After yesterday’s entry in which I expressed my, uh, concern about Ashleigh’s return to the production offices following her Mexico getaway (at the height of the pandemic hysteria no less), I found the following comment awaiting moderation:

“Hey Joe!

Am back safe and sound! Hope you had a good week. Listen, I was speaking to Lawren outside your office and had this strange coughing fit. I had to duck into your office so I wouldn’t spread it down the hallway, don’t worry though, I closed your door right away so none of the germs would be able to seep out.

While I was in there I thought what a great place to sit and relax while the guys are away, so I am now working out of your office.

Hope you don’t mind!

Boy, I hope this sore throat goes away soon….”

I called up the production offices and was transferred to Ashleigh who informed me that, for the time being, she’d be working out of my office. “Are you touching anything?”I asked, my voice edged with apprehension. She assured me that she was touching EVERYTHING.

A reminder to all you voracious readers, occasional readers, and those possessed of the ability TO read – this month’s book of the month club discussions fast approaches.

In the SF category, it’ll be:

I Remember the Future: The Award-Nominated Stories of Michael A. Burstein, by Michael A. Burstein

From the publisher: “You don’t need a collection of antique spaceships or a carefully calibrated time machine to share the memories of the final Holocaust survivor. You don’t have to jump through the gate between universes in search of a lost friend. All you have to do is open your eyes. You’ll remember the future. The future remembers you.”

For those interested, Jason Sizemore over at Apex ( has kindly created a discount code our club members can use to get 20% off the HC or the PB versions of the book.  Just enter “MALLOZZITWENTY” on checkout and you’re done.  In fact, it’s active for anything in the Apex store except pre-orders.

Book club discussion the week of May 18th with author Michael A. Burstein.

In the Fantasy category, it’ll be:

The Land of Laughs, by Jonathan Carroll

From the publisher: “ Have you ever loved a magical book above all others? Have you ever wished the magic were real? Welcome to The Land of Laughs. A novel about how terrifying that would be.

Schoolteacher Thomas Abbey, unsure son of a film star, doesn’t know who he is or what he wants–in life, in love, or in his relationship with the strange and intense Saxony Gardner. What he knows is that in his whole life nothing has touched him so deeply as the novels of Marshall France, a reclusive author of fabulous children’s tales who died at forty-four.

Now Thomas and Saxony have come to France’s hometown, the dreamy Midwestern town of Galen, Missouri, to write France’s biography. Warned in advance that France’s family may oppose them, they’re surprised to find France’s daughter warmly welcoming instead. But slowly they begin to see that something fantastic and horrible is happening. The magic of Marshall France has extended far beyond the printed page…leaving them with a terrifying task to undertake.”

Book club discussion the week of May 25th with author Jonathan Carroll.

In the horror category, it’ll be:

The Unblemished, by Conrad Williams

From Publisher’s Weekly: “Playing on humanity’s deepest fears and taboos, Williams plunges the reader deep into a hellish near-future where creatures banished five centuries ago rise again to lay eggs in the few people they don’t consume alive, turning London into a cross between hive and abattoir. Caught up in the grisly madness are photographer Bo Mulvey, who goes looking for excitement and gets more than he bargained for; Sarah Hickman and her beautiful, disturbed daughter, Claire, on the run from a hit man with an amputation fetish; and Gyorsi Salavaria, a cannibalistic child killer determined to become the mate of the invaders’ new queen. Williams (Use Once, Then Destroy) is so good at what he does that he probably shouldn’t be allowed to do it anymore, for the sake of everyone’s sanity.”

Says Keithe Brooke, The Guardian: “The Unblemished, winner of the International Horror Guild’s Best Novel award, is cleverly constructed, building relentlessly from intense, intimate terror to something on another scale altogether.”

Says Peter Straub: “This is horror literature unabashed and entire, at full imaginative stretch, beautiful and blazing.”

Says Nick Ryan, Sunday Express: “- top-notch writing skills, poetic vision and beautiful prose raise this way above your Hammer House of Horror… an unusual – as well as highly accomplished – terror.”

Discussion begins the week of June 1st when we’ll be joined by author Conrad Williams.

Finally, thanks to everyone who took the time to post their condolences and well-wishes for the DeLuise family. Peter is understandably preoccupied right now but when he comes back to Vancouver, I’ll be sure to direct him to your kind thoughts. Although I never got to work with Dom (Urgo was before my time on the show), I had the pleasure to meet him at Peter’s wedding. He was an incredibly warm and gracious man. His hilarious impromptu speech that night had everyone on the floor and, as I told Peter, upstaged him at his own wedding! It’s nice to see he has so many fans.

Today’s mailbag:

Daniel Willis writes: “Will sgu have a long, catchy beginning like sg1 and atlantis?”

Answer: Joel Goldsmith is working on the theme as we speak. No word yet on actual length.

David writes: “ I was just wondering as official blog person for SGU why you did not get to go to new Mexico to get those behind the scenes photos for the blog or have you or MGM/scifi assigned someone else to that job.”

Answer: I’m “official” insofar as I’m the one person with extensive behind-the-scenes access and information who maintains a regular online presence. It isn’t a job – more a fun extra I do here and for the SciFi site.

