And me without my boots.
And me without my boots.
Carl second-guesses Rob's directorial decision.
Carl second-guesses Rob’s directorial decision.
Everyone laughs off Carl's suggestion.
Everyone laughs off Carl’s suggestion.
Chadwick, the birthday boy.
Chadwick, the birthday boy.
Chadwick's birthday cake.
Chadwick’s birthday cake.

Director Robert Cooper - prepared for any eventuality.
Director Robert Cooper – prepared for any eventuality.
Peter Kelamis (Adam Brody) and Patrick Gilmore (Dale Volker)
Peter Kelamis (Adam Brody) and Patrick Gilmore (Dale Volker)
Mark Burgess (Franklin)
Mark Burgess (Franklin)
Jennifer Spence (Lisa Park)
Jennifer Spence (Lisa Park)
Nancy Ha (Costumes) all decked out for the inclement weather.
Nancy Ha (Costumes) all decked out for the inclement weather.
Camo rain gear
Camo rain gear
Josh Blacker (Sgt. Spencer)
Josh Blacker (Sgt. Spencer)
My pal Fix (Costumes)
My pal Fix (Costumes)
Waiting around for the fun to start.
Waiting around for the fun to start.

Well, it was beautiful, sunny and warm outdoors today, but overcast, dark, and rainy indoors. Specifically, I refer to the indoors of Stage 1 where Writer/Executive Producer/Series Creator/Master Chef Robert C. Cooper was directing Mayhem Day on the latest Stargate: Universe episode – Time.

Carl and I visited set after lunch, arriving just in time for the most important part of the production = the crucial standing around waiting to set up the next shot portion of the process. I acquitted myself nicely, standing around with the best of them (I feel the need to point out, however, that Carl did a lot of sitting). Eventually, Carl and I grew weary and headed back up to the offices, determined to return for the big action sequence.

Back up in the office, I wished Chad in the Production Offices a happy birthday. He insists that Chad isn‘t short for anything, but I find that hard to believe. Anyway, Chad (or Chadwick as I’m going to start calling him because I have a hard time believing Chad isn’t short for something and suspect Chadwick is more probable than Carl’s suggestion: Chaddington) celebrated his special day with some boozy cake and a spirited rendition of Happy Birthday from the gang (in particular the gals from accounting who are never far whenever cake is involved). He looked genuinely embarrassed by all the fuss, so I yelled “Speech! Speech!”, lending immeasurably to the awkwardness of the moment.

Carl and I headed back down and I ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in the jungles of Stage 1, snapping TONS of pics – which, of course, I can’t show you. You’ll just have to take my word for it: they’re very cool. Or contact the studio and the network and ask them: What’s the hold up?

I eventually made my way back up to the offices and where I chatted with Brad about episodes 18, 19, and 20. He and Rob have some fantastic notions for the stretch run that promise to cap off SGU’s first season with a bang!  And plenty of surprises.

Today’s blog entry is dedicated to belated birthday gal Sheryl.

41 thoughts on “May 22, 2009: Welcome to the Jungle…But Maybe You Might Want To Come Back Later When We’re Actually Rolling

  1. Thanks Joe, You made my day. (or night as it may be) Have a wonderful holiday weekend- er -in the U.S. Sheryl

  2. Have a good weekend Joe and all.
    Got the Elric saga loaded for my overnight flight tonight.
    Hope you get more good news on the comic book front.

  3. Hey Joe.

    Thanks for all the pics!!

    I was wondering if people can apply for internships at the Bridge Studios and work there for X amout of time?

    Thanks Joe.

  4. Look like you got yourself a nice jungle for time.
    I believe the third set we have had a glimpse of is not it.

  5. Perhaps Chad named himself after the country of the same name?

    Anywho…WOW! Thank you for the slew of pics! You say you can’t post pics of the jungle stuff, but you did! There’s a bit of jungle behind Rob Cooper in one of the pics.

    I’m not a botanist; does that look alien to anyone? Frankly, most Earth jungles already look pretty alien to me.


    How do freelance writers pitch for a new show when only the existing writers know the details of what the show is about? Or do these freelancers receive detailed info on the show before they get to pitch?

  6. That’s awesome! I’m wondering what this big action scene is…! Thats for the pics!!!

  7. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for all the pics. I’m French, and I know a bunch of people here who are also looking forward to watching SGU.

    We’re part of a french forum dedicated to the Stargate Franchise, and today (May, 23rd) is our forum four-year birthday, and I was wondering… If you could dedicate an entry to *The French Forum StargateFanfiction* ? 🙂

    That would be really really nice. But if you don’t, we’ll still be craving for SGU ! :p

    A bientôt !

