This morning, I received a gentle reminder from my editor that the deadline is looming on that short story I’ve been working on for, what, it feels like three years now. Well, actually, more like 6+ months, but still. As luck would have it, we’re on hiatus and I had set aside this entire week for one thing, and one thing only: finishing said story. So, this morning, I woke up, sat myself down in front of my laptop, and re-read what I had, tweaking as I went along, then revising, then reworking. By the time I’d finished my late dinner, I only had the final scene to write. I was pretty happy with what I’d accomplished and considered setting it aside for tomorrow but ultimately decided, the hell with it, had three shorts of Amarula, then sat back down and wrote it. And – done! I’ll go over it tomorrow, and email it to Kellie for some input. Once I’ve received her scathing critique, I’ll follow up on her suggestions (hopefully they don’t involve me burning every hard copy and then deleting the original file) and then send it my editor’s way. After that – well, who knows what the future holds?

Yes, I applied myself today. And I accomplished much. It’s a testament to the power of procrastination and solitary drinking. It was an all-day affair, but I did take the occasional breaks to eat, shower, feed the dogs, and, of course, perform coupage on my French bulldog Lulu. Coupage, you say? Why, yes. After two days at the vet’s, Lulu is back home, recovering from a bout of aspiration pneumonia. Besides hand-feeding her a dog food slurry and medicating her, I have to perform something called coupage which involves me clapping on Lulu’s sides with cupped hands – sort of like playing an instrument except that instead of an instrument, it’s a dog. Oh, and instead of trying to play a tune, you’re actually loosening up the phlegm in her lungs. Good times, good times.

Hey, apparently Ashleigh is back in the office after her Mexican getaway, holding down the fort while we’re all away. By all reports, she had a great time and returned happy and, most importantly, healthy and flu virus-free. Just in case, however, Lawren saw fit to drop her a gentle reminder to perhaps avoid any contact with the public until she is absolutely sure…


I’m just waiting on the High Council of Official Appovers to sign off on the next batch of photos and then we’ll continue our sneak peek of Icarus Base. While we’re waiting, let’s hit the mailbag –

VOOK writes: “1. Doesn’t Icarus base get destroyed thus making all this work now redundent…

2. What about the SG1 Movie? We can’t not have the SGC in it :/”

Answers: 1. It gets destroyed?

2. There’s no reason why we can’t.

BillieO writes: “I would like to ask if you will be twittering any time soon along with Martin Gero and Carl Binder and the rest???”

Answer: I can assure you that I will never, ever twitter.

Me writes: “Out of curiosity, do you see directing in your future, Stargate or otherwise? And for kicks, how easy is it for a writer on the show to get a spot as director?”

Answer: First of all, I have no desire to direct. Second of all – if the writer in question has already directed (ie. Martin Gero directed YPF before directing Brain Storm) and is on staff, then they would be given serious consideration.

Looby writes: “So with Atlantis being based on earth at the moment, are you saying that they won’t be using the SGC Gateroom at any time in the movie or is the SGA movie back on the shelf?”

Answer: I’m saying neither. Just because the SGC isn’t there now doesn’t mean it can’t be for the movie. As for the SGA movie – full steam ahead!

PG15 writes: “1. What is episode 8 of SGU?

2. What is episode 7 of SGU?”

Answers: 1. 8 = Time.

2. 7 = Earth.

Daniel Willis writes: “I have no idea if this question has been asked, but is the SGA movie set straight after the series finale?”

Answer: Yes, it is.

AndreaFWhite writes: “Hello Joe, can you answer my question about whether Torren or Kanaan will be in the SGA movie?”

Answer: Yes, they will.

Alex writes: “Hey – congrats on the upgrade! Have you considered which charity your going to give the money Syfy pays you for your blogs?”

Answer: The money SyFy pays me for my blog? Is gratitude tax deductible?

111 thoughts on “May 4, 2009: A Deadline Looms, Dogs At Play, and The Mailbag

  1. Hello Joe,
    Wow this short story is starting to sound like toture. LOL I guess you either do not like my questions or you kicked me out of the mailbag. I am guessing(and hoping) its the first one. Yeah! More Icarus base pics. Bring it on!

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  2. I have a question. I had two but forgot one. Will sgu have a long, catchy beginning like sg1 and atlantis? I’m not sure what it’s called. Will a new theme be developed for this?

