Uni Sashimi: Tojo's
Uni Sashimi: Tojo's
Toro Nigiri Assortment: Tojo's
Toro Nigiri Assortment: Tojo's
Varied Maki: Tojo's
Varied Maki: Tojo's
The Cure charcuterie and pork rillettes: Fuel Restaurant
The Cure charcuterie and pork rillettes: Fuel Restaurant
The Cure sausages and air dried pork tenderloin: Fuel Restaurant
The Cure sausages and air dried pork tenderloin: Fuel Restaurant
Bianca Pizza with grana padano, garlic, and olive oil: Campagnolo Restaurant
Bianca Pizza with grana padano, garlic, and olive oil: Campagnolo Restaurant
Coq au Vin with wild mushroom, pearl onions, bacon, and spaetzle: DB Bistro Moderne
Coq au Vin with wild mushroom, pearl onions, bacon, and spaetzle: DB Bistro Moderne
Chocolate Sundane with hazelnut rice krispy and coffee ice cream: DB Bistro Moderne
Chocolate Sundane with hazelnut rice krispy and coffee ice cream: DB Bistro Moderne
Steak Tartare: Boneta
Steak Tartare: Boneta
The most awesome chocolate cake: Chocoatl
The most awesome chocolate cake: Chocoatl
Alsatian flat bread, fromage blanc, bacon, and onions: DB Bistro Moderne
Alsatian flat bread, fromage blanc, bacon, and onions: DB Bistro Moderne
Handmade Orechiette Pasta with venison ragout, chesnut, and and buttered squash: DB Bistro Moderne
Handmade Orechiette Pasta with venison ragout, chesnut, and and buttered squash: DB Bistro Moderne
Warm Madeleines: DB Bistro Moderne
Warm Madeleines: DB Bistro Moderne
Eels in black bean sauce: Sun Sui Wah
Eels in black bean sauce: Sun Sui Wah
Hiro says "Eat your sushi!"
Hiro says "Eat your sushi!"
Tuna belly, Pacific Salmong, and Mackerel: Tojo's
Tuna belly, Pacific Salmong, and Mackerel: Tojo's
Lawren contemplates pulled pork and rib ends.
Lawren contemplates pulled pork and rib ends.
Memphis Barbecue House: The Elvis Platter
Memphis Barbecue House: The Elvis Platter

I’ve been watching so much Gordon Ramsay of late that it’s led me to do the unthinkable. I’m actually cooking at home. Last night, I made butterlicious rib steak with grilled asparagus. Today, it was crispy-skinned salmon with potato salad and oven roasted tomatoes. So I’m staying in more which is a good news/bad news thing. Good news for my wallet but of course bad news for the many local restaurants I’ve supported over the years by rarely ever eating in (the only times I would actually eat at home we’d be ordering in). Then again, this doesn’t mean that the reverse is true. I still do go out to eat and have enjoyed some excellent meals of late. Given that some of you may be heading into town in the coming month, I decided to post a little photo tour of some of the culinary highlights of the past six weeks or so. Not included in the line-up is the fantastic meal I enjoyed at fuel for the cast dinner. Alas, I didn’t bring my camera with me that night for fear of spooking the actors so you’ll just have to trust me on this one.

A quiet day on the home front . I re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-polished what I have on the short story so far (so good) and prepare myself for the trickiest scene. Once that’s done, the rest will write itself. Smooooooth sailing!

This afternoon, it was a vet hospital visit for Lulu – she of the finicky appetite, the sensitive tummy, the itchy ears, the irritable paws. Our vet, the lovely Janet, suspects a food allergy and suggested I switch over to a fish and potato-based kibble. On the way home, I stopped by a pet store and, as I wandered in with Lulu, we were ambushed by a fellow French bulldog owner who just couldn’t get enough of my gal. And, of course, Lulu was infinitely pleased with all of the attention, pawing, sprawling, batting, and barking. I explained that Lulu seemed to be suffering from a food allergy. “Occasional loss of appetite?”she asked. Uh, yeah. “Is she always scratching her ears at night?” Yep. “Is she always chewing on her paws in the morning?” Yes! She directed me over to the California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato formula. Apparently, her Frenchie suffers from the exact same condition. Fascinating, no?

