So American Idol crowned yet another champion the other day and the question that immediately comes to mind is “Does it really matter?”.  As a showcase for undiscovered talent, American Idol offers great opportunity to all of its featured contestants, but its debatable whether that last man (or woman) standing is truly any better off for having won the whole thing.  Or are they?  And if so, did America get it right?     

Well, here’s a breakdown of American Idol album sales (not including compilations, EP’s, or pre-Idol albums) comparing the past season winners with the also-rans (Source:, Updated as of May 13, 2009).  It would seem that, every so often, America can get it wrong –

Season 1
Winner:  Kelly Clarkson =       10 131 236 (4 albums)
Runner Up: Justin Guarini =        143 000 (1 album)

Season 2
Runner Up: Clay Aiken =         4 839 000 (4 albums)
Winner: Ruben Stoddard =     2 484 000 (3 albums)

Season 3
Winner:   Fantasia Barrino =       2 289 000 (2 albums)
Top 7 Finish: Jennifer Hudson =  726 293 (1 album) + 1 Oscar
Runner Up:   Diana DeGarmo =     168 000 (1 album)

Season 4
Winner:  Carrie Underwood = 9 573 618 (2 albums)
Runner Up: Bo Bice =                     734 000 (2 albums)

Season 5
Top 4 Finish: Chris Daughtry = 4 437 029 (1 album)
Top 6 Finish: Kellie Pickler =     1 013 375 (2 albums)
Winner: Taylor Hicks =                   734 617 (3 albums)
Top 3 Finisher: Elliot Yamin =     645 559 (4 albums)
Top 8 Finish: Bucky Covington =403 000 (1 album)
Runner Up: Katherine McGhee = 376 000 (1 album)

Season 6
Winner: Jordin Sparks =   1 004 000 (1 album)
Runner Up: Blake Lewis =    305 000 (1 album)

Season 7
Winner: David Cook =            1 125 933 (1 album)
Runner Up: David Archuleta = 698 936 (1 album)
Hey, writer-producer Martin Gero (formerly of Stargate, presently of HBO’s Bored to Death) gave me a call this afternoon.  He’s having a great time tearing it up in New York but is nevertheless looking forward to coming by for a lengthy visit in July.  First stop = Fuel, of course where, as my wingman, he’ll be joining me in a celebratory welcome back dinner that will no doubt see him laid up for weeks.    

What’s in the news:

This is touching.  In China, a bystander breaks through a police cordon to help a man contemplating suicide:
I can just imagine the local Suicide Help Line organization realizing, to their horror, that this guy has been a volunteer in their organization for going on six months.  Hmmm, suddenly that unbelievably low recividism rate doesn’t look so great.

You’ve been dropping hints about that new car for weeks and your significant other still hasn’t taken the bait.  What to do?  What to do?  Hey, I know!  Take a trip to your local dealer, hop into the car of your choice, then drive around the showroom until he/she agrees to buy it for you:

Hey, the bank mistakenly deposited six million dollars into your account.  What do you do?  Yeah, thought so:
See you in Vegas, baby!

I should get one of these for my place to help ensure any dinner parties I may host wrap up at a reaonsable hour.  “Yeah, I think we’re gonna get going.  It’s getting late.  And my ears are bleeding.”:

Mailbag –

PG15 writes: “How do freelance writers pitch for a new show when only the existing writers know the details of what the show is about? Or do these freelancers receive detailed info on the show before they get to pitch?”

Answer: When a freelancer is invited to pitch, they are sent supporting materials (scripts written to date and synopses of upcoming storylines) to acquaint themselves with the series and its characters.  They’re encouraged to call with any questions.  Otherwise, that’s pretty much it.

Chervon7 writes: “What have the dogs been up to lately? I’ve always wondered this, can they all jump up on the bed on their own?”

Answer: Lulu is a powerhouse and has no trouble jumping up onto the bed.  Bubba makes it about half the time.  Jelly and Maximus don’t even bother trying.

Tammy Dixon writes: “Glad Lulu is feeling better. How is Jelly doing?”

Answer: The old gal is still getting along – and as scrappy as ever.  Yesterday, she got into a fight with Lulu over a dog treat.

Rose writes: “Just curious – why so few actors on the commentaries for SGA DVDs?  Only Jason this year and damn few last year as I remember. Any reason that you can point to?
PS. Miss me?”