David also writes: “ Why I am grateful for the behind scenes shots of the icarus set, loving it, but do you know when you be allow to post pictures of the destiny set or perhaps even some of the other random sets.”

Answer: MGM wants to hold off on the Destiny set pics because they have something special in the works. As for the other sets – I’ve already forwarded the network some more pics and am waiting for them to sign off on the shuttle.

David also writes: “ About this short story, do you know how widely it will be able for sale and can you tell us any of the other authors taking part in the anthology.”

Answer: It will be published in an anthology that will be widely available. I’ll be sharing the book with a lot of experienced and supremely talented writers in the field of prose fiction – as well as experienced and supremely talented writers working in a, uh, another field of writing.

David also writes: “Any chance of the new cast doing a question and answer session anytime soon on the blog.”

Answer: Why, yes. I’ve asked a bunch and they’re all eager to make a guest visit. But they’d like to settle into their characters first.

David writes: “A friend and I was just wondering what is the most expensive shoot stargate SG1/Atlantis has ever done and how far up the list does new mexico shooting come up the list.”

Answer: I’d say Vegas was probably our most expensive episode to date.

BlondieChemGirl writes: “Where do you get your Amarula? Do they sell it in the states?”

Answer: Not sure if they sell it in the U.S., but I can pick it up at my local liquor store.

PG15 writes: “1. Who does Brie belong to?”

Answer: Not me.

PG15 also writes: “2. Who is/will direct Justice?”

Answer: Off the top of my head – I don’t know.

PG15 also writes: “3. On February 17th, you wrote:

Today was “spin and break” day with one of the new writers. We bounced around a bunch of ideas, came up with an intriguing backstory for Wray (but not before some vehement disagreement on her first name), and, ultimately, fleshed out what promises to be yet another story chock full of wonderful little character moments. And we even managed to come up with an episode title. We are on fire!

So what episode was this about?”

Answer: Life.


PG15 also writes: “4. And while I’m at it, on March 16th, you wrote:

Brad then pytched out hys revysed notion for an ydea he’s been battyng around for a whyle now. A great premyse wyth an yntryguing mystery at yts core, a wonderful opportunyty for one of our characters, all wrapped up in a an ultymately touchyng theme.

What episode was this about?”

Answer: A still-untitled story in the back half.

PG15 also writes: “5. Finally, on March 24th, you wrote:

We talked Tekkonkinkreet, Takashi Miike, and Minister Faust before I was called into the writer’s room to help spin a new story on another freelance script, this one a wonderful exploration of the Rush character. By lunch, we had the story broken

What episode was this about?”

Answer: Another story for the back half, this one is being scripted by a freelancer.

Trish writes: “Will ANY of the SGU epi titles be more than one word?”

Answer: For season one – unlikely. Come around season 10, you’re likely to get titles like “The Team Gets Stranded On A Planet With No Sun”.

F-fae-Glasgow writes: “You have probably answered this before however, has the SGA gate become the main gate for Earth?”

Answer: This question will be answered in the SGA movie.

Jenny R. writes: “Good on you for refusing to twitter. I think it’s slightly ridiculous myself. It’s sort of like the annoying parts of facebook on speed. I really don’t need to know what a person is doing all the time.”

Answer: Here are my twitter updates for the day. Enjoy –

– I like bananas.

– I’m looking at the thesaurus sitting on my bookshelf.

– How do you pronounce Totoro anyway?

– I went outside and accidentally swallowed a bug.

– I think I’ll throw out my old business cards.

– I need new socks.

– The dogs are hungry.

– The dogs are always hungry.

– Hey, I can hold my breath past sixty seconds!

– 4:00 p.m. Eastern Time is 7:00 p.m. Pacific.

– When I was a kid, I had a bike with a banana seat.

– My sister had a bike with a basket in the front.

– Hey, where’s my blackberry?

– Never mind. Found it!

Check in tomorrow for the latest fascinating updates.

Banderas writes: “1. What is this Homeworld Command you talked about on the blog yesterday. Is this the Headquarters of Homeworld Security?
2. So there won’t be any SGC in future movies and in SGU. Is there any chance that you will use the new sets as the SGC(at least the Gateroom) for a scene?
3.Is the uniform Col. Tellford wearing, a unique uniform for the Icarus base or it will be a new kind of SG uniform?
4. Is there any Alien+Alien ship concept art already behind the scenes or will you do that later? If yes, does the art department enjoy this “new-kind” of task(at least for SG)?
5. Will we can get some new information about the “Pre-Atlantis” Ancients in SGU?
6. Will there be any Ancient handheld-weaponry on the ship?”

Answers: 1. Yes.

2. I never said there wouldn’t be any SGC in future moives.

3. It’s an Icarus Base uniform.

4. Lots of alien and alien ship concept art that I’ll eventually showcase. And, yes, the Art Department loves this kind of stuff.

5. Some.

6. Remains to be seen.

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Do you like cats? Would your dogs like it if you got a cat? Would they get along? Do you even want to buy a cat?