No? Okay then – I read the revised Earth script. Rob completed his pass yesterday and it is terrific. Yesterday, we put the stories-in-progress up on the board and we’re sitting pretty. There has been some discussion of making the story idea Rob pitched out for episode 17 the season finale. I think it would be a wonderfully Holy Shit! way to cap off the Universe’s first year. Blazin’!

Dogs discussion:

Thornyrose writes: “The character of Allen Levy was the only one that truly came to life for me though. The desperate struggles of a child trying to save his pet, while dealing with the domestic problems in his home. I found myself mentally cheering Allen on, even when his actions were the wrong things for the right reason.”

Answer: I agree. His attempts to save his dog were quite touching – and surprisingly clever. Some of my favorite moments in the book were the his hospital scenes with Cami. That friendship, more than any other relationship in the book, rang truest for me.

Thornyrose also writes: “Going back to Tessa, I found the thread that an aquantance of her husband was the proximate cause a bit of a stretch.”

Answer: Granted, this was a huge buy.

Sparrow_hawk writes: “I even found it kind of amusing when, at first, they were trying to take advantage of the situation to buff up FEMA’s reputation that had been so tarnished by the handling of Hurricane Katrina.”

Answer: Yes, and they end up dropping the ball. Again!

Sparrow-hawk also writes: “I have mixed feelings about the ending. Although the little epilogue seemed a bit forced to me, it served the purpose of reminding us that the virus was still active and still a threat.”

Answer: Hmmm. I like a little ambiguity and open-ended stories but the epilogue certainly had a cinematic feel to it. In fact, as I was reading, I found it very easy to imagine the film version.

Silver_Comet writes: “. And usually I can’t read something like that without being touched and often on the verge of tears. But in this case I didn’t feel much for the dogs either. Maybe because the thought, that a dog is really able to kill a human, is very frightening. I saw more the killing machines in them than the lovely pets.”

Answer: The scenes that I found most disturbing as a dog owner were the instances in which the authorities dropped by the various houses to confiscate the dogs. While I consider it highly unlikely that my dogs will turn on me someday (“Television Producer Gummed To Death” would be the shocking headline), I can imagine a scenario whereby someone would try to take my dogs from me. Very unsettling stuff.

If you have questions for author Nancy Kress, post them now because I’ll be gathering them up and sending them her way tomorrow night!

54 thoughts on “March 10, 2009: The Culinary Highlights, Some Dogs Discussion, and Dog Discussion

  1. Alsatian flat bread – in the UK Alsatian/Alsation is the name given to a German Shepherd dog.

    And the title of todays blog episode – “The Culinary Highlights, Some Dogs Discussion, and Dog Discussion” !!


  2. I’m going to have to stop reading your blog. I’m on a diet, trying to lose some weight (some nonsense about being on the verge of diabetes or something) and you keep posting pictures of really, really great looking food! Tempt me not, satan!

  3. Oh, man —

    I pretty much decided on Fuel, Crocodile and Vij. Then you had to post the pictures of the Coq au Vin and the sundae at DB. Can my budget stretch to another high end meal out?

  4. Dear Joe,

    If you get a chance to do the mailbag today can you answer my questions from yesterday’s post. Thanks a bunch

  5. Hi Joe, long time no speak.

    I was curious. Approximately how long does it take you to get home from work? What time do you usually leave the office?

    It seems to me that you either live close by that it allows you time to do non-work related thing while stores / restaurants / vets are still open or you leave early-ish.

    I live well over an hour by public transport from where I work. By the time I eventually get home the last thing I feel like doing is going out. Besides just about everything is closed anyway.

    I’m always envious of those that can live close to their work. They always seem to lead far more interesting lives than me and my work – train – home – train – work routine.

  6. Well, the Saturn Award nominations were announced today, and the best show on TV for the year, Stargate Atlantis, got a big fat zero. How is this possible? Not only can the show not get a nom, but NONE of the actors??? The one award that recognizes Sci-fi, and Stargate gets screwed by it.

  7. My bichon frise, Bristow, recently graduated from California Naturnal’s Chicken & Rice puppy food. He’s an extremely finicky eater who would rather not eat anything than something less than appetizing. When not even eggs or homemade beef broth could tempt to eat more than a bite or two of his food for the 10th day in a row, I took him over to our local independent pet supply company. They opened 10 different samples and scattered them across the counter. The only one he would take more than a bite of was California Natural. He would still be eating their adult food if it didn’t have a bit too much grain for him and led to loose stools. I don’t know if you knew this, but they only buy USDA human grade meat and fish and hold regular bbqs for the staff and their families where they serve leftover cuts from the single ingredient dog foods they make. I know, a little weird that people are eating our dogs’ leftovers, but since I wouldn’t want to feed my dog anything I wouldn’t eat for health or safety reasons, it gives me piece of mind about his food.

