Heard word back on the Stargate Atlantis movie script from two fronts – creative and business – and both responses were overwhelmingly positive. Some confusion (not surprised given the complexity of the story), so we’ll make a point to streamline and clarify in the next draft. Some great preliminary notes from Carl who missed two reunion scenes (looking over the script, I tend to agree) and likes the idea of including a quiet scene for “these two characters”, even going so far as to pitch out a version I liked a lot. Also received a casting suggestion that would turf the unknown Koenig in favor of someone a little more familiar. Discussions on the brass tacks of the production upcoming in June and with it, I’m hoping, finally, production dates.

Today, I took about an hour to jot down my ideas for that SF show we’ll (hopefully) be dong as a comic book series: our theme, moral conflict, major arcs, character breakdowns, and even how I envision the series, and our characters, ending. We’ll be pitching our vision later this week and I’m feeling very good about the project itself and its chances for success.

Back in the jungles of Stage 1 tomorrow…

Today’s entry is dedicated to birthday gal Chevron 7.


Goliath writes: “So Marty G. is writing more episodes of SGU than you? I thought you were the staff writer? Is he technically a “freelancer” now? I don’t understand all the differences here.”

Answer: When all is said and done, Martin and I will end up writing the same number of scripts: 2. Before the season kicked off, we all gathered together and spun the first ten(ish episodes). He landed an early episode. I landed a later episode. Since his episode was earlier in the schedule, he got his in first and, as a result, was given a story idea that Exec. Producer Rob Cooper had pitched out. I finished my episode, Space, which was much later in the schedule, then switched gears to work on the Stargate Atlantis movie. With that done, I spent some time pitching out some ideas that didn’t really go anywhere but it looks like I’ll be writing episode 19 that Exec. Producer Brad Wright had a terrific idea for the other day.

PG15 also writes: “So, theoretically I can hire an agent, try to get invited to a pitch as an innocent freelancer, be successful at getting invited (somehow), receive all the up-to-date info on SGU, leave the country to hide from the authorities, and then spread the info across the Internet at my undisclosed, foreign location?”

Answer: Theoretically, yes.

PG15 also writes: “Your answer to my second question aides me on my quest to piece together Season 1 of SGU; it is a great quest, full of peril, danger, and inconvenience. […]

Anyways, everything up to “Faith”, 113, seems clear cut except for the maelstrom that is Fire vs. Water vs. new episode. […] But wait! There’s more! You said that Peter DeLuise was directing Darkness and Light! But the only episode he directed this year, so far, was Fire! […] In addition, one of the actors recently twittered that they were shooting some extra scenes (or the last scenes) for…wait for it…FIYAH!! […] Episode 13 is Faith, episode 14 is unknown, and episode 15 belongs to Marty G. You just denied Darkness being episodes 16 nor 17, which means that Darkness can only be episodes 18, 19, or 20, while Light can be those episodes, as well as episode 17. […] Thus, only one thing makes sense:

Fire, being so over the time limit, was split into 2 episodes. Those 2 episodes were renamed Darkness and Light.

Question: Am I right?”

Answer: Yes, you are. Congratulations, Columbo.

StellaByStargate writes: “I’ve noticed when deleted scenes are included on a DVD that they are often low in visual quality. While I understand why visual and sound effects may be missing, I’m always baffled by the grainy and dark quality of the scenes, as I assume they were shot with the intention of being included in the episode/movie.”

Answer: True but deleted scenes are rarely completed. They usually aren’t color-corrected and the visual effects are incomplete.

Airelle writes: “When you go to Fuel, (you) do you make a reservation, or can they usually seat you.?”

Answer: I call ahead and play it safe. When Martin comes back in June, we’ll definitely call ahead. As Martin pointed out, he wants to give the gang as much time as possible to prepare.

Rose writes: “- will there be a romantic scene for teyla and john in the movie?

– will there be scenes on earth and in US-towns?”

Answers: 1. As I responded to similar questions in the past, it’s very tough to have a romantic scene with John and Teyla so long as Kanaan is around. Are you suggesting he watch the baby while his wife goes out on a date? Maybe they’re Athosian swingers?

2. There will be scenes on Earth.

JoanieC writes: “ For instance when you are writing ( script/story) do you know the ending before you write the beginning?”