2. Will the Odyssey be involved in the premier of SGU (Cause Caldwell said something about the Odyssey in Eatg)?

3. I was reading over the Brad Wright Q&A that was in January and he said the SG-1 movie would be made in the spring. Why would he say that, i mean, we already know Martin and Amanda would be busy with Sanctuary and you guys would be busy with SGU.:

Answers: 1. I like cats but have no plans to get one.

2. No comment.

3. He said that because, at the time, the plans were to shoot it in the spring. Regardless of who is busy when, we have to choose a time that is most convenient for the production. And, keep in mind, we were producing Atlantis when the first two SG-1 movies were being shot.

Hugh writes: “I was just wondering, do any of you spin an episode and begin to write it before realising half way through that it jsut won’t work?”

Answer: Off the top of my hand, I can’t remember a story we ever took the time to spin that wasn’t written.

MightyStarGazer writes: “So Joe, will we Wraith Fans *waves to Das* ever know more about them? Will we ever learn if they do have a homebase-planet, if the kiddie-wraiths are born or hatched or both (well, except for the drones, obviously they are hatched), and *blush* if the wraiths are… hrmm… compatible, with humans…?”

Answer: Hopefully this is something we could explore in a future Atlantis movie.

PoorOldEgarDerby writes: “ Please settle a bet. Which would receive an incoming wormhole: the Atlantis gate whilst in San Francisco Bay or a pre-existing Tauri gate connected to a DHD?”

Answer: If the Atlantis gate was properly calibrated and synced to the Milky Way network, then it would become the default gate.

67 thoughts on “May 5, 2009: Ashleigh Checks In – To My Office(!), May’s Books of the Month Club Reminder, Welcome Thoughts, and The Mailbag

  1. Wow! Massive mailbag. So only one word titles for season 1. Interesting. Hey… maybe season 2 epis can use two words, season 3 can use three words and so on! 😀

    Alrighty… I’m off to bed. I’m about to turn into a pumpkin.

  2. Joe, my condolences to Peter.

    It was just yesterday when Peter was answering our questions on your blog and saying how great his father was doing.

    I’m sure their family is devastated, so hopefully they know how much everyone will miss his father.

    RIP Dom.

  3. So I guess you didn’t kick me out of the mailbag. Phew. Thanks again for a great entry and for answering my questions( don’t worry, more will be on the way sometime tomorrow). Oh and you should see the new x men. It’s amazing
    Ps… You and ashleigh are hilarious. Goodnight.

    Major D. Davis

  4. Mr. M wrote:

    Here are my twitter updates for the day. Enjoy [snip] Check in tomorrow for the latest fascinating updates.

    I got you beat for yawn inducing:

    12a.m. Still in bed; took pills.

    6a.m. Still in bed; took pills.

    8a.m. Still in bed; took pills.

    12m. Still in bed; took pills.

    4p.m. Still in bed; took pills.

    6p.m. Still in bed; took pills.

    8p.m. Still in bed; took pills.

    Repeat ad nauseam.

    Anne Teldy (who’s blood work was okay. We may have caught it early enough.)

  5. The more I hear of Ashleigh, the more I like her.

    My condolences to the DeLuise family. Dom will be missed by everyone. Years ago, David and his family moved into my building right before I move out into my condo, so I never really got to know him. But my heart goes out to them all.

  6. Thanks Joe for the reply, My husband is off to BevMo tomorrow to look for Amarula. You and Ashleigh do seem to have a lot of fun teasing each other along with the rest of the staff. Sounds like a fun and intense work place. Thanks for the view in.
    So sorry to hear about Dom Deluise and our condolences to all his friends and familiy.


  7. Add my condolences to the outpouring from the fans. Both Dom and Peter have provided us great entertainment over the years, and it’s just a bit frustrating to be unable to repay the debt for that enjoyment.
    You’ll have to make your twitter updates a regular feature. and I think I may have to organize an Ashleigh fan club. She’s doing a terrific job ensuring that your life is just a bit more…interesting at work. And providing us with a good dose of chuckles as you fill us in on the exchanges.

  8. Hi Joe

    I just heard on LJ about Dom’s passing. I so enjoyed your Q&A with Peter and this is the only way I can think of to extend my condolences (as a fan of the whole, talented family) to them.

    The friend who posted the link to on LJ said she bet there was more laughter in Heaven now. Bet she’s right.

  9. [quote]4:00 p.m. Eastern Time is 7:00 p.m. Pacific.[/quote]

    Wow, so THAT is how I’ve been getting all screwed up lately. No wonder I keep calling my East Coasties at weird hours and having them yell at me 😉 😉 😉

    Okay need to slink back to the dictionary and come up with more fun and exciting ways to insult the English prof as he has driven me insane yet again.

  10. Well, I guess it wasn’t greedy after all. Good good.

    Thank you for answering my questions, Joe!!

    As for Ashleigh…why am I reminded of that scene in Seinfield where Elaine was rubbing herself on the posessions of that germophobe? Hmmm. Oh well, look on the bright side: so what if she may have just made your office (your sanctuary at work, where you can get away from Carl Binder, as it were) into a swine flu-infested germatorium? At least she said your office was a great place to sit and relax! It’s a compliment! You should feel proud.