  3. Hi Joe, OMG, poor Lulu! Hope she recovers quickly, poor baby. Good times here too, meds 7 x a day between Elway and Flannery. Great video, Brie is just too cute ;)Hang in there, and have a good night!

  4. Awe…Mr. M, The pups are so cute…nice to hear that Lulu is on the mend! The Coupage really works…on humans too! I had it done to me when I was very sick with pneumonia last year and it does loosen the flem in the lungs. I’ll keep Lulu in my prayers! Cheers

  5. Hi, Joe.

    Ah, coupage…I have fond memories of it. *cough* Especially when applied by male nurses. Ouch!

    We can now comment on your blog at the Syfy site (it links directly here). Sweet!

    Best wishes on your short story!

  6. @ Joe Glad Lulu is home and that Ashleigh is alive.

    @ Chevron 7

    1. Got a scar? How did you get it?

    Ha I have them all over. We will just stick with my face. Most noticeable scar would be from where I lost all the skin on the left side of my face when I was 14. Got hit by a school bus driver. My glasses cut just above my left eye that went down to the bone. It is now nothing more than a line going through my eyebrow. I also have scar tissue on my chin that managed to hide it’s self in the form of mole looking thing. I hate it to say the least. I also have a “dent” in my upper forehead from where I was running under the high school bleachers during a Friday night football game. (I think I was 10ish.) I ran head first into a screw holding the cross beams together. There was much blood. I was also bit by a Dochsund when I was 4. I tried to give it a kiss and it took a chunk of my nose. I still have a mark on the left side of my nose just behind the nostril. I also have a scar in my hairline just behind my right ear from where I was hit with a brick from a fellow class mate in high school . That one was actually my fault. His girlfriend broke up with him to be with me. We where together, he was aiming at her, and my head was in the way.

    2. What operating system are you using on your home computer?

    I have a GDPC.

    3. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? Any good?

    The most recent installment of Underworld and I was unimpressed. I feel that it did not hold true to the story line. This up coming weekend I will be seeing both the new X-men movie and the new Star Trek movie. I feel that I may hold the same opinion for them both. I’m picky that way.

  7. “Answer: I’m saying neither. Just because the SGC isn’t there now doesn’t mean it can’t be for the movie. As for the SGA movie – full steam ahead!”

    so joe….does that last bit mean that we should expecting a certain anouncement about the sga movie being officially greenlit???

  8. Well I hope the dog get better soon.

    I was just wondering as official blog person for SGU why you did not get to go to new Mexico to get those behind the scenes photos for the blog or have you or MGM/scifi assigned someone else to that job.

    Why I am grateful for the behind scenes shots of the icarus set, loving it, but do you know when you be allow to post pictures of the destiny set or perhaps even some of the other random sets.

    About this short story, do you know how widely it will be able for sale and can you tell us any of the other authors taking part in the anthology.
    Any chance of the new cast doing a question and answer session anytime soon on the blog.
    A friend and I was just wondering what is the most expensive shoot stargate SG1/Atlantis has ever done and how far up the list does new mexico shooting come up the list.

  9. @das

    That was me asking if you have read any Lobo books from DC Comics. Yes, he is a psychopathic ALBINO sociopath character.

  10. Oh ye gods. Beating up on doggies, video clips of doggies beating up on doggies, closing down a studio just to allow one employee to go through virtual quarantine, and beating yourself up to finish the long since no-longer-top-secret project. I congratulate you on your super efficient use of the limited hours of the day. And consider yourself virtually hugged for the comment ” As for the SGA movie- full steam ahead!” While I trust your statements about the movie, I still treasure every reassurance that my favorite show will see its incarnation as a movie sometime before the end of the Mayan calender. Thanks for updates, and please enjoy the rest of the hiatus.

  11. Was Lulu onking like a pig right at the end of that video? Cute babies! In doing my research for my next dog, I read that French Bulldogs are high maintenance when it comes to vet bills and they are very expensive in that area. I guess it’s true. Get well soon Lulu!

    Did you sneak in there a “full steam ahead!” for the Atlantis movie. That sounds great. I was watching Broken Ties last night (on the SciFi Rewind site). I must say, I got a little tear in my eye when Ronon woke up to McKay sitting beside his bed talking away. I actually said to myself, I miss McKay! (And Ronon, and Shep, and Teyla!)

    Major D. Davis – I guess you are about 14, 15, or 16 years old. Am I close? Hey, and get a dictionary kid!

