Hey, look at what was sitting outside the production offices yesterday morning!  Yeah, I haven't a clue either.
Hey, look at what was sitting outside the production offices yesterday morning! Yeah, I haven't a clue either.
Ashleigh welcomes me to her office: WTF?!
Ashleigh welcomes me to her office: WTF?!
I compose an important email to the recently deposed crown prince of Nigeria to let him know I'd be thrilled to be his heir.
I compose an important email to the recently deposed crown prince of Nigeria to let him know I'd be thrilled to be his heir.

Hey, remember that episode of Atlantis where the team encounters a civilization of children living in a village located within some mysterious neutralizing field that renders technology inoperable? Well, switch out “village” for “my office”, substitute “a civilization of children” for “me”, and swap “technology” for “my wireless internet connection” and you have a pretty fair approximation of what I have to put with on a daily basis. I get in every morning, turn on my laptop, and it’s always a crapshoot as to whether or not I’ll be able to get online. Sometimes I’ll be able to check my email, sometimes I won’t. Sometimes I’ll be able to log onto my blog, sometimes I won’t. Sometimes I’ll be able to surf the net for information I‘ll need to finish a script or self-diagnose myself, sometimes I won’t, and sometimes I will but only at a glacier-like pace (So, I guess, in some ways it’s more like that episode of SG-1 where the team traps the human form replicators in a stasis field where time flows like temporal molasses). Interestingly enough, my next door neighbor and writing partner Paul experiences no such problems. It could be because this mysterious Bermuda Triangle-esque no-fly-wifi zone is limited to my office alone. Or it could be because he eschews the wireless option in favor of a direct wired connection. Alas, not an option for me since an expert visited my office several years ago and informed me I had a defective dongle (It’s not something I like to talk about).

Not even the usually reliable tech-savvy Lawren Bancroft-Wilson was able to remedy the problem and, as a result, I find myself wandering the corridors of the production offices every late afternoon in search of a signal. Occasionally, if there are emails to be sent, I’ll simply grab a seat across from our Executive Producer’s assistant, Ashleigh, and appropriate half of her work space, reading aloud my missives as I type them out and boisterously commenting on the hilarious cute animal videos my co-workers send my way (“Hey, that dog is riding a bike!”). In many ways, it’s like that episode of Atlantis where Sheppard is stranded on the planet with that wraith who wants to kill him except that instead of a planet it’s Ashleigh’s office, and instead of a wraith and Sheppard it’s Ashleigh and me, and instead of her wanting to kill me…no, that part stays pretty much the same.

Anyhoo, while I’m wandering about in search of a wireless internet connection, the rest of the production seems to be rolling along…

Will Waring is directing Brian J. Smith (Lt. Scott) and Justin Louis (Col. Young) over on Stage 2 (set codename: Hoth).

Director Andy Mikita is over on Stage 4 taking a wandering camera tour of the Destiny set.

Robert Cooper is working on his producer’s cut of Earth and is awaiting notes on his brilliant script for Time as his prep week approaches.

Brad Wright shifts gears after putting out both Darkness and Light, looking to hammer down the story for episode 13.

My writing partner Paul continues work on Divided. According to him, there’s a lot of story and he fears the script may go long. Which would be par for the course.

Carl Binder will be assuming revision duties on Faith, episode 12.

Oh, and I found the time to do another pass on that Atlantis movie script. I wanted to have another go at the Beckett-Teyla scene but was sidetracked by a new script, an impromptu writer’s meeting, lunch (priorities, yes?), and an all new, all tight producer’s cut of Air I and II. That Destiny is a mighty cool-looking ship.

Finally, a reminder to Producer John G. Lenic, who has been with the franchise since The Children of the Gods pilot, will be taking your questions, so if you want to ask him anything about his 10 years on SG-1, 5 years on Atlantis, 2 SG-1 movies, or his time on Universe, start posting…

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Soooo…I stayed up to 2 am for THIS??!! mad


Don’t get me started on wireless connections tonight! Maybe tomorrow. grin Good night, sir…sweet dreams!



Thanks for the daily chuckle. Too tired to come up with questions for Mr. Lenic, but I’m sure others will do a great job doing so. Enjoyed the DeLuise posting. Gotta love a man with that kind of a sense of humor. Havent paid attention to the sports page; how is that little wager going? And when do we get a report on the great annual chocolate bash? I’m curious to see how you top yourself this year.

Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis

Have you ever thought of buying a new “dongle”… I know you dont want to talk about it, but your local electronic store might be able to help… They’re sworn to confidentiality razz

Have you thought about getting a connection in to your office, so all you need to do is connect the cable to your laptop? I’m guessing you have… Might save some time in sending those important emails! Otherwise just get to the office one morning, swap offices, and pretend nothing has happened (maybe an idea for next years April fools :P)

Questions for John Lenic:
1) You started off on Stargate SG1, what level of experience did you have at the time? What else had you worked on? What did you start off as?

I’ll have to think of more questions…



I waited up. well – I as working on something – until 1 am ish…and it was worth the wait. Thanks for the laugh…I’m still chuckling. And, now – good night.


Oh, good a blog. We were about to send out a search party! wink

Occasionally, on my college campus, our wireless is faster than our 10/100/1000 ethernet network! It depends on how the network is feeling at that moment. But I can totally relate to the computer troubles: at my parent’s house, the internet decides to work at random times, with no real reasoning behind it (that I can figure out). Quite annoying after coming home from school, where at least one of the internet access points is always working!

I seriously have TONS of questions for John Lenic! I once again, however, find myself up later than I ought to be and without the necessary brain power to do so!!! I shall post them tomorrow, I suppose. smile


maybe they used lead based paint in your office?? could also explain a couple things, including your defective dongle.


You could just twitter these entries in about 150 separate tweets!


Assuming that the production studio isn’t stuck in the 1980s wiring-wise, tell the IT department that they need to do the following:

(1) if you do not have a free ethernet port physically located in your office, split the existing one (should take a skilled network tech about 20 min) or run 100 Base T Ethernet to your office and join the 21st century.

(2) Buy a wireless router to add into the existing network (under $100 for a high capacity network one).

(3) Have a network tech come and plug it into to electrical power and the existing ethernet port. They will do cool things to set it up and make it mesh with the existing network.

If option A is impossible (no IT / Networking techs or no Ethernet ports), go buy a wireless repeater. Read the directions and set it up. If you have issues, ask the nearest teenager for assistance. This will take a weak signal and make it stronger. Get one with the biggest, longest built-in antenna. Again, whatever person manages your WIFI network should come out and set it up, but you shouldn’t screw anything up too badly if you try to do it yourself.

Just so you know, security over ANY WIFI network is a pitiful joke and crackable to a reasonably intelligent person with enough time on their hands. I would strongly recommend shifting to an ethernet connection for anything more sensitive than posting to your blog.

It’s incredibly common for new buildings with lots of steel beams and concrete walls or floors to have wireless dead zones. The steel acts as a Faraday cage for the signal and concrete, good insulation, and enough plaster or dense material ends up absorbing about half of the signal strength for every few inches it goes through.


Hi, Joe.

Thank you again for the Peter DeLuise q&a’s! And thanks to Peter as well, those were terrific answers.

So…John Lenic questions, eh?

Hi, John! Thank you so much for taking the time to answer questions.

1) You’re so young! (35) IMDB lists your first credit in ’94. Were you a film school graduate, is that how you got started as a film producer?

2) Favorite memory from working on SG1, SGA, Continuum and A Dog’s Breakfast?

3) Could you please explain the differences between being a production manager and a producer?

4) Just how awesome is Joe Mallozzi?

5) Your most favorite anecdote from all your years working on Stargate?

I’ll limit myself to five questions.

Best wishes to you, John, and to you to Joe.


How do I get a writing partner?

4 John Lenic,

1) How hard would it be to get a theatrical release for the 3rd SG-1 movie?
2) How has the SG franchise’s relationship with the U.S. Air Force changed from SG-1 to SGA to SGU?
3) What would be included in a script that would blow the budget when SG-1 started? How does that compare to 2009?
4) Heroes 2 is one of my favorite episodes – partly because of how punked I was by that interview editing scene before they cut to BIG EXPLOSIONS off-world. The DVD commentaries hinted that this episode’s production didn’t follow the original plan. What made life interesting for you during the production of that episode?