Answer: Always. Here at Stargate, we have the entire episode mapped out (outlines detailing each scene and beats within each scene) before we sit down to write the script. All of the writers take part in the “breaking” of each episode. In the case of the short story I just finished, I knew what the general story would be, I knew the opening scene, and I knew the final scene – it was just a matter of winding my way toward that final goal. Along the way, the pieces fell into place.

Trekkiegirlt writes: “One re-occuring theme that I don’t know how to take: Justin Timberlake.”

Answer: Lulu finds him “dreamy”.

Deeinsouthafrica writes: “Somehow I knew that Kris was going to get the title – Cute ex-missionary type vs. a sexual enigma from Hollywood wearing eyeliner?”

Answer: Yep, I saw it coming as well. Even though Adam was the significantly better singer.

Major D. Davis writes: “If O’neill died in one of the loops in the episode of Window Of Opportunity, what would happen? When the loop started again would he come back to life?”

Answer: Yep.

Thornyrose writes: “The links are appreciated, and I can hardly wait for Tuesday’s posting. Figure you’ll slide in a predone book review Monday, and then let us know how your experience was at the musical. Do have fun…”

Answer: Don’t hold your breath! We’re not going to see the show until some time in June.

Sarah Lee writes: “It’s my 20th birthday tomorrow! Can you give a shout out on your blog please?”

Answer: Sure thing. Just remind me tomorrow.

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Athosian swingers sounds like a smashing idea.


June? Drats. I was looking forward to your account of Alter Boyz for some slightly needed cheer. I’ve checked out some youtube clips of the show, and all I can say is if you survive with any scrap of sanity you’re a better person than I. I’m also excited that we may be getting close to a production date. I’ve already got people asking me about my next Stargate Party. I promise to hold it when the Atlantis movie is released. The more “heads up” time I have the more goodies I can gather and prepare for the celebrations.
@PG-14. Evil. I like the way you think. If you accomplish your hypothetical coup, make sure to charge people for the “first dibs exclusive”. Though if you managed to make it that far “inside” you’d not be able to resist the lure of being on of the insiders. After all, you get that far and you’ve got a shot at the next Chocolate Party. Much funner than fleeing the country and gaining a few days of infamy and fame.
Looking forward to the book discussion tomorrow, though circumstances may keep me from posting till Tuesday. Thanks for the mailbag, and especially the look into Lulu’s idea of “dreamy”.


Maybe they’re Athosian swingers?

Ok, I totally cracked up at that one. grin

Glad to hear about the SGA script and the comic book!



My quest is triumphant. I AM TRIUMPHANT!! I cracked the code, eluded the booby traps (hehehe, booby), pieced together the pieces of the puzzle, and I. AM. VICTORIOUS. THIS IS AWESOME!! VICTORY WAS MIIIINE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Oh man, my life is so very sad and pathetic. Still, that was damn cool. For the first time in blog history, I managed to pool together so many small and disparate pieces and actually form a coherent whole! As a Scientist in training, this is what I live for. I love it! For my next trick, I will unify Gravity with the other three forces to create a Theory of EVERYTHING! Yes!

And you also answered my question about what other episode you’re writing! Wonderful! Thank you for that!

So, anyone else need a mystery to be solved? I think I’m up for anything now. ANYTHING.

Ok, time to calm down.


Is Darkness before Light, or is it the other way around?

@ Thornyrose: Who is this PG-14 that you speak of? razz

LOL, just kidding. You’re right, if I manage to get that far, there’s no way I’m spoiling it with such a coup; I’d instead do my best to write a great script, and win the writers over so that I may join their team. Then, I will begin updating my blog (linked through my name there; just sayin’) everyday, with snark-filled essays on Stargate information and my love of…ok, I don’t have any interests other than Stargate, so I’ll just focus on that. Yes, Stargate stuff 24/7. And life in general.

Then, I will begin gathering followers of my own; blog regulars attracted by my insider Stargate info, but who stayed because I am just so damn entertaining and awesome (as I just proved today with my Columbo-ness).

Meanwhile, I will begin hating Joe because, let’s face it, as the newbie writer, he will pull so many pranks on me at Bridge Studios that it’s not even funny. For me. I’m sure it’ll be hilarious for him though. Oh, but I will not fight back; I will not rise to his bait. I will bide my time, waiting, waiting, WAITING for that moment, the sweetest moment, when I can strike!

Oh, I’d also flirt with Ashleigh a lot while I’m there.

