Some of my fondest memories of my early years on SG-1 involve Director Peter DeLuise – his fast-paced style, his encyclopedic knowledge of the show’s mythology, and , of course, his unrestrained sense of humor.  He occupied the office across the hall from Paul and I, a veritable Stargate shrine he decorated with the weirdest collection of curios imaginable: prop weapons, visceral alien design work, a rubber life cast of a swollen belly with a ready-made pocket for extruding symbiotes.  A chamber of horrors to be sure and yet, whenever a cast or crew member would bring their child by, they would inevitably gravitate to his office, partly to check out the weird exhibit, and partly for Peter himself who would inevitably put on a private show for the kids.  From my office, I would hear him chatting away with them, discusing their interests, after which the conversation would eventually segue into his “Pull my finger” request and cap off with his trademark Barney the Dinosaur impression that never failed to impress.  Peter was (and still is) good for a laugh, but he’s also an incredibly hard-working, dedicated, and talented individual who has scripted and directed some of the franchise’s seminal episodes.   As SG-1 drew to an end, a show that had been an important part of his life for many, many seasons, Peter decided to take a break from the franchise…  

Well, I’m happy to report that, three years later, Peter is back in the Stargate fold.  And, I’m even happier to report that he received nothing but raves for his work on a (not so) little episode called Fire.  It’s been a great working with the guy again and I look forward to seeing much more of him in the months to come.

A couple of weeks ago, I asked him whether he might be interested in doing a guest entry for this blog.  “It’s simple,”I told him.  “I’ll gather some fan questions and send the your way. You can feel free to pick and choose among them, send back your responses, and I’ll post the whole as a dedicated Peter DeLuise entry.”  Sounds perfectly reasonable – unless you’ve never done one of these before and end up so overwhelmed by the fan questions that, instead of picking and choosing, you end up answering all of them.  Suffice it to say he was impressed with the care and detail that went into many of your queries and took it upon himself to respond with equal care and detail.  Oh, and humor.  The practical joke he played on those poor Jaffa extras makes me chuckle every time I think about it.


Now, before I turn things over to Peter, I’d like to make another Stargate-related guest blogger announcement.  Producer John G. Lenic has been with the franchise from the very beginning, starting way back on the Children of the Gods pilot.  Over his many years with us, his duties have ranged from scheduling and budgeting to coordination and general troubleshooting.  Every early call, he’s one of the first people on set, and every late wrap,  he’s one of the last people to leave.  John has kindly agreed to take part in a Q&A so if you have questions for him, start posting them!

And now, over to Peter…        

PDL: First I would very much like to thank Joe for making this Q and A possible… and for making me feel so welcome when I found myself back across the hall from him at the Stargate office. Now on to the questions… I have tried to answer in the spirit the questions were asked. Forgive me if I took them too seriously… or not seriously enough.

Delaynie writes: “How much fun was it to Direct Window of Opportunity and where did you get your inspiration to write Fragile Balance. What was your favorite memory of working on Stargate and finally how awesome was it to work on Supernatural and with Erik Kripke.”

PD L: Window of Opportunity was a blast. I wish they were all as fun. We knew we were coming in short and many of the ‘antics’ were last minute additions to make the running time for the show. These ‘antics’ turned out to be the high point, at least for me, of the episode. Part of the inspiration for Fragile Balance can be traced back to the naked puppet of Thor. I looked at it and realized it had no genitals, so clearly the Asgard reproduced differently than we do. Figuring out how Asgard sustain their population ultimately led to  a concept used in the story that turned out to be Fragile Balance. Erik Kripke wrote the episode of SupernaturaI I was in but didn’t direct it so I only got to ‘work’ with him insofar as saying his words. My little stint on Supernatural was very enjoyable. I did get to visit with Kim Manners, a producer/director on Supernatural, who directed many episodes of 21 Jump Street and the pilot. Kim died this year, so I am grateful for the short time I got to see him. He was a really good guy and a great director… I learned a lot from him.

Kennythewraith writes: “ I enjoy all the work you have done with stargate over the years and am excited to see you back working on SGU. im wondering if this is on a permanent basis or a one time thing?”

PDL: I don’t know. I really like the show and especially the cast.  I’m sure if my episode is well received they will have me back. So, I hope it’s permanent… I need the work.

Juralas write: “In the episodes you direct, will you make a cameo appearance and/or name any minor characters after 21 Jump Street characters like you did in the previous Stargate series?”

PDL: Yes. I did something on this episode of SGU that is more abstract than usual.

Laura writes: “Which was your favorite walk on part and how do you direct while you perform you little parts?”

PDL: My favorite cameo –  “Wormhole X-treme” and “200”. I actually got to say something, and it was silly. The way I direct when I’m in front of the camera is simple. We can play back recorded takes for me to review or I can just trust the people watching the monitors… (which I usually do.)

Amac251 writes: “What was it like growing up the son of Dom Deluise? How did his sense/style of humor affect you and your brothers? Do you have any children/nieces/nephews to carry on the Deluise legacy of humor?
BTW, I loved you in Robson Arms.”

PDL: Growing up around my Dad was amazing. His humor is always beyond belief but the intelligence, sensitivity and insight to create said humor is off the charts. My brothers and I really are no different than most kids… we want to please our parents and make them proud. Yes, we have procreated.

ThomasJohnBrown writes: “I bet you have trouble answering this, but it’s been on my mind. The episode you directed in SG1, Reckoning parts 1&2, the device on Dakara was used to send a energy wave through all the Stargates in the Milky Way network at the same time, which means that the energy wave that went directly into the gate on Dakara, was then transmitted through every gate. It was the same wave, only replicated many thousands of times over through the incoming wormholes. Now what would happen if lets say you were to put a human into the gate at Dakara when all the gates were dialed in the network? Would that said human be copied like the energy wave, and have many thousands of that human on all the planets in the gate network? Or would that human be transmitted in a million pieces and come out in bloody chunks of nasty out of every stargate? I mean if the wave was copied in the buffer of the Dakara gate, and then transmitted out to all gates, then it would make sense that the same would happen with a human! But then I got to thinking about how Ba’al cloned himself many times. If my theory was correct, then why didn’t he just rig the gate to dial let’s say 50 or so gates in the network, and just step on through?? It would be a perfect copy everytime just like it was for the energy wave! Surely I’m not smarter than Ba’al???”

