recommend, although House of M is pretty good, and “Where’s your freakin’ Q&A” Bendis wrote it. A couple major things take place in it, especially regarding mutants, which explains their current state. I also enjoy Messiah CompleX very much, too…it is another book dealing with the current mutant crisis and a good follow-up to House of M.

    Or maybe I just liked ’em because they had Wolverine. 😛

    I don’t read Vertigo and Dark Horse or any of those, and those publications seem more your speed. I’m totally stuck in basic superhero mode – I just enjoy them better than the books that feel like they’re trying to be the next Watchmen. Right now the only books I am really enjoying are Amazing Spider-Man, Invincible Iron Man, Dark Wolverine, Weapon X, Wolverine Origins, X-Force…and that’s about it. Dark Avengers and New Avengers are good, but nothing is ‘wowing’ me, and I’ve all but given up on most of the mutant team books. I really think that in reading too many titles, the stories are not having the impact I would like them to have. I also like the solo books much better – like to see the focus on one or two characters, instead of half a dozen or more. Everyone just seems so watered down in the team books.

    Oh well, I guess I should get to bed. Take care, thanks for the pics, and …oh…can you change Blue’s character’s name so that I’ll stop calling him Eli Wallach?! I don’t think it’s too much to ask…



  11. To any fans just starting, watching the first couple seasons of SG-1 is a good way to get into it. The first 6 seasons are available to watch for free (if you live in the USA) on Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/stargate-sg-1

    I think I made it through all 10 seasons in a month or so, but I didn’t sleep much! ;-D

  12. Hey Joe!

    I’m new here, but I’m already loving what I see. Thanks for giving me something else to keep me glued to the computer for hours on end….. 😛

    I can’t wait for the trivia questions!! I’m a fairly recent fan of the Stargate franchise… I saw the original movie in theaters and I also saw Children of the God’s when it premiered (on HBO if I remember correctly), but then didn’t really watch it until an all day marathon I caught when I was sick about a year ago. But I caught up quickly. 😀 I liked SGA, but SG-1 is my first love. I’m really hoping SGU is as amazing as it looks to be. I can’t wait for October! And I hope the SG-1 and SGA movies are coming out soon… Is there anything, anything at all you can tell us about them?? Even the smallest, teeny-tiniest detail would be welcome.

    Anyway, thanks again for all you do for us fans. We really appreciate it. 🙂

    ~ Meagan

  13. @ suziesbluefeather – No worries…you are not alone. I copied the entire Monty Python and the Holy Grail script – margin notes and all…BY HAND. Then my friends and I would sit around and read through the entire movie…mostly while rolling around in fits of laughter over our very, VERY bad English accents. “You’re using coconuts!” (Being nerdy teenage virgins, we just giggled our way through the oral sex bit… 😳 )

    Now those were good times!



  14. Q for David Blue:
    1) if you could be (play) a character in one of the other “star” franchises, who would you choose to be (or play)?

    2). Whom do you fanboy?

  15. I wish I could get into all the hype for SGU, but I’m afraid I can’t. I’ve seen a lot of the promo photos for the crew, but honestly, I just don’t know them. Although it looks like a great cast, it’s going to take a few episodes for me to sort out how I feel about it.

    I felt the same way about Atlantis when it first aired. I didn’t know any of the actors, but the writing and the way the cast gelled as a team eventually sucked me in. I hope I can feel as strongly for SGU, but I’m not judging it positively or negatively until I see it.

    I drove along the 210 freeway this evening to see the fire. Just miles and miles of flames. Only a few home lost, but sadly two firefighters have died tonight.

    In 1933 we had a big fire in the same area, then a lot of rain that caused a huge flood during the winter. Woody Guthrie wrote a song about it: http://la.metblogs.com/2009/04/23/songs-about-los-angeles-the-new-years-flood-by-woody-guthrie/

    This fire is so much worse than 1933, so I’m hoping we don’t get much rain in the coming months.

  16. Hey Joe,

    Excited about everything you have planned. Wow, it really came as a surprise. I didn’t expect it…is that bad?

    But, what those have said before me tonight, seems enough to cover things.

    Thank you once again for the time, planning…everything you do on our behalf. Can we be a Joe fan?

    Best to you Joe,

  17. @das for my theater 1 project in 8th grade I wrote, built sets, and filmed a 2 hour STNG movie. I learned how to sew just so I could make the costumes for it. Now those were the days!!! Aww to be a teenager again.

  18. David Blue Question: If Eli’s mother is portrayed as single, does that mean he doesn’t have a father in his life?

    Who is Eli’s best friend?

    Did Eli have a pet he left behind?

  19. Paloosa,
    We’ve been watching the fire (from our windows) for the last few days. Thankfully we’re not in the evacuation zone (but less than a mile from it), but have many friends who are. Here’s to the firefighters who are risking their lives out there tonight. So sad to hear about those two firefighters. We just hope that Mt. Wilson doesn’t go up in flames. Everyone please send good vibes to the people dealing with the Station Fire in SoCal.

    I can’t wait for the contest. I’m horrible at trivia contests, but what the hell, you never know.

    Oooh, dark humor and snarkiness. My kind of show.