Answer: It comes down to availability and a willingness to participate.  Whether its actors, directors, writers, or producers – some don’t have the time while others just aren’t interested.  Jason took part in the Broken Ties commentary because the episode was very important to him.  And, yes, I did miss you.  I’m glad you checked in.  I was about to organize I search party.

PG15 also writes: “Questions :

1. Marty G. just twittered that he’s “working on episode 115″ of SGU. Is he writing it?
2. What episode number is “Divided”?
3. What episode number is “Faith”?
4. Is “Darkness” episode 16 or 17?”

Answers: 1. Yep.  Marty G. is working on the outline and having a lot of fun with this particular story.  Can’t wait to read it.
2. 12 I believe.
3. 13 I believe.
4. Neither.

48 thoughts on “May 23, 2009: The American Idol Breakdown, Marty G. Checks In, What’s In the News, and Some Mailbag

  1. In reference to Australian Idol, the runner up always seems to get the best end of the stick, cause they made it all the way to the end, and aren’t locked in to a contract.

    I personally think two out of all the contestants have “made it”, and are still making music… Guy Sebastian (however no new song of late), and Jessica Mauboy (recently did a duo with Flo Rida)…

    The show is all hype. 3 years down the track, and no one will know (most) of them anymore…


  2. That Chinese suicide story’s pretty heavy. It is selfish, though. They never consider how it’s totally gonna mess up people’s commutes.

  3. So Marty G. is writing more episodes of SGU than you? I thought you were the staff writer? Is he technically a “freelancer” now? I don’t understand all the differences here.

  4. Thank you for answering my questions!!

    So, theoretically I can hire an agent, try to get invited to a pitch as an innocent freelancer, be successful at getting invited (somehow), receive all the up-to-date info on SGU, leave the country to hide from the authorities, and then spread the info across the Internet at my undisclosed, foreign location? Muhahahahahaha!

    Rest assured, I would never do that, since 1). I wouldn’t want to hurt you guys like that and 2). if I ever did get to pitch, I’d pitch the shit out of it. Seriously. I’m THAT good.

    Your answer to my second question aides me on my quest to piece together Season 1 of SGU; it is a great quest, full of peril, danger, and inconvenience. And puzzles. Actually, it’s mostly puzzles. They’re pretty inconsequential too, come to think of it. Hmmm…

    Oh God, I’ve wasted so much time on this!

    Anyways, everything up to “Faith”, 113, seems clear cut except for the maelstrom that is Fire vs. Water vs. new episode. It’s unlikely that another new episode was added, however, as that would break up the Air-Fire-Water-Earth elemental pattern. I had briefly thought that maybe Fire has been renamed “Darkness” and “Light” but, again, it messes up the elemental theme.

    Or does it? When you first introduced those episodes, you wrote:

    “And speaking of character moments – today, I read Brad’s finished version of Darkness and Light. This one has got me very excited as well, particularly for the remained climactic sequence.”

    Remained climactic sequence? What does that mean? Is that a typo, or is that you saying that you like what REMAINED of the climactic sequence from what the episodes used to be, which is the episode FIRE?!?!

    Which you have clearly stated was running long! It makes some kind of sense. It may be the “no” kind, but still.

    But wait! There’s more! You said that Peter DeLuise was directing Darkness and Light! But the only episode he directed this year, so far, was Fire! And I do not think he is directing a new episode, as you have only made one mention of him doing this. Perhaps this is because he didn’t spend long directing “Darkness and Light”, because all he had to do was direct some extra scenes, which, when added to the running-long “Fire”, becomes “Darkness and Light”!

    In addition, one of the actors recently twittered that they were shooting some extra scenes (or the last scenes) for…wait for it…FIYAH!! Or should I say, that’s right, Darkness and Light. Ha, that rhymes!

    Meanwhile, Episode 15 is Marty G’s so it can’t be Darkness nor Light, as those two are written by Brad Wright. Ha, that rhymes again. Also, since they are a two-parter (you described them as “both” once; and you said all 1st season episodes have 1-word-names), they must take up two consecutive spots.

    Episode 13 is Faith, episode 14 is unknown, and episode 15 belongs to Marty G. You just denied Darkness being episodes 16 nor 17, which means that Darkness can only be episodes 18, 19, or 20, while Light can be those episodes, as well as episode 17.

    But wait, Brad Wright already finished writing the penultimate episodes of SGU Season 1 this early in the game? And Peter DeLuise has already filmed stuff for it? Preposterous! PROPOSTEROUS!