    Orange Jello Salad

    12 oz cottage cheese
    1 lg box orange jello
    1 sm can crushed pineapple (drained)
    12 cool whip

    My company fights over this stuff. All I hear is “pass the orange salad”. The answer is always, “no”. Then the fight breaks out.

  12. Hi Joe, I don’t know what it was about today’s blog, but it was way too funny! First you got me with the 3 shots of Amarula. I finished off my last bottle of Amarula last night after finishing my last exam before finals. And then you went on to slay me with….

    “Yes, I applied myself today. And I accomplished much. It’s a testament to the power of procrastination and solitary drinking.”

    That sound like what I am going to be doing (or not doing this week) studying for my finals next week. You can take your pick in regards to the procrastination or the solitary drinking. Then you performed what sounds like some much needed respiratory therapy on Lulu. Poor girl. “Coupage, you say?” And then Ashleigh comes home from Mexico to a Bioharzard sign. What can I say…LOL!

    Okay question. Where do you get your Amarula? Do they sell it in the states? I bought mine on a cruise ship going to Mexico. It’s good stuff, but I really don’t want to go on a cruise again to get some more.

    Thanks for a very enjoyable blog!


  13. At the end of your vid, the two pups look like they are sparring with each other with bantos rods!
    So cute!
    Good luck with your story too!

  14. Congrats on finishing! Let’s hope you don’t have to make too many changes before they deem it publishable.

    That little Frenchie is so darn adorable.

  15. With such tender coupage, I’m sure Lulu will be back to her old self in no time. 😀

    Wait…is it coupage, or cupage? Because it makes more sense that it’s cupage, since your hands are formed into cups as you clap Lulu’s sides. Ah, semantics. Gotta love it.

    Hey…didn’t I have more questions? Like, 3 more? And they’re gone. How very odd. Maybe I just dreamed that I wrote 5 questions? That’s probably it. Thanks for answering all 2 of my questions!


    1. Who does Brie belong to? It seems you have subtly integrated a new doggy into your household without the fanfare we got the last time that happened (Lulu).

    2. Who is/will direct Justice?

    3. On February 17th, you wrote:

    Today was “spin and break” day with one of the new writers. We bounced around a bunch of ideas, came up with an intriguing backstory for Wray (but not before some vehement disagreement on her first name), and, ultimately, fleshed out what promises to be yet another story chock full of wonderful little character moments. And we even managed to come up with an episode title. We are on fire!

    So what episode was this about?

    4. And while I’m at it, on March 16th, you wrote:

    Brad then pytched out hys revysed notion for an ydea he’s been battyng around for a whyle now. A great premyse wyth an yntryguing mystery at yts core, a wonderful opportunyty for one of our characters, all wrapped up in a an ultymately touchyng theme.

    What episode was this about?

    5. Finally, on March 24th, you wrote:

    We talked Tekkonkinkreet, Takashi Miike, and Minister Faust before I was called into the writer’s room to help spin a new story on another freelance script, this one a wonderful exploration of the Rush character. By lunch, we had the story broken

    What episode was this about?

    Yes, I feel greedy. After all, I did get my Term 2 grades back from UBC today, and I did well enough that it’s boosted my belief in my own self-importance. 😉

  16. Thanks muchly for the video and doggie updates, Lulu and Brie look So cute together. Hope Lulu gets better real soon. Its been (another) traumatic weekend here but I shan’t bore anyone with the details, suffice to say my family is now in tatters and doesn’t look like mending any time soon. I’m gonna crawl back into my hole and stay there until the apocalypse. Its safer.

  17. Hi, Joe —

    Congrats on the progress with the story. Since I’ve been struggling with chapter 5 of my novel since last week, it was great to hear someone is making progress somewhere.

    Brie is such a little cutie. She looks like she is having such fun deviling Lulu the way Lulu usually devils the pugs.

  18. I remember helping with percussion therapy, AKA cupping or clapping, during my late father’s final, bedridden years. My musical percussion studies had a practical use!

  19. Hey Joe. Hope Lulu feels better soon!

    Are all the SG:U titles so far one-worders? If so, will this be continued over into future seasons? It’s quite catchy!

  20. Your doggies are so cute. And you know how much we Californians are concerned about the environment. I wouldn’t let you burn every hard copy — I’d suggest you re-use it as toilet paper. 🙂

  21. Hi Mr M!

    Back after the weekend of “off line”. Seems I missed the questions thing:

    1. What country are you from?
    2. What’s your favourite episode?
    3. Are you a cat or dog person, neither, or both?
    4. What’s the weirdest food combination you’ve eaten?