    2 questions before I go:

    1. Again, alluding to the past, you once said that you guys were discussing making Rob’s pitch for Episode 17 into the season finale (March 10th entry). Did you guys end up doing that, or is that pitch still for episode 17?

    2. How far are you guys along on series planning? How much of Season 2 do you guys have mapped out?


  11. Thanks, Joe…I needed this to put a smile on my face. I love Ashleigh, and hope that she not only touched – but LICKED – everything. 😀

    Hey – any consideration to my suggestion about inviting Mr. Moorcock into the book of the month suggestion? I just finished my third book! 🙂

    Bloggy bit to follow – feel free to skip…but I just need to vent…

    I had the most distressing day in years, one that just crushed me, and all in an attempt to get my blood pressure meds renewed. See…technically, I don’t have a ‘primary care’ doctor. My family doctor passed away a couple years ago, and when I’m sick now I go to an urgent care center.

    Today I ran out of blood pressure meds. I didn’t think anything of it, because usually it’s easy for me to get refilled. I went to the doctor who has my old medical records, but who I don’t personally care for so I’ve never set him up as my ‘primary’ (with my insurance I do not need a primary, per se – I can go to any doctor I choose). His office is a first come, first serve set up. So, I go there, surrounded by really sick people and paranoid as hell because of my crappy immune system, and sit for an hour and a half before I realize they are taking everyone before me. I ask, and ONLY then do they tell me that now they only take appointments on Tuesdays! You’d think they would have told me this when I first walked in the bloody door, instead making me sit there amid feverish, snotty, sneezy, coughy people! AAARRGGH!

    I leave (and actually washed my hands and face down with Clorox wipes that I keep in the car 😆 ) and go to the urgent care center. They tell me they can’t renew my meds because they are not my primary (even though they renewed it this winter when I was there with pneumonia, and was just there with strep and pink eye).

    Okay – now I’m really frustrated. I’m missing work (AGAIN), and I need my blood pressure medicine – it’s NOT like I’m asking for oxycodone, or something. And yet I was starting to feel as desperate as a drug addict. Now I’m worrying that I’m gonna have a stroke just trying to get my blood pressure meds renewed!

    Now, I have an endocrinologist who is 40 miles away. I missed my January appointment with him because of the pneumonia. Remember that? Remember me moaning and groaning from my death bed? Anyway, since my family doc died he is usually the one who renews my bp meds, but you have to wait a while to get an appointment (and the reason I didn’t call him first when I realized I was out of meds). So, I call them, tell them my hardship case, and they squeeze me in for a 3 pm appointment. I get there, and explain to him why I cancelled my last appointment – I’ve been sick since mid-December with a persistent respiratory infection, and with all the other doctor/hospital visits, (and last month with my car), I just hadn’t been able to reschedule.

    (On a side note, although I work in a family business, I am the only one in the office, which means that if I’m not there, the office work – including accounts payable & receivable – comes to a halt. I’ve missed a ton of work this year because of sitting in waiting rooms (yesterday it was nearly 3 hours while my car got fixed), and that in and of itself has me pretty stressed. A business cannot operate without money coming in, and if I’m not there doing the billing, the income stops.)

    So, anyway…I told him that I’ve had all sorts of blood work done, but didn’t bring the results with me because this was a last minute appointment. Then, following up on a discussion we had on my last visit, I explain to him why I’ve been reluctant to take a certain medication he’s suggested (for another condition). It’s experimental, and I’m afraid of taking too many meds – ya know, the whole ‘drug cocktail’ thing. Then I really put my foot in it, I suppose, because I mentioned that I had noticed the drug companies always have reps at his office, and I don’t want a drug company determining my treatment, but want to know all my options (diet, alt. meds, etc). I was very nice, too…just trying to explain myself, how I honestly feel. Isn’t that what a patient is supposed to do?

    Well, he gets an attitude, gives me my prescription and tells me he’s done with me because, ‘You have OCD and you refuse to change. You don’t care about your body, you didn’t keep your appointment or get your blood work, and I’m through with you.’

    Somewhere along the line I think he totally didn’t hear me about being pretty damn sick this winter, still fighting things like bronchitis and strep up until a couple weeks ago, and that I did have blood work done, but just didn’t have the results with me. I have never felt so gutted in my life – for a doctor to tell me never to come back because I have OCD? Yeah, I have obsessive tendencies (no duh)…and have a fear of medication. All I want is to know my options before I choose what goes into MY body. What happened to treating the whole person, and not just looking at them as a 15-minute appointment with a $20 co-pay? I’m not a symptom that you push a drug on, but a person with real concerns about treatment options.

    Well…needless to say, I felt crushed, and the rest of the day was shot to hell.

    But that’s not all – I drive the 40 miles home, get my prescription filled – and…HE GAVE ME THE WRONG FRICKIN’ MEDS! Instead of the generic bp meds I have ALWAYS taken, without discussing it with me he gave me a script for a different brand name medication that has not yet gone generic.