    Thus, only one thing makes sense:

    Fire, being so over the time limit, was split into 2 episodes. Those 2 episodes were renamed Darkness and Light.


    Am I right?

  5. Whatever happens; whether I’m right or wrong…that felt good. Hahaha. I felt like the guy from The DaVinci Code there for a second.

  6. Hey, Joe? – I’m probably a little late in noticing this – but I was just over at GateWorld reading the MGM release on the Season 5 DVDs… Don’t know if it’s a typo on GateWorld’s part [hope it is] or on MGM’s [in which case, they need someone new in their Quality Control Dept], but, TWICE, they have Ronon spelled out as Ron”a”n…?!!

    If this is an error on MGM’s part, it really doesn’t sit well with me… And, I sure as hell hope that it doesn’t turn up on the actual DVDs! In which case, “someone” should probably send a “memo” to “whomever” to check this sort of thing out… Cause, what’s the point in giving a character a cool name and then letting TPTB screw it up. You don’t see DC Comics spelling their main guy’s name Supermon!

  7. I once had 2 million deposited into my bank by mistake, back in the day when we still had bank books. They wouldn’t give my bank book back until they had corrected the mistake, but for a few minutes I was a millionaire. Still have the book to prove it 🙂

  8. You know, I can actually empathize with that guy who pushed the guy off the bridge. I lived in a city once where there was a river running through the middle, and there was exactly one bridge connecting the two sides. I went to school on the east side, and both my parents worked there. Well, right around rush hour, when half the city has had a long day and just wants to get home, some idiot decided to stand on the bridge for several hours, threatening to jump. After an hour or two, I think we were all wishing he’d just do it or get off already.

  9. I meant to include the information that we lived on the west side. Though perhaps that was implied.

  10. The “Mosquito tone” or “Teen Buzz” is really interesting. There is quite a bit of controversy over it in Europe where it gained alot of popularity. Kids are using it as ringtones on their cellphones, so when their phone rings in school they can’t get in trouble, because the teacher can’t hear it. They started using it, similarily as Japan is now, to detour kids from hanging out in areas, until the courts decided it was contradictory to the rights of the kids, and it was banned as being used as a detourent.

  11. Six mill sounds like a lot, but I think I’d need at least ten times that amount to make a try at outrunning pursuit. Purchasing new identities, travelling around under fake i.d.s to shake the bank detectives, finding a suitable small country to purchase take money. Or, maybe I can get the government here to give me some TARP money. They’re bailing out just about everyone else. Of course, I’d have to push my finances to the point of bankruptcy first.
    I just can’t get into the whole American Idol thing. I do watch the initial auditions for the humor value. After that, well, I think one year I did actually watch some of the finals simply because everyone at work insisted on tuning in. Part of my disinterest may have something to do with the fact that I’m well above the cutoff age. And while I am no singer, I’d like to think there are few people in my age group who can carry a tune at least as well as some boyos who only shave once a month.
    The links are appreciated, and I can hardly wait for Tuesday’s posting. Figure you’ll slide in a predone book review Monday, and then let us know how your experience was at the musical. Do have fun…

  12. And while I’m thinking of unsolved mysteries of SGU Season 1, here are a few more questions:

    1. A while ago I asked what this passage (from March 16th) refered to:

    [b]Brad[/b] then pytched out hys revysed notion for an ydea he’s been battyng around for a whyle now. A great premyse wyth an yntryguing mystery at yts core, a wonderful opportunyty for one of our characters, all wrapped up in a an ultymately touchyng theme.

    You said it was for an episode in the back half that is as yet untitled. Is it episode 14?

    2. Again, refering to another passage (March 24th):

    We talked Tekkonkinkreet, Takashi Miike, and Minister Faust before I was called into the writer’s room to help spin a new story on another freelance script, this one a wonderful exploration of the [b]Rush[/b] character. By lunch, we had the story broken

    Is this refering to episode 16?

    3. The episode slot that is to be filled by your next SGU script; is it episode 17?


  13. American Idol. *yawns* Yeah, sometimes (a lot of the time, if you ask me, although I don’t recall that you did) we get it wrong. Next thing ya know, they’ll be putting so-called pro wrestling on the PsiPhi channel. It’s a mad world, like the song says.