    1. Ireland
    2. Window of Opportunity
    3. Both
    4. Toasted bacon/mustard and jelly baby sandwich…made for me by my smallies

    Thanks for update re: Short Story. Is it too early to say when it will be published? Also, delighted to hear about the comic book project.

    Best to all


  22. I’m sensing a patten here. Are all of the titles going to be one word?

    Then can I suggest:
    Past, Present, Future (a 3-parter), Bane, Decoy, Rush, Inertia, Outlander, Endemic, Entente, Venom.

    (Chev knows her way around an online thesaurus 😀 )

    Maybe you should just come up with several seasons worth of titles and everyone can pick their faves and write episodes around the word. Except of course that might mean it’s not quite as serial as you want it.

    Anyhoo, your day sounds fairly productive. Maybe if you had the Amarula at the start of the day you would have had it finished by lunchtime. Then you could have had more time to read, play with the gods etc.

    Cheers, Chev

  23. With episodes moving about, could you please give us the current running order for season 1 of SGU?

  24. Good for you. I’m not a Twit either.
    Syfy should be compensating you for using your blog.

  25. Yay you! (On the short story.)

    Good shot Lawren! (I want a sign like that for my office mate.)

    Oh, thank god! (On the “no Twittering. I will not expound.)

    And finally, Lulu is lucky to have you & all your coupage skills. You should think about taking that act on the road!

  26. Hey Joe,

    Congrats on finally finishing the short story! And ohhhh…….Amarula! My first experience with that is quite memorable. I used to work at a local bar, and became friendly with one of the bartenders and her husband. After work one night around 3am, we went to their place for more drinks. The husband broke out the Amarula…and the two of us proceeded to drink the whole bottle. The hangover was legendary. Absolutely the worst hangover I’ve ever, ever had. Since then, I’ve always referred to it as “Elephant Juice”. Because I felt like I was kicked by one.

    Makes me kind of nostalgic. I think I’ll have to pick up a bottle tonight.

  27. Lulu looks good in the video, hope she gets better soon, good luck with your doctoring, How does she feel about getting pounded round the chest cavity? another form of loving,playing maybe,, 🙂 Brie seems to fit right in today, the other puppies looked like they took the ah whatever attitude with the stick play,, thanks for sharing them.! Good work on the short story, I know how that procrastination can be..Heres to success!! *raises glass with you* 😀

  28. Hey Joe,

    Allie’s turning 15. Yeah… we had a Cinco de Mayo baby. And now this baby is old enough to get her learner’s permit and actually *gulp* drive a car. I have asked her to give me a week before I bring her in for this, though. I suck as a mom! I chickened out! Florida drivers are scary! Then on the 7th Erin turns 8. My babies are gettin’ so grown up!

    Poor Lulu! She really is going thru some rough times. Hopefully she’ll get better really quickly.

    My question of the day: Will ANY of the SGU epi titles be more than one word? Or am I forgetting one you’ve already told us that’s more than one word?


    Trish 😀

    p.s. @Deni: I dropped ya a line!

    p.p.s @susiebluefeathers: I’m in Florida. Which I’ve been told is not actually the south. They say you know you’re in Florida when you have to drive north to get to the south. However… despite the fact that I was born in Illinois I seem to be very much a southern girl. I like tea with my sugar, key lime pie rules, etc., etc. I’m not exactly sure where my mom got the recipe for her *Summer Salad*. Maybe from a southern friend?

  29. Coucou Joseph!!

    ça va ? Moi super bien =)

    Il fait toujour un soleil radieux!

    Merci pour la video =) Vos chiens sont toujours aussi adorable! Lol la photo, la pauvre déjà mis en quarantaine ^^.


    1 Quand vous écrivez un scipt, vous le faite sur l’ordinateur? Et si un jour l’ordinateur tombe en panne et perd tout ces informations, comment faire?

    2 Dans sgu, qui sera l’équivalent d’un John,Cam ou Jack?

    Bonne journée =) Bisou!

  30. Joe,

    You have probably answered this before however, has the SGA gate become the main gate for Earth?

    Will it remain so until Atlantis perhaps moves back to Pegasus again?

  31. Here’s hoping Lulu gets better soon, poor pup. Thanks for the vid, nice to see the pups playing, and thanks for the pics the other day too.

