This morning, I received a gentle reminder from my editor that the deadline is looming on that short story I’ve been working on for, what, it feels like three years now. Well, actually, more like 6+ months, but still. As luck would have it, we’re on hiatus and I had set aside this entire week for one thing, and one thing only: finishing said story. So, this morning, I woke up, sat myself down in front of my laptop, and re-read what I had, tweaking as I went along, then revising, then reworking. By the time I’d finished my late dinner, I only had the final scene to write. I was pretty happy with what I’d accomplished and considered setting it aside for tomorrow but ultimately decided, the hell with it, had three shorts of Amarula, then sat back down and wrote it. And – done! I’ll go over it tomorrow, and email it to Kellie for some input. Once I’ve received her scathing critique, I’ll follow up on her suggestions (hopefully they don’t involve me burning every hard copy and then deleting the original file) and then send it my editor’s way. After that – well, who knows what the future holds?

Yes, I applied myself today. And I accomplished much. It’s a testament to the power of procrastination and solitary drinking. It was an all-day affair, but I did take the occasional breaks to eat, shower, feed the dogs, and, of course, perform coupage on my French bulldog Lulu. Coupage, you say? Why, yes. After two days at the vet’s, Lulu is back home, recovering from a bout of aspiration pneumonia. Besides hand-feeding her a dog food slurry and medicating her, I have to perform something called coupage which involves me clapping on Lulu’s sides with cupped hands – sort of like playing an instrument except that instead of an instrument, it’s a dog. Oh, and instead of trying to play a tune, you’re actually loosening up the phlegm in her lungs. Good times, good times.

Hey, apparently Ashleigh is back in the office after her Mexican getaway, holding down the fort while we’re all away. By all reports, she had a great time and returned happy and, most importantly, healthy and flu virus-free. Just in case, however, Lawren saw fit to drop her a gentle reminder to perhaps avoid any contact with the public until she is absolutely sure…


I’m just waiting on the High Council of Official Appovers to sign off on the next batch of photos and then we’ll continue our sneak peek of Icarus Base. While we’re waiting, let’s hit the mailbag –

VOOK writes: “1. Doesn’t Icarus base get destroyed thus making all this work now redundent…

2. What about the SG1 Movie? We can’t not have the SGC in it :/”

Answers: 1. It gets destroyed?

2. There’s no reason why we can’t.

BillieO writes: “I would like to ask if you will be twittering any time soon along with Martin Gero and Carl Binder and the rest???”

Answer: I can assure you that I will never, ever twitter.

Me writes: “Out of curiosity, do you see directing in your future, Stargate or otherwise? And for kicks, how easy is it for a writer on the show to get a spot as director?”

Answer: First of all, I have no desire to direct. Second of all – if the writer in question has already directed (ie. Martin Gero directed YPF before directing Brain Storm) and is on staff, then they would be given serious consideration.

Looby writes: “So with Atlantis being based on earth at the moment, are you saying that they won’t be using the SGC Gateroom at any time in the movie or is the SGA movie back on the shelf?”

Answer: I’m saying neither. Just because the SGC isn’t there now doesn’t mean it can’t be for the movie. As for the SGA movie – full steam ahead!

PG15 writes: “1. What is episode 8 of SGU?

2. What is episode 7 of SGU?”

Answers: 1. 8 = Time.

2. 7 = Earth.

Daniel Willis writes: “I have no idea if this question has been asked, but is the SGA movie set straight after the series finale?”

Answer: Yes, it is.

AndreaFWhite writes: “Hello Joe, can you answer my question about whether Torren or Kanaan will be in the SGA movie?”

Answer: Yes, they will.

Alex writes: “Hey – congrats on the upgrade! Have you considered which charity your going to give the money Syfy pays you for your blogs?”

Answer: The money SyFy pays me for my blog? Is gratitude tax deductible?

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Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Hello Joe,
Wow this short story is starting to sound like toture. LOL I guess you either do not like my questions or you kicked me out of the mailbag. I am guessing(and hoping) its the first one. Yeah! More Icarus base pics. Bring it on!

Thanks so much,
Major D. Davis

Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis

I have a question. I had two but forgot one. Will sgu have a long, catchy beginning like sg1 and atlantis? I’m not sure what it’s called. Will a new theme be developed for this?

Deni B.
Deni B.

Hi Joe, OMG, poor Lulu! Hope she recovers quickly, poor baby. Good times here too, meds 7 x a day between Elway and Flannery. Great video, Brie is just too cute ;)Hang in there, and have a good night!

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Aww. Poor lulu. I hope lulu gets better soon.