PDL: Wow, that is quite a question. I don’t think the Ancients intended the Stargate to be a cloning machine. I think for the logic of the story the device on Dakara in combination with open wormholes ‘magnified’ the energy from the device not ‘replicated’ it and would have a different effect on organic matter… until a storyline was needed for it to create many clones as you suggest. I’m guessing you may get a future story credit on the episode, “Send in the Clones” if there ever is one.

JimfromJersey writes: “I’ve been a fan for…longer than I’d like to remember: 21 Jumpstreet, Highlander, Seaquest, Stargate(s), Sanctuary….you just seem to be associated in some way with my favorite shows ever. So I need to ask: How are you so awesome???
But in all seriousness: To what do you owe your longevity in the business, and in so many varying roles (ie: actor, director, writer, producer etc…) besides your aforementioned awesomeness, of course.”

PDL: You flatter me. Except for Seaquest, all the shows you mention shot/shoot in Vancouver. I think you respond to shows that tend to shoot here. My longevity, as you call it, is based on a desire to remain employed. So I try to contribute in a way that my bosses can’t help but notice… i.e. “Hey, is that DeLuise in the bathroom scrubbing the toilet again? …What a keener.”

Shirt ‘n Tie writes: “For Peter DeLuise: First off, how is your Dad? Huge fan for years! Second: I know it’s a bit premature, but will you be doing the Audio Commentary for your ep? Third: Is it true you hung onto the Anubuis’ Super Soldier Outfit? Thank you for all of your talents in the Stargate Franchise over the years, and continued success.. and B-I-G-G-E-R!!”

PDL: My Dad is doing well, thanks for asking. Re: commentary. It IS premature, but I guess so. I don’t have the Super Soldier Outfit, did I joke about that? Black is very slimming and I dig the cod piece…

Whovian writes: “How is Dom doing? Please give him a huge hug from me. If you wouldn’t mind.
Which brings me to my next question. Your dad is a great cook. How about you? Do you love to cook? And if so, are you good at it? I only say this because I happen to suck at cooking no matter how hard I try.
Window Of Opportunity is my all-time favorite episode probably of any television show. Ever. What’s your favorite Stargate episode? It doesn’t have to be one on which you worked.
Thanks so much for stopping by to talk with us. I’m very excited you are back!”

PDL: Hug for Dad… on it. I am not a great cook and empathize. My favorite is ‘Urgo’ because I got to work with my Dad. I also really enjoyed “Wormhole X-treme”.

RSThomas90 writes: “Peter DeLuise were you born this awesome?”

PDL: Mom? Is that you?

NZ_Jackie writes: “I have always wanted to know how fun it was to work with your family on Stargate? And is it even an accident that they all seem to follow you to a show??”

PDL: It is fun, sometimes too much fun. We have all worked on each other’s shows at one point or another.  If a job lasts long enough eventually someone ends up saying, “Hey, wouldn’t your dad and/or brother and/or son be right for this?”

Shiningwit writes: “OOH! I have a question for Peter DeLuise. Season 3 URGO is a favourite of mine and looks SO much fun. I love to watch the background guys trying hard to pretend like they can’t see Urgo. Did the senior Mr DeLuise ad lib any/much and was it as much fun for you guys behind the scenes as it was for us on the other side of the TV screen?”

PDL: Yes, keeping a straight face was very difficult on the set of “Urgo”. Many ruined takes due to laughter. My dad did ad lib a fair bit. There was an enormous amount of material in post that Brad Wright expertly waded through in editing to make a wonderful episode.

Gilder writes: “For PDL–What do you consider your “masterpiece” on-set prank?
Best wishes to your parents, whose work I’ve enjoyed for decades. Remember Lambertville (NJ) Music Circus? Attended several events there in the 60’s.”

PDL: I don’t think this qualifies as ‘masterpiece’, but I love to torment the extras. Usually when we had a field of ‘dead’ Jaffa I would scream while we were rolling at no one in particular, “I can see your eyes moving!” They would all hold perfectly still. “Then I would scream even louder, “You are so fired if you don’t stop moving your eyes!!!” All of them would be frozen hoping I wasn’t screaming at them… good times.

PoorOldEdgarDerby writes: “Questions for Mr. DeLuise (bear with me):
. I know that much of the production staff will follow to SGU, but how are you feeling about directing a new bunch after years with the same actors?
. I’ve never really watched 21 Jump Street. Is it any good?
. How come I pronounce your dad’s name differently? Am I the only one who tends to separate the De more prominently?
. Your commentaries have always been a highlight for my DVD viewings. Will you be returning to do more?
. On that note, how is Gary Jones doing these days?
. Will you continue to cast yourself as an extra on SGU?
. Who is your second favorite Beatle?”

PDL: It always concerns me when questions start, “bear with me” followed by a numbered list. Perhaps my therapist can figure out what my issues are with that.
1. I welcome a chance to work with new actors. (BTW These new guys ROCK!)
. I don’t know…
. I don’t know. Yes.
. Thank you. I don’t know. I hope so.
. Gary Jones is the best. We must all bow down before him.
. I don’t know. I hope so.
. I don’t know.


ChelledeBoer writes: “Oooh goodie…questions for Peter!!! I had a major crush on that man back in the 21 Jump Street days…I was all of about 17/18 years of age…ahh the memories!
Ok…Peter…thank you so much for joining us here for a Q&A session. I just have a few questions if that’s ok.
1. In terms of directing, what was the most difficult episode of Stargate you directed and why?
2. What was your favourite episode of Stargate that you directed?
3. What is the most difficult aspect of directing?
4. In terms of acting, do you get a chance to stretch your acting skills much anymore?
5. What is the one thing you would have loved to have seen happen on Stargate SG1 that didn’t happen?
6. How’s your dad? I loved him in the episode Urgo and the movie Smokey and the Bandit. He makes me laugh. As do you when you do your Bill Cosby impersonation!
Finally, any chance of you popping down under for a meet and greet with the fans?? I’d love to say hi.
Thank you. Cheers!! xxxx ~Chelle”

PDL: More numbered questions…
1. ‘Most difficult’ – “Condemned” …Too many cast members in too many scenes. I still have nightmares.
. Favorite episode to direct, “Urgo” (because I got to work with my dad) and “Wormhole X-treme” (Brother)
. Trying not to freak out.
. No. I miss acting.
. Love alternate reality episodes. I know it’s a stretch but I wanted to see Walter Harriman and Sam Carter consummate their relationship in zero gravity.
. Dad is well. I really like Australians… anything is possible.