Then, the day will come when my army of Blog Regulars is complete. On that day, I will exact my sweet, sweet revenge on Joe by attacking this blog! My Blog Regulars will run roughshod over his, because it will be a surprise attack! I’m telling you of it now, but hopefully you’ll forget about it when it comes, which is about 5 months, 18 days, and 12 hours after I join the writing staff.

By the end, I will have annexed this blog, and then…I’ll be done. I think I may make a sandwich, have a nap, and then go into the office the next day hoping I don’t get fired.



I was watching “Bounty,” and I noticed several campaign posters on the walls of the high school recommending Peter DeLuise and Damian Kindler for class officers. Were you running for Homecoming King?


Thank you for news on the SGA movie, it is most welcome!
PS – I think Kanaan might be up for a threesome.


So which one of the pups posted this Tweet? The post doesn’t say.


They’re really learning to type well. Are you tutoring them or are they just naturals?


Ya know…I’m hardpressed to believe that Lulu finds Justin ‘dreamy’. Sorry. Someone had to put her up to saying that…which makes me think that I now have a pretty good idea who Joe finds dreamy…




Have you seen the movie Chrysalis?


I rather enjoyed it.


Oh, and Joe – pg15 and the Columbo thing?? lol Now I’m picturing the poor kid in a rumpled raincoat, hand to forehead, cigar wedged between his fingers, following you around, saying, “Oh, and just one more thing, sir. I almost forgot…and I’m sure it doesn’t mean anything, it’s just that I worry. It’s the little things…they bother me. See, I’m a worrier. I mean, little insignificant details – I lose my appetite. I can’t eat. My mom, she says to me, ‘you know, you can really be pain.’ ”




Ah, Poor deluded Lulu. Have faith she’ll grow out of it smile


Rose writes: “- will there be a romantic scene for teyla and john in the movie? – will there be scenes on earth and in US-towns?” Answers: 1. As I responded to similar questions in the past, it’s very tough to have a romantic scene with John and Teyla so long as Kanaan is around. Are you suggesting he watch the baby while his wife goes out on a date? Maybe they’re Athosian swingers? Since when has Teyla become Kanaan’s wife?. The Teyla and Kanaan relationship came out of nowhere and I can’t recall really any scenes where there seemed to have been a great deal of love between these two. They were childhood friends whose relationship changed because Teyla became pregnant, and that just happened according to Teyla, so not a great foundation for a relationship. So it’s not inconceivable that these two may find that they really don’t have an awful lot in common except that they have a child together and that’s not really enough of a reason to remain in a relationhship with someone. But John and Teyla’s relationship had been hinted at for over three years and I always felt that they kept their feelings from one another because fighting the Wraith was their priority. But Teyla recklessly getting pregnant sorta ended that theory. Why would Teyla want to go to Earth and leave her people behind. If she was so in love with Kanaan why didnt she just stay behind with him and her people and be content to have her family around her. Why does she feel Atlantis is her home and why would Kanaan want to leave his home to go to another galaxy. The whole Kanaan/Teyla relationship was confusing and out of character for Teyla imo, and I hoped the writers could see this and hopefully bring us back the Teyla who wouldnt be crushing on one man while seemingly secretly having an affair with another, or who wouldnt abandon her people particulary when she was their leader. The Teyla/Kanaan relationship has changed the team dynamic as well. Gone is the closeness between Teyla and her team. Gone are the wonderful warm moments between her and John, so I guess the reason you are still getting questions about John and Teyla is that fans are still hanging in there in the hope that you may give us back the wonderful Teyla we fell in love with and part of that was her interaction with John. So if you wish to continue this horrible lacklustre relationship with Kanaan where they have gotten married off camera then so be it. But we have already had a romantic kind of situation between John and Teyla in the scene from Search and Rescue and Kanaan was still around then. So it can be confusing when one moment the writers still hint at feelings between John and Teyla, and in the next breath act like there was never anything at all between them. The only reason… Read more »


Will we get to see more of Teyla’s Haritage in the Movie at all and possibly some more mention of her Background?


It’s Memorial Day here in the USA, thanks to all the dedicated service people over the years who have volunteered their lives to keeping our freedom.

I’m sad to say it’s also a personal memorial day, my mom passed this weekend after a long illness with bone cancer. She was tough though, outlived her diagnosis. But I’m glad she’s now at peace. She was a public school teacher. I’d appreciate thoughts for my dad, he’s 80, they were married 47 faithful years and isn’t taking the separation well.
Thanks, Donna


I’ve finally updated my blog. a very condensed version of the bollox I’ve made of things. You couldn’t make this shit up!!

