I walked into Ashleigh‘s office and leveled with her. “I’m worried. All this morning, I was reading about that possible pandemic in Mexico…”

The implication was clear. She was about to head off on a week-long Mexican getaway and the prospect of her flirting with danger was paramount on my mind. No doubt touched by my concern, she nodded, wide-eyed, and said: “And it’s not just me coming down with it. The worst part would be if I came back to work and brought it back with me.”

Deadpan, I informed her: “Uh, yeah. That’s what I’m worried about.”

She threw me a look, then redirected her attention to her laptop. I pointed out that the chances of her coming down with something while down south were much smaller than, say, contracting some form of dysentery or getting kidnapped. All things being equal and given the choice, getting kidnapped would probably be the way to go. While we wouldn’t be able to offer any assistance on the dysentery, Lawren helpfully pointed out that Tanya in the front office, besides being an excellent coordinator and marvelous cook, is also a skilled hostage negotiator, so she’d have that going for her.

Hey, you’ll never guess who called yesterday. Well – uh- yeah, right on the first guess. Paul McGillion. He’s in L.A. and gearing up for the Star Trek premiere. For those of you who don’t know, Paul has a part in the movie. Oh, and he also just shot a guest spot on 24. He sounds like he’s doing great and will be up in our neck of the woods neck week.

And, hey, you’ll never guess who dropped in for lunch today. Uh, right again. Michael Shanks. We had Thai and talked about old times, then he swung by my office and approved some of the pics I snapped of him for blog use. Oh, and he was also quite pleased about the performance of his favorite hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks…

Who are in my bad books. Why? Because they won their series against the St. Louis Blues, thereby costing me my bet with my co-worker Kerry that will see me accompanying her to a musical production of her choice. I need as much advance notice as possible on this one as I’ve decided to research the production and memorize the songs in advance so that I can belt them out unabashedly on the night of the performance.

Went over the Stargate: Atlantis movie script today and I think it’s pretty tight. I’ll be sending it Paul’s way next week as I switch gears to work on the rewrite of Space (They’ve been threatening to give me notes for weeks now and I have a feeling it just might happen this time.).  Once that’s done, I’ll finally finish up that short story and send it on its way. 

SGU cast news of note: Holy crap is David Blue a funny guy! Yes, in person he’s laugh-out-loud hilarious but I’m talking about onscreen where he’s added so many wonderful little touches to his performance as Eli that the character has motored past likable and directly into lovable territory.

The Mailbag:

Major D. Davis writes: “1. Will the Atlantis Movie’s A plot be about the Wraith?

2. Will there be lots of action? Such P90 fire, Space battles, hand to hand scenes. Or will it be like a common episode’s dose of action? Do you think it will have more action than the previous movies?

3. How do I contact Mrs. Val Halverson?

4. So are you done Filming Water yet? Has it taken longer than usual to film? Has Life Started Filming yet?

5. How close is Air to being finished.? How are the visual effects coming? Are they almost done? How is the music coming?

6. Do you think the Atlantis movie will be released in the summer or the spring of 2010?”

Answer: 1. While Todd the wraith will play a significant role in the proceedings, the A story will not focus on the wraith.

2. Yes, plenty of action for those who like that sort of thing.

3. Someone in today’s mailbag already posted the production office mailing address.

4. Nope. As I mentioned in yesterday’s entry, Will was on Stage 2 shooting Water. Life started filming today. Carl was away on location.

5. Significant sections of Air III have yet to be shot. The visual effects take time so our premiere won’t be finished until August.

6. I have no idea what MGM’s plans are regarding the movie’s release.

Tammy Dixon writes: “I’ve read that SGU is going for an ediger, younger crowd. Will those of us that are not edgy/older like the show, also?”

Answer: As Brad Wright pointed out in a recent interview, the term “young” and “edgy” are industry buzzwords. We (the production) never referred to SGU as “young” or “edgy”. I think that most Stargate fans will enjoy the new series and, hopefully, plenty of franchise first-timers will also join the ranks.

Major D. Davis also writes: “Will the unlimited ammunition aka unlimited p90 clip situation be delt with on SGU, cause they could not have possibly evacuated the icarus base with all the ammo they could possibly need for the coming years?”

Answer: Yes, this will eventually be addressed.

40 thoughts on “April 24, 2009: Bon Voyage! (And if not “bon” then at least not “mauvais”). One Doctor Checks In, The Other Doctor Drops In. And, Some Mailbag.