Artdogspot writes: “Love your commentaires on the SG 1 DVD set. It is fun to hear your take as an actor versus the other directors with their more technical approaches.
.How did you begin directing?
2. How does your acting background help you visualize your approach to directing?
3. Given respect for the great writing on these shows – do you feel that you can allow more improvisation on your sets than other directors because of your acting background?
4. Have you had input into the mythology of SGU?
5. Any future performances by you in any upcoming gory-yet-amusing scifi tv movies?”

PDL: Thanks. OK I’m getting used to the numbered thing.
1. I started directing on 21 Jump Street because just acting wasn’t stimulating enough for me. Ironic that I now crave acting so much… “grass is always greener”.
. My acting background helps me communicate with and anticipate the needs of  actors.
. Improvisation has its place and some actors are better at it than others. Stargate scripts are pretty tight and well thought out so improv is kept to a minimum (except my dad of course, that was special.)
. No, but I really like the premise.
. I think you are referring to  “Yeti: Curse of the Snow Demon”. No, at the moment, being beaten to death with my own leg will have to suffice for now. (BTW My character’s name was a total coincidence… I swear on all that is holy.)

The Huntress Diana writes: “During your involvement with the Stargate franchise, what was the one April Fool’s Joke that you spent the most time working on that has backfired on you? If one hasn’t backfired, then my next question is: What has been your best/favorite April Fool’s Joke and could you explain what it was?”

PDL: I don’t do April Fool’s pranks. Sometimes after we shoot a scene when an actor is fishing for a compliment or validation “ how was that?” I will answer, “”Don’t worry we’ll fix it in post.” I don’t do anything too off the hook; it’s important for actors to feel safe.

JK Carter writes: “What and who makes you laugh out loud?”

PDL: Things that I find funny are: Unguarded moments… Human short comings… My Dad and Brothers, Jon Stewart, Steve Carell (The Office), and my 5 year old son.

Major D Davis writes: “1. Was the end of stronghold hard to direct cause it had some extremely realistic and intense combat scenes?
. Having directed on all three Stargate shows, Which is your favorite to direct on?
. Which set do you like most, the Atlantis set, the Stargate Command set, or the Destiny set?”

PDL: 1.) My memory of the end of Stronghold was that it was not harder than usual… it was fun actually. 2.) At present my favorite to direct is SGU because of the shooting style. I find it very liberating. 3.) The Destiny set is my favorite. It has many advantages including space, depth, texture, and many practical lights.

Morjana writes: “Questions for Peter DeLuise:
) You’ve directed on 22 different projects — from TV series, to made-for-TV movies — and in varying genre, from SciFi to Crime/Drama/Action to Romantic Comedy.
Do you have a decided favorite, or do you enjoy the balance between them?
) Will you also be working on Sanctuary this year as a Director and/or Director/Writer?
) Any anecdotes from the Supernatural set?
Best wishes to Dom and all of your family, Peter, and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions.
Thank you too, Joe, for this opportunity.”

PDL: 1.) I prefer comedy/romantic comedy… I like to entertain, but love to make people laugh. 2.) I don’t know if Sanctuary is going to have me back. 3.) I played someone possessed by a demon… as it was being purged from my body I needed to whip my head around violently… I had a very sore neck for several days… it was cool though because I got to work as an actor.

Robert writes: “I have enjoyed all the Episodes you have directed.. One particular one stands out for me… Urgo from early on in Stargate Sg1..
Did you enjoy directing Your Father…?
Will we see you working with any of your brothers again..
I think all You Deluise Men are superb actors.. I still remember you from seaquest…
Will you be writing any Episodes for SGU…
Or possibly be in line to direct any SG1 or SGA Films..
Or even coming up with any stories for future stargate Films.”

PDL: Yes Urgo was my favorite to direct and I cherish that time I had with my dad. I love working with my brothers so I hope that happens again.  Re: my future with SG… I don’t know.  I hope so… time will tell.

Libkat writes: “Thanks so much for taking time to answer our questions.  It is great that you are back in Stargate land.
. Did you alter your directing style when working with your dad? (Like were you on your best behavior?)
. Did you take advantage of the situation when directing you brothers to be extra bossy?
. I saw David at a Con a couple years ago. Is funny just in the DeLuise genes?”

PDL: 1) Yes, I was on my best behavior for my dad. It was… my dad. 2) Yes, I took advantage of my brothers… I was drunk with power. 3) I don’t know about genes or not, but my brothers can sure make me laugh… not an easy thing to do.

Jim from West VA writes: “Will Gary Jones be joining you for any DVD commentaries?”

PDL: I don’t know, but I would love that. Jonesy is the best.

Blaine Nielsen writes: “Ooh, ooh
question for Mr. DeLuise:
after taking a break for the Stargate production, last one being Family Ties, how does it feel to be back??? And will we see you around more often?? More Commentary on episodes with Gary Jones??
Thanks for dropping by”

PDL: My episode of SGU was a blast. I hope there is more to come including the commentary… with Gary… that would be so cool.

Deeinsouthafrica writes: “How many Stargate related ‘pieces-of-junk-I-cannot-throw-away’ inhabit your house?”

PDL: Mom, I really need that stuff! Memorabilia is worth big bucks! Including the Tok’ra nose hair trimmer from Jolinar’s Memories. (It’s true… look at it closely, when Martouf uses it on Carter… not on her nose… her temple.)

Lewis writes: “I love all the SGs and some of the other shows you’ve directed. They’re some of the funniest. I have 2 questions: 1. Did you ever hear the Roger Daltry tune, After the Fire? He mentions your dad. It’s on the album, Under a Raging Moon. 2. How is your father doing? I use to watch him on tv on his comedy show.”

PDL: Yes, I have heard the Roger Daltry song, and I made my dad listen to it. He had a big grin, ear to ear. Just like the grin he had when watching ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ and Bill Pullman orders a bottle of “Dom DeLuise”.