  8. I thought Chads were those bits of paper lft over from voting?
    Still sneezing and snuffling and my E fell off my kyboard so its very hit and miss as to wethr I can make myself understood LMAO
    more medication is ndd…..buggr

  9. It’s good to see you back in top form, tormenting Chad with just the slightest of efforts. Love the pictures, and having a release date for the Atlantis dvds is also cheering news. But do any of the pictures you cannot yet post involve you going back and enjoying the atmosphere of stage 1 as it’s being deluged? A shot of you after that experience might be worth all the others combined. (ok, so it wouldn’t be, really. Darn my innate honesty). Hope all the American readers here enjoy he long weekend(I’m working) and happy birthday to Chad and sheryl and anyone else having their own birthday in the near past or future.

  10. Do they even make 3-piece fancy rainwear? Have you got any pictures of you and Carl in the rain? Better yet a video would be awesome. I can wait until the janitor clears it.

    Happy Birthday Chad(wick)! Hope everyone in the office was super-nice to you. A few years ago I was at a friend’s place celebrating my birthday (a reminder, it’s on Monday) and playing Uno. We’re pretty competitive, so my friends ganged up on me laying down one kill card after another for me. I think I only got a chance to put one card down and ended up with about 30 or 40 cards in my hands. I was not impressed. They still laugh at the look on my face as I drove out the driveway. **sigh** good times

    Cheers, Chev

  11. What have the dogs been up to lately? I’ve always wondered this, can they all jump up on the bed on their own? They have little legs.

    Cheers, Chev

  12. pg15 said:

    Anywho…WOW! Thank you for the slew of pics! You say you can’t post pics of the jungle stuff, but you did! There’s a bit of jungle behind Rob Cooper in one of the pics.

    I’m not a botanist; does that look alien to anyone? Frankly, most Earth jungles already look pretty alien to me.

    Ooh I recognise one plant at least – Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia) native to South Africa.

    Cheers, Chev

    p.s. my Botany lecturers would be so proud.

  13. Better hurry up and find a way to incorporate a self-destructive albino into this SGU show, or I might be lost forever…

    Geez. Could this Elric fella be more perfect for me?? I’m reading The Sleeping Sorceress, and everything I love in this sort of character – and in a relationship between two men – is right here. The mentally-tortured, physically-exhausted anti-hero and his devoted companion…can’t really ask for much more than this. So much better than Hornblower and Bush, my previous ‘perfect’ friendship. This particular story is SO indulgent, it’s like sneaking into the kitchen at 2 am and eating an entire half-gallon of ice cream – straight out of the freezer – with chocolate sauce and real whipped cream…then washing it all down with marshmallow-topped hot chocolate! I really don’t want the story to end… *sniffle* Of course, I have The Metatemporal Detective all lined up for afterwards…

    How can I not love that face??! *dies*

    God…and he isn’t even portrayed by a real person yet. 😛

    I am so pathetic.

    Hopelessly pathetic.

    So, to make up for it, I rescued my elderly neighbor this morning. She has a touch of Alzheimer’s or dementia, and tends to wander off. Her grandson – who lives with her – had just stepped out into the back yard when she goes out the front door – bag of clothes and shoes in hand – and shuffles off down the street. I just happened to be looking out the window when I saw her pass. I quick got dressed and hurried after her, and asked if she’d like to come to my house for a visit. She agreed, and on the way back she said maybe she should just go to her house instead…it worked perfectly, without her getting angry or more confused. This isn’t the first time (in fact, I think it’s the third time in two months) that I’ve helped get her back home. It’s amazing how quickly they get away from you, just like curious toddlers!

    Hubby is off with the boys today on a canoe trip, so I’m spending my Saturday curled up with a certain pale, tormented fella who I just can’t get enough of these days. See how easy it is to get rid of me, Joe?? You really should have thought of this much sooner…



  14. Happy Belated Birthday Sheryl! 😀

    Hey Joe,

    I’m going with Chadley. That’s probably Chad’s full name. 😆

    And don’t worry about the pics you can’t show us. I gave Lulu a doggie treat and she says she’ll let me have a peak at them.


    p.s. Dinner tonight with Deni! Cuban food and flamenco dancing here we come!

  15. Happy Birthday Sheryl and Happy Birthday Chad! God bless.

    I always wondered what happens to a studio in which it is raining. Where does the water go? Obviously the studio is equipped to handle it raining inside, but exactly how?

  16. I can’t wait for the Season 5 DVD set! First, I’m going straight for the commentary on Broken Ties with you and Jason Momoa. Thanks for asking him to do that with you. I bet it is great. Second, I’m checking out the conversation with Joe Flanigan. Another rare treat to get him talking. Third, all the extra stuff on Vegas should be fun. What a great episode. I can’t wait, sounds like a fabulous DVD set!!

  17. I love that you end up filming rainy scenes during the times it’s so beautiful there. There’s irony in that.

    And happy belated birthday, Chadwicke.

  18. @Chevron 7: You’re so right. Birds of Paradise is certainly in that jungle. It grows really well here in Florida and out in southern California.

    And Joe,
    I’ve got to say, after clicking on the picture I’m realizing you must be filming the jungle scenes in my backyard! 😯 With all the rain I haven’t been able to do any yard work. And I think most of those plants there behind Rob grow here in Florida.