  8. Joe,

    Barbecue? Oh, now you’re talking my language. That’s definitely going on the list.



  9. To be honest, I had a tough time with this book. It was very easy reading, interesting, and as you said, had a certain cinematic flavor to it (though I’m not so sure I’d want to see those dog attacks on film). I kept turning the pages, definitely.

    At the same time, I had some issues with it. One, was rather obvious editor mistakes. There wasn’t just one (though the obvious one coming to my mind is when Allen wrote a note asking his friend to take care of “Bella,” not Susie. I realize that this shouldn’t affect my opinion of the book, but it bugs me. How many people review these manuscripts, yet they still are published with flaws? It takes me out of the reading as much as bad grammar does.

    Another was the loooooong stretch that Richard was CIA. What?? That felt completely random. I never saw evidence in the actual bulk of the action that justified Tessa coming to this conclusion. I though it would have been better for just the Prez and his aid to talk about it. It would have made it far more interesting and a more jolting end, in my opinion.

    And finally, I’m a bit sensitive, but I didn’t like the characterization of Richard. The ultimate reveal (which, ok, I had guessed in the first 2 chapters or so) that he had done it all because of Salah, just kind of rankled.

    That aside, there were some great parts. I love the conflict the town went through, the competing agencies aspects, the “jackal-lovers” versus the overzealous “kill them all” groups really made the story. I cared less about her main characters than the peripheral ones including Allen (who was a very smart boy) and how Billy changed because he met a nice girl. Finally, it takes a lot for a book to truly disturb me, but the man who fed his wife to the dogs made me feel sick and shiver. That anyone could do that–that anyone could hate someone so much…well, it’s enough to incline someone away from marriage! And the image of Richard biting into the puppy–very freaky.

    Questions for Ms. Kress:

    1. You’re a hard sci-fi author, yet this book felt all thriller and not really science fiction-y (as in, I would believe it could happen now rather than 20 years down the road). Not having read your other works (yet), is this a step out for you? If so, what was the inspiration?

    2. While I think I get Richard’s characterization, can you give us some further insight into it? Did he just envy Salah, or was it far more than that? What was your own motivation for him?

    3. Just a comment, but I thought it was a great topic. Viruses are scary enough in themselves because we can’t see/control them, but to spread it via man’s best friend…I will admit I don’t like too many dogs (it takes me awhile to get used to any friend’s dog and actually pet it) and this was kind of a nightmare come true. At the same time, I really enjoyed the way you crafted the act of terrorism along with the government response. Thanks for a page-turner!

  10. Also, Joe, some of that food looks amazing!! Especially the dessert. What all is included on that Elvis platter? I recognize the fried things but not the coleslaw looking things.

    I also had something very similar to that Bianca pizza once and LOVED it.

  11. The food looks terrific. I’m envious of those attending the Con next month who will have a chance to try out some of your favored eateries. The dinner at work went well, though without some of my coworkers stepping up as “sous chefs” the outcome might have been different. Most have never tasted caviar, and the general consenus is that fish eggs really aren’t that bad. And despite the heavy cleanup involved, I did enjoy making so much of the menu from scratch. My next go round I vow to go to the opposite extreme; cheaper, healthier, simpler to fix.
    Questions for Ms. Kress. The very idea behind “Dogs” seems to have creeped out quite a few people. What inspired you to develop the idea? What genres would you like to write in that you’ve not already attempted? In “Dogs”, did the characters come out of the needs of the plot, or did the characters help direct the directoin of the story? Thank you for your time and participaton in Mr. Mallozzi’s blog.

  12. ‘Dogs’ book will never be as interesting as a movie, because it will look pretty tame as a horror movie.

    the sheriff would say on the phone: “what did you say? dogs gone nuts? well you wait right there till I get my shotgun-I’ve been wanting to try out this baby for years, HEE HAW!!” — sheriff runs to his vehicle…

  13. oh and it seems you guys might some day go up against star wars live action TV show.