DasnDanger writes: “For Peter DeLuise: First, I’d like to thank you for all you’ve helped to create over the years. I’m one of those fans going back to your 21 Jump Street days, and I can honestly say that your love for – and enjoyment of – what you do is clearly reflected in your work.
Now, a few questions:
. Loved the ‘Nubbins’ episode! It was one of my favorites. How much fun (or not) was it working with the Sanctuary bunch, and will you have any involvement with the show next season?
. Back in S1 of 21 Jump Street, you had a ten-second scene with Chris Heyerdahl in the episode ‘Next Generation’ (yes, I know these things – I have all the boxsets!). Do you remember working with him waaaaaaaay back then?
. Okay – this is the most important one: Wraith, exactly how many prongs DO they have in their prong region??”

PDL: Thanks, that’s very kind of you. 1) I really liked working on Sanctuary. ‘Nubbins’ was a light and funny episode so that made it all the more enjoyable. 2) I did not remember working with Chris on 21 Jump Street, thanks for the heads up. 3) The number of prongs a Wraith has in its prong region is dependant on the Wraith’s sex.

Montrealer writes: “Read somewhere that they are using the RED HD digital camera in Sanctuary. Is that true? In any case, any comments about working with the RED and other HD camera systems? Will film cameras go the way of the typewriter anytime soon?”

PDL: Yes, Sanctuary uses the RED, probably because of the large number of virtual backgrounds in the show. Martin Wood is a huge fan of the RED and can answer that question far better than I. SGU uses the Genesis and the people over there prefer it to the RED. They have different needs. I believe HD digital is the future of Camera systems in the foreseeable future. Film has been around over 100 years and the basic principle has remained the same. That being said, someone will always prefer film to digital, just like some filmmakers preferred black and white to color, or silent to talkies. They still make black and white films and not so long ago my dad was in “Silent Movie”… but it was in color… huh. It is still common for some shows to revert back to film when shooting in direct sunlight because the intensity of the sunlight does not ‘translate’ well to digital and compromises the image quality. I do not think film will go away ‘soon’… but slowly over time it will be used less and less… it makes me sad, actually.

Crayonbaby writes: “1. What series/films are you working on directing or are in the works for you in the future?
. Do you plan on ever acting in anything again? I imagine that the directing takes up much of your time.
. Have you ever contemplated creating a series starring your family? There are just so many talented people in your family. Hope they are all doing well.”

PDL: 1) I was working over at Kyle XY and thought I had a future there, but that show was cancelled. (Very sad… a lot of talented people over there.) I just finished shooting “Robin Hood: Beyond Sherwood” with a lot of sci-fi veterans: Robin Dunne, Julian Sands, Erica Durance, David Palffy, David Richmond-Peck, Mark Gibbon and Katherine Isabelle for The Sci-Fi Channel. I’m hoping that this year I direct some more SGU.
) I miss acting very much, but times are tough and directing pays the bills. I will act when the opportunity arises.
) The thought of creating a show for the family has come up, but never panned out.

Planet_tv writes: “I would just like say that my favorite episode that you wrote and directed of SG-1 is Death Knell. Now here are my questions.
. Where did you get the idea to stick yourself in the background of the Stargate episodes you direct?
. What would say was your favorite episode to write of SG-1?”

PDL: 1) I got/stole the idea from Sir Alfred Hitchcock. He did cameos in many of his films.
) My favorite episode to write was Evolution Part 2. Specifically the character of Burke, a character from Jack’s past, played so well by Enrico Colantoni. When writing for the character I felt as though I was channeling the spirit of Burke… It was strange and wonderful!

Delynn writes: “In 200, you let out an impressive stream of expletives that lasted for a very long time! Did you have to borrow from other languages to keep that going, or did you repeat a couple?”

PDL: I repeated many.

Luis writes: “This is for Peter thanks for taking time out to answer questions….My MOM is 91 and she is a huge fan of your Dad. I beleive my Mom has all the movie’s on DVD that Dom has ever been in.Do you have your own web site where we Peter fans can get updates on what your directing,producing stuff like that??..hopefully you will be back to direct a few more episodes of SGU….EH?”

PDL:  I do not  own a web site. is always a good way to get updates on anybody.


Babancat writes: “You wrote and directed ‘Affinity’, an angsty episode in terms of the Sam/Jack ship. Whenever we discuss this episode the hot topic is, what did Jack mean by his answer ‘I wouldn’t be here’ when Sam shows him the ring and asks him ‘What about you?’. Shippers have come up with lots of thoughts but I’d like to know your thinking when you wrote and directed the episode. Thanks.”

PDL: This was the intention. We knew the audience would read what they wanted into this line, and that’s the way I like it.

Jason writes: “Did you ever expect the character of Lorne to take off like it did when you first came up with the character and named him after your brother or father in law? Thanks for casting Kavan Smith in the role, he’s one of my favorites now.”

PDL: Major Lorne is named after my brother-in-law Lorne Loder in the episode “Enemy Mine”. Kavan Smith stood out from the get go. He’s very focused, handsome and talented. It was a no brainer to bring him back. I didn’t ‘expect’ him to work on Stargate as much as he did but I was not ‘surprised’ because he is so good. (He’s one of my favorites too.)

Ytimyona writes: “1) Did you come up with the name “Orpheus” for the episode you wrote? If not, where did it come from?
) Did anyone ever thank you for contributing so very much to DVD sales? (We only buy them for the commentaries, yanno, and yours are some of the best!)
) What is the best practical joke you’ve played in all your years on the show?
) When I IMDB’d your mane, I accidentally misspelled it “Delouise” and to my surprise a character popped up instead of an actor/director/producer! Did you name this character or was he just named in your honor?”

PDL: 1) I used the title ‘Orpheus’ from Greek mythology because I felt my episode paralleled his descent into the underworld to retrieve his wife, as when Teal’c went into the death camp to retrieve his son and Bratac.
) I am so pleased you like the commentaries. I guess, in a way, you just ‘thanked’ me.
) I could tell you that I put plastic wrap on one of the cast members dressing room toilets, so that the pee ran off and into his pants… but I could not confirm or deny that.
) Ray Galletti played the ‘Navigator’ in the episode Memento. I had him put my name on his uniform, so his character name on IMDB went from “Navigator” to “Navigator Major Peter DeLouise”. I don’t know why it has an ‘o’ in it, and no one called him by that name in the episode.  Maybe it looks better on Ray’s resume.