    I have no doubt now that he’s in bed with the drug companies and I’m probably better off without him. Still, I’ve never had a doctor just cast me off like that, just because I want to make informed choices about my medical treatment. And I’ve never had so frustrating a day just trying to get a prescription filled. Oh, and yes – I called a nearby doctor and made an appointment – if I like the man, I will make him my primary. It’s something I should have done a while ago, but being the procrastinator that I am (yeah, yet another condemnable personality trait, right up there with OCD 🙄 ), just never got around to it.

    So…anyways…sorry for being so bloggy…but I just had to vent, even after I told Sparrow_hawk I wouldn’t. 😛 It’s you, Joe…whether you listen or not, you just have the best shoulders to cry on! (NOT as good as Todd’s…but, unfortunately, he doesn’t have a blog. ) Thanks for letting me vent, I appreciate it.


  12. PS…Joe…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!! DAILY ‘Twitter’ updates!! 😆 They’re even better than weird food purchases! (well…almost.)



  13. “4:00 p.m. Eastern Time is 7:00 p.m. Pacific.”

    As your very unofficial editor I must correct you.

    7:00 p.m. Eastern Time is 4:00 p.m. Pacific.

    Force of habit… Though now I can call my East coast friends at 10 p.m. PST and tell them that I learned about the time difference on your blog. lol.

  14. My coworker told me today of Dom’s passing. I’ve been a fan of his I think my whole life and am now a fan of his sons. I was so sad to hear of his passing and my coworkers didn’t get it. Like Don S. Davis, I always wanted to meet him and now I’ll never get that chance, but hopefully someday I can get the chance to meet Peter, Michael and/or David and maybe have to opportunity to hear some stories about Dom. My condolences go out to the DeLuise family as well. He was a very well loved man by many, many people.

    On a lighter note, I found this website through Gateworld today and wondered if you’ve seen it Joe. The address is and being a cake decorator I think this is pretty cool. Some of these cakes are very well done. My personal favorite is the wedding cake.

  15. So I heard today that the swine flu actually originated in the US. Proud to be an American.

  16. Just heard the news, my condolences to the DeLuise family. He will be missed, he made me laugh many times.

  17. I also express my sadness over the passing of Dom. I was devestated to hear this news. I have always thought he was one of the most funniest men around. And will miss him!!!

  18. I was so sad to hear of Dom Deluise’s passing. For decades he’s made me laugh, and he will be missed. My condolences to his family and friends.

    As much as I’m missing Atlantis, I’m thoroughly enjoying Ashleigh’s evilness.

    @Anne Teldy Happy to hear the good news.

  19. dasndanger,

    If your new doctor insists upon prescribing a brand name BP medicine, then get a new doctor. The newer BP medicines are for those patients who, for one reason or another, cannot take the older, generic BP medications. If you are getting good BP control with generic BP medications, then you should not change.


    While I do not participate in the Book of the Month program, I would like to suggest a classic SF novel to add to your list: Dune by Frank Herbert.

    Is this how web pages should be referenced?


  20. Hi, Joe.

    My sympathies and condolences on the passing Don DeLuise. Please extend them to the DeLuise family and to the Stargate family as well.

    Best wishes.

  21. It is sad news regard Mr. DeLuise. Loved all his work. Of course we are enchanted with his family – Peter, David, and Michael. He IS sorely missed. Sincere condolences to the family. From our fandom family of which he was a part.

    Yay to Anne Teldy…you go girl.

    Hmmm, me thinks you’ve found a “match” with Ashleigh. Please do continue to share your adventures. Love it.

  22. Whoa, that’s gotta be the longest mailbag like ever!!! How very incredibly awesome!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    I’m so intrigued by the whole “shooting on location” thing. Is this a permanent location, where they will be shooting several times a year, or is the NM location for one or two episodes only?

    I’m so full of sadness for the Deluise family. 🙁 Such a huge loss, yet I hope there are not only tears, but also laughter, at the funeral as they remember all the laughter he brought into their lives.

    Ashleigh is awesome. She should do a guest blog… I think we would really appreciate her sense of humor and insights into the daily goings-on in and around Bridge Studios! 😀

    Also on the subject of guest blogs: I hope David Blue is among them! He has a blog, but it doesn’t have a comment section, so we can’t ask him questions. He answers the occasional Twitter question, but it would be awesome to hear more from him! (And the rest of the cast, too, of course. I just have this soft spot in my heart for geeks…)

    @Das Oh noes!!! I hope your med situation works itself out soon!!! At least it sounds like you have a decent insurance company–maybe try going to any random non-specialist doctor in your area next time? Once you tell them that you’ve already got a drug regimen that works for you, it shouldn’t be too hard to convince them to give you a prescription! Argh the medical system can be so frustrating though…

  23. @Mr M
    leave a note if you don’t approve the following so I know you saw it.

    — — — — — — — — —

    re posting the following in case WordPress eat up the previous version of this post Yesterday.

    @Mr M and others on this blog

    A bunch of UK fans have release a 35 minute fan film of The lord of the Rings titled The Hunt for Gollum on the French Daily Motion website. The movie is streaming in flash in HD (1280×720) format along with lower resolution format. Link below. Do not use the full screen mode if you have a less capable computer or slow internet connection. Also you might have to pause the flash player until you downloaded the entire movie.