  14. Oh Man! Where can i get me some of that delicious looking flat bread stuff (I daren’t say Alsation as I have one with selective hearing!) I really fancy some of that for breakfast.

    I hope this means that Lulu is now on the mend. How are Bubba, Jelly and Maximus? Pics please!

  15. If you’re looking for story ideas, please consider an episode called “Enhancement”. Brainy crew tech person(s) enhance the propulsion system, making Destiny go faster to…wherever, and get there using less gas, or whatever. But soon the simple act of engaging the sub light engines becomes a mind boggling jitterbug of button pushing, rebooting, cussing, meetings, brow beatings and finally the threat of physical assaults all in the hope of trying to get the ship to move…a foot (drifting doesn’t count). Then, re-coding the enhancement to fix the enhancement results in mutant enhancements, which the Tech person(s) seem to think is cool, that infect all the other systems in the ship.

    Endless long days of pleading with the IT people, I mean Tech person(s), to stop the madness does no good because technically all the buttons work and it looks like they’re doing something. They are, as the crew and our heroes begin to collapse from exhaustion, but still valiantly struggle in the hopeless attempt to overcome and not die from the ENHANCEMENTS.

    Salvation comes when our heroes go insane, smashing the Tech person(s) laptops into little tiny unrecognizable pieces, and breaking fingers thus denying the Enhancement Entity the new coding it continually needs to feed on. The ship’s systems slowly expel the vile withering enhancement remnants, and restore the original familiar and predictable Ancient computer programming, thankfully returning to our department, I mean Destiny, the family feeling we’ve all grown to love. And from the bridge, our happy heroes together push a button that now can do what it’s meant to do, and vent the Tech person(s) into space. Thanks.

  16. Hi, Joe.

    The 35th Saturn Award nominees were announced today, and this is the first years since 1998 that Stargate wasn’t nominated. Hopefully, we’ll see nominations for SGU next year!


  17. Hey! It’s a bit belated, but what are the odds I could get a birthday dedication to my sister Erin Genua? Her birthday was March 9th (on which she turned 27). Thanks for the consideration either way :-).

  18. Hi Joe,

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Thank you!

    I know you answer questions from fans from time to time and I had a little question myself. I was wondering if Jennifer Keller ever had (has) a middle name? Or a full name, as for Rodney *Meredith* McKay. I tried to find it on the web and had a look at several SGA-episodes, but I can’t find it. For example, I studied the things on Jennifer’s wall in S4E20 The Last Man, when she’s packing, but I couldn’t read it.


  19. Oh, those food pictures. Yum! We continue to try to suggest the need for get-togethers with the BC bioterrorism gang so we can come “help with Olympics preparations,” but they still haven’t taken the hint. Clearly, we must be more blatant.

    As for food allergies? Yup. Been there. Done that.

    I’ve also had good luck with the Natural Balance line. (Dick Van Patten’s favorite.) They have some good non-allergenic blends in both kibble and “sausage.”

  20. Confirmed: I definitely have the flu. None of those dishes looked good at the moment…not even the chocolate!


    Glad to hear that Lulu found a compadre! It’s nice when people can help what ails ya!

  21. Okay dude. I don’t mean to sound rude. Believe me, I know how you get annoyed with angry fans and such. And I know that there is tons and tons of work for you guys up there with SGU in production.
    But whats going on with SGA; the movie? Rachel Luttrell in her interview says there’s been almost no communication.
    What gives? Are you just really busy with SGU, has something stalled the movie’s progress in another way?

  22. Hey there Mr M!

    Wow, I was just thinking we haven’t seen too many foody shots recently and then there you go!!

    You haven’t mentioned Vij’s in ages (a fav of Mr Picardo’s I believe!) I think I still hold the record for getting a table for six people instantly at Vij’s. Did I hear Harrison Ford had to wait an hour or so?

    Any holidays planned by the by? And also any word from Marty G in the Big Apple? How goes his new show?

    Best to all


  23. My recent silence has been due to a spat of over-working followed by more work, but let me just say that catching up this week has made me smile, laugh and “aaahh” at all the great thoughts people have shared for the last two BOTM Club books this month.

    So thanks all, you’ve made a grey week very colourful.

    Joe, sorry to hear Lulu hasn’t been doing so well. It is a bit weird that the other Frenchie you ran into had the same problems. Maybe it’s got to do with their genetic makeup?