    Re: Twitter – the idea of you twittering boggles the mind! It’d be like Rodney McKay twittering…I mean, 140 characters and no more? How would you keep your comment under that?!!! *vbg*

    Hope the critque of the story isn’t too scathing – I must remember to check out the anthology when its published.

    Btw, I think I want to work at Bridge Studios – you guys have a great sense of humour! I hope Ashleigh does as well – and that she gets you all back too, of course!! *bg*


  32. Hey! Congratulations on finishing the story! I’m sure you’ll let us know the title and release date on the anthology once you know it, so that we can give you (and the other authors) money in tiny little increments. 🙂

    I didn’t know the word for “coupage” before, but my housemate’s cat really enjoys it. Not for medical purposes; just because he’s weird like that. I hope Miss Lulu feels better soon. Your pups have had a rough time of it the last few months.

  33. Come to California. I don’t know if gratitude is tax-deductible, but I’m sure we’ve now made it taxable…

  34. Joe –

    Just read about the death of Dom DeLuise. When next you see Peter, please pass along my sympathies.

  35. Good on you for refusing to twitter. I think it’s slightly ridiculous myself. It’s sort of like the annoying parts of facebook on speed. I really don’t need to know what a person is doing all the time. Talk about an electronic leash.

  36. Sorry to hear Lulu has been having health problems. Poor baby. Hope she’s better soon.

    Also, I just heard about Dom Deluise. I’m so sorry to hear the news. My thoughts are with his entire family and all those people who were lucky enough to have him enter their lives. He’ll be greatly missed!

  37. I’m hearing that Dom DeLuise passed away last night, but the only confirmation I can find at the moment is Extra and TMZ, which I trust about as far as I can throw my TV. If it’s true, please send my condolences to Peter DeLuise and his brothers over the loss of their father.

    I have many, many fond childhood memories of Dom, from his roles in both live-action and animated films. Off the top of my head, my fave characters of his were Fagan from Oliver and Company, Tiger from An American Tail, Itchy from All Dogs Go to Heaven, Jeremy from The Secret of Nimh, and, of course, Togar in SG-1 . I also remember him from various Burt Reynolds, Mel Brooks, and Muppet movies. Thinking of him has always made me smile. 🙂

  38. Hey, very interesting news in the last few days and the sets are fantastic.

    Just a few fast question:
    1. What is this Homeworld Command you talked about on the blog yesterday. Is this the Headquarters of Homeworld Security?
    2. So there won’t be any SGC in future movies and in SGU. Is there any chance that you will use the new sets as the SGC(at least the Gateroom) for a scene?
    3.Is the uniform Col. Tellford wearing, a unique uniform for the Icarus base or it will be a new kind of SG uniform?
    4. Is there any Alien+Alien ship concept art already behind the scenes or will you do that later? If yes, does the art department enjoy this “new-kind” of task(at least for SG)?
    5. Will we can get some new information about the “Pre-Atlantis” Ancients in SGU?
    6. Will there be any Ancient handheld-weaponry on the ship?

  39. I just heard the news. My condolences to Peter DeLuise on the loss of his father. Very sad…

  40. Oh and I have a couple questions for you if you don’t mind

    1. Do you like cats? Would your dogs like it if you got a cat? Would they get along? Do you even want to buy a cat?

    2. Will the Odyssey be involved in the premier of SGU (Cause Caldwell said something about the Odyssey in Eatg)?

    3. I was reading over the Brad Wright Q&A that was in January and he said the SG-1 movie would be made in the spring. Why would he say that, i mean, we already know Martin and Amanda would be busy with Sanctuary and you guys would be busy with SGU. Plus, you had said that there is nowhere near enough time to shoot it during the mid season filming hiatus. So why was that said?

    I don’t mean to question your judgment or question your honesty on the last question, I just wanted to know why Brad said what he said? If i am sounding rude or disrespectful, that is not my intention.

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  41. You are a very dedicated dog owner! Kudos to you and I hope Lulu gets better soon.

    I also just read about Dom DeLuise. 🙁 When you see Peter again, please pass on my condolences. His father was truly one of the great ones — my favorite roles of his are the emperor in History of the World Part One, the director at the end of Blazing Saddles, and duh, Urgo! The world is definitely dimmer today.

  42. Joe, as much as I love dogs, I usually skim through your very very descriptive doggy care. I have to ask do you ever see yourself as a father…of children? I am really not being facetious. You seem to be a caring and nurturing person.