Judy Derby writes: “I noticed several fans have asked this question Peter, but how IS your Dad doing? I am such a big fan of his, and was very thrilled to see what a great job he did with his boys! I absolutely love Stargate–there’s not a show that comes close on television these days. Of course, we’re all waiting eagerly for Universe in October (hopefully!) and it would just be perfect if the news came that you will be asked to direct some of the episodes. Great work!”

PDL: My dad is hanging in there… he is still sharp as a tack and as funny as ever. In my humble opinion I think SGU is pretty damn good, and I’m very pleased to have directed an episode and been a part of it. I hope I get to direct more.

Chevron7 writes: “1. Your audio commentaries are legendary. Did you ever get told by the studio or Brad to tone them down at all?
. What’s the biggest thing you learnt about yourself and writing/directing while doing Stargate?
. Who’s your favourite superhero?
. Why did you leave?
. It would be remiss if I didn’t have a toilet question. What are the toilets like on Destiny?
. Everyone’s asking about your Dad. I actually was wondering what Michael was up to. He was hilarious on Gilmore Girls.”

PDL: 1) I’m glad you like the commentaries. I have been gently cautioned by ‘legal’ and any prolonged silent moments on the commentaries were precautionary edits.
) I learned I need balance in my life. To be truly good at what I do I need life experience. When I first started on Stargate I was single and I was content to do nothing but Stargate all day long. This meant that my total life experience while doing the show was nothing but Stargate. I am married now with a 5 year old son. That kind of life experience makes me a way better director and writer.
) I like the superheroes  from ‘Mystery Men’.
) I left the show because I needed a break and wanted to pursue more acting roles.
) I’m not allowed to reveal info about the SGU story line, but the toilets on the Destiny are referenced in dialogue, so you’ll have to wait and see.
) Michael continues to work as an actor, but has pursued his talent for oil painting. He is very good!

Reno Nevada writes: “Hey Peter – I just wanted to thank you for “The Defiant One.” It’s one of those episodes I will always sit down to watch, whenever it’s on, and is one of the first I mention when discussing Atlantis. Thanks for a great adventure!”

PDL: Thanks. The story was inspired by the Film “Hell in the Pacific” with Lee Marvin and Toshiro Mifune. The title was inspired by “The Defiant Ones” with Tony Curtis and Sidney Poitier, because the Wraith refuses to die and admires  Sheppard’s defiance.

Ladyhgiggle writes: “whoo hooo! A chance to question Peter. Naturally the mind goes blank. hmmm…
LOVE your humor (and I’m also one who had watched 21 JS). The Stargate’s tend to have a good bit of humor that is just plain fun.
1. When you are directing and/or producing how much of “you” or your humor ever gets injected into those episodes? (or is it just the effect of the actors/writers being around you that it rubs off and seems to show up?)
2. Can you give any details to your Robin Hood? Like when we’re likely to see it? More of what it’s about besides what shows up on IMDB?
3. Going back to the LOVE your humor…do you perchance Tweet? It would be amazingly fun to follow you on Twitter I would imagine. If you do, are you willing to let out how to find you.”

PDL: 1) I like to include humor when I can, even dramatic scenes can have some humor. I just try to trust my instincts and make TV I would want to watch.
) Sci-Fi channel knows better when it will come out. It hasn’t been delivered… many vis/fx shots. This Robin Hood includes a creature.
) I do not Tweet, but I Toot after eating my wife’s vegetable stew.

Narelle from Aus writes: “Mr DeLuise, growing up in a household of performers, is it ingrained in you to the point that you find yourself rehearsing your McDonald’s drive thru order while waiting or can you switch it off easily?
Did you ever dress up as Captain Chaos when you were younger?
Everytime a DeLuise smiles you can’t help but crack up. It’s so infectious! Thanks.”

PDL: We did/do a lot of improv and improv games with the family. Out of respect for my dad, when he is holding court my brothers and I switch it off… you can’t out-funny my dad. I never dressed up as Captain Chaos, but I got to watch those scenes being filmed on set! (The season 2 prop guys from Stargate dressed up as Captain Chaos to make me laugh… it worked.)

archersangel writes: “if you’re still collecting questions for Peter DeLuise i have one;
how did you get invoved with stargate in the first place?”

PDL: Mario Azzopardi left a directing slot open when he went to go direct a Movie of the Week toward the end of the second season. N. John Smith brought me in as a substitute because we worked together on 21 Jump Street.  Jonathan Glassner had worked on 21 Jump Street as well so he was familiar with what I could do.

Dovil writes: “The Defiant One was one of my favourite episodes and your commentaries were some of the funniest things out – I laughed so hard I died, which was tragic for everyone concerned.
No, wait, that’s not a question. Read it aloud in a quizzical voice and maybe add a question mark to it. Yeah, I’ve got nothing. What’s your credit card number?”

PDL: You’re funny. You should write for television.

Maruxs writes: “1) What’s the difference between directing SG1+SGA and SGU?
2) Can you describe how did you get your job (as director and writer) on Stargate?
3) Which one of your scripts is in your opinion the best?”

PDL: 1) Between SG1 and SGA the major difference was the actors. Enough behind the scenes people were working on both shows at the same time that to me the real difference was the actors. Every actor requires a different type of directing, so dealing with each individual actor was the major directing difference to me. On SGU the difference went beyond actors because the shooting style was radically changed from SG1 and SGA. The shooting style dictated a much more ‘realistic’ acting and blocking style be incorporated… which I loved!
) I described how N. John Smith brought me in as a substitute to Direct, but it was Brad Wright who mentored me after I pitched a story to him and encouraged me to write. We were in a van on the way to a set read through just prior to filming  ‘Demons’, an episode which had an Unas controlled by a Goa’uld symbiote. I thought a story of a planet with unGoa’ulded Unas in their natural state and the Goa’uld homeworld describing the back story of the bad guys would make a cool episode. Brad told me to write it down and we would develop the idea. After an enormous amount of trial and error on my part and an even larger amount of patience on Brad’s part I finally wrote (and directed) ‘The First Ones’. The title comes from “Thor’s Hammer” when another Goa’ulded Unas is Identified as being from “The First Ones” meaning they were the first to be taken over by the Goa’uld.
) I really like Evolution Part 2 because of the Burke character and O’Neill back story.