Patricia Lee
Patricia Lee

Questions for John Lenic:

Thank you so much for taking the time from your busy schedule to answers questions.

1) We have only seen you on a few behind the scene features. Will we get to see you more on the DVD extras soon?

2) Having various jobs on the SG franchise over the last 12 + years, what was your most challenging and easiest?

3) Can you please try to convince TPTB to film a writer’s spin session for the DVD extras? As a fan, I would love to the process. Or if the writer’s are totally opposed to that idea, how about having Ivon show us the different phases a show goes through before it is completed.

4) As a producer for SG I am sure you’ve had moments when you’ve wondered if you get something needed for a shoot in time. Could you give us an example of a SNAFU that you were able to rectify at the last moment, thus prompting your well deserved nick name of “Miracle Worker”?

5) Have you pulled any good or bad jokes on the set or in the office? Have any been played on you, and if so, will you share a story or two? Do you have any interesting Joe Mallozzi stories?

6) Can I please be your date for Joe’s Chocolate Party? I can be in Vancouver in less than a three hours drive. You know I had to ask! You never get anything unless you put yourself out there, right?

7) Along the same lines as if you don’t ask, you never know, would you consider instituting a “bring-a-fan” work day! Joe could have an occasional contest and the winners could win a day shadowing a producer. Now that would be the best prize ever! razz

Patricia Lee


Bonjour Joseph!
ça va bien? Moi super!! Encore une belle journée!
Et bien dites moi sa travail fort au Studio Bridge…je rêve de pouvoir me faufiler pour lire quelques passages du script de sga^^.

Passez une bonne jorunée! Bisou

Daniel Willis
Daniel Willis

Does anyone know the postal address for Stargate Universe? Is it just:

Stargate Universe
The Bridge Studios
2400 Boundary Road
Burnaby, BC
V5M 3Z3



Hi again Mr M!

You were in a Bermuda Wi Fi black out? Same thing happened to Mr Scalzi… he was reduced to just twitter….thankfully his DSL got restored…but not before the Earth’s governments gave into the Aliens demands during his black out (*shhhh he’ll never know*)

Question for Mr John G. Lenic:

Many thanks for taking part in the Q and A. We often hear that the Stargate Production Crew and Cast are like a “well oiled machine”…having been there from day 1 when the cogs were being put together (so to speak), you have seen all the changes..so what has been the biggest change (in a logisitical way) from COTG to SGU? Also, your favourite moment of Stargate Franchise? (You appearance on 200 as a wedding guest?) Thanks again Mr L for your time and talent.



Hey Joe, even though Wireless is usually a good solution when being in a “hostile” environment (hostile meaning it’s not your usual place to be at, where you lack lots of your usual “tools” or stuff), you’d be much better off with a wired connection. Don’t you have that at the office? Or is it as if you’d have to buy the service yourself? o_o

Anyways, the office is a place where you spend quite a time with your PC, so you should consider the benefits of wires. And the same would go for your home. In my place, we have a wired router and a wifi router hooked up to the master switch, so the big PCs have wired connection, but our portable toys (like my laptop or my bro’s PSP) can login to a wireless connection… quite a charm actually.
Of course, we’ve been around computers and nets for more than 15 years (and I’m a professional programmer myself), so we find our way relatively easy with anything involving a PC or the net (we have 5 PCs, and my laptop).
I’d go give you a hand, but Canada is quite out of reach from Spain, lol.



Okay Joe, Obviously the medication has stopped working or you need a higher dose. Commiserations on your damaged dongle, I’m pretty sure you could get meds for that too.

Question for John Lenic. Did you have any idea when working on COTG that the Stargate franchise would be so successful? What other projects have you/are you worked/working on? How do you relax in your spare time (assuming you have any)? I’d also like to say a big thank you for all your hard work *hugs*





Question pour vous:
J’ai regardé en détail tout les épisodes d’Atlantis et j’ai pu remarquer, grace aux ecussons sur les uniformes, que l’expédition ne comprend aucun Francais!!
Pourtant le gouvernement francais est au courant du programme Stargate. N’ont ils pas voulu envoyer de membres?
Eclairez la france sur ce point noir!