    Thanks for posting links to interesting stuff. I’ll check those out later, since it’s a quarter ’til three (close enough), there’s no one in the place . . . *lets Sinatra finish it* Hubs is at a family reunion, I opted not to go, checked in with some gal pals last week and we went out for drinks and snacks and dude-watching tonight. Had a great time, afterward got stone-cold sober very quickly upon entering my kitchen and finding The Ants from Hell all over the countertop. Dunno how they made it here so quickly from das’s place in Jersey, but they died a quick death. My hands and the cleaning cloth reeked of formic acid. Blecccchhhhhh.

    I’d been wondering about blog favorite and comrade-in-gourmandise Martin Gero. I’m glad he’s still doing some stuff with you, both as a writer and a friend.

    My neighbor says that when squirrels get into her veg plants, she sprinkles cayenne pepper on them. Me, I think it’s a waste of good spice to put it on meat that ain’t even been caught and skinned yet.

    Okay, okay, I’m going to bed.

  14. So, ehm, you still can’t comment on whether Brad’s ‘Fire’ is now a 2-parter, or that another story is now in slot 5/6?

  15. Hi Joe! I see Trish already told you we got together; thanks so much for “introducing” us! She’s very lovely and so so sweet, but you already knew that, didn’t you? I see she was a bit shy to tell you, but the food wasn’t anything to write home about. Hence, no pics. The “Flamenco” “dancers” (don’t I feel like Jack O’Neill…) were unintentionally hilarious. No really, I couldn’t even say “Flamenco dancers”. We concluded that one of the male dancers was actually a waiter filling in for a sick dancer. He reminded me of Stuart on Mad TV (“Look what I can do!”). Dessert was good, the cafe con leche was so damn good I almost forgave them for the rest it, so all in all, a really nice time, great company, hope we do it again (definitely at a different restaurant) soon 🙂

    @Trish: Thank YOU, sweetheart! Hope to see you again very soon! You must come up to meet Finnegan Rose (as soon as I get her)! Can I have Ziggy? No, really, I want him 😉

  16. Hi Joe,

    I actually have a production question today. I’ve noticed when deleted scenes are included on a DVD that they are often low in visual quality. While I understand why visual and sound effects may be missing, I’m always baffled by the grainy and dark quality of the scenes, as I assume they were shot with the intention of being included in the episode/movie. What goes on in post production to “clean up” those visuals that do make the cut, as I have to assume that they once looked very much like those dingy (and I mean that only in the visual sense… 😉 ) deleted scenes?

    I was delighted with your pups, btw, for revealing the SGA title. Count me among their Twitter followers now. Any chance you’ve heard whether Brad has selected a title for the SG1 movie yet? Would that his dog Twittered as well!



  17. Oh yes, I read the 6 million dollar error and they are still looking for the people, go figure, not sure what I would do, first,my bank would know, that could never happen to me,haha. -I never got into watching the odol competitions, And then(other story) it teaches you to not shake hands on a bridge, or something like that. some of those odd/weird stories are just too odd/weird, guess thats why they classify them as such.-
    Glad to hear Mr Marty is adjusting to the BIG city life, and that he is still participating in stargate stuff. When you go to Fuel, (you) do you make a reservation, or can they usually seat you.? I am not planning on going anytime soon, but just wondered. It does sound like a great place to go. How are your mom and sister doing these days,?, well I hope. Have a good day! 😀

  18. Guess what I did on Friday night! I went to after work drinks before my shift started, which resulted in the following phone call.

    Neep: “Welcome to [goverment funded support service] you’re speaking to Neep. How can I help?”
    Pranker: “Giday mate! Is this 0800-suck-me-now?”
    Neep: “Haha! That’s what your mother said last night!”

    I am so fired.

    Have you ever been fired from a job, Joe?

  19. Idol

    Yeah I think America got it wrong this time. Kris is talented but he shouldn’t have won Idol. Although I did predict it. I told my Mum that he’d get a stack of free votes from the Danny Gokey fans and a lot of people got sick of the judges saying how wonderful Adam was and how he had already won. People don’t like to be told who to vote for. I say Adam is bigger than the competition. Towards the end he didn’t need to win. It’s interesting that a day after the finale Kris was already off Trending topics on Twitter but Adam was still there.

    Another interesting thing is that iTunes Australia are selling Kris & Adam’s singles of No Boundaries (really bad song). I wonder which artist is selling more.

    I think in Australia the highest selling Idol contestant is Shannon Noll who came second in Season 1.