Patricia Lee
Patricia Lee

Awe…Mr. M, The pups are so cute…nice to hear that Lulu is on the mend! The Coupage really works…on humans too! I had it done to me when I was very sick with pneumonia last year and it does loosen the flem in the lungs. I’ll keep Lulu in my prayers! Cheers


Hi, Joe.

Ah, coupage…I have fond memories of it. *cough* Especially when applied by male nurses. Ouch!

We can now comment on your blog at the Syfy site (it links directly here). Sweet!

Best wishes on your short story!


@ Joe Glad Lulu is home and that Ashleigh is alive.

@ Chevron 7

1. Got a scar? How did you get it?

Ha I have them all over. We will just stick with my face. Most noticeable scar would be from where I lost all the skin on the left side of my face when I was 14. Got hit by a school bus driver. My glasses cut just above my left eye that went down to the bone. It is now nothing more than a line going through my eyebrow. I also have scar tissue on my chin that managed to hide it’s self in the form of mole looking thing. I hate it to say the least. I also have a “dent” in my upper forehead from where I was running under the high school bleachers during a Friday night football game. (I think I was 10ish.) I ran head first into a screw holding the cross beams together. There was much blood. I was also bit by a Dochsund when I was 4. I tried to give it a kiss and it took a chunk of my nose. I still have a mark on the left side of my nose just behind the nostril. I also have a scar in my hairline just behind my right ear from where I was hit with a brick from a fellow class mate in high school . That one was actually my fault. His girlfriend broke up with him to be with me. We where together, he was aiming at her, and my head was in the way.

2. What operating system are you using on your home computer?

I have a GDPC.

3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

The most recent installment of Underworld and I was unimpressed. I feel that it did not hold true to the story line. This up coming weekend I will be seeing both the new X-men movie and the new Star Trek movie. I feel that I may hold the same opinion for them both. I’m picky that way.


“Answer: I’m saying neither. Just because the SGC isn’t there now doesn’t mean it can’t be for the movie. As for the SGA movie – full steam ahead!”

so joe….does that last bit mean that we should expecting a certain anouncement about the sga movie being officially greenlit???


Well I hope the dog get better soon.

I was just wondering as official blog person for SGU why you did not get to go to new Mexico to get those behind the scenes photos for the blog or have you or MGM/scifi assigned someone else to that job.

Why I am grateful for the behind scenes shots of the icarus set, loving it, but do you know when you be allow to post pictures of the destiny set or perhaps even some of the other random sets.

About this short story, do you know how widely it will be able for sale and can you tell us any of the other authors taking part in the anthology.
Any chance of the new cast doing a question and answer session anytime soon on the blog.
A friend and I was just wondering what is the most expensive shoot stargate SG1/Atlantis has ever done and how far up the list does new mexico shooting come up the list.



That was me asking if you have read any Lobo books from DC Comics. Yes, he is a psychopathic ALBINO sociopath character.


Oh ye gods. Beating up on doggies, video clips of doggies beating up on doggies, closing down a studio just to allow one employee to go through virtual quarantine, and beating yourself up to finish the long since no-longer-top-secret project. I congratulate you on your super efficient use of the limited hours of the day. And consider yourself virtually hugged for the comment ” As for the SGA movie- full steam ahead!” While I trust your statements about the movie, I still treasure every reassurance that my favorite show will see its incarnation as a movie sometime before the end of the Mayan calender. Thanks for updates, and please enjoy the rest of the hiatus.


Was Lulu onking like a pig right at the end of that video? Cute babies! In doing my research for my next dog, I read that French Bulldogs are high maintenance when it comes to vet bills and they are very expensive in that area. I guess it’s true. Get well soon Lulu!

Did you sneak in there a “full steam ahead!” for the Atlantis movie. That sounds great. I was watching Broken Ties last night (on the SciFi Rewind site). I must say, I got a little tear in my eye when Ronon woke up to McKay sitting beside his bed talking away. I actually said to myself, I miss McKay! (And Ronon, and Shep, and Teyla!)

Major D. Davis – I guess you are about 14, 15, or 16 years old. Am I close? Hey, and get a dictionary kid!

Orange Jello Salad

12 oz cottage cheese
1 lg box orange jello
1 sm can crushed pineapple (drained)
12 cool whip

My company fights over this stuff. All I hear is “pass the orange salad”. The answer is always, “no”. Then the fight breaks out.


Hi Joe, I don’t know what it was about today’s blog, but it was way too funny! First you got me with the 3 shots of Amarula. I finished off my last bottle of Amarula last night after finishing my last exam before finals. And then you went on to slay me with….

“Yes, I applied myself today. And I accomplished much. It’s a testament to the power of procrastination and solitary drinking.”