  20. @suziesbluefeather: LoL Yeah, the guy was awesome. He had this way of making the biochemistry kind of…come alive (which, if you’ve ever taken biochem, you’ll know takes some doing!)
    He actually ended up making several Trek references throughout the course, but that was the first and, to me, the one that stands out the most 😀

  21. grapesofwraith is right; it does sound like an informercial! It seems like The Marketplace from yesterday has corrupted your mind, Joe. 😛

    This NFLB thing sounds like fun! So much Stargate goodness in the upcoming month; it’ll wonderfully complement the horrible academic pressure I’ll no doubt be facing when school starts again! Also, I will be winning the trivia contest every single time. I just want to warn everyone. 😉

    Sweet photos, Joe! Thank you! The David and Brian one is hilarious. XD

    Speaking of those kick-ass trailers, any idea when the theatrical trailer will be online? It seems that none of the Gateworld population saw those 2 horror movies, and we’re kind of, just kind of…dying with anticipation of what this new trailer entails!

    I can’t wait for all the SGU stuff!! Woohoo!!

    Ok, let’s see, questions for David Blue…well, let’s start with some obvious ones:

    1. What is your favorite episode of Stargate SG1 and why?
    2. What is your favorite episode of Stargate Atlantis and why?
    3. What is your favorite episode of Stargate Infinity and why?


  22. “NO FAN LEFT BEHIND”, eh? Yeahrightsureyabetcha… Unless of course you happen to live IN “Canada” and *DON’T* have the higher end CABLE!!!

    Will it be on the SPACE CHANNEL *this* decade too…? I only ask as I – seriously – have NOT had my TV set on in 4 months! There’s just nothing worth watching. I’ve just been over taxing my laptop DVD player wearing thin my complete set of SGA DVDs! [“Vegas” is like THE best ep! Can’t get that damn Ca$h song out of my freaking Fron!!] And occassionally the odd SG1 movie…. The only reason I keep my cable is so Mom can watch her Soaps and Dad his hockey & Weather Channel… Oh, and to help ROGERS in their support of keeping all of those CANADA POST Carriers employed with their ready-to-recycle spam mail.

    BTW, speaking of my BF laptop… I’ve been meaning to ask — who would I have to bribe/show-cleavage-to-their-10-year-old to get a couple of those cool ATLANTIS laptop decals – if there are any left of course…? [oh and my “Baby” is black, I’d need ones with NON-black lettering] …Maybe, we could do a “trade”…?

  23. Greetings Joe!

    I want to thank David Blue for the Twitter tip!

    First, I just want to say that I’m pretty excited about SGU. I loved SG-1, and in some ways I could honestly say it turned my life around. I followed to SGA, but I found I couldn’t love it the same way. Eventually I learned to love it on it’s own terms. I think I’m going to discover SGU much the same way. I like the concepts I’ve heard, and I think it’s going to be a wonderfully unique show. I also have the utmost faith in you and the entire production team. You’ve been doing amazing things for 13+ years, and I can’t wait to see what else you have!

    I’ve been avoiding spoilers like the plague, so I’m sorry if this one has been asked and answered. I’ve seen the symbols on the new gate and they have me really confused. They look nothing like constellations. If anything, they look like planetary alignments, and I don’t understand how they can be used to specify a point in space. Can you explain what they stand for at all, and if this gate locates other gates differently?

    Thank you so very much, Joe!

    Play It Grand

  24. Could you run a parallel contest for people who wake up in the middle of the night yelling, “IT WAS CARTER!! With the sidearm! In the conserva – er, I mean gateroom!” We could all promise to be 100% honest about it.

    The contests and everything do sound like a lot of fun, and from what you’ve said about David Blue, his Q&A could be a trip and a half. With that in mind –

    Question for David Blue: Eli Wallace – Playboy, Hot Video Games Roundup, or Astrophysics Monthly? Or something else?

  25. Oh, I do love trivia. If I may be so bold, allow me to guess some answers:
    Re’tus. Robert Davi. Gold paint, and lots of it.

    Questions for David Blue:
    First, thanks for taking the time. I know we all can’t wait.

    1. Should we see Eli as a regular joe and relatable, or chide him for not working to his potential, even if he outshines the normies (i.e. average intellegent folk)?

    2. Does it even matter if half-assing his life if it gets him onto the ship, after all?

    3. Once he gets what he may or may not deserve by being recruited, do you see him downplaying his smarts like Sheppard did, rubbing it in people’s faces like McKay, or being more classy about it like Dr. Jackson?

    4. Otherwise, will you try to make him a completely different character?

    5. Who is your second favorite Beatle?

  26. David, what is your favorite movie (sci-fi or otherwise) ever? What would Eli’s favorite movie be?

  27. Awesome…it’s a banner day. My question made the mailbag! Woohoo.

    Too bad your response wasn’t, “Why yes, that’s exactly the reason!”

    Off to think up Q’s for David Blue.

  28. @Thornyrose – Since you’re a paramedic, you could take my comment about my not being able to do your job, and multiply that by anywhere from 2-10 depending on the situation. It’s always been beyond me to understand how EMT and ER personnel can do what needs to be done in incredibly high-pressure situations.