    Six Million

    With regard to the bank mistakenly putting 6 million in my account, well I can tell you that I would go into the bank and report it just as much as if they mistakenly took money from me. I’ve actually walked back into a servo when I realised they didn’t charge me for the litre of milk with my petrol and have questioned the change given at the lunch shop when they handed over way too much. You might think I’m crazy, but it’s just me. I couldn’t act differently.

    Cheers, Chev

  20. How many albums might Taylor Hicks have sold if the head guys at American Idol had given him just a sliver of support? Instead, they started calling him a mistake the minute he left the stage the night he won the AI crown.
    Why? They were too busy polishing Chris Daughtry’s phallic chrome dome. If you stop listening to Simon and his crew and just listen to the music, you might discover that Hicks isn’t bad. In fact, there’s a lot of raw talent there. You might also find that Chris Daughtry is not the second coming of Jesus, like we’ve been told. He’s really quite average. I recently heard the song “What About Now.? Before it was half over, I wanted to jump from a 20th story ledge. Can you say gloom? Make up your own minds, people. Hicks won for a reason.

    Kellie Pickler. She’s a cute blonde who no one is bashing. She’s got some good songs and studio help for vocals. I like Kellie, but she’s not a GREAT singer. Great singing is only part of the equation, though.

  21. Hi Joe!

    So glad that Martin G. is writing an SGU ep – and that you will fill his entire being with great Fuel food during his visit. 🙂

    Shameless plug for my cousin who is driving across the US with a rescue dog, raising awareness for homeless animals and writing a blog (and maybe a book!). She was in Houston two days ago and I had the two of them over for dinner. She blogged about it, so I’ve been officially blogged about! 🙂

    Anyway, her blog discusses dogs, good food, and travel, which is a trifecta for JM blog readers.

    Take care!


  22. Hey Joe,

    The crazy guy in China who pushed the suicide jumper off the bridge and called the suicidal guy “selfish” reminds me of a letter to the editor I read in the San Antonio paper a while back.

    The writer wrote that he should be able to pass a school bus stopped to pick up a student who is in a wheelchair because “the kid wasn’t going to run out into traffic.” (Here, and I hope in most places, traffic has to stop when a school bus is stopped to pick up/drop off kids.) I think that driver needed to find another route to work.


  23. coucou =D Me revoila! Vous allez bien depuis le temp?! Moi super, j’ai encore passer 4 super jours avec beaucoup de soleil, je n’ai pas eu le temp de me connécté à internet. J’espere ne pas avoir raté trop de new en tout cas!

    Bisou, bientôt

  24. Hi Joe,

    some questions:

    – will there be a romantic scene for teyla and john in the movie?

    – will there be scenes on earth and in US-towns?

    Good night

  25. Hi Joe,
    I stopped watching either the UK or the American Idol a couple of years ago. To be honest I think that the result is manulipated by the judges comments. By that I mean if someone has a good background story or has the potential to make an initally killing in the market, then the judges will usually give a bitting critique on the person they want to win in order to ilicite “the sympathy vote” Later on in the competion they then decide to “revise”their opinion and then – well you know the rest.

    synicism aside, I have a question for you. I have always admired how you the writer manages to produce consistant quality material. (genuine compliment – I am not a crawler!)

    For instance when you are writing ( script/story) do you know the ending before you write the beginning?

    How and where do you apply the 2nd/3rd story lines into the main context of the story.

    In short, is there a “formula” which you follow to produce the goods?

    Despite having tried to pen a story in the past, I have always come up short and would really appreciate your insite.



  26. Hey deni and trish, sounds like you all had a good time. Next time how about tu tu tango in orlando and i will drive up and meet you both, don’t we have joe bloggers in orlando too? Who are they? names? This place is off of “I” drive, by sandlake, what do you guys say? I’m free all summer, how do we get ahold of each other on a blog like this? Clue me in guys- please!!! Sheryl oh ya, Hi, joe!!

  27. Hey Joe!

    That was quite a blog. It had everything. Thanks for the low-down on American Idol. I actually never watch it. I did know that often, America gets it wrong. That’s true about anything that involves voting. 👿

    The news stories: Good to know Planet Earth is such an exciting place! If a bank had deposited millions into my account I’d throw a fit until they fixed it. As others have said, it’s really not worth it. What’s the point of having six million when I’d have to be on the run? I didn’t even want to move 15 minutes down the road because it would be too much trouble.