Well this has been more fun than I thought it was gonna be. Joe thanks again…

…and most importantly thanks to all of you who have taken the time to write your questions and watch this show and support the Stargate ‘Organism’ that is changing and growing… because of YOU.

…you rock!

See ‘ya, Peter DeLuise

47 thoughts on “April 22, 2009: Director Peter DeLuise Answers Your Questions + Another Upcoming Guest Blogger

  1. YAY! \o/ Peter Deluise is going to hug his dad for me!

    Thanks for answering our questions Peter! I wish you could see how huge my smile is. BTW, I do love Urgo. I love that it’s one of your favorite epis since you got to work with your dad. Your family is MADE of awesome.

    Trish 😀

  2. Peter Deluise is awesome he was involved in some of my favorite episodes, can’t wait to see what he has in store for SGU.

    Is it wrong that I don’t know who his family is???

  3. One of the best Q&As ever! Thanks so much Joe, especially for posting early!

    Got some bad news today, Flannery (the Greyhound) has either lymphoma or colitis. We don’t really know because the ultrasound results were leaning both ways. She’s on Prednisone starting today, some more antibiotics, and we’ll see where that goes. Because she’s almost 15 and has a wicked heart murmur, we’ve decided against exploratory surgery and chemo if needed. She’s still a happy girl, but has lost so much weight it’s scary. So, hopefully we can make her happy and comfortable for the rest of her days. I guess that’s all any of us can ask for. Please send good vibes our way, everybody!

    Have a great night, I’m off to bed early, emotionally and physically exhausted 🙂

  4. WOW What a guy!!! I didn’t get a chance to submit a question, but that was just so cool of him to answer ALL those questions. Makes me want to be an actress just to work with him. Glad he’s a part of SGU.

  5. @Deni: Aw. 🙁 My heart goes out to you and Flannery. I, too, hope she’s happy and comfortable for the rest of her days. Good vibes sent. I’ll send more tomorrow. 🙂

    @Quade1: Dom Deluise is legendary… google him… you’ll see that you probably DO know Peter’s family. 😀

  6. Wonderful Q &A… Thank you Peter for answering all these Qs. YOU ROCK! And I do hope you get to do the commentary for your episode “Fire”, because, like some one already said, your commentaries ROCK. I love the humor, and lets face it, the main reason we buy the DVD’s is because of the directors behind the scenes extra’s and YOUR commentaries. Just hilarious!

    Are you listening PTB?


  7. PDL: I don’t do April Fool’s pranks. Sometimes after we shoot a scene when an actor is fishing for a compliment or validation “ how was that?” I will answer, “”Don’t worry we’ll fix it in post.” I don’t do anything too off the hook; it’s important for actors to feel safe.

    PDL: I don’t think this qualifies as ‘masterpiece’, but I love to torment the extras. Usually when we had a field of ‘dead’ Jaffa I would scream while we were rolling at no one in particular, “I can see your eyes moving!” They would all hold perfectly still. “Then I would scream even louder, “You are so fired if you don’t stop moving your eyes!!!” All of them would be frozen hoping I wasn’t screaming at them… good times.

    So you apparently don’t mind making the extras feeling insecure?

    Thanks Joe for posting this Q&A with Peter, aka Mr. Awesome.
    YES finally we will find out how sci fi(oh pardon me) syfy actors dispose of their waste, always confused me. I guess in SG-1 they have dug so deep already they just dig below sub level 28 and dump the waste there, and in atlantis, i guess there is just a hole to the ocean. Mabye now we get some luxury toilets. lol

    So here are my questions for the next mailbag.

    1. Will the Atlantis Movie’s A plot be about the Wraith?

    2. Will there be lots of action? Such P90 fire, Space battles, hand to hand scenes. Or will it be like a common episode’s dose of action? Do you think it will have more action than the previous movies?

    3. How do I contact Mrs. Val Halverson?

    4. So are you done Filming Water yet? Has Life Started Filming yet?

    5. How close is Air to being finished.? How are the visual effects coming? Are they almost done? How is the music coming?

    6. Do you think the Atlantis movie will be released in the summer or the spring of 2010?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  8. Oh and one other question

    Will the unlimited ammunition aka unlimited p90 clip situation be delt with on SGU, cause they could not have possibly evacuated the icarus base with all the ammo they could possibly need for the coming years?

    Thanks so much,
    Major D. Davis

  9. I couldn’t think of a good ?, but very much enjoyed reading all the answers from Peter DeLuise. Such a funny, good looking guy. You did it again Joe, another great Q&A. thanks to Peter and Joe!

  10. Thanks for the Q&A Joe! Very nice!!

    I have a question for you…I was watching ‘Ripple Effect’ tonight, and at the end of the episode Alternate Mitchell tells our Mitchell “When the time comes–cut the green one.” Did I miss an episode where that came up? Was it an inside joke or something of the sort? Or was it just one of those random quotes that crazy fangirls like myself over-analyze? 🙂

    Thanks much!

  11. What a great read! It is great to hear Peter is back directing episodes of Stargate! If he reads this, thanks for asking all the answers by your Stargate fans (takes a bow!!)

    Now I will have to spend some time with questions for John Lenic. That is a long time to spend on a series!! But its such a great show, and different, so I understand why he stayed, and why people keep coming back 😀


  12. @Deni: Sending good vibes to you and Flannery.

    That Q & A session with Peter DeLuise was awesome! Thanks for that Joe!

    Any chance of getting Mr. Hewlett to stop by?

  13. PDL’s Q & A has just been too cool for words. Thank you for taking the time to do this for your fans. And thank you so much for making it happen Joe!

    To TPTB (Brad, Rob, Joe, Paul, everyone with any sort of pull at all) – Keep Peter D!! Don’t let him get away!!

    Thanks again – the wait was so worth it. 🙂

  14. @Deni: Lots of hugs your way. It is so heart wrenching to see our beloved pets like that.