  1. Hey Joe,

    Have they headed down to New Mexico yet?? I read somewhere it was supposed to be late April to early May.

    Can’t wait to see the episode that contains this footage!!!

  2. Hello joe,
    Thank you soooooooo much for answering my questions. Carl away on location already. Must be a earth heavy episode. Oh and for the Atlantis movie release I think what I really meant was how long will you think post will be? But thanks anyways for answering my questions. So Paul will get a guest spot on 24. Yeah!!!! Go paul. Anyways it’s almost 2:30 on my end of America and since you posted todays blog entry I can finally hit the sack.

    Thanks so much, good night, and good luck.(for he rewrite of space. I am really looking forward to seeing it on TV)
    Major D. Davis.

  3. Aggghhh, it’s almost 2:40 a.m. and Flannery is up and has been for hours. She has the runs and is vomiting, but wants food. Obviously, she can’t have food, but she doesn’t care what I think and is biting me in the bum. I kid you not. These new meds aren’t working out too well. She’s happy as a pig in shit, so I guess she’s ok for now. The frogs and mosquitoes are back with the warm weather, so standing outside with her is a bit of a nightmare. The frogs are those icky little slimy things that jump in your hair and stick to the windows and sliding glass doors. The Floridians here will know what I’m talking about. These frogs reproduce like rabbits. Remember Goldie Hawn in “Bird on a Wire”? The scene with the cockroach in the shower? That’s me with the frogs. I’ve showered and washed my hair 3 times today.

    Some people have all the luck. Like you, Joe. Michael Shanks drops by for lunch? Can’t wait for the pics.

    Ah, this dog is driving me nuts, will open the back door again so she can stand there staring at me. Have a good night 🙂 I’ll be here, wide awake!

    @das: Just in case you didn’t catch my last two comments on yesterday’s blog, check it out.

  4. Heya…another, I am glad I waited up for this. Well, working on stuff…but waiting non-the less.

    JM says….”…so that I can belt them out unabashedly on the night of the performance.” Now I have to clean up my desk. Thank goodness the laptop was on the side and did not get the shower. And, thank goodness it was water…

    You are a hoot!
    nite nite.

  5. I’M DONE!! Wooohooo!!! I just finished my 4th year of University, and though normally this would mean that I’m graduating, the…uh…masochist that I am, I’ve opted to take a 5th year of undergraduate studies. Fun fun fun.

    In the sun sun sun.

    Red Dwarf fans will get that.

    Anyways…LOL, you and Ashleigh are like Nemesises…Nemesi? Of the production offices. It’s hilarious. I think Ivon should have a special feature where he just follows you two around as you torment each other with veiled threats and obvious insults. It’d be glorious.

    Ivon, I know you’re reading this: do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it do it.

    Speaking of David Blue, even though you’re not on Twitter, Joe, you should really read through David Blue’s twitter account:


    It’s more gut-busting hilarity and Awesomeness. If he can entertain me so much with just 140 characters or less, I am prepared to literally bust a gut when SGU premiers. I will send you the medical bill, ok Joe? Deal.

    Ah, I see that Brian J. Smith’s mother is here. Belated welcomes! I also follow his twitter account and he seems like a great guy! Very down-to-Earth, and very excited about the show! But man…Crossfit? It sounds nasty. Why is he torturing himself like that?!

    By the way, I saw a short clip of Mr. Smith on CSI or one of those other procedural shows, and there was a moment in there, where his character is talking about his sister’s death, where it really got to me; there was a very *real* quality about the way he acts. Pretty damn powerful for a grainy clip on YouTube. I can’t wait to see these guys do their thing!

    So, I’m one of the blog family, eh Major D. Davis? I like that, I like that a lot! Of course, I wouldn’t expect Joe to give me his keys (I’ll lose them) or a tour of Bridge Studios (I’ll steal things) either, and I totally understand why. Yes.

    But I wouldn’t mind a tour, Joe, if you have the time. I totally wouldn’t steal anything important. Maybe only a script.

    A FIRST-DRAFT script. See, I’m not picky.

    Finally…Peter DeLuise is Awesome to the power of Awesome, factorial. It had to be said.