  24. Hi Joe,
    Thanks for posting pictures of food again. I really started to miss the pictures on your blog. Poor Lulu, i am glad we at least found out what was wrong with her. Anyways Got a couple questions

    1. Have you ever considered directing a Universe episode?

    2. When will we get more news on the Atlantis Movie?

    3. Will promo pictures and or videos regarding Universe appear on the sci fi channel after one of the SG-1 movies air?

    4. Who are your favorite people who read and comment on your blog?

    5. How is life for you in Canada? Are you loving it or hating it?

    Merci Beaucoup,
    Major D. Davis

  25. Bonjour, vous allez bien?

    Moi oui le soleil est revenu les petits oiseaux chantent et les papillons sortent de leurs cocons, rien de mieux pour être heureuse.

    Ahhh ne me montrez pas cela, je suis en pleines crise de nourriture!!! J’ai envi de gouter à tout en ce moment. Heuresement que je grossis pas^^.

    Bonne journée, Bisou

  26. As always Joe, I love your food pics but couldn’t help wonder about a couple of things.
    The pork rillettes look a lot like schinken…which I absolutely adore! However that is usually served sliced so thinly you can see through it…and it’s generally a sandwich meat.
    The Madelienes look a lot like poffertjes…little dutch pancakes…I was wondering if you could elaborate on this??
    The chocolate sundae looks and sounds scrumptious.
    The tartare also looks yummy. I haven’t had tartare in such a long time. My dad used to make it. I’m going to miss that now.
    I wish I could find a place down here that serves an Elvis Platter…though the term “clogged arteries” comes to mind!!!
    Just on the note about dogs…my puppy who is now a year old has just hit 46.4 kilograms. I’m hoping that he slows down now. He’s on anti-inflammatory tablets at the moment as he is having trouble jumping out of the truck. And no, we don’t need the truck to cart him around…although it does help as he doesn’t fit into my little car anymore! But other than that, he’s just a big kid who loves to collect dead tree branches and climb onto our glass outdoor table to get a better view into the neighbours yard.
    Are we going to be seeing anymore weird food purchase videos?? I miss them. They always make me laugh!
    Cheers Joe!! Have a great week. 🙂

  27. Everything at DB Bistro looks delish – leave it up to Daniel Boulud to make Coq au Vin look that good 🙂 You know, my birthday request to the family fell on deaf ears. All I wanted was tickets to the Vancouver convention, and I’ve been hinting since last year. Then, I came right out and said so quite a few times. So, ever mindful of my request, my daughter flew in from England for ONE DAY (Upper Class on Virgin, mind you), took me big-time shopping, my hubby got me a Best Buy gift certificate (very romantic), the son got me a Wii and some games. Now, add it up and I could’ve had round-trip airfare plus convention/hotel/meals, even at DB Bistro. By the time I decided to just treat myself, the convention was sold out. Shit. Yeah, the early bird gets the worm, I know. So, I guess I’ll be seeing some of you in Chicago, hey?

    Joe, I went to bed early last night (felt lousy, this hyperthyroid crap is driving me nuts, and no doctor’s appointment till the 3rd week in April, if you can believe that) and made the huge mistake of (as usual) popping in an SG1 DVD to fall asleep by. Stayed up watching both parts of “The Quest”, and must tell you, what a gem. Of course, it didn’t stop there, and watched “Bounty” before finally falling asleep. Then, the dogs woke me at 3 a.m. with wagging tails and kisses (?), so let them out, waited for peepee and whatever to happen, put them all back in my bed (hubby was sound asleep, very reminiscent of the “good old days” when the kids were babies) and it started again, this time with “Bad Guys”. I was laughing so loudly I woke hubby up (ahhh, sweet revenge…). I’m still giggling over the Michael Shanks line about “there will be kiillin’ and what-not”. So, for a crappy night, I sure had fun! Thanks! Oh yeah, by the way, the dogs are now sound asleep and won’t get out of bed. A-holes.

  28. @Rose and Joe now you have to be careful with BBQ. Joe is that the Tomatoe based BBQ or is that the good ole Vinergar based BBQ. And why is the slaw pink?

  29. OML Madeleines! So so so so so so good if you are a lover of Lemons. If you need an easy recipe let me know and I will send it your way. The pans can be difficult to find unless you have an uber fancy baking store nearby which, in Vancouver, you more than likely do.