*submerges again into lurk-mode*


Hi Joe,

I’m confused about your response to Rose’s question yesterday. When did Kanaan and Teyla get married? I’m almost positive that after Robert Picardo slipped in one of his interviews in saying that she was married, it was said that it was a slip and they never got married. Rachel Luttrell has also compared Teyla to a single mom and Teyla only refers him as the baby’s father.
Yes, there was love there to start a family, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have feeling for somebody else…. still. *wink*. How about them going in town just being good friends?


Good to hear news about SGA movie and its progress. Have Brad and Carl shared any updates on SG-1 movie?


Thanks heaps for the birthday wishes. In particular hugs to Joe for the blog dedication, Trish (loved the smilies), Tammy (I’m ageless), pg15 (I did have a good one) and Deni. Did I forget anyone? Hope not.

I had a lovely day with family and friends. Service at the restaurant was a bit poor. We ordered Nachos without guacamole & salsa and with sour cream on the side. Should be easy you’d think, it’s just corn chips, cheese and jalapenos. Apparently not. It was smothered in sour cream so reluctantly we had to send it back for the one we ordered and therefore waited and waited. The top was really nice but the bottom row was cheeseless. Tacos & enchiladas were really good. There wasn’t anything much left.

The conversation post-dinner was interesting. We were chatting about funny things we’ve said or done while recovering from anaesthesia. Has anyone got a story they’d like to share with the class? Me, I wasn’t worried as much about my own pain but the lady opposite me who was moaning.

Oh I agree with everyone that says Teyla & Kanaan aren’t married. I’m sure she hasn’t mentioned it. I suppose it depends on the Athosian beliefs regarding children born to unwed parents (or whatever their ceremony is). With regard to John, maybe what happens on Earth stays on Earth. I say go for it Teyla!

@dasNdanger – But he brought SexyBack. Plus he does look like a dog person.

@pg15 – Sure you don’t want someone to create a tv show about a university student who accurately predicts the plots of all the latest tv shows? Sort of Psych meets Criminal Intent meets I can’t think of a college show at the moment but you get the idea.

@drldeboer, @rose – so sorry to hear about your losses. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your families.



@ drideboer – Donna, so sorry about your Mother. My sincere sympathies to you and your entire family during this difficult time. A special prayer goes out for your Father. May he find peace and comfort in all the wonderful memories they created together. God be with you all.


Hi Joe,

Thanks for answering my question.

I have an idea for an “original” tv series – but I will try to develop it into a short story first – unless of course Star Trek thought of it first!

As for Teyla and John it was obivious that boat had sailed at the end scene of “Converson” The girl obivously does not go for the hero type. A better fit would be John and Larin – although somehow I think she might wear the pants in that relationship!

Does Shep see some romantic action in the movie?
In any case thanks for the movie info – I cant wait!

Trish (aka whovian)

Hey Joe,

I may or may not have entered your dogs into the Mr. Twitterverse competition. Depending on how you feel about it, that is.


I think I may have also accidentally entered them into the Ms. Twitterverse competition. Or not. Again, depending on how you feel about it. But seeing as how Bubba and Maximus are males and Lulu and Jelly are females, both are appropriate.

Anyone wanting to vote for the doggies can click on my link. And lord willing the interwebz won’t let me down.

@pg15 Are you hyped up on Wraith Enzyme? lol You are too funny.

Trish grin


Ok, the dawgs have one more follower, what was the goal? 1000, by the end of the month? half way there. I think I made 499.

Got some catching up to do on the blog, I feel so out of it, the holiday weekend has me out of sync.


@ drldeboer – my prayers are with you and your dad. I lost my dad to cancer about 5 years ago, it will be 5 years this June. My mom and dad were able to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary just before he passed away. God bless you.


Hey Joe, do you think it’s time to give another dog a chance on your banner? I could have a play with the ones you’ve uploaded in your posts and email you a couple of ideas if you’re interested.

Cheers, Chev


Hey there Mr M!

Just checking in.

Glad the SG: Extinction is coming together. Also, great to see Marty G enjoying New York, I hope his show airs here.

I also echo : How goes the SG1 Movie in general?

Best to all