  43. I just heard some disturbing news about Peter’s dad. I hope it’s not true.

  44. 2. What about the SG1 Movie? We can’t not have the SGC in it :/”

    Answers: 1. It gets destroyed?

    Oh Joe. Now see? That’s just…mean. [chuckle]

  45. My sympathies to Peter,his family and friends. I lost my dad 5 years ago and it’s still fresh in my mind . God Bless.

  46. Hi Joe,

    I have just recieved the second season of atlantis for my birthday and ahve just watched “Road to a Dream” by Martin Gero. I found it absolutely hilarious, and a big thanks to everyone involved in that.

    So was he serious throughout that and plan it all? Is he in the background in the actual episode? Does he act like that with you guys?

    Secondly I was just wondering, do any of you spin an episode and begin to write it before realising half way through that it jsut won’t work?

    Anyway, thanks to all of you guys (and gals) for all your hard work. I’m SGU is goign to be fantastic. I’ve already had one of my non Stargate fan friends hear about the casting of Robert Carlyle and get interested in the project.

    So good luck and thanks for reading! : )

  47. just heard about Dom Deluise. R.I.P., Dom! Please pass condolences to Peter and family..

  48. Very sad to hear about Dom DeLuise. Please, if you get the opportunity, pass along our condolences. Thank you Joe.

  49. My condolences to the DeLouise family and friends. I always enjoyed his work, he will be missed by many.

  50. @Anne Teldy: I did donate blood today. They always ask if I’m donating for a specific person… I’m so tempted to say it’s for you but I know that’d just confuse everyone. Anyway, in my head, it’s for you. And I got stuck TWICE for the iron check. Second time’s the charm ‘cuz I passed! (barely) Hope you are feeling well.

  51. Damn, it’s just been a bad year so far. Just read about Dom DeLuise’s passing, how sad. Our hearfelt condolences to Peter and the rest of the DeLuise family. Ron and Deni

  52. Oh my Goodness,
    I just found out about Dom Deluise. I am so heartbroken, he seemed like an amazing person. I can’t believe it. It must be hard for Peter. Please tell Peter that he and his family will be in my prayers. Wow, this must be hard on the stargate team as well, plus it came so close to Nora’s passing. I will also be praying for you and the entire stargate team.

  53. Could you please tell Peter DeLuise that I’m sorry for the loss of his father and that May His Father’s Memory be Eternal?


  54. Hey Joe!

    Am back safe and sound! Hope you had a good week. Listen, I was speaking to Lawren outside your office and had this strange coughing fit. I had to duck into your office so I wouldn’t spread it down the hallway, don’t worry though, I closed your door right away so none of the germs would be able to seep out.

    While I was in there I thought what a great place to sit and relax while the guys are away, so I am now working out of your office.

    Hope you don’t mind!

    Boy, I hope this sore throat goes away soon….

  55. Trish (aka whovian) wrote:

    @Anne Teldy: I did donate blood today. They always ask if I’m donating for a specific person… I’m so tempted to say it’s for you but I know that’d just confuse everyone. Anyway, in my head, it’s for you. And I got stuck TWICE for the iron check. Second time’s the charm ‘cuz I passed! (barely) Hope you are feeling well.

    Thanks! I’m glad me using some blood has brought in more. I feel less guilty.

    {Please feel free to skip the following medical update.}

    Unfortunately, my skin infection (cellulitis and lymphedma mostly) kicked up overnight. I’m awaiting the CBC results now but have already started oral antibiotics. I’m afraid, since oral antibiotics didn’t work last month and I ended up doing two weeks of IV, I may be headed there again. That is bad for many, many reasons. I’m a bit scared so good vibes needed.

    Anne Teldy

  56. Condolences thoughts and prayers to the Deluise family and friends, I just heard about Dom. He will be so very very missed.

  57. Very sad news about Dom Deluise. Please relay my condolences to his family, especially to Peter. I will remember him fondly through his performances.

  58. Hi Mr Mallozzi
    I just heard about Dom Deluise. A great character (Urgo), a great actor.
    My condolences to the DeLuise family.

  59. My heart goes out to Peter and the entire family of Dom DeLuise. Dom was always a favorite of mine. He had a contagious laugh and was always smiling. He sometimes had a very mischievious look in his eyes. (I think that was for real!). I will always remember him. God bless his family and friends. Too young!