    All that delicious looking food and it is only breakfast time here. Sigh

  30. Hey Joe, any good Osso Bucco in Vancouver? Damn, these food things of yours are dangerous, they get me thinking…

  31. Hi,

    I was wondering if there is a limit to how many more SG1 films would be made even if the third movie turns out to be a hit.


  32. Hey Joe,

    GateWorld has posted a new interview with Rachel Luttrell and according to her, the decision to produce the Atlantis movie may depend on the success of Stargate Universe and maybe even the ratings for Ark of Truth and Continuum. I’m not sure how that’s possible if you’ll be shooting the movies in the summer and SGU premieres in the fall. personally I still believe that two movies will be produced this year, as you’ve stated several times. however some fans have expressed their concern, especially since the third SG-1 movie script seems to be further along than the Atlantis movie script. Will SGU’s performance influence the production of the movies, especially the Atlantis movie?

    P.S.: Wanted to say good post!

  33. Ours cats actually had a food allergy too recently. I suspect it wasn’t so much a food allergy as an allergy to the colorants in the food.
    What do they use colorants in cat food for anyway? The creatures are colorblind!

  34. Will you be traveling down to Alamogordo when the show films a sequence there, or is it just second unit stuff?

  35. Hey Mr.Mallozzi,

    I was wondering if you could confirm or deny this news article related to Universe:


    Also, is David Greathouse a new producer, or even a new writer, to Universe? Will there be an official announcement regarding the new additions to the writing team?

  36. Joe —

    Did you ever get that true Southern boy, Ben Browder to try Memphis Blues? That would be a real stamp of approval.

    Shirt’n’Tie – I heard that story about Harrison Ford at Vij, too. The food there is just that good.


  37. Is that Sashimi in the first picture served with a side of Sea Urchin?
    Alsatian bread looks like Thai pizza.
    Koh Samui Beach bar + Thai pizza + Singha beer = Perfection.
    Hope the diet advice works for Lulu.

  38. Oh and if you don’t mind answering two more of my easy, harmless questions.

    1. What is the budget for Air(all three parts)?

    2. What is going to be the normal budget for one Universe episode?

    Thanks so much
    Major D. Davis

  39. @Tim Gaffney

    [i]Well, the Saturn Award nominations were announced today, and the best show on TV for the year, Stargate Atlantis, got a big fat zero. How is this possible? Not only can the show not get a nom, but NONE of the actors??? The one award that recognizes Sci-fi, and Stargate gets screwed by it.[/i]

    Is that a joke? How is it not possible! Sorry but, in my opinion, Atlantis dropped the ball on quality SF a long long time ago.

  40. Maybe the breed has a sensitive stomach. I know most Greyhounds are finicky eaters. If we don’t feed ours exactly what she’s used to, we’ll wake up to vomit in her crate. It’s…lovely. But we finally found a food (Nutro Sensitive Stomach) that works for her. Hope you can find a food that settles her tummy!

  41. Licking the screen isn’t satisfying, or sane. Yet I have the urge!

    I feel for LuLu, having a bunch of food sensitivities and restrictions myself. Sweet potatoes rock, honey-pups, you’ll just love ’em.

  42. Joe? I am REALLY jealous right now, everything on this blog post looks good to me(just not the pork rillettes or the air-dried pork tenderloin, I don’t eat pork), especially the eel and the sushi, two of my favourite foods.

    And I’ve been meaning to ask, have you seen the movie Repo! The Genetic Opera? If you haven’t, I definitely recommend it, it’s far from being a typical musical, so if you don’t like those, I think you might enjoy it anyway.

  43. Hey Joe,

    I’ve got a restaurant question for you that I hope you might be able to reply to.

    Are there any romantic restaurants that you would recommend? (budget is about $40-50/pp)

    A friend an I are making plans to go out for a nice dinner…I really like this guy and might ask him out, so was hoping to find a place with a romantic atmosphere. If you have any restaurant suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

  44. Hey Joe,

    Poor Lulu! I hope the new food works for her. Sebastian had allergies to our grass. The grass he loved to roll around in and lay in for hours upon hours. The vet gave him injections that helped. We are keeping an eye on our other dogs for the itchy ears, chewing on the paws thing. So far so good.

    I thank you for the food recommendations! I’m hoping I can try at least one (or several) places.