  6. Thanks for the update.

    Joe, I was hoping to send you a letter in regards to something. I just think it would be easier for me to explain in a letter, rather than over the phone… I have already realised a difference in our english language…

    Hypothetically speaking, if someone were to send you a ‘gift’ from Australia, what would it be? Dont say a kangaroo or koala… if it would get through customs I would. (Dont ignore this question :p)

    Cheers, Daniel

  7. Bonjour Joseph! =D

    Sympas l’article, je suis contente d’avoir des nouvelles de Paul et Micheal…rohh ils me manquent. Vous avez de la chance de pouvoir les voirs et leur parler, c’est le rêve de milliers de fans^^!

    Ah, oui dans le scipt vous savez ce qu’il ne faut pas oublier…..du SHEYLA !!!


    1)Dans le scipte de sga, tout les personnages de “The Last man” y sont présent?
    2)Pourrait t’il avoir un jour à Vancouver un Musée stargate?
    3)Dans le cast de sgu y ‘a t’il des acteurs qui vous font pensez un d’autre acteurs de sga ou sgu?

    Bonne journée!!! =D

  8. Of more concern than Ashleigh catching the pandemic should be her ability to get home. the same would apply to her being kidnapped of course. How long can you really function without her, and how long would you wait before seeking out a replacement? Still, hope she enjoys the trip.
    I’ve completely lost track at this point. Any chance of getting a summary of the episode titles? So far I don’t recall any more-than-one word titles, but then my brain has been so overloaded the last few days that means nothing. Ok, ok, I know. I can go cull through the earlier posts to find out. Figured it was worth a shot.
    It’s great to hear the cast alumni are doing well, and thank you for the heads up so that we can keep track of them. The brightest spot of the last week for me has been your blog, especially with its reports of progress on the Atlantis movie. I owe you a debt for that (how big you fortunately don’t know) that I won’t be able to repay until I hit that super big Mega Zillions lottery. Till then, a simple thank you must suffice.

  9. Dear Joe,

    it is good to hear that the script/production for Atlantis´ first movie seems to be coming along nicely – in the last months I had my doubts as to the commitment from certain parts of the powers in charge.
    As this may be well the first and last movie we might get, I can only urge you and your team to give the production your very best shot!! Give these incredible actors something to sink their teeth in, give the FX, design and other tech departments something to excel at, and give the audience something to inspire us.

    I dearly hope the tale you are weaving will do the TV premise as well as these wonderful characters justice!
    A story that will stay true to them, give them depth as well as credible development, dialogue that is truly funny as well as witty when called for. Hopefully you´ll be able to confront the character´s feelings openly and honestly and not glue them over as has been the case at times (generally sepaking).

    This costumer realizes that a TV series will always be as much a business project as well as a popular form of art and craft. First and foremost it´s a piece of storytelling. And good storytelling always tells us something about the “human” condition by means of the premise, by means of the characters through which it is acted out. Truth to me is the important note – no matter high brow art or popular culture.

    If your effort succeeds in transporting something of that – you have truly succeded.

    So this SciFi costumer wishes all the best for Atlantis – The Movie. And have fun, too.
    ; )))
    Cheers, Deb

  10. Hi again Mr M!

    Away from base today…Local internet Cafe, so I don’t break my “No-Net-At-The-Weekend” (at home) rule. *phew*

    That’s great news re: Paul McGillion.

    @Major D. Davis : Agree with Das, all who appear here are Mr M’s “blogging family”… Some of the names we see more often than others, some strike a chord with me…It was great to put faces to many of them last year in Vancouver (you guys know who you are!).
    Certain people I haven’t “seen” here in a while..like Vikkitty and Enzo Aquarius…I often wonder how they are doin’? I had the honour of Vikkitty actually stopping by(with some buddies) to my house here in Ireland last year and she got to meet Her Royal Highness and their Imperial Majesties….and her buddy (Amanda) actually did some Irish dancing…. yah see! The unknown benefits of Stargate Fandom!!

    Any-hoo, back to my “weekend blackout”….

    Best to all Mr M!


  11. Good Morning.

    I always knew Michael Shanks is as smart as he is talented. GO CANUCKS!!!!

    So when can we expect these lovely new pics of Michael?

    Any chance you could snap a few of Paul if you happen to meet up?

    Ever thought of having Kerri as a guest blogger? That way she can tell us all about how great you are to work with. : )

    Any news on Chris Judge’s Q & A?

    That is enough from me. Spring has finally decided to stick around. It is too warm and sunny to be stuck indoors all day. I am going shopping. 🙂

  12. She was about to head off on a week-long Mexican getaway…
    wait, when did Ashleigh start? already getting a week off??

    um, how do I get a job there?