  60. I am so sorry about Dom DeLuise. Gosh he has been “part of my life” my whole life. My heart goes out to his family.

  61. Coupage? My Cystic Fib. friend has to do this reg. She hates it.

    Does Lulu have kennel cough? That can be tough to get rid of, I hope it has been ruled out.

    Major Davis: We have three cats. My Spouse has a limit on how many I can ring home.

    Narelle from Aus: My husband works on SQL, also. He has been programming since the early 80’s but SQL is his fav.

    So sorry to hear about Dom Deluise. Condolences to his family. I’ve enjoyed watching him since I was a kid.


  62. 🙁

    My condolences to the DeLuise family…Dom will truly be missed.


  63. I just read the news that Dom DeLuise passed away. Please pass on the fans’ condolences to Peter if/when you have the chance.

  64. I am so sorry to hear about the passing of Dom DeLuise, he was an extremely funny man and brought so much laughter to the world. Joe, Please pass on condolences to Peter and his family.

  65. Sad news indeed…

    Sending you gooooood African VIBES Anne Teldy. You WILL get through this, okay!?

    And about coupage.
    Dogs hate it, but cats absolutely love it.

    Not too hard now, there is a fine line between pummeling a moggie for pleasure and committing animal abuse, but what I do is place a cat in an empty bath then pat him hard all down both sides. Talk about getting a puddle of purring goo within a minute or two. 😀

  66. Just read about Dom DeLuise passing away, didn’t realize he had been ill, My condolences to his family. Such a wonderful person and actor, He will be missed.

  67. Please add my condolences to the DeLuise family. So sad, but the universe was richer for having known him.

  68. Like many previous people, I just wanted to say sympathies to Peter and the DeLuise family.

  69. @Anne Teldy: Then my work is done… that is until June 30th when I am up for another donation! 🙂 I don’t like it when people feel guilty so I’m happy to help lessen that. You truly have inspired me to keep donating. After the June donation I can donate at Dragon*Con like last year! Sending MASSIVE good vibes your way. ((((hugs))))) And hugs. Hugs are always good, too.

  70. As others have said, please pass along my sympathies to the family of Dom DeLuise. Urgo was one of my favorite SG-1 episodes. What a great actor. He will be missed.

  71. What a shock to find out Dom is gone. (Missed it in the news last night while watching the wildfire 12 KM away).

    We grieve with his family; the world has definitely lost a shining star.

  72. @Anne Teldy: Hang in there, you’ll get through it! Thinking of you and sending good, peaceful vibes 🙂

  73. Poor Lulu. That chest percussion is what they do on humans, too. My dog decided to create 2 huge hot spots on her body, bad enough that I had to call for an emergency appointment. She looks ridiculous (a golden retriever now bald in two spots that they created into rectangles). She was worn out from the event and the hydrocortisone shot. I hope Lulu starts feeling better soon. Maddie is like my other child, so when they get sick, it isn’t any different.

    Wow — Dom DeLuise died? I have not seen this on the news anywhere (maybe because my TV is shut off). How very sad. My condolescences to all. Another treasure that has been lost.

    I definitely vote to increase your salary for doing the SyFy blogging posts. Oh wait, that’s right, my voice doesn’t count.

  74. My condolences and prayers to the entire DeLuise family. Dom was a funny and generous man, giving the gift of laughter to all. He will be greatly missed. 🙁

    Patty O

  75. So sorry to hear of Dom DeLuise’s passing. He was a brilliant comedic actor. Many condolences to his family from mine.

  76. 🙁

    So sorry to hear about Dom. One of my earliest film memories from childhood, was of Captain Chaos. Not so long since, I discovered the adorable Urgo.. Brilliant. Inspirational. And one of the few guys who really made me howl with laughter.

    Please pass on my condolences to Michael, Peter, David and the rest of the family. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

  77. Add my family’s name to the Dom “List”! He was such a great and warm guy who will be truly missed!! — I just caught the announcement at the end credits of THE VIEW this morning, but was just heading out for the day so couldn’t post here sooner…

    If it’s not too late, Joe, you should name something or someone [one the Ascended maybe?] in the SGA script after him…

  78. The world will not be the same without Dom. My condolences.

    @Anne Teldy and @ Whovian, my hubby donates blood often, more often than normal, he has to as he has hemochromatosis (iron overload). So he makes up for me, I can’t donate anymore. He has pins for gallons donated.