Don’t get me going on internet connections. For the past two weeks mine has gone out from 8pm to 5;30am. Common sense says something is happening on their side, but no they insist on coming to the home during the day when it is working. They proceed to tell me nothing is wrong and I confirm they are correct that there is only something wrong at 8pm or after. This guy has been here twice now. No one will listen when I call at night saying someone needs to test it at night. I just get told they don’t work during those hours, so, I ask how it will ever get fixed. It is so frustrating. I now joke with my friends talking to me online at 7;59pm I tell them they have 1 minute to say their peace and sure enought I am gone.

I call them every night, but no one listens. I have to suffer through their dumbest ever on hold memos of: “if you’re having trouble with your dsl or email, go to http://www.myfairpoint.net to get more help. HELLO, if I could go to that website, I wouldn’t even be having problems with my dsl. I always ask them that but they ignore me. Well, I have news for them, I have been ignored by people better than them, lol. So, my plight continues until someone is willing to come over in the evening, I don’t think that will happen anytime soon.

See you got me going.


I hate to be the one to break it to you Joe, but those things in the first frame could very well be the new power source for your dongle, that has probably been missing, and yes it will take some mighty big squirrels,guinea pigs, etc to start running around and around to get you up to say the speed of your neighbors internet service…hence the cordless/wireless aspect… just thought you should know and oh Ashleigh said, no its not an April fools joke, just so you know… Have a grand day! 8_)


Question for John G. Lenic–So SG-1’s theme song came with (unofficial?) lyrics, “Stargate its a great big world with a great big swirl and you step inside to another world…” Are there any official/unofficial lyrics to go with Atlantis’ theme–and possibly Universe’s? smile


Oh wow, sounds like our office’s are similar in that respect. Defective dongle huh? Sounds bad.

Cheer up, I dunno about Vancouver but tomorrow it is supposed to be a whopping 27degrees here in Toronto and I plan on spending the day on my deck with a coffee, a book and maybe even a tasty Passion Tea Lemonade (light ice) from the crack dealer down the street…and by crack dealer I mean S$’s of course.

Ever flip your keyboard upside down? …gross.

Have a good weekend and good luck with that internet problem.


Hello smile . I had a dream telling me to ask you a question about black hole. Will there be stories with black holes in SGU? (if you can tell). Because this is very intriguing issue ( the black hole). Thanks smile


Those big black things look suspiciously like the little rubber tires on Lego wheels.

This brings up another question: Do replicators play with Lego? smile



Enjoy the play! If it’s any consolation, the Flyers are still in it.

Major D. Davis
Major D. Davis

Hello Joe,
Love your sense of humor. Thanks for all the updates. Oh and from now on i think i will just post my questions for the next maibag at the bottom of the page so you don’t have to look back to find my questions. Hope that will help.

Questions for Mr. Lenic

First off thank you so much for doing this Q&A, I am really grateful when TPTB take out time from their busy schedule to answer fans questions. So here come the questions.

1? Will the budget for the upcoming movies( both the atlantis and SG-1) be 7 million dollars like the previous 2?

2. What is the budget for Air(all three parts) and what is the normal budget for a universe episode?

3. How hard is it to arrange to shoot somewhere off site of in the forrest? How big of a crew do you normally bring?

4. So far on SGU, what is your primary sub-task, such as breaking up the budget, calling places and getting permits to shoot offsite, making sure there is food for everyone, making sure all the equipment is accounted fore etc. ?

5. What are your favorite TV shows that you watch regularly?

6. If you weren’t employed by the Stargate team, would stargate be a show you would watch regularly and enjoy?

Again thank you for all your multiple years of hard work on stargate!

And thank you Joe for giving us this wonderful opportunity for this Q&A

And then for the next mailbag

So here are my questions for the next mailbag.

1. Will the Atlantis Movie’s A plot be about the Wraith?

2. Will there be lots of action? Such P90 fire, Space battles, hand to hand scenes. Or will it be like a common episode’s dose of action? Do you think it will have more action than the previous movies?

3. How do I contact Mrs. Val Halverson?

4. So are you done Filming Water yet? Has it taken longer than usual to film? Has Life Started Filming yet?

5. How close is Air to being finished.? How are the visual effects coming? Are they almost done? How is the music coming?

6. Do you think the Atlantis movie will be released in the summer or the spring of 2010?

Thanks so much,
Major D. Davis