    Next time Jeremy and I go car shopping I know EXACTLY how I’ll get the car I want. That woman is my new HERO!


    Not really. I don’t know if that was a publicity stunt by the car company or if it was real. I’m sure there are grown people out there having tantrums like that. Actually I think many of them work in the U.S. Congress. 😉

    And the guy on the bridge story: How sloppy was that police cordon? I’m wondering if the police *accidentally* let the guy passed them hoping he’d push the *jumper*. Obviously it wasn’t right for the *jumper* to be pushed. But I’m wondering if the number of people threatening to jump will go down for a while. That would be very interesting.

    That’s great that Marty’s going to be back. I’m sure you two will be tearin’ it up at Fuel. Great. Now I’m craving Fuel.

    Trish 😀

    P.S. @Deni: Yes, what you said. That one male dancer was TERRIBLE! You know it’s bad when I think I’d be doing better up there! 😆 I’ve never even tried Flamenco. And he really did remind me of Stuart. LOL! *Look what I can do!* *Stuart! Get down off that stage!* 😀

    Again, THANK YOU! It was a lot of fun. And I’d be thrilled to meet Finnegan. She sounds adorable. If Ziggy keeps waking me up so early I just may drive him up to you and leave him. Just kidding! Mostly. 😉

    @Ganymede: Thanks for pointing out the incorrect spelling of Ronon’s name. I don’t like errors like that, either. It’s a pet peeve of mine. Hopefully they’ll fix it.

    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    😀 Happy Birthday Chevron 7!!!!:D
    😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  28. With American Idol, it always seems like the second place finishers get the best deal… usually there is some record company willing to take them in, and they don’t have to give TPTB a large percentage of their winnings. Otherwise, unless you’re going to make millions like Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson, it’s not financially feasible to win.

    I don’t follow Idol, but I’m a fan of some of the musicians that have come out of it.

    Glad to hear that Marty G is liking NYC. Can’t wait for some fantastically fun Fuel pictures when he visits!!!

    There is also a “Mosquito” ringtone, which students can hear, but teachers cannot… handy, but annoying.

  29. And, yes, I did miss you. I’m glad you checked in. I was about to organize I search party.

    Careful, Joe. Many more responses like that and people are going to figure out you’re not a hardassed bigshot writer/producer but you’re just a big ole softie. ; )

    I didn’t intend to stay away so long but there was a death in the family. Without going into details, let me just say there are now lawyers involved and really, isn’t it disappointing when people you previously assumed were sane turn out to be just a couple of Xanax away from total lunacy? Keep your fingers crossed for me.



  30. Happy B-day Chevron7!!!! When I turned 30ish, I stopped counting. I have to add it in my head when someone asks me my age now:-). Of course, one is never too old for presents!

    Mr. M, glad Jelly is feeling ok. Hope all your dogs are healthy at one time. Also, thank you for the story links. I watch the news a lot but I hadn’t heard about some of that stuff. Truth can be stranger than ficiton.

    Started reading Elric. I’m only on chapter 2. Ok so far. I started out reading fantasy fiction as a kid. I recently finished Hayden’s “Wheel of Time” series. Loved that! I hope to put Elric in that catergory soon.


  31. I like Kris Allen he seems like a nice guy but Adam was an awesome singer! Let a rock singer win once and a while geez!
    On a side note I love the dogs doodles on Twitter. One re-occuring theme that I don’t know how to take: Justin Timberlake. Please do not let him sing on SGU, but guest star?, in a comedic role? that would be okay, he is hilarious when he guests on SNL.

  32. Shawna said:

    You know, I can actually empathize with that guy who pushed the guy off the bridge. I lived in a city once where there was a river running through the middle, and there was exactly one bridge connecting the two sides. I went to school on the east side, and both my parents worked there. Well, right around rush hour, when half the city has had a long day and just wants to get home, some idiot decided to stand on the bridge for several hours, threatening to jump. After an hour or two, I think we were all wishing he’d just do it or get off already.


    I really don’t understand how the minor inconvenience of being stuck in traffic could lead anyone to wishing someone would kill himself (or not, apparently you/they didn’t care which).

    Your parents weren’t trying to reach the bedside of a dying relative at that very moment, were they? You weren’t lying in a pool of blood in the back seat, were you?

    As frustrating as being delayed a whole hour or two may have been for your parents, you do understand he was in a much worse situation, right?

    So, did he kill himself or were they able to get him down?