  13. Typical…I leave Vancouver and Mr Shanks drops back in!…can’t wait to see the pics you’ve taken……he did a great “Scruffy & Suave” Photo Op for us fangirls at the Vancouver Convention and did he tell you about the wonderful Canucks “Puckhead” he modelled for us all during his panel?…

    Mmmm…I quite fancy Thai but sadly was greeted with an empty cupboard and only tea and toast on my return to the UK….

    And I have to say it, Go Canucks Go!….*clutches precious souvenir towel*…

    Deeds xx

  14. No comments? What the hell time didya post this bugger? Obviously long after we had all given up hope, regardless of time zone. Doncha know that we’ve become like Pavlov’s dogs? Only, we’re Joe’s chickens…or old hens…or something. The clock chimes a certain time, and bam! We expect a new entry! You had us so wonderfully trained…and now you’re messing it all up! We’re going to get unruly, and you’ll never, ever be able to control us ever again.


    Some thoughts on your entry…

    1. I love Ashleigh. Does she know about your fear of heights, serial killers, the Canadian Revenue Service, clowns, ordering a lousy lunch, and – I suspect – infectious microorganisms? And does she, perchance, read this blog??

    2. Instead of memorizing songs, why don’t you use reverse psychology on Kerry. Find a musical YOU want to see, then tell her how much you hate it, and that it better not be the one she drags you to, and so on and so forth. I mean, you’re weaselly enough to pull something like that off, I’m sure of it.

    3. Yes, I did just call you a weasel. Sorry about that, but every now and then you just remind me of one of those slippery fellas from Roger Rabbit…all you need is the hat.

    4. Todd the Wraith. I think it’s funny that we’ve automatically attached surnames to Wraith. We can’t just say ‘Steve’ without adding ‘the Wraith’ to his name, as if there was ever another of the same name in the show as magnificent as Steve… the Wraith. Bob the Wraith and Kenny the Wraith – it doesn’t matter – they all get a last name. It makes sense they’d all have the same last name, too, since they are all so closely related. Well, except Michael the Hybrid. 🙄

    Of course, it would have to be tweaked for usage on earth, but I hope this means that Todd DeWraith will soon be able to file for a social security number, passport, and eventual citizenship.

    Heck, he can even come live with me. 😀 (Ya know …just to keep Mr. Das on his toes about cleaning the kitty litter pan, because none of my current threats seem to be working. 😛 )


  15. Here is a title for the Atlantis movie.

    “Stargate Atlantis: The Movie #1 of 20”

    Thanks for the updates. Your life is fascinating.

  16. Joe does “arcturus platform” mean anything to you??

    I have had it stuck in my head for a couple days and can’t figure out where it is from or if I made it up. I only watch Stargate and BSG and it definetly isn’t from BSG.

  17. Actually, kidnappings are a huge business in Mexico. As I understand it, it’s more focused on between rival gang/mafia members, but there are still such a large number of foreigners who get kidnapped in hopes of large ransoms that I don’t think it’s really viable comic material.

  18. Hi Joe!

    Great blog entry today! Lots of cool news and mentions of *sigh* Paul and Michael.

    Hope Ashleigh’s kidnapping goes well!


  19. Well its saying no comments but there are actually 12 but they’re all obviously in stealth mode therefore undetectable by wordpress.
    re:pandemics, the one pandemic that frightens the crap outta me is stupidity which seems to have a terminal foothold nowadays.

  20. @ suziesbluefeather – Yer in! Now, hit Papa Joe up for some money. 😀


  21. @ Deni – just sent you a note (and some porn) to see if it went through okay.

    j/k about the porn…


  22. Aren’t the drug wars still going on in Mexico?

    Thank you for answering my question about SGU. Now maybe, someone can explain the ending of BSG to me?

    Good luck with your Dongle.


  23. …on second thought…

    Joe, instead of the weasels, I think you remind me more of Muttley. Which means, of course, that Carl must be Dick Dastardly… (It’s that mustache, I tell ya!)


  24. Oh and Joe, if you allow Kerry to do a Q&A, please make sure it is AFTER your pay back evening out with her. I’d love to know if she caught you crying or sleeping during the show.

  25. @pg15 do you agree with Das and Shirt’n’tie

    @Shirt’n’tie So when you go to a convention you just shout out peoples screennames and then they come running. that would be funny. Hey, why doesn’t everybody post a picture of themselves on their gateworld accout, then you can put a face to them, I might do that, what do you think.