    They had server problems due to high demand. If you got problems logging on the above site, try the hosting site directly below. Remember it’s A French site, reset to English language with the flag icon.

    Basically the plot is the search for Gollum by Aragon between events of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. Think they should consider this film for some awards.

    Question for Mr M
    After watching the film or the trailers in HD. What do you think of the production value?

    P.S. The budget for this fan film is 3000 pounds with lots of volunteer help. I think they got about 160 persons on the 6 minute credit roll

  24. @Das. *HUGS* If its any consolation hun I had a crappy day too, the culmination of external influences and conflicting personalities means that my daughter and son-in-law are no longer factors in our lives. Apparently I’m a lousy mother(the other 3 don’t seem to think so but there you go)Just to add to the growing list of whats wrong with ME as a person. I’m hoping that in time this can all be resolved but for the moment and until my daughter can SEE that her behaviour has brought this about (she had information over a year ago regarding my youngest daughter’s dad that she chose not to share and this meant that Katherine has only now been able to have contact with her dad(I know how to pick ’em which is why I haven’t bothered in the past 12 years))

    Sorry Joe if todays is turning into a “Dear Abby” fest.

  25. I just heard about Dom DeLuise. It’s so sad, and I do hope that Peter and such are doing ok. And just after the Q&A, too!

  26. Hi Mr M!

    Very sad to hear about Dom DeLuise. My condolences to Peter and all the DeLuise family.


  27. coucou Joseph! ça va?

    Moi super! Aujourd’hui Star Trek sort au cinéma, j’ai trop envi d’aller le voir…juste parce qu’on apérçoi Paul XD

    Mais vous n’avez pas de twitter? je voudrais trop vous voir sur ce site.

    Vous allez appris pour le Pére de Peter…rohh c’est trop triste =(

    Bonne journée!

  28. I was sad to hear about the death of Dom DeLuise; I’m a long-time fan of his and each time I see one of his sons on the screen I can’t help but think of Dom and smile. Please pass along my condolences to Peter and the DeLuise family.

    I’m reading the BotM selection I Remember the Future and am well into the book, so I should actually be able to participate in the discussion. And I picked up Land of Laughs, too. Not sure about the horror entry for this month; it sounds like a very interesting plot, but I’m not sure I’ll have time to get to it.

    @das: It’s o.k. – sometimes you have a day so bad that you need to vent about it multiple times. Note: My Elric books have arrived and I’m planning to start reading them in between my BotM assignments.

  29. Toh torro toh torro, toh torro toh torro. The kids love that story!
    That Miyazaki guy has a great imagination.

    I’ve never really seen the Twitter thing but from everything I have heard it seems fairly ridiculous. I can barley update our electronic in/out board at work to say where I am or what I am doing.

  30. Hey Joe,

    Back when Atlantis first started up and we got to see the new gate, there was always something that bothered me about it: It only had 36 symbols on it, or rather, it could only display 36 symbols when lit up. The gate used in the Milky Way had 39 symbols on it, so I was hoping you could answer a couple questions:

    1. Technically speaking, would this cause problems now that Atlantis is on Earth? One would think it would be like trying to use a phone that is missing a few numbers on the keypad.

    3. Do you know why the Atlantis gate prop was designed with only 36 symbols? I know they redesigned it from scratch, but was it a symmetry thing or logistics?



  31. Michael A. Burstein’s book sounds interesting. Now that school is done for the summer I’ll have time to read it.

    Nice twitter post, as well. It was full of sufficiently pointless anecdotes about your life.

  32. Here are my questions for the next mailbag. BRACE FOR IMPACT!!

    1. Has Fire become a two parter?

    2. Is the special project that MGM is creating a trailer? If so when will we get to see it. If not, when will we get to see the next SGU trailer(Its been about a month)?

    3. Have you seen West Wing before? Do you like it?

    I am still pretty new so bear with this q please

    4. When a episode’s credits include You and Paul as writers, does that mean that both you and Paul wrote the episode. If not why are your names always together in writing credits?

    5. What SGU episode(besides Air) are you most psyched about?(Its ok if you say Space, You’re a fantastic writer)

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  33. Re the Atlantis gate on earth – given that the gate symbols/constellations on the Pegasus gates are completely different from those on the Milky Way gates, however could it be compatible?

  34. I know this is a lot to ask, and a long shot, but is there any chance that’d be able to give a mention to a charity I’m working for that’s based in Vancouver? It’s called Caleb’s Hope. The website is here. No worries if not. No harm in asking, right?

  35. First – thanks everyone for your support, and Jim, for your advice.

    I feel a LOT better after picking up my comics today at my lcs. Seems the comic shop owner had a problem with this same doctor, and said he’s famous for his ‘relationship’ with the drug manufacturers, and his horrid bedside manner. I’ve been going to him for a about three years now, mostly to monitor my blood pressure and kidney functions, and he’s always been fairly decent with me. Yesterday? Not so much. 😛

    @Sparrow_hawk – There is so much in these books! I’m trying not to read the explanatory info until I’ve finished all the main stories, but it’s hard. Basically now I am using this list in order to read them chronologically, though some of them have yet to be republished by Del Rey:

    Since not all have been reprinted yet I can’t really read them all in order, but I’ll try to keep as close as possible to that list. Then, afterwards, read the additional stories included (some are different versions of the main stories), and catch up with the few bits and pieces that will be published later.