    Joe, are you and the crew of SGU in my backyard? That whole *Stage 1* talk was just to throw me off your trail, right? Just becareful of the pyr-holes. Pyrs are famous for digging holes big enough to bury a VW Beetle.

    Oh! Season 5 of SGA! *grabby hands* I am certainly buying that for myself!

  19. Are those cream puffs on that cake?? Man. Wish my friends thought of something quite so decadent for my birthday, yesterday! (Then again, the free dessert at the restaurant we went to was a bit of heaven and made up for Happy birthday to Chadwick! 😉

    Thanks for the pictures!

    As for the musical, even I–a big lover of and performer of musicals–feel bad for you on that choice. If something like The Last Five years had been in town, I think it’s sedate enough for even you to enjoy somewhat. On the other hand, I really wish I could be there to see the mixture of horror and fascination not unlike someone watching a car accident as you sit through Altar Boyz.

  20. Great pictures! You are doing a good job of getting excitment building up for the show.

    Glad Lulu is feeling better. How is Jelly doing?

    Just got my Elric book in. Can’t wait to start it.

    Happy holidays!


  21. Alrighty! 45 minutes to go! I get to meet Deni and her husband. AND we get to eat yummy Cuban food!

    *gets excited*

    Best part? My dad’s driving. I’m going to try the Sangria, I think. 😀 I’m not driving. So what do I care? 😈

    Hopefully the storm won’t be too bad. Rain is fine. Scary thunder and lightning, not so much.

    Trish-out! 😀

  22. Joe,

    Just curious – why so few actors on the commentaries for SGA DVDs? Only Jason this year and damn few last year as I remember. Any reason that you can point to?



    PS. Miss me?

  23. Ooooooo…. Birthday Boy…YUM!! 😀

    Oh, what? And there’s cake too?!! WOOHOO!!

  24. @DAS

    Good job herding wayward neighbours…
    Just spent a good part of the day myself at a local seniors’ home — it’s a wonder that I’m not suffering from “walker” trend marks! Seriously, they’re scarier than grocery carts!

  25. Questions :

    1. Marty G. just twittered that he’s “working on episode 115” of SGU. Is he writing it?

    2. What episode number is “Divided”?

    3. What episode number is “Faith”?

    4. Is “Darkness” episode 16 or 17?


  26. I suspect Chadwick the Birthday Boy is a secret Trekkie, judging by the sloppy, quickly squelched Vulcan hand gesture of greeting.

  27. What are rainboots? Seriously! I’ve lived my entire life in the rainy climate (more-so recently) of northern New York and have never heard of rain boots. Hip waders are great if you’re slogging through thigh high water, but you don’t want a bunch of rain to run down inside them.

    If people are seriously worried about wet feet have them slide their foot (with shoe) into a bread bag and hold it in place on their leg using duct tape or a rubber band.

    BTW, Altar Boyz is hilarious.

  28. Another fine batch of photos Joe, good job.
    Well today we had the rainy stormy crap outside! I would like to be able to control this stuff, I would make a fortune. Hope you have a great weekend!

  29. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for the pictures. Love the uniforms and the guns.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  30. Chadwick?! :eyeroll: I’ll bet anything (except for going to a musical) that if you’d had a younger bro instead of sis, he’d have been constantly tormented by noogies, “Indian rubs,” having his favorite shows constantly turned off and his Lego constructions wrecked . . . come to think of it, my being a girl didn’t stop my brother from doing all that. He’s paying many times over for it now, hahahahahahaha. So somewhere down the line, when Chad has become Executive in Chief over any and all projects you’re working on, you’d better have your wingman watch your six. Better yet, bionic eyes that can do for you what an insect’s eyes do just before it gets swatted. . . . heh. – Oops, thinking of my bro and got carried away, sorry. *remembers Irresistible* – Or not so much.

  31. Hey Everyone!

    I just had dinner with Deni and her lovely husband. And my parents. (They are lovely, too. But I already knew that.)

    If you ever get the chance to go to dinner with Deni, a word of advice: Plan to have FUN! 😆 She made me laugh so much.

    Thank you SO MUCH Deni! It was great meeting you in person! I hope you have a safe drive home. We’ll certainly have to make plans for dinner again.


    P.S. Hi Rose! I think in the past Joe said it’s hard to get the actors to come in on their time off to do the commentaries. That’s what I remember. Also, did you see we have a script for the Stargate Altantis movie?

  32. Thanks* for the pics… I don’t understand why everything on here I say comes out wrong…!

  33. All the actors talked about how crazy yesterday was on their Twitter pages. I can’t wait to see Time now!!! October can’t come soon enough!!!

    Thanks for all the awesome pictures! I don’t think we’ve met Peter, Patrick, Mark, Josh, and Jenn before… are they all supporting cast members then? Or maybe I’ve heard their names, but this is the first time I’ve ever really made the name-face connection…

    I think Chad was originally short for Charles, but Chadwick is certainly original. 😉

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