That sound like what I am going to be doing (or not doing this week) studying for my finals next week. You can take your pick in regards to the procrastination or the solitary drinking. Then you performed what sounds like some much needed respiratory therapy on Lulu. Poor girl. “Coupage, you say?” And then Ashleigh comes home from Mexico to a Bioharzard sign. What can I say…LOL!

Okay question. Where do you get your Amarula? Do they sell it in the states? I bought mine on a cruise ship going to Mexico. It’s good stuff, but I really don’t want to go on a cruise again to get some more.

Thanks for a very enjoyable blog!



At the end of your vid, the two pups look like they are sparring with each other with bantos rods!
So cute!
Good luck with your story too!

Shawna Buchanan

Congrats on finishing! Let’s hope you don’t have to make too many changes before they deem it publishable.

That little Frenchie is so darn adorable.


With such tender coupage, I’m sure Lulu will be back to her old self in no time. grin

Wait…is it coupage, or cupage? Because it makes more sense that it’s cupage, since your hands are formed into cups as you clap Lulu’s sides. Ah, semantics. Gotta love it.

Hey…didn’t I have more questions? Like, 3 more? And they’re gone. How very odd. Maybe I just dreamed that I wrote 5 questions? That’s probably it. Thanks for answering all 2 of my questions!


1. Who does Brie belong to? It seems you have subtly integrated a new doggy into your household without the fanfare we got the last time that happened (Lulu).

2. Who is/will direct Justice?

3. On February 17th, you wrote:

Today was “spin and break” day with one of the new writers. We bounced around a bunch of ideas, came up with an intriguing backstory for Wray (but not before some vehement disagreement on her first name), and, ultimately, fleshed out what promises to be yet another story chock full of wonderful little character moments. And we even managed to come up with an episode title. We are on fire!

So what episode was this about?

4. And while I’m at it, on March 16th, you wrote:

Brad then pytched out hys revysed notion for an ydea he’s been battyng around for a whyle now. A great premyse wyth an yntryguing mystery at yts core, a wonderful opportunyty for one of our characters, all wrapped up in a an ultymately touchyng theme.

What episode was this about?

5. Finally, on March 24th, you wrote:

We talked Tekkonkinkreet, Takashi Miike, and Minister Faust before I was called into the writer’s room to help spin a new story on another freelance script, this one a wonderful exploration of the Rush character. By lunch, we had the story broken

What episode was this about?

Yes, I feel greedy. After all, I did get my Term 2 grades back from UBC today, and I did well enough that it’s boosted my belief in my own self-importance. wink


Thanks muchly for the video and doggie updates, Lulu and Brie look So cute together. Hope Lulu gets better real soon. Its been (another) traumatic weekend here but I shan’t bore anyone with the details, suffice to say my family is now in tatters and doesn’t look like mending any time soon. I’m gonna crawl back into my hole and stay there until the apocalypse. Its safer.


Hi, Joe —

Congrats on the progress with the story. Since I’ve been struggling with chapter 5 of my novel since last week, it was great to hear someone is making progress somewhere.

Brie is such a little cutie. She looks like she is having such fun deviling Lulu the way Lulu usually devils the pugs.


I remember helping with percussion therapy, AKA cupping or clapping, during my late father’s final, bedridden years. My musical percussion studies had a practical use!


Hey Joe. Hope Lulu feels better soon!

Are all the SG:U titles so far one-worders? If so, will this be continued over into future seasons? It’s quite catchy!


Your doggies are so cute. And you know how much we Californians are concerned about the environment. I wouldn’t let you burn every hard copy — I’d suggest you re-use it as toilet paper. smile


Hi Mr M!

Back after the weekend of “off line”. Seems I missed the questions thing:

1. What country are you from?
2. What’s your favourite episode?
3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

1. Ireland
2. Window of Opportunity
3. Both
4. Toasted bacon/mustard and jelly baby sandwich…made for me by my smallies

Thanks for update re: Short Story. Is it too early to say when it will be published? Also, delighted to hear about the comic book project.

Best to all



I’m sensing a patten here. Are all of the titles going to be one word?

Then can I suggest:
Past, Present, Future (a 3-parter), Bane, Decoy, Rush, Inertia, Outlander, Endemic, Entente, Venom.

(Chev knows her way around an online thesaurus grin )

Maybe you should just come up with several seasons worth of titles and everyone can pick their faves and write episodes around the word. Except of course that might mean it’s not quite as serial as you want it.

Anyhoo, your day sounds fairly productive. Maybe if you had the Amarula at the start of the day you would have had it finished by lunchtime. Then you could have had more time to read, play with the gods etc.

Cheers, Chev


With episodes moving about, could you please give us the current running order for season 1 of SGU?


Good for you. I’m not a Twit either.
Syfy should be compensating you for using your blog.