  36. @Anne Teldy: Woot! Let’s hear it for girl power and the great vibes from blog regulars being sent out your way! 😀 Keep it up!

    @Deni: I owe you an e-mail. My sister got in last night and we surprised the girls. My youngest (Erin) was so flabbergasted that she yelled out, “AH!!! JOSIAH!!! JE…JE… JESSIEJESSIEJESSIE!!!! It’s JESSIE!!! SHe’s HERE!” Yeah, she called her Josiah at first. That’s my brother’s 8 year old son. Basically I’m trying to get my *home* stuff done and I will hit you back in a day or two. Or if all else fails a quick note with how to reach me otherwise. 😀

    I loved *V*. Everyone, please join with me in chanting: remake! remake! remake! remake! 😆 Was I the only one chanting there?

  37. But wouldn’t the original gate be the default? If its currently being used by the SGC, I can’t imagine suddenly the Atlantis gate becoming the primary one.
    It’d be weird if both gates were capable of getting incoming wormholes.

  38. Today has been one of those days. I joined a new medical aid (insurance) in January, but because my medical insurance broker was very new at her job the admission was delayed while they figured out the paperwork.

    On Monday I received a letter informing me that I have officially joined the Insurance. Goody! Hey, I even had a shiny membership card…

    Today I found out that they have taken 3500 bucks from my bank account, back-dated to Feb 09. This they did not tell me they were going to do.


    You know how much fun it is to try and withdraw funds only to be told one has a Zero balance? Yes, I have an overdraft facility set up at the bank, but surely someone could have said something to me? It is, after all, my account.

    Now the fun part – do I fight it? In South Africa one is only 100% covered after the first three months, and now, having paid all three months in one lump sum I’m covered. Knowing my luck, I demand some money back and I’ll get hit by a truck driven by drunk Zimbabwean refugees…

    Sorry, Joe, but Das started it!

  39. Joe,

    Please give my deepest sympathy to Peter and family. A legend was lost.

    Off topic, I was wondering if y’all over at SGU (on the writing staff) use a script formatting software. If so, which one(s)?

    Hope you’re enjoying your week “off”.

  40. I was reading the paper to my students this morning, when I saw Dom’s obituary. I was floored. My poor students who are mostly 9 year old third graders had no idea who he was. I listed some of his movies and some of them had seen Cannonball Run or Spaceballs, but really didn’t know who he was. Then I explained that Peter had just done a Q&A on here and there were many questions about his dad. I think if I had mentioned David as the dad on Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney (yep w/3rd graders I know a bit about Disney), more could have made a connection. Maybe tomorrow…

    I was deeply saddened and send my thoughts and prayers to the Deluise family.

  41. Hey Joe,

    So sorry to hear about Dom DeLuise. He came up in conversation at a recent family Birthday dinner so, at least in our little family, he’ll always be remembered for the humour he brought to the screen. Thoughts are with his family.

    I was wondering, do you enjoy being on the end of the Stargate battering ram?
    Each morning do you don your Ice Hockey Goal Keeper garb, slam your fist into your chest a few times and yell “COME ON!”?
    Sorry, I was just catching up on some comments on your May 3 entry.

    Tammy Dixon – In my 13 years of programming I’ve always found SQL to be the most logical. Mind you one of the SQL full-text search processes really, really wants to blow up my laptop. Had my CPU up to 108 degrees Celsius the other day. I have to fan my laptop because stopping the process would also be bad. I think it wants to be fed grapes while being fanned. I refuse to wear full Ancient Greece getup while doing it. I may call my laptop Apollo. Or I should just use the server.

    Anne Teldy – Sending all the (non-virusy) vibes I have to you.

    Das and Shiningwit – Want to sign up to my “It’s just one of those years” group? I’m still waiting for Joe to send me the cleansing ritual for 2009. It may involve some flouncing in the woods, but I’m against animal sacrifice so we’ll have to work something else out there. Can you sacrifice tofu as a meat substitute?

  42. @das: I have a similar experience with my GP doctor in January who is babbling in alternative medicine. He said that if I didn’t want to do his “detox program” it was because I didn’t want to get better. He was really very nasty. I was just asking questions about why I could no longer have tomatoes on this diet, and no longer have beef, or eggs (I understand the gluten-free, casein-free issue, but not this, and what the heck was quinoa? My sister, who is a holistic nurse, told me this was very abusive and I should not go back. I’m in the process of finding someone else, but this doctor had been my doctor for 16 years. Yet, he has signs all over his office for immunizations. He told me that if I did this detox program I would never get sick. I told him he couldn’t make claims like that because no one could (which made me suspicious). Could he tell me that doing this diet would protect me from the hantavirus? Ebola? I doubt it. So you can say “never get sick.” If your doctor can’t handle questions, like pharmaceutical companies possibly influencing his decisions, you should get rid of them.

    @AnneTeldy: I hope you feel better soon.

    I love Ashleigh, too. Has she gotten you back yet for your April Fool’s Day joke?