    @Joe, If you offer me a set tour i promise i won’t steal anything.
    mabye after creation you should offer a set tour exclusively for your blog regulars and semi-regulars. Lol. If not i would be happy to meat you just outside the gate of the Bridge. To me, I would rather meat you than tour the sets, but that is just me.

    Oh and i speant 4 hours last night trying to get a stargate mod for empire at war working, but it didn’t, just like the previous two downloads i tried. My computer is messed up. ARGGGGGG. Now everytime i see a stargate space fleet i think of the mod and get mad. That could begin to be a problem while watching stargate. Oh well i am sure it will pass.

  26. @pg15 and Ivon.

    Ivon, I support pg15’s idea. You should make a behind the scenes thing titled, “A day At the Office” And you can capture the everyday humor of everyone.

  27. Oh and Joe, I think you should call the movie

    Stargate: Project Twilight

    I really like the name. Of course we don’t know the plot of the movie so we cannot come up with a good title. If you just post the outline on your blog or some plot details, we could help you out.

    Oh and any news on who will write the season finale of SGU?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  28. Hiya Joe,

    Wrapping up the semester here – writing killer finals for my students and even incorporating some fun SG things to lighten the mood.

    Thanks for the continued updates on SGU and filming, I really can’t wait to see the show.

    Any updates on SG1-3 (the new movie?).

  29. Joe —

    You tease us with promises of pics of the lovely Mr. Shanks. When will you deliver?

    Paul really should have been cast as Scotty in Star Trek. Love Simon Pegg, but Paul would have been ideal. Might even made me go see it in the theater despite how ridiculous I find the trailers. Talk about “younger, edgier cast” leading to Star Trek:90210.

    I’ve been rewatching SG1 from the beginning. I love it, but there sure are a lot of what Peter DeLuise would call “a scene about a hat.” Glad that the costume dept. did get reined in as the series went on.

  30. @das: Got it, check your inbox 🙂 Cousin Joe must feel like the USPS (ok, the Canadian Postal Service). Thanks, Joe, much appreciated!

    So, come on people, who’s meeting me in Chicago for the convention in August?

  31. @ Das ROTFL I was speed reading a bit and read Papa John instead of Papa Joe and thought you were asking me to hold up a pizza joint… for a moment I seconded guessed “the family”


    Joe I here by dub you Don Joe of the blog family… watch out people he’s deadly with a pen.

    Eh… maybe I should have worn that mask when I was cleaning out the stalls today.

  32. Hey, so when did Twitter start? Because I’m fairly sure we started the “@someone” first, so Twitter is so totally ripping off of us!

    Ok, some things…

    @ Thornyrose: Here are the titles in order as I remember them:

    Air Part 1
    Air Part 2
    Air Part 3

    (Yay! The titles are now in the order of the Avatar cycle! Backwards!)


    We also have “Darkness”, and “Light”. I don’t know where they go.

    Ok, the order of the stretch from Earth to Life could be messed up, I don’t know anymore. Joe, is this ordering correct?

    @ Quade1: Arcturus was the Ancient weapon the Atlantis team found in the episode “Trinity”, and something that Mckay tinckered with, with the result being the destruction of that entire solar system (a fact that Sheppard reminds him of on a daily basis).

    @ Major D. Davis: Agree with them on what? That you’re part of the family? Sure! You’re the guy who asks the questions that the rest of us are too lazy to, so you do a great service! 😀

  33. @ suziesbluefeather – Ya know, if we switch it to ‘the family’, we’re all gonna be fighting over who gets to be consigliere. Maybe we should vote Ashleigh into that position! 😀 Guess then we figure out who will be the capos…and who, eventually, gets to double-cross the boss and take over (my vote again goes to Ashleigh 😀 ).


  34. Oh! Speaking of David Blue – I finally got to see him in Moonlight last night! What a cutie!! 😀


  35. @PG15 i remember that now, thanks

    by the way Joe was Ashley, you should spell her name wrong from now on just to get to her, going to mexico for a wedding?? my sister and her husband left today for a week with about a hundred friends to attend a wedding, coincidence or small world?

  36. Joe wrote: “Yeah, there’s only one slight problem with that plan of attack – finding a musical I WANT to see.”

    Joe! You don’t want to see Monty Python’s “Spamalot”?! 😯 I generally hate musicals, but that one was excellent.

    Question for you. What did you think of Peter S. Beagle’s “The Last Unicorn”?

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