    How’s the weather in Vancouver these days? Do you still have the snow tunnels in your backyard? Or is the snow gone? Keep in mind I’m from Florida and don’t tolerate anything below 50 anymore. And to think when I was little and living in Chicago 50 meant spring was almost here. 😛

    Have you ever eaten a Wagon Wheel? One of Hewlett’s squirrels introduced me to them. I had never heard of such a thing. Just wondering. I’m guessing it’s junk food and you probably don’t like them.

    @Anne Teldy: I hope you are doing well. I did donate blood! 😀 Yay me! LOL! They said no more donations from my left arm. So now I’m switching to my right. I did point out I only have one arm left… whatever.

    So here’s my push to get people to donate blood. I am a big chicken. I hate needles. I don’t like the thought of it. But it’s a great excuse to eat and drink all the bad stuff you shouldn’t otherwise. Sugary cola? Sure! Chocolate chip cookies? Of course! Plus you can feel great about saving up to 3 lives with one donation! 😀

    Ok… done with the Blood Donation propaganda.

    @My Name is Scott: Tell Erin I said *Happy Birthday!* 😀 True, I’m not Joe. But my daughter’s name is Erin. Soooo… do you hear Twilight Zone music? Ok… it’s a common name. Anyway, I hope your sister’s birthday was great.

    Trish 🙂

  45. Have had to do fish & potatoes for years. Best 2 are Wellness & Pinnacle. I haven’t seen the Calif, will check out. The other 2 use human grade foods. Stopped the runny ears/itchy feet. I had tried pork, deer, lamb.. they quickly became allergic to them too. But the fish based ones have never been a problem, thank goodness.

  46. It’s wonderful news and very interesting to hear that Lulu may have a food allergy, it’s been worrisome to read that she wasn’t feeling well. I hope the new kibble will set her to rights. Hopefully that’ll also mean less throwing up in bed, too.

    I’ve been sick all week and today is the first in a while that I’ve had an appetite, so I am loving the food pictures, wow. That steak tartare looks so good that I wonder if I am part werewolf. The green stuff on the sushi looks very healthy; around my neighborhood the sushi comes with rice, rice and more rice, but this sushi looks to have plenty of fish and veggies without the carb overload. The coq au vin looks good but that Elvis buffet puts the rest to shame. It would be worth the heartburn to have some of that.

  47. @ Trish. So here’s my push to get people to donate blood.

    It counts if it’s a homeless person that you’ve knocked out and dragged in, right?

    If you like food and you like comedy I can thoroughly recommend The Supersizers Go… which seems to be popping up on cable on the Food Channel of late:


    It’s lots of gooey bits of animal entrails being cooked so you may enjoy it!

  48. Sorry, meant to say wonderful news that Lulu will be fine and just has a food allergy. Still stuffy headed and that sentence came out weird.

  49. Coq au Vin,Chocolate Sundane ,The most awesome chocolate cake: Chocoatl, Hiro ,Warm Madeleines,Lawren,The Elvis Platter,, Yummy, Thanks for the pictures,,,hmmm, seems I may have picked up on only the desserts,, and whatever that other category was,,lol…
    -Thanks for the wonderful pictures.
    -Glad you can try a new plan for LuLu, you know how it is when you change their diet, other habits change as well, harumph..you know what I mean?!? 🙄
    -Any problem keeping the other dogs away from her diet, or will it be ok if they share.? I remember it is hard to keep critters from sharing the others bounty. Good luck and hope it fixes her up.
    – Thanks for asking yet another author to Q&A for us, I wish I could have thought of more clever questions to ask. I read and enjoyed the Dogs books, but wasn’t creative when asking ?’s. I haven’t had nightmares about the neighborhood dogs or anything. I am ready to start on another book, thanks Joe for suggestions on reading material. Thats how I find I get another book at times, based on other peoples opinion of a good read, and the cover/backcover. Used book sale coming up here so will see what I can dig up. Have a great day!! 😉

  50. Hi joe Love the food.
    If you like cooking programmes check out masterchef on the bbc.It’s abut amiture chefs competing to be a Michelan star chef.

  51. Oh man, those Fuel sausages. I bet they look the same coming out as they did going in.

    But – Flammkuchen! \o/ Flammkuchen is what the Alsatian Flat Bread is called in Germany. My friends made it for me when I visited them over there. They kindly left of the bacon to appease my raging vegetarianism, though. Still very tasty.

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