    I love the QA. I can’t believe he answered them all. So generous, just as Amanda Tapping was. I never can come up with decent questions, so thank you all for asking the questions that eventually get answered because I enjoy them very much.

    Now I’m off to learn how to counterattack the Delphi Technique that will be used on us Friday at our school meeting by parasitic lawyer who has no soul.

  15. Thanks for answering my Question Peter 😀 Though you made me late for work, coz I HAD to read it! LOL
    But I leave for work happy none the less! 😀

    Thanks for you too Joe! You rock 😀


  16. I concur that Peter DeLuise is not only awesome, but I’m using what he said as a reference for updating my CV – world of television, here I come!

    I’ll be penning toilet paper ads before you know it and hopefully before any reference checks are made.

  17. Ugh…been a terribly busy day. I spent ‘earth day’ driving about 200 miles…AND my car failed inspection… AGAIN. 😡 This time they showed me the problem, and I will – in turn – show the shop the problem…and they better fix it for free, or at least for cheap! I just got my car back yesterday after it spent a week in the body shop, and now this again…and my car is slowly putting me in debt, between time lost from work to deal with all the problems, and the money to fix the problems. AND nobody here really gives a hoot so why do I rant?! ‘Cause it makes me feel better! 😀

    I will have to save Peter’s answers for tomorrow morning, with my coffee. It should be a real treat, based on the little glimpses I’ve had. Can’t wait, they look great! And thank you, Peter, for taking the time to answer our questions!! If you’re lurking, here’s the scene from 21 Jump Street with Chris I mentioned…

    At least, I’m pretty sure that’s the two of you… 😛

    And, of course, now I have to ask… Hey, Joe…Wraith, how many prongs do they have in their prong region?? 😉

    @ Deni B. – So sorry about your pup! 🙁 Hang in there, and and I’ll be rooting for both of you! {{{hugs}}}

    @ Trish – Mr. Das eats his fortunes ALL the time! 🙄 Mostly because he’s talking and not paying attention, and just pops the cookies in his mouth like they’re potato chips, or something.

    I think I’m finally beating this respiratory thing, too. Not 100% over it – still a touch of congestion – but I think the bronchitis part of it is finally clearing up. We’re still going to test our house for mold, and I might switch laundry detergent (use Tide, but they recently condensed their formula, and it was around the same time all my sinus stuff started up). Trying to pinpoint whatever is causing the sinus problems is the hardest, but the sinus thing seems to be what’s causing everything else. My sister suggested that I developed an allergy to cats, but I’ve had cats since the day I was born, so I doubt that. Same with feather pillows…god, I hope it’s not the feathers. I think I can give up my cats easier than I can my pillows!!

    Thing is, this all started when one of our workmen used a shop vac (which has been used on job sites) in our little office, and it spewed out a ton of dust. That night my sinus stuff started up; that was back in December, and I haven’t been right since. So, I think I got some weird infection at that time, and it’s just hung on. Probably some alien life form took up residence in my nose, or something. I TOLD my dad NOT to use the shop vac in the office, but he never listens to me.

    @ Narelle – Those pictures ARE awesome!!! Thanks for sharing the link!

    @ Major D. Davis – So, if I’m part of Joe’s blogging ‘family’, do ya think I can ask him for the keys to the car?? Hmmm… I wonder if he’d loan me a fiver, too… 😉

    @ Joe – So, can I borrow the car?? 😀 Hey – did you pick up any new comics today? I came home with Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine First Class, Wolverine Origins, Wolverine Anniversary (one-shot), X-Force, New Avengers and Astonishing X-Men…and a Wolverine hc collection – Ellis/Yu stories from a while back, (and Hulk & Batman for Mr. Das). Out of that lot, I still love Amazing Spider-Man for just being generally entertaining, New Avengers for the great team interaction, and Wolverine Origins for some interesting twists to the Wolverine mythos. Plus, I’m liking Daken all the more – WHY I go for the mentally twisted, I just don’t know. 😛

    Well…like I said – it’s been a long day. Lots of driving, lots of reading, and really not much time for the net today. Looking forward to reading the full of Peter’s answers tomorrow, and wishing everyone a good evening – or morning – or afternoon!



  18. Oops Joe, seems you’re going to see a musical. Serves you right for betting against your city’s team. 😉

  19. Wow! PDL is AWESOME! He literally answered ALL of my questions! And everyone else’s too! I think he’s a keeper–and not just cuz he scrubs the toilets!!! 😉 A huge thanks to Peter for taking the time to write answers to ALL those questions, and to Joe for facilitating the awesome guest blogs! 🙂 Made my day! And my week!!! (It’s been such a crazy one!!!)

    I have SOOO many questions for John, but they’ll have to wait until tomorrow when my brain starts working again!!!

    For now, I go to sleep happy and that’s all I can ask for. 😀

  20. @Trish, RodneyisGodney, PBMom and das: Thanks so much for the good wishes – Flannery sends you all a sweet little Greyhound kiss 🙂 I’ve been up with her since 1:00 a.m. (it’s now 3:00), but I guess Prednisone makes one pee in navigable quantities.

    Just thought of something I’ve been meaning to ask – are any of you going to the convention in Chicago?

  21. PDL…thanks for taking the time to answer everyone’s questions. What a treat.

    Joe, thanks for the venue. I know I speak for many when I say that I appreciate it.


  22. Anybody else experience technical difficulties? The sites getting a lot of traffic, I reckon. Thanks to Joe for hosting the Q&A and to Peter for answerings.

  23. Cor, go away from the puter for a couple of days , come back and its Peter DeLuise what a fantastic guy for answering all those questions I’ve pee’d my pants twice thus far and am currently moving my puter up to the bathroom for safetys sake. Thi one got me tinking about Gene Wilder and Dom DeLuise in Haunted Honeymoon with the late great Gilda Radner, an absolute classic. Looking forward to Peter’s work on SGU.
    Thanks Joe for bringing us fans closer than ever to our favourite shows.You’re a true star.

  24. Hi again Mr M and Peter!!

    Wow, this guy really takes his Q and A seriously!!

