Yes, I am aware of Apple’s new sci-fi series called Dark Matter.  It’s based on a pretty good book by author Blake Crouch that was released a few years after the show premiered.  Unlike our Dark Matter, it’s not a far future ship-based adventure but more a contemporary SF thriller involving parallel worlds.  Sure, the title may cause some confusion, but I don’t mind if it leads some unwary viewers to discover our show by accident.

Speaking of our show – I mentioned that Dark Matter was leaving Netflix in September.  Well, apparently, it’s found  a new home at CW Seed –


…which I think is great as it will introduce the series to potential new viewers.  And should it do well on the streaming platform, maybe that elusive Dark Matter miniseries won’t be that far off.

Finally finished the outline for that android mystery series today.  Got some terrific notes from Ivon that I’ll implement tomorrow.  After that, it’s smooooooth sailing – until Monday’s fantasy football draft.  This year, I limited myself to two leagues so as not to spread myself too thin: the original Stargate league and the other league with all of my former Stargate colleagues.  The former held its draft last Friday night. This is my team…


I drafted without benefit of research.  Another wing-it season looms.  What do you think?

Anyone following the recent stock market action?  I’m always fascinated by technical and trend analysis.  Came across this chart that compares recent movements in the S&P to the 2008 bear market.  The parallels are eerie…


They say history doesn’t repeat, but it rhymes.  And this is proof.

Today’s Yes/No…

A thousand times YES!

4 thoughts on “August 30, 2022: Not, not THAT Dark Matter!

  1. I thought two shows/movies couldn’t have the same name, that’s not a hollywood rule?

  2. Hello Mr. Mallozzi,

    I realize this has probably been suggested, but would “Kickstarter” possibly work? Perhaps there would be enough interest/support for a movie.

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