    Have you been a sci-fi fan from an early age, or how did that come about?

  29. Thanks for the great pics, Joe!

    Qs for David Blue:
    1) What are your thoughts on the concept of the show-within-a-show Wormhole X-treme? And – if you can tell us – is Eli Wallace a fan of it?
    2) I assume Eli would have a pretty high-end personal computer. What kind of specs would you imagine it has, or do the writers go into that level of detail? And do you have anything comparable to Eli’s machine yourself?
    3) Have you tried to get any other cast (or crew) members on Twitter? How have they responded?
    4) What do you think of the Back to the Future trilogy?

  30. Coucou Joseph!

    Waou super ces photos!! Il va y avoir pleins de surprises sur votre blog! Impatiente de voir ça!!

    ahaha tout le monde à une chance de gagner à votre jeu? non moi je pense que vous auriez du précisez touts les fans de stargate qui vivent au USA ou au CANADA^^!

    Alors, oui en effet j’ai quelques quetsions à posé à David =)

    1) Cela a était difficile de rentrer dans votre personnage? Eli vous ressemble t’il un peu?
    2) Avant sgu aviez vous vu beaucoup d’épisodes de stargate?
    3) Parlez vous un peu français?

    Voila Joseph! Bon je retourne à mon blog car j’ai encore pas mal de travail.

    Bisou Bisou
    A bientôt!

  31. Mince, je vous avez envoyer un commentaire mais on dirait que vous ne l’avez pas reçu.

    Je voulais juste vous montrez des petites choses de mon blog. Mais bon je suppose que vous vous y rendez tout les jours ? (lol je rigole ^^)

    Alalala si vous saviez tout le temps que j’y consacre, voila déja 3 ans que j’ai sacrifier ma vie de sociale et familiale pour me consacré à 100% à ma passion. Chaque jour je tiens les blogeurs au courant des dérniére new et j’essaye de les faire rire grâçe à mon imagination et pour l”instant ça à l’aire de bien marcher. Mais bon je ne pourrai pas être tout le temp là et le moment où je devrai cessé tout ça me fait peur.

    En tout cas je m’amuse vraiment à faire mon blog chaque jours et c’est ce qui compte =)

    A plus tard

  32. Hey I’m baaack. Miss me? Last week my modem died so I’ve been awaiting a delivery of my new one. Got it all hooked up tonight. Yay!

    Now I’ve got to spend some time catching up on here and Twitter. I feel so out of the loop. I swear it’s out of sight, out of mind.

    So, no fan left behind eh? Cooool. Perhaps you could have Brian Jacob Smith on for a Q&A and I can ask him why he’s blocking me on Twitter. If it’s by accident maybe he can unblock me and I won’t miss out on stuff.

    Competitions too? You know I’m a sucker for those, although I never win. But it’s trivia tho’ and I have a lot of trivial things stuck in this brain.

    Cheers, Chev

  33. That second random set pic – is that where the beer or wine is stored?

    Cheers, Chev

  34. In all honesty, you’re not convincing me with even 100 gig of behind the scenes materials. The sets mean squat if the storylines aren’t to my liking.
    Any chance you can put the pilot out there for free download through official channels? Get the people in Europe and stuff interested too. We’re big dvd buying freaks here – at least, lots of folks I happen to know are. And usually we have to wait like a few years before we can see a new show, which just sucks frankly. I don’t see how it’s fair that US citizens get tons of cute little actions like walk on roles, newest episodes on some sort of special tv channels and whatever, US ratings are the only ones that count for a show being continued or not, and the whole fan base all around the world can just go sc…ew themselves. Like come on, there has gotta be some way to strike a deal that is more equitable to like… the rest of the world? Can’t you get deals with two tv holdings, one European one or so?

  35. Question for David:

    Firstly, congratulations on winning every nerd’s dream come true! Its awesome to know that the cast now has a hardcore fan within is ranks, who can nit-pick over stuff on-set so that we don’t have to spend so much time doing it in forums. 😉

    My question is two-fold, really. First of all, as an actor, are there any aspects, gadgets and technologies, particular plot lines or specific aliens from SG-1 and Atlantis that you personally would enjoy the opportunity to act opposite; always wanted to play a Goa’uld, act in a scene with an Asgard, etc? And secondly, if he had the opportunity to read through all of the old mission reports and things, which gadgets/aliens/technologies/adventures do you think that Eli Wallace would be most curious about?


  36. Hi Mr M!!

    Wow…great snaps! Delighted with news re: Competitions etc. I hope that we (internationals) are eligible!! One of pet irks is the Get in the Gate Competition and such. We (many many millions of) international fans are ineligible for this great competition. Perhaps a word in MGM’s ear? I understand the whole insurance/flights/shooting schedules conundrum that an “external-US” competition throws up, but perhaps something can be worked out??? Anyway, I’ll get off the soap box now.

    Question for David Blue:
    First : Congrats on the role of Eli Wallace. I know you touched on this at the SGU panel at Comic Con, but as a fan (as well as an actor) having watched all the SG1/A story, how c-o-o-l was it to act opposite Mr Anderson in-persona as Jack O’ Neill?

    Second: Thinking back to the other shows, if you could have auditioned, given your choice, what role would you most liked to have landed? McKay / Jackson / Sheppard?