    Delighted to hear Dom is well. I recently re-watched Urgo…loved it! And of course, my own Dad is a huge Smokey and the Bandit Fan…
    THanks for a stupendous Q and A…. only reinforces my already lofty opinion of Peter!! Am intrigued to see Peter’s take on SGU!

    @Major D Davis and @Das : So, I’m part of the family? *secretly flattered* May I also get the car keys please?

    @ Sherry Harris : I have been following Brian on Twitter… He strikes me as a kind, considerate and dedicated actor. I can only assume that Stargate has (yet again) weaved its magic and found another great talent for us. My thanks to Brian for his witty updates. He also (very kindly) responded to a short tweet… that is very generous of him. I understand the long hours he must be putting in to SGU. His enthusiasm is infectious though, and I am very eager to see what all the buzz is about!!

    Best to all the Bridge Mr M! and thanks (once more) for your great Q and As!!! I have some worthy questions for Mr Lenic… Will return later with same.

    Thanks again


  25. Thank you Joe and Peter. I had a good old laugh reading the answers. I hope we can do that again sometime.
    So Joe…who of the Stargate world is next to participate in the Q&A??? Cheers! 🙂

  26. @das. Indeed, but that means joe should be able to trust me(well i am pretty new put i post most every day on his blog so i kinda consider myself a regular) pg15 Ananis33 and many others with his keys. I am not so sure he would do that, yet. All i really want to do is meet him, but he turned me down. But i guess he had no choice, like even if i went to bridged, i don’t think they would let a complete stranger in on the first year of production on a new series. Oh well, if it was pg15 or you he would have say when can you come. But i guess i am new and he doesn’t want to take the chance of one of his guests trying to sneak into one of the stages(not that i would, but it has happened before). Do you agree?

  27. Agreed. One of the best Q&A’s EVER! Thanks to Joe and to Peter! Toilets eh? Nice!

  28. Just read the new interview on Gateworld with Rob and Brad.

    Seems you guys are going for the “Cloverfield” approach in filming SG-U?

    Are we to take from that that every episode will consist of lots of shaky camera movements and lens focusing shots?

    Because I got to be honest, I’m not much of a fan of movies trying to act like documentaries, The constant camera movements kind of make me experience motion sickness. 🙁

  29. Stargate ‘Organism’…yeah, I totally misread that. 😛

    Great Q&A!! Thanks so much, Peter, for both the answers, and the lolz! Wishing you the best!


  30. @Deni: Sadly no.:( I have yet to go to a convention(too much $$$) so I have to live vicariously through those that do and have gone via pictures and reports.

    Give Flannery a hug for me!

    Good afternoon Joe!

  31. Thanks to PDL for the great Q&A.

    Sadly. Mr M, the Canadiens didn’t fared well in this year’s Stanley Cup playoffs. Glad you didn’t wager more than you did. Think of the horrors that Kerry can come up with. Well there is always next year.

    Mind you the hockey club is rumored up for sale. All due to the leverage financing in the acquisition of the Liverpool FC in the UK and the current economy situation. The hockey club is in effect a big credit chit for the current Canadiens owner. Who has been much better running the club than the previous administration. But he got tens of millions in interest due for the Liverpool FC buyout.

    I suppose this is a good time to get Kerry to do a guest blog.

  32. In the words of many contestants on the Family Feud:

    Good Answers!

    I will not ask you if you have ever read Observatory Mansions anymore because I realize I still want Tim Burton, David Lynch or Paul Andersson to direct that sucker and don’t want to risk another filmmaker getting their hands on it first. Sorry Joe.

  33. G’day Joe
    Awesome Q & A from Mr DeLuise. He is almost as awesome as you Joe. Yes I am sucking up, for I have a question.
    Is Caldwell aka Mitch Pileggi going to be in the movie?


  34. Hello Mr. Mallozzi, long time reader, first time writer. I actually have a question about the filming in New Mexico. I live about an hour away from Alamogordo where it is said it will be filmed. Do you know when they will start filming and if they are going to hire for extras or just for camera crew? Also want to say I loved your work on the final seasons of SGA when you guys took over. Looking forward to SGU, never once doubted it.

  35. Thank you Peter – and Joe.

    Great Q&A. Many, many laughs. Hope you can do this again in the near future.

    PDL – So glad you don’t Tweet. Much healthier to Toot.

  36. Uh @das, Heres hoping your day gets better soon, sorry to hear about the crappy day you are having.(sending lotsa good karma to u)

  37. Wow that Wormhole cloning question was really well done. No clue what would happen if you had thosands of possible wormholes open as you walk through the gate personally. I would assume that you would end up at the last open wormhole.
    I think at the end of the day even if you have thosands of possible wormholes(Say tunnels) You can only go through one.

    Yay for Peter DeLuise. Great Q/A read 🙂

  38. @ Airelle – Thanks! Yesterday wasn’t too bad a day, just exhausting and aggravating because of my car. As soon as I get that squared away, I’ll be one happy camper! Or…happy car owner. And today’s been pretty good! 😀 Busy, but I got a quite a bit accomplished, and that always makes me feel good.


  39. ALRIGHT NO ONE PANIC!!! I’m sure everything is alright and Joe is just running late.

    Question: A while ago you went over the penalties for a writer missing a dead line. As both a writer and a producer do you penalize your self for being tardy on your blog entry. Are you slapping your self right now Joe?

    Just curious.

  40. Okay Dokay it is currently 2 am here in eastern united states and I have to get up early. So I’m off to bed. Hope everything is well with you Joe. I guess I’ll see your entry when I get up… if there is time for inter netting then and you are ok.

  41. Please express my sincerest sympathies for Peter Deluise and the whole family for the recent loss of their father, Dom. This whole family has meant so much to our family in the area of entertainment. Definitely we have lost one of the ‘Great Ones’ in the art and Dom will truly be missed. Would to God that they still made actors like him nowadays. God Bless Your Family, Peter!!

  42. Hi Pete,

    Hey, watched all the episodes of 21 Jumpstreet back in the late 1980’s as a late teenager and recently bought the dvd collection. Great themes/story lines back then. You are a real class act.
    There were some cool actors on the show and cool cars to match with very funny lines added.
    There has been nothing like it on TV since then!
    I was wondering if there will be a remake of 21 Jumpstreet in the future and will you consider visiting Sydney, Australia sometime?


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