  33. @Rose: I’m so sorry for your loss. 🙁 I know what you mean about finding out people aren’t as sane as they appeared. It’s scary and frustrating all at the same time.

    And just between you and me: Joe’s a mega big ‘ole softie.

    Did you see we have a script for the SGA movie? And a title? We’re that much closer to getting that movie we all want so badly. 🙂

  34. @Rose: So sorry for your loss, Rose. Hang in there!

    @Chev: HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 🙂

  35. We had American Idol running about a week behind you lot in the States, and the final was aired live (at 2am my time).
    Somehow I knew that Kris was going to get the title – Cute ex-missionary type vs. a sexual enigma from Hollywood wearing eyeliner?

    Good Golly Miss Molly!

    Yes, they were both good, but Family Values are strong in the States and indeed the world over – not that this is a bad thing.

    Having said that, I wanted Adam to win, at first.

    Now? Now I want him to front Queen. Think about it.

    The word AWESOME comes to mind. 🙂

  36. Hey Joe,

    Thanks for pics in yesterday’s blog. Perhaps Chad’s name is really Chadsworthy? Chadham?
    I agree…just plain “Chad” seems so… ho hum.

    Looking forward to what I am certain will be a spectacularly positive review of your musical theater experience.

  37. Hi Joe,

    A few quick questions befor I check out.

    1. Did you get my email? I sent it to .. Thats the right adress… correct?

    2. If O’neill died in one of the loops in the episode of Window Of Opportunity, what would happen? When the loop started again would he come back to life?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  38. Somehow my comment wasnt showing. Probably wordpress not being nice.

    Anyway regarding that bank story..

    I blame the bank, for one they never looked into the persons financial history/records and circumstances, I mean when someone who hasnt had a history of recieving that much money wants to withdraw, alarm bells should of rang, because, well who else besides highly paid actors/directors would make that much? And worst of all who else would wanna take it all out after recieving?

    It seems it was one blunder after another for that bank and yet somehow infront of the world they are trying to save face. I mean seriously, how hard would it of been to like ask why they needed those millions?


    That China news story is crazy, even if someone wanted to commit suicide, someone shouldnt make that choice for them, if anything they should of convinced the person not to do it…

    Best wishes!

  39. It’s my 20th birthday tomorrow! Can you give a shout out on your blog please?

    -Sarah ;] # 1 stargate fan lol

  40. @Rose: My sincerest condolences. I wish you all the best in recovering thoroughly from this trauma. I’ve been there too; probably a lot of us have, and we know it’s an incredibly tough thing to go through. Take care.

    – Re. news of the offbeat, puzzling, or revoltingly antisocial, I’d much rather read about a Chinese woman having a tantrum over a car than take in the history of Chinese women in general. Go for it, honey.

    Sorry for being such a downer. I should’ve taken more antacids during the night (oh no, I honestly can’t believe I just typed “ant acid” — groans heavily over the smell and general grossness, and that was just the Roadkill Melt some guy was eating at the bar. The ants were nothing, in comparison. I suppose it all fits, somehow, or would fit in one of Jeffrey Ford’s incredible tales.) And I’m sure my stomach will recover, if I would only take a couple of days off from pouring mega-doses of caffeine into it. And if I quit reading about Interpol chasing some couple for absconding with seven mil (USD), when that’s a not-atypical amount for golden parachutes given with the govt.’s full knowledge and consent to American CEO’s whose companies were failing during their oversight.

    *glares at guilty-looking computer*

  41. @Sheryl: My email is, so drop me a line and we’ll figure it out 🙂

    Joe, you’ve got to come to Florida one of these days, we’ll take you dancing (salsa)! Come on, you know you’d love it.

  42. Will you all think less of me if you know I am a huge American Idol fan? Hope not. I am a huge music fan. Almost went the route of a backup singer, so I’m invested so to speak.

    Doesn’t matter who wins. Adam Lambert will outsell and outlast Kris Allen.

    Did you hear of the scandal though with the votes? Kris’ hometown of Conway voted 26 million times? They only have 2.6 million people and you have to figure not everyone voted. However, the scandal is that AT&T was passing out Go-Phones to every citizen there and showing them how to PowerText. You can’t have a sponsor of a show doing that, fixing the result. If they did the same in San Diego, that is different, but to do this in just one town is equivalent to me of the $64,000 question scandal that was the real life events of the movie Quiz Show.

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