    @Anne Teldy, let me know if you need more SF&F issues.

  79. Hey, Joe. Haven’t commented in a while but still a big fan of the blog.

    I just heard that Dom DeLuise died today. I’m a big fan of him and the family, and I hope you’ll pass on my condolences to Peter and his brothers.

    On a lighter note, I found a coffee shop that sells Vosges chocolate. That Mo’s bacon thing… strangely delicious.

  80. I just woke to read the news about Dom DeLuise. May I join everyone here in passing on my condolences to Peter and his family.

    Dom made me smile. He was a treasure.


  81. So Joe, will we Wraith Fans *waves to Das* ever know more about them? Will we ever learn if they do have a homebase-planet, if the kiddie-wraiths are born or hatched or both (well, except for the drones, obviously they are hatched), and *blush* if the wraiths are… hrmm… compatible, with humans…? *wink wink nudge nudge*

    So sorry to hear about Dom too. He will be missed greatly.

  82. Kinda good news bad news day on here today

    Major Condolences to all who knew the man…the hilarious legend Dom i write this i remember the ‘me me me me me me me’ scene from Urgo..

    My good news for today was the fact that I passed my black stripe Taekwondo Grading..I can now grade for my Black Belt in December

  83. Hi Joe. I heard about the passing of Dom DeLuise while at work today. I would like to add my condolences to his family.

  84. I caught the report on CNN, and then read it on the Internet. This is a terrible for loss for…heck, for anyone who likes to laugh, but of course especially for the DeLuise brothers. My condolences go out to them and their families. May Mr. DeLuise Rest In Peace.

    He’s cracking God up now. Lucky God.

  85. My condolences to the entire DeLuise family. Dom was a funny and gifted actor. He will be greatly missed.

  86. Hi Joe,
    I just heard on the news about Mr. Deluise. I know Peter Deluise did a guest blog recently, speaking highly of his father. My condolences to the entire family, and their friends.

  87. My heartfelt condolences to the DeLuise family and all who knew the Master of Laughs himself. The world is a poorer place for having lost a great man. Am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


  88. Sorry to hear of Dom DeLuise’s passing. Best wishes to his family.

    @Mr M
    Did you check out my previous 5:02AM post for approval? Or did wordpress ate up the posting.

  89. @Anne Teldy thoughts and positive vibes/prayers winging their way to you now. Sorry its a bit late its been ahell of a day/week/month/year/lifetime

  90. Please settle a bet. Which would receive an incoming wormhole: the Atlantis gate whilst in San Francisco Bay or a pre-existing Tauri gate connected to a DHD? I’ve already conceded that the SGC gate would be less likely since it lacks the DHD, this is just a hypothetical (obviously, since it’s fiction). Fancier technology wouldn’t be a factor, right?

    My take is that the Tauri gate is already in a grounded outlet, that it’s like sticking an American peg in a European hole. I’ve considered rephrasing that…nah.

  91. @maggiemayday: I’ve donated almost 2 gallons so far. Not much… but hey, not so little, either. 😉 I wondered how some people can have several gallons (and even dozens) under their belt. Sounds like your husband is able to make up for lots of people who can’t donate. In this day and age it’s getting harder and harder to become a donor. Which is why I feel a pressing need to donate as much as I can while I am able.

  92. btw, I just heard about Dom Deluise. Please pass along condolences to his family.

  93. I used to perform coupage on my Dad. 🙁 I learned from the nurses at the hospital where he was diagnosed with COPD. I still do it a bit, but the meds are much better at breaking up the glop (it’s like tar) and getting it out than I will ever be. It’s just too deep. So mostly he gets a small massage to loosen muscles and some teasing about me beating him up. As if.

    Glad Lulu is doing well.

    Oh, and Lawren had better watch out. I bet Ashleigh will plan a really great revenge. It was funny though. Workplace hijinks = great times.


  94. I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus in regards to Mr. DeLuise. He was a funny, funny man. I knew him first from all his work in Mel Brooks’ films and he was hilarious. It was treat to see him years later on Stargate SG-1. If heaven exists I bet he’s up there cracking everyone up. My thoughts are with his family and friends, he will be greatly missed.

  95. Was very sad news to hear about Dom DeLuise’s passing and my condolances to the family. The first time as a kid discovering movies like Silent Movie, Blazing Saddles etc was the first time I discovered that there were people out there in the world that shared my sense of humour – he was a warm, funny guy and he’ll be missed.

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