  43. Oh…my…what have I started? Ventings and queries into nekkid Todd.

    Sorry, Joe. 😛

    (BTW…nekkid Todd wouldn’t be such a bad idea… 😉 )

    To everyone who’s had bad experiences – from doctors to unappreciative kids to…um…did I read that right? Narelle flouncing nekkid in the woods, sacrificing tofu? Or did I mix her up with Todd??

    Joe – a mailbox question for you…

    We know Wraith see such emotions as mercy, fear, compassion, etc., as weaknesses, and will do their best to suppress those feelings. But – in your mind – do you think Wraith still feel such things as guilt, regret, compassion, doubt, and other ‘angsty’ emotions inside, though not allowing them to show on the outside? Or are such emotions totally foreign to them?



  44. 😆

    I just watched Jumble’s video! I LOVE the sound clip at the end! 😆

    And, ya know…you are kinda cute, Joe. 🙂


  45. @das: Like you haven’t had a crappy year already, hey? My dentist did the same to me for saying the “f” word when he hurt me – told me to leave and never come back. Don’t worry, all you did was step on this guy’s ego, “f” him too, like doctors aren’t a dime a dozen. LOL, at least all he did was kick me out. My mother’s dentist in Guatemala slapped my face for, ok, the same thing. I guess I do have a bit of a potty mouth. Ah, f that too. Found out today that I have effing Grave’s Disease, and my values were off the effing chart, so more effing meds starting next Thursday. Yes, NEXT Thursday. Meanwhile, the nurse tells me, learn about thyroid storm (just in case you get it, Deni, it’s a life-threating emergency) and just sitting here hoping I don’t go blind in the next week. Wouldn’t you think that if this were such a big deal they’d see me before? Nah… Good times!

    @Narelle: I need flouncing in the woods, this has been, for the most part, one lousy year. Although like you, I’m against animal sacrifice, the Beagle next door would definitely be a strong candidate with his incessant barking (or whatever that sound is).

    @Anne Teldy: Glad to hear the good news! Stay strong, and more good vibes coming your way.

    The sliver lining today was (check this:) I got my Gold Weekend tickets for the Chicago convention. I get to see Delicious Daniel in person and I am over the moon 😉 Oooh, and Connor, Joe, Paul and Amanda too! So, assuming the swine flu doesn’t come to take me away (or the thyroid storm, for that matter), I’m outta here at the end of August.

    Hiya Joe!

  46. Nice you-tube video there for you Joe!, workin’ out are ya?!? some people are just creative. Still looking for the botm books,,hmmm.
    @Anne Teldy, glad to hear some better news there, hope you get better!
    @das, sorry to hear about the crappy dr and day, sometimes it does help just to get it off your chest.
    –hope everyone has a better day tomorrow for sure.!

  47. @ Narelle – No, I got ‘Todd’ mixed up with ‘tofu’, and nekkid was just in my head because of…well…just because. 😀

    @ Deni – MY dentist is CUTE! 😀 And he’s a bit naughty – if I said a bad word while he was working on me, he’d prolly like it. 😛

    @ Airelle – Yup…it does help. And it’s also made me realize that I am not alone in such troubles, and some certainly have weightier concerns than I do *hugs Anne Teldy, Shiningwit, deeinsouthafrica, PBMom, Deni B….and anyone else I may have missed*

    Hey – BTW, where’s Lisa S. these days?? I miss our comic book discussions.


  48. @Das: *waves from the gutter* How could we NOT want to see Todd nekkid!!! Allthough, I’d settle (for now, ha ha!) for just the removal of the coat!

  49. @ MightyStarGazer – In all weird seriousness…

    Although I’d love to get a sneak peek at Todd’s bony spine, or find out if he has body tats like ‘Spike’…we can now speculate quite confidently about what’s under a Wraith’s coat, based on what was revealed in Vegas.

    And we know the show will never take their pants off (nor do I want to see that – some things ARE best left to the imagination).

    However…we have not seen their feet. Now…I’m not a fan of feet. In fact, I think they can be rather gross, but that in and off itself could be a fun reveal. Imagine – oh, I dunno…Todd’s caught in a bear trap. 🙂 Anyway…Rodney pries open the trap and Todd slips his foot out but leaves his boot behind, revealing a foot with only two large ‘toes’, each tipped with long, clawlike black nails…something like a sloth. I can just hear Rodney with an “Oh geez, that’s just not right!” freak-out already. (And I can hear Todd going ‘clippity-clip’ as he walks, just like a puppy dog trotting across a hardwood floor. 😀 )

    Yeah. I know…time for bed. 😛


  50. Coucou =) ça va?

    yééé je suis enfin en week end, et oui Vendredi 8 Mai est encore une jour férier en France^^!

    Sympas les photos, cette personne à l’aire trés drôle^^!


    1) Le Destiny est aussi grand quel vaisseaux connu dans stargate?
    2)Avez vous vu Star Trek le film?

    Voila Merci =) !

  51. “Book club discussion the week of May 18th with author Michael A. Burstein.”

    And he is eagerly looking forward to it. 🙂

    (I’m also taking the opportunity to re-read The Land of Laughs…)

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