    Many thanks for the updates on Twitter..really enjoy the banter!

    Best to all Mr M!


  37. Yay! I love the No Fan Left Behind concept. I can’t wait for SGU to finally get rolling!

    Question for David Blue…

    Have you met “the one”? The one actor that just took your breath away at finally meeting him/her. If so, who and how did you react?

    Thanks Joe for keeping us in the loop! Love it.

  38. $4 an ear for corn? Why just on a recent weekend I could have gone to our neighboring town of Normal (yes, it really *is* called Normal) and gotten buttered corn on the cob for 50 cents an ear. Ok, it was the yearly sweet corn/blues festival where they haul in over 15 tons of fresh sweet corn and cook it on the spot for you. And if you want to you can buy a dozen ears unhusked for $3 to take home. There’s also elephant ears, kettle corn, bison burgers, gyros, lemon shake-ups and ice cream. As well as live music and dancers and craft-type people all over the place. It’s always a fun place to spend the weekend.

    Instead I went to the Stargate convention in Chicago. Had a great time there, so a fair exchange for my usual festival weekend I think.

    No questions for David Blue. Just the wish that he have a long, successful career and a happy, healthy life.

  39. Hi Mr. Mallozzi!

    I am huge Stargate fan, and I have few questions for you…
    I love SG 11 years and I still wonder…

    1) how you, the writers and the actors created so many beautiful carachters and storys and you still continue to surprise us with new fantastic adventures.what’s the clue 🙂

    2) My second question is about a Convention in my country Bulgaria! Here we are many many fans..we really want to see you here! We support Stargate in everyway…our hearts are beating so strong when we watch some episod of SG1 ot SGA! We just want 2 hours with you..we want to see our Heroes so much…

    I keep the Stargate pride alive Forever!!

    Your Julie!

  40. Why, Marvel…WHY????!! 🙁

    Guess Wolverine’s gonna be popping featherdusters out of his knuckles now… 😛


  41. Me revoila =)

    Il faudra que je vous demande quelque chose par email bientôt =P

    Lol je vous vois bien en train de vous demandez “Mais quesqu’elle va encore me dire” lol ne vous inquiétez pas ce n’est pas grave^^!

    Aller à plus tard.

  42. Wow sweet!!!! I am getting psyched for the premier now. Ok questions for David blue. Well let me think about that for a bit and see what other people have wrote so far, but I do have a question for you if you don’t mind.

    So have you shot lost yet, or are you waiting to shoot it after you finish pain?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  43. Ah, a few questions for Mr. Blue 🙂

    1) If a viewer, not necessarily a ‘fan’, could only see one SGU episode, which episode would you recommend and why? (and oh, did I say, please, no spoilers – I’m avoiding them!)

    2) Besides the paycheck ;), what drew you to the character of Eli Wallace? What do you believe drives this character?

    3) What do you see as Eli’s best qualities, as well as his worst?

    4) Using only one word, describe each of your castmates. (Warning, this could come back to haunt you!) 😉

    5) If you weren’t an actor, what career path do you think you would have followed?

    6) If your iPhone suddenly died, or was eaten by the dog in care of Brian J. Smith, what would your first reaction be?

    7) Lastly, any concrete plans for the hiatus between season 1 and (hopefully) season 2? Bad SyFy CGI-ridden flick filmed in Bulgaria, or …. ? Conventions?

    That’s all I can think of for now, and heh, yeah, doesn’t this sound like those weird questions they dump on job interviews 🙂


  44. Joe,

    Thank you so much for the answers to my questions. They made my Monday morning, not least because of the potential for learning more about the women of SGU. I can’t wait to see what you and Syfy’s Erika came up with!

    And, well, I don’t know if this is good or not (being as how I am only one person, and all), but if it helps any, I have gone from being completely uninterested in SGU a month ago to looking forward to the October premiere.

    It’s interesting that you should mention Grey Munford’s Comic Con trailer. If you’re talking about the one that was uploaded to YouTube, I thought it was visually stunning, and I loved some aspects about the trailer (O’Neill, the touches of humour, Rush’s ambiguity, and Eli’s sense of wonder, which is a joy to behold), but I didn’t fall in love with the trailer as a whole because I felt it really sidelined the women characters, plugging them neatly into the ‘damsel in distress’ and ‘source of romantic/emotional angst’ categories. This is why I am so happy to hear that you and Erika have been chatting about this very topic! 🙂

    I look forward to seeing all the new SGU, and secret archived SG-1 and SGA material on your blog. Sounds like we’re in for quite a ride to October 2!

    Questions for David Blue:

    1. You’ve mentioned in interviews you’re a big fan of the previous incarnations of SGA and SG-1. What was it about the shows that drew you in as a viewer, and were you more of a fan of one show over the other?

    2. Why twitter? I mean, you’ve managed to get most of the cast onto twitter with you, and you are all great fun to read, but why did you get onto twitter in the first place? Was it partly in response to some of the attitudes expressed online about SGU when the series was first announced?

    Regardless of the why, I’m glad to see you on twitter, and thanks for getting everyone else in SGU on twitter, too! I know I’ve not been the most positive person ever when it comes to SGU, but I’ve enjoyed reading your banter with your cast-mates, and it is fun to get to know a little about the actors behind the characters.

    3. SGU is touted to be about a bunch of ordinary folk living through extraordinary events. What, in your mind, makes these people so ordinary? I mean, Eli Wallace is a slacker genius, not just some random Joe off the street. What is it that you think most makes Eli someone anybody can relate to?

    3b. Also, there have also been a lot of comparisons drawn between Eli and McKay — what do you think most distinguishes Eli from the character of a young Rodney McKay (besides, one assumes, the lack of an allergy to citrus *grin*)?

    4. I think Joe’s mentioned before that you’re quite the TV aficionado. Outside of Stargate (*grin*), which show do you most want to see return come the new fall season? Please, please tell me it isn’t a reality TV show! 🙂

    5. What did you enjoy most about your comic con experience? Was it at all like you’d imagined it would be?

    Thanks for your time.

  45. Hullo Joe,

    I’m a long time reader, first time poster. I love both SG-1 and SGA and I’m very much looking forward to SGU (Is is Oct. 2nd yet!?). I personally am just as excited by the talent behind the camera as I am of their onscreen counterparts. Is there any new behind the scenes talent that you are excited about for SGU? I’m really thrilled that Peter DeLuise is back.

    Col. Mustard

  46. I’ve never understood the point of cook-it-yourself restaurants. I mean, jeez, if I want overdone chicken, I can make that for free in my own kitchen – without an audience. 🙂

  47. For David Blue

    1.) Do you play video games? If so what is your favorite game?

    2.) If you could be a member of the crew of any Star Trek crew which would it be?

    3.) If you were going to loose either your sight or hearing, and you had the choice of which one, which one would you choose to keep and why?

    4.) Does Eli Wallace have a best friend? If so who is it?

  48. @JulieShanks, Any relation to the “MS” of stargate?? AND IS anyone going to Dragon con? I have 2 questions i have not been able to answer. – Even when i e-mail them- 1 What day is Claudia Black doing pay-for pics? Hubby wants one! and 2 What day, what time, and what location is the Stargate Forum? A little help here please. Thanks to all. ..Sheryl

  49. @susziesbluefeather and otros. You can contact me @ sgatlantisrose@yahool.com, so that we can clear up Mr. M’s blog. And yes, i was part of Nighthawk during that time, so we’ve probably met Suzie. And Otros, there’s a certain high to running the high stress calls. Besides, my involvement with the patients is generally short term, and then the patient moves up the medical system. So I don’t have to get tired of the more mundane aspects of nursing, such as the sponge baths, changing foleys, etc. Nice thing is we each have a place we’re comfortable with in the system.
    One question Mr. M. Are the prizes being provided by MGM or Syfy? If so, I look forward to trying to get some loot from them. If you’re providing the goodies, I’ll be playing along for the spirit of competition only. And if TPTB are reading, and are putting up the stuff, GOOD JOB. If not, start supporting your own show and your best spokesman!

  50. Ok I think I got a few for Mr. Blue.

    First off I want to say thanks for doing this Q&A(and for doing Twitter),and connecting with fans through the web.

    1. Now I know you have seen all of SG-1 and Atlantis, but which series do you like better and for what reasons?

    2. Have you seen Ark of Truth and Contiumm yet, if so, which one was your favorite.

    3. Now from what I have seen(and Joe has said this before on his blog), you are really really good and putting a certain twist (manerisms, movements, facial expressions etc.) on your lines and in the scenes you are in. So is it hard to repeat those exact actions throughout several takes, especially when the camera is moving and covering diffent parts of your body and face as you act or react to a situation. Does it become second nature after a while, or is it always a challenge? As a very very junior actor aspiring to be a screen actor, I struggle with keeping my expressions consistant(and even more importantly, to make them look completely genuine) throughout multiple takes? Also, do you have any tips that might help me overcome this problem?

    4. What would you say was the funnest SGU episode to shoot?

    5. Which SGU episode would you say challenged your acting skills the most?

    Thanks again David!!

    And thank you Joe for giving us this opportunity!!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  51. I hope the “No Fan Left Behind” is being fully funded (unlike NCLB).

    Questions to David Blue
    1. Best prank played so far by cast/crew, by whom, and what was it?

    2. Have you ever had an opportunity to use your trifecta talents (acting, singing and dancing) and if so, is it something we can catch on DVD?

    Thank you for getting me hooked on Twitter and being so great with the fans. Here is hoping that SGU is Syfy’s show with the highest ratings ever, leaving Warehouse 13 to eat SGU’s star trail.

  52. Can I repeat Anne Teldy’s question? Once again, because it’s been bugging me since the first set pix came out in, umm February?

    Question for Mr. Blue:

    What does it say on Eli’s red t-shirt?

  53. i know this is not on topic, but i have been trying to follow the chances of the release of Stargate Worlds MMORPG, i was hoping that with the new show hitting the air soon, there might be some news on what is going on with the game. it seems with Universe getting all the good buzz, it would give the game another avenue to explore in the form of expansion or new characters. any info would only help generate more momentum for the show.

  54. Hey Joe!

    I have been a fan of Stargate from day one, when it first aired in 97′! I BEGGED my parents to get showtime just to watch it.. when it moved to scifi my parents were excited. i cant tell you how much the show has been a part of the family! If it wasnt for the show i wouldnt have followed my dream of joining the military, I am now in the US Navy!! Thanks for being part of it all! i recently got to meet Amanda she’s my celeb hero! but enough of that! got a couple questions, any word on the new SG movies? have they started to continue filming? i heard they were put on hold due to econimic reason is that true? thanks for all the SG series!!

  55. I’m sitting here with toothache, glaring at Hulu.com and wondering how I can mask my ISP address…

    Ok, enough of that, let David Blue have fun answering this one. If you could kill one person in the world and get away with it scott-free, who would it be?

    Ozzy Bin-Laden doesn’t count.

  56. @ suziesbluefeather – But I don’t like vampires. Only albinos with vampiric swords…

    There is a difference. I’ve never been into the ‘undead’ – I preferred my guys with warm blood flowing through their veins, not down their gullets. I have yet to be satisfied with a vampire movie, except the old Lugosi flicks. Though I will occasionally catch a vampire movie on tv, I honestly don’t get the appeal.


  57. How does SGU compare to dark SGA eps like Vegas and Whispers? Is it still gonna have the wry humor of SGA and SG1? Seems like both SG1 and SGA loosed up as the shows matured and the characters grew closer. Vegas is my fave ep, and I’ll just pretend that help arrived at the very end to save Alt.John at the last minute.

    Any chance that fave guest stars like Mike Dopud, Neil Jackson and the gals from Whispers will pop up in SGU?

  58. The birds from yesterday’s entry remind me of the Silverhawks! (Anybody else remember that old Rankin-Bass cartoon, which aired alongside Thundercats?)

    Sorry I’ve been so MIA – been working hard on artwork this summer for Dragon*Con. Since the Sheppard pic, I’ve done one of Kirk & Spock (old school), and another of John Crichton and Aeryn Sun. I’ve also just added an Ascended Being to the Stargate Pony herd. 😛 And before all that, I wrote 6 articles, one interview, and edited two pieces for the Sept issue of Tart, as well as several reviews. Busy, busy, busy! July was busy too, for that matter! XD I hope I have energy left for the con itself. :headdesk:

    @David Blu~

    1) Loved you as Logan in Moonlight! If it had been renewed, or if they ended up doing a movie, would you want to go back, if your schedule allowed for it? And would you have wanted to be full-time or stay recurring?

    2) Who is your fave Stargate character *besides* Rodney?

    3) Every fan has things they would like to see happen with thier fave characters, whether it’s seeing them get a love interest or suffer terrible angst or becoming a superhero or king. What are some things you would like to see Eli go through, either on the show itself or in the “what if” realm of fanfic?

    4) Who would you most want to see guest star on SGU, and in what sort of role?

    5) Is there any role you haven’t done yet that you would love to, and haven’t mentioned in answers to previous questions? (A lot of guys seem to answer James Bond to this one ….)

    6) If you could be a Stargate alien, what would you be, and why? (A few possibilities: Wraith, Hybrid, Goa’uld, Tok’ra, Nox, Jaffa, Asgard, Furling, human-form Replicator …) And what would you least want to be? Why?

  59. Oh for Frith’s sake — sorry I forgot the “e” in your last name, David! XD I was just talking to someone about Blu electronic cigarettes, which my Dad’s been trying, and I guess it’s stuck in my head. Although it would have been cool if you’d been related to voice actress Susan Blu, of old Transformers fame, ne? 😀

  60. @LIZ

    I noticed that our new next door neighbours have a “dish”… Whadda think? Some wire hangers, half a roll of aluminum foil, jumper cables… Teach the Squirrels a new “trade”…? And, hey, Mom already has that clothesline between the houses all hooked up…

  61. Hey Joe,

    No Fan Left Behind, eh? Don’t tell me this is paid for by the stimulus package, too. 😉 Now I won’t forget it’s October 2nd.

    I have no questions for David Blue. Well, none that are worth writing down where everyone else can read them. Cuz really all that comes to mind is *cake or pie*? My sister hates cake. I actually like both. I think I’m hungry.

    @Suziesbluefeather: I think you are in great company. I had a picture of Tom Baker as The Doctor hanging in my locker sophmore year of high school. It was a great way to weed out the *too cool* kids from the *geeks who might make great friends* kids. The *too cool* kids would ask, “Is that your dad?!?” And the *geeks* (all boys, actually) would ask, “Uh, do you know who that guy is?” 😀

    (who should be packing for Dragon*Con… btw, does anyone know if deoderant counts as a liquid? Why can’t I remember what’s *ok* on that stupid liquid list??)

  62. Joe, perhaps I wasn’t as clear as intended:

    Laura Richter writes: “As a buffer, I am interested in learning how I can be brought into the Stargate Universe and brought up to speed.”

    Answer: Well, you could pick up the box sets of both SG-1 and Atlantis for a thorough and detailed understanding of the world of Stargate. But those tuning into SGU for the first time with little or no prior knowledge of Stargate won’t have any trouble following the fun.

    I meant to say that I am very well versed with your Stargate stories (and look for esoteric meaning, hidden messages on… I would say… advanced level for a midwestern, ie..someone out of the hollywood loop) that I have been either “looney tuned” to an awareness that does not exist or I am acutely aware of many of the encryptic subtle references and would like the opportunity to confer with someone from the Stargate Team. The vision of this show has been instrumental in developing my own imagination and I hope to engage in a discussion, possible apprencticeship, to articulate the messages, ie confer resonance. Is there anyone who might be willing to chat with me about my reception and point me in the direction of how I can get brought up to speed on what is really happening in our world. I am primed.

    If interested, let me know… (was I clear enough?)


  63. Questions for David Blue:

    1. On SGA the characters got to bring some personal items with them, on SGU I guess you don’t have that luxury. What item do you think Eli would have brought with him given the chance?

    2. Which script surprised or excited you the most? Why?

    3. Once the action starts, does Eli relate to it all like playing a video game or is he a little freaked?

    4. What book are you reading at the moment?

    5. What’s the most played song on your ipod/mp3 player?

    6. What film or tv prop do you wish you had displayed at your house?

    Cheers, Chev aka @imwebgurl

  64. For David Blue: I checked your IMDb page like you suggested, and it turns out I haven’t seen a single thing you’ve been in! Don’t worry, that’s clearly a reflection on me, not you. I’m already planning on watching SGU, so tell me: what other work that you’ve done do I really need to get from Netflix and catch up on? Wow, did that sentence make sense? JM says you’re a Rodney fan. What do you like best about Rodney?

  65. Argh! Drat wordpress’ lack of a preview function! Please delete my previous reply to your post and just approve this one with the corrected coding. Sorry. :-/

    *delurking momentarily*

    Heya Joe,

    Don’t know if you’re interested or not, but one of the largest sand sculpting contests goes on up at Harrison Hotsprings there in BC. Here’s a link to the main website with info and a photo gallery. Some of these sculptures are frelling huge, as well as incredibly intricate. The site also has a sand sculpting FAQ and a ‘How it’s done’ page.

    They hold a sand sculpting contest down here in my neck of the woods the last weekend of June, but it’s nowhere near as big and impressive as the one up in Harrison. I’ve always wanted to see someone tackle trying to sculpt Atlantis in sand, but no one’s done it yet. The sand sculpting is a lot of very hard work, but it really is fun! You might consider giving it a try sometime, just to flex and stretch your creativity in new ways.

    Oh, by the way, the TV show that Rose (formerly OhioAnne) is talking about is called “Sandnlasters” and really is a lot of fun to watch. It airs on the Travel Channel here in the States, but I don’t know if you get that channel there in Canada or not, or even if the show is on the lineup if you do. There are some pretty cool videos of the series up on Youtube if you’re interested, just search “sandblasters” and you’ll find them.

  66. Is the task of casting for long running projects like the Stargate franchise as daunting as it seems? I’ve always been impressed with quality of talent that runs from the primary characters through to the lowliest villagers. I’m impressed with the production staff’s ability to maintain the continuity of the mythology while creating interesting and memorable background characters. Have there been casting decisions for characters you’ve created that you didn’t agree with but were pleasantly surprised with after filming?

  67. Wow, I have a lap top mouse that looks just like those blue things.

    The whole ramp up thing sounds like fun. I’ll certainly stay tuned.

  68. Questions for David Blue:

    1. What’s the best line anyone ever wrote for one of your characters?

    2. How is David Hewlett so awesome?

    3. How are you like David Hewlett?

    4. What question do you wish someone asked in this Q&A?

    5. What’s the answer to your answer for #4?

    6. What mmo games do you play?

    7. How is working in Vancouver different from working in other places?

  69. To all near the fires in LA. Be safe. Please leave before you think, “Maybe we should go?”.

    Anne Teldy – Glad you got that question answered. I asked it aaaaages ago but didn’t get a response so I thought it must be something that everyone else knew.

  70. Hold the phones. Or stop the presses. Or pause on hitting that *publish* button. My sister just texted me that Disney bought Marvel comics for $4 billion.

    Say it ain’t so, Joe!

    Now my sister usually gets her facts wrong. But when she told me Amelia Earhart might have been found, that turned out to be true.

    If this is true then I smell a theme park war. Ah! I founda linky:


    I wonder if it means Universal has to give up it’s Hulk and Spidey rides! 😯

  71. No fan left behind – If I do get left behind, lost in the wilderness can you send Joe Flanigan and mob (inc Lorne) to find me?

    I hope that Jelly is going to be okay – my little tom cat was ill earlier this summer and I was freaking out with worry.


  72. Sweetness! This campaign sounds like fun!
    I have no questions for David, as everyone has already asked all the cool ones. Add me to the camp that wants to know what his red shirt says, however (I have a hunch it says ‘you are here’). Feel free to tell me I’m right. 😉
    Looking forward to all the BTS pics coming up! I love how more and more info/pics are coming out, now that its getting closer to premiere night. yay!

  73. Hello Mr. M,
    I saw on ABC’s Defying Gravity credits that the VFX are done by STARGATE Studios! Is that Mark Savela and his gang??? If so, very cool INDEED! Do Tell, please!


  74. for us, latinamerican fans, SGU will be at the new SCiFi/SYFY latino or at FX latino like SGA?

  75. Wow, can’t wait for all the goodies, Q & A’s, contests to come, looking forward to not being left behind!

  76. @pg15 – i think you will have quite some competition around for those trvia contests!

    Questions for David –
    1. Do you read Joe’s blog at some regular interval?
    2. What’s the funniest thing on set that’s happened to you/seen/experienced/or heard of so far?
    3. Coffee or Tea? (thanks to Trish aka Whovian for the inspiration for that one!)

    thanks to both David and Joe for giving fans this special opportunity!

  77. Mornin’ Joe, just wondering – are the MGM character bio’s correct? I recall one event where SciFi (as it was then known), posted a bio rambling on about Sheppards Father being a Cold War Colonel or some such. I’m only wondering, as any and all titbits about Universe are needed – its pregame hype even on this side of the pond!

    – RV xx

  78. Congratulations on your “No Fan Left Behind” campaign. It sounds like delicious good fun. You are to commended for blending fans of all three shows together. I’m sure it will not only be a delight to all who participate but a wonderful aid in soothing the ruffled feathers of those whose shows are only in repeats now. Good for you!

  79. Hi Joe, No fans left behind? LMAO. Please tell MGM execs they’ve left quite a few fans behind when they didn’t renew Atlantis or didn’t greenlit the next Atlantis and SG-1 DVD movies…

  80. No fans left behind? Sweet! 😛 Hopefully it works, I mean, I know a couple of people that are still sorta pissed about the cancellation of SGA. Personally, I’m dead excited for SGU though.

    Questions for David;

    1) First off, first saw you on Ugly Betty and thought you were the most adorable thing EVER. Hahaha! My question is really random, but, if you got to play any superhero, which one would you be?

  81. For David Blue:

    Knowing your musical theater background, have there been any spontaneous breaks into song on set?

  82. Questions for David Blue:

    – What is it like to work on a franchise that you were a fan of before you started working on it?

    – If you had the option to have any part of your choosing in another franchise that you are a fan of, what would you choose and why?

    – I think it is safe to say that if SGU goes for any significant lenghth of time, eventually a resolution to the series will come about (maybe they get home, maybe not). As a fan of Star Trek: Voyager I was disappointed by the way that TPTB ended that show. How would you like this show to end when the time comes?

  83. David, I’ve been a fan of yours ever since your guest appearance on “Scrubs”! Loved you on “Ugly Betty” and am very excited about “SGU”. I’d love to have you appear at a Stargate convention I run in Atlanta in May. Interested?

  84. Questions for Mr. Blue:

    We know that aliens in SGU won´t be rubber-faced and speaking English.
    -Can you tell us what do you think about new aliens in SGU?
    -Does Eli like aliens?
    -What does it feel like meet the aliens and step through the gate for you – stargate fan?

    I think it must be incredible. Good luck and ten seasons of SGU I wish you from Czech Republic.

  85. I was never a huge fan of the television show Stargate but I did love the movie. From what I have seen of this show it looks really good and I can not wait to view the work everyone has done on it.

    I do have a few questions for David.

    1. What is it like being on a show like this knowing that it had/has such a huge following the way it does?

    2. If they made an Moonlight movie (big IF) and they asked you to be in it, would you or could you? It would not be the same without the WHOLE cast.

    3. I believe you are gonna be a big hit in this show. How do you think you are gonna deal with all the Moonlight/Ugly Betty/SGU fans and how do you think they will differ from each other?

    and lastly

    Thank you David for being YOU

  86. Hi David.

    I loved you as Logan on Moonlight, and I was just wondering just how much fun was it to work on Moonlight? I read a previous question asking if you would you do a Moonlight movie if you had the time? So I’m seconding that question.

    I have only seen a few episodes of Stargate but I’ll be watching your show on a regular basis.

  87. Hi David! *waves enthusiastically*
    What I want to know is how on earth did you go from “Ugly Betty” to “Stargate” so quickly? It seems you were a relative unknown before “Ugly Betty” and now you’re just everywhere! 😀 Congrats on the new show and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  88. Hi David,

    Will you ever go back to Ugly Betty?
    What types of girls, do you like ?

  89. Hey David. I was just wondering how this new SG-U relates or connects with the SG1 story line. I was a fan of that show and am eager to check out SG-U. Also, will you be doing any more guest spots on Ugly Betty? Mark is one of my favorite characters and I really enjoyed your story with him. Hope things are going well and I’m glad you’ve got this new show getting off the ground. I really like star gate so i’m glad you’re getting involved with the franchise.

  90. Question for David,

    On paper, your new character Eli sounds a lot like Logan Griffen (less Logan’s confidence and being a vampire). How else do you think they differ?

  91. Hi David,

    Was surfin and found this Blog thingy ma jig and thought I would mention that I am a monsterous fan of All the Stargate Franchises from the start and this show has started slow and is now picking up speed, these Blue Alien guys that are chasing you are new and interesting to see where it is going. Take care and keep up those references to other Sci Fi shows that are an obvious reminder. “The Wrath of Khan” remark